In Arizona

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Ajo - Crater Range - In the 1950's, a couple was married in Ajo and was driving to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon. Around midnight, they entered into crater range, which was lined with hills and huge rocks on both sides. Their car crashed into a rock and they were both killed. It is said that if you drive through crater range after midnight you can see their car and the couple off to the side of the road, trying to flag down help.

Anthem - The Desert - In 1986, a couple in the desert were camping when they saw the ghosts of Indians riding horses, and shooting arrows at them. Every year there has been a man seen holding a lantern, trying to hitchhike to Phoenix. It has been reported that this man was killed when a car ran him over. The ghosts of several coyotes and deer can be seen in New River. They were killed by hunters and they will try to attack tourists who try to touch them.

Arizona City - Jones Park / Happy Days Park - Toltec Elementary School 3 angry dark shadows roam at night for a girl that was raped and left for dead there. You can hear the voices even hear the screams of the girl. And under the bridge where the 3 shadows dwell very strong negative vibe. If you take photographs you will come up with dark shadows at least 7 foot tall. And you can also hear movement from all playground equipment.

Bisbee - Bisbee Bed & Breakfast - A presence has been reported in both the Blue Room and in Room 13, as well as in several other locations throughout the house. In the Grandma Room, various guests have reported what appeared to be an older woman watching over them during the night. Although the sightings reportedly made guests nervous, it was thought to be a benevolent spirit offering its presence as a protection.

Bisbee - Cochise County Courthouse - Built in 1931, this Art Deco masterpiece is reported to be the home of many trapped spirits. The top floor houses the old Cochise County Jail, where heavy energies and smells can often be detected. The Division 2 Judge's chambers is often the site of strange occurrences and the fleeting scent of cigar smoke. Security Officers opening the building early in the mornings, have reported hearing voices, slamming doors and seeing the apparently headless apparition in a Judge's Robe, floating through the 2nd floor lobby. This apparition is believed to possibly be the spirit of Judge John Wilson Ross, who served on the bench from 1931 to 1943. Numerous reports of paranormal events have been recorded throughout the rest of the building, mostly by the employees who work daily in this building.

Bisbee - The Copper Queen Hotel - The hotel is haunted by a dark, figureless apparition. She has been seen wandering the halls of the 3rd floor.

Bisbee - Oliver House - This bed and breakfast is the site of a mass murder. When a husband found his wife with a man who resided here, he killed his wife and her lover. He then walked to the day room and killed whoever he came across. He left, drove to the edge of town, and then killed himself. There was also another murder, but the culprit was never found. The building is pleasant and very nostalgic. Guests that have stayed there have heard what they thought were firecrackers exploding in the hall. Later, they heard the opening and slamming of doors, with heavy footsteps going down the hall. They found out in the morning that no one else had heard any of the sounds they did, but that previous guests had reported similar events. The owner was quite helpful and knowledgeable as to who may be haunting his bed and breakfast.

Bullhead City - City Hall - Believed to be a passing for frontiers, many say the grounds are haunted. City Hall now stands in the haunted area.

Caldwell - Off Of Highway 1 - Residents of this house have reported several strange things happening. During all hours of the day and night you can hear strange sounds, shadows moving, and cold chills. The outside door to the kitchen has been jammed shut for many years, but the doorknob will rattle. If you say, “Come in” the door will open, then close by itself, but you can't open it afterwards. You will also find objects moved from their original locations, to the floor or elsewhere in the house. The push button light switches will turn on and off by themselves. It is said that a man built the house for his wife and she wouldn't live there. So he lived and died there. Apparently, he is the cause of the haunting.

Casa Grande - Cafe de Manuel’s - This restaurant has an interesting history. Originally a house, it was turned into a 7-11 convenience store, and then into Manuel's. The ghost of the original house owner, an old woman, and a murdered clerk from the 7-11 haunt the restaurant.

Casa Grande - Casa Grande Regional Hospital Center - In all parts of the hospital, you will get weird feelings. Noises and footsteps are heard. Things move by themselves and shadows are seen out of the corner of your eye.

Casa Grande - Casa Grande Mountain - While driving on the desert roads at the base of the mountain late at night, or walking around, a black mist will appear. If you are walking in the desert, it will follow you.

Casa Grande - K-Mart - There are reports of a ghostly man that wanders around the store after dark. Many night stockers have reported seeing him near the toy section.

Casa Grande - "The Domes" - At night, you can hear footsteps and eerie whispering in the very back dome. You see a shadowy figure run from dome to dome, and you can sometimes see it walking in the surrounding desert. There have been reports of tapping noises on cars when you're parked there. There is always a very weird vibration there and you always seem to feel uneasy, like something bad is going to happen. It is said that the domes were used in black magic, and that many people have been raped and killed there.

Chandler - Chandler High School - This is one of the oldest schools in Arizona, going back before Arizona became a state. The oldest building still standing is called, “Old Main”. A few of the custodians and teachers who have been at the school for many years, or have long since retired, tell of sightings and voices on the second floor of Old Main’s north wing. In fact, one custodian, after experiencing a particularly frightful event, refused to clean that area of the building.

Chandler - San Marcos Hotel - The hotel receives strange calls from extensions that don't exist. A female apparition has been sighted and the moaning of a male is heard.

Chinle - Canyon De Chelly - Screams, gunfire and horses running have all been heard in Massacre Cave as the result of the death of Navajos in the area.

Cochise - Cochise Stronghold State Park - A man playing flute appears on boulders that tower over campsites. It is said that Cochise himself walks in the hills, guarding his pilfered gold from the white man. - May 2005 Update: Cochise was an Apache warrior, so he had no need for gold. It is said that Cochise walked the hills, but it was not for gold. It was to look out for the army that was out to get him.

Dardanelle - Hovis's Grave - It is said that on certain nights, you can see Mr. Hovis sitting on top of his wife's grave, holding the shotgun that he murdered her with. Also, the wooden bridge that you cross to get there his haunted by two young girls that were killed there.

Douglas - The Gadsden Hotel - Prankster Indian boy plays on the Mezzanine, headless Pancho Villa walks the tunnels in the basement, and Sara the elderly guest frequents the 4th floor. The basement of the hotel has been identified as the most haunted section of the building. The luminous form of a man glides across the wall. - May 2005 Update: A bartender at this bar from the late 1960's until 1971, has never heard of Pancho Villa walking this hotel or of the Prankster Indian boy. In fact, he said the whole time he has worked at this hotel, not once were there any reports of hauntings.

Elfrida - Vision Quest Lodge - Used to be a dude ranch. The stable boy went insane and killed the owners and guests. A woman in a white gown haunts the old guest quarters. The house where the owners were killed has several odd events. A woman walks halls, and re-occurring bloodstains appear on the bathroom wall. Old Stable is also the sight of a two-year-old girl being killed by a horse kicking her. Now, the girl's crying can be heard and an apparition can be seen of the girl standing in the doorway. Also, in the mountains that border the camp, the apparition of a white glowing man is seen on a white glowing horse.

Flagstaff - Days Inn, 3601 E. Lockett Road - There are reports of a tall ghost of a man standing next to the bed in this room.

Flagstaff - Monte Vista Hotel - The ghosts of a phantom bellboy and a female ghost are seen.

Flagstaff - Museum Club - The voice of a woman thought to be the wife of a former owner, talks to people after hours. She once asked a musician, "Are you done with that beer?” He turned around to see no one there. There were only four other people in the bar, and they were sitting at least 30-40 feet away from the bar.

Flagstaff - NACOG Head Start Administration Building - The ghost of a woman has been seen in the halls. Faucets turn on and off by themselves, doors lock and the keys don't work in them anymore, and telephones ring in the front office from locked offices upstairs, even after they have been unplugged. Disembodied voices are heard, apparitions are seen, and objects are moved from one location to another.

Flagstaff - Northern Arizona University - North Morton Hall -This is one of the most notorious haunts in Flagstaff. A girl killed herself in the dormitory many years ago before Christmas break and it seems she never left. Lights turn on and off, there are odors, and even sightings. She likes to pull blankets off of people that stay on the floor she lived on. She also likes to lock girls in the girls' bathroom, but there is no lock on the door.

Flagstaff - Orpheum Theatre - Has recently been purchased by a new owner - Between 1995 and 1999, many of the staff had experienced odd occurrences. A janitor, cleaning late at night when the theatre was closed for the evening, saw a dark figure floating back and forth through the aisles of the balcony. Another time, while the final movie was playing for the evening, three staff members watched as a roll of paper towels hanging on the wall in the concession stand, rapidly started to unravel onto the floor. One employee put his hand out to stop it. It stopped until he removed his hand, and then it started up again. Employees and patrons reported that when they would walk into the men’s room, they would sense that something was there. It would be a weird electrical vibration, as if you were to accidentally shock yourself while plugging something in. It’s only mild and it just seems to flood the ro om from ceiling to floor. One evening after closing, there was a report of toilets flushing and sinks turning on at full blast. In the projection room at the very top of the balcony, there was a crawlspace with a ladder that led to a lower level of the roof, right above the marquee. Rumor has it that somebody hung himself in there, although no newspaper supports this.

Flagstaff - Riordan House State Park - Haunted by Carolina and Anna Riodan.

Flagstaff - USGS Offices - Building 1 - The sound of hands clapping is heard, doors open and close spontaneously, and lights flicker.

Florence - ASP Cellblock 3 - In 1973, officers Buckely and Morey were killed in the cellblock by inmates during a riot. Both officers were beaten and stabbed to death. On a number of occasions, when guards would lock all of the doors in the cellblock, they would find doors open between inmate counts. A number of the officers also noticed cold spots and the sounds of doors opening and closing. Several officers noticed misty forms at the end of the cellblock on a number of occasions. The cellblock is located in the same prison as the Arizona Death House, which is also haunted.

Florence - Arizona State Prison Complex Death House - It is said that the ghosts of condemned prisoners haunt the death house at the state prison in Florence. Several guards have reported hearing screams and other strange sounds.

Fountain Hills - Ashbrook Wash - Examples of occurrences are strange noises, screaming, random cold spots, strange lights, and humming sounds. In the summer of 1998, someone was shot in the middle of the night down in the wash. The screams are most likely from the young girl who was shot with a shotgun.

Fountain Hills - Saguaro Boulevard - In the early 1980's there was said to be a young girl who was kidnapped and murdered. Her body parts were hidden throughout a house on Saguaro Blvd. Sometimes you can hear a strange scream, crying, and see a strange figure by the house on Saguaro. Some say she looks scared, as if she was running from something. If you blink to try to take a better look, she disappears.

Gilbert - Highland Junior High - In the girls P.E. locker room, the toilets flush, the blow-dryers turn on, and the lockers open all by themselves. The school was built on a piece of land that used to be a farm. On the farm, the father ran over his own daughter with the tractor, killing her. The ghost of the little girl never left.

Glendale - Arizona State University - West Campus - Las Casas Dorms - In spring of 2007, residents living in this room have witnessed random items falling off of shelves and objects moving. One resident experienced a wide open door slam shut in front of her, and no one else was in the room with her. Another student, almost asleep, was startled when her bed started to shake uncontrollably for unknown reasons. An additional roommate reported her name being called from the kitchen when other roommates were away on break.
In fall of 2007, after new students had moved into this room, they experienced things falling off of shelves as well. In addition, the mailbox keys randomly stop working. After locks have been replaced, the keys will work for a short period of time then stop working all together.
In 2002, the dorms were in their last stage of completion and ready to have students move into them. However, six months before move-in, the dormitory mysteriously burnt to the ground. By fall of 2003, the dorm had been rebuilt to its current state.

Glendale - Bryan apartments - in 2003 at the end of April the 15th the previous manager and wife moved in and left within a week because of paranormal experiences because of six months before they moved in, twin sisters lived in the apartment they where 8 years old one was mentally disabled the one that wasn't mentally disabled killed the other and in that spot the blood stain remains it's been scrubbed and painted over and still bleeds thru and constantly witness shadows through out the apt like specter hands touching you from time to time.

Glendale - Deer Valley High School - This is the site of a random Romeo haunting that has lasted over 20 years. Auditorium patrons and players have experienced many occurrences of the supernatural. Some examples are kids crying in the back hall, a longing wail of affection for a lost lover, and the shorting out of lighting and sound equipment.

Glendale - Pizza Hut - 13105 W Glendale - Sounds of babies crying and little children talking are heard. Also, faucets turn off and on by themselves.

Glendale - Suguaro Ranch Park - Haunting 18th Century. There is a woman that lives within the back of the Ranger House. Adjacent to the Park Ranger house is an old ranch style room. We took a picture and have found that the Ranch House is haunted. There is a woman that still haunts the house, and it appears it is relation to the Smith family. 

Globe - Globe High School - Floor boards creak, and voices are heard at this school. There used to be a haunted bathroom, where the toilet would violently shake on its own. The top floor is haunted as well.

Globe - Hardware Store - The store is haunted by the night watchman. He rearranges products at night, knocks over things and makes the upstairs floorboards creak at night. He used to live in the upstairs room, and his ghost is still doing his job.

Globe - Noftsger Hill Bed and Breakfast - This used to be Noftsger Hill Elementary. When it was a school, a lantern light could be seen at night, children could hear voices, and objects such as books were moved. After the school was closed, the property was bought and reopened as a bed and breakfast.

Globe - Salt River - At the division, fishers can sometimes see a shadow on the wall that looks like the Mona Lisa. It is a rocky area, and there are lots of possibilities for suicides or murders. There was a sighting of something walking. There were no trees or people around at the time. It stopped in front of the wall when a light was shined in that area. The rivers of Arizona have long been a good sight for seeing ghosts, especially in the morning.

Goodyear - Wildflower School - Singing can be heard in the girl’s sixth grade bathroom.

Grand Canyon National Park - El Tovar Hotel - In the middle of the U shaped parking lot in front of the hotel, there is a marked grave hiding in a patch of land next to the stop sign. The grave is that of a former Harvey Girl that worked for the Fred Harvey Company. The ghost of a black-caped figure has been seen walking along the pathway leading up from the steps, just to the right of the El Tovar Hotel all along the path. It passes the grave and disappears behind the Hopi House. Although most visitors are unaware, the El Tovar, built in the very early 1900's, is home to more then a few spirits. They say that Fred Harvey appears on the third floor during the holidays and invites people to the annual Christmas gathering held in the hotel. The third floor and the kitchen are the haunted hot spots at the El Tovar Hotel.

Grand Canyon National Park - Maricopa Point - A man in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), fell over the edge of the canyon while putting railings up in the 30's. At sundown, you can usually see a black misty figure near the railings. A fairly loud scraping sound is heard as the figure seems as though it’s shoveling something.

Hot Springs - Park Hotel - There are reports of being touched or poked when no one is around.

Huachuca Military Reservation - Fort Huachuca - Carleton House - One downstairs room was the morgue for the hospital. Things stacked and placed in this room are unaccountably scattered all over the place shortly afterwards. Things hanging on the walls fall, crashing to the floor, because the nails holding them are pulled out of the wall by an invisible force. Doorbells ring so persistently for no observable reason, that occupants of the house disconnect them. Many residents and neighbors have seen the whitish apparition of a woman moving through the house, and standing at the front door. One corner of a room, which was a ward in the original hospital, stays markedly colder than all other parts of the house, regardless of the weather. The corner contains a chandelier that seems to refuse to operate at night, but functions just fine in the daylight.

Huachuca Military Reservation - Fort Huachuca -Smith Middle School - This school is said to be haunted by a girl named Linda Landy. Linda was walking home from softball practice one day, and she was hit by a car and killed. She attended Smith Middle School in the late 70's. If you look in the tinted windows of the library, you will be able to see her walking around sometimes.

Jacksonville - Pick Thorne Lake - Apparition of a man with a lantern walking the tracks is seen.

Jerome - Community Center -A phantom prostitute walks in front of the building.

Jerome - Connor Hotel - When a couple and their dog stayed at the hotel, they asked the woman at the front desk if there were ghosts they needed to know about. The woman just shrugged and said, "If you have an open mind, you'll have an experience." They experienced sudden drops in temperature, the coffee pot turning off, the dog being scared of something on the wall, and all of batteries being drained.

Jerome - Jerome Grand Hotel - A woman in white roams the halls, a nurse with a clipboard was seen in a room, and a child runs through the bar area looking for his mother late at night. Also screaming is heard and apparitions are seen on a regular basis.

Jerome - The Grand Motel - This motel was once a hospital/insane asylum. It has had many different occurrences from the lights turning on with no electricity, to the presence of hounds that are about five feet tall.

Jerome - Ghost City Inn - A female spirit has shown herself to visitors in the Cleopatra Room. The innkeepers have experienced this before. Built in 1890, this building had many uses, including being used as a funeral home.

Kingman - Launa's Canyon - About two or three miles southeast of downtown Kingman, there is a place known as Launa's Canyon. This is how the story starts goes: During the 1800s, a soon to be family of four(husband, wife(Launa), and husband’s two daughters), traveled out to (Old Town) Kingman to search for gold. In time, the family soon built a large house near a deep, narrow canyon. The man's daughters despised the young, soon-to-be mother and wife, for the way she had treated them. Launa wanted their father all to herself. So on the night before her wedding, in order for her to get their father, Launa murdered the two young girls. She hid the murdered children in the house. When she regained her sanity later that night, she came back screaming and moaning through the canyon, begging for forgiveness for the sickening killings. To this day, it is said that you can still hear Launa's moaning throughout the c anyons during the hours of 12:00AM – 3AM.

Kingman - Brunswick Hotel - Noises in Hallway, items being moved. Whispered voices. On our Visit, a member of our party used the  downstairs mens restroom, he walked forward into the first stall, when he tried to come out the trash can had been moved in front of the stall door.. he was the only person in the room, and up until that point not a believer of the paranormal.

Lakeside - Blue-Ridge High School - In the 1970's, there was a janitor that had been shot in the senior commons because no one liked him. It is said that you can see the janitor roaming the hallways whenever you are alone in the hallways.

Magnolia - Cameo Trio Theatre - Ghosts have been sighted in Theatre Three, and employees have had run-ins with ghosts messing with the movie projectors.

Maricopa County - East Mesa - Nesbits (Campground) - Located on Mckelups Road and Power Road, just past Power Road on the north side, it is said that it used to be a satanic camp, and people were murdered there. There are reports of demonic laughter coming from everywhere, dark figures, strange noises and cold spots.

Mesa - 8th Avenue and Extension - It is said that a little boy has been seen trying to cross the road, but by the time he is in the center, he disappears. The little boy died getting hit by a speeding drunk driver. The man who hit the boy has not yet been arrested or brought to justice.

Mesa - Alta Mesa - Every night between 11:30PM and midnight, the doors and cabinets open and close by themselves. Black shadows run around everywhere. You can see black things out of the corner of your eye. Also, there are reports of being woken up in the middle of the night to see an apparition of a girl.

Mesa - Cafe Talk - The shadow of a man walks from room to room. Also, in the backyard, there are tables where a small girl plays. There’s only one bad thing about it. She died many years ago. In the backhouse, something that was never human will talk to you about your future and your past. But it will soon tell you, "For this, there is a price to pay…". So come for coffee and stay forever.

Mesa - Desert Ridge High - A little boy is seen walking down the hallways, hitting doors with a book.

Mesa - Jefferson Park - It is said that a woman walks from tree to tree. The story goes that she was raped and murdered at the park on Broadway and Power Road(Jefferson Street, two blocks west of Power). Her spirit has not been set free. She has been seen roaming the park between 11:15PM and about midnight.

Mesa - The Landmark Restaurant - The wood carving of a lady in the women's restroom turns the faucets on and off. Servers hear their names being called from the front station, voices of women have been heard in the downstairs hallway late at night, and track lighting in the downstairs hallway have blown up. It is said that the second step from the downstairs going up is haunted. - May 2008 Updates - 1) the statue in the women’s restroom has been removed. 2) The faucets in both restrooms are motion censored. 3) the 2nd step there is a cold feeling, but then again their is a a/c vent directly over head..4) The lighting in the lower level about it bursting was from an electrical problem from old wiring ..This was a statement from the management.

Mesa - Powell Jr High - Around the 1950's, when Powell was built, a little girl was walking home from swimming lessons, when she was crossing the road on 1st Street and Extension. By the time she was in the middle of the road, a car was speeding towards her. The car hit her, breaking all the bones in her body. People say they have seen the little girl still trying to get home, but by the time she is in the middle of the road, she disappears, crying and saying, "I want to go home!"

Mesa - Williams Air Force Base - During the World War II, the military used the base to train pilots. The building (which is now the VA hospital) on the far west side of the base was a hospital. Many people have reported a male ghost who haunts what used to be the new baby viewing area and the old operating room area. People also report voices in what used to be the old Officers Club.

Miami - Phelps Doge (used to be Cyprus) Copper Mine - There have been countless deaths and mishaps in the mines. There are stories about haunted tunnels and a cyanide plant that had an alarm go off. Some people died and everything in the building is exactly the way they had left it. Lunch boxes are still open and magazines are still on the page they were reading.

Nogales - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Apparitions and other phenomena have reportedly been experienced by a number of parishioners and at least two pastors.

Nogales - Gymy's Workout Center- At close time at around 10:00PM, people have witnessed loud noises and children laughing in the bathrooms. You can also hear loud car noises, and footsteps on the roof. Also, one of the doors of the gym that is closed nightly is open in the morning.

Oatman - Oatman Hotel - Room 15 - Many guests and staff testify that it is not uncommon to hear whispering and laughter coming from this empty room. There is also a Theatre Room Museum on the second floor, where dust on the beds reveals the outlines of sleeping guests, leaving adjacent areas intact and undisturbed. A former chambermaid's ghost has also been sighted.

Oracle - Arcadia Ranch - This used to be a hospital for TB patients. Several of them died. One of the ghosts is a nurse who contracted the disease and died. She is still trying to take care of people. There is another ghost there that dislikes things hung on the north wall of the main room. There used to be artwork hung on the wall. In the evening, when the caretaker left, it would be on the wall. In the morning, it would be set on the floor.

Patagonia - The Patagonia Market or General Store - The only store in this small town is haunted. Something or someone frequently makes noises and moves items in the back room or stockroom of the store. One late evening, a shelf had moved approximately thirty feet, as one witness had stepped away into the store’s other section, which today is a separate business. The shelf had crashed on the ground in the back stockroom, but had come from the front of the store. No other people were present to have moved it. On other occasions, hanging dog chew-toys hanging would squeak at night. It is unknown whom or what is haunting the store. The town started up in the 1890s because of mining, and in its heyday, had a few thousand people in it. But today, the town has less than one thousand people. The store sets on a major intersection in the town, suggesting that a major structure has been there during most of t he town's history.

Peoria - Lake Pleasant - In the back of Lake Pleasant there have been many deaths due to drowning and cliff jumps. It is said that when you camp there, you can hear weird sounds and whispers as if people are watching you. There have also been reports that around 3AM, you can see what looks like Indians on the cliffs.

Peoria - Old Charter Hospital - The old adolescent’s ward used to have adults. A lawyer checked himself into the hospital, and then hung himself at night with his shoestrings. Sometimes he appears in his old room, or in the hall. Also, very sad negative energy could be felt in that room, and it would get very cold. The hospital is now closed.

Peoria - Peoria High School - It is said that a student fell off of the catwalk of the school's Performing Arts Center. She has been heard and seen wandering around the stage and catwalk.

Phoenix - 5th Ave - Between Roosevelt and Fillmore - A nine year-old girl was killed tragically on August 6,1995, by a hit and run driver. The driver was never located, or brought to justice. It is said that this little girl made herself known to some people for some time after her death. Even now, it is believed that people can still feel a presence in certain areas of Phoenix. One such area is where she was killed. Another area is in the neighborhood of 17th Ave. and Grant. At the time of her death, a man who was sleeping alone in the bedroom, had a box fall on him, awakening him. His wife, who was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, had a vision of the little girl smiling at her, and saying how much she loved them both. Another sighting of this little girl happened near 19th Ave. and Camelback. A mother was walking a little girl, unknown to the older sister and her friend who were followin g behind them. The little girl kept turning to look at the two behind her, smiling and waving. This little girl's facial features, hair and hair color appeared to be exactly the same as the deceased little girl. Also, at the time of the girl's death, when the ambulance, fire truck, and police cars were at the scene, the girl's body was placed in the ambulance. As the ambulance was pulling away, it was reported later that others saw her up against the windows in the back of the ambulance. Her face and hands were pressed against the window as the paramedics were trying to save her. All of this was reported to the mother, ranging from a couple of days to six months later. The mother would often awaken, believing she had just been talking to the girl, but it was only in her dreams.

Phoenix - 19th Avenue and Northern - Before the construction of the grocery and shopping center on the northeast corner, there stood several older buildings which were eventually torn down. These structures stood dark and vacant for many years, collecting numerous rumors of spooky apparitions and ghostly dwellings. Teenagers were known to scare themselves by entering late at night through a portion of open fencing, and investigate the scene by flashlight. Many heard whimpering sounds and crying down the long dark corridors, and most were too afraid to venture deep into the basement, where stories of torture and murder ran rampant. By the light of the moon, some teens say they saw a set of three gravestones(one large in the middle and two small on either side) that were not there in the light of the following day.

Phoenix - 4 Peaks Home Entertainment - 4 Peaks has a cage in the back, where they store supplies. In this cage, especially in the evenings, there have been sightings of a ghost, which appears to be an ex-employee who overdosed on heroin. He was a very depressed individual who always hated people, and thought the world was out to get him. Now it seems like he is out to get the world. Loud noises are heard, and tools will fall off the walls without warning. Other employees have noticed this as well.

Phoenix - 51st Avenue and Indian School Road - Strange sightings of a woman walking in the road and getting hit by a car. People claim to here screams, and say that she goes in people’s houses and knocks their stuff to the ground. At night, they see her on their couch.

Phoenix - 55th Ave and Northern - In the graveyard near these streets, there have been reports of people seeing the spirits of those who have died, running around the graveyard aimlessly. Also, it is said that there are spirits of teenagers running around. Some years ago, a few teenagers were playing hide and seek in the graveyard. Some of the teens heard a scream and thought nothing of it. The next day, one of the teenagers was missing, and later found near the grave of his great uncle. Word has it that you can still see the teenagers playing hide and seek, and the one that got killed will come up to you and bother you until you leave.

Phoenix - Arizona State Prison Complex - Flamenco Unit - The unit was built in 1920, and was a division of the state hospital for years. It is now used to house inmates with mental health issues. Numerous patients and inmates have died in the facility over the years. Now at night you can hear keys rattle when no one is in the area, and doors open and close on their own. Also, a woman is seen in the female unit’s library. Very often extra inmates are counted, and when rechecked they are not there.

Phoenix - Billington House - The youngest daughter has reported almost all the sightings. She has heard footsteps and people talking while she has been home alone. She has seen a glowing figure of a person with one arm, standing in the second-floor window of her playhouse. She said that it stood motionless, and that she only saw it at night. She saw it three nights in a row. She told her dad one night, and he looked out the window by her bed, to the tree house directly where she said it was standing, and did not see a thing. On the fourth night there was no such person in the tree house, as if it had never been there at all. The same child awoke at night, looked out her window, and saw a man in a long, black coat and a hat, standing on her patio. She closed her eyes for no more than a second, and when she opened them, the man was gone. She has also seen a woman looking at her, and smiling at her from her c loset.

Phoenix - Deer Valley High School - Auditorium - Ask any Deer Valley drama student where Dwex is, and they'll probably answer, "Up on the catwalk". Dwex is Deer Valley's resident ghost. Although he has only been seen in the auditorium, his presence is known school-wide. Stories of how Dwex died range from a love story gone wrong, to a construction worker who fell off the scaffolding while the school was being built. People who have been in the auditorium have experienced cold spots, equipment malfunctions, heard voices and crying near the auditorium bathrooms, and some people have even seen him. He peers down from the catwalk or from the equipment rooms. Witnesses have seen him on the catwalk. They have even been pushed by him during an after-hours, pitch-black auditorium visit.

Phoenix - Gila Reservation (The Deep South of Leveen) - Going into the southwest of Leveen, where the Indians live, you'll see a street called The Boonies. If you go to that street, it starts to get cold. Then, as you drive down this street for a while you’ll cross some bridges, which lead you to some old buildings. There are reports of a being or a demon that resembles a Centaur in this area.

Phoenix - Jo Jo's Alley - When traveling down this alley, you will be chased out by strange lights. You can also hear noises as if being hit by pounding hands on the tops of your car. - July 2005 Update – The location of this alley is under scrutiny. If you have the absolute location please email us at Haunted Places.
- January 2007 Update: The alley is reported to be located at Central Ave just north of Glendale.
- June 2008 Update: JoJo's Alley is actually a half mile east of central off 7th St. The street is E Circle Street. The street is lined with oleanders that form a tunnel of sorts that does make it very creepy when driving down it at night.

Phoenix - Maricopa - Trevor G Browne High School - In the early 1990’s, when construction workers were building the auditorium for the high school, one of the workers fell off of a high beam and was killed instantly on impact. They say you can hear moans and cries of pain in the auditorium at night during closing time .

Phoenix - Pioneer - The house of the first governor of Arizona can be found here. The house is haunted by his young daughter, who died of pneumonia long ago. People who have been there at night have experienced sudden coldness, the sight of things moving by themselves, and whispering voices.

Phoenix - San Carlos Hotel - Built in the 1920s, the hotel is haunted by Leone Jensen, who killed herself there. The ghosts of children are heard, running up and down the stairs. It seems the hotel now occupies the site of the first elementary school in Phoenix.

Phoenix - The Vistas - Everyone that moves into these homes asks if anyone knows about people dying there. People see shadows, and hear sounds. If they go to sleep with dirty dishes, when they wake up, the dishes are clean. It has been said that an abusive husband lived there, who wouldn't allow his wife to go to sleep without first having the entire house cleaned.

Phoenix - Southwest Supermarket - 35th Avenue and McDowell - - Update: Burned down March 14, 2001, when firefighter Bret Tarver was killed in the line of duty. - There are reports of strange lights, and object moving by themselves.

Phoenix - Tapatio Cliffs - The Point Hiton - The main ballroom is haunted by a drunken man who, when at a wedding reception some twenty years ago, reportedly walked up to the cliffs right behind the ballroom, and fell head first. As told by a couple of security guards there, he haunts the boiler room, and no one is allowed down there after midnight.

Picacho - A man has been seen by many people riding on his horse from mountain to mountain. Apparently, he was supposed to be looking for his hidden gold before he was shot to death.

Pinal - Dudleyville - Lepsy - Near or around the reservation, it is said that in the late 1800's, a man whose last name was Lepsy, would hire Chinese and other minority workers. When the work was done, however, he would burn the workers instead of paying them. The sheriff and a posse went in to get him, and they were burned too. When you pass through the canyon, you will see charred walls, smell a disgusting aroma, hear screams, and feel horrible/agonized energies.

Prescott - Angeline's Grave - For years many people have seen the ghost of Angeline. She was a small girl, that rumor has it died in the 1800's from a plague, while traveling in a wagon train headed west. There have been several sightings of Angeline. There have also been experiences, such as tiny handprints on the outside windows of cars, and bad mishaps for those that try to steal her headstone. She has even been sighted near the area a few miles from her grave in search of her mother. Her grave is the only grave in the direct location area. It is fenced, has a headstone and a single tree, and is located near Lynx Lake and Diamond Valley, right outside of Prescott.

Prescott - Elks Opera House - footsteps, toilets flushing, and voices heard when the building is otherwise empty.

Prescott - Fort Whipple - Buildings 14 and 17 - These buildings used to be a morgue and a TB Sanitarium. Doors have been heard slamming, and apparitions have been seen..

Prescott - Hassyampa Inn - Believed to be haunted by a woman and child. A bouncing ball is often heard.

Prescott - Head Hotel - A woman was killed on the bottom floor. You can hear her, and she turns the lights off and on. Also, a very tall cowboy paces the hallways and up and down the stairs, shutting doors behind him. A lot of negative spirits are felt as well.

Prescott - Hotel Vendome - In 1921, the owner of the hotel, Abby Byr, ill with, "The Consumption" was deserted by her husband when he went to get medicine, and never returned. Refusing to eat or drink, Abby and her cat Noble passed away in room 16. Today, Abby continues to wait for her husband to return. Haunting the halls and rooms of the Vendome, guests have been recording their experiences at the hotel ever since. Those who stay in room 16 have seen her, felt her and report a wide variety of friendly encounters.

Prescott - Lynx Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast - Sharlot Hall - Visitors report cold spots, and the feeling of not being alone. A definite presence is felt in this room. The eyes of the portrait in this room follow you wherever you go.

Prescott - St. Michaels Hotel - Not to much is told about the hotel, but there is a lady that haunts it. Footsteps are heard in the halls and the feeling of being watched is everywhere. I even have a picture of an orb in one of the rooms.

Roosevelt Lake - Roosevelt Lake - A lot of things happened here. There are rumors of an Indian burial plot that no one has found yet, or it could have been built over by a trailer park. Also a lot of workers died while building the dam. There is a strange presence that surrounds the lake.

San Manuel - First Avenue Elementary School - People have encountered a small boy holding his head. It seemed as though he was bleeding from his head, and he began crying, "Teacher! Teacher! I fell off the merry-go-round!" Then he disappears. In 1989, a young boy got caught between the dirt and the bottom of the merry-go-round, just after school was let out. As it spun around, the pressure of the metal and hard dirt floor crushed him. He died instantly, but wasn't found until several hours later, when someone saw him trapped underneath the playground equipment. It has been said that as the child was hauled away by ambulance(pronounced dead at the time), he whispered, "Teacher! Teacher! I fell off the merry-go-round!" Some years later, several parents complained about the safety of the merry-go-round and it was eventually taken off of the playground. A year after that, a security fence was put up, enclosin g the hallways.

Scottsdale - On Saguaro High School Grounds - June 2008 - Removed

Sierra Vista - Daisy Mae's Stronghold - This restaurant is haunted by a ghost named Charlie. Built in the 1880's, it was a stage stop, post office, and a brothel.

Sierra Vista - Bus Barn - When you go here at night between 7PM and 12AM, rocks and sand will mysteriously be thrown at you. You will also hear footsteps and screams, and see shadows.

South Phoenix - Superstition Mountains - The mountain range is reported to have paranormal activity throughout. Some examples are seeing strange lights, shadows, etc. There are Indian burial grounds scattered throughout, as well as a hidden gold mine somewhere.

St. David - Downtown St. David - Screams, cries, and voices can be heard. Apparitions are seen, and the strange feelings of being watched.

Tempe - Arizona State University - On the sixth floor of Palo Verde East, there was a girl who committed suicide in room 605. She is now seen wandering the halls on the sixth floor in a white dress, while she hums to herself.

Tempe - KC Moore's Bar and Grill - A woman haunts the upstairs banquet room and an unknown man or woman has been seen in the downstairs bar area. This is a very old building in old town Tempe. It used to be a house built in the 1930's or 40's

Tempe - Marcos De Niza High School - There is a saying that you should never go in the auditorium after 9:00PM. A worker fell through the stage and died when the school was starting to open. Some people say they have seen this man, who appears to be finishing the job he had started. You can even hear a voice that sometimes says something that is hard to understand. Some students have even said they have felt someone touch them.

Tempe - Trails Store on Mill Avenue - The building used to be a Mountain Bell phone company building. Early in the 1900's, a young woman who worked for the company, committed suicide on the second floor of the building near the bathroom. The lower level is occupied by a part of the Trail’s retail store chain, but the second floor stood empty for years. There were footsteps reported coming from upstairs, when the second floor was gutted and empty. There have been reports of the young woman wandering the stairwell, and standing in front of the locked door to the first floor, which has since been boarded over and covered up. The photo booth that used to be in the Trails store had to be removed, due to the machine taking pictures when no one was in the booth. The developed pictures often showed nothing, but a bright white ball of light, whether someone was in the booth or not. The doors to the offices and bath rooms on the first floor are often heard opening and closing, when no one is near them. Many employees and customers over the years have reported a strange feeling when in the store. Some have gone as far as to refuse to be left alone in the store after dark.

Tombstone - Big Nose Kate's - Numerous cowboy ghosts have been seen and photographed.

Tombstone - Bird Cage Theater - Female singing and crowd voices/noises are heard. Shadows, unidentified spirits, and an apparition of a woman in white are seen. EVP of music can be detected, and objects relocate by themselves.

Tombstone - Buford House - This Bed and Breakfast was the home of a young man who committed suicide after the young lady he intended to marry, jilted him. She happened to live across the street. He has been seen around the house and walking in front of the Buford House. The doorbell rings in the middle of the night, but no one is there. Guests have experienced knocking on the walls, and the faucet in the bathroom down the hall, turning itself off and on. Strange lights are said to be seen, and cold spots that move around. They were featured in, “Haunted History - Tombstone”.

Tombstone - Nellie Cashman's Restaurant - Customers here have reported countless instances of playful pranks since frontier days. Expect the usual crashing sounds, and objects that move on their own volition.

Tombstone - OK Corral and Surrounding Places - It is believed and even witnessed that the ghost of the Earps and the ghosts of the Clanton brothers are seen around the OK Corral, and the old western buildings around there.

Tombstone - Tombstone Graveyard - Reports of strange lights and ghost sightings in and around the cemetery. Many famous outlaws and citizens are buried there.

Tucson - Bloom Elementary - The principal passed away in the school, and ever since then they have had many weird experiences. A brick fell out of a wall in the bathroom, doors unlock by themselves, and some people have even seen the female principal in the halls.

Tucson - Catalina High School - Students have reported that during school events, the bathroom stalls would lock by themselves, and many times the bathrooms were closed off because of unexplainable floods. Rumor has it that a man died from a heart attack in the school, and that it might be him that is creating this havoc.

Tucson - Centennial Hall - Two spirits are known to haunt this theater. One is a woman wearing a long white dress from an earlier time. The man is thought to be a patron who died of a heart attack in the 1950’s. The woman has been seen frequently in the upper balcony seats, in an area that was once a balcony but is now sealed off. She has also been seen in the green room. She is very protective over her space and has been known to push employees down the halls and stairs. The man seems to be the counter balance and helps anyone who has been injured by the woman.

Tucson - Collier Elementary School - It is said that people have seen kids being hung by ropes around their necks in the middle of the halls. Also, mysterious things happen, like doors closing immediately when it is not windy at all, and Mrs. Collier (the founder of Collier)walking around transparently.

Tucson - Colossal Cave - There are reports of feeling a hot breath on your neck, and your batteries getting drained. The figure of a man is seen, charging at you with a pick axe, as well as hearing singing/moaning by the miner's shaft.

Tucson - Davis Bilingual School - A female figure appears repeatedly in a classroom at dawn only. Various adults have reported feeling someone touching them on their shoulder. Doors that were checked to make sure they were locked, have opened and closed on their own. A student reported hearing weird and eerie music. In the most recent account, students saw a water faucet turn on slowly, then at full blast. Next, they saw the actual water faucet handle turn itself off.

Tucson - Desert View High School - A young boy was killed by an unknown occurrence, and is now haunting the entire school.

Tucson - Desert Views Ranch - There is a young girl dressed in prairie clothes, wearing a white apron, that wanders in the area of the old chicken coop and horse corral. She is said to have died from a fever. She will sometimes laugh, and be seen standing by an old tree. Younger children have talked to her, and have said her name is Lillian.

Tucson - Downtown Baptist Educational Building (now leased off) - When the building was still a church educational building, there was a large set of stairways in the back from the top floor(#3), down to the basement. In the back of the building, there is a playground. A little girl was running down the steps to get to the playground, when she tripped, fell down one flight and broke her neck. You get a very eerie feeling going down the back stairs and you feel like someone is watching you.

Tucson - Evergreen Cemetery - Voices of young children are heard when no one is around. Also, negative presences are felt at certain times.

Tucson - Fox Theater - A strange man dressed from the 1920's, has been seen around this theater. He will ask for money to feed his family, who are suffering from The Great Depression.

Tucson - Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center - Students report seeing a girl playing with a ball in the female side, second floor dormitory. The second floor, second bathroom also reports that at around 12:00AM, showers turn on and off by themselves. Rumors has it that a girl who used to go there, slit her wrists and drowned herself in the tub on the second floor. People sometimes have dreams about this particular girl.

Tucson - Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center - 1st Floor Female Dormitory - At around 5AM, the toilets sometimes flush by themselves.

Tucson - Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center - Room 509 - A strange light seems to enter the building, but then, all of a sudden, it disappears.

Tucson - Holaway Elementary - The janitor has reported seeing the ghost of Mr. Holaway himself, checking rooms at about 11PM or 12AM. It’s said that the janitor was walking the school corridor on his way to clean a room, when he saw a figure of a man trying to unlock a door. He called out to him, but there was no answer. So he attempted to walk towards him, but as he approached the door, the man disappeared.

Tucson - Hooters Restaurant, Gotham and The New West Nightclub (now closed) - Strange presences and energies felt.(Gotham and the New West are both closed down now, due to a gang-related shooting last summer that led to someone's death.)There are reports of cold chills, and the strong presence of a spirit who would follow you throughout the back part of the club. A former worker at the club says he was working the closing shift with a few other employees, finishing up for the night. It was around three or four in the morning. He had his back facing the front door, when all of a sudden he felt the sensation of a human being coming right towards him. He turned around and immediately swung out his fist instinctively. He says that nobody was there, and that "something" went right through him.

Tucson - Hotel Congress - One of the rooms in the hotel is haunted by a man who had a heart attack and died. He has been seen looking out of the window.

Tucson - Pioneer Hotel - Rebuilt after a fire killed occupants who were trapped on the top floor. It is said that the top floor is haunted by the spirits of those who died in the fire.

Tucson - Ott YMCA - The building is very haunted at night. An older man in a gray suit sits patiently in an office. People are afraid to be in the building at night. Many bangs and bumps are constantly heard throughout the building.

Tucson - Radisson Hotel - Believed to be haunted by a woman that was murdered by her boyfriend, when he found out she was seeing another man in the hotel. Witnesses report seeing and hearing a ghost of a girl in the kitchen, and around the ballroom area. She seems to be crying or moaning for help.

Tucson - Sabino Canyon - There are reports of a ghost of an angry mountain lion or 'wildcat', seen during the night, that will follow you until you reach the main paved road. It is a very heavy, negative presence, often angry.

Tucson - Safford Middle School - It is said that a little girl died in the auditorium of the school. She fell off of the balcony. If you walk into the auditorium in the dark and look up, you can see the girl for a brief moment. At night, the janitors will hear footsteps roaming the halls and people talking inside the locked classrooms. The teachers would find their things missing or moved around in the classroom. If you stay late at the school, when no one is around, you can feel cold spots. There are rumors that the school was built in 1904, over an Indian graveyard.

Tucson - Sam Levitz Furniture Store on 36th Street - A long time ago, a man was up on one of the racks and tragically fell off. He fell many feet below, and did not survive the fall. Witnesses have seen the man wearing a black shirt and black hat, thinking he’s still working. They've also had a psychic come into the building and try to make him go away, but the man will not leave. He’s seen between 4AM and 5AM.

Tucson - San Manuel - Magma Copper Mine - Several mine workers have reported seeing lights and workers that aren’t assigned to their level. One worker reported having another mine worker come into his line and help him work for over 30 minutes, only to find out later that there wasn't another worker on that level all day. A mineworker died in a cave-in when this mine was first being built, and it is said that the body could not be recovered, due to the size of the cave-in.

Tucson - San Xavier Mission - It is said that on the outside of the mission, there’s artwork on either side of the main doors. There is a snake on one side and a mouse on the other side. If the snake catches the mouse, the end of time is near. Several people in the area have heard whispers of this story come from a shadowy figure of a man, outside the church. He has been seen pointing to each sector as the story is told. Also, there have been sightings of an old Padre wandering throughout the church. He is usually seen at dusk or dawn, the time when candles need to be lit or extinguished. Also, a specter of a nun is seen leading five children to the chapel from an old building, that was once used as a schoolhouse. The schoolhouse burnt to the ground, killing all inside. It is believed the nun was trying to get the children to safety.

Tucson - St. Mary's Hospital - There are a number of different experiences, including people seeing someone walking into an elevator and then disappearing, elevators opening into strange places, strange people riding on the elevators with staff, etc. But the majority of the stories revolve around a nun on the fourth floor. One night, one of the nursing staff was looking down the 4 North Hallway, and saw a nun standing in the middle of the hall, pointing into a room. The staff member went to see what was going on, but when she got there, the nun had disappeared. In the room that she was pointing at, there was a female patient who was suicidal and was attempting to take her life. The nun was warning the staff. It is, presumably, the same nun that walks with staff along the hallway going from the North halls to the West halls. Staff has seen her reflection in the glass windows at night. She follows them as they walk the halls.

Tucson - Tucson High Magnet School - One of the many classrooms in the vocational building has been condemned, because of rumors of a student killing himself there. The student now haunts the room. Students and teachers have reported hearing loud taps on the door, cold spots, and eerie footsteps when no one is around.

Tucson - Tucson Medical Center - A former worker experienced strange and unsettling occurrences for a year. This old hospital that dates back to the 1940's, holds many secrets. An apparition has been seen of an older woman dressed all in black, roaming the hall near unit 450. She would walk through the walls and doors of that hall. Also, in the same hallway, a child would also run through the doors and walls. A black cat is also seen running through the wall of a department at various work shifts. There were also many cold spots in various locations of the hospital. The female co-workers experienced hair- pulling, and strange whispering in their ears. Office chairs with wheels would roll by themselves.

Tucson - University of Arizona - English Building - Where the building stands now, used to be a running track years ago. The body of a woman raped and murdered was found in a well at the edge of the track. The apparition of a woman is often seen through the windows of the locked building late at night, running and panicked, perhaps still trying to escape her attacker.

Tucson - Vail High School - There have been rumors of spirit visions in the male restrooms of the school. Sinks turn off and on, while toilets tend to flush constantly when no one else is in the room. Teachers have reported an adult male in the restroom that disappears without a word in a split second.

Whiteriver - Medicine Forest - Screams and cries can be heard in this forest. Also, there have been reports of a demon-like creature with red eyes seen in the river.

White Mountains - Diamond Rock Campground - Ghost Camp - In the late 1980's, this day- use area used to be a camp area. The local camp hosts along the Black River, would meet here at night for coffee and cake. One summer, for posterity, someone decided to photograph the group of ten to twelve people. When the photographer developed the pictures, a woman that nobody had known or had seen that day, was standing behind the group in the picture.

Wickenburg - Chamber of Commerce - Old Train Depot - There are reports of people hearing whispering. Witnesses claim to have caught orbs in photos. This depot was built in the 1840's.

Wickenburg - Vulture Mine - The mine was founded by Henry Wickenburg, when he found gold there. There are a couple of haunted places. One is the caretaker's house, in which the man and wife heard strange noises. They will openly share their ghost stories. The other haunted spot is the mess hall. There have been smells of food, even though this kitchen has been deserted. It is on the self-guided tour of the mining camp. Also, further down the road, to get to the mine, is the Vulture Mine cemetery. This is where old miners have bee buried. There is said to be a headless Indian horseman. Visitors say that they feel watched, and they can sense death. There are a couple of places on the tour where people have died, such as the hanging tree and a cave that collapsed on miners.

Williams - Old Graveyard By Best Western - Weird things show in photos, such as glares at nighttime. There’s also a high presence of spirits .

Winkleman - Hayden -Winkleman Unified School District - It was said that a high school graduate from Hayden High School in 1988-1989, was going to be a cheerleader for the Phoenix Cardinals. But she got caught with marijuana and thought she was going to lose her spot as a cheerleader. So she got a gun and committed suicide. There was a sighting in about 1998 or 1999. Hayden's softball team had a tournament, and one of the teams stayed in the Jr. High gym. They said that at about 12:00AM, they saw a young girl dressed in a cheerleader uniform, doing a routine. As soon she was done, she disappeared. There is also another story of a man who lost his life on the football field. While he was running the ball, he got tackled, broke his neck, and died instantly. It is said that on some nights, you will see a football player running the ball. He’ll fall and then disappear from the football field.

Yuma - Mary Elizabeth Post Elementary School - Students often hear and see visions of Mary Post, as she haunts the school. There is also a picture of Mary above the exit doors, and sometimes when you walk out, her eyes will follow.

Yuma - Yuma County - Hotel Lee - At least three spirits have been seen by guests and employees of the Hotel Lee. One ghost is of a young teenage girl, usually seen late in the evening, carrying towels down the back hall. The other is believed to be the original owner of the hotel. She is seen walking the halls late at night, and has been known to knock on, or rattle the doors of the rooms. The third spirit is that of an Indian woman, believed to pre-date the hotel. She has been seen hovering above the guest’s beds, and is known to take small screwdrivers and awls, later to return them to odd places.

Yuma - Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park - There are two predominate places within the prison where the spirits are active. One is the dark cell and the other is the visitors' museum. The dark cell hosts a ghost that likes to pinch. It is attracted to children and the color red. There are supposedly two spirits in the visitors' museum. One is a woman who sings quite early in the morning, and the other is a poltergeist that likes to play with money. He's attracted to dimes.

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