I Got a Photo of Orbs, So What ?

By Dave Juliano (davejuliano@theshadowlands.net)

Are orbs evidence that spirits are present?  No.   Are orbs actually spirits?  No.   Orbs are nothing but dust and airborne debris!  Yes, or at least that is the case in many photos.   Surprised to hear me saying this?  Don’t be.   Orbs are the source of the most contentious debates in this field of research yet orbs are the least important pieces of evidence that can be collected.   There have been enough studies conducted including my own experiments that the skeptics are right, dust and some airborne debris can look very similar to orbs in photos.  Many investigators can’t tell the difference and this can be a problem for novices as well as experienced researchers.   Given all of these facts, why do we see lots of orb photos all over the place?   Simply put, it is the easiest visible evidence to collect and to display.   I am guilty.  I still post orb photos in the gallery and on my investigation pages in order to have something visible to go along with the case history and my findings.   We are very visual based society so adding photos adds something extra to the words.  It does not mean though that the orb photos are the most important pieces of evidence.   This is a major misconception.   I like to add the positive orb photos that correlate with other events like equipment readings or psychic impressions.  I also do it for a deeper reason.   I want people who are having problems with a haunting in their home related to the homes they see pictured on my investigation pages.   When they see a home that reminds them of their own it can alleviate some of the anxiety that may be holding them back from contact me for help.    They can see that we have helped people who live in regular homes just like theirs.

So why do we use orbs as evidence at all?   My research has led me to believe that orbs are balls of energy that are visible in the area of light between visible light and infrared light.    We know that orbs are real since there have been experiments in laboratory conditions that have produced unexplainable orbs in photos.   Orbs can be found all over the place so it is possible that you can take a photo in your home and get an orb or two in it.   This does not mean that you have a ghost.   It does mean that you have a couple of these balls of energy in your photo, period.   The reason we can use orbs I as one small form of evidence that their may be spirit activity is that orbs are found in higher percentages in areas that have spirit activity or unexplained activity present.  How they relate to spirits is unknown.  Whether they are precursors to spirits, are drawn to spirits, etc. is still to be discovered.   I hope that you will view the orb photos posted on websites in a different light now.  I encourage everyone to put the emphasis on orbs in conjunction with other readings or events occurring at the same time and to look for the overall percentages of positive photos higher than 3% - 4% as basic evidence and not glorify the single orb photo as proof positive of a ghost. 

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