Why Do Some Spirits Stay Earthbound?
by Dave Juliano

An earthbound spirit is a human spirit that has not properly passed over.  They have not gone onto the next level, the light, heaven, whatever you choose to call it.  They remain behind, here on earth, and they account for many ghost sightings and haunted places.

The reasons for this are varied.  Some are complicated and unique to that spirit and others are simple to understand and relate too.  I will discuss a few of the most common reasons that a spirit remains earthbound.

Some spirits remain at or near the site of their death, especially if it was sudden and unexpected.  They remain confused and don't know or accept that they have died.  These spirits remain in the area and try to make contact with anyone that passes by that is sensitive to spirits.  This type of spirit can be found almost anywhere a death has occurred.

Sometimes a spirit realizes that it is dead and that life continues beyond that.  They do not go to the light for reasons such as the fear that their existence will end, fear of the unknown, fear of going to hell or being judged for past deeds.  These spirits are bound here because of their own fears.

Other spirits stay behind to take care of unfinished business.  It may be to make sure their finances and their loved ones are ok or to pass along one final message.  Often these earthbound spirits do not remain here for long, once they can complete their goal, they normally pass over.  If the deed that they are attempting to finish is complicated they will often contact the living to assist them.  In many cases the living are unsure of what the spirit wants and it adds to the length of the time the spirit spends here.  Almost anything that a spirit feels compelled to do before it goes to the light can make it remain here until it feels comfortable with how they have left things.

Guilt can also be a reason for a spirit being stuck here.  They may feel like they have left the family or loved ones too soon and uncared for.  This is also the main reason why suicide victims and other spirits whose death was caused by their actions (alcoholics, drug overdose, etc) remain behind.  They feel guilty over taking their life or contributing to their death.

The living can also hold a spirit here.  By not letting go of them, they can be bound here by our love and unable or unwilling to go on until the living can come to terms with the loss.  This happens when people go beyond the normal grieving process and become obsessed with the deceased person.  They feel that they left things unsaid, undone, etc. and they feel guilt over it.  This keeps the spirit from going over many times simply because it does not want us to feel this way or be that upset.

There are many other reasons that a spirit cam remain earthbound, I have just touched on a few of the most commonly encountered ones here.

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