Wandering or Visiting Ghosts
by Tina Carlson (tinacarlson@theshadowlands.net)

Many times we got stories or questions here at the Shadowlands that tell about seeing or experiencing ghosts once or for a matter of a few days never to see them or experience the same ghost again.  I believe in many cases that this may be wandering or visiting ghosts.

Wandering or visiting ghosts are ghosts who are on their way to a certain place or area and they get distracted or curious about energy we may be releasing or an action we may be doing. They stop at our homes or areas until their curiosity is abated.   Another thing that could cause these visits is the fact that ghosts know when a person can sense them. In a world where most people cannot or won't see a ghost this can make a ghost want to check in on the sensitive.   These visits can last a few minutes to a few days depending on the ghosts and our reaction to them. Then the ghost leaves to continue on its path to wherever it was headed before it stopped to visit.

This theory could help explain why many ghosts are only experienced for a short time, or a haunting to only last days.

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