In Arkansas

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Altus - Ozark - High School Stage - At the Ozark High School, the stage used for musicals and plays is supposed to be haunted by a student who longed to be in a production. The director never cast him, and the boy told the director that one day he would be on stage. He later moved from the district and soon died in a car wreck. They say about a week before production, things are misplaced and missing, but he never disturbs anything the nights of the production.

Arkadelphia - Henderson State University - Arkansas Hall - A ghost named Simon haunts the theater. He is particularly fond of the balcony section, where he flips seats, giggles, and makes footsteps. He is also known to drop harmless objects, such as newspapers, onto the stage from the ceiling. Also, a girl haunts the dorms at night, searching for her lost love. After he left her, she just wasted away.

Arkadelphia - Ouachita Baptist University - There have been claims of orbs in the basement, eyes in the corners, blood on walls of most of the dorms, and windows of the dorms (especially girls' dorms) breaking at night, with no explanation as to why they are broken. Hauntings seem to happen mostly at night, although people have spotted orbs in the basement night and day.

Bald Knob - Shady Grove Cemetery - When you first walk in the entrance you are greeted by a cold burst of air. Even at night, the crickets don't go there. On Halloween, you can hear voices trying to get to their holy resting place.

Batesville - Liberty Baptist Church/Cemetery - Throughout the years, there have been mysterious lights in the cemetery. Also, an old woman can be seen, usually during the summer months, in a rocking chair in the upstairs window. The gravel road in front of Liberty is also rumored to be haunted by a young woman who had been killed in the early 1900's. A little boy has also been seen in the cemetery and is seen in pictures that had been shot in the cemetery. Lights turn on and off mysteriously in the church.

Batesville - Lyon College - Used to be an old orphanage that burnt down in the early 1900's. It is said that late at night, up in the chapel, you can hear what sounds like a rocking chair going back and forth. Then, down in the auditorium on a certain night, the walls look like they are burning down. Around the chapel, there are four posts and there's only a shadow of three. Children’s voices, laughing and screaming has also been heard.

Beebe - Arkansas State University - Beebe Princess Hall - Second Floor - Someone or something was heard running down the hall and screaming. No one else heard this, except for one person. Another person was nudged in their bed, and scratching was heard on the desk next to her.. Her roommate heard none of this. One resident reported someone trying to open their door forcefully. When she got up, no one was even spotted near the scene. Right after she got back from checking her door, the air conditioner that had never made funny noises suddenly began making creepy knocking noises.

Benton - A woman was killed the day of her wedding. When you go down the road in Saline County in Benton, going towards Sheridan on the second bridge at night time when it is raining, all you have to do is flash your lights on and off twice, and she will appear in her white wedding gown.

Benton - Saline Memorial Hospital - The smell of foul odors can be found in the hallways of the sixth floor. Also, doors slam without notice. Water sometimes drips from the ceiling, even thought it is not raining outside. Cries for help can be heard coming from rooms that are not occupied.

Bentonville - Peel Museum - Haunted by the former owner, the museum, open to the public, has light poltergeists and corner of the eye apparitions.

Bentonville - Old High Middle School - There was a little girl seen walking down the hall without a hall pass, so this boy went and told the principal. He went and inspected the hall, and the little girl was skipping down the hall, running her finger against the lockers. It was found out that this same girl was hung by her friend in the year 1950. The sighting occurred in 2005.

Berryville - Berryville High School - The gym is haunted by some children. Many people are afraid to go into the building. Odd sounds have been heard throughout the gym.

Bigolow - Old Gym - There was a little boy who was playing basketball. He threw the ball up and it broke the glass. He went up to get it and a piece of glass cut into him deeply. If you go to the attic, you can hear a boy screaming. If you listen closely, you can also hear a piano playing.

Bono - Bono Bridge - If you stand on the bridge and look down the railroad tracks underneath it, the train supposedly looks as if it is about to hit you before it goes under the bridge. Also, there are many rumors of satanic rituals being preformed there, spawning apparitions and unknown noises at night.

Bradley - Conway Cemetery - You can hear voices at midnight on a full moon. There is a tree that they hung people on where you can hear a lot of things.

Camden - Burkett's House - Established in the late 1800's in the French port community near Camden. Home to a young girl that was allegedly beaten by her parents, she was locked in her upstairs room until she died of starvation. Tales from travelers swore of ghastly sounds coming from the home, and strange mishaps have occurred to passing vehicles. The young girl is supposedly buried in an unmarked grave across the road from the house in Jones Cemetery. The cemetery itself has its own reports of strange occurrences. One example is if you turn off your vehicle’s motor, it may not start again. Also mechanical parts to vehicles will go missing after entering the cemetery's gate.

Camden - The Factory By The River - Various orbs can be seen at night. People can be seen down the hallways, and voices and an old-fashioned telephone can be heard at night. Doors and cabinets open by themselves. Lights turn on and off by themselves.

Camden - The Railroad Track Light - The ghost will always appear on Halloween night. A mysterious light always appears. It is possible that someone may have died on the tracks, looking for a way home. The location of the track is right across the street from the Pepsi Place, but it only appears at night.

Cave City - Witches Hollow - Its called Witches Hollow by the townspeople because legend has it that, in the abandoned like village houses, a witch practiced her magic. It is said that she murdered her husband, and died later. Many people have reported seeing her walking along the road. You can still visit the old village and houses.

Charlette - Charlette Baptist Church - A worker has been found hanging in midair, with chains around his neck. Strange noises have been heard in the church, as well as the cemetery. Children's voices have been heard in the empty schoolroom, and an apparition of a preacher that passed away has been seen at the pulpit.

Clarksville - American Legion Hall - It is said that if you sleep under the American Legion Hall (camp), you will see and hear ghosts of the old stronghold.

Clarendon - Monroe County Courthouse - Early in 1893, an opera/comedy group led by John Orr and his young wife Ernze Mabel Orr came to Clarendon to perform at the local Opera House. After performing there, the Orrs decided to make Clarendon their home. John Orr and his wife lived in a house with several black caretakers in the back. John Orr abused his wife and one of the hands helped Mabel concoct a "hoodoo" to kill him. It didn't work, and the abuse continued. Mabel and four of the others conspired to shoot John, and it came about that John was shot and killed. It soon came out about Mabel and the involvement of the four others, and a lynch mob came to arrest Mabel and take her to jail. The four blacks (three men and one woman) were hung in the courthouse yard. Mabel took an overdose of morphine provided by the Sheriff as an alternative to the public lynching. To this day, you can hear her cry in the basement of the Courthouse, and can see lights along the levee that lead to the river where the four lynched bodies were carried across to be buried on the other side.

Coal Hill - Opossum Walk Cemetery - You can go up to the gates in the middle of winter, and they will be hot to the touch. There is a trail that goes completely around the cemetery. When you walk it either in the night or day, you can hear somebody walking behind you. You can hear whispering and grunting. If you are lucky, you can see glimpses out of the corner of your eye of someone standing there looking straight at you, but when you turn to see who it is, there is no one there.

Conway - Hendrix College - Galloway Hall - Rumor has it that a ghost of a young woman nicknamed the "Galloway Virgin" resides in the attic. Oftentimes, one can feel a presence in the halls late at night. Noises, such as someone walking in the attic, can be heard. Cold rushes are frequent and one can even sense an immense feeling of sadness when walking up the stairs toward the locked attic.

Conway - Nursing Home - You can hear children laughing and playing. There are also reports of unexplained opening and closing of doors. Bursts of cold air embrace you as you enter certain halls.

Conway - University of Central Arkansas - Hughes Hall - Room 219 - Appliances turn on by themselves and you can feel a presence in the room. Water comes on while no one is near the sink. A person residing in the room can feel someone lay down next to them at night. Objects have flown across the room. One person even felt someone pull her belt loop. Things are misplaced, and objects blow when there is no air on or window open.

Cotter - Historic Cotter Bridge/ Springs - There are reports of an apparition of a woman being chased by hounds, children playing on the train tracks below, and sounds of a baby crying.- February 2004 Correction – Additional Information: You can also hear footsteps and see footprints, but no one is there.

Crossett - Railroad Tracks - A light is seen at night going up and down the tracks. It is said that a man that got hit by a train and lost his head is searching for it. The light appears to be swinging, as if someone is holding it. If you can stand in its path, it disappears as it gets to you, and then reappears behind you, continuing on its path.

Dardanelle - Dardanelle High School - Footsteps are seen on the ceiling, strange shadows are seen walking through the back of the gym and cafeteria, and screaming is heard from behind the curtain on the stage.

DeQueen - Avon Cemetery - If you drop a rock in the well at the middle of the cemetery at night, you can hear a baby cry. It has been said that you can even see and hear the baby’s mother running through the graveyard, near the old burned down church. The story is told of a woman who was near the well drawing out water, before it was a graveyard. She sat the child on the edge of the well, and the baby fell in and drowned.

Dover - Dover Lights - The ghosts of Spanish Conquistadors search for their lost gold in a valley in the Ozark foothills.

Dyer - The Overpass to the Almo Compound - If you park your car on the bridge, put your car in neutral and something pulls your car over the bridge.

Eagle River - North Slope Saloon - There is a mysterious "lady in yellow" who appears during after-hours. It becomes angry if it is mentioned.

Eureka Springs - The Crescent Hotel - The Crescent Hotel used to be a mental hospital. At the balcony, a female patient jumped to her death, because one of the doctors was molesting her. Bodies were burned in the furnace of the hospital. People today reserve rooms to actually see if it is spooky. One lady reserved her a room, and the staff told her that she had to sign a contract saying that the hotel staff are not responsible for any accidents or mishaps during their stay. She supposedly died that night in her room, because she had a terrifying nightmare. She supposedly died of a stroke, because she was terrified so badly.

Eureka Springs - Crescent Hotel - Room 218 - The building is haunted by an Irishman named Michael. On the second floor, the ghost of a nurse is seen, pushing a person on a bed. Examples of other sightings are of a business man walking around in the lobby, a man pushing his wife down a flight of stairs, and a school girl being pushed out of a window to her death. This place also used to be a cancer hospital. The founder of the cancer hospital was "Dr." Norman Baker, who was said to have buried his cancer patients under the floor of the old hospital morgue. He also used to have two St. Bernard dogs with him, and they died in the hotel. Sometimes people have reported feeling cold wisps of air hit their legs, as if being licked by a dog. Witnesses have reported seeing Baker in the basement part of the hotel, while going on a ghost tour. Some old women are said to pull their rocking chairs into one of t he hallways in the middle of the night, and have a chat.

Evansville - Split Well - It is said that a little girl fell into this well when she was playing with her dog. The well is in a field and split down the middle. You can hear the little girl crying and you also get the impression that you’re not supposed to be there.

Fairbanks - Westmark Hotel - Room 277 - There is a ghost of what is probably a large man. The ghost was active mostly at night. He has been known to push lightly on the bed and poke people on the shoulder. One person had heard something on the floor, like a person running his finger along the carpet. There were other small noises that could not be explained. There was no one staying in the next room that could have made any sounds either.

Fort Smith - Judge Parker Court House - Judge Isaac Parker, who hanged around 80 people here, haunts the courthouse (that is now a museum). The people he hanged also haunt the courthouse. You can sometimes see the ropes at the gallows sway back and fourth with no wind. Also, you can hear the banging of Parkers gavel in the courthouse.

Grant County - Ico Cemetery - The cemetery is located off of Grant 58 in Ico. There are reports of lights, gravestones being relocated, a feeling of being chased from the cemetery, and ghost cars following you back down 58, towards the highway.

Grant County - Old Redfield Road - There are reports of everything and anything, from ghosts wandering the road, apparitions in the cemetery, and flashlights and radios going dead with no explanation while in the actual cemetery. An actual experience within the family occurred when driving down the road. The hood of the car flew open for no apparent reason, other than passing the "haunted" cemetery. Upon arriving home, they found nothing wrong with the car that would have caused the hood to unlatch.

Grant County - Prague Cemetery - The cemetery is located off Prague Road (off 270 E). Reports of voices, lights and faces in the trees, and ghost trains actually barreling through the cemetery itself. There is also a rumor of a girl who was tied to the train tracks(no longer present) in the near area, but authenticity of that rumor is unknown.

Gravel Ridge - Gravel Ridge Pet Cemetery - Supposedly, if you go there late at night you can see apparitions of the dead animals that were buried there. You can also hear their howling cries come and go in the night.

Gurdon - Gurdon Railroad Tracks - If you walk down the tracks late at night, you will see a green light down the track. They say there was a man that was walking on them, and one day had got stuck in them. A train had cut his head off, and ever since then, you can see a light that looks like a lantern going down the tack. He is looking for his head. It was on “Unsolved Mysteries”.

Hampton - Tinsman - On the Tinsman Highway across the road, there is a solitary lost and forgotten grave. At exactly three in the morning, a pale form of a man in a old confederate uniform appears for a mere second, and is gone. Also, if you sit on, touch, or disturb the grave in any way, a false sense of security falls over you. Things like car keys, hairbrushes and small objects are often misplaced.

Hickory Valley - Hickory Valley Church - At night when you go in the church, if you listen carefully, you can hear people singing "Amazing Grace" and other old hymns. If you bring a candle, you can just about make out the figures of many young children and some teenagers that have not crossed over yet.

Horatio - Rest Stop In Between DeQueen & Horatio - There is a hill at the exit of the rest stop. If you stop at the stop sign and put your car in neutral, you get pulled UP the hill. - June 2005 Update: The rest stop between Horatio and De Queen is an optical illusion. While the area is on a different angle than the road, it is still on a downhill grade. Therefore, your car appears to roll UP hill. The area has been graded, and is now a driveway leading to a property.

Hot Springs - Mayberry Inn - This old estate is located on Highway 270, five miles east of Crystal Springs, close to the Garland/Montgomery County line. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Mayberry, the man who owned the Mayberry Inn during the 1800s. Legend states that David Mayberry used his inn to shelter prospectors and miners that were traveling through the area. Gunfights quite often broke out between the men, which led to the death of many people. It is said that one of the men's bloodstains can still be found on the inn's floor. The violence in the inn also led to David Mayberry getting shot. Although Mayberry was not killed, the bullets left in his body led to schizophrenia. Supposedly, because of his mental condition, Mayberry stabbed his wife to death and burned her body in the fireplace( which is still intact and displays a creepy message on the wall above it). Eerily enough, legend states that you will hear the wife of David Mayberry crying hysterically at exactly midnight. Also, legend states that Mayberry, after he killed his wife, drowned his infant son. Mysterious screaming can be heard coming from the bath tub in the basement.

Hot Springs - The Old Malco - At night, screams can be heard coming from the basement, a woman can be seen glowing in the basement, a broken clock’s hand winds around by itself and light fixtures fall.

Hot Springs - The Poet's Loft - A former worker, and one of the people who helped run the place told this story. It was on a Wednesday before the regular poetry reading. A woman was awake on a couch, but she couldn’t get her eyes to open completely. With her blurred vision, she thought she saw her friend walk into the kitchen. The woman asked a man sitting in a chair near her if there was anyone else in the room. The man told her that everyone was in the kitchen. She then felt a pair of female hands grab her roughly and hold her down to the couch. She yelled out to the guy sitting in the chair, asking if there was anyone else in the room. He went to the kitchen and saw that no one was there and told her that they were the only two people there. As soon as he told her that, the hands let go. When the woman arrived for work the next day, she told her coworkers the story. She said that she had seen he r friend out of the corner of her eye, and that the friend was wearing the exact same clothes that she saw him wearing earlier that day. The other person who was with her at the time said that he had been sitting in the chair the whole time, and had seen nothing out of the ordinary. He also said that he had seen the woman’s friend walk into the kitchen. The Poet's Loft is located at 514B Central Avenue in Hot Springs, in the famous Bathhouse Row district.

Jacksonville - Jacksonville High School - In the auditorium of the high school, strange noises can be heard of a man mumbling to himself. Also, you can also hear footsteps along the catwalk when there is no one there.

Jacksonville - North Pulaski High School - The Band Room is haunted by two band students that had passed away years ago. The doors open by themselves and random percussion instruments, especially the wind chimes are heard, although no one is playing them.

Jonesboro - Arkansas State University - Wilson Hall - People say that at night a ghost comes out in this hall. When it first opened, a girl died from an error in the construction of the stairs. The stairs collapsed. It is said that she roams the halls, making sure the building is safe.

Jonesboro - Craighead Company - Formerly Known As The Strand Theater - An apparition of a man has been seen by many people, including play cast and personnel. He has been seen in the attic, the catwalk, the boiler room, the balcony, and the projection room. He has been affectionately named Charlie. He has appeared wearing different clothing at various sightings. According to one eyewitness account, he was sighted by a visitor who was making his way to the projection booth. As he rounded a corner in the balcony, he came face to face with Charlie, who was wearing a red shirt and casual pants. The visitor stopped within two feet of the apparition and made eye to eye contact. The visitor was not startled, because he believed it to be a friend of his. Charlie vanished before his eyes. Another eyewitness reported that he had seen him sitting on a heating duct in the attic, when he we nt upstairs to check on a faulty heating unit. There have been many other strange occurrences, as well as poltergeist type activities at the Strand/Forum theater since its construction in 1927. One of these took place as workers were unloading the new grand piano. When the workers left the room momentarily to take a break, the piano began playing a recognizable tune while still sealed within its packing crate. The piano was not a self-playing piano.

Jonesboro - Craighead Lake - The story is that one night a few teenagers were out at the lake drinking, when one of them went out into the water at a non swimming area, and drowned. They say that if you go out there and look across the lake, you can see a young man trying to stay above the water, and can hear him screaming for help. Also, people have reported that a young man will approach them, and start talking to them They turned away for one second, turned back, and he was gone.

Jonesboro - The Forum Theatre - Rumor has it that the theatre is haunted by a spirit named Charlie. During the most recent summer musical, there were various sightings of the mischievous ghost. A techie was cleaning up the dressing rooms, when she heard a young man laughing gleefully as if playing a game. Upon further inspection, she found that there was no one in the theatre, let alone downstairs with her. One of the lead actors was running lines in the upper level when the sound of a man’s voice began echoing. At first she thought it was one of the other actors, but all of the male actors at that rehearsal were onstage at that time. Before a performance, a few people involved in the production went to the theatre to set up. They decided they needed to turn on the lights from the lighting booth, so they headed upstairs to do it. About halfway up, the lights suddenly came on. The techies ran up to find nob ody up there. They shrugged it off and headed downstairs. But as they reached the bottom of the stairs, the lights went off again. A bit frightened, they went back upstairs, and still no one was there. This went on a couple more times before the techies shut the system down and turned it on themselves.

Jonesboro - Keller's Chapel - There have been strange sounds heard of babies crying, as a result of the 9 Keller babies dying and being buried there. Perfect circles of rings of fire have been sited. Wooden crosses with animal skeletons have been found there. If you turn your car off at the gates of the chapel, it will not start for a few hours. Strange things have been spotted moving around the cemetery, and strange sounds come from inside the chapel itself.

Jonesboro - Nettleton High School Gym/ Band room - The band keeps their instruments in a room under the bleachers. One day, three friends were putting their instruments up. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be out in the gym. It was supposed to be locked, and the janitor had finished cleaning. When they put up the instruments, they heard a blood-curdling scream. They ran from the band room to the gym. It was locked. Nothing could get in, unless it was something hard to explain. They ran back to the band room. At first, the trio was skeptical, because it was the day before the band Halloween party and they thought that it was a prank. They went back to their instruments. Then again, they heard the screaming. Except, it sounding like someone was yelling for someone or something to quit. The three ran from the band room, leaving the instruments behind. From that day you can still hear the yelling if you are there quite early in the morning, standing in the Nettleton High Band Room. - One night after a band party, a group of band members decided to run around in the gym. It was pretty late, and almost everyone had gone home. The group had split-up and decided to go up to the cheerleading room. There they found that the room was extremely cold, and for some odd reason they couldn't find the light switch. After leaving the cheerleading room, they heard screams and ran down the stairs where the screams came from. Now these weren't any ordinary screams. They were the kind of screams that you would only hear if someone was being stabbed or hurt. There was no explanation for the screams, because no one else was there at the time. The whole group got to the bottom of the stairs to find leaves falling from the ceiling of the gym, as if it were a tree. One of the girls in the group saw the shadow of what looked like a football player. They all tho ught that this was a joke, until they heard a door slam and then saw another door swinging.

Judsonia - Judsonia Cemetery - If you go to the Judsonia Cemetery at night, you will see a large statue of an angel. Stand directly underneath her and it appears that she is looking right at you. Some even say that her eyes light up red.

Leola - Jenkin's Ferry - Reports of orbs and the sounds of a battle emanating from the surrounding woods. There have also been reports of someone calling out from the water for rescue, but no one could be found to save.

Little Rock - Job Corps Center - There's a little girl who died in the place. She sometimes sits on the stairway and either watches you or follows you.

Little Rock - Old State House - Thought to be haunted by various politicians.

Little Rock - Quapaw Quarter - This is Little Rock's historic district. Hundreds of homes were built from the 1830's thru 1900, many of which have ghosts. Ghostly pedestrians, carriages, and horses have been heard and seen on streets and roadways.

Little Rock - Quapaw Quarter - Macarthur Park - This area was a military training ground, started in the 1830's. The Old Arsenal Building (built in the 1830's) has ghosts that are seen in its basement and standing upon its staircase. This was also the site of a Civil War conflict. A sixteen year-old boy was hung there by Federal troops in 1864.

Little Rock - Quapaw Quarter - Mount Holly Cemetery - This is a large cemetery with burials dating back to the 1820's. The graves of six Confederate generals, as well as the wife of Cherokee chief John Ross are found here. Statues have apparently been seen moving. Some are repeatedly found in various areas of the neighborhood, as if they just wandered there. Many people were reburied there in the 1800's. Ghostly flute playing is heard as well as apparitions being seen. Many graves have trinkets placed upon them.

Little Rock - Vino's - There are things that happen without explanation. Like after closing time, when all the chairs are put up after people leave, a person can come back into the building and the chairs are back down. There are strange sounds coming from different areas of the building. Also, cold spots are felt throughout the club and pizza restaurant.

Little Rock - Woodson Ladural Road - Legend says that if you go down this road, you will see a motorcycle headed your way. All you can see is the headlight, but you can hear the sound of a motorcycle. The light will approach rapidly, then quickly disappear. The driver is believed to be a young man who was hit by a carload of drunk drivers and left to die. People claim he is back, seeking revenge.

Magnet Cove - Baroid Mines - Events include someone whispering your name, feeling someone push you and things being rearranged.

Magnolia - Southern Arkansas University - Bussey Hall - A female student hung herself in a room inside this hall in the 1950's. - November 2004 Update/ additional information: This building had four floors plus an attic. It is said that two girls had died here. One had hung herself in her closet and the other fell down the elevator shaft. The shaft still exists, but the doors had been welded shut. There was a window in the attic that you could see from outside. It was almost a habit that you had to look up at the attic at night as you came in. Sometimes the light would be on, sometimes it would be off. The dorm director was the only one who was supposed to have the key, and there was very little cause for anyone to go to the attic. The odd things that happened usually occurred on the 4th floor. One girl was an RA (Resident Assistant) on the 4th floor. As such, she had a room to herself. She stated that one night, she was asleep when, as she put it, "You know that sensation you get when someone else is in the room with you? You don't have to see or hear them, but you KNOW someone else is there. " That is the feeling she had. Her back was to the door. She said that she felt the edge of the bed go down, as it would if someone sat on it. She was too scared to move, scream, or do anything. After a little bit, she felt the edge raise up, as if the individual had stood up, and then the feeling went away. She got up and checked her door. It was still locked. No one could have come into her room without unlocking the door. There were several who stated that the volume of their TV or stereo would go up and down on their own. One couple stated that they were down the hall visiting, when all of a sudden, their stereo began blasting away. Another said that they had a loaf of bread that was sitting on the windowsill. For some unknown reason, it decided to m ove to the middle of the floor.

Magnolia - Southern Arkansas University - Horton Theater - It is said that there is a ghost in the theater. - November 2004 Update/ additional information: The story goes that the ghost is that of a girl that was to star in a production one night. On her way there, she was killed by a train. She never made it there, physically. People have said that sometimes you can see someone walking along the catwalk during some of the performances. A person who is in drama and also the photographer for the yearbook, paper, etc. stated that one night, he was in the lighting control booth, going through the checks for the production the next night. He stated that he was the only person there. He looked down onto the stage, and a rocking chair was rocking by itself. Being the photographer that he was, he always had his camera with him. He picked up his camera and took a picture. Later, when the roll was developed, all the pictures came out perfectly. That is, except for the one of the rocking chair. It was blurry.

McCrory - American Greetings - Several workers have seen people or images walking past them inside the factory. One janitor saw a little boy dressed as an Indian standing at the bottom of the stairs. Then, he vanished. One power truck driver screamed one night, because she said a little boy was staring her in the face when she turned around, and then he just disappeared.

McCrory - Riverside - Many people over the last hundred years have heard and seen many ghosts on the road and in their houses. Riverside was an old western town and also had a plantation. The legend is that some of the slaves that lived on the plantation, lost some babies. Now the ghosts of women crying and looking for their babies are seen. There is also a blonde lady that can only be seen during a rain storm.

Melbourne - Old Philadelphia Cemetery - Strange lights have been seen, and the closest source of light is ten miles away. The ghost of an unknown confederate soldier floats around the cemetery. Blue orbs have also been sited.

Mena - Rich Mountain - The ghost light of a young girl that died trying to take care of her family is seen. She is said to wander the mountain with a lantern, looking for her family's cabin. She is actually buried in Old Pioneer Cemetery on the mountain. She has been seen by local folks for many years.

Mena/Potter - Billy's Bridge - On dark nights, when the moon is not bright, voices can be heard, and weird lights can be seen. Also, rocks skip across the water.

Monett - Monett Cemetery - There was a mausoleum made of glass in this cemetery. When the body inside started to rot, the city covered it in concrete and painted it. The grave has no name or date on it. It is said that you can hear the man crying out at night. You’ll know when you find it, because chills will run up your spine when you do. Sometimes you will see a man wandering the cemetery at night with a lantern.

Mountain View - Old Charlie Fowler Christian School - At night, footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. Voices are heard in the old cafeteria that can't be explained. It is believed to have been built on an old Indian burial ground. Also, water drips from the ceiling on hot, dry days.

Mountain View - Fredonia Cemetery - Flags placed on graves blow from wind that is not there. An extreme feeling of dread is felt, the closer you get to the cemetery. The experiences are not only in the cemetery, but also in the surrounding area. Loud sounds and voices can be heard.

North Little Rock - Albert Pike Memorial Masonic Temple - Haunted by the ghost of Albert Pike, a Confederate general and influential Freemason of the 19th Century.

North Little Rock - Chuck E. Cheese - Workers hear little girls laughing in the back room when nobody is there. The soda machines turn on by themselves.

North Little Rock - North Little Rock High School - West Campus/Ole Main - A popular football player died in a car crash. His funeral was held in the auditorium, because so many students wanted to attend. He has been sighted in the tower above the campus. The tower is now off limits to everyone.

North Little Rock - North Little Rock High School - West Campus/Ole Main - Auditorium - If you stand on the stage in the auditorium and look up into the lighting area used by technical theatre students, you sometimes can see a faint outline of what appears to be a young female, walking very quickly back and forth.

North Little Rock - Oak Grove High School - Reports include hearing people talking and screaming, as well as seeing shadows.

North Little Rock - Old Mill - If you look through the gates at the Old Mill, you can see weird things moving through the windows. Then you can see a rope hanging from the side of the building, and a shadow on the building of a person hanging from the rope.

North of Cedarville - Highway 220 at Dry Hill Road - At the top of the mountain at Dry Hill Rd. going north on Highway 220, off the to the left side of the road is part of the old Butterfield Stage Coach Rd. Hunters have always reported the sound of someone whistling a strange tune. When they search the surrounding area to make sure it's not a joke from someone, it always stops when you step onto the Old Stage Coach Road. When the whistling stops, you can hear a team of horses running, as if the old stagecoach is making another run.

Oxford - Old Church House and Cemetery - Locals rumor that there is an old white church house beyond the old High School building, in which several women were executed as witches by a vigilante group, similar to the Bald Knobbers. The inside of the building is inaccessible, due to a rotting floor. However, several adventurous souls have confirmed the old-timer's stories, that from the churchyard, a shadow of a rope can sometimes be seen. One such story involves a couple of high school girls who journeyed out there to take names and dates off the old tombstones for a research project. Not aware of the stories, they thought they could hear cries for help, but being near an open field, they could see there was no one around. They decided to explore inside the building, and reported seeing a rope hanging from the ceiling. However, one of the girl’s feet broke through a floorboard. They were frightened by a sen se of danger beyond the building's decaying condition and a colony of vicious yellow jackets. Something threatening wanted them to go away. They jumped in the car, leaving without the needed historical information they had come for. They told their teacher later that "…there is something wrong with that place. Something really bad and wrong." They were told later that the area all around the old high school was a place rumored to be a witch-hunt site.

Ozark - High School Stage - At the Ozark High School, the stage used for musicals and plays is supposed to be haunted by a student who longed to be in a production. The director never cast him, and the boy told the director that one day he would be on stage. He later moved from the district and soon died in a car wreck. They say about a week before production, things are misplaced and missing, but he never disturbs anything the nights of the production.

Paragould - Arkansas Methodist Medical Center - The most frequent sighting is the ghost of a little blond haired boy on the fourth floor. No one knows who he is, but he is about 5 or 6 and wears white pajamas. He is usually spotted by patients who know nothing of the ghost. He is usually playing or looking for a kitten. Sometimes there is more than one child. They have been seen on the fourth floor, the garden, and in one of the stairwells. Another ghost sighting occurred in room 321. A very alert and oriented patient looked up from reading to see the room in blood red. A man in a confederate uniform was standing in the room. He said he didn’t do anything for a few minutes. Then, when he called the nurse station, the man disappeared and the room went back to normal. The fifth floor is supposed to host the ghost of an elderly female. And the ICU is also supposed to have had strange events happen.

Paragould - Collins Theater - While rehearsing on stage, several cast members have reportedly seen an old couple sitting in the balcony observing. To their astonishment, the specters would eventually disappear. Many people are of the opinion that they were the former owners of the theatre, who were apparently curious of the goings on in the establishment. The old Collins theatre was built in 1928, a year later than its sister theatre, the Strand, in Jonesboro.

Paragould - Primrose Lane - If you drive down to the end of the road where the pavement turns into dirt, drive down the path a little bit and turn off your lights. If you sit there for a little while, you will see a figure of a man and his dog. The man is carrying a rifle. It is said that a man was hunting out there long ago and shot himself. If you walk through the woods, some people have said that the man’s dog will come up to you, and then vanish in front of your eyes.

Pea Ridge - Pea Ridge Battleground - Like most Civil War battlegrounds, Pea Ridge has hauntings much like Gettysburg, only not as strong.

Piggott - Courthouse - In the courtyard, you can see children playing after dark, but you can see through them. You can also see people hanging from the trees by ropes.

Pine Bluff - Hudson Cemetery - Old Widow Hudson can be seen walking around as a ghostly apparition at night in the cemetery. It is said that started haunting the place after she killed her family and then committed suicide.

Prescott - Outdoor Church Off Highway 89 - Late at night, presences can be felt in surrounding areas. They can be felt more prominently while standing on the steps once used for seating. While standing at the podium, you can sometimes see people in cloaks, above on the rocks. There are three crosses sticking out of the top of a rock here also, and a very negative presence can be felt when near this rock.

Rector - Catholic Cemetery - Ask anyone in this small town and they will give you directions. Go on any night after dark and say, “Mary, come out and play!” and the ghost of a young child will appear. Do not turn off you car, because it will not start.

Rogers - Cross Hollows - This is the site of a Civil War encampment. There are reports of phantom regiments marching in the area, shouts in the middle of the night, musket fire and horses. All of this happens after dark, and there are heavy mists from the nearby lake that obscure visibility past 20-30 feet on the road. There have also been reports of a "Bigfoot-type" creature in the area, not unlike the Boggy Creek Monster.

Rogers - Radar Road - A sound resembling that of a galloping horse has been observed by nearby residents and other locals. It is thought to be a ghost from the Civil War era.

Rush - Rush City On The Buffalo River - A young woman that died just before the "rush" began is said to have died during childbirth. The child also died during the birth. According to friends, her main purpose in life was to be a mother. She was said to appear in the midwife's house in which the birth took place asking, "Where's my baby girl?" until the midwife was driven mad and taken away. The house is one of the few still standing in the ghost town. It was moved to this location from it's remote location in the forest near the settlement.

Russellville - Arkansas Tech University - Caraway Hall - People have reported noises in the attic, footsteps on the stairs, and whispering in the hallways. The structure is built on top of an old Cherokee Indian Burial Site. The mounds were disturbed when groundwork was being done for the foundation. - December 2005 Correction: A girl committed suicide in a room. If you go by (its right in front of "Watta-Burger", which is famous in Arkansas) the front of the building, you can see that on the second floor, right in the middle, there’s a window bricked out. The girl was either having family problems or boyfriend problems and hung herself out of the window, so that she would be in front of the doors in the morning. There’s also a story that she hung herself in the closet, but the closets really aren’t big enough at Tech for that. The room is cut in half. One half is blocked of f and the other is used as a storage space. They even expanded the room to make it a three-person room to fit all the girls in. Things like water leaking from the ceiling occur in all the rooms around it from time to time. It’s just a very eerie building. Also, every once in a while, the power will shut off in the building.

Russellville - Arkansas Tech University - Tucker Coliseum A basketball player was killed in a car accident here in 1981. If you enter when it is empty, you will see a seat pulled down in the stands. It is never the same one either. Basketballs are also found strewn all over the court on random mornings.

Russellville - Arkansas Tech University - Witherspoon Hall On the third floor at night, a piano plays by itself in the practice room. It is said to be the ghost of a former student.

Saddle Community - 9 Mile Ridge - Old timers tell of a haunting on 9 Mile Ridge Road. They say at certain times, if you are out there at night, you will see a man walking with a lantern. Some say it is unknown who he is. Others tell that it is a man who searched and hoped for his son to return from the Civil War, and watches over the ridge.

Sardis - Sardis Pipeline - A glowing light that flickers very rapidly, bounces up and down a tree line. It always originates from the same cedar tree tops. If you watch it for a long period of time, it seems to get very agitated, shooting up above the trees. The reason is unknown for it being there. Some people have experienced a bumping on the back of their cars upon leaving the sight.

Scott - Mama Lou's Bridge - It is said that a woman and her newborn baby drove off this bridge and died. If you go there at night and say, "Mama Lou, I've got your baby!" strange things will happen. Your car won't start or you'll hear screeching noises, like the paint is being scraped off your car. You can also see a woman in white, floating in the field near the bridge.

Scott - Toltec Mounds - About twenty minutes from Little Rock, this is an old prehistoric Native American worship site. Many consider it Arkansas' "Stonehenge." Large dirt mounds were used as a calendar to predict the future, and for magical purposes. Apparitions are seen, and strange noises have been heard. The site is about 100 acres.

Searcy - Harding University - Old Music Building - - September 2004 Update: The tale of Gertie is made up to scare freshmen.Believed to be haunted by a girl named Gertie. The top window where she was said to be seen is painted black. You can hear someone playing a piano, even when no one else is in the building. - December 2003 update: Gertie is the ghost of a girl who was a student many years ago, when the school was an all girls school. She fell to her death in the dumb-waiter of her dorm. That building has since been torn down, and the bricks were used in several places on campus. She has been seen in all of the places where those bricks were used, including the bell tower, one of the boys' dorms, the brick sidewalk across campus, and the music building. Piano music can be heard when no one is playing. One night, some students, in an effort to d iscover the source of the piano music, sprinkled powder on the piano keys, bench, and on the floor all around the piano. They then hid in the recording studio and waited. They heard and recorded the piano music that night. The powder had not been disturbed.

Sebastian - Fort Smith - William O. Darby Jr. High School - The staircase in the old part of the building between the third and second floor is haunted by a student that choked to death in the 1960's or 70's. Also, the attic is haunted by a janitor that had a heart attack while peeking through the peephole, watching the cheerleaders. They say you can hear him call out from the balcony of the auditorium, if you are in there alone. Also, the practice field was once a cemetery, and it was stated that even though all remains have been removed, that some of the unmarked graves still remain. On foggy nights, you can see these ghostly figures, looking for the other graves that were marked.

Sheridan - Courthouse Square - In the late 1800's, there were numerous people hanged on the Courthouse lawn. There are reports of apparitions in the Courthouse windows, as well as disembodied footsteps echoing throughout the halls.

Springfield - Old Iron Bridge - Strange noises, a baby crying, and a girl screaming can be heard.

Tazlina - Tazlina Lodge - The Tazlina Lodge is not in use anymore. Long ago, a man had a stand-off with the police at the lodge. He stayed on the third floor. He died in the stand-off, and his spirit is said to be there still. Back in the 1950's, a family worked there as housekeepers. They experienced a lot of ghost activity at the three-story lodge. About five years ago, a family went on a tour of the lodge. It was a very warm summer day. They headed up the stairs, looking at the rooms. They were aware of the reported hauntings and they were scared. As they got closer to the third floor, the air got very cold(remember it was a very warm day outside). They went to the room where the man died long ago on the third floor. They don't know if it was a setup by the hotel owner, but there was a very dusty wooden chair in the room. It had an imprint on it, that looked as if someone sat on it recently. There was a smell of smoke from a cigarette in the small room. The owner told them that the ghost often likes to smoke in the room.

Tuckerman - Battleaxe - On stormy nights, just before and right after a storm, it is said that a swinging lantern crosses the back end of the field. During the Civil War, a very wealthy family lived there. The father of the family received warning that a band of bushwhackers were in the territory, so he took all of his gold and buried it in the woods. When he returned to his home, the bushwhackers had killed his wife and children. He knew that they died because of his greed, so he is doomed to repeat his mistake forever. His ghost goes to and from his house to rebury the gold.

Tuckerman - Elgin - It is said that on a stormy night, you can hear screaming and yelling at Chesier cemetery, and a real cool breeze arises every time you enter.

Tyronza - East Poinsett County Elementary - Reports of hearing footsteps behind you. Toilets flush on their own. It’s said to be true that when the Tyronza Elementary School burned down in the 1950's, that the kids that burned inside still haunt the halls.

Van Buren - King Opera House Theatre - Things have been heard and seen by actors and maintenance workers during the running of plays.

Vilonia - Cypress Valley Cemetery - At night, if you park your car on the other side of the road in front of the cemetery, you will see the grim reaper on the big oak tree in the middle of the cemetery. There is a huge knot on the trunk of the tree, but above this you can see strange orbs.

Vilonia - Vilonia School Annex Basement - During any time of a school day, you can peek through the basement window or doors at the base of the annex, and see the ghosts of special education kids in the dark, moaning and screaming as if they were being given licks from the paddle of a teacher.

Ward - Deliverance Tabernacle - The name of the tabernacle is painted onto the side of the building, with white reflective paint. At night, when you come over the tracks, the paint looks red, as if it were dripping blood.

War Eagle River Shores - A confederate soldier appears to be guarding his territory, as he walks along the shores of the river next to the War Eagle Mill.

Warren - Mark's Mill - Ghosts of Civil War soldiers haunt the area. - December 2003 update: It is located about 20 miles north of Warren, in Cleveland co. The battlefield and state park are located at the intersection of Hwy. 8 and Hwy. 97.

Washington - Fayetteville - Tilly Willy Bridge - In a secluded area down an old dirt road, a woman and her children ran off a narrow concrete bridge, down to their deaths, reportedly in the 1970's. Since then, their ghosts are spotted crossing the bridge in a phantom car. The woman is also seen in a white dress, twirling in the nearby fields late at night. There are also sightings of a green, goblin-like creature.

Woodson - Highway 365 - A few people have reported picking up a female hitchhiker on a stormy night. She asks them to drive her to her house. When they get to the house, the driver turns to say goodbye, and the girl is gone. The driver will go up to the house and ask the owner of the house about it. The owner will reply that this happens all of the time, since her daughter was killed in a car accident close to home.

Woodson - Pine Bluff - Woodson Lateral Road - The Woodson and Woodson Lateral Road are one and the same. Mysterious lights have been known to follow cars down Woodson Lateral Road.  

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