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      Hello and welcome to The Shadowlands. Since 1994, The Shadowlands has been dedicated to informing and enlightening visitors on such topics as Ghosts and hauntings, mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot and Sea Serpents, UFOs and Aliens, and many other unsolved mysteries. We have provided general information on some subjects and a bit more in depth info on others as my time and experiences allow. If you read this pages with an open mind you should come away with a better understanding of these mysteries. While all of these subjects are laughed at or frowned upon by many, We challenge you to at least take the time to decide for yourself. We have included text files, video, sounds, pictures, eye witness accounts and more on the pages that follow. We are always adding new information and update various pages on a monthly basis. We have also have created a few pages to visit when you need a break from the norm or the studies here. There is something for everyone here so take the time to look around The Shadowlands and stop back often, there's always something new....Thanks Dave Juliano & Tina Carlson


GHOSTS and HAUNTINGS - Over 13,100  visitor submitted true ghost stories and experiences.  There are pictures and recordings of ghosts.  There is a Haunted Places Index listing hundreds of haunted places all over the country & world.  It's a safe place to come to for information and help with ghosts and problem hauntings.  Dave lived in a haunted house for 29 years and we are both researchers in this field so we understand and will try to help you....

BIGFOOT - The page features pictures, movies and info on this elusive creature.  There is also a section on the Yeti (The Abominable Snowman).

SEA SERPENTS - The page has lots of sightings listed from across the world, many with pictures or sketches.  All the major creatures are listed such as Nessie (with her own page of pictures and info), Chessie, Ogopogo, Caddy and more.

UFO - Are we alone ?  There are pictures and movies of actual UFo sightings on the page as well as text reports of sightings.  There is alot of information on the prospect of life on other planets including the latest info.  Much more info and tons of links to other related sites.

MYSTERIOUS CREATURES - A look into Cryptozoology and the study of unknown and often unexplainable animals.  These creatures are not yet known officially to science and are often called monsters.  Many pictures and lots of info plus links to related sites. Creatures like Mothman, Chupacabras, Mokele-Mbembe and more.

MYSTERIES AND THE UNKNOWN - Spontaneous Human Combustion, Atlantis, Vampires, Jersey Devil, MIB, Spring-Heeled Jack, Angels and much more.  Information and links to many other of the world's mysteries and other Shadowlands areas.

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