In Louisiana

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Arcadia - Site where Bonnie and Clyde were killed - On a full moon, you can here the sounds of gun shots.

Anniston - Jacksonville - Fort McClellan - A very old fort that is now closed, but people are still aloud to go out on it. Almost every building is abandoned. It was built back in the 1800s for military use. Almost every building and every foot of that land is haunted.

Basile - Basile high school - In Basile High School's old gym there has been seen seats moving up and down. There also had been lights flickering on and off.

Baton Rouge - Guaranty Income Life and Broadcasting Building - This structure originally housed the old location for the Baton Rouge General Hospital. The bottom floor of the building used to serve as the hospital morgue, but now it houses a cafeteria and several offices. The old morgue freezer was turned into a file storage facility during the renovations for the new office complex. At night, the entire floor seems to drop several degrees colder than the rest of the building. Several of the security guards refuse to go down there and many complaints of strange noises have been reported coming from the bottom floor. The elevator is even said to go up and down all by itself at night when no one is there.

Baton Rouge - Highland Road near Lee Drive - Usually during late September or early October, but occasionally at other times, the ghosts of ragged and dirty Confederate soldiers can be seen walking along or crossing Highland Road beginning around Lee Drive (south of the LSU campus) and the sightings continue as far down as Gardere Lane. There are numerous reports of soldiers scurrying across the road late at night. However, in 1999 or 2000, there was an incident in early October in which several drivers called police when a filthy, bleeding young man wearing a Confederate uniform and carrying a rifle staggered across the busy intersection of Lee Drive and Highland Road around 5:00pm. Police serached the area and found no one.

Baton Rouge - Houma - it is a haunted road where people claim 2 see dead people walking

Baton Rouge - Louisiana State University - Pleasant Hall - (Formerly a women's dormitory, now being renovated. ) Several accounts of murder/suicides have been reported. Most famous is the incident in room 312: The story goes that one night a girl and her boyfriend got in an argument. The girl shot her boyfriend, but he survived. She ran upstairs into her own room, 312, shot herself and died. Strange noises and sightings have been reported.

Baton Rouge - Old State Capitol Building - The ghost of "Pierre" who is believed to be an senator or congressman from who died from a heart attack in his mid- to late- forties because of a political issue that he was particularly riled about. Before he could start to serve his term. He is said to haunt the upstairs of the Old State Capitol Building. Several security officers report alarms (motion sensors mostly) going off in the middle of the night and the video camera shows no signs of anyone. One female security guard briefly glimpsed "Pierre" one night upstairs were the senate used to meet. The guards and tour guides at the building also report instances of doors opening and closing when no one else is in the building as well.

Baton Rouge - Old State Penitentiary - Now housing Louisiana State Police Headquarters and Barracks this place is a veritable hotspot of ghostly activity. The old execution chambers and morgue now house offices and the main two story building is located over a basement of some sort which is always dark and seeps with water due to the high water table in Louisiana. Employees have experienced the sound of footsteps on numerous occasions, which upon close examination could have no earthly explanation. Other phenomenon includes radios turning themselves on and off and dark spaces, which take on malignant life of their own.

Baton Rouge - Parlange Plantation - a girl in a wedding dress can be scene running through the oak trees on the property.

Baton Rouge - Spanish Moon - This downtown area nightclub is inhabited by at least one known ghost. During the 1880's, the building served as a firehouse. It has seen many occupants since then. It was even used as a "wino flophouse" about thirty years ago. This era is where the spirit is believed to have originated from. Manifestations include apparitions of a young man; beer taps turning themselves on, strange noises, and flying glassware.

Bossier - KCS Railroad Tracks - Near a curve in the railroad tracks inside the city limits of Bossier City, ghostly cries and screams can be heard. The story is a young mother and several of her small children were hit by a train years ago when her vehicle stalled on the tracks. The spine tingling cries can be heard between 10:30 and 11:30pm on certain nights. Even hard core railroad men avoid this area at night. My husband won't go near the area at night again, because he has experienced the fright several times while working.

Broussard - New Iberia - Mary Jane’s Bridge - Legend is her boyfriend raped and killed her. She was shackled and thrown over. They never ever found the body. To this day they say if you go to the bridge on her prom night at midnight you can see her waling across the bride. She wearing a white dress and she has no feet.

Buras - Fort Jackson - Ghosts of soldiers who fought in the Civil War can be seen walking around the place at night.

Centerville - Susie Plantation - The Home was built in early 1800's. Ghost include an unknown black male who has appeared in photos and Addie E. Harris, who's parents owned the house. The Working Plantation was given to her husband James Stirling Hereford two years prior to her death as a Wedding Dowry. She died in childbirth in 1876 at the age of 22 yrs old. Her Life ended at a young age and she was put to rest on the grounds of the home she grew up in and loved dearly, It seems she has chose to remained there. Her Tomb can be seeing today standing stately beside the house with a marble slab adoring the tomb. Upon there the slab is an eerie inscription, it reads "Weep Not For me, I am not dead, I only sleepth". That is true, she has appeared there at least once in full view and there are many other happenings at that home.

Chalmette - Chalmette Battlefield - This is the battlefield where the Battle of New Orleans took place. People have said to seen ghost of the soldiers walking around as if they were at camp. There are also accounts of a "head less" ghost that walks the levee at night. The house on the premise "The Beaurgard House" served as an impromptu hospital for the American soldiers. Sounds of guns and cannons have also been heard.

Cheneyville - Loyd's Hall - The ghost of a Confederate soldier has reportedly been heard walking through the house and playing the violin. The smells of food cooking or coffee brewing at impossibly early hours of the morning, have also been reported.

Covington - The Old SSA School - The old building which is almost hidden in the woods is known for eire noises, screams, hearing people breath behind you, and ghost like activty. Story has it that over 60 nuns died in the building.It is said that there is a room in the building where if you go in it you never come out.It was printed in the paper that A group of teeagers were last seen going to the old school to scare themselves,after that they were never seen again. An old graveyard behind the buildng where nuns and preist were burried dates back to 1841.

DeRidder - Pleasant Hill Cemetery - A Little boy at the age of 3 and His mother were killed in a house fire. They are buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. There names were Marie and Freddie Kruger. Sometimes if you go out there at night and stand at the fence you can see an orange flame above his grave.

Destrehan - Destrehan Plantation - The ghost of the master of the house is said to haunt this place to this day.

Doyline - Potter Road - Twenty Seven Years ago...Four Doyline High School Teenagers were riding back from the local homecoming dance. They were drunk and ran straight into a Pine Tree. A cross was placed right in front of the tree where they wrecked. Every Homecoming Night...Blood runs from the tree to the cross...but now that someone stole the cross....the blood runs up the tree...they say you can hear the two girls the tree

Edgerly / Starks - Big Woods Cemetery - There is a small pass that connects two graveyards: Antioch and Big Woods. There used to be a gate at the connection of these two graveyards. Now there is a sign that states, “beware of Children…or children at play” The legend is that if you see a shadow pass in front of the gate when there is no scientific explanation for a shadow passing there, Then that is a serious warning that you should not be passing there. Some who have passed through the crossing after the sighting of the gatekeeper have never come back. Numerous Ghost hunting societies have lost Compact Flash cards and Hi8 video tapes from the electromagnetic interference out there. Numerous photos of orbs and ectoplasm have been taken here. SWLA Ghost Society has written documentation that this place is in FACT haunted. People have been chased by a truck that seemed to have no driver. Cars and trucks come from the cemeteries, drive to the woods and just disappear.

Elizabeth - Town Hal (old hospital) - its said to believe that at the old hospital where people have died there and now claims of hauntings of people walking the halls, actual shadows of an old lady, moving of the curtains, voices of little girls, women and boys with whisper into the night.

Eunice - Headless Cemetery - When you drive there, your car will automatically die out no matter what. There are rumors that there are restless spirits of those who were not buried properly walk along the paths. There is story that Satanists were buried there also. There is usually a dead animal that rests upon the cross.

Eunice - Michelle's School of Dance - It is Said that a young girl was noticed talking to her daughter. Mysterious things often occur.

Fields - Hyatt High School- The School has been proven to be haunted. People have died inside off the school. People say that the school is built on old Indian graves. People say that you can hear toilets flushing, voices, basketballs bouncing, lockers slamimg, doors locking by themselfs, and lights cuting off and on. The school will make you not want to come back.

Fiske Union - ghost bridge - This bridge is haunted by the woman who was killed there in a car wreck years ago. She continues to look for her boyfriend there who was in the car with her. Sounds of screams and reflections of headlights can be seen in the water and in the trees surrounding the bridge.

Gloster - Buena Vista plantation - The plantation house was used for a civil war hospital clinic. In the house there are reports of several civil war apparitions have been seen. There are several slave houses out in the front where eerie feelings are felt. In 70 degree weather it sometimes feels very cold and there have been reports of water being found completely covering the floor while it was still days away from rain.

Grand Coteau - Saint Charles Borromeo College - This building was an old Ursuline Convent that was now used as a preliminary training center for the Society of Jesus religious order. An old priest is seen wandering the halls here.

Greenwood - Old Greenwood Cemetery - there have been a sighting of a headless person behind my car you go at night you hear moaning, hart beats, and beating on the old iron gate.

Gretna - The Jungle Rock Club - Old night club that has been reopened after many years of being closed down. Since remodeling has started, voices, loud bangs (almost like a firecracker) in the restrooms, tools disappearing. Rumor ids the original owner committed suicide in the men’s restroom by shooting himself.

Houma - The Ardoyne Plantation - A woman in white walks the grounds. And disappears.

Houma - Bayou Sally road - it is a long curvy road. There have been sightings of ghost hitch hiking, and if you stop and pick them up you can exchange someone with you for some treasure.

Houma - Coteau Road - Eerie figures seen wondering around the old metal sheds off in the distance of the grazing fields. Be careful driving, a foggy figure may run past your car causing an accident.

Houma - Oak Manor Cow Graveyard - many a times people have reported sounds of mooing and seeing white, clear cow figures grazing. some people even say they are coming after them and scaring them off the roads.

Houma - Southdown Plantation - It is said that the plantation owner rapped and killed slaves and you can see figures in the windows during the day and mostly at night.

Jefferson's Island - Joseph Jefferson's Mansion - This mansion is haunted by Joseph Jefferson's (the founder of Jefferson's Island) ghost. Green balls of light fly through the air and chairs slide down the halls, even footsteps can be heard.

Jonesboro - Hodge - Walker Rd (surrounding area) - Witnesses have seen a tall man in a black hat walking through their rooms at all hours of the day through one wall out the exterior wall. This area was also susceptible to other strange occurrences such as a strange noise coming from the ground. They described it as, "...a train engine that you can feel more than hear. Everyone heard it that was there including my best friend at the time."

Jonesboro - Weston - Highway 810 - Down highway 810, there is an old red barn on the side of the road. There is a trail going into the woods. if you park the car on the trail and wait about 15 minutes, there will be a knocking on your windows. It is said that a black man was killed in that barn by hanging on meat hooks. - April 2008 Update: Has been torn down

Keatchie - Keatchi Women's College - There is an old women's college in Keatchie down Highway 172. During the Civil War the college was turned into a hospital for the wounded. It is said that if you go to the second floor (which was turned into the morgue during the war) you can feel cold spots and hear the moans of the departed. To get there go either down Hwy 5 from Logansport, Louisiana and turn left onto Hwy. 172 when you get into Keatchie or from Shreveport go down 171 get onto 172 and go through Keatchie and its not less than 200 yards past the old white building.

Lafayette - T'Frere's House - There is a young woman said to haunt this Bed and Breakfast. It is one of the oldest homes in Lafayette and it's said she once lived there a hundred or so years ago. The story goes she drowned in the big barrell used to catch the rainwater that is still in place today. The story varies as to whether it was an accident or suicide. She is a friendly ghost who makes objects move, walks around upstairs at night, and moves furniture around. People say she has a comforting presence.

Lafayette - University of Louisiana at Lafayette -One of the girls' dormitories - is haunted by a girl who was killed when an elevator that wasn't supposed to be working fell on her and decapitated her. The elevator has been sealed and closed off, but you can still feel an immense energy or presence when you pass by it. The girl is a "friendly" ghost, helping the girls when they lose things by placing them where they can find them easily.

Lake Charles - Old Fire station - There is a fire station on the north side of town that my brother worked at. The only night that something would happen was Halloween. Ear-shattering screams and rumbling were heard. The walls would sweat, even though there weren't any leaks or plumbing works behind the wall. Every Halloween, the entire crew would pack up and drive down the road on the fire truck and sleep on the truck.

Lake Charles - Old Gravel Road - This is a gravel road that is far from the city. It is a very long road that runs along side a wooded area. Many people have warned never to go down that road at night. A friend and I have and we now know why. There is a ghost truck that drives down there and runs you off sometimes. He will appear behind you and speed up, nearly ramming you. Then after you go around the last corner that leads to the paved neighborhood area, he disappears. There have been sightings of shadow-beings that usually stand on the side of the road and watch you drive by. There have also been photographs of mists and ectoplasms by ghost hunters.

Lake Charles - Old House - There is an old house in the city that stands amidst torn down trees. It is wrecked but no one has bothered to destroy it. There are at least two spirits inhabiting the house. One is inside the house and the other is outside. Inside the house, there are boxes, ladders, and cans of paint as if someone was going to remodel the house but stopped and left. There are many odd spots such as in the attic, there is a hole in the ceiling and if you look up into it, you feel as though something is looking back. Sounds such as doors creaking open (even when all are nailed shut) and someone slamming glass against a wall have been heard. Reports of seeing a white figure & a blue mist.

Lake Charles - Old Railroad - This is an old road that is on the outskirts of town. A railroad runs across the road, leading to the rice factories. The story is that a long time ago, in the 1950s, before there were railroad signs there, a family consisting of a mother, father, and two daughters went down that road. Despite the fact of the older girl protesting going down that road due to a bad feeling, the father drove down there anyways and the car got hit by an oncoming train. Reports of seeing orbs and the apparition of the older girl. When you drive down that road, you get a very strong, odd feeling of being suffocated.

Logansport - The Dowling House - In this house there are recorded to be two ghosts that haunt this location. The owner claims that a little girl pinched her arm while she was cooking, and then threw a tomato off the table and also claims the girl calls her name while she's in the kitchen. The son of the owners claims he has seen a shaggy haired man dressed in a civil war uniform at the foot of his bed on more than one occasion. Also while watching t.v. the channels will all of the sudden change without anyone touching the t.v. or the remote. Beside the house is an old graveyard. Some believe could be built over some unmarked graves from a long time ago.

Metairie - Odin's Inn - There are cold spots, unexplained noises, a man appeared in the mirror, lights turning on and off and silhouettes / apparitions appear.

Monroe - Jackson Street - Every year at about the same time during the first week of the third month you can feel the souls of fallen gangsters enter your body. Only if you find yourself walking down the street between seven forty-five and twelve o-clock midnight. You may even see a bloodstain vanish into the ground.

Monroe - Jackson's Shift - Long ago there was a driveby on Jackson Street, where many innocent victims were savagely murdered. One of the guys was a store owner who owned a club on the street.He and his friend were both shot down and many people claim to have seen them weeks after the homicide had occurred, falling down in slow motion to the ground with the same bullet wounds described to them by their family.

Natchitoches - Campus of Northwestern University (which used to be an old plantation). There has been reports of a ghost woman who walks around by the columns that still stand where the plantation used to be. The people on campus call her Isabella. She has also been sighted by the old woman's gym.

Natchitoches - Front Street - The old area part of the town is known as front street. Many of the town residents and shop owners of front street have reported seeing a man dressed in confederate uniform roaming the bricked street.

New Orleans - The Andrew Jackson Hotel (919 Royal St.) - This old "adults only" hotel was once the former site of an all-boys boarding school that was completely destroyed during the infamous New Orleans fire of the 1700's. Five boys died in this fire. Guests have reported hearing the boys laughing and playing outside in the courtyard of this hotel. Others have reported seeing an apparition of a General resembling Andrew Jackson.

New Orleans - Beauregard House - The Beauregard-Keyes house is known to be haunted more by Paul Munni, who was a world-class chess master, who went insane. As a matter of fact, Charles Dickenson said that Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Munni were the only two geniuses that America ever produced. In a fit of mania, Munni ran, in the nude, down Ursaline with an axe, looking to kill anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. When not playing chess, he liked to play the piano. It is the piano, and his screaming that can be heard at night. The Beauregard-Keyes house is also the sight of a mafia massacre. It's said that in the garden, you can smell gunpowder, and sometimes you can hear shots in the garden.

New Orleans - Bottom of the Cup Tea Room - A ghost called Julhunts the place. People see the back of her turn around the corner or feel her brush past them.

New Orleans - Bourbon Street - Apparitions of a mob beating each other up with curtain rods.

New Orleans - The Castle Inn - Its a fantastic Bed and Breakfast in the Garden District or New Orleans. It has a couple ghosts; a black man who burned in the wood shed that "smokes," and a little girl who just wants to play. It is a fantastic Bed and Breakfast, and you can request the most haunted of the rooms. (Mostly on the 3rd. floor).

New Orleans - Destrehan Plantation (just outside of New Orleans) - Haunted by a small sized teenaged girl.

New Orleans - Flannagan's Cafe & Pub (625 St. Philip St.) - the ghost of Angela, the sister of the former owner, committed suicide in the ladies' room. She has been seen and felt roaming the grounds of this restaurant.

New Orleans - The French Quarter - French Quarter-this is haunted for vampire hauntings by some people in the French quarter at night in this one ally where he killed all of his victims. When the cops found them there was no blood left in there bodies. He comes after female victims of all hours of the night. He has long, curly, brown hair. With 1800's clothing style so beware and attempt with caution.

New Orleans - Le Richelieu Hotel (1234 Chartres St.) - this site at one time was used as an execution ground. In 1802, when France took back Louisiana from Spain, several Spanish soldiers were shot for treason on this site. The ghosts of some of these Spanish soldiers have been reports to walk the grounds of this hotel.

New Orleans - Lafitte Guest House (1003 Bourbon St.) - A mother and her two children died here in Room 21. The first daughter died from yellow fever. Years later, the other daughter hangs herself in the same room. The mother of the two children spends that rest of her life grieving over her loss. She later dies alone and heartbroken in the same room. It is only the mother's spirit guests and employees her crying from the room. People get the overwhelming feeling of grief and despair upon entering this room.

New Orleans - Lalaurie House - ghosts including a tall black figure, Madame Lalaurie, and other spirits haunt this place.

New Orleans - Lamothe Hotel - A witnesses once stayed in a room in the cottage off the house. Almost immediately after shutting off the light to settle into bed, a woman emerged from the closet area and drifted up to the his bed. After minutes of telling her to "go away" she finally slowly vanished. He stayed up until sunrise because he was so upset.

New Orleans - Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre - In the courtyard a young bride, on the day of her wedding day, Jumped from a side of the building overlooking the courtyard. Some (including myself) have seen her standing at the place where she jumped. Also there have been experienced cold spots in the courtyard, and in the fountain (at night) you can kind of see the reflection of the girl standing where she fell. Another one is on the second story in the theatre. People have recounted stories when they went to get in their seats but an old man would be sitting in it, reading a newspaper. He has been seen wearing old-time clothing. After the manager has been notified of this 'man', he is nowhere to be found. Also, Sightings and missing prop/costume occurrences. Actors have felt cold hands placed on their shoulders as they walk onstage, smoke machines have gone off at random, etc.

New Orleans - The Morgue bar and lounge - The building which currently houses The Morgue bar and lounge, 626 St. Phillip Street, was built in 1849. It was originally used as the city's first integrated mortuary, particularly during the huge Yellow Fever epidemic of 1853. Ten thousand people perished in New Orleans that year alone. Though paranormal activity has been recorded in the main bar area, the most well known haunting here is of the mortician's daughter. She used to steal jewelry from the dead.... and still 'borrows' items from unsuspecting ladies who use the women's restroom. You see, the restroom area was once the place was the bodies were stored. Obviously, the new owner has a sense of humor - the house cocktail is called Embalming Fluid, and is just about the right color too. For more info see

New Orleans - Myrtle Inn Plantation - A slave poisoned her owners wife and two children to make them sick and nurse them back to health she would not be sent to the fields. She over dosed the poison and the three were dead she confessed and was hung by a mob and there spirits are seen in various places. The judge’s wife is seen in the staircase. The children in the rooms and the front lawn seen playing. The Slave has been seen around the house and the owners claim to have picture of the slave ghost. There is also a strange hand print that appears on a mirror on the main floor, no matter how many time the glass is replaced.

New Orleans - O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub- There are supposedly 4 or 5 ghosts here. One is a former owner who seems to be looking for something, although nobody knows what. One is another former owner of the premises who killed his secretary (servant?) when she wouldn't have an affair with him, and then killed himself. The secretary is also still in residence at the pub, too. Also, another woman who was married to one or two of the former owners of the property is also hanging around. The possible fifth ghost is that of a little boy who became separated from his mom in the French Quarter and died. According to his story, he was wandering, looking for his mother, when he wandered into O'Flaherty's, and at least one of the other ghosts seems to have taken him in.

New Orleans - Oddfellows Rest - A lady dressed in white and an old gentleman dressed in a three piece suit. Both were seen by the caretaker in the daytime.

New Orleans - Prince Conti Hotel - The Bombay Room inside the (830 Conti St.) - the ghost of a Storyville Madame haunts the bar area and kitchen area here. She has been seen at booth number three in the bar. She has walked in and out of the bar area. Unexplained occurrences have taken place in the kitchen. A dishwasher will turn itself on/off, sometimes not even going on when it's supposed to.

New Orleans - Pirates Alley - The ghost of the famous pirate Jean Lafitte is sometimes seen around 3:00 a.m. walking up and down the alley named after him.

New Orleans - Pontchartrain Hotel - On a visit to New Orleans we stayed in the Pontchartrain Hotel in the Garden District. Cold spots have been felt, and the elevators stops at different floors all on its own.

New Orleans - St. Louis Cemetery No. 2.- The Gravestone of famed Voodoo Queen Marie LaVeau is said to have a crow looking over it. The spirit of Marie is said to inhabit the crow.

New Orleans - The Super Dome - During Hurricane Katrina, numerous people were killed in the Superdome. There were two suicides, people were raped and murdered, and others died from natural causes. Apparitions roam around during games and at night or through the day.

New Orleans - The Bourbon Orleans Hotel 717 Orleans Ave (Located in the Vieux Carre') - Confederate Soldiers have been seen walking down halls cold spots in the ballroom. There is guestroom that people hear a little girl crying, when employees go in there is nobody there. Then of course there is basic stuff, Hotel guests that feel a presence at the end of their beds, upon turning on lights the sheets are rumpled as if someone were just sitting there.

New Orleans - The Fairview Hotel - In the old section of the Hotel there are ghosts wandering about. I have a picture of ghosts in the room that my daughter took when staying there, on the 11th floor, in July, 2001.

New Orleans - Vieux Carre - Place D'Armes Hotel - Guests have been awakened in the middle of the night by a knock at the door. Upon answering the knock they find a small girl in old fashioned nightclothes asking if they have seen her grandmother. She then fades away.

New Orleans - Hotel Provincial - Briefly turned into a hospital during the Civil War. Many soldiers died there, and of course, haunt the hotel, specifically, building number 5. A young girl on vacation with here family stepped out of the shower, and had to step over a bunch of "towels"...then she noticed they were bloodied bandages and sheets. A security guard stepped out of an elevator, only to have the room before him transformed into one of the hospital wards, full of wounded soldiers.

New Orleans - Griffin House - unexplained sounds and footsteps are heard here.

New Orleans - St. Louis Cathedral - Occasionally on early morning rain storms, the spirit of Pere Dagobert can be heard singing the "Kyrie". The voice travels from St. Lois Cathedral to St. Louis Cemetery #1. The procession was from a funeral mass He conducted in 1769 for a group of townspeople who led a rebellion against the Spanish occupation. They were executed for insurrection against the crown and their bodies were left to rot in Jackson Square as an example. Pere held a mass for them and had them buried to the delight of the townspeople.

Patterson - Old Sawmill location - Dishes would sometimes shake and spread out all across the floor and feelings of dread.

Pineville - Central La State Hospital - A hospital for the mentally disturbed. Opened in the early 1900's. Several original buildings remain standing and in use. Unit 2 has an elevator that operates by itself during the night. Also doors are heard slamming during the night and when investigated all doors remain locked as they are usually kept. A huge graveyard of unmarked graves exist. Unit 7 when reoccupied in 1999 experienced several sightings and unusual events. Chairs were flipped over and electrical appliances would come on and go off by themselves. Voices were heard in unoccupied offices. A mist was seen and witnessed to move as if it had purpose.

Rayville - Holly Ridge railroad tracks - A long time ago there was the conductor of the train and him and one of his workers got into a fight and the worker decapitated the conductors head and now the conductor comes back every night in a red orb so you go to the rail road tracks and turn off your car and roll down your window and wait for it to come when you see it start your car before it gets to you or the conductor will take your soul.

Roberts Cove - Hookmans Graveyard - This graveyard known as been haunted. There is a hook in a grave. People have also claimed that they seen the headless horseman back there. It is a very freaky place that only a big-hearted person would want to go. This is no place to go for fun and games. Take it serious cause serious things have happened back there. There many stories that led to mysteries in Hookmans Graveyard.

Ruston - Biomedical Engineering Building - the old hospital - There is a presence that inhabits the 4th floor (which used to be where the operating room was). The elevator continuously travels to the 4th floor although no offices are located there. It goes from the 1st floor (the old morgue) to the 4th floor, although another floor has been selected. Noises have also been heard on the 3rd floor when no one is around.

Ruston - Louisiana Tech University - A ghost is said to haunt Howard Auditorium. The seats in the auditorium are spring loaded and pop back up when you get out of them. However, if you go in there alone, one seat will always be down. If you go and push the seat up, later the same seat or another one in the auditorium can be found down, as if someone were sitting in it.

Ruston - Stowe's Bar - was once a confederate hospital. Old equipment still stored upstairs (which is closed). On any given night footsteps can be heard from the first floor and the old beds can be heard sliding across the upper floor.

Shreveport - C.E. Byrd High School - This school (built in 1925) had a swimming pool at one time, but the pool was closed because a teenage girl supposedly drowned in it. A dance studio was built above it. In the "catacombs"(subbasement) of the school, a JROTC instructor reportedly killed himself with a rifle and his ghost still haunts the school to this day. Cold Spots reported.

Shreveport - Taylortown Tower - Bell tower which was once part of a church, now stands alone in a pasture off the side of US Hwy 71. Legend has it a bride was waiting for her soon-to-be husband who died in a car accident on his way to their wedding. Many stories exist about the way the woman actually died. Some say she fell down the stairs to her death because she was upset, but still others say she hung herself in a fit of depression. People claim at midnight the bell tolls and a woman's screams can be heard.

Slidell - Northshore Regional Medical Center - This hospital has two known spirits lurking around its premises. One is affectionately known as Reggie. The story goes that while construction of the hospital was going on nearly 20 years ago, an elevator maintenance person fell to his death. Reggie's antics included opening and closing elevator doors and taking people to the fifth floor, which normally requires the use of a key. One time Reggie manifested himself to a maintenance man and a visitor even saw him inside the elevator. The second ghost appears as a black shadow and has been seen in the surgery room. Its origin is unknown.

Slidell - Pizza Hut - A Ghost of unknown Origin locks the waitresses in the bathroom. Throws coffee at people 5 feet away. Makes Dishes fly off the tables. Makes it very cold when the AC is on 90 degrees.

Slidell - Slidell Jr. High School - Here are some of the accounts recorded by the Earth's Society of the Paranormal: A voice of a male, roughly 13 or 14-years-old, telling people from a stall in a boys' restroom to "Get Out." When investigated, no one could have said this. One person, when late on the bus, heard behind him someone call his name. He looked behind him and saw that no one behind him was calling his name. Earlier that day, he saw someone from behind outside disappear. A person saw someone going into the bathroom mentioned above, but right when the person got out, the someone was outside. There was no chance of backtracking or using the back door (it was locked). On a dark January day in 2005, a person went into the same bathroom and saw a blob-like shadow went across the floor. The person did not look up and washed his hands and got out of there. The only window was too far away and was at a poor angle for it to have come from the outside and it was dark and overcast at the time, besides it happening roughly 1:00 pm.

South Shreveport - Old Ellerbe School - This is an old elementary school where children whose parents were wealthy went to school. There was a possible fire. Bells and faint screams can be heard at night. For more information

Springfield - Springfield cemetery - The name of a man that killed a little boy, was written on the tombstone of the child, in child like writing. December 2003 Update: The carving on the back of the headstone has the names of the driver that hit the boy as well as the people who drove past him while he laid on the side of the road dieing. The story says that the inscription on the bottom of the face of the headstone, "MAY THE WORK I HAVE DONE SPEAK FOR ME", is in reference to the map on the back and was not original to the stone. On the back of the stone under the map is also an inscription that reads, "BY DOGS MIND". He was walking his dog at the time he was hit.

St. Bernard - P.G.T. Beauregard Middle School - The front building of the school used to be a courthouse, after the Civil war. The prison was in the courthouse, and many inmates died there. Students haven't been allowed in the courthouse section for many years, because the building is not safe. Many students have snuck into the courthouse and have claimed to hear chains rattling, and one adult witness has claimed to hear someone screaming in the basement.

St. Francisville - Myrtles Plantation - The ghost of a murderous slave is seen and heard, a mother and her two daughters are seen there, and i have personally seen and heard the daughters, a confederate soldier walks there, a crying woman, reenactment of the murder on the stairwell can be heard, the piano plays by itself, footsteps when not a living soul is around, voices, doors open and close by themselves and people who sleep there, like me, have been grabbed by someone and had their legs rubbed in a massaging motion or have been tucked into bed so tight that they can hardly get free.

Sunset - Cretien Point Plantation - A woman named Felicitae Chretien killed a pirate on the staircase one evening. His body was stuffed under the staircase. I myself have went here and once I stood by the staircase Half of my body went cold. Also me and my best friend were looking at the bloodstains and we both felt parts of our bodies get cold, as if we were standing over the body itself. There are also 'shades' of Civil War Soldiers and even a woman who only appears at the fish pond at 12 noon. She is seen to be holding a child wrapped in black fabric. People who have stayed in this bed and breakfast have reported sounds of Trumpeters calling soldiers. Sometimes you can even hear people whispering in the rooms.

Thibodaux - Devil's Swamp - It is said that if you park your car over the rail road tracks, several things can happen. Car stalling, fogging of windows, handprints on windows, ghosts shaking and banging on your vehicle, and you can hear the sound of the train and see the headlights coming at you. It is said that a number of people were murdered on those tracks and that their ghosts remain to haunt the area.

Thibodaux - Laural Valley Plantation Rd. - Its been told that you can see lights go on in the old plantation houses, and see people walking around jus' like in the olden days when they had the slaves back there

Thibodaux - Nicholls State University - Ellender Dormitory - In past years there was an alleged suicide of a student who threw herself out of a window from one of the top floors in the dorm. There have been strange occurrences since including flickering lights, moved objects, scratching, electronic difficulties including appliances working while turned off and walls shaking. There are no records to be found of any suicide at the University since its beginning in 1948. There are other alleged incidences which might come from the fact that the University is built on the same grounds as a Civil War Hospital and the area where the Confederates retreated after the Lafourche Crossing Battle.

Vacherie - Oak Alley Plantation - The daughter of the plantation owner fell down the stairs and had to have her leg amputated when she was injured from her hoped skirt. When walking on the stairs witnesses have reported a pinch in their leg where the girl was hurt. The ghost of the wife of the plantation owner can be seen riding her horse through the long alley of oak trees in the front of the house looking for her husband.

Vernon - Kerthwood - Kashache National Forest - In the woods of central Louisiana the trees are very thick most of the time you can not see more than three feet in front of you, so to see anything is hard and a ghost is even harder. Sounds of drums & singing like Indians. Apparitions of 8 Indians dressed in the traditional get up dancing as though they were celebrating or something.

Walker - Westside Jr. High School -A lady named Kindra plays basketball in the school gym on the nights she used to have basketball games when she was in school.

West Shreveport - Caddo Detention Center-Now a division of Caddo sheriffs department, once the areas maximum-security prison. Security guards who were on watch before it was it reopened reported seeing figures walking amongst the corridors, slamming open cell doors shut, and producing cold spots. Some guards claim to have seen headless figures walking in front of security cameras. There are certain areas in the prison that wild nor domesticated animals will not enter; most specters are seen wearing the gray jumpsuits issued to prisoners.

West Shreveport - The Old Jail - a.k.a. - The Pea Farm - The Old Jail is covered by woods and located on W.70th street about 2 miles from Watertown. It has been said to here moans and cries. There are many dark corners and rooms that you cannot see in. They believe that a murder happened in the kitchen. There is also a basement that has an old hand-crank electric chair in it. A few yards away is the female jail that seems to have an upper story but no way to get up there. The female jail is the most haunted due to beatings and killings of the prisoners.

Zwolle - Grady Hill - There's a story about a woman who had a baby and her husband or boyfriend took her baby and killed it. The woman went looking for the baby and found the man in a boat with the dead baby. After that no one knows, but the story ends with the woman known as the Crying Woman, walks around Grady Hill crying for her baby. People all over town have heard her crying and some have even seen her.


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