In Canada

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Alberta - Banff - Banff Springs Hotel - A bride was coming down the main staircase on her wedding day. The staircase was filled with beautiful candles to celebrate the special event. The train on her dress caught on one of the candles and the dress caught fire. In her panic, she tumbled down the stair breaking her neck. Today, she still be seen wandering through the halls of the Banff Springs in her wedding dress. The stairs, although still there have since been blocked and there were no other weddings in that area of the hotel.

Alberta - Banff - Banff Springs Hotel - The missing room, 873 - The walls have been extended over the door; however you can clearly see where the door use to be. Employees of the Hotel claim that they are not allowed to speak of it. The rumor is that a family was killed in the room and guests regularly see the ghosts. Mean while no matter how much they cleaned the mirrors a little girl’s fingerprints return, so they blocked off the room.

Alberta - Blairmore - Old Hospital - There are reports of a woman’s silhouette in a window, lights, singing and other noises.

Alberta - Boyle - Old Cemetery - This place is in the middle of nowhere, it has graves dating back to the 1800's and whenever someone walks through the gates, fantastic chills run down the back of your neck. An old school/church is across the road in the middle of the field, coinciding with the graves.

Alberta - Brooks - Community Cultural Centre - This was an old hospital in the 1940's, and many people died here. There are repeated sightings of an older janitor of the building going from room to room to clean, a young boy with a back pack wandering the halls, and many kids have heard an elderly woman read them stories. Through the use of a Ouija board, staff members have communicated with the young boy, who is 9 years old, and afraid of being there. He often plays with the toys in the daycare in the basement, and has told the staff members that there are a total of 75 ghosts in the building.

Alberta - Cadotte lake - Cadotte graveyard/ the Lake - It is a reserve an hour from peace river, at times when you walk by the graveyard at night you have a feeling of being watched, it is said that if you fool around in it after dark, a tall dark figure will chase you out, also at times weird lights will be seen at night over the lake since the graveyard is right next to it. At one point a few hundred years ago before it was a community it used to be a battlefield, as where probably why strange things sometimes happen.

Alberta - Calling Lake - Calling lake School - It is a small native community about 1hr and 45min outside of Edmonton, it has been said that the school was built over an old native burial ground it also been reported that a dark shadow like figure seems to hang around in the library day or night and there is always a feeling of being watched in the school.

Alberta - Calgary - 22X highway - There is no speed limit in the highway so lots of people have gotten car accidents or death. People have sworn to see ghosts pop out while driving then end up having accidents. Please if you are going anywhere else trying to pass the highway, drive with care.

Alberta - Calgary - It's a really old mansion in old downtown. Now a restaurant and gift place. People swear that they see a woman walking around the upper floor of the house (which is closed to the public). She seems peaceful and has never presented a threat.

Alberta - Calgary - Abbydale SE - In a blue and white two story house lies a family of four with an incident involving a black figure like blur. Before all this there was a cold chill by the basement cellar. Even though the heat was on the beds where always ice cold and the moaning coming from the cellar sounded like a man with a deep voice. From there on in this sound was like a confession of some sort or a plea to god. Still today the family doesn’t know what the mumbling is trying to say because it is in a foreign language that hasn't been heard before. The sightings of the black blur was seen on a regular daily bases but only to have come so far to a person then suddenly vanish.

Alberta - Calgary - Abandoned schoolhouse - Go onto International avenue, off of 52nd street. Take a left at the first set of light's you see after passing the 68th street intersection. Go down that road about half way and keep looking to you're left. This is how the story goes. You will only find a half of this very historic schoolhouse. Back in the day there was a fire that started in a hallway, and it claimed the lives of three children. Witnesses report the sound of children playing, laughing, & a child fall down. But after their death's, they tried to tear the building down,(It was left standing for almost two years afterwards.) during their first attempt , almost half of the Calgary city workers fell awfully sick. There second attempt, they brought in a Wrecking ball, but the motor just up and died, they couldn't find the reason why. Although back at their construction site, it was in fine working condition once again. Third attempt, the wrecking ball actually fell off while the group was still looking at the plans to carry out.

Alberta - Calgary - Bow River - A figure of a middle-aged woman is seen sometimes she is very peaceful looking, but it is still believed that she drowned in the Bow River. Some have even said in the early 1900's. This woman is seen walking near a shallow area where one other almost drowned, but was saved. She can be easily seen from the bike path, but be wary she's often seen on the bike path standing there.

Alberta - Calgary - C.O.P. - When ever you go there if you ride the ski lift during noon hour as soon as you get off and start to go down the hill you go faster. but when you try and stop you feel 2 sets of hands pushing you harder and harder until you fall down.

Alberta - Calgary - Cross house garden café - This one is already posted, but with not much detail:

Alberta - Calgary - The Deane House - History includes murder and suicide. Glass cabinets shatter on their own, guests at the house reported seeing an Indian man, possibly Chief Deerfoot in the basement during a murder mystery party. Other spirits have been spotted as well in upstairs bedrooms, such as a young woman.

Alberta - Calgary - Ernest Manning high school S.W - In the past of 2000 there was a incident that involved a girl who supposedly hung herself using her backpack to hang herself, on the top floor of Ernest Manning high school. She now known to be heard crying in agony, in the very last stall near the wall. Students reported that they've heard toilets flushing, sinks not properly working and thought that they saw a glimpse of a human figure behind them. Now the last time I've looked into this, there was a report that a janitor was passed out over night when a teacher discovered him in the morning.

Alberta - Calgary - Forest Lawn Chicken Coops - in these houses we have seen many ghosts waking around the house watching our every.

Alberta - Calgary - Grace Hospital - A woman was seen cradling a child in her arms in a delivery room. She would bang pipes and open windows, but wasn't much of a threat to anyone. However, she did make it so that a woman in labor who was placed in that room would have a long and difficult labor, often ending in a caesarean section. The ghost is that of a woman named Maudine Riley. The Riley's owned the land, which the hospital is built on. Maudine Riley died in childbirth in one of the rooms of her house. The room she died in was almost in the exact position where the haunted delivery room is now located. Her child perished with her. It seems that she is afraid of letting women give birth in that room, because she thinks they might suffer her fate. Across the street from the hospital is Riley Park. There's a monument erected there in memory of Maudine and her child.

Alberta - Calgary - The Grandstand, Stampede Park - It has been said that during the building of the grandstand, that a construction worker was killed by falling into the concrete being poured for the thick outer walls on either side. There have been reports of footsteps at night, water taps and lights being turned on and doors closing.

Alberta - Calgary - Heritage Park - there has been sightings of a beautiful woman holding her baby smiling, on the third floor. They shut the place down, and took out the electricity on the third floor, and at night there have been sightings of a bright glow on that floor. People still see the ghostly woman there at times.

Alberta - Calgary - Lac La Biche - It is said that the ghost of the priest that died in a tornado at Lac La Biche settlement ground is seen walking in and out of the church. One witness has a picture of the ghost. Some people who work their claim they feel someone watching them from the churches windows. The ghost's name is unknown but he does not harm anyone.

Alberta - Calgary - Mark's Work Warehouse-Macleod Tr. S. - Employees over the years have seen shadows on the sales floor and fitting rooms, The sounds of walking on wooden floors, Eerie feelings, Cold chills followed by the foul scent of a wet dog and small items being tossed across the sales floor with no one there. These events happen in the early morning when there are fewer customers and after closing.

Alberta - Calgary - Mount Royal - Apparitions seen accompanied by a rotting smell.

Alberta - Calgary - Sears at North hill mall - An old janitor is heard and seen walking around the stare turning on TV’s and toys he has been known to communicate with people from the catalogue department and he doesn’t appear to be bad

Alberta - Calgary - St. Mary's College - In the woods next to St. Mary's College, it is haunted. There is no activity reported in the daytime, but in the nighttime, weird things usually happen. One witness reports his arm rose up on its own, and his partner couldn't push his arm back down. Others felt hands around their neck.

Alberta - Calgary - Symons playground - An abandoned school in the NE little ways out of the city. Late at night, sounds of children laughing are heard. Inside the school, there have been numerous reports of actual glimpses of the ghostly children playing. It has been said that 2 teens went in the school and were never found again.

Alberta - Calgary - Zellers Forest Lawn - In this store we have a ghost everyone calls George. He likes to throw things off of shelves and to turn up stereos. Just recently we were all around the front of the store for our nightly meeting. All of the music was off and suddenly, from a part of the store in which no music or stereos were located, bagpipe music started to play. Everyone new it was George.

Alberta - Canmore - Canmore ice arena- a man is often seen watching the late night staff from a watching area. If somebody enters the room, the ghost is gone, but yet still visible through the windows down below.

Alberta - Crowsnest pass - Frank slide rocks - Mist and forms have been seen and when you look at the slide your sense of awe is replaced with an eerie feeling. Under the rocks is the old town of Frank and maybe 75 people died in the slide. It may be more due to the fact that the population was always shifting and the records were buried with the town.

Alberta - Dunvegan small settlement/missionary enclave - The ghost that is said to inhabit Dunvegan is that of a Catholic nun who died under mysterious circumstances. The ghost is said to appear as a gray form that descends from the hillside toward the settlement. The ghost is known as the gray lady and local guides mention the story and sightings have been periodically reported. The sightings are usually of a gray form descending from the hills as one crosses the bridge over the Peace River.

Alberta - Drumheller - The City Grave Yard - There is told to be a couple of ghosts it the yard and apx.3km around it.

Alberta - Edmonton - Concordia College - On certain nights you can hear a choir sing in the boys dorm areas that seems to be coming from the walls. Late at night, there are sounds of slamming doors even though no one is around. An African American female teacher has also been seen wandering the halls, and has been figured that she was a teacher in the 1960's era. Schwarman hall is another area that has reports of being haunted. From class doors that slam before your eyes to being able to see your breath.

Alberta - Edmonton - Edmonton General Hospital - This hospital is composed of Y, C, A and B wings. The A wing was constructed early in the 1900's or late 1800's and the others followed. The B wing houses the old Operating Rooms and despite being closed and unused for 10yrs still smell of sick people. On the 8th floor (old pediatrics) children be heard to cry - this floor is also closed and vacant but before being shut down housed Alzheimer’s patients who often complained of children crying. In the basement of the B wing an electrician was killed during construction and has been seen in the hot house working in the same pit as the tragedy happened. A mother wanders the 6th and 8th floors looking for her dead child... She disappears when approached but her sobs do not.

Alberta - Edmonton - John A. McDougall Elementary school - During the lunch hour a young girl can be seen climbing up and down the stairs. Rumor has it the girl died when she was sliding down the banister of the stairwell and she was pushed off backwards.

Alberta - Edmonton - La'Boheme Bed and Breakfast - Old Gibbard Block in northeast Edmonton. Built in 1912. It was an upscale apartment building. Woman employee was murdered and dragged down three flights of stairs to basement where she was dismembered and fed into furnace. The sound of her head bouncing off each stair can be heard at night. The original furnace is still in use.

Alberta - Edmonton - The Macdonald Hotel- A horse and carriage often be heard running through the halls of the top floor. They are never seen only heard.

Alberta - Edmonton - Old Strathcoa Guilty Martini - You will see a man approach you during the evening around 10PM other times throughout the evening you will feel a cold touch on your shoulder or someone flicking your hair...most evenings the bottles will rattle and clink together with no explanation as the bottles are not even close enough to touch...cold spots and Shadows will appear where it is virtually impossible to see shadows... Nothing bad has ever happened and most all staff has experienced this ghost who they describe as a gentleman in black...

Alberta - Edmonton - Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts - The school's theatre, the Eva O. Howard, is inhabited by the ghost of Eva O. Howard. She is often seen before every school performance. Other spirits inhabit the school, many were lost during renovations.

Alberta - Edmonton - Walterdale Theater - This was originally built as a fire hall in the 1920's, it was converted to a non-profit theatre playhouse in the 1960's, though not absolutely sure. Many people have seen the resident ghost(s), and have been spooked right out of the building. The back stairwell, where the actors and technicians go through was especially laden with their presence. The hauntings tend to occur more closely to a play run beginning, especially in that stairwell, as well as the Green room. You feel hands helping when you go upstairs, or cold breezes in closed rooms. Props would move, and lights would be turned off.

Alberta - Fort Macleod - The Empress Theater - There's a resident at the Empress who never goes home for the night. The Empress, once a vaudeville theater in Fort McLeod, has ghostly sightings and activities, downstairs--and sometimes upstairs.

Alberta - Fort McMurray - The Syncrude Towers - On the third floor of the mews. Two condos are known to be haunted. In the first condo you can here what sounds like a baseball being dropped and then rolled on the floor. It is usually heard when people are downstairs at around 11pm, the sound comes from above them on the second floor. In the second condo a teenage girl was grabbed by the arm while she was sleeping, she woke up realizing no one but her was in the room.

Alberta - Grande Prairie - Alden Arms Apartment complex - was said to be a woman who’s abusive husband killed her in the kitchen with a butcher knife. Sightings show her dressed in all white and she walks across the living room and kitchen she is said to be a friend of women but not of men.

Alberta - Grande Prairie - Prairie Mall - Reports of a disfigured old man roaming the office area hallway in the evening. Also an elderly woman who choked while eating in the food court is seen wandering around there.

Alberta - Grande Prairie - Old Movie Theater - A movie theater full of people burned down. If you walk by you feel like your being watched and you hear whispers. If you get too close you will hear footsteps running away. If you go inside you will hear screaming and what seems like fire. You see burning ghostly figures out of the corner of your eye.

Alberta - Highprairie - townpark - Reports of hearing a chime of a bell and little children’s voices it would normally happen around 10:00 or 11:00 then it would stop around 1 am.

Alberta - Jasper - Jasper Park Lodge - An extremely steep staircase leads up to a very old wing of the dated hotel. As a man was climbing the stairs, he fell and broke his neck. He haunts the old staircase without being seen. He pushes people down the stairs, causes cold wind gusts and leaves and eerie feeling in the stairway and the hall it leads to. Animals will not enter the stairway. & An old couple often be seen sitting at a table or dancing in a dinning room wearing old clothing.

Alberta - Lethbridge - At the Galt museum a man died in the elevator shaft when the museum was still a hospital. Now you hear his slippers walking around at night. Objects get moved if left over night and the elevator opens and closes mysteriously by itself.

Alberta - Lethbridge - Catholic Central High School - It's been said that a chemistry teacher was killed during a freak explosion during an experiment. He now roams the halls, knocking on classroom doors as he passes them. This ghost is known as Kireef. It has been featured on the city news.

Alberta - Lethbridge - Yates Center - Kids can be seen running up and down the stairs and through the seats. Some say that kids were playing with a ball when it went into a storage room and when they went in to get it they got locked in.

Alberta - Lethbridge - The Galt Museum - A man died in an elevator accident many years ago when it was a hospital. Now people have reported hearing his slippers in the middle of the night. And once they put a bed board in the basement over night to find it turned around and upside down the next day. Also some times the elevator Opens for no reason when someone walks by it.

Alberta - New Sarepta - Old mans Territory - Feelings of being watched. Reported sightings of a girl that looked scared of something. Rumors are that an old man in a shack in the bushes murdered the girl in the late 1980s.

Alberta - New Sarepta - The High School of New Sarepta - a 1963 grade 11 student still lurks the gymnasium, where he was supposedly killed when he crashed his car in the parking lot during a school dance, in his Corsica. Students say they see his scarred, one legged, body crawling the gym on the same night of the dance.

Alberta - Red Deer - Lee and Short Law Office - This building was a hospital over 100 years ago. It was also the doctor Parsons home. Many people died there from a super flu, including nurses and the doctor's wife. Over the years many different groups have tried to run in the house. All eventually left because of unusual activity. When the house was under renovation for the currant tenant many workman saw nurses upstairs in the attic. The night janitor quit on her first evening when she saw a woman on the back stairs, which tried to push her down. The motion sensor alarm goes off all the time for no reason. Doors lock by themselves. And a child was said to have been tickled.

Alberta - Rest stop near Canmore - Gas station - Screaming of a woman in extreme pain be heard until it sounds as if it is right in front of your face, then will suddenly stop.

Alberta - Stony Plain - The Multicultural Heritage Center - This Museum was featured in the "ghost stories of Canada series" a few years back. In the main building which is the old stony plain high school people can be seen walking the halls ever so often shadows, white figures, many of the major cases stem from renovations. When the new kitchen in the basement was built things would get moved lost and found again when no one would even touch them. Stools have been reportedly been placed on top of the tables when no one has been there the entire night. Sometimes you will see out of the corner of your eye a woman in a 1900's dress if there is a lot of activity. In the second building, which is called "The Oppershauser house" the staff call their live in ghost "George" after the previous owner of the house. things there can be pretty quite at times.. maybe you'll hear footsteps or a few things may jump off the walls but if you put something in the closet upstairs you may not get it back! People who have left items in the closet have lot them or they have been moved to different parts of the house. Also watch for faces looking out the windows or voices at nighttime.

Alberta - Taber - The Heritage Inn - Room 203 - Reported to be haunted by a man that died there. He moves and hides things in the room and walks around the bar area.

BC - Abbotsford - Tretheway - House Museum - The house dates back to the early 1900's, and has been converted into a museum. The Tretheways were one of the founding families of Abbottsford. It is rumored that there are up to 4 ghosts living here.

BC - Burnaby - Ceperley House - Burnaby Art Gallery - Ceberley house is believed to have been owned by a family of the same name. Built in 1910, the grounds are composed of the house itself, remains of an old barn, and the still standing carriage house. It is now an art gallery. Hauntings have been seen as paintings moving off the walls and "following" people, faces of children seen in upper windows from outside of house, banging noises, the house 'shivering'. It had been rumored that in 1927, a family member died from an untimely illness and the spirit walks the halls.

BC - Burnaby - Central Park - Many ghosts have been lurking the lake, the stadium, and the forest. A ghost was caught in the forest walking on camera one night in October. Some people say they sometimes see a little boy playing by the lake at night, then he disappears. At the stadium, people occasionally report a woman calling in a gibberish language. It is told that a woman lost her kids one night sometime in the 30's.

BC - Burnaby - James Cowan Theatre, Shadbolt centre for the performing arts - The Shadbolt Centre for the performing Arts is right beside the Burnaby Art Gallery which is also haunted, Rumor of a girl who acted at the theatre. She had some personal problems and ended up drowning in Deer Lake by the centre. Since then she has haunted the theatre, doing many little things, some things not so little. There was a time when a girl was dancing on the stage, and when the song came to a part that was about spirits and ghosts, all the power in the theatre went off, all of it, all at once, and just like that, it came back on. The same girl saw the woman who drowned in the back room. Other things such as things being moved to other locations when no one moved them (which severely messed things up during plays), doors being opened when no one was around.

BC - Cumberland - Pioneer Museum- Cumberland Sightings of young boys and girls have been reported in the school room and sometimes the player piano in one of the houses turns on without warning.

BC - Erickson - Rolling River Reserve - dark figure of a man. Follows you when you walk around at night or evening usually in the bush while you walk follows you for a long distance most people in the community say he watches over you when your alone and mostly in a certain area of the reserve it has been seen for years.

BC - Fort St. James - Vander hoof - Chinlac Massacre site - Back in the 1780's there was a group of Natives camped at the junction of the Stuart and Nechako rivers in Central BC. The men went out down the river hunting and the women and kids stayed back at camp to berry pick and tend the camp. A war party of Chilcotin natives from further south came up the rivers to the camp and massacred all the women and children, even going as far as cannibalizing some of the corpses. The story goes that the men came back to their camp, found their families slaughtered and went out for revenge. The site even today has a very cold creepy feeling to it. You can only get to it by boat or float plane, but the area still does not seem to support any vegetation around where the massacre occurred, and canoeists have tried to camp overnight at the site and most of them had to leave in the dark down the river. People who have visited the site to do archaeological studies have even reported feeling very uneasy and frightened. This is an actual site in the provincial archives, and their is numerous evince to support the massacre actually happening. It can be found on the BC Ministry of Forests recreation maps for the Vanderhoof Forest District.

BC - Kamloops - Hatte Creeke Ranch - This historic museum type place is located just out of Kamloops. Stories follow as seeing curtains moving inside the old roadhouse and banging and scratching noises on walls. A transparent spirit nears the front door and a glowing orb. Experiences are of hearing the anvil being slammed by a hammer in the very early morning. Still yet horses be heard traveling along the trail beside the ranch but in the morning no tracks or debris is left behind.

BC - Kamloops - McQueen Lake- It was said that when the McQueen lake dining hall was first built there was a huge party. The cook had been alone in the hall so he could make dinner while everyone else was cleaning up. At around 7:15pm he was brutally murdered. Now a day at around 7:20pm you can hear him scream and hit the ground. But now one has ever seen it.

BC - Kelowna - East Kelowna/orchard - Its said that a women killed her five young children with a knife then killed herself. Witness' say that if you go to the orchard at night you can hear the little children’s voices.

BC - Kaslo - Langham Cultural Centre - built in 1896 as a hotel and named after the Langham hotel, Portland Place, London, England(also haunted ). It went through a number of incarnations and during the 1940's it housed quite a number of Japanese Canadian internees. There is a story that one of the little Japanese Canadian children, a 10-year-old girl died while living in the Langham. People have heard footsteps, lights go on and off at odd times, and the sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs has also been heard. This is one of the versions of how she died-chasing her ball down the main staircase. She seems to be a benevolent ghost and not one to be scared of- just a little trickster at times. The Langham now houses various business, artist studios, 2 galleries and a theatre as well as a photographic display and one room reconstructed as living quarters from that time to commemorate the Japanese Canadians who came Kaslo during the Second World War.

BC - Mackenzie - There was a young girl who drowned in Morfee lake and in the night you can here this girl screaming and sometimes you can see this white shadowing thing

BC - Mission - Herritage Park - There are rumors of an angry spirit wandering the ruins in the park. Anyone there alone at night feels as though someone wants them to leave. Also there is a graveyard where cult rituals and animal sacrifices have been preformed. Hardly anyone ever goes to the graveyard twice because of the chills and terror you feel when you enter it.

BC - New Westminster - 12th street - The most recent haunting of New Westminster. 12th street is located west of New Westminster. Some people have spotted a 13-year-old girl who committed suicide on 12th Street in 2002 at night. They see her walking up to Burnaby, which is north of New Westminster. An older ghost sighting on this street is at the recording studio. People have been reported screams coming from the studio. - March 2008 Update - Recently a team of amateur investigators went to find the girl who committed suicide. Without having a description, they claim to have seen a girl who was wearing jeans, a red hoodie and a backpack, and they drove up to her to look as she was walking, and she stopped dead in her tracks and looked at them, her face was completely white and her eyes and all around them were black. They then drove past her and not even 5 seconds later turned around to look and she was gone... they circled the block a couple times and she was nowhere to be found.

BC - New Westminster - Irving House - House built in early 1860's by Captain Irving, who also died in his bed at home. Noises have been heard, and the walls shivered in the dining room, a voice called "say my name"- nobody else was in the room, nor was any radio playing. The house had been made into a museum. As people walked upstairs on the museum tour, trophy heads of a moose, and a caribou seem to be watching you. Accounts have been heard of these animals 'actually slightly turning their heads' to watch you. In the master bedroom, where Capt. Irving had actually died, there was an indentation in the bed, much in the shape of a human lying down on it.

BC - New Westminster - Glenbrook Ravine Park - A ghost was spotted several times walking across the hill. He was described as a glowing figure, and was shot in the park in the late 1980's. Some people have heard gunshots on top of the hills. Nobody who lives along the hills owns a gun, and some think it’s the gun that killed this man.

BC - New Westminster - The Keg Steakhouse - The Keg in New Westminster BC was an old train station in the 1800's. It was turned into a restaurant around the mid 60's. When the restaurant was empty once, besides the manager, she was working downstairs, when suddenly, she heard running footsteps coming from upstairs. She ran there, and no one was there. Then, she heard it again. And in less than a minute, she ran upstairs, and all chairs were turned around! In the basement, there is a boarded passageway, leading to where the train would run. The tunnels still stand today, and go under New Westminster.

BC - New Westminster - New Westminster Secondary School - In the early 1970's, a boy drowned to death in the pool which lies in the basement of the school. The security guard has reported to seeing a boy floating on the pool, and a man shooting in the archery range, which also lies in the basement. The security cameras in the music room have caught orbs flying around the place. A boy died in the late 1980's in the woodworking shop, and the security cameras have caught a glimpse of a boy walking around the room at night every once in a while.

BC - New Westminster - Queens Park - Known as the oldest area in town, and historical district, many ghosts have been reported playing or walking. Some have been spotted around Queens Park Arena, near the petting zoo, Sinclair Park, and Tipperary Park.

BC - New Westminster - Sapperton - there’s an area where the state prison used to be. When it was still standing in the early 80's, people spotted men looking out the windows of their jail cells. Now that its torn down, and they built a neighborhood over it, people have been seeing ghosts, or catching orbs on tape in this neighborhood.

BC - Port Alberni - Stamp Falls ­ - Location of many suicides and drownings, as rapids and cliffs are very dangerous. Between midnight and five a.m. if you park in the parking lot that overlooks the cliff sides you will witness thousands of orbs shooting across the cliffs and into the woods. Local Indians claim the area is burial ground. Sometimes the orbs have been known to almost attack for no reason.

BC - Port Coquitlam – Hospital - A former worker at the hospital from 1997-1998 reports lots of banging noises and weird drafts. Staff reported seeing a woman in an old nurses uniform at the end of the hallways. When people go up to see her she would no longer be there.

BC - Prince George - Buffalo Brewing Company - creepy feeling as soon as you walk in the door. a sense of being watched in the basement area. This place was originally a church and it's said that a priest had hung himself from the rafters, the exact spot is unknown, but it's a fact that every business that has started up in that place has never survived that long. And not only do you feel like someone’s watching you downstairs but it get very cold in some spot.

BC - Qualicum Beach - Qualicum College Inn - Believed to be haunted by a ghost of a young boy wearing a school uniform. Guests wake up in the night to hear a young boy crying and as they explore to try & find him, end up in room 453 for a tour of the Inn. This young boy has been seen running through the halls, laughing & playing, however, when one tries to catch up with him.... he is gone!

BC - Surrey - Chateau Cargill- A couple who had their wedding here noticed many orbs in photos here, accompanied by faces. It was a middle-aged woman with long hair dressed in a suit of some sort smiling.  Another picture showed an image of a small child standing with them.  There were three small images on another photo and an image of a man with a baldhead. There was another picture background of another photo it appeared as though a young woman was standing in a reflection smiling, but half of her face was missing.

BC - Surrey - Fleetwood elementary - Doors swing shut, orbs can be seen in basements shower room. Janitor has seen ghosts in the boiler rooms. Cold spots and touching also. Could be of an old teacher who was murdered on way home from school.

BC - Surrey - Grosvenor Rd - Every often late at night, some have seen a mysterious young boy dressed in white jumping around on the side on the road. Couple years ago a grocery store (Fung's Market)was burned down and it killed a little boy. Wonder if the ghost was the little boy in the burned grocery store.

BC - Tranquille - Padova Outside Of Kamloops - Tranquille Sanatorium - White Lights Going Around in Circles at the gate, ghostly figures in the windows, Haunted Tunnels connecting all the buildings together. They say that they carried the dead bodies though the tunnels & Also say that a patient killed a nurse there.

BC - Vancouver - British Columbia Regiment (Beatty Street Armory) - Various sounds can be heard in the night, items and book falling from walls and shelves, the image of a man has been seen in the Senior NCO's and Officer’s Messes. Sounds are also hear emanating from what ids known as 'the dungeon'... footsteps, voices etc.

BC - Vancouver - Gastown - The Old Spaghetti Factory - The most haunted area of the restaurant seems to be near the old trolley car. A couple of employees have reported a ghostly figure sitting in the trolley car, and many have had experiences with the ghost calling their names.

BC - Vancouver - Hotel Vancouver - The hotel's elevator often stops on floor 14 and as the elevator door opens on its own, a lady in red is seen gliding through the hallway.

BC - Vancouver - Officer's Row - While these office buildings were being remodeled, ghostly activity started occurring. People have reported various supernatural encounters such as footsteps, cold spots, touching, and unplugged phones ringing.

BC - Vancouver - The Orpheum - (opened in 1927) is said to be haunted. There was a acrobat that was part of a vaudeville act that died there. His ghost is still said to haunt the place.

BC - Vancouver - University of British Columbia - 16th Avenue West - It is said that a woman was left on the road by her boyfriend because the two had an argument. It was raining and no public transit was present then. The woman was walking and hitchhiking east on 16th Ave. West when she was struck and killed by a motor vehicle, soon after her funeral reports of a young woman hitchhiking was reported to the police and some even try to pickup and try to help her from getting home and to keep her dry from the Vancouver rain. If a driver is accompanied by a passenger and offered the hitchhiker a lift home she would just ignore them and continue walking, and if a lone male driver stops and offers the hitchhiker for a ride she would not hesitate and jumps in the rear seat, the driver would then ask the hitchhiker where home is and of course there would be no answer, because the woman is not there.

BC - Vancouver - U.B.C. - Main library is said to be haunted by old lady in white dress.

BC - Vancouver - The Vogue Theatre - This theatre was built in 1941 (which is considered relatively old by Vancouver standards) and to this day is said to be haunted by at least one ghost. Often staff members have reported unexplained noises such as footsteps etc. But there have also been apparitions of a tall man in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, who one time was even seen in the aisle by a well known performer while he (the performer) was doing a dance onstage in the middle of a performance.

BC - Vernon - Beairsto School - In the gym, there is a backroom where a presence is often felt, and sometimes seen. The school was used as an internment camp for Japanese during one of the wars. Also, in the tall tower, there are two or three spirits. Sometimes the janitors hear voices after school hours.

BC - Vernon - O'Keefe Ranch - There have been reports that at O’Keefe Ranch, a well-known tourist attraction in the Okanogan, are haunted in the O'Keefe mansion. Various people have sighted a lady peering out of the upstairs window and then disappearing a few moments later. Also, staff at O’Keefe ranch has said that when they are in the mansion alone at nights they sense a woman walking past them in the hall.

BC - Vernon - Vernon's Towne Cinema - The actual theatre building was built in 1928, and was originally constructed as a dance hall and live theatre. In 1938 the Famous Players Corporation converted the live theatre to a movie theatre. There have been many strange and odd occurrences in the theatre for years, many of these occurrences have been detailed in the book, Ghosts II, by John Belyk. It is said that the ghost of a long dead projectionist walks the theatre at night after the final curtain falls. Mysterious footprints appear on clean, newly washed floors, often the print of a naked foot appears as the floor is being washed and there have been many witnesses to this phenomenon. Hair being pulled, an apparition of a man, Items being moved, rattling doorknobs, doors being locked, employees hearing their names called, have all been reported. Odd occurrences have become so common that the staff have even given our mysterious ghost a name, he is affectionately know as "Lloyd" and whenever something happens its just old Lloyd acting up again. Ever the owner now, has had to stay the night there, and has woken in the middle of the night not being able to move feeling a heavy weight on him

BC - Victoria - Craigdarroch Castle - When the Castle is closed for the day, the piano in the ballroom plays by itself. During the winter months, a woman dressed in white has been seen standing in the ballroom window.

BC - Victoria - Fairfield Health Centre - The spirits of Nuns and patients seen and heard wondering the old halls which are no longer open to the public. Taps turned on and toilets flushing. Doors banged and slammed. One female spirit calls out the name "Peter."

BC - Victoria - James Bay Inn - Reports of feeling a presences, cold spots, and electrical malfunctions. One witness reports, “my phone rang probably six or seven times through out the night & when I would answer, there was no one there, and also during my stay, I would leave my television on at night, while I would drift off, just to be awaken in the middle of the night to the volume being turned up loudly.” When they mentioned these incidents to the clerk the next day & they would mention something about the presence of "Emily Carr", who was a well known artist, who had been a resident years prior to her death.

BC - Victoria - McPherson Playhouse - The ghost of the gray lady haunts the theatre. Several performers have seen her floating back and forth across the balcony in front of the projection booth.

BC - Victoria - Melbourne - Milano's Restaurant - This restaurant is haunted by a young girl named Tilly. Staff members have often heard their names being called, doors slamming by themselves, and mysterious footsteps. The building used to be a hotel where Tilly stayed quite often. It is believed that the manager raped and killed her, then dragged her body through an underground passage leading to the beach. This is where he buried her. Her body was discovered many years later.

BC - Victoria - Ross Bay Cemetery - In the cemetery at any given time of the day and see people weeping in grief then look away and back again and they are gone! Also a lady has been sighted there looking for her child in a panic and then seemingly just suddenly disappears in front of the observer!

BC - Victoria - Royal Victoria Golf Course - the April Ghost was Doris Gravlin, killed Sept. 22 1936 by her ex-husband Victor, who then apparently killed himself. There is no bell ringing associated with her. Sometimes she appears as a misty female shape, others time in an old fashioned brown suit and often in a flowing white dress, like a wedding gown. When she's in the suit she appears most real, and can be seen walking on the course or waiting to cross the road. She'll often reappear to cross in front of the same motorist (from the same side of the road) several times. She can be most frightening in the white dress or mist form as she moves suddenly and quickly and seems to target people. She is said to most often show herself to young couples, and those that see her are destined not to marry. One person reported walking with a group to see her and having a woman take her hand. She thought it was a member of the group who was very frightened because her hand was so cold, but then she saw the rest of the group ahead of her and the hand slipped from hers.

BC - Wells - They say that the Jack O Clubs casino was haunted. It burned down and someone took a picture, many objects can be seen in the flames. ex. a horse and rider, a girl with long hair and a ghostly looking figure coming out of the chimney. When the casino burned down the people who owned it built a new one right on top of it. People who work there say that doors open by themselves and lights go out automatically. And on stormy nights music and feet tapping to the music can be heard.

BC - Windfield when driving past the Windfield graveyard there are a set of about 3 tree's and then the Canada flag you can sometimes see a man in his 50's standing either below the flag or on the edge of the grass over looking the highway. It is reported by a grandchild of Ronald Hayward that Ronald is the ghost.

Glace Bay - Savoy Theatre - When you sit in your seat to watch a play/show/ect, (this happens often) you will feel a hand rest on your shoulder and find there is no one behind you. People who perform there will see an oddly dressed couple sitting in the back above the rest of the crowd, they are no where to be seen afterwards but are seen again another time the exact same way. You can sometimes see shadows on the wall where no one is sitting during a play.

Manitoba - Holland Landing - Anchor Park - Apparently a young girl was murdered there some time ago. Her body was draped over one of the swings on the swing set. It is said if you go there after dark the centre swing chains will move in and out as if some one is swinging, also the seat feels lumpy if you sit on it.

Manitoba - Portage la Prairie - Nurses Residence at the old Manitoba School - There is, or was, a ghost who could often be seen wandering the upper halls of the Nurses Residence. She has been described as a pretty blonde girl in a pageboy (a little like the old Prince Valiant cartoons) haircut and wearing a baggy white sweater. Most often seen near the top north sunroom and in a couple of the top floor rooms.

Manitoba - Selkirk - There is a church called St. Andrew's on the Red, with a graveyard in the back. It is said that if you are there during the night you see a man in black, a women in white, a ghost car coming out of nowhere, and two little red eyes following you. Also after you have been there during the night you start to have nightmares and dreams with the church’s gates rattling.

Manitoba - Selkirk - Young Minds Program - It is said that the basement of the building on 222 Manitoba Avenue has had several sightings of a hunchbacked old man hanging from the men’s washroom. He would whisper "get out", "leave now", while staring at you in the eyes. It is believed a homeless man once lived in the abandoned basement, until he was forced to vacate because of construction. He hung himself before construction could begin.

Manitoba - Whitby - Whitby Psych (old location) - Said to be haunted by previous patients. When adventuring, it was reported that there was screams coming from cells in the basement where dangerous patients were kept.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Brandon - Brandon Art Gallery - Footsteps heard by night cleaners when building is known to be empty. Eerie feeling of being watched frightens people there to leave.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Delta Marsh - Scientific Observatory - Manitoba, north of Winnipeg there is a biology research facility; there is a construction worker from the 30's wonders the halls of the main housing. There were a lot of wandering men looking for work in the 30's and this one in particular died when they where laying the foundation. He has been seen turning on lights and standing in windows when the facility was closed for the winter.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Eaton’s department store - Around 1:00 am when the stare was closed a janitor who was moving some empty boxes felt a weird presence. He turned to see a woman wearing all black standing a couple of feet away from him. She stood there for about 2 minutes just staring at the janitor. The janitor was so scared he couldn’t move. The woman then slowly backed away and slowly disappeared into thin air. The janitor then looked around he started hearing a faint woman’s voice calling his name but turned and saw nobody he then ran out of the building as fast as he could. The next day his supervisor called him and asked why he hadn’t moved the boxes he explained that he had moved half of them. The supervisor told him that they were scattered all over the place. The janitor then quit on the spot.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Euglid house - off main street on Euglid is an old boarded up house that is surrounded by a high chain link fence. It is said that a family once lived in it and one of them murdered all of them and killed themselves, no one knows how the story went.. And right beside it is an apartment, which is also said to be haunted.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Fort Garry - Two cleaning ladies were cleaning cubbies in the fur trade house in Fort Garry as they were cleaning, the objects from the cubbies started flying out at them and they were on either side of the cubbies.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Fort Garry Hotel - Brenda Chamberlain (Liberal MP for Guelph-Wellington) traveled to Winnipeg for a Liberal caucus retreat and requested (for a little Halloween fun) to stay into a room that the hotel staff believes is haunted by either a young woman or man. Perhaps both? Sometime during the night, Chamberlain- who is a non-spiritual believer- was awoken by a disturbance consistent with someone getting into bed beside her. Keep in mind that her husband was not with her in Winnipeg. Chamberlain ignored it thinking she was half asleep and dreaming when this disturbance occurred and went back to sleep. About half an hour later, she felt her "invisible bedmate" start to move around again as if trying to get comfortable. Also, Maids have reported seeing blood trickle down the walls of room 202, where a woman hung herself in the closet after learning her husband just died in a car accident. She has been seen crying in the corner after she'd ask a worker to give her a cup of water in the bar/lounge.

Manitoba – Winnipeg - Legislature building - Security guards at night hear a lady's high eels clacking the floor around 1:00a.m. And voices coming from the library.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Little Mountain Park - Just a few minutes on the outskirts of Winnipeg located by little mountain park right beside the parking lot and right beside the dirt road is supposedly a haunted tree called the kkk tree. It’s a big tree and there is a branch that sticks straight out and there are like 3 marks were it looks like rope was tied. The story behind it is that people were hanged there and it is suppose to be really haunted. It pretty famous Winnipeg story. There are a lot of stories of that place being haunted.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Manor House Court - Around 1 to 5 in the Morning you would hear voices calling you one time I was sleeping and woke up seeing a black cloud entering my room.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Mother Tuckers Restaurant - a mans face seen in the mirror in one of the rooms

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Portage Place Mall - There are things that get thrown around in stores, no one knows why. You hear a little girl crying in the back of the San Francisco store and you here things fall down really hard out of nowhere..

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Pyramid Cabaret - Employees of the bar have said they have seen a Native women walking into the washroom during cleanup, after the bar had been closed. When they  go to check on her to tell her we are close, there is no one in the washroom. While setting up for live performances sometimes a large bang can be heard from under the stage. 

Manitoba - Winnipeg - Ruckers on Regent Ave - an employee at Ruckers, which is a fun center with arcade games, and for the past while when they close (about an hour after the places is closed to public for the night) they have heard music come from the main phone behind the counter while they’re talking on the cordless phone. They have heard a male voice say "Hi Shawn", but their name isn't Shawn. They have seen movements in the corner of the eye (all the games and lights are shut off when this happens. Also get this weird feeling that they’re not the only one there (there is only one person working on each shift).

Manitoba - Winnipeg - St. Ignatius school - People say that a little girl fell off the red rings on the playground and cracked her head open on one of the blue poles. They tried to save her except her head was injured so bad that she died the second she hit the ground. Now people claim that they feel little hands of a kindergartener on their feet trying to pull them down whenever they go on the red rings. People are scared that she will pull so hard that they will fall and crack their head open, so no one ever goes on the red rings anymore.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - St. Mary's Catholic School - Doors have been seen opening and slamming shut on their own accord. Rumors of a ghost baby.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - St. Norbert Monastery - There's an old monastery in the Winnipeg community of St. Norbert. It's sometimes called the ruins because the building itself is in ruins. People have said that if you walk around the monastery you can feel presences watching and following you wherever you go. People also say that voices can be heard.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - St. Vital hotel - The hotel is located on Mt. Mary’s road close to the junction of St. Mary’s RD and ST. Anne’s RD it is very old and some what rundown but it is still in Operation some have seen figures, shadows and other unexplainable events there. A man was killed in a fight outside the back door in the 1970's there have been sightings of the man and sightings of a woman. There are many hidden rooms and a blocked off tunnel that apparently goes for miles but the entrance is has been bricked up.

Manitoba - Winnipeg - The Walker Theatre - Eerie experiences have taken place here. Mysterious applauding in tiers of seats, which are unoccupied at the end of a performance sometimes, is heard. Steel doors close on their own they weigh at least a couple hundred pounds, and when a reporter did research in the theatre with a well known psychic in the night they set up a tape recorder for a few hours only to find they couldn't hear anything...until they played the tape back to hear loud banging sounds and hammering, footsteps across the floor to and from the tape recorder then more towards the tape recorder sounding like somebody was whispering "please" into it....this tape would play sometimes but other times appear blank...dressing room doors that were supposed to be closed would be opened the next time the guard would make his rounds. The wedge of wood he had used to prop open the doors would appear to be kicked out...the guards dogs would mysteriously bark at the air and be by his side all night, Which was unusual because they were very outgoing dogs. The suspected presence is said to be maybe acting team Laurence Irving and Mabel Hackney who died in 1914 less than a week after performing at The Walker.

New Brunswick - Bathurst - Baie des Chaleurs - The ghost ship as it is called haunts the waters of the shores of Bathurst N.B. Legend tells of a boat of settlers which was set on fire by the British army. Year round you can see strange lights at sea. Some people have seen the boat from up close and have made out people burning on deck. As they got closer, the boat disappears

New Brunswick - Bathurst - Bathurst High School - There is a Phantom that haunts the basement of the theater stage. When under the trap door(to get to the basement) you get a feeling that your not wanted there!

New Brunswick - Burnt church - Burnt church school - Some people say the School is built on top of a grave yard. And sometime the school has a sleep over night and when you sleep in the middle of the gym you sink in the floor(but you don't vanish, or anything like that).and they say there's like people under the stage and you can hear strange stuff. There used to be a daycare there but it burnt down and in the hallway were it used to be that's were you think you saw something. and sometimes you can hear something.

New Brunswick - Fredericton - Christ Church Cathedral - Ghost of Margaret Medley (a past bishops wife) has been seen praying, walking, and doing other minor disturbances.

New Brunswick - Hillsborough - Grey Island Cemetery - Statue seen looking at you with "real" eyes and crying.

New Brunswick - Lakeville - Lakeville General Store - In this store there is an antique shop upstairs. There have been reports of a girl in a rocking chair reading and old magazine. When you touch her she disappears.

New Brunswick - Miramichi - The ghost of the headless nun is said to be seen on the footbridge that leads from one side of the cove to the other.

New Brunswick - Miramichi - St. Michael’s building - voices can be heard on the stairs leading upstairs to the 2nd floor. Ghost in the girls bathroom in the basement, she disappears after you look in the mirror. Sounds of children laughing can be heard in the gym downstairs. A little girl and boy haunts the room on the 1st floor.

New Brunswick - Miramichi - St. Michael’s church - Voices of children and a nun screaming is to be heard in the church.

New Brunswick - Miramichi - Skyway - Massive ghosts, over a 100 of them. there is a girl named lily that killed herself after finding her mom dead in her room. There's stuff going on in the bathrooms. An axe murderer in the basement. Just a whole bunch of stuff going on over there.

New Brunswick - Monoton - The Capital Theatre - It is said that when the Capital Theatre was a movie theatre, a girl fell down a flight of stairs and was killed. To this day people have reported seeing a young lady behind the ticket booth late at night.

Newfoundland - L'Anse Aux Meadows - Supposedly spanning from the Iceland story of the Vikings, people have calculated how long it would have taken Vikings seen around Iceland to take to get to Newfoundland. People watch and watch but something happens, on June 23rd 20 days after the Iceland sightings at 2am one longboat is seen in the distance and a Viking horn is heard blowing. If you stick around until about 4-5 am, screaming warriors (Thought to be Natives) are heard in the forest to the rear. After the screaming is heard nothing else happens until the same date next year. Things like this have been recorded since the 1700s. L'Anse Aux Meadows is the first European settlement in North America dating to the 1000s. Leif Ericsson led his Viking expedition to North America almost 1000 years ago.*See Haunted Places Section for Iceland, Reykjavik

Newfoundland - St. John's - The Majestic - There's said to be ghosts of people who were hung on the site. There is said to be moaning, screams, the moving of stationary objects, and he feeling that someone is behind you.

Newfoundland - St. John's - Newfoundland East End Fire Station - Said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who committed suicide in or near the building. Reports have included disembodied footsteps, cold spots, and the eerie sensation that someone is right behind you when you're alone.

Nova Scotia - Antigonish - St. Francis Xavier University - Mount St. Bernard College - Objects move around rooms. There is a spiral staircase where a man will watch you climb the stairs. Reports of the elevator moving with no one in it, people walking up and down the halls in the night when there is no one out there, voices in the bathrooms & hallways, toilets flushing , and shadows.

Nova Scotia - Antigonish - St. Francis Xavier University - Mount St. Bernard College - Games Room - Reports of screaming are heard, as well as apparitions of nuns.

Nova Scotia - Antigonish - St. Francis Xavier University - Mount St. Bernard College - Gilmora Hall - She fell off the balcony, and now she haunts it.

Nova Scotia - Bridgetown - Stem at Stern B & B- Circa 1868 - Victorian Bed & Breakfast. When this house was empty several people had said they had seen a man standing in the window. The owner of this Inn was living here for just a week, she was awoken by what she thought was the wind. She came down stairs to get a drink of water, passed the door of a room that must have been for storage, noticed that it was quite cold, and heard a tapping sound at the window. Stepping into the room she glanced out thru an old weathered window, and there hanging by the neck, swaying back and forth, was a large dark what she believed to be a man, as if an attempt to hang him had failed. She stepped back, and when she looked again, not a thing there. On several occasions a man with a distorted face and a twisted neck has reportedly visited guests in the Inn, usually after noticing a drop in temperature.

Nova Scotia - Caledonia Mills - The Mary Ellen Spook House - In the early 1900's, a family who lived outside of Antigonish Nova Scotia adopted a young woman named Mary Ellen. Once this child was taken home, strange things began to happen. Fires began to light themselves around the farms with no apparent cause. The local authorities were called and after some intense investigation, it was assumed that the newest member of the family was setting these fires. However, in many cases, Mary Ellen was not present on the farm when the fires were set. In addition to the fires, a strange dog began to be seen around the house. Not only outside, but also once the grandmother of the family woke up and this large, hulking dog was sitting at her beside. The grandmother got a terrible fright and cursed the dog in the name of the Lord. Details get fuzzy on this point, but it was 'felt' that the dog was the devil, or another demonic spirit. After this incident, other strange things began to happen. The usual 'disembodied footsteps', doors opening and shutting by themselves voices, and of course the fires. After the police were at a loss for an explanation, the local Priest was called. He came and conducted an extensive investigation with a famous parapsychologist. These investigations were done with the whole family, and a 'ghost writer' was used. A man or woman who permitted the ghost to contact the family by the use of pen and pencil. The message that the ghost left was very dark and nasty. Eventually, the family moved out and the house burned to the ground. There have been several documented cases of people who have traveled to the Spook House who have taken a shingle or a piece of wood back from the farm. Reportedly, fires broke out in the homes of those who stole the wood, and persisted until the artifact was either returned or ceremoniously buried.

Nova Scotia - Cape Breton - Fortress of Louisburg - Haunted by at least four ghosts. One main one of a sea captain is helpful and has stopped people from falling on stairs and has greeted people or passed them even during the day and disappeared. Another ghost of a nurse is in the unobstructed part of the fortress and walks the grounds by the old hospital. Weeping is said to accompany her appearance. A violent poltergeist is haunting the king's bastion bakery and has moved and damaged property there as well as locking doors and moving big bread holders, which weigh approximately 300 pounds each. A ghost of a child has been seen crying for its mother and is accompanied by gun and cannon fire and screams of men in battle.

Nova Scotia - Coldbrook - Evergreen Home for Special Care - Alarms turned on and no evidence of anyone was there. Radios and lights were turned on and off.

Nova Scotia - Dartmouth - Iona church - There is a young female ghost that a man had raped and killed. She still haunts the church.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - During the great explosion in Halifax harbor a man was blasted through an upper floor window in St. Paul's Church. To this day his profile appears in the glass of that window. Over the years the window and/or glass has been replaced, but the darkened silhouette reappears.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - Brewery Market - Fast-paced footsteps be heard late at night when no one is there. The concierge claims a bloody and butchered man is seen in the mirror of the washroom but when you turn around, no one is there.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - Five Fisherman Restaurant - There is quite a bit of literature available about this ghost - An employee, trapped by the unseen force of the ghost in this second floor restaurant. When a co-worker attempted to assist her in getting to the first floor, the ghost injured him - throwing something at him.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - Kings College - This place is incredibly haunted. First, there's a ghost of a janitor in the Pit. He is wearing a yellow uniform, and he disappears as soon as you look away.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - NS Sheriff Hall - It is haunted by a woman who hanged herself on the top floor many years ago. Her ghost is seen walking on this floor.

Nova Scotia - Halifax - St. Michael's Church - Various accounts of the organ playing by itself. Certain members of the clergy say they've witnessed an elderly man kneeling at a pew but when they approach him, he vanishes.

Nova Scotia - Kentville - Subdivision - In one of the subdivisions in Kentville, Nova Scotia a house has been reported to have lights go on and off, cupboard doors and doors open and close, and shutters to open and close. The people that lived there moved out when the slams and noises grew to plate smashes and moans of a young girl crying.

Nova Scotia - Kingston - Penrose Mental Institute - Unsettling feelings are reported here.

Nova Scotia - Kingston - Pine Ridge middle school - October 2007 - Has been removed.

Nova Scotia - Lennox Island - P.E.I.- In a place called "the cove" there is said to be a vengeful spirit people call "Bubble Face". There is also a ghost of an old native. There have been a few cases where people have gone into the woods an never came out.

Nova Scotia - Sydney - old airport - this place is haunted by a few little kids and they love to play around with you sometimes you can see them hear them, but they love to play jokes...very strange things happen here it can really freak you out

Nova Scotia - Sydney Mines - Memorial High school - Constant feeling of being watched, voices heard, toilets flushing and stalls opening. Odd apparitions in gym and cafeteria.

Nova Scotia - Sydney Mines - Sydney Mines Junior High - formally known as Sydney Mines High, was built on a graveyard. Students have heard voices and toilets flushing while out on overnight sleepovers for grade nine graduation and 30 hour famines held at the school.

Nova Scotia - Thorburn Exchange - Child's Grave - If you go past Cross Roads Market you keep going right. Then there is a dirt road that goes on for about 7-8km and you will come across a grave of a young child that died in the early 1900's. Grave has a small fence around it. The haunting is somewhat physical there is no apparition but it can be felt also if driving sometimes handprints and finger marks possibly from it dragging down the side of the car, and it has be known to grab or touch people. But it's non-violent.

Nova Scotia - Truro - Abandoned Lamplight Hotel - It is near the Volvo factory, at lest 5 minutes northeast. It was open between April 3 1877 and July 13 1928. On September 23 1919, just after the war a man died while on an indoor balcony. He told his wife that he was going to talk with an old friend he had in the war that he had just seen walk past the room. He went out of his room and looked for him until he found him looking over the balcony. They talked for a while until the man's friend went away. So the man who had the wife said he was going to get a drink at the bar. He came back to his room and found his friend in bed with his wife so he shot them both and jumped off the balcony, killing himself. One year after the murders someone reported hearing gunshots and a man jumping off the balcony. The whole hotel was searched and nothing was found. After that no one could stay in the room because in the middle of the nigh the beds would fly up in the air and spin violently for up to a minute. Dresser drawers would fly open and clothes would fly out and be torn to shreds in mid-air. One guest even reported to wake up with a man and a woman in bed beside him then a man came in and shot them and they faded away. Trolley carts would seemingly have minds of their own and they would drive around violently at extreme speeds. For years after these the staff put up with the spirits until a person was nearly killed by to tremendous forces that "sandwiched" him. The hotel was shutdown 7 hours after the man was hurt.

Nova Scotia - Trenton - Florence Condon - There are appearances of people in windows, in the back at night around 12:00 there are ghosts by the doors and there was a girl who fell of the stairs.

Nova Scotia - Waddens cove - Christ church - you can hear foot steps in the grave yard sometimes in the grass you can some times see a priest that has passed away there and will talk to you sometimes.. you can also hear voices its from the 1800 and 1900s and is very small and in the middle of the woods...they can touch you here and we have seen, felt and heard strange things here very spooky.

Nova Scotia - Wolfville - Acadia Ladies' Seminary - The old Acadia Ladies Seminary was originally a Baptist finishing school for girls. It's now a co-ed residence of Acadia University, called Seminary House. Since the 1960s or earlier, the residents tell a story of a Baptist girl in the late 1800s who hanged herself off "the well", a large opening with a banister in the second floor under the skylight. She apparently killed herself because she was pregnant, and her presence continues to haunt the building. Some people report strange noises, mild poltergeist activity, and odd appearances in the back stairwell.

Ontario - Ajax - North Ajax Forest - There used to be a forest in North East Ajax, when you go in the forest your feel a presence and its as if someone is watching over you. Bushes rattle behind you, and you hear your name called. The area is now filled with town homes.

Ontario - Ajax - On the Lake - The area which is now a huge park and hiking trail used to belong to a farmer and his family and long time ago. When his wife had children 4 of them had died so there is a small grave site at the edge of a river surrounded by dense tree and bushes there is no path to lead you to it except a small dirt path that has been made by humans walking back and forth to the grave site when you go in there and a REALLY hot day the grave site turns freezing cold and when u go in there on a REALLY cold winter day the grave site turns really hot and also on the banks of the river you can also sometimes here men screaming for help because there boats sunk and they drowned in the rapids of the river

Ontario - Ajax - Pickering - Salem rd schoolhouse - Now a peaceful community center with a lovely bell house on it has been the sighting ground of multiple ghost children.

Ontario - Ajax - Salem Cemetery - Several apparitions have been reported in the older part of this cemetery, which dates back to the 1700's ghost like apparitions and phenomenon have been quite reserved to that area. - January 2006 Update: There is a report that this cemetery no longer exists and homes are be built on the area.

Ontario - Aurora - Aurora Heights Public School - It is said that this school is built over top of a graveyard. Students report doors would open and shut on a regular basis they would here a voice of a younger boy. Possibly one that previously attended this school, or a boy that was upset of his grave being disturbed. Teachers and students today still say the doors do the same, although they have all been replaced.

Ontario - Aurora - Howard Johnson Hotel - A worker reports at night they hear the sound of the front doors opening and closing but when they check, no one is around. Also, guests have told the worker they hear the sound of footsteps in the stair case but when the worker tells them its just the maintenance man, they said they heard it at 2 am. Obviously he is at home then.

Ontario - Bala - The Bala Inn - Ghosts have been seen walking the halls of the Inn. One particular ghost haunts the center second floor room. She has been known to borrow the shoes of whoever is staying in this room and walk around in them.

Ontario - Barrie - The Kempenfelt Conference Centre - Guests have been complaining that when they stayed in room 2-201 late at night they would see a strange man hovering over them while they tried to sleep, an apparition of a woman on the stairway, and employees also felt like they were being watched.

Ontario - Bellefountain - Bellefountain Park - This area is said to be haunted. When you drive at night you see people walking down the street. There are no lights in the area at all. When you go deeper into the park you can hear cries and screams of people yelling HELP.

Ontario - Belleville - Glanmore House (Hastings County Museum) - The Glanmore house is a Victorian home that has been converted into a museum. Reports of hearing two children (a girl and a boy) laughing, sounds of small footsteps running around a large oak table, cold spots, door being “held” shut, and the feeling of being watched.

Ontario - Belleville - Pinnacle Playhouse - Many see 'Ophelia' and hear her talk(in the walls). Campers, janitors, councilors and guests see green eyes in the vents. Backstage there are voices and lights that are not there. There was a woman seen in the black control booth. Also many sights of people sitting in the seats. In the girls bathroom you can hear the dead janitor laugh.

Ontario - Brampton - Heritage Theater - This theater is said to be haunted. People have reported feeling cold shivers going up their spine while walking inside and hearing strange voices. One witness even claimed to see the Grim Reaper hovering above the black curtains. History states that a young actor was slaughtered in the changing rooms. His ghost now haunts the place seeking revenge.

Ontario - Brampton - Notre Dame Secondary School - Toilets flush on there own, foot steps are heard with no one to claim them, Doors open and close with out anyone around, taps turn off and on and spray in directions where they could not possibly be projected, objects have been moved around to very unlikely places (such as something from a bag to the top of a locker or in a drinking fountain), creepy or eerie chills in certain rooms, the feeling as if someone is watching you, children crying or yelling

Ontario - Brampton – St. Anne’s Catholic school - windows have been banged on, from the inside someone was moving the curtains during summer, doors have been locked with no explanation.

Ontario - Brampton - St. Mary School - In the upstairs girl's bathroom, there is a wall. When you hit it, something, (most think they are bodies)  move around, and hissing is heard. Another room, is locked has never been opened and, late at night, something bangs from the inside. On the lower playground, there are a bunch of trees, and one tree stump has what looks to be three chairs, and no one dares to sit, because, a boy had sat there for a rest after playing tag, and then a week later he broke his arm. A transparent lady is seen by a few students only and walks down the halls, following them. Doors open and close and mysterious clouds form over portable 7. (7 the unlucky number) People also say that Bloody Mary's children were killed in the school and she is the grey lady in the hall who still searched for their hidden spirits.

Ontario - Brampton - Shoppers World Mall - To the left of Zeller's - The location where Staples is now, there used to be a Movie Theater. Apparently the Manager hung himself in the office. The theater closed and became a 24-hour video store, employees of the store that worked at night would feel a presence in the office. They also noticed furniture would move on its own.

Ontario - Brantford - Woodland Cultural Center - Faint translucent white figures of people walking through the property of the cultural center have been seen by people of the community. They walk from the main complex of the cultural center (which use to be a residential school for native children). These figures seem to disappear after several seconds of wondering in the field. Sometimes after the figures vanishes you can hear a distant sound of muffled voices. These figures are easily identifiable when seen. People in the neighborhood have accepted these visitors and are no longer shaken by their presence.

Ontario - Brockville - Fulford Mansion - it is a mansion (now a museum) that was owned by George T. Fulford in the early 1900's. Many of the volunteers have seen a ghost walking the halls. It has never harmed anyone and seems to be friendly.

Ontario - Bruce Mines - The Bayview Hotel - Ghosts haunt bathroom in the bar and the tower.

Ontario - Burlington - Emma's Backporch Bar - Emma Byron owned the bed and breakfast and later died, there have been sightings of a lady in a white dress floating, this place has been on all sorts of TV stations, many stories, salad bowl spinning in the middle of the kitchen, toilets flushing, voices

Ontario - Burlington - Magnetic Hill- If you stop your car at the bottom of this hill, a strange magnetic force will be pulling your car up the hill on its own. Some say it's the ghosts of the children who died here in a school bus accident pulling you up the hill to safety. If you powder your car with baby powder and you look around your car when it's up the hill, you'll find the small hand prints of children in the powder. Others say it's the spirit of a man who died in an accident there. Also a great spot for UFO sightings.

Ontario - Burlington - Sidrabene church grounds - Actually a Latvian church grounds... appears to the outsider as a cult grounds though, and a cemetery is nearby. A hard-to-see path leads directly north from the cemetery, with an old wooden sign that reads "No trespassing". Very strange noises can be heard here. Visions of a child can be seen trying to leave the cemetery, apparently the child cannot though. A white van has been seen dozens of times in the area, chasing away teenagers trying to sneak a peek at Sidrabene or the cemetery.

Ontario - Caledon - Boston Mills - Little children playing tag between gravestones. A lot of young children buried here. Footsteps through leaves (rustling), apparition of priest (seen in photograph taken), lots of orbs seen floating around. Children running around, hiding behind trees, or gravestones. Lights on in abandon church.

Ontario - Cambridge - Dead Man's Drop - A long time ago, a man went over a large hill (deep too) and went flying into a Large wall... Now it is said that you can see a man driving on the grass (where the road once was) at a very high speed.

Ontario - Cambridge - Preston Springs Hotel - Late at night around 2:00 people closing restaurants nearby have reported sighting faces in the top windows of the building looking down on them, and figures walking by the windows. Reports of lights flickering rapidly despite having no power. People in the surrounding houses have reported seeing figures walking along the grounds and on the stairwells on the outside of the building, walking towards doors then disappearing.

Ontario - Chaffey High School - There is known to be spirit of a young women and a teen boy to haunt the west hall. The way the haunt is by making the books in the A.P English room fall off the book racks and by opening and closing doors, and by making the bells go off in the go off in the west hall only and if your there enough you hear the gun go off that they shot each other with.

Ontario - Chatham - Pain Court - along the Thames River - A girl once had a boyfriend who her parents disapproved of. She had an argument with her parents, and she ran away. A while later she was found dead, beaten to death and already decomposing, hid in her barn. Her parents blamed the boy but later on the mother confessed to beating the girl to death with a hot iron. The girl and her family are buried in the Pain-Court cemetery.

Ontario - Chatham - Park Street United Church - A tall man dressed in black has been seen at night running through a room called Wesley Hall. Two janitors had seen him. The odd thing was, was that the motion detectors were on. On another occasion, the same man was seen by a teenager playing hide and goes seek in the sanctuary. Also, in a certain storage room near the gymnasium, an intoxicating smell can be detected.

Ontario - Chatham - The River Thames - A young girl was thrown into the river by a mysterious man in front of a friend. The friend ran away, but the girl who was thrown into the river still screams to this day.

Ontario - Cobourg - The McKenzie House - Believed to be haunted by 3 spirits. One is an elderly lady that haunts the Rose room she is said to tuck people in at night a remove things from the room only to return it days later. She seems attracted to a table in the room. Before the room was initially decorated the woman who had bought the room was wondering how she would spruce it up. When she entered what now is the Rose room she suddenly felt compelled to decorate it with a rose motif, she later found out that the rose was the elderly woman’s favorite flower. The second ghost to be seen is a bagpipe player although rarely seen his music is often heard. And last but certainly not least is a little girl name Elizabeth. She was said to have died of pneumonia and she likes to play hide and seek and also watch people from the staircase. All ghosts are perfectly harmless. And seem to be a welcome attraction to the visitors to this lovely mansion.

Ontario - Cornwall - Old Jail House - Two men were killed during their punishment in jail. Visitors always report that they saw two men figures that fade away just suddenly. - October 2007 Update: Often people see shadows, here footsteps, doors open and close, lights turn on and off and it's not unusual to get a chill feeling and smell weird things. With the telephone line disconnected the phone will ring. . One room in jail crying is heard.

Ontario - Corunna - Old McEachran Mansion - Locals believe the house was built on the site of Tom McGrath's old residence who lived in the area in the 1800's and was accused and hanged for piracy. Neighbors believe that Tom returns to haunt the residence each night and people driving past the property have reported many sightings.

Ontario - Cumberland - Mississauga Hillcrest Public School - Cumberland There was once a young boy who was killed by an electrical problem now he is said to be haunting the to this very day. You can still hear his screams and he flickers the lights.

Ontario - Emeryville - O’Dowd Manor - O'Dowd Manor, located on Kim Street, in Emeryville, Ontario, is said to be haunted by a ghost whose only distinguishing characteristic is that it has no teeth. When it speaks, it makes lisping noises, adding to the frightening nature of the encounter. The ghost is said to be that of a woman who got hit in the 1920's by an approaching streetcar while trying to extricate a coin she had dropped on the tracks in front of her home.

Ontario - Essex - Sadlers Pond - A few years ago, a girl hung her self by a tree. Her name was Andrea, and she had just found out her lover cheated on she was heart broken. They found her body 2 days later...Rumor has it that she walks around at night and screams her lovers name and was running around with a rope around her neck.

Ontario - Fort Erie - The Old Fort - Over 150 men are buried on the ground of this 1812 fort. There have been numerous sightings of two ghosts in particular. One is the ghost of a woman in the bunkhouse there was even a photo taken and published in the local paper. The other is said to be a solider that haunts the mess hall. There have been many sighting reported by employees.

Ontario - Gananoque - Historic Customs Office Building - This building is said to be haunted by a young child who died as a result of a fall from the top of the winding staircase. On many occasions, minor disturbances such as wailing, pounding and footsteps can be heard from the attic. Many throughout the building have felt a presence, with major concentration on the staircase. The ghost appears to become most restless on weekends and evenings, as this is when the majority of disturbances have been heard. Overall the ghost appears to be harmless, but when individuals are walking the staircase, and the ghost is present, one often feels in jeopardy.

Ontario - Glen Alda - The Crowe River - A mother and daughter drowned in the river's rapids in the 1800's. The ghost of both the mother and daughter are said to be seen in a house on the river. Strange occurrences also happen at the sight where the mother and daughter died.

Ontario - Godrich - The old Jailhouse - In Godrich there is old jailhouse that they now open to the public to view. The owner and his family lived there in another part of the building. There have bee sightings of ghosts in some of the jail sells, and even in the part where the owner and his family lived. People suspect that they are the prisoners, trapped inside the jail. - November 2003 update: The jail is unique as it's built in an octagon shape with the governor's house connected by a hallway. The female staff would wear long skirts and white blouses. The attic of the Governor's house was closed and locked to keep the public out but many times a grandchild of the curators would hear footsteps. In the laundry room cold drafts & feeling like you are being watched where felt. The jail is the site of Canada's last hanging which took place in one of the courtyards, outside the walls on the right side (there is now a small office building there) was the prisoners graveyard. What many people do not know is that after the jail closed as a jail it remained empty for a few years then the Children’s Aid Society moved into the Governor’s quarters as offices, which also would explain the laughing and running of children that is sometimes heard.

Ontario - Gravenhurst (Muskoka)- The Opera House - Ghosts play with the lighting and are always playing tricks on people.

Ontario - Hamilton - Belvedere Mansion - This mansion is apparently cursed and is haunted by ghosts of two murdered families. Their 7-year-old son who then hung himself in the attic killed the first family. The house was then sold to another family where the father murdered his family and then hung himself in the attic. - October 2004 update: This building was torn down in the fall of 2000.

Ontario - Hamilton - Century Manor - Every person here has a story to tell. Often people see shadows, here footsteps, doors open and close, lights turn on and off and it's not unusual to get a chill feeling and smell weird things.

Ontario - Hamilton - The Customs House - An apparition known as the Dark Lady has been witnessed in the basement and on the top floor.

Ontario - Hamilton - Dundern Castle - The place is Dundern castle, there’s a lot of things that people seen. Like a old women walking down the halls with a candle and she is with two little girls and you also hear banging and people running down the halls screaming, doors slamming.

Ontario - Hamilton - the haunted forest house - whenever you walk at night, around this house you feel like someone or something is following you around and it feels like someone is breathing down your neck but when you turn around no one is there, once every year in October there is a light in the house, and people have checked it out and there is no source of power or any type of lighting, at the front door when you stand in front of it you would get a chill run down your spine, when you walk threw the forest you would see shadows of little children and when you approach them they disappear and you can hear their laughter faintly.

Ontario - Hamilton - The Hermitage - Old ruins found in Ancestor of an old mansion. Apparently the ruins and the woods surrounding them are haunted by the ghost of a black slave who hung himself from a willow tree because he was in love with his master’s daughter. There love was forbidden and the daughter killed herself then he hung himself when he heard the news.

Ontario - Hamilton - Rock Castle - One of Hamilton's oldest buildings, it is frequented by sudden temperature drops, and mysterious voices.

Ontario - Hamilton - The Tivoli theater - It's extremely old and people tend to get an eerie feeling when they are in it at night footsteps heard after closing. The presence that people seem to get in the building is definitely of a male and the guard dogs that are in the building are often heard barking at nothing and crying at night. Actors and workers in the building have heard voices and many unexplainable things have occurred there. - October 2004 Update: It still stands for the time being but plans for tearing it down are in the works as we speak. The reason for that is fire damage that occurred within the last year that is far from repair.

Ontario - Hanover - Main street - Kentucky Fried Chicken - Reports of seeing a young ladies figure. Also the sound of water rushing through pipes, footsteps walking up the stairs, pots had been moved and employees have gone to the washroom, when they open the stall the toilets flush.

Ontario - Harrow - Atlas Tube - Around 1990 a worker in this steel mill dropped a bundle of steel tubes on himself. Workers on the midnight shift have seen a figure leaning against the racks in warehouse 3. When the get closer the figure disappears and a cold spot is left where the figure was standing.

Ontario - Hawksville - Side road 17 - A small community in the early 1900's a Mennonite family died in a house fire except for a 6 year old boy who was taken in by another family and raised. he wanted to be buried with his previous family. But when he died at the age of 47 he was buried near the family that raised him. Over the years several witnesses have claimed to see a silhouette of 2 people carrying a coffin across side road 17 during heavy fog in the valley of Hawksville.

Ontario - Hiawatha Falls - A woman in white is seen up beside the falls, peering in. She seems very sad. Story goes that she is a native woman, and her lover, died, or committed suicide in the falls. Other strange occurrences, mostly to do with the woman, she seems very kind and gentle, as well as protective of the land and area. Some stories deal with an angry presence due to littering or defacing the surrounding forest.

Ontario - Kanata - St. Anne's Catholic School - Some people have been spotting what seems to be the ghosts of a dog walking down the halls, many have heard barks and at night, local residents complain of howling noises.

Ontario - Kilbride - St. John's - The Gates - water reserve - People get scared away by knocks to return to their camp sight to find everything torn to pieces.

Ontario - Kincadine - Madisons Haunted Inn - 343 Durham Market Square - Spirits reported along with vortexes. Guaranteed to have an experience

Ontario - Kingston - Fort Henry - At times, one see the ghost of John A. McDonald walking across the parade grounds, along with several other ghosts of people who have died at the fort. In A old room in Fort Henry there is was a man that got killed there and people say that when the water is coming down the walls you can see a ghost figure of the man who died there curled up in the corner.

Ontario - Kingston - Fort Henry - In this Fort one man was hanged but before he died his last request was not carried out and he is now rumored to haunt one of the officer's quarters. A rocking chair has been seen to be rocking, with no one in it, and one family reported a man in Uniform cleaning his uniform. The rooms are sealed so it would be hard for anyone to play a prank. Other people have seen a man in a very ragged uniform wandering around the Fort. This man has been given the name "The Wandering Bombardier". This Fort also has 9 spiritual hot spots. In the bakery, objects have been thrown violently across the room, in the Dry Ditch by one of the Flank Towers a man in a Captains uniform has been seen. And in a bay, named Dead mans bay, to the east of the fort, some soldiers drowned and they now too haunt the area. Across the river on Cedar Island a Martello Tower is placed there as part of the Forts defenses, the path leading to the tower is rumored to be haunted by a man and his wife.

Ontario - Kingston - Pigon Place - Red eyes seen around place. Mysterious objects flying around in house. In winter listen closely and u will hear noises. One rumor is on the top floor there is a hole in the center with a knife at the bottom. Suspected dead body and hobo in house.

Ontario - Lindsay - Academy theatre - A ghost called bloody Mary lives there. People say that she worked there and she was changing the light bulb in the main room where all the people sit and fell off the ladder and she died. The producer of the theatre didn’t know what to do with the body so he shoved it into the top vent.

Ontario - Listowel - Capital Theatre - This account involves the ghost of Jessie Keith. This woman was walking along the railway tracks to her home while a man was following her. He attacked and killed her, leaving her remains in a refrigerator in his apartment. Her spirit now haunts this building, now a movie theatre, and is also said to visit her grave in the town cemetery. Her gravestone is in the shape of an angel; some say its eyes glow red at night.

Ontario - Listowel - Listowel central public school - girls have run out of the change room claming the lights have mysteriously turned out and they heard a child giggle. Other accounts include sightings of a little girl sitting in the corner 1 min and the next she’s gone. also people have heard the door open and shut but no one was there Its not all that clear when its going to happen but most people think its just a little kid playing tricks.

Ontario - London - Eldon House - is haunted by a British army officer whose ghost appeared at a ball there minutes after he drowned in The Thames River Just below the Grounds of the house.

Ontario - London - H. B. Beal Secondary School - Some student and teachers say that there hear someone following them down the hall, on the third floor, they turn to see that nobody is there. Also some say that on the same floor, some have met and Old Woman, they see her walk down the halls.

Ontario - London - The Grand Theatre - Ambrose Small, owned the theatre in 1901 and on December 2, 1919, simply "disappeared". His ghost has haunted the backstage area of the theatre ever since.

Ontario - London - Our Lady of 115th Street - A ghostly figure in white appears in the main tower of the first catholic high school in the area. She is said to be the ghost of a nun who fell out of the tower while saying her rosary. She wasn't paying attention to the fact that she was running out of stairs, got to the top, and hit her head on the bell which the coroner believes rendered her unconscious and led to her fall. Now whenever the bell is rung, students report a cold breeze is felt in the hallways.

Ontario - London - Station Keg Steakhouse - It used to be an old railway station and now the staff sees the apparition of a tall man late at night. He seems harmless and disappears after you look at him. In the basement, fog often appears out of nowhere and there are reports of people peeking around corners. When someone goes over to look, no one is there.

Ontario - London - The old jailhouse - is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Peg Leg brown a man that was hung there.

Ontario - Lucan - Biddulph Township - The Roman Line - The Roman Line is haunted to this day, the road they always traveled from their house. People have reported to see a headless horseman, women screaming, and people have been reported to see The Donnelys. There are rumors that the Roman Line has bad luck for those who travel on it. On the anniversary of their deaths, you may witness all these things, when darkness comes, until morning.

Ontario - Lucan - Donnelly Gravesite - The Donnelly gravesite is said to be haunted by the Donnelly’s who are buried there. The corpses come out of the ground at night and start fights with the other ghosts.

Ontario - Lucan - The Donnelly Home Stead - There are many ghost stories related to the "Black" Donnellys of Lucan Ontario, about their homestead where they were murdered... and even the grave yard they were buried in. On February 4th 1880 the family was massacred by a vicious mob of murderers. It is said that their presence is still associated with the homestead to this day, there have been many books published on this subject in case you may be interested in reading about one of Canada's famous haunting story.

Ontario - Manotick - Watson's Mill - This historic mill is famously haunted by the ghost of a young woman. A young bride named Anne Courier was accidentally killed here in 1860, when, while visiting the mill with her husband (Joseph Courier, the mill's owner), her long dress became caught in some moving machinery, killing her instantly. Her ghost has been spotted in the 2nd floor windows, presences felt, and cries heard as well

Ontario - Maynooth - By Williams Lake Road at the corner - there is a lady walking at night by herself few has offered to give her a ride but later she then disappear

Ontario - Mississauga - Cherry Hill House - This 18th century house was built with stone and wood from an apparent Indian burial ground. The house was usually abandoned due to paranormal experiences. Now a restaurant some guest's and employees have seen glowing images and have been witnesses to moving objects.

Ontario - Mississauga - Kindree Circle - lights would be turning on after being turned off. soft whispering and footsteps walking around when no one was around. also someone crying at night.

Ontario - Mississauga - Rivergrove Forest - Behind the newly built community center, lies the Rivergrove forest. A place where numerous people, have either felt like they were being watched, or have witnessed dark images much like the form of a body, but with no features present on the dark figure. From all accounts, the figure is localized around the waters edge along the main path.

Ontario - Newmarket - Johnny Bourbins - Formerly Kelseys Restaurant - Employees have reported hearing a girl in a very faint voice say, “help me” and there have been 2 reports of the girl screaming. - April 2007 Update: Kelsey's Resturant has moved, the building on Eagle St is now called Johnny Bourbins and its not open. Windows are covered with paper.

Ontario - Newmarket - Newmarket Inn - Apparitions of a man in a blue coat and heard phantom screams.

Ontario - Niagara Falls - Cavendish Manor - Every so often there are unusual sightings of little girls without and supervision running around in the cold, back stairwell and the uneasy kitchen lobby. These girls have been said to drown in a swimming accident in the previous school that was there before. Many residents hear laughter and screams but when that are seen and heard by the staff they know that someone will pass on.

Ontario - Niagara Falls - Drummond Hill Cemetery - This cemetery is the place where the battle of Lundy's Lane took place at. There have been a few sightings of soldiers walking around, and then just disappearing into thin air.

Ontario - Niagara on the Lake - Angel Inn - A British solider from the War of 1812 between Canada and The States was killed in the Inn's basement by U.S. soldiers. To this day when you go the bathrooms, you pass through a "cold spot". Rumor has it Capt. Swayze (our ghost) still harbors ill feelings towards Americans and should the innkeepers try to serve Ameribeer, something always seems to happen to the Ameribeer kegs.

Ontario - Niagara on the Lake - Fort George - The fort is so haunted that they do ghost tours about the different ghosts that you might see. People have seen cannons and their crews, soldiers at windows, doctors carrying buckets of limbs, hear a voice calling from a well.

Ontario - Normandale - Spooky Hollow - in the 1920's there were "booze runners" who illegally transported alcohol to the US from a place in Southern Ontario called Normandale. In a dark hollow on the outskirts of the small lake eerie community there was a deep dark hollow were all the booze runners hid from the police. One night the police found the booze runners who tried to escape and were all killed by the police. Today, their restless spirits are said to walk the hollow's road late at night on the full moon and seek revenge. That is the original story and all those events have actually taken place but there are many different stories and theories as to why the ghosts can sometimes be seen walking the hollow road

Ontario - North Bay - The Nutty Chocolateer - In downtown North Bay, it is actually an old-fashioned candy shop. It sounds silly to be haunted but staff members say the sundae chairs can be heard moving around in the back sometimes when nobody was there. Just recently it was turned into a candy shop, but years before it was abandoned and before that a fire department.

Ontario - Oakland - Tucker House - The Tucker's made their fortune out of the lumber industry in the Outaouais region at in the late 1800’s. They had built a great house now bought by the church for a dollar. The new caretakers of the home witnessed a few sittings. One, story is that when the caretaker was driving away one night after regular maintenance work, he spotted a light which was on in one of the rooms on the top floor. When he went to shut it off, the light was off.

Ontario - Oakville - Lion's Valley Park - This park is a giant valley flanked on either side by three very old cemeteries one being on a church ground from the early 1800's and an abandoned village from the early 1800's. Empty caskets have been discovered in the valleys of the park due to erosion of the valley walls. Sightings have included flashes of white, red, and green "orb like" lights in bushy areas that are too thick for any person to be in. Human like white misty apparitions "running" along bush lines and circles around a certain tree. Flashes in the air filling the sky like lightning although there were no clouds or wind to suggest a storm. People in the area have claimed to get a feeling of nausea and an overwhelming feeling of "just wanting to leave the park" when ever an apparition was observed. Sightings here are EXTREMELY frequent by MANY people. Sightings are always after dark.

Ontario - Orangeville - Mount Alverno Retreat Center - There was a door that slammed in an empty classroom on the second floor late at night when no one was around. There was moaning in the hallways at 3 o'clock and loud stomping up the stairs and in the hallway. An old man was seen in a mirror at the end of the hall on the second floor. A hand mark was found on the board of the classroom after staring at and it was not there two minutes before.

Ontario - Orillia - Hess St. Public School - A janitor was killed in the boiler room by accident. There is a plaque on the wall in the main entrance in memory of him. Since the accident there have been reports of the temperature changing by itself, unexplained power failures and whistling heard when nobody is around. There have even been happenings such as doors locking themselves when a key would be needed and light bulbs falling from their sockets in the middle of class.

Ontario - Orillia - Opera House Theater - Many sightings have been reported from janitors, security guards, and even actors.

Ontario - Orillia - Stephen Leacock Memorial Home - Once the summer home of Stephen Leacock, this museum is home to a number of hauntings including Leacock's son, his former wife and Leacock himself. Employees have made mention of heavy furniture being moved in locked rooms, doors opening and closing on their own (even if locked), and a number of strange sounds, shadows and other related happenings.

Ontario - Oshawa - Huntsville Ontario Inn - said to be haunted by two ghosts. One Ghost inhabits the Kitchen area and is said to have turned on the stoves and switched on and off lights. And the second ghost is said to have inhabited the front foyer and hall of the restaurant.

Ontario - Oshawa - Regent Theater - It was an old movie theater, made into a nightclub. In the 1970's an employee killed himself in the theater. There have been many sightings of a dark shadowed figure walking around the theater, also very cold temp in the upstairs of the theater.

Ontario - Ottawa - Carleton County Jail - The Carleton County Jail is what is now the International Youth Hostile. It also housed the last hanging in Canada. This was the hanging of the innocent P.J. Whalen supposed murderer of the Irish politician Thomas D'Arcy Mcgee. It is an extremely haunted place with many ghosts. Every Halloween they hang a dummy, and the sound of the gallows doors opening is the most horrible sound imaginable. Tours of the jail are available by the hostile or by ghost tours such as Haunted Walk. The jail is always the highlight of the evening.

Ontario - Ottawa - Chateau Laurier - Well there's a lot of hauntings going on here. It’s lovely, enormous hotel, but when you go in you can immediately feel the eeriness about it. One of the ghosts is the founder of the hotel. He had gone to Europe to buy furniture for the hotel and he died on the Titanic. Also a lot of other residents, the employees there have had many experiences with ghosts; such as odd rattling and shaking, also a sighting of a small ghost girl. They have a haunted tour that goes on there.

Ontario - Ottawa - City Hall - some employees feel an eerie presence while in some of the rooms, and they have also heard footsteps at night when no one was supposed to be there

Ontario - Ottawa - Courtyard Restaurant - A woman is often seen looking out one of the second floor windows. Also, staff closing up for the night have heard footsteps, and have seen what they believe to be a person. Theory is that the woman was trapped in the building during a fire, and is now coming to the window looking for her rescuer.

Ontario - Ottawa - Museum at Metcalfe Street - late at night, on the fourth floor, the displayed Indian and native masks rotate, artifacts move askew, and lights turn on and off. Security personnel hate to do their walk rounds on the fourth floor for these very reasons.

Ontario - Ottawa - Museum of Nature - reports of strange noises like howls. Cold spots all over the 4th floor(west).

Ontario - Ottawa - Polish Village - A long time ago, in a Polish village close to Ottawa, someone was killed. Her name was Stefania. People say a ghost killed her, and some people say she committed suicide. No one really knows how she died. But ever since, no one has dared to return in the house she lived in. Stefania haunts it.

Ontario - Ottawa - Youth International Hostile - This was an old jail. It was also the place that the last public hanging took place. On the 3rd floor you will feel an eerie presence watching you. In the shower room, you get into the shower, take it as normal, get out to see your clothes scattered all over the hallways on the floor. It cannot be a person, because all the people were gone, and the doors are heavy ones that you can hear opening no matter what! The doors are known to lock themselves (although the locks were removed) You can hear voices screaming and moaning for help. The hostile hosts a "ghost tour” of the building.

Ontario - Pembroke - Champlain museum - People have seen ghosts walking around after dark, It was reported in the local newspaper.

Ontario - Penetanguishene - The Beck House - In the mid to late 1800's, a man named Beck owned a very successful lumber mill in this town. When his daughters moved out, he built them each a beautiful house. The houses on Fox St. and Church St. have had tales of multiple hauntings, usually passer-bys witnessing one of the girls watching them from an upper floor window. The Beck houses be identified by their signature, tower like architecture on one corner of the buildings.

Ontario - Penetanguishene - Discovery Harbor - The site of an original naval and military establishment, it was the furthest station North of York in the early 1800's. To get stationed there was considered a death sentence. The site is haunted by those with broken hearted, broken dreams, and deaths by illness. Spirits have been seen walking the site, as well as the original buildings. The manifestations have occurred in almost all possible ways: sight, sound, smell, and objects being moved or tampered with.

Ontario - Perth - Formerly Great War Memorial Hospital. now Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital - Believed to be cursed, It has been reported that spirits of the Malloch family have been seen at second story windows and roaming upstairs hallways. Apparently they appear cursed and sickly looking. The hospital has undergone extensive renovations and the original house is barely recognizable now. For pictures of this building see the following website. The original house is located at the extreme right hand end of the building.

Ontario - Perth - Perth Museum - This museum used to be the home of a prosperous family in Perth. At night, caretakers have reported seeing the ghosts of the family that once occupied the home. Customers in the museum have also claimed to see the ghosts.

Ontario - Peterborough - The Rockhaven Hotel - A man murdered his wife in one of the honeymoon suites in the 1960's. After the wedding he discovered that she was expecting another man's baby. Guests have reported ghostly images of a woman wandering the halls crying and some honeymooners claimed to have been awakened by the cries of a newborn baby in the room.

Ontario - Port Elgin - Light's Near Tim Horton's - The light's near Tim Hortons are haunted because there was a kid in 1978 who hung himself and you can still see his body hanging from the light's if you have any pictures of the light's.

Ontario - Port Elgin - Train bridge - In early 1980's a native boy was kicked out of school and was seen running out of his class very mad over his expulsion.  His friends went to the bridge at lunch and found him hanging by his neck.  You can feel eyes watching you and hear odd noises under the bridge. 

Ontario - Port Hope - Monkey Mountain - Walking through the woods at night you can see little red lights following you and hear little kids screaming and running around you....but no one is there (around the spot in town where natives had their long houses)

Ontario - Port Perry - Ghost Road - it is haunted by a man who was riding his motorcycle through a field at a very high rate of speed. There is an intersection at the beginning of the road where a farmer had put up a barbed wire fence, which divided up the field and went right across the road. The driver didn't see the fence because it was very dark and he was going very fast and decapitated himself. To this day, out of nowhere and if you stay far up on the road, you will see the headlight of the motorcycle come toward you. Then when the motorcycle turns around, a red light appears indicating the tail light of the vehicle.

Ontario - Port Perry - Jester's Court - The old house, now a restaurant has been said to be haunted by an old woman in a blue dress. Strange occurrences such as candles blowing out, glasses being moved, lights turning on and off, and even doors being slammed shut have been known to happen more often than not.

Ontario - Red Deer - Michener Hill Cemetery - On May 27, 1905 Kathleen McKillop died of unknown causes at the age of 4 months. Her mother Amelia had died giving birth to her so the father, Duncan, arranged for her grave to be exhumed so that the infant could be buried with the mother. Upon opening the casket, it was discovered that the body of Amelia had disappeared. There were no signs of previous rising of the casket. Kathleen was buried as planned though. There have been several reports of a woman wandering the cemetery asking other visitors if they have seen her baby. The caretakers also claim there are often bottles, baby clothes, toys, etc. Near the grave and when they tried to pick them up they would get a sense of someone leering over their shoulder.

Ontario - Richmond Hill - Old Church - For decades people have reported seeing a red orb that floats slowly around the basement of this old church on Leslie St. near 16th Ave. the windows have been boarded up recently.

Ontario - Rocklyn - Rocklyn Inn - This historical site is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a maid. Apparently she seems relatively harmless, and cleans up for some patrons who stay in the few select rooms.

Ontario - Round Lake - Buck Hill - Years ago a married couple with a young daughter lived on Buck Hill along with their family dog. During a snow storm the dog ran out of the house and the daughter chased him in to the woods. The father was out cutting wood and when he returned home and realized his daughter was still not home he went to search for her with the lantern. The daughter was never found and to this day it is said that if you sit at the top of this hill and wait quietly you will see him walking the roads looking for his daughter with his lantern. It is said by many that the lantern he holds has different colors of light and travels at speeds no man can, people have reported seeing him hovering over the 20 foot drop off next to the road.

Ontario - Sault Ste. Marie - Cornwall Building - Now home to art studios, non profit agencies and galleries, the building once was a hotel and is said to have been cursed by a local shaman. All four floors are eerie. Noises and sensation of being chased.

Ontario - Sault Ste. Marie - Goulais Dump - Supposedly, a man who lived at the dump would pick up hitchhikers with the intent of murder. Nobody really knows the gruesome details, however when the dump was closed, it was filled with topsoil and houses were built on the site. One particular house seems to have attracted some entities. In a cluster of birch trees on the edge of the yard, a girl has been seen standing in one spot looking towards the house only to disappear. If one were to walk out to this location, a sickening smell, like bear, permeates the air. Inside the house, in the basement, radios have turned themselves on and even at times powered themselves, since the owner had them unplugged. A child seemed to be susceptible to "possession" and at six years old attempted to smother his mother in her sleep. The family no longer lives there.

Ontario - Sault Ste. Marie - Hiawatha Falls - Reports of an apparition called the white lady.

Ontario - Sault Ste. Marie - Windsor Park - buttons being pressed while in the elevator.... usually to the 5th floor; footsteps being herd; lights being turned on; heat being turned down (or so it seems)

Ontario - Shakespeare - Harry Ten Shilling - Harry Ten Shilling is a restaurant located on 9 Huron Road, right outside Stratford. Employees have experienced numerous events such as loud noises and banging. There is also a little clothing shop attached to the restaurant. The employees there have had strange occurrences as well. They often find clothes all over the place in the morning when they come to work. The two owners that live above the restaurant will not travel downstairs in the middle of the night.

Ontario - St. Catharine's - The 'Merrit House' (The 97.7 HITZFM building) - ghostly voices and noises (voices other than the dj's) heard on the radio, objects flying across the rooms, a face seen in a window.

Ontario - St. Catharine’s - Screaming Tunnel - The story goes that there was a house fire just up the hill from the infamous tunnel, an entire family apparently burned alive with the exception of one of the daughters, whom managed to escape and run through the tunnel screaming, while herself engulfed in flames, dying inside. If you go just after dark, you will in fact hear the spine freezing screams.

Ontario - St. Catharine's - The Standard building (old one) - some one saw a person walking along the ledge outside, when they looked again the person was gone.

Ontario - St. Jacobs - Old Mill - Sites of a man with a goose referred to as "Millie". There have been 4 reports in the past 3 years.

Ontario - St. Joachim - Country Boy Tavern - Reports of lights flickering and glasses will be thrown out of nowhere.

Ontario - St. Thomas - Alma College - A former Catholic girl’s school. The college is said to have the apparition of a woman in one of the upstairs wings. The building has been vacant for a while, but is now being transformed into a retirement community so new sightings are bound to occur.

Ontario - Stratford - Old Armories - Apparition is seen walking along upper walk way. Also is seen frequently in one of the rooms that are inside a Turret of the outer structure. Too many witnesses to list over the years but the cadets that spend the night are reported to have a new respect for the unexplained.

Ontario - Strathroy - Old CN Station - Metcalfe St. Crossing - There have been a couple of reports that the light of a candle is seen on the loading docks of the old station that was closed down in the 1970's. - May 2005 Update: There was a fire at the fire station and now only the walls remain.

Ontario - Streetsville - Winchester arms - A waitress hung herself in the bathroom of this restaurant. To this day ashtrays seem to empty themselves, and glasses float through the room, as if she is still doing her job of clearing tables.

Ontario - Sudbury - LaSalle graveyard - believed to be protected by a spirit called the Grave Guardian.

Ontario - Sudbury - Meatburg Water Park - if your driving by sudbury take hwy 17. Take the bypass to LIvley. Drive north a few kms. You cant miss it. what looks like a nice place to bring the kids in the day time, takes a sharp turn at night. Not sure the reason for these events. but if you park in the back towards the woods late at night you will see a manly shape appear in the distance towards the change rooms. It will appear in different places. Has been seen numerous amounts of times.

Ontario - Sudbury - St. Raphael School - believed that St. Raphael school is haunted by a restless spirit. She killed herself in the shower room of the girls’ washroom. Ever since she killed herself in 1950 weird things have been happening ever since. Like blood on the wall and weird foggy messages on the mirrors and wet footprints on the floor.

Ontario - Thornhill - Arnold House - There have been reports of screaming from the corridors at night. People and even children have felt an eerie presence.

Ontario - Thunder Bay - Econolodge - formerly Circle Inn - Cleaning staff has reported the cries of a baby and the scent of baby powder in room 216 even though the room had been vacant the night before and no-one had checked in during the day. Two infants died from pneumonia in 2002 (?) while the hotel was still the Circle Inn. The chambermaid that reported the cries did not know about the murders that had occurred in the room.

Ontario - Thunder Bay - Floodway - East End - Many murders have taken place at this site. People are seen walking the road only to disappear. The whole east end is haunted. Most of the houses in the area are very active.

Ontario - Thunder Bay - Nelsons Road - Sometimes people see their spirits roaming the road. Now to this day no one would want to stay out there by themselves.

Ontario - Timmins - Ecole St. Alphonse - A small elf-like shadow was seen leaping from bookcase to bookcase in the school's basement library. Two students who used to put books away in the library during recess saw the shadow one afternoon. Six years later, another student putting books away for the librarian during recess spotted the same shadow.

Ontario - Tomogram - Wilson Lake - It is said that a woman wearing a long flowing white dress appears and floats across the road, then vanishes into the rocks. Also strange sounds are heard echoing over the peaceful lake at night.

Ontario - Toronto - 108 George St.- Home of the Goodwill executive offices and sorting area. Voices heard by both night janitorial staff and night security staff. Elevators have been known to turn themselves on after being locked off for the night, lights turn on and off, security alarms will go off on certain floors and when checked the control panel states "movement" in such an such area even though no one has been on the floor. Cold spots and drafts pop up throughout the buildings.

Ontario - Toronto - Archbishop Romero Catholic High school - After school, only the night janitors are there. The high school is said to be haunted. Ghosts have been seen wandering the halls. Lights have been switched on and off. The high school was built over a cemetery.

Ontario - Toronto - Colbarne Lodge in High Park - A figure of a woman be seen in this bedroom window at night, as well as the room being fully lit although there are no light fixtures inside the room.

Ontario - Toronto - The Grange (Art Gallery of Ontario) - The elegant old residence was built in 1817 on an enormous parcel of land. By 1911, it's lot size had dwindled considerably and the home had become a public art gallery. It had also become haunted. Security guards have reported seeing phantom lights, and of actual apparitions appearing for sufficient lengths of time. More recently a cleaner working a shift when The Grange was not open to the public was working away and was about to make the routine climb to the second floor. The woman looked up to the top of the staircase. There, at the top of the stairs, staring down at her, stood a man. She fled from The Grange that every second and has never returned. A volunteer that was closing the blinds in the drawing room one evening saw a movement in the periphery of her vision. There, in the room with her, was a man in a yellow velvet waistcoat. The image walked across the room and through a wall at a point where a doorway had once existed, and disappeared completely from sight. The Grange is the oldest building in Toronto and the new Art Gallery of Ontario is built around the house.

Ontario - Toronto - Grenadier Pond located in High Park - Apparently in the 1800's a number of Grenadiers (soldiers) capsized their boat and drowned. They have been sighted in their boat on nights with bad weather.

Ontario - Toronto - Etobicoke - there has been weird occurrences such as noises, moving objects, and different feeling like a presence

Ontario - Toronto - Hanlan's Point - A former lighthouse keeper has haunted the lighthouse there for years. Apparently the site has since been blessed, and no further activity has been reported.

Ontario - Toronto - High Park - Satan’s Chair - It's said to be a myth, but many say its true. They say that if you find the chair and you look at it, you see these demons, and by looking at that, when you die, you end up going straight to hell. No one has found the chair, but they say it exists, somewhere in the Park.

Ontario - Toronto - Hockey Hall of Fame - The section where the bank used to be is said to be haunted by a lady.

Ontario - Toronto - Keg Mansion Restaurant - on Jarvis Street has a few ghosts that inhabit the restaurant.

Ontario - Toronto - King Edward Hotel - The King Edward Hotel has an eerie and unsettling presence and feeling as if there is a presence of someone watching. That eerie feeling lasted through the entire night...

Ontario - Toronto - The Mackenzie House - The Mackenzie house is full of spirit. People have reported seeing misty figures and orb like lights. Lights go on and off. Voices are heard as well as footprints. One witness saw a woman in one of the bedrooms walk from the bed to the window and disappear. There have been many other ghost and poltergeist activity reported.

Ontario - Toronto - The Mynah Bird - It is a coffee house with adult entertainment. An eerie, angry presence is felt by many of the workers. And there were reports of objects moving by themselves, lights turning off and chairs being thrown violently across the room when no one is around.

Ontario - Toronto - Middlefield Rd and McNicole Ave. - Residents of the small quiet neighborhood district, Alton Towers, claim that many of the empty houses on the southeastern part of the neighborhood are haunted. A ghostly young woman was said to have been seen along the side of the street on Ingleton Blvd across from the local school, Macklin P.S.

Ontario - Toronto - Old Bay St. Subway Stn. - According to a few employees of the T.T.C. (Toronto Transit Commission), the old tunnel(which is no longer in use) that exists below the now existing Bay St. station is haunted by the ghost of a woman, known by workers as "The Lady in Red". Several employees have been down there at night working away when they swear that they saw a woman in a long red dress walking through the tunnel toward them. She is apparently quite distraught and when the workers look closely at her, she has no feet (she just hovers toward them) no eyes, and then she quickly disappears. Strange noises, and a woman singing are said to be heard nightly by night personnel in the part of the subway station that is currently in use today.

Ontario - Toronto - Old City Hall on Queen St.W. - The original Ontario government buildings also housed jails and a gallows. The basement of the building in particular is reported to be infested and many maintenance employees refuse to go downstairs.

Ontario - Toronto - Old Finch Road - the bridge - a girl haunts the place. It was said that a girl was murdered there on her birthday buy her boyfriend. People say that if you go to the bridge and sing "happy birthday" you would hear a girl scream or cry. But than again it might not be her ghost haunting the place since there has been MANY crimes committed around that area.

Ontario - Toronto - Old Finch Road - Toronto Zoo- Reporting of a farmer and daughter seen in the room. His eyes blazing with fire and laughing, at the bare foot young girl. But when lights get turned on they run off into the darkness.

Ontario - Toronto - R. H. King Academy - A legend says that a janitor of this high school hung himself several decades ago of being slaved too much. An angry presence with violent screams and actions like brooms being broke in half and heavy desks being thrown across rooms is seen by the current janitors late at night, specifically in the swimming pool area on A floor, and a hidden room near the Heritage room on D floor. It is said that the man has been killed in this room, and the room has been closed off, with lockers covering it. You could see this room from the back of the school at night, because no one ever dares trying to turn the switch off at night. It is said that the school fire, which burned almost all of the school years ago, was started by this angry ghost, as the cameras in the school area had no trace on who/what started it.

Ontario - Toronto - Rosedale Golf Course - A ghost of a teenage boy who hanged himself lurks here. A few years ago a man was walking his dog close to Halloween under some oak trees in the park. The dog started barking frantically and following something invisible while nipping at the air. His owner reported seeing the slow moving shadow of a dejected young man hanging his head in what appeared to be in shame. Later that week, a nearby neighbor told him about the Rosedale ghost. A depressed teenaged youth had hanged himself in the same trees that the dog and his owner had passed.

Ontario - Toronto - The Royal Bank - The Royal Bank at the corner of St. Clair and Oakwood. Many strange occurrences such as moving objects, strange noises, they occur after hours.

Ontario - Toronto - Royal York Hotel - Upon exiting elevator doors hotel employee suddenly sees an apparition of an old dwarfed woman staring back at him with an evil look at one corner of hallway. Hotel employee literally wets his pants and leaves floor immediately. He recounts the story to his co-workers.

Ontario - Toronto - Ryerson University - Eric Palin Hall - In summer 2004 an apparition of a young-looking man with a plaid-type shirt was seen. 

Ontario - Toronto - Ryerson University - Ryerson Theatre building - the Ryerson Theatre building is said to be haunted.

Ontario - Toronto - Scarborough Bluffs - Shrine on the corner of Kingston Road and road down to Bluffs. Ghost of a little girl has been known to come out of the small wooded area around the shrine when someone stands near the shrine itself. Does not seem to notice anyone, very happy and seems to be playing and laughing. Young woman has been seen walking on the side of the road leading down to the Bluffs. She just appears on the side of the road and stares at cars driving by. Has been seen in multiple locations moving from one location to another faster than any human could manage.

Ontario - Toronto - St. James Town Area - The St. James Town building complex has been known for many ghosts. The St. James town Cemetery is across the street from the complex. There has been many EVP recordings in the area, such as a women talking about sacrifice and how in the year 6/6/06, the dark is going to overcome the light. A black creature, which takes form a human, has been seen roaming the buildings floors during the night. Knocks would be made on each door, just to find nobody there. Lights would flicker on and off, when nobody was near, and voices have heard the lecture of sacrifice in a distance.

Ontario - Toronto - Thompson Park - A figure of an ghostly old man and a young girl have been seen at the cut off cliffs, right near the Scarborough Cemetery. Many believe it relates to an accident that happened at the cliffs about 20 years back involving a man killing his granddaughter by throwing her off the cliff and the man committing suicide himself.

Ontario - Toronto - Thompson Park - Satan's Cave - Even though it's believed to be a myth, many students report seeing a cave in the deep forests of Thompson Park. The students say that when you enter the cave, you feel an angry presence, and an evil growl. The myth however says that once you have entered and gone deeply within the cave, you will be lead straight into hell.

Ontario - Toronto - University of Toronto - Many employees have felt an "eerie" presence in some of the rooms.

Ontario - Wahnapitae - Wanup Public School - in the janitors room a student heard banging in the closet so she went to go open the door and before she did it swung open and nobody was there.

Ontario - Wainfleet - Hopkins Tomb Lakeshore Road - John Hopkins was said to have been a pirate on Lake Erie. He was put into a tomb alive with his dog and left to die. As legend has it, he placed a curse on the tomb. Anyone who tried to get into it or if brave enough to run around it on a full moon, would have a nasty accident Cr death. It is also said on some nights that you hear his dog howling and hear him pounding on the tomb door demanding to be released.

Ontario - Wilmer - Panorama staff housing (old doctors house) - doors slam shut and swing open on their own accord.

Ontario - Windsor - Riverside Arena - Many people know about the stories that revolve around Riverside arena. It is said that it is haunted by a boy who died there on the ice in the 1960's he has been seen in the dressing rooms and even once by a night janitor who saw the boy standing in the middle of the ice (the janitor was the only one in the building). Located off Wyndotte Street and Homedale.

Ontario - Windsor - Retirement Home - Only a few years ago, there was a lovable old woman who resided in a local retirement home. She was adored by all, and dearly missed when she expired. Before she died she was confined to a motorized wheel chair. Only a few weeks after she died residents and staff members were stunned when they could hear the whirring of the electric motor racing up and down the hallways. Some people have even reported seeing her little orange flag she had flown from the back of the chair, and her voice in the halls. Staff members feel that she wanted to live, and continues to do so blasting up and down the halls, in her Craftmatic chair, with her little orange flag, saying "how are you today sweet cakes"...Most feel blessed that she still remains.

Ontario - Windsor - Texas Road - washed out several years ago, and never repaired. The fallen bridge has some very strange happenings and seems to sway. There is a wooded hollow between the bridge and the cemetery adjacent always has a strange glow even though there are no surrounding lights anywhere in the area. It has a very ominous presence of its own. Texas Road used to (still sort of does) pass through the hollow, and adjacent to the cemetery to another county road. It has since been closed off, and the intersection fixed. There is no evidence of where the two roads met.

Ontario - Windsor - University of Windsor - Beckett House - This is the AngliCampus of the University of Windsor. This dorm is actually an old house with about 10 bedrooms. Year after year students tell stories regarding strange happenings. Legend has it that a woman was murdered there decades ago when the home was first built, and this spirit is particularly cruel to men.

Ontario - Windsor - University of Windsor - Laurier Hall - residents repeatedly report strange occurrences such as eerie sounds, presences and occurrences. Toilets flush by themselves, floors thump, objects are moved, and curtains are opened and closed without anyone being in the room. There are also a series of tunnels that have been closed off for many years, without explanation.

Ontario - Windsor - Ye Old Bowie House - Rumors have surfaced of a ghostly figure entering rooms at this historic pub. The figure resembles Sir James Bowie III, who vanished off Lake St. Clair Shores from a boating accident. These reports have indicated extreme displays of taunting from the entity. All who have come into contact with the spirit have stated ultimate boredom from the experience.

Quebec - Aylmer - Luskville - Church of Braun road - March 2008 - has been removed. Private residence

Quebec - Blanc - Sablon - Greenly Island - A dead man's that was lost at sea roams the beach at the southern tip of the island every foggy evening searching for his sea mates.

Quebec - Gaspe - CEGEP - If you live in the CEGEP residence hall you can hear strange noises, like some one climbing the stairs very loudly and fast. When you go investigate you can't see any body. You can see doors open or hear some body calling your name when you are alone. And all this can happen during the day or night.

Quebec - Montmorency Falls - It is aid that every Sunday morning that if you look deep into the mist of the falls you see Montmorency’s (or the mans) wife falling down the falls in her wedding gown. And she is known as the lady in white. (story similar as told by tour guide)

Quebec - Quebec City - Plains of Abraham - One of the most haunted place in Quebec City is the battlefield park. Reports of a spectral apparition near the tunnels of the city. A spectral form of soldier appears sometimes during mild evening. Tunnel number one is located at the gate in front of the grand allee near the barracks. You can smell canon sulfur and a strange feeling when the ghost appears. A lot of ghosts haunt the plains of Abrahams because a lot of person died during the battle of 1759.

Quebec - Rossignol - Rossignol's Cave - Cave in the township of Rossignol, Quebec. Eerie mist has been seen at nighttime emanating from the cave and voices can sometimes be heard from inside the cave. Upon entering the cave, the voices get louder but are unintelligible and then suddenly stop. May be linked to death of workers in asbestos mines.

Quebec - Windsor - McDonald’s Restaurant - A regular of this Restaurant who died in the restaurant of a heart attack is said to Haunt it. Night Maintenance employees told of hearing strange sounds such as keys clanking footsteps and knocking

Saskatchewan - Battleford - Fort Battleford - This is the site of the largest mass hanging in Canadian history 8 Natives were hung here at once during the North West Rebellion At night strange noises and sightings are seen from across the river. Sightings of strange lights and war cries are heard here periodically.

Saskatchewan - Battleford - North - Saskatchewan Hospital - This is a mental hospital that back in the early 1900's was totally self sufficent. All staff and patients lived and died on the grounds. There is an old cemetery hidden away in over grown brush that on many night’s lights and sounds are seen and heard. Whispers can be heard from behind the gravestones but when you look behind the stone nobody is there. There was also a wing of the hospital that burnt down in the early 30's and one of the patients was badly burned in the fire. She died a few days later and her ghost can be seen wandering the burnt out wing at night. The hospital is also connected to all the buildings on the grounds via underground tunnels that many staff have mentioned passing by people in these tunnels who simply vanish once you pass them. Every time you go to the hospital you always get chills down your spine late at night. It feels like people watching you!

Saskatchewan - Beinfait - Roche Percee Mines - The old, abandoned mines that were the site of many strikes and murders in the early 1900's are rumored to be haunted by things called "rugeroos". They are supposed to be old (extremely old, like hundreds of years) Indian spirits that change into animals. They are particularly vicious and will harm you if you don't leave when you see them. They don't speak but will growl. When you do leave, you will see a pair of red eyes that will follow you until you have left the area. People have said that they change into animals right in front of your eyes sometimes. The most common animal they change into is a coyote.

Saskatchewan - Canada PeliNarrows - This place is an Indian reserve in Northern Canada. The cemetery for the reserve is located on an island. In the evenings, bright spheres of light are seen floating in and out of the trees of the island. The balls of light vary in size and intensity. They are often seen moving at rapid speeds through the woods. These globes of light are known to follow people and seriously frighten them. The locals claim that they are the spirits of the dead. They are seen almost every night.

Saskatchewan - Carlyle - Whitebear Reserve - In the part of the reserve called "the village" on the road that leads to the cemetery, on certain nights you can see two figures (men?) walking on the road. And even when you go to get other people to see they slowly disappear, from top to bottom. And the locals even talk about a half man and half deer that runs around the reserve and resort area. They call it the "Centaur".

Saskatchewan - Duck Lake - The Duck Lake Hotel - The was a fight in the hotel and a guy through another guy off the top off the hotel and died. Some times people will hear a man scream like he was falling forever which happen every 8th day off each month.

Saskatchewan - Estevan - Abandoned Mines - Assiniboian Indians have been seen outside dancing. French Fur Traders and Deceased Mineworkers have been seen arguing over a beer inside the abandoned bar.

Saskatchewan - Foam Lake - Inge's - Reports of people seeing things once, and then looking again and it is gone (ex: flowered wall paper). A family who had children with many medical conditions owned the house in the early 1900’s. A small child died from severe burns, and the other children eventually all died in that house. The mother was investigated but nothing was ever proved. The house looms on a desolate prairie field, in the middle trees. Visitors have a hard time seeing it, until it is right in front of them, as obvious as can be. Sounds have been heard and the locals all agree that the house is definitely haunted.

Saskatchewan - Fort Qu'Appelle - Fort San - Today Fort San is known as the Echo Valley Conference Center. It used to be as a facility to house and treat people with tuberculosis. Many people who were treated died from complications of the disease. This place well known to be haunted in Saskatchewan. There have been investigators who have documented their experiences at Fort San. Today the facility provides tours and they also offer overnight stays preferring one comes with a group of people. Many stories can be told about Fort San (Echo valley Conference Center) - June 2008 Update: While staying at Fort San a girl staying with a group for the weekend reports She was getting ready in her room when her hair brush fell off of the table. She picked it up and put it back on the table and continued getting ready. The hairbrush fell to the floor again. Once again she picked it up and put it back on the table. Thinking that somebody from the group was trying to spook her she got up and walked to the door to check the hallway, she realized that she was alone, and turned to walk back to the table and her hairbrush was missing. She never did get it back and to this day believes that it was a ghost that was responsible for the brush falling and its disappearance.
Fort San is currently being demolished.

Saskatchewan - Fort Qu'Appelle - Fort San Sanitarium - This old sanitarium was built in the early 1900's.It housed the worst cases of Tuberculosis patients in Saskatchewan. It was reopened in the 70's for private art students and for various other uses. The rooms have an almost choking feeling to them. One such ghost is that of a nurse, she still makes her rounds unaware that Fort San has long since become a decrepit old place. Reports of hearing restless steps and what sounds like a wheelchair scraping its way along chess like tiles. The morgue sits in the same building where campers sleep and this particular building has a certain unhealthy, unhappy vibe to it.

Saskatchewan - Indian Head - Old stone farmhouse - House is located roughly 3 miles east of Indian Head on the Trans Canada Highway. The house stands by itself just north of the highway and is distinguished by the two south facing windows that have been closed off with stone. Back in the late 1800s a family built this house right beside the train tracks. At one point a small child (3 or 4 years old) wandered out onto the train tracks, the mother hearing a train approaching looked out the window to see her child standing on the tracks as the train came by. The mother was so distraught that even the site of the train tracks brought unbearable despair, to compensate for this her husband had the windows facing the tracks stoned up to prevent his wife from seeing them and reliving this tragedy. However the mother still relives this horror everyday, if you stand in the downstairs room in the late evening when a train goes by you can hear her anguished screams.

Saskatchewan - Kenose Lake - The Bar Bar - Upstairs in the suit. Somebody who apparently lived there, died. Now it's strange stuff has happened for years. Form thing being thrown, banging, and voices etc. There have been many stories written up about this place. It's been in many papers and books. For more info check out the book Saskatchewan ghost stories.

Saskatchewan - Kenose Lake - Kenosee Inn - The bar/restaurant is on the waterfront of the lake itself. A ghost is supposed to haunt the inn/bar late at night when workers are cleaning up and closing by knocking chairs over and moving things.

Saskatchewan - Kenose Lake - Moosehead Inn - In the Moosehead there is a restaurant on the ground floor and a nightclub above. The owners have reported footsteps in the bar and slamming doors. Other employers who work in the restaurant have heard noises from above when it is believed to be empty.

Saskatchewan - Kipling - Beckavar Church - Apparently something haunts this place to protect it. Witnesses have reported the bell starts ringing so start running to get out. A couple just got out when the door slammed the boy was stuck in there. Apparently he tried to pull the door Open but it would not it was like it was locked. So the tried to open the window next to it and no budge. They could hear a male voice, and smell this sudden musty smell and felt this chilly feel.

Saskatchewan - Lebret - Saskatchewan Indian Residential School - People say that it is haunted by students that committed suicide during the 1940's - the 60's. It was finally closed in the 70"s. Students were homesick, far away from their communities and were not allowed to speak their languages.

Saskatchewan - Little Pine Reserve - Chief Little Pine School - The school was first built in the year of 1982. It is believed that there are strange cries coming from the vents of the school. The cries are said to be from a man believed to be from Edmonton; a construction worker for the beginning of the school. He can still be seen walking through the hallways banging on the lockers, walking through the walls, and every once in a while it is said that he checks the girls' bathroom to get a good look. Trying to find his niece.

Saskatchewan - Moose Jaw - Clifton Hall - This house is quite large and is now used as a hotel. There have been reports of ghosts and other paranormal activity through out the house. There was a little girl who died there and now haunts the house. She has been seen outside on the balcony wearing a white night gown and was very pale. Inside the house people have said that they have seen chairs fly across the room and cupboard doors swing open and chandeliers shake all of a sudden.

Saskatchewan - Moose Jaw - North shore of Buffalo Pound Lake - On the north shore of Buffalo Pound lake, on the grounds near an old church camp, there was a huge rock, surrounded by a circle of stones, with a coffin-shaped depression in the ground. Camp legend had it, that if you approached the rock between midnight and 2:00 AM, you would see the ghost of someone who had been buried under the rock.

Saskatchewan - Moose Jaw - St. Anthony's - when St. Anthony's nursing home closed, it was turned into a museum, after only being open for a few months weird things started happening, lights flicker on and off, doors unlocking on their own, a security guard even reported his flash light grabbed from his hand and thrown across the floor. The auditorium is known to be where the strangest occurrences have happened. The museum closed and St. Anthony's is now privately owned. When driving past glowing balls of light can be seen suspended in the top floor windows at night, (the top floor is not ever used by the owners because of safety hazards)

Saskatchewan - Nokomis - 100 doors - This old hospital of some kind is said to be in the middle of a field and is hard to access. It has an inner spiral staircase that leads up to the second floor. The only way into the basement is through a trap door on the main floor or through a door on the second. There is said to be a man who sits in the window and waves to you if you are outside. This hospital has become a popular party place for kids, but those who venture into the disturbed building late at night are said to hear the scream of a young girl who was tortured there.

Saskatchewan - Prince Albert - Prince Albert arts Museum - in the night during off season for the museum there are reports of lights turning on and off and people being seen in the windows and the curtains being pulled up and down.

Saskatchewan - Punnichy - old white school(computer school) - lights go off and on hearing spirits in the hall and in the gym plus there's kids crying

Saskatchewan - Qu'Appelle - a military base where cadets go to summer camp. Many of the cadets have either seen the ghost or heard them. Reports of doors shutting and locking on their own accord, and the feeling of being stabbed with needles (sometimes having marks of many needle pricks).

Saskatchewan - Regina - Casino Regina - is haunted by the people who use to work there in the train station. Voices have been heard when no one was there. Doors that need a key card to open have been opened by themselves and caught on camera.

Saskatchewan - Regina - College Ave. - There is a heritage home on College Avenue, that was once a coffeehouse called Megellan's. When you enter the house, it does not feel cold but warm, and it seems like the smell of delicious pancakes is coming from the second floor. But there is no stove on the second floor. It is said that the figure of an elderly woman can be seen. She does not attempt to move anything, and is silent. In 2001, Megellan's was sold. The family was irritated. For a short while, it was the Mary Cooper Gallery, but it was put up for sale in about three weeks. It has not been sold since.

Saskatchewan - Regina - Government House - there is a ghost nicknamed "Howie". He is known to stomp around on the back stairs.

Saskatchewan - Regina - Magellan’s Coffee House - The coffee shop used to be a house. A woman named Rose who used to live in the house is seen on the top floor looking out the window. Members of the staff who are cleaning up after hours have reported hearing a woman singing and the lights have gone off. There is more information and a tour of the house at the coffee shop.

Saskatchewan - Regina - The Regina General Hospital - is haunted. people have seen what looks like a nurse zip by faster than any human could possibly go. when people are in the bathrooms, they see an elderly nurse behind them. They turn around and she's gone.

Saskatchewan - Regina - Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza - Guests have complained of hearing noises coming within their rooms at night. On several occasions apparitions, (by both guests and hotel employees) have been seen then vanished. Employees have seen chandeliers swing back and forth for no apparent reason. In the Royal suite, the cupboards were closed and the maid was cleaning the room, when they suddenly flew open and a vase flew out. This hotel has been the site of numerous suicides. Many staff refuses to work on floors 5 and 8, which are believed to be the most haunted.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - College Park School - At the school there was a girl who died in 1982 and was 10 years old her name was Colleen H Curtis who was killed by a firewall falling on her. She was allergic to soap so when you throw it backstage she will appear and she will look like a human covered in blood and she will scream and the only one who will hear it is the one who threw the soap.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - Delta Bessborough Hotel - An older gent dressed in a gray suit and wearing a fedora will be seen by staff walking on the banquet floor in the late evenings. He will smile and go on his way, not bothering anyone and you will not even realize that it was a ghost until you tell other staff who have worked there for a while. - June 2008 Additional information: Although it cannot be confirmed as to the name of the individual there is also a large crack in one of the solid marble floors at the Bessborough Hotel. The employees of the Bessborough have all heard the legend of the employee was sent to one of the rooms one night to quite a group of people that were having a party and causing a disturbance. When the employee got to the room and tried to get the group to quite down, he was overpowered by 2 men and lifted over the railing and dropped somewhere between 7 and 9 stories to his death. Some say this is where the crack in the solid marble floor came from.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - Lester B.Pearson elementary School - It is said that the tree by the front Preschool doors has a unexplained force if you go to the tree there for about 2 minutes by yourself you won't be able to move. Also a ghost haunts observatory.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - McKim Building (apartment building) - This apartment building was built in 1914, it is downtown behind the post office. A nurse haunts Suite #9 in her 30's. She probably died in the 20's because her uniform was that of someone in that era. She would constantly be looking for her keys. Mostly seen out of the corner of the eye. She would also, fill bathtubs, leave money (reports of finding quarters and dimes in the room all the time and pennies were always on the floor in the dining room. They even found a penny in the freezer once. She has also been known to sit at the end of the bed and play with feet.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - Mid Town Mall – Parking lot Reports of a voice calling your name and apparitions.

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - Old School House - burned down - Reports of apparitions of skeleton, and blood.

Saskatchewan - Sinnett - Sinnett Road - When you drive north on the Gravel road some evenings you the lights of a car coming towards you, as you get closer you move over as you come up to a small hill on the road when you get onto the other side of the hill the car is gone, there is no where for the car to turn off the road.  This story is in the Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan along with another story about Sinnett.

Saskatchewan - St. Louis - The Phantom Light - There is a turn onto a gravel road off the highway going towards Prince Albert just outside of St. Louis. Then there is another turn onto a dirt road that used to be railroad tracks. There was a terrible derailment there in the 50's. If you go there at night you see a train's headlight coming toward you. There is also a swinging lantern that sometimes appears. There are many stories to go along with this particular haunting! A long time ago there used to be trains running through that particular spot. They say a man was working on a train and was killed. Other people say there was a massive crash and the train hit a car killing 2 parents and little boy. The driver felt so guilty he killed himself. He now walks the train tracks. You can actually see the light coming, and feel cold spots. Some people claim it is the light of the train, others say it is the lantern light of the conductor that was killed on the tracks (which are no longer there, however you can still see where the tracks once were) A book that was published in the 1970s has an interview of a woman who, at the time, was in her eighties. She remembers going on horseback when she was young to see the light. She does not believe that it is car headlights (as many 'doubters' say it is) because at the time she, her friends, and sisters went, there were no automobiles in the area at that time.

Saskatchewan - Warman - Senior Drop In Center - You see green lights through the windows when you're outside. You get an eerie feeling when you're inside. Once when it was dark outside, there was a big white circle in the attic window, the next moment we come back to the window, and the white circle is gone. There are many locked doors with chains in the basement, there is a metal pipe in the basement, with some creepy initials carved into it

Saskatchewan - Watson - the old Cemetery - In the old cemetery people have witnessed a blue light hovering over a murdered man's grave, letting those who see it know he isn't at rest. There is a small caption about it in the book "Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan" by Jo-Anne Christensen. The small write up about Watson is at the very bottom of page 133.

Saskatchewan - Weyburn - Weyburn Mental Health Services - The building is the oldest mental institution in Saskatchewan. It was the subject of investigation in the 1930's. What was discovered was the practices used by the doctors were inhumane and cruel. However the mental institution remained open. Today it is still a mental hospital and is also the site of public classes and courses held by the government. The fourth floor is sealed off but people still hear voices from there and some have seen a women in the fourth floor window. she walks back and forth, back and forth, all night. The building is in the very middle of thick trees. At night people have heard voices in the trees.

Yukon Territory - Carcross - Caribau Hotel - For many years even before the Europeans landed, it was a home for generations of First Nation People. In 1901the Caribou Hotel was erected. On the trail of the famous Yukon Gold Rush. Every night new stories of the activity. Patrons of the hotel would report doors slamming, banging on the floors on the 3rd floor. Also apparitions of a woman gazing out of the windows.

Yukon Territory - Whitehorse - Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Center - There is supposedly a haunted barracks at this training center. Before it was a cadet camp, it was a youth detention center. One year an inmate hung himself by one of the rafters in B2. Some people say that you hear him calling out in the middle of the night.


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