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Ghost Weather Station 

This is some of the info that experienced ghost researchers will want to make note of prior to an investigation.  All of the conditions can affect your results.

Solar Flare activity and Geomagnetic Field activity seems to affect the amount of ghost activity.   Research has shown us that during periods of heightened solar flare activity and geomagnetic activity in space, the amount of spirit activity increases.   M class and X class flares are good sources of energy for the spirits to use to manifest.   Spirits often tap into normal electrical sources such are electrical appliances and batteries to get this energy but on days when the air is full of excess energy due to a solar storm or flare, they have a surplus of energy to tap into.  This information is also important because it may adversely affect your more sensitive EMF meters, like the Trifield EM meter, giving you false positive readings.

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

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The moon also affects ghosts, the geomagnetic fields on the earth are strongest during the days on and around the new and full moon cycles.  Spirit activity is also increased during this period because of the jump in geomagnetic activity.

Additional Moon Phase Calendar and Info

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