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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Alexandria - It was said that there was a building, which is being hunted too, and nobody lives there, and everyone knows that, but nobody can do anything about it, it is said that this building has been built over the Holly Qura'an, and it's said that there was once a cop that has been burnt there in the building, many things is said about this building, but nobody know the true story about it, but all what we know, is that there is something, and a very serious and great something in this building.

Cairo - Baron Castle - castle deserted for years. Windows open and close late at night.

Cairo - Dahshour - it's a place where the soldiers of the army have their trainings, soldiers who used to be their for the 45 days training said that late at night u can hear sounds of guns and sounds of people screaming and from the balcony they can see ghosts of the army who totally died in this place it was a big team and they were erased ,they say that they can see them walking and doing their exercises.

Cairo - Heliopolis - It was said that there was many accidents happen in the Baron castle, it’s said and believed that this castle is being hunted, and everyone in Egypt knows this quit well.

Giza - Great Pyramids - Tourists often report seeing a man and his three children walking around the pyramids as if looking for someone. They wear clothes from about the 1920's and some think he is an archeologist. Others say they are looking for his deceased wife.

Giza - Khufus's Pyramid - the ghost of Khufu comes out of the pyramid at midnight dressed in traditional Egyptian Armour it is said that Khufu even goes to people's houses and tells them to get out now-one knows the true story about this strange phenomenon

Tel el Amarna - Ancient city of Wheaten - The lights continue to go out by them selves.

Valley of the Kings - Right at midnight you will see a chariot rocket past driven by a short man in an ancient Egyptian king suit and drawn by black horses.

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