We  finally decided to create our own award for web page excellence.  These are the "cream of the crop" links, the ones that are in our bookmarks and favorite places folder.   All of these, in our opinion, are the top pages in the fields they cover.  They are all informative, entertaining and nicely done.   We recommend all of these pages to you and we hope you enjoy them and learn from them as we did.

The Devil Hunters - Official Researchers of the Jersey Devil - The premiere Jersey Devil website and home of the Devil Hunters.

Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Page - One of the oldest and best ghost pages out there.  It's the official site for the alt.folklore.ghost-stories FAQ.

Mysterious Places - great links and info on sacred sites and ancient civilizations.  Great photos and art work as well.

Bigfoot Encounters - One of the best Bigfoot pages out there, chock full of information.

The Cryptoweb - One of the biggest and best cryptozoology web pages.

Mysterious Places - A great site with info and pictures on strange and mysterious places across the globe.

New England Society for Psychic Research - The official page of The Warrens, probably the most famous paranormal investigators out there.

Ghosthound.comOutstanding site with a little of everything on it.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society - great group and a great site.

Winter Steel - Great paranormal page with original articles and lots of info

Alien-UFOs.com - one of the best UFO sites I've seen, tons of info here

Here's the award for those of you who need to download it.

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