In Michigan

updated January  2010

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Ada - Ada Cemetery - Ada witch - Sometimes you can see a misty blue figure floating within a 3-mile radius of the Ada Cemetery on 2 Mile between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek. The story of her origin is as follows: A man suspected his wife of having an affair, so he followed her late one night when she thought he was asleep. Sure enough, she went to a field near their property where she met her lover. The husband was enraged and killed his wife, which resulted in a struggle with the other man. Both men died from their injuries. It is said that late at night (especially during the night of and the nights preceding a full moon) people driving by the field can see her ghost, searching for her lover. Some people have reported stopping to try to communicate with her, but she always disappears or runs into the woods where she cannot be followed (due to the thick brambles that inhabit the area). She is said to dress in a long white gown which authorities say dates her to the turn of the 20th century. Usually she is seen alone, but sometimes witnesses report seeing a ghostly death scene re-enacted... Others report seeing nothing at all but hearing the killer's shouts of rage followed by the victims' screams of agony... Although it is said she haunts the field on Honeycreek Road where she died, other witnesses have reported her in nearby Seidman Park, and in nearby Findlay Cemetery, where she is supposedly buried. This story was actually featured in the book "Ghosts of Grand Rapids."

Addison - North Adams Rd. - A little girl was killed suddenly while waiting for a school bus by a speeding car. Since her death things have happened. The day of her funeral she started knocking on doors of the house she was born in.1 month later as her clothes were to be removed the doors in the home flew open with no reason. Cold spots now can be felt & knocking at the door is still present to this day in the home. Also when there swings in the yard you could see them swing real high as if someone was swinging on them. lights like to go on & off in this home & she does move things to let someone know she is there. The cemetery where this child lies has had alot of activity also. When you visit her grave she has a twirly that will start going around & round with no reason or wind blowing to let you know she is present. Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on.

Adrian - Ghost Trestle - If you take Gorman Rd. west towards Sand Creek, you will come to a gravel road leading north. A mile or so up this road you will come to narrow one lane trestle bridge. The road goes under this. Legend has it that at one time there was a farm house built near the tracks. Late one night a fire broke out in the barn. While the father ran to the barn to try to get the horses out, his wife and young son went to the tracks to wave down one of the many trains that would use that right of way. They were too close to the tracks however and both were struck by the train as it went past. The father was killed in the barn. Now if you go out there late at night, you can sometimes communicate with the Father. He will not allow you to talk to his wife or son; as if he was protecting them . There are other people living in the area now, and a large streetlight has been placed there by the people who own the neighboring land. If you stay there to long, they will call the police. However if you make your visit short enough they will usually leave you to it. This place has also been described as a good place to go to contact other spirits. The Father can be asked to help in this matter. He will not allow antagonistic spirits to talk however; once again to protect his family.

Adrian - Siena Heights University - In the 1970's, one room, room 211, in the old section of the dorms exhibited several phenomena. Don't know if this still continues today. The door into the room from the hallway, as well as the door into the bathroom, would open and shut on their own, the main door even if it had been locked. After closing, it would be locked again. There was also a spot on one wall (a wall that the room shared with a boarded up, no longer used laundry shaft) where two points of light would appear, shaped similar to eyes. Attempts were made to explain their appearance (they were visible any time it was dark in the room). They were screened off from the windows to see if they might be reflections, they weren't. When objects were placed between them and the windows they actually became brighter. We tried painting the walls, putting several coats of paint over them (thinking they may have been a joke of a previous resident, made with glow in the dark paint) - also having used sandpaper on the wall in that spot first before painting. They still appeared bright as ever after the painting. We tried covering them over by hanging a picture over them, but the picture kept falling down or moving. Last attempt to hang picture (it was a drawing on a piece of paper and simply taped to the wall) resulted in us waking up the next morning to find it taped to the ceiling over my bed. We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it. Reports from later residents told us that they had placed a mirror over it, and they had a rocker in the room. One night during a party, with several witnesses, the rocker began rocking on its own, then flew back and smashed the mirror. Have had no contact with the school since graduation, so don't know if these things still happen or not.

Albion - Albion College - Kappa Delta Sorority - The Kappa Delta Sorority is haunted by an entity simply known as 'P'. It is said she was a sister there who died in a car accident. Current sisters there have reported hearing giggling and running around coming from the upstairs floor while they are in the basement. At one time a sister called out to "P" and received a "hello" in reply.

Albion - Riverside Cemetery - A mysterious lady in white has been spotted in this cemetery.

Algoma Township - Hell's Bridge - On a winding dirt road next to the Rogue River called Friske, there is a small turn-around for no particular reason. On this turn-around, there is a trail that leads off a ways into the woods. If you follow the trail, it leads to an old iron bridge called Hell's Bridge. It is said that if you are sitting or standing on the bridge at midnight you can hear the devil laughing. The reason is, in the 1800's, when Algoma didn't really exist and Rockford was known as Laphamville, a man named Elias Friske murdered several children and claimed a demon made him do it. Later the bodies were found in the part of the river where the bridge is now. Sometimes you can also hear the children crying, @r the noise of splashing water where their bodies were thrown. Some fishermen in the early morning have reported seeing a strange figure near the bridge...

Algonac - Morrow Road - Morrow Road is a Haunted road in Algonac Michigan near Harsens Island. In the 1800's a woman lost here child on that road and is still looking for her today. At night people see strange glowing orbs floating down the road and through the woods. Some see the lady walking by the side of the road in an 1800's dress covered in blood. Still others have reported seeing her hanging from a tree by a noose. The road has been on the popular show Unsolved Mysteries as well as several local news channels. Now there is a movie being made about the road. the story behind the road is a woman went out in the middle of the night to find her toddler that had somehow got out alone in the winter they both froze to death, it is a fact that if you park on the bridge at midnight and honk your horn three times she will appear and see if you have her baby. She is also said to be wearing a white blood covered gown carrying her dead baby. Also a green light will chase people away.-

Allegan - Elks Lodge - People report hearing footsteps, and doors slamming where there are no doors, a small child's voice say "Mama?"

Allegan - The Grill House and the Rock Bottom Bar - Various ghostly activities. News coverage about these hauntings every year around Halloween time, on the local channels.

Allegan - The Yellow Motel - there have been notes of white dogs chasing cars that pull into the drive way. People have seen people hanging form trees and working in fields in old clothing. This motel is where Al Capone did some of his work and had meetings in a secret place in the tunnels. The motel was once painted blue but the next day it was back to yellow. - March 2007 update: was torn down and a tennis court was built over it.

Alma - Alma College - Gamma Phi Beta House - Sisters that live in the "pink" room awoke one night to see a ghostly figure pacing back and forth between the closet door and the bedroom door. The sisters that stay in that room immediately started screaming, and the president came out of her room, opened the door and the ghost went past her. When she returned to her room everything that was hanging on the walls had fallen to the ground. Also, there are always strange things happening at the house. Things turn up missing or are moved. Strange noises can be heard throughout the night. Doors are always slamming, lights go dim, and many other strange things happen. The "hauntings" started shortly after the sisters of gamma phi beta remodeled the's almost like it upset the ghost(s).

Alpena - old radio tavern - A few witnesses heard footsteps and saw heads in the windows before they were boarded up. next to the long lake chapel.

Ann Arbor - Huron High School theatre. - Story goes some time in the late 70s a student named Mary (last name never mentioned) who, while working on some lighting fixtures alone one day, fell from the catwalks head first and died upon the stage. Sightings include actors and stagehands seeing a girl up in the catwalks wearing a light pink dress. Also, in the prop room where all the senior thespians spray paint their names on the wall shortly after Mary's death her name appeared in bold red paint above the doorway about seventeen feet from the floor and upside down.

Ann Arbor - Mercywood Hospital - Mercywood was a mental hospital before closing down. security guards heard the elevators moving when the building was empty. Sounds would come from the boiler room. In the basement were personal belongings of the inmates. There was also a bowling alley and bumper pool tables in the basement. There were insane rambling written on the walls in some of the rooms. Behind the hospital there was a convent where the nuns lived that worked in the hospital and even to go in there was a very uneasy feeling. It is like you can feel the insanity that surrounded the place. Also an evil feeling. They have since torn down the old hospital but something has been built there recently. It is on Jackson Ave. in Ann Arbor a little way down from the cemetery next to I-94 on the right side if you are going west.

Assininns - the old tribal center/orphanage - Before the building was turned into a Tribal Center, it used to be a Catholic Orphanage. People have sighted apparitions of little kids, nuns and priests, and have also had encounters with objects dropping or moving, and other various sounds through out the building. This entire piece of land still has a church that's active, and other inactive buildings that date back to the early 1800's.

Atlanta - Camp 8 Cabin - The old cabin located on Camp 8 road is haunted by three young ghosts all sisters died during the flu epidemic in the upstairs bedroom. Reports of crying and screaming have been herd throughout the house. And pictures taken by visitors have shown more than just the three ghosts. Young children, orbs and a demon have also shown up in this film. - March 2008 Update: This is private property. No Trespassing.

Augusta - Brook Lodge Hotel - Hotel now owned by Michigan State University.  Originally the Upjohn Family (of Upjohn Pharmaceauticals - since bought by Pharmacia and later Pfizer) summer residence.  Dr. Upjohn died in the Doctor's Cottage - a beautiful, upscale large cottage on the edge of the creek, surrounded by his japanese garden. Guests in staying in the cottage have told staff they hear footsteps and no one is there.  It's not uncommon for guests staying in the Doctor's Cottage to go to the front desk during the night to request to be moved to another room due to the strange noises and feelings of uneasiness. Hotel staff have said they hear the piano playing when alone in the Doctor's cottage, closing up after events- and yet they are the only people there. Guests staying in the carriage house have reported hearing piano music during the night - but the only piano currently on property is too far away to be heard there.

Battle Creek - Court Apartments (formally Webster Apartments) - Reports of strange occurrences happened only in the East side building, usually in apartments 1-4, and 8. Closet doors would open, even when closed securely and if the closet door was closed, you can sometimes hear the coat hangers (even if immobilized in some way)tap against each other, despite the total lack of breezes or heat updrafts. Other strange happenings included: Heavy footsteps and yelling in vacant upper apartments, the feeling of an unpleasant presence, cold spots (in only one upper apartment), the feeling of being "touched" or "groped", knocking on doors, dishes being broken and pans thrown (but still intact and unmoved when you check them) and flickering lights. The buildings are about 100 years old, but no one has made any connections of deaths or tragedies to these "hauntings".

Battle Creek - Penfield cemetery - when people drive by sometimes they see a white ball run across the into a marble headstone.

Battle Creek - Oak Hill Cemetery- At approximately midnight every Sunday night a statue of the Virgin Mary seems to weep this story is over 60 years old everybody in Battle Creek has heard of this story. They call her (CRYING MARY)

Bay City - Delta College - Reports of apparitions and footsteps heard in there and found nobody in the building.

Bay City - old water treatment plant - white objects seen entering plant, very creepy feeling, some people who have went inside have came out frightened

Bay City - Our Lady of the Visitation Church - The legend of the Bloody Hand. For years there has been talk of the appearance of a bloody hand in the church sacristy and in the church basement as well.

Bellaire - Richardi House - The Richardi House (now known as The Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast) is rumored to be haunted by Henri Richardi. Richardi built the house for his intended bride. When she left him for another man, he was heartbroken. Strange lights were seen in the cupola when the house was uninhabited (before being turned into a Bed & Breakfast).

Dearborn - Ford Rouge Plant - The old Rouge Power House blew up in 2001 and several people died that day. If you park on Miller road late at night in front of this building you can hear vicious screams of the people thrown onto the street from the blast.

Dearborn - Ford Rouge Plant – Overpass Bridge - The overpass bridge also has haunting facts from the day Walter Reuther was beaten up by Harry Bennett's thugs. It is said that people who use this bridge late at night get an eerie feeling of being pushed from behind and a strange voice yells at them.

Dearborn - O.L. Smith Middle School - Cold spots felt. One of the most recent encounters was in one of the seventh grade classrooms. The teacher left the room to copy some papers. Right after he left, the door connecting to of the rooms together flew open. When some of the students checked, no one could've gotten into that room. They sat back down, and again, the door moved a little. Right after, the students heard faint whispering.

Bay Port - Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast- They report to have many ghosts roaming the halls, opening & closing doors, walking up & down the stairs, moving furniture, throwing objects down, etc. They are good spirits, but very active. For information to visit go to Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Belding - Belding Library - In the Children's section, downs stairs, sometimes you hear a small girl laughing when you are there alone. Books fall off the selves and you feel like there is someone in the room who wants you to go away even thought there is no one there.

Belle Isle - bridge near lake tacoma- it is back in the forest part of the island. said that if you park your car on the bridge's anywhere on the island, and turn off the engine. After a couple of minutes an old lady in white will appear. She will wave her hand inviting you into the woods. No person has ever followed her into the woods.

Belleville - 94 & Denton Rd. - Go down Denton Rd. at midnight and stop when you see the old road at the bottom of the hill on Denton Rd. (Unknown name of road but it's by the old cemetery) stop turn off all lights and get out of your car wait about 1-10 min. and you will see a glow float down the old road at the bottom of the hill.

Belleville - Cemetery off S. Service Drive - Denton Rd. - There's an overall bad feeling in this cemetery. If you take a camera (preferably digital) and take pictures, you'll see orbs everywhere. There's a specific large, greenish orb that shows up in photographs quite a bit.

Belleville - Robson Rd - When the street is dark and no one is around you can put your car in park and turn you head-lights on get out of your car and stand in front of the car and you can see another car come towards you and drive right through you and your car and then disappear in seconds.

Belleville - Tyler Rd. Cemetery - ghosts dressed in white can be seen walking through the cemetery. It always vanishes into the tallest grave there. The ghost(s) follows vehicles that drive in there at night.

Berville - Berville Rd. - An abandoned farm house located 2 miles north of Berville where a very ill 12 year old boy had died in his sleep. Drive past this house at around 1 A.M. when it is said the boy died and you may catch a glimpse of lights flickering in the windows. Inside you can hear a faint whispering, footsteps upstairs, and things will move in the house including doors being opened that were closed. enter the boys bedroom at the end of the upstairs hall and experience an overwhelming cold chill and sudden sad emotions at times.

Big Rapids - Big Rapids Cinema - Reports of a woman crying for help, cold chills, weird noises and intense feelings when exploring the basement, which was once opened to tunnels that ran underneath the entire town but have since been filled in.

Big Rapids - Ponderosa - Voices are heard often.  Shadows of people walking. The sound of high heels down the hallway in the back.  A woman in dark clothing wearing white nylons and black heels.  Things have been reported to fall for no reason.  

Big Rapids - Rapids Apartments - The apartments are very close to Ferris State University and have many students staying there.  Residents have heard a young lady or small child clearly say "Hi" behind them in the apartment. When they all turned to look no one was there.

Birmingham - Adams house - House built in 1920. Originally inhabited by Margaret parks who owned Parks Cole Company in downtown Birmingham around the same period. Countless paranormal experiences in the home. For example: lights turning on and off by themselves, curtains opening as if someone where looking out{nobody being home that is). , cold spots , ghostly apparitions both male and female, items vanishing and reappearing ( items of small size ), a strand of bells ringing in early morning hours. This is only to name a few. Also witnessed by many people. Home at a later date became the Michigan metaphysical society.

Birmingham - Birmingham Theater- the exact history of the haunting is not known, but the Birmingham Theater has been around a long time.Possibly built beginning of the ninteen hundreds as theater used for plays. It was closed until the 1990's. At this time it was remodeled into a movie theater. A former employee that worked there in the summer of 2001 reports they had heard stories about the main theater being haunted, but disregarded them. One night after closing, they were in the main theater sweeping the leftover popcorn into piles on the floor. There were two distinct piles app. 10 feet apart. There was what sounded like a creaking and the ducts all of the sudden startes to circulate cold air. The two piles of popcorn shifted over on the floor 3 feet each, still remaining distinct piles. There is also a side door to a basement in the main theater. It is locked from the outside, no other way in. Yet at this time, light flickered on and off while the sounds of things falling could be heard.

Bloomfield - Trowbridge Road - A side street north of 16 mile on Woodward holds a very creepy place called Trowbridge. It is a very rich area an local kids that were depressed would jump off the bridge which was a 100 ft. drop to there death, one instance on a Sunday from 8p.m until 12 midnight every half hour on the hour a kid would commit suicide until midnight when the train came an dismembered there corpses. The kids would spray paint there names or something to be remembered by on the wall. It is on a street called Trowbridge, very creepy street with huge houses take it down half a mile an on the left hand side before the street ends is the bridge. Go at your own risk because the place has been known to have many freaky occurrences an not to mention a monks monastery about a mile down the road. - October 2003 Update: The Police DO issue trespassing tickets for $250.00 because the train bridge and tracks are federal property and by being on it you are trespassing on federal property. - February 2004 Update: Police patrol there quite frequently and the neighbor across the street won't hesitate to call them.

Bloomfield - Trowbridge Road - Sacred Heart Academy - There is a statue of Mary with her hands raised in the air.. (You can see it as you drive by, its in the front yard.) The urban legend goes that there were 2 young boys playing by the statue. They were supposed to come home when the streetlights come on but never did. The parents started looking for them and found a bloody message on the base of this statue that said "Don't let your kids play after dark". With the fingers of the statue cut off and blood coming out. If you go there today you'll see the fingers cut off and the eyes gouged out.- August 2005 Update: This is believed to be a hoax. a visitor to our site reports the hands of the statue are intact.
January 2007 Update: A worker reports the hands are intact because the statue has been replaced due to its evil past. The original statue is believed to be buried a couple feet down facing downward underneath a new edition to the building.

Bloomfield Hills - Fox and Hounds Restaurant- It is one of the most expensive restaurants on the states, every night around 11:30 pm, the cooks notice that all the pots and pans fall out of the shelves. They noticed this for about 12 times then put them on the ground. The next morning they are back on the top shelves.

Borculo - The Old School House - What used to be an old, one-room schoolhouse, is now said to inhibit guests from the paranormal realm. It is said a former teacher, by the name of Ms. Van moss, would abuse the children so badly that one day after a playground mishap, Vanmoss struck a child so hard in the head that the child died immediately. Today, the schoolhouse is a well know restaurant, but the customers report seeing a small child sitting solemnly alone at a booth in the corner. There have also been reports of silver wear being randomly thrown across the room.

Breckenridge - AIM School - Used to be the elementary school but in 1994 they built a new one and now it is a school for mental teenagers, and a place for events. It was said A few years after the school was built(1936)there was a little space in the wall that they boarded up, and some kid unbounded it and shoved another kid in there then boarded it back up, The kid died in the hole and a while later they found him, Now if you go in there by yourself the lockers open and close by themselves and you can here kids laughing, sometimes the toilets flush by themselves and the sinks turn on and off by themselves.

Bridgeport - Bridgeport High School - there is said to be in the first years the school was built the principal was accidentally killed by a teacher....Now all the teachers that have problems with the principal face in school injuries like falling and breaking bones.

Bridgeport - Cole Rd. Cemetery - There had been said to be seen a little girl wondering the cemetery saying, "Help me”. Seen by a young teenager.

Brighton - Brighton Women's correctional institute - before the death sentence was revoked in Michigan hundreds of inmates died in the prison. Rumors of ghost hitchhikers are known to be on the road leading to the prison. These are the souls of inmates executed while attempting escape.

Brimley - Point Iroquois Lighthouse - Point Iroquois Lighthouse, outside of Brimley is said to be haunted, there is a story about a ghost girl who was eaten by a bear, the bear was later killed and parts of the girl where discovered inside. The site is also the location of an Indian battle, which took place in the 1600's, where the Ojibwe and Iroquois had a battle, and the Iroquois's where slaughtered. The lighthouse has had cold spots and figures have been seen.

Brooklyn - Clarklake - in the house its said that there are noises that can be heard in a closet and the attic. And it is said that a man killed 3 people in the house and then himself. And so now the man is looking all over the house for the 3 people so he can kill them again.

Brownstown - Dawnshire Park - Back in the early 90's there was a rumor heard of a man with a ax walking around in the woods and every time a kid from the neighborhood walked into the woods they would see him for a split second but then the face disappeared it was said that someone actually got it on video tape but now you only see it during a full moon you can see an extra shadow walking besides you with a man and a axe.

Brownstown - Oak ridge cemetery on Telegraph - Rumors of a little boy and a tall man are said to haunt oak ridge anytime from about 9:00pm to 3:00 am.

Brownstown - Tela Valley - there are hauntings all threw out the park. Apparitions of people walking up and down the streets late hours of the night.

Burton - Naturally You - ticking clocks that are not there. Things will turn on by them self.

Byron - McGuire's House - There was a man named Nick Bradon that lived and built the house, he was plowing the field when he fell of the tractor and got ran over with the blades of the plow. There are reports of lights that go on and off, rocking chairs that rock on their own, foot steps, and there have been reports if people sleeping in the upstairs rooms have seen figure of people watching over them.

Calumet - Calumet theatre - As you go in the old place back in 1903 a man was murdered but all sorts of orbs were seen and sightings and even screaming in the break of the night as you still go there you can hear screams and screams of a young girl that had died there her name was Elanda Rowe. The ghost of the great actress Helena Modjeska has also been seen here and is considered the resident ghost.

Canton - Denton rd - many legends about this rd. the bridge is said to be haunted by a woman who's child was killed by a car, she walks the bridge and you can hear the baby cry. dark figures chase your car and there is said to be a house on a side rd. that is haunted

Canton - Denton Road Bridge - The story goes that a group of kids were playing chicken near Denton Road bridge, and one of them proved to be chicken. His car swerved off the road when they reached the bridge, and crashed into the river below. Many people claim to see a light come out of river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the center of the bridge at night.- November 2003 Update: the road has been reconfigured in that area and that the bridge no longer exists. That is not to say that the hauntings no longer occur.

Canton - Ford Road - Old Frank's Nursery & Crafts - Employees of this store were said to hear moaning after closing, along with merchandise falling off shelves. Other employees even said to be pushed by the spirit.

Canton - Gyde Rd. - Reports of whispers heard and cars being pushed.

Cass City - Crawford Rd. bridge - Back in the 1800's a young lady got in a horse and buggy accident. Her buggy wheel went off the bridge and flipped, she drown in 2 feet of water. On foggy summer night you can see her hand come up over the road and hear her please for help!

Central Lake - Murphy's Lamplight Inn - The Lamplights Inn has been a landmark in Central Lake since 1924. It was built in the very early 1900s. Beginning in the early '50s, the successive owners have had persistent reports of ghosts. A man and woman dressed in late '20s - early '30s garb have been seen many times over the years, not only by owners' families, but also by employees and customers alike. The descriptions are uncannily similar. A customer recently reported the man and woman ghosts dancing together in the bar area with a little girl ghost looking on. These ghosts also window peep (on the second floor). They certainly appear to be fun loving. Another story tells of the daughter of a former hotel manager, who was preparing to elope with her fiancée, and tripped on her gown while descending the ladder. She fell to her death and returns to walk the hallway upstairs in her wedding gown. And, it is a fact that Mrs. Gill who, with her husband, were the first managers of the hotel, returned and lived out her remaining years at the hotel. She died in the early '50s in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Many people have reported seeing her stand in the upstairs window looking onto the village. In 1979 Ted Strzempek bought the lamplight he said he was in the upstairs hallway painting when a women in a white dress ran by him and through all the boxes he had stacked by the wall she ran into a bedroom and he ran in after her only to find an empty room. The Murphy's now own the lamplight and if you ask them if the lamplight is haunted they will not deny it.

Charlevoix - Weathervane Restaurant - This spot is said to be haunted by a ghost believed to be in his late teens to early 20's who died in the grinder of the old mill that used to stand on the site.

Charlotte - Eaton Theatre - when you are in the bottom of the theatre you will feel a coldness breeze and people say that is Rick Eaton the theatre was named after him. he died in 1923 and the theatre was built in 1902. Rick was a nice guy and his poor wife killed herself on the bottom below the upstairs and she shot herself and the bottom was where Rick died. he was up on the little balcony in the bottom and he was painting and he fell off.

Charlotte - Old Charlotte Jr. High - people say that in the Charlotte Jr. High the old ISS room use to be a freezer room. They say back in the 60's a older man that was a teacher threw a kid in the freezer room. He got frostbitten and dies! Now the kids there say when they get in trouble and go in the ISS room the little boy haunts them.

Cheboygan - Hikyes Tomb - An old farmer went insane and killed his family and then himself. If you go out to the site at night you feel overwhelmed by fright. And never take a stone from the tomb you will be dealt with in a not so nice matter. 2 people drove over the tomb on purpose and there truck just died for no reason. There friends in a car behind them had the steering wheel jerked and they crashed into a tree.

Cheboygan - Pellston - January 2007 has been removed

Cheboygan - Where the old Train Station used to be - Years ago there was a terrible train accident and when the train tipped over there was a man who was badly hurt and the wreck jogged his mind so much that he started to beat his skull against the stump of an old tree. In the process of doing so, he asked himself "why am I hear"?. Well, he beat himself to death until his skull cracked wide open. At 1:00am in the morning you can still hear the ghost of the man saying why am I here as he beats his head on the stump.

Chelsea - Beach Middle School - Reports that lockers slam when no ones there and in the girls bathroom you here the toilets flush and whispers heard and behind the stage you can feel an odd presents in there when your alone.

Chelsea - Chelsea hospital - in the dark, you can feel an odd presence of someone else there with you. There have been reports of ghost sitings near the operation rooms.

Chelsea - Pink Palace - The foundation of the house is still there. They say at night the house reappears. Also at the back of the house, there are slave house's and old barn which are said to be haunted.

Chesaning - Chesaning Market Street Square (a mini mall with indoor shops) - Store merchandise has been found moved when stores are opened in the morning. Employees hair pulled, employee shoved, voices can be heard at night. A Santa decoration was seen by 3 eye witnesses as it lifted from a table and was sat down on the floor outside a store. Transparent images of a woman and man seen separately over periods of time. Numerous unexplainable events occurring since mall opened in 1985. Unknown before this date. A smallpox outbreak in 1837 devastated some of the last remaining Indians in this area before the village of Chesaning was started.

Clarksdale - Sunflower Bridge - It is said that late at night if you go over the Sunflower Bridge...turn off your car and roll down your windows that the cries of help and people yelling could be heard.

Clarkston - Clarkston Cinema - Closed Down- Sightings of people around the cinema. scratching and bumping noises heard every night. Shadows of people running on the screen. Little girl sits on the stage.

Clarkston - CVS off dixie us 20 - In the late 1800 a man was slaughtered off of what is now dixie and white lake road. Reports from employee's say that the man comes out at night and walks towards deer lake raquet club and back to cvs.

Clinton Township - 18 mile road and Hayes - In the woods right off Hayes and 18 there is a small cemetery that has about 30 stones, most of them dating back to the 1800's and its said that if you come alone to the cemetery at 12:00 at night on a Friday you will very loud whispers in the woods that corner the whole cemetery and if you brave enough to stay longer the whispers come closer until there right in front of your face

Clinton Township - Cadillac Memorial Gardens East - There have been several acts of violence here. About 20 years ago a man escaped from a mental home and broke into the front office. In the process he broke several windows, trashed the place, slit his wrists and neck, and was found by the sales staff in the morning wrapped in a blanket talking to himself. He did not die but it was a very violent experience. 10 or so years ago a man was distressed over losing his parents and shot himself in the head overnight on top of his parent s grave. Several of the grounds crew have seen a man dematerialize in the same area a few times. This was in the summit hill garden which is the oldest garden in the cemetery. In the day or night there can be an overwhelming feeling of being watched. About 6 or 7 years ago there was a sales manager who quit after seeing an Indian in the sales office walk thru a wall. There is also a story not verified that a police officer shot a teenager on the grounds and the boy died and was buried there. In the months following the cop went mad and one night was caught wearing camouflage and face paint digging up the boy that he killed. There have also been a few graves that people have tried to dig up but have failed since the vault lids are VERY heavy. Whispers and screams have been heard.

Clinton Township - Chateau Clinton Trailer Park - In the Spring, Summer, and sometimes early Fall, some of the streets will have fog only at the end of them, and there will be Shadows of teenager looking people walking down the middle of the street. Also, sometimes if you cross the middle of the streets you feel a temperature drop repeatedly.

Clinton County - St. Johns - R.B.W. (Rodney B. Wilson) - People have said to hear a noise from the hall ways like a drum beating after closing hours when only the janitors are there.

Clinton County - St. Johns/Clinton County - Cemetery on Forest Hill Road - Witnesses claim to have taken tons of pictures of orbs here.

Clinton Township - Rudgate Manufactured Home Park - During The Night Here, You Can See Ghosts Of People who were killed by the train. And when you walk around the park at night you can see black figures in the wood line at the back of the park. And You Can Also See Ghosts Of Animals. Legend is that this park was built on old cemetery that was there in the 1800's.

Clyde township - Shoefelt Rd - They say that if you go to the end of Shoefelt road at about midnight on Friday nights you will here an old hunter shooting his gun off, because the old man used to hunt out there a lot and then he died and he doesn't like it when people hunt or have fun on his hunting spot so he will scare you off by shooting his gun and than walking around by your car hollering.

Cockeysville - Padonia Park Club - Built over a cemetery where odd things always seem to occur. There is a Haunted House and Haunted Hayride in October, which seems eerie because the real ghost isn't in costumes, but it is a great place to go for scares!

Coldwater - Halstead House - haunted by the ghosts 2 children who are seen on the stairs.

Coldwater - Oak Hill Cemetery - On the end of a deep, wide ,circular pit is a mausoleum. It is painted green, vines have long since overgrown the name and front. Pictures taken on three different days and times (lighting) all show a "mist" in the top corner. One the shape of two figures is clearly visible. Vandals have written, "meg lives" on the ground in front and a pentagram in red on the door. A deep sense of unease is felt in this circle. This is located in the old section of the cemetery, you get a very strange feeling as you walk through it.

Croton - Croton Dam - There was a young boy in the 1970's who was fishing at the top of Croton Dam. He slipped and fell in the turbines, and was killed. Several fishermen have claimed they have seen the boy walking at the top of the dam sobbing. Most sightings have been in the early morning before sunrise. The boy's figure is illuminated by the lights at the top of the dam, and he is said to be walking about ten feet above the wall. The fisherman of the community seem to believe he is a sign of good luck, who ever spots him seems to have a prosperous day.

Cranbrooke campus - the elementary school - There is a legend that a little girl died in one of the attics in the building.Witnesses have seen a little girl standing on a fire escape looking at them. She couldn't have been a human, because it was summer and the only people there were us kids from the camp. The fire escape wasnt all the way down, so she couldn't have gotten there from the ground. Reports of feeling the need to get out fast.

Crystal Falls - Mansfield mine cave-in - In the late 1800's when iron ore mining was in its prime, a group of 27 miners were killed when the mine caved in and drowned them. People who live close by can sometimes hear screaming and noises like someone was hitting a pick against a rock. Apparitions can be seen in and around the water where the mine filled with water. Lights of the mining helmets are seen coming from below the water.

Dansville - Seven Gables - Along time ago, there was a lady who lived 2 miles back on Seven Gables Road. She was involved in witchcraft, and she put a curse on Seven Gables road. IF you heard someone scream, The last person to jump over the fence would die. a few years later, she forgot all about the curse, and she heard a baby scream, then she jumped over the fence and 2 months later she was dead. 25 years after, a man, his wife and his 2 kids, moved into that same house, The man went Mentally insane, burned down the house with his family inside, grabbed a shot gun, when down the road planning to shoot himself in the head. Instead he found a rope on a tree and hung himself. Now they say that the witch haunts seven gables, she doesn't want anyone there, Every person that has attempted to go to seven gables have taken Williamston road and either died by a car accident or almost died. No one know why. Trust me we know.

Davison - Russelville ballroom - people report seeing a man run in the woods, orbs around the building ,faces looking out the window. The place is closed down now and seems not to be able to stay open. When it was open people would report dishes moving and pots and pans falling from where they are at .on the dance floor people report seeing ghost dance.December 2006 – update: About a year ago a bad wind storm collapsed the porch roof of the building, and buckled parts of the walls. The building is considered unsafe and will most likely be torn down soon.

Dearborn - Divine Child High School - Several years ago, when a new gym addition to the school was being built, a construction worker fell from a scaffolding and died from head injuries. Many people say that the new gym in the school is haunted and see his ghost up on the catwalk at night. If you walk down the halls of DC by yourself you always feel like something is watching you, or following you, usually due to the footstep noises. It has been said that at night, in the empty halls, if you get in the school and walk around some of the rooms are lit up and the janitor equipment will be standing outside some of the rooms, but if you go in the rooms there is no one to be found, but often strange things written on the chalk boards.

Dearborn - Dunworth Pool (Seashore) - Overnight maintenance and guards have reported seeing children running through the building. The lifeguard break room is always cold and often feels like someone is watching. At night the gates rattle and shake. Children can be heard calling out "Jack" (the person the pool is named for) or the night maintenance man's name. Also footsteps can be heard throughout the night. Police often are called in to make sure it is not vandals. Never find anything but the noises continue.

Dearborn - Fire Station 2 - Reports of many of the fire personnel that work there state that at night, a lone figure shuffles across the apparatus floor knocking over fire boots and rattling the coat hangers. Some think it is the ghost of a firefighter that refuses to retire even after death. The description is of a tall figure, glasses and mumbles about the old days gone by. The watchman of the night shift always keeps one light on for fear of this poor shade.

Dearborn - Greenfield Village - haunted by many ghosts in most of the homes, the most active are in Firestone Farm, and Webster home. A man committed suicide in the barn at the farm, and Webster is just unhappy.

Dearborn - Greenfiled village - Henry ford museum - Henry ford museum has a car from the time President Kennedy was Shot. In the evening on the anniversary he has been spotted standing next to his car waving to the security officers and leaving a single red rose on the hood of the car. Often felt a cold wind and was also told he said that there was two men that As well was not the man that shot him there was another man out side the building that was standing on the lawn where there was trees and shot him.

Dearborn - The Henry Ford Estate - Doors and windows opening and shutting on their own. Several reports of the figure of a man following someone and vanishing. Reports of a man in and old fashioned uniform wandering the hallway and vanishing (a witness who spotted this later saw a picture of the Ford's butler and said that it was the same person that they spotted). The Michigan Ghost Watchers did an investigation at the estate and got pictures of orbs, mists and a figure of a man in one of Mr. Ford's cars.

Dearborn - Players Guild of Dearborn - It's a local community theatre to which I belong. Pictures have been taken of outlines of ghosts and it has been known to play tricks on members of The Guild. I have had a few encounters with the ghost. Hearing footsteps, when no one is around, and things moving around. At times, there is also a heavy breathing coming from stage Right.

Dearborn - Ritz Carlton Hotel - It is known that when your in suite 418 the doors will close and open; And the lights will flicker on/off three times and the bathroom door will swing open; And the two French doors will fly open, and after you close it the handles will move up and down.

Dearborn - Showcase cinema - 2 men died in a fire of the upstairs. When you go up there you can feel something is there with you. Employees also see figures standing in numerous places inside building.

Dearborn - Tournament Players Club - The cleaners have claimed at nighttime to have felt presences and witnessed the lockers opening and shutting. You always feel as if your not alone. It is believed to be the spirits of golf legends.

Dearborn Heights - Berwyn Senior Center - About 33 years ago, at a old school called Berwyn elementary(located at Berwyn and Richardson), there was a janitor that hung himself in the location of where the library stands today. Today it is called the Berwyn Senior Center. It is said by the senior citizens, and neighborhood kids, that they hear keys rattling, tapping on the glass of the library windows, moaning, and sometimes a figure or a face in the library's windows. Many say that this place is haunted.

Dearborn Heights - Crestwood Computer Lab - Computer number 25 is definitely haunted by an old senior who didn't not graduate because he failed computers. Now the computer acts up and any senior who sits at that computer passes with an 'A'. All the work is already done. This ghost is unlike any other ghost, he is a kind one!

Dearborn Heights - Crestwood High School - People have reported sightings of ghosts walking the halls at night, sounds coming from classrooms that are empty, things being moved, and voices behind students in the daytime. The origin of the hauntings are unknown.

Dearborn Heights - Highview Elementary School - Mary is said to have run into the girls bathroom on the second floor crying after the teacher screamed at her. And she tryed to climb up a vent to get out of the school.She didnt know that the vent was an old air conditioning vent and turned on automatically. She is said to have climbed up and screamed as the blades cut her body and she died in the vent. There is a dark stain beneath the vent and the door to that stall is removed.

Dearborn Heights - O.W. Best Middle School - The right wing of this school was closed off, supposedly because a young girl hanged herself in the hallway's bathroom. People claim to hear sobbing and see drops of water drip from thin air.

Dearborn Heights - Riverside Middle School - The Pool area was torn down this past summer, 2002 - There is a closed pool were a girl dove in and crack her head open and died and people reported that they saw her roaming the halls and her in the pool area. Also they heard her say student's names. Couple people claim they saw her in the pool area wearing blonde hair that is shoulder length with blue eyes.

Dearborn Heights - Silvery lane park - A few years ago there was a fight at the park, and it involved many people and someone pulled out a gun and told everyone to stop fighting and they kept fighting so then he shot someone and killed them. People say that if you go there at 7.45 at night by the back picnic tables you will here a gun shot then a man will appear then leave, the shooting happened like 13 years ago.

Decatur - Cass County – Anderson Grave Yard - formerly listed under Van Buren County - this is where the Morris Family is buried at, who were murdered in there own home on Sept 29th is said that if u go to the grave yard on this date the 29th of Sept, you can see Ester and Charles Morris, by there tombstone which is the only pillar stone under the only ever green trees in the center of the grave yard. - March 2004 Update/Correction: Henry and Esther Morris did have a child, but he/she died in infancy several years before the murders. At the time she died Esther Morris was pregnant. And the maid was not killed; she was in the house asleep at the time. The Morrises lived in a house considered by the people of the time to be a mansion, and were considerably wealthy. Additionally the murderer didn't arrive on horseback as far as can be discerned, but he did steal the Morris' buggy pulling horse. The murders took place September 28, 1879. And Anderson cemetery is considered a part of Decatur since it is in Van Buren, not a part of Marcellus, which is in Cass County.

Detroit - Coca-cola Plant - a supervisor was shot by a disgruntled employee in the 50s. He is sometime seen yelling at workers and keeping the line running when the supervisors are gone.

Detroit - Crossing of Tireman and Evergreen- No one knows why, but almost every month a horrible accident happens at the stoplight near the 3rd block of Tireman. Every accident is horrid and leaves a disgusting scene. Just last year 2 cars collided and a mans leg landed onto a lawn, while a little baby who had been in the car seat in the back was found mangled and beheaded on one of the lawns also. It happens at an unearthly rate, and no one knows why. Children around the area never cross it, and try to stay away from it, they call it "fear street".

Detroit - Dept Of Transportation Main Office - A former employee killed himself on the 2nd floor every night around 11:00 pm ....he roams the building ...operating the elevator and walking the stairs...... When he is really restless he rides the elevator with the living stopping on the 2nd floor on every up and down trip.....

Detroit - Detroit Historical Museum - In the lower level of the museum, there is a stain on the floor and it smells like sulfur that seems to disappear when it is touched. Not many know about this but it is true that some workers have seen an orb in the lower level by the stain.

Detroit - Detroit Institute of Arts - There is a figure in the African Gallery called the nail figure. I work security in the museum and several officers who work the afternoon and midnight shift have reported that when the lights are out the nail figure has (an African Sculpture who is impaled with several shards of wood referred to as "nails") has been seen performing a tribal dance. In the American Gallery there have been several reports of loud crashes in a room which houses a painting called the court of death. A loud crash has been reported to be heard by several officers patrolling through this area in the dark, sounding like a painting falling (It is a very large painting). When the lights are turned on there are no painting or any artworks out of order.

Detroit - The Detroit Masonic Temple - This huge edifice was built in 1912 especially for the Masons. The building has over 1,000 rooms, many secret passages, and secret floor compartments. The builder, a gentleman named George D. Mason, was said to have gone broke financing the building, and having lost all his money (and his wife, who left him shortly after filing bankruptcy) became despondent & jumped off the roof to his death. Night watchmen have seen his transparent form at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the roof. Also, one of the roof doors will always be open, sometimes only moments after the watchman has locked it. Many other unusual sightings have occurred there, including unnatural cold spots and shadows moving in the third floor hallway behind the Drill Hall, various footsteps, the sound of doors slamming in locked, unoccupied rooms, and feelings of being "watched" or being "unwanted". Many night watchmen have quit on the spot after having an experience with a ghost, and others refuse to even enter certain rooms.

Detroit - General Motors Plant - a man was saved from being crushed by a ghost of man that died that way in 1944.

Detroit - Henry Ford Hospital - Late at night you can hear shoes squeaking on the gym floor or hear a ball bouncing off the racket ball court. When obviously there is nobody in that area. It is off limits to personnel.

Detroit - Henry Ford Hospital - Clara Ford Pavilion - formerly a live-in nursing school is quite haunted. Security and maintenance personnel have had doors locked behind them during the early morning hours. One of the first floor boardrooms has a particularly obvious cold spot and a feeling of dread, as well as the smell of decay. In 1926 a nursing student, distraught over failing grades, took her own life by jumping from the roof onto the stone walk of the courtyard below. The doorway she used to gain access to roof will reportedly not stay closed on the anniversary of the event. A nurse there comes in every morning to the basement section and always has to close the 75lbs lead door to the x-ray room, when she is positive they close this every night before the last doctor leaves.

Detroit - Jefferson St. - before the Tunnel to Canada - A little girl was hit by a car on a rainy day where the turn for the Tunnel to Canada is. She was stuck under the car and was knocking hoping that the driver would hear her, but he didn't. It is said that when you take that turn on a rainy day you can hear four knocks on the bottom of your car. These knocks belong to the little girl.

Detroit - Majestic - magic stick - The Majestic is a theater on Woodward, It is where Harry Hudini did his final show, there is a basement below the theater that if you go down to is now a small room and a hallway that has been bricked up there has been several occasions people have seen someone coming from the basement--there is also an old mezzanine that is covered by a large drape you can hear applause and screaming coming from there. in the other part of the building there is a bowling ally(the garden bowl) and a pool hall/concert (magic stick) area above the bowling ally on several nights after all the patrons left several of us sat drinking in the garden bowl, you could hear a man yelling and running footsteps from the magic stick. thinking that someone had snuck in or stayed past closing, all of us split up and ran up the main and rear stairs not finding anyone this happened several times over the 3 years.

Detroit - Orchestra hall - Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the Detroit symphony orchestra's Second Music Director (and Son in Law of author Samuel Clemens) Walks through his old office and rehearsal spaces in Detroit's Orchestra Hall. The hall was built as a prerequisite of Gabrilowitsch before he would lead the Detroit Symphony , and many maintenance and Security personnel still find his images walking around as if he were still the Music Director.

Detroit - Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish Hall - Story goes, several decades ago the captain of the school's basketball team took his cheerleader girlfriend up to one of the rooms in the back of the upstairs. He said he wanted to give her something, so she agreed to go with him. When they got up there, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her because he said he saw her cheating on him. When you go up there now, when you `pen the doors, they shut. And when they are shut, they open. You can hear the pipes clanking and sometimes you can see the figure of an older woman walk through the halls. This upstairs used to be a school, but is now used for the hall and storage.

Detroit - St. Andrew Hall - St. Andrews is a well known concert venue. There has been several Ghosts seen walking around the basement(the Shelter) and actually chasing people up the stairs. On one occasion all the areas but the shelter was open. Doors opening and closing.

Detroit - University of Detroit - Mercy - Marion Hall - The ghosts of nuns long dead still let there presence be known by locking doors, cold chills and uneasy feelings of being watched. - January 2007 Update: Has been torn down.

Detroit - The Whitney - originally the home of David Whitney now a very swank restaurant. Reports of table settings moving, doors opening and closing, elevator being operated when there is no one there, cold spots and sightings of a male spirit (possibly David Whitney)

Dexter - Warlock Willie's - There is a small cemetery near an apple orchard about a mile from town on Huron River Dr. There are only a few gravestones, but there is a particular tree that is said to grow over the grave of a warlock. The tree has thorns growing on it although it isn't the type of tree to naturally grow thorns. People say that if you lie on the ground in front of the tree you can see a shadow come at you and pass through you into the ground.

Dowagiac - Beckwith Theatre - Several ghosts inhabit the building which was formerly the First United Methodist Church. Contact has been less and less frequent, however, actors and theatre workers have reported hearing piano music coming from the otherwise deserted house and disembodied voices in the form of whispers and quiet laughter. The only visual contact is of a young girl, thought to have been left behind when the orphan train stopped in town and the children were brought to the property to rest around the turn of the century. Other evidence, such as disappearing scissors and keys, and strange and unclaimed writing on scripts and notebooks left overnight at the theatre, exists. Another story is that play director walked all over the theatre searching for her keys one night. She looked on the stage, then went to the basement to search. She was alone. She came back up to the stage, and her keys were in the center of the stage with the spot light shining on them.

Dowagiac - Olympia Books - Building is over 100 years old and has housed among other businesses, a funeral parlor. The resident ghost is named Mr. Bock, after a name stenciled on hallway leading to upstairs apartment. Mr. Bock regularly knocks books from shelves or places them neatly in front of the door. Strangest experience was finding a chair placed about two feet from front door, looking out onto street. This has happened twice. There is a beam interrupt buzzer at the front door which has been set off when nobody present. People in the apartment upstairs have reported hearing footsteps coming up to the apartment but nobody was there. Other strange happenings such as lights coming on or going off, voices etc. have occurred. The apartment dwellers also report that their cat will not go to a certain part of apartment when ball is thrown there.

Dryden - Casey / Rochester road intersection - Back in the 70,s a serious car accident took place there on this corner which took the life of a few boys from the town. It is said that on stormy nights the boys could be heard screaming for help. The house that was located there at the time was also believed to be the persons that called for help for them often heard the boys crying out at night. and sometimes brakes could be heard screeching and the awful sound of the car hitting the tree. The house had lots of strange happenings and ghosts seemed always around. At night if you walk down Casey road past the cemetery you get an awful feeling that you are being followed and if you turn around quickly you can catch a glimpse of something behind you.

Dutch town - Marons Food Market - Store has a women spirit in it. Stuff flies off shelves at the costumers, Someone a lady, whistling and no ones in the store but the workers. Lights shut off and turn on when someone's alone. Cold spots and chills.

Eagle Harbor - Lake Breeze Inn and light house - people claim they have seen a woman walking the porch looking out to the lake as if she is looking for her long lost husband who was lost in the lake in a freighter crash, the light house has had everything to lights flickering on and off to hearing voices, and apparitions.

East Lansing - Fairchild Auditorium - There is a boy who roams the halls of the auditorium. Also, there have been stories of weird noises coming from the stage areas.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - On the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator. Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - West - On the 6th floor: two strange figures are sometimes seen once in a while at night after 3 AM. They are shadowy figures that simultaneously take both elevators and hold them. Then whispers of wind come from the elevators. Then they elevators close.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Hubbard Hall - on the 12 floor of the South complex it is reported, the lights on the floor go out & hearing someone running down the hall. Upon investigation into the hall is deserted but footsteps and laughing are heard. Also reported an apparition of a man walking into the elevator and it goes down to the 9th floor when it gets there the door opens and you feel a cold breeze go past you. Everyone on the floor has experienced doors slamming, appliances going on and off, and windows opening and closing.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mason Hall - there have been sightings of an old man in the oak room in the basement.  Supposedly he was locked in there in 1975 and suffocated and died.  the toilets flush themselves.  Voices have been heard in halls.  There is a loud banging noise that can be heard early in the morning.  Sometimes the lights will flicker and an eerie presence can be felt in the laundry room.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mayo Hall - Strange presence felt in the basement corridor linking the two wings of the dormitory. Female figure seen in the west lounge, near the piano, said to be Mary Mayo herself. "Red Room" on fourth floor - allegedly used by students in quasi-Satanic rituals. From the third floor gable room, it is possible to see the window to the locked fourth floor.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Michigan State University Garden - Screaming heard and strange dark figures seen.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Physical Plant - In the basement of the Physical Plant in room 25, it is said an old man slaughtered 17 puppies. On cold nights and July Saturdays at noon, you can hear children crying.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Williams Hall - Incidents have included residents hearing noises coming from unoccupied rooms, computers turning on and off, seeing ghostly figures in the halls and dancing in the old cafeteria, night receptionists have reported the television in the main hall turning on and off.

East Leroy - 4 mile road - behind the houses on the lift side (if coming from battle creek) there is an old railroad that runs through the fields. It run back in the early 1920's. Witnesses report a phantom train can be heard, seen and felt the train as it passes by.

Eastpointe - East Detroit High School - The high school's auditorium is said to be haunted. Shadows have been seen on the walls when the auditorium is dimly lit. There are also stories of apparitions being spotted. Cold spots are felt on the stage as well as a strange presence being felt from time to time. Occurrences only seem to happen when there are a few people in the auditorium. When there is a crowd nobody notices anything.


Eau Claire - Dowagiac - Frost Cemetery/Munchkin land - There is an old church on the T of Brush Lake Rd. and Frost. It's surrounded by an old cemetery. The church and it's grounds are said to be haunted by a child who was killed inside of the church by the pastor. If you drive by there is also a head stone that glows green. You can here giggling from insides the cemetery late at night. And you will sometimes see figures hiding among the stone.

Enterprise - The Mitz's House - Is a house that has been standing since the Civil War. During a recent renovation project, the carpenters and other workers said to have come in to work and all of their tools have been moved or missing, they have heard music when there was no power on in the house, they have heard laughter of children, and came in one day and all the furniture had been nailed to the floor. There were also reports of some of the workers seeing blood on the stairs and banister and the head carpenter was down in the basement and looked to the top of the stairs; He saw a figure standing there that was dressed like a general from the Civil War. Mrs. Mitz still lives in this house today.

Evart - Forest Hill Cemetery - Some of the headstones glow at night. It is said that the light comes from the lantern of the deceased, but restless, railroad worker. He died in the Muskegon River flowing by the cemetery in the late 1800's.

Fallassburg - Fallassburg Park/Covered Bridge - Haunted by a witch that was hung in the area in the 1800s. Apparitions and voices can be seen.

Farmington Hills - Farmington Cemetery - On Grand River just past Farmington road there is a cemetery that is haunted. If you are leaving through the west gate, which is on a hill, and you put your car in neutral, your car is mysteriously "pushed" up the hill and out of the gate of the Cemetery. - April 2007 update – a group went to investigate this haunting and found nothing. Further, they found no facts that it has ever really happened or have been recorded to happen.
March 2008 update – A visitor to this site claims it is absolutely legit. The thing is, you don’t drive OUT the west gate. You drive IN the west gate. You then drive to the bottom of a hill. You put in your car in neutral and go back up the hill. They claim to have done this at least 50 times over the past 10 years or so. It works every single time. You put the car in neutral, and go backwards uphill. Not driving the other way. They sent a picture showing the front of the car pointing down hill.

Farmington Hills - William Tyndale college - There have been many occurrences with employees especially the buildings and grounds workers of the sound of a woman walking down the hallway in hi-heel shoes. This could seem to be normal but all the doors in the building are locked and the workers are 100% sure there is no one there. There have also been the sounds of children playing but there is no one there.

Fenton - Fenton Hotel - Several reports of activity in the Bar area, glasses breaking and shutters being opened or closed. Phantom drink orders taken by wait staff. Included in the book Haunted Michigan. Noises(footsteps, voices) reported in the upper levels by employees closing the restaurant at night. Has a long history in the town, used to serve as a Hotel, but has been a restaurant for many years. Many unexplained light flickering occurs also

Fennville - 54th street - in the back roads off the right side of m89 highway there were sightings of a werewolf looking creature it stood about 4 to 5 feet high crouching down a whitish grey color its been sighted by a few people

Fennville - Reveille Rd - there was a haunted trailer that 3 people lived in strange things happened in that house mirrors breaking, doors slamming, and you can hear voices. this house was recently demolished now there thinking of putting a radio station in

Ferndale - Ferndale Jewish cemetery - In the cemetery at midnight on Woodward between 8 mile and Marshall till 3 in the morning you can hear bells and screaming from in the park behind the cemetery. The history is that the people in the cemetery are in need of deep rest and wont stop till they get it.

Fife Lake - Battenfield House - Previous residence of one of well known mass murderers who was found to have poisoned several family members because she liked to attend social events and used the murders to provide the social contact she craved. Two of the murders occurred in this house. Hauntings include burning flames seen on upstairs newel post which left no heat or burn.

Flat Rock - Ford Plant - A security guard reports in the basement of the old warehouse there’s a lot of strange activity, He has taken pictures of orbs and "streaks of light". There’s one area in particular where you tend to get a feeling of someone standing near you its doesn’t help that all the lights are out in that area. Story's go that a security guard was stabbed down there in the 1980's by a homeless person and died down there. There was an older guy on his shift that claimed to have been one of the Iron workers that built the place in 1953. He said that when the hole was being dug for the foundation of the building that they found human remains, he also said that the county corner had to come out there 2 to 3 times a week because they were digging up so many old bones story goes is that the area was once used as a native Indian burial ground.

Flint - Capitol Theatre - People have heard screams, moans, and tapings on the wall. And while groups have come to play on the stage in the theatre, for no reason at all their equipment goes dead, but the power is still on. that is when they hear eerie singing of people and shadows in the balcony.

Flint - Cornwall building - the old Cornwall family is said to still walk the place. You can see them in the window of the old office from 3rd street.

Flint - Diane's Pawn Center - A heavy and oppressive feeling takes over you as you enter, and specifically in the isle with leather coats and guitars, you sense an overwhelming amount of depression and dread. You get the urge to leave immediately. The hair stands up on the back of your neck, and it also seems hard to breathe.

Flint - The Dryden Building - Man walking down hallway on 3rd floor.  3rd floor bathroom has oppressive feeling.  Sounds of people walking up and down the stairs.

Flint - Naturally You Wig & Hair Salon - Smells of some one baking, even though there is no stove. Knocking on walls, lights flickering, faces seen looking out of window at night. Personal items being moved from one place to another. "People" walking down hallway when there was no one there. Bells ringing at the front door. Haunted possibly by an old man and woman, or maybe even farm help.

Forester - Forester Cemetery - Young Boys Running around Graves around 12:00 on almost every Wednesday Thought to be because of a Fire that killed some school children.

Forester - Forester Inn - Minnie Quay is also known to haunt her house which is across from the Forester Inn, the Forester Inn and the Forester Cemetery.

Forester - Lake Huron - A young girl named Minnie Quay is said to haunt the shores of this lake. When Minnie was around 15 years of age, she fell in love with a sailor. Unfortunately, Minnie's parents disapproved and would not let her see him. The sailor later died at sea. Minnie was so upset upon hearing of his death that she dressed herself in all white and jumped off the pier into the cold waters of Lake Huron. Her body is buried in the nearby cemetery. People have claimed to see her ghost walking the beach, crying for her lost love.

Forestville - Forestville Beach - One night a young teenager was driving his truck down to the beach. The road to the beach had a steep hill downwards towards the water. He was going to fast and couldn't stop in time so he plummeted in the water. The weight of his truck dragged him under to fast to escape so he drowned. Every summer night if you go to the beach you can hear his scream then a giant splash at around 11:30 pm

Frankenmuth - School House Mall - Story has it, that in the late 1800's when the mall was still a school, a teacher was killed there. A murder was running loose and this unlucky teacher was right in harms way. She has been seen wandering the hallways trying to protect her students from the killer. - March 2005 Correction: St. Lorenz Lutheran grade school--was not built on that site until 1928. And there were all men teachers until the late 1940's.

Fraser - Eisenhower Elementary - It is said that a little boy was brutally beaten and hung from the swing set and people report during the night to see the swings start swinging all on their own and cries of pain.

Freeland - Elementary school - building used to be a graveyard, all bodies not removed. A creepy man wondering the halls, but only in dark and deserted places. Behind stage, cold spots galore, and the curtain wires moving with no one by them. Old band room, and hole in the ceiling, and once on a while a student will see a mans face through it.

Freeland - Ice Road Cemetery - Cold spots & lights have been reported.

Fremont - Old Applebrook Farm - Althaugh the home is owned by new owners now, the once-named Applebrook Farm is over 100 years old. A large, white house with red shutters, one could nearly ALWAYS feel the presence of spirits. Figures were seen & voices were heard.

Fremont - Wal-mart - The ghost of a man has been known to play tricks on associates. Knocking things over and making noises. Especially upstairs in the layaway packaging dept. The associates who have worked there for years swear they have seen him or have been witness to his mischievousness. Also complaints of feeling watched and chills.

Garden City - Garden City High School - Around 7:30pm every night at Garden City High School you can hear howling and screaming coming from the tennis courts. These sounds are said to be because a dog killed a little girl back in the 1800's. The tennis courts took over the exact spot.

Garden City - Garden City High School - O'Leary Auditorium - There's a patch in the ceiling where a boy fell through and died. if you look there sometimes you can see two glowing, what we call, eyes. Curtains open and close during rehearsals and performances. The crawl space door to the catwalk opens and slams shut, even though now it's kept looked. Lights flicker on off, especially the spotlights. The students know him as "Red Eyes", no one has yet to see him.

Garden City - Garden City High School - Room 136 - When the room is empty after school there is a girl that sits at an empty desk in the back corner. She was supposedly shot to death in 1984.

Garden City - Garden City Hospital - There was a 13 year old boy who is seen late at night in the main lobby walking back on forth from the desk to the 3rd chair. It is said that the boy is trying to decide to find another way out, or to avoid his original plan. Which was he jumped from the roof after an operation didn't go the way he had hope. After walking to the desk 3 or 4 times. It disappears and at night around 2:30 if you stand on Cambridge and look up you can see it happening.

Garden City - Garden City Park - reports of an apparition on an old man that is sitting at a picnic table that just disappears.

Garden City - Lathers Elementary - The local rap group L3 was being hunted down by gunmen and ducked a few bullets. Where the old baseball diamond stood, "Mr. Tarnow" and "Phareel" fired back and killed two men before getting gunned down themselves. Children claim they hear rhymes and gunshots when they step on the "baseball diamond", which was turned into a parking lot because of the murder scene.

Genesee - Grand Blanc - Riverbend East Watertower - Time to time you can hear "wavey" sounding voices coming from the fenced off building, at the bottom of the water tower... you can hear voice of a young boy or girl that are calling out "I'm over here... I'm over here..."Before water tower and subdivision were put in...a boy was playing tag with friend, and got lost in woods... He was not found until weeks later... after the animals had gotten to him.

Gladstone - North Bluff Cemetery - It has been seen by numerous people that a woman in a wedding dress has been seen walking through the cemetery searching for the people who murdered her husband, Raymond Visnaw. It has said that she has actually came towards people and disappeared.

Goodrich - Cemetery by the Elementary School - voices and sounds of people talking throughout the night.

Grand Blanc - Grand Blanc High School - Mysterious smoke coming from the bathrooms. Teachers would go in there, thinking someone was smoking and there would be nobody there. Cameras would show that nobody even went into the bathrooms. During tests, students will sometimes hear voices coming from the venting systems. Lockers will mysteriously open and slam shut and nobody will be in the hallways. Every now and then, you would hear people whispering in the bathroom stall next to you and nobody will be there. Also, door stalls will open and slam shut, even yours. It seems that the bathrooms at the high school are particularly haunted.

Grand Blanc - Old State Cemetery - People levitating, shadowy figures, voices, cold winds suddenly, something touching you, held in one spot, and a bouquet of flowers following you every step you take.

Grand Haven - The Grand Theatre - Haunted by the old janitor that ran the place a long time ago. When it was up and running as a theatre, employees would report lights turning on and off and garbage being cleaned up and no one had cleaned up. There also might be someone buried the basement according to stories. This information was printed in a story in the Grand Haven tribune around 1995. The theatre is currently going to be turned into a hotel if all goes well.
February 2005 Update - Sadly, as of Jan. 6th, 2005, the Grand Theatre is being torn down, starting today. Not enough money and interest could be raised for a hotel.

Grand Haven - Lake Forest Cemetery - There has been sightings of a "blue man" apparition on top of Ferry Hill, an old part of the cemetery where the founders of the city are buried. The "blue man" is believed to be that of William Ferry, a reverend and founder of Grand Haven.

Grand Ledge - Sawdon High School - There are three floors at Sawdon High School, The classes use to be on the second floor until a student overdosed, on acid on the second floor, so they moved classes and lockers to the third floor, It is said that if you go on the second floor of Sawdon you will hear lockers open and slam shut, and toilets flush, and someone running through the hall screaming.

Grand Rapids - Ameritech Building - Formerly Michigan Bell Telephone Company - on the corner of Fountain and Division. haunted by the Randall's , whose home stood on the ground where this building is today.

Grand Rapids - Amway Grand Plaza Hotel - in the old part (smoking section now). Objects moving on their own.

Grand Rapids - Aquinas College - Holmdene - It is rumored that this mansion (the former Lowe estate) located on the campus of Aquinas College is haunted with the spirit of one of the Lowe children_ a small boy who according to stories drown on the property. Night security guards report turning off all lights in the locked and secured building and having them mysteriously turn on once again. Reports of water faucets turning on have also been mentioned.

Grand Rapids - The Black Hills - A house Norwich St hosts a ghost. On the second story and in the far room at the right-hand side there is a ghost of a man that sometimes appears to be dressed in clothing from the 30's or 40's. Sometimes he appears to be an elderly man. At approximately 10:00 to 11:30 the specter wanders from the hallway and then hesitates at the doorway and then look like it is about to turn around. But then he walks into the room. The former residence to that place reported that the ghost walked to the middle of his room and stood there for minutes and then goes out into the hallway and stands. It is not known when he vanishes. He was last seen in 1996.

Grand Rapids - Cornerstone University - numerous stories of a girl that waits outside of Pickett Hall during very late hours. she is always claimed to wear the same dress, and is clothed in a fashion that resembles the 70's. the girl often vanishes when she notices she is being watched.

Grand Rapids - Cornerstone University - Pickett Hall - numerous stories of a girl that waits outside of Pickett Hall during very late hours. she is always claimed to wear the same dress, and is clothed in a fashion that resembles the 70's. the girl often vanishes when she notices she is being watched.

Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Civic Theatre - Reports of an "evil presence" in the peanut gallery, gels flap in the lights, and people have been seen in the side bays or ducking behind curtains

Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Home for Veterans - This Old Soldiers Home first opened in 1886 and its early residents were Civil War veterans. To the present day, ghostly men are seen on the grounds wearing Civil War garb.

Grand Rapids - St. Isidore School - Reports of water faucets going on all by themselves. There was one incident where a girl went to the upstairs bathroom and heard someone come in, but when she looked around no one was around.

Grand Rapids - Ottawa Hills High School - In North House Lecture Hall there is reports of strange noises such as water spilling on the floor, footsteps and things turning on by themselves. A girl who was dropped of early one morning decided to sit and wait in the hall until school had opened reports someone or something pulling her hair. In the first row, second seat on the right. Why these encounters are happening no one knows.

Grand Rapids - St. Stephens School - Around 1970,a mysterious fire broke out in the downstairs gymnasium and trapped a young girl named Susan in the girl's bathroom. Students reported hearing screams and hollers coming from a stall in the girls locker-room, and seeing no one there.

Grand Rapids - Studio 28 (theater) - There is a rumor of a ghost who haunts the projection booth by theater 13. Some employees have seen a shadowy figure dart across the booth. Others have noticed objects moving on their own.

Grand Rapids - Thornapple Restaurant - Daily Grill/Village Inn - At the restaurant that was called the Thornapple Village Inn in the Ada area. the anecdote associated with this haunting is that an engagement dinner was held at the restaurant, and afterward the young woman who was to be married died unexpectedly. She is sometimes seen in one of the mirrors in the ladies room in the restaurant's basement, and restaurant managers/wait staff has reported working after closing to see and hear the restaurant elevator operating on its own. They report other odd happenings with other electrical devices. She has been seen in silhouette, sitting in the restaurant, and one manager, a young female I spoke with, said after a few nights of working alone cleaning up the bar area after closing, that she won't work alone there any more, she had seen the elevator operate on its own too many times and was scared.

Grand Rapids - West Catholic High School - There is a cemetery next to the high school that has a 'glowing nun' near one of the tombstones. You can only see this glowing nun during a full moon. When you see it, it is glowing and transparent. There is no logic of the source of light or why it glows like a hologram. After you drive past the tombstone - it disappears. Hundreds of cars would line up to see the glowing nun every full moon in the 1980's.

Grand Traverse County - Monroe Center S. Of Traverse City - Monroe Center Cemetery - Odawa kids have been told a legend growing up of a Bear Walk. A Native person whom has been taught "bad medicine," can change or assume the shape of any animal he or she desires. When not in animal or human form, a ball of light can be seen traveling at ground level or jumping from treetop-to-treetop.

Grandville - Grandville Cemetery - A 300 year old cemetary built upon by a christian cemetary, dated back to the mid 1800's. Reports of serious hauntings, and even people having extreme physical pain. In one case a young girl was rushed to the hospital only hours after visiting this cemetary.

Grant - Grant High School - The janitors when they are all by themselves report seeing balls of light glide across the room and things being knocked over by themselves. Also reports from students of being slapped or hit across their face and backs. 

Grayling - Hartwick Pines River Bottom - Voices heard early in the mornings, if you are sitting in the river bottoms.

Grayling - Pere Cheney Cemetery - Not far from Grayling is a cemetery from the late 1800's named after a small town that died out circa 1900. The cemetery has only a handful of tombstones, many of which have been vandalized or withered with age. There is reference to several mass graves there from a plague of small pox and a major fire that destroyed the town. The cemetery has produced several tales of problems with electrical devices such as cars and radios, as well as sightings of ghostly figures and childish laughter.

Greenville - Frigidaire Factory - It is said to have the ghost of an employee who was killed in a traffic accident on his way home from work after being fired. - March 2008 update: Has been torn down

Greenville - Fire Station #4 - The fire station was discovered to have been built on an old cemetery. Strange happenings have been documented by firemen and civilians. The occurrences are blamed on a ghost named Mr. Griffen, as it was only part of a name readable on an old tomb stone found in the yard. There are numerous sightings and stories of strange events that several scared to sleep and some even refuse to work at the station all together.

Greenville - Metron nursing home - a former worker used to work here doing post mortem care and the west hall has a nurse on duty 27-7 her picture is on the wall there and she is seen ALOT walking around the end of west hall she died 23 years ago.

Grosse Ile - Knock Knock Rd. - June 2008 hoax - No information pertaining to a girl being dragged by a car can be found anywhere in Detroit. In Gross Isle there is a lovers' lane. The story goes that one night a man and a girl were there and the girl wouldn't do anything with the guy so the guy kicked her out of the car and slammed the door. Her hair supposedly got caught in the door and it is said that he dragged her down the road several miles. If you go down the street that she was dragged on you can her a knocking on the side of your car many times as if she was caught on the side of your car. - February 2004 Correction: The road was never called "Knock Knock" but the story is true and it is in the archives of the Detroit news, dated June 12th 1962, the girl was a babysitter that got caught up in and taken by the man of the house and when she refused his advances he kicked her out of his car but it was her dress not her hair and she was dragged to her death.

Grosse Isle - Ford Yacht Club - strange noises and sightings on the grounds after the clubhouse closes. Some think it is the ghosts of past commodores. The ford yacht club has the largest grounds of any yacht club in the United States. During the American Revolution, the British controlled Grosse Isle, and during the war of 1812,as well. .

Grosse Ile - Wildlife Sanctuary - The story goes that a man was hung from a tree branch in the middle of the night. You can still see the branch where the man was hung from at the fork of the road. It has been said that if you go there in the middle of the night, noises are heard and you will have the feeling of not being wanted there. Feeling of being watched and followed. Noises and lights through the trees. Having to go away. Also, ny people report seeing a 10 -12 year old boy riding his bike while driving through the bird sanctuary at night. He appears to be wearing all beige or gray and is generally approached from behind. The rider clad in an outfit entirely made up of the same color is what seems to grab the immediate attention of most people who have related this story. Upon overtaking the rider, the passengers in the car invariably turn to have another look at this kid out for a ride on an unlit road in an area where people are not often found. All they report seeing behind them is empty road and dense woods stretching out before them.

Grosse Pointe Shores - Lakeshore Drive - There have been plenty of accidents involving drownings in Lake St. Clair. Strange people stand near the edge of the lake. While driving, you might watch them disappear as you look back to where you saw them.

Grosse Pointe Woods - Grosse Pointe North High School - It is said if you are on the third floor at 2 o'clock in the morning, random lockers will open and close and you can hear a girl scream. The story behind this is unknown.

Gulliver - Seul Choix Point - Upper Penn - It is said that the lighthouse there is haunted by one of the old keepers. there has been some work done and the put 12 cigars on the table and sealed off the room for the night, the next morning, with the seal undisturbed the cigars were found throughout the room including one in the pocket of the keepers uniform which was on display in the room.- May 2005 additional information - For more information go to They have a gift shop that sells a video of additional ghost stories.

Hamilton - The Junction - The Junction is an insane asylum in the Allegan Woods. This place is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former patients of the asylum.

Hancock - Finlandia University - Phi Kappa Tau House - In our 102 year history of the house, it has been a hospital, hotel, doctors office, and now a fraternity house. One of the brothers fell off the fire escape 20-30 years ago and died. Strange things happen such as faucets turning on, lights going on and off, and doors will open and close. In addition their dog will not go into ROOM 1. She will stand outside the door and watch something or someone go around the room. There has also been sightings of miners and other strange people in the house. The basement was a morgue, and every now and then when down there it will go from being warm to ice cold even though it may be 70 degrees outside.

Harrison - The Apartments behind the Putt-R-Golf - There has been many hauntings in these apartments, you can hear people walking up the stairs, radios and other electronic devices turn on and off by themselves, doors open, and you can here people talking or papers rattling when there is no one in the house except you.

Hartford - Maple Hill Cemetery - There have been reported sightings of a creature that lives in the back woods of the cemetery with glowing green and sometimes silver eyes. Eyewitnesses say this creature is very large and appears to be very hairy. It was reported that the creature itself once chased a couple teenagers out of the cemetery.

Hartland - Hartland Golf Range - Patrons of this Driving Range continuously report a mysterious return and re-appearance of their Hit Balls.

Hastings - Hastings Middle School - The school was built over a ancient Indian burial ground. Teachers and students have reported sightings of an Indian Chief. He has been reported as a dark shadowy figure floating down halls and moving things around inn classrooms. Many of the teachers call him Chief Turkey Feather because of turkey feathers left behind after visiting classrooms.

Harrison - Old white house - Back in the 1960's there was an old woman who owned half of Harrison and her grandson beat her and she died not to long afterward. The old house is known to have the toilet flush in the middle of the night, the doors slamming, an old woman's voice talking, screams, and things slamming up Harrison Township.

Harrison - Reinke House - There are many stories about this house. One is the mother (Mrs. Reinke) was standing in her kitchen putting away groceries, and looked up and saw twin daughters (around 6 years old) holding hands and walking toward her. They walked right past her and out the door down towards Budd Lake. Another story is the large man story. Mr. Reinke was tying up his boat when he looked up into his bedroom window and saw a large figure of a man in the window. He rushed up to make sure everything was ok and when he got there, nothing was in the room. Soon after, another sighting of this large man happened. The daughter was sleeping when she noticed that a light was coming from her closet. The way the light comes through the window it would be impossible to be shining into the closet. She looked away, and when she looked back, saw a large man in her closet, the same man her dad had seen earlier. She described the man looking just the way her dad had seen, and he hadn't told anyone about the man yet (he didn't want to look stupid). The next day, the whole family was out of the house, and no one had been there all day. When the daughter came home, she found her room in total shambles, everything in the closet had been thrown around, and figurines and other possessions where seen lying on the ground. Another story has to do with the son. One night he could hear a bouncing ball in the attic above his room. He hears it about once every month or so, and if he gets annoyed with it, he tells the ghost or whatever is bouncing the ball to quit, and it usually does. He is very used to it, and it doesn't scare him anymore to hear it. All of the son's friends are afraid to sleep in the house, and will not really sleep in any rooms alone.

Harrisville - Sturgeon Point light house - The tower is now walled up, and painted with a mural of a light keeper, but before being cut off from the rest of the building, a single dim light could be seen making it's way up the winding stairs to the tower.

Hartland - Hartland RD Cemetery - orbs, mists and odd shapes when photographed at night.

Hastings - Charlton Park - A lady is said to have been murdered in the old hotel. She was killed in a bar fight. On many occasions she has been seen walking the halls of the third floor. There is a cleaning lady who refuses to clean on this floor because she gets weird feelings when she is there. The lady has never been seen anywhere else only in the hotel. There is also a story of a young girl who was playing hide and seek and locked herself in an old chest. No one found her in time before she suffocated to death. She is said to have been seen walking the halls of the same floor.

Hawks County Road 451 - Site of the 1970's triple murder by two insane adolescents from Onaway, the Halfway Station, is said to still be haunted. The Station, halfway between Hawks and Millersburg, is fearfully avoided by teens today on "booze cruises," due to the folklore that the two murderers appear behind you after circling the station 3 x's after midnight. December 2003 Update: An investigation team traveled to Northern Michigan in July 2003, and did full research on this haunted location. The location in question, Halfway Station, is a gas station/store. No murders actually took place in this location, but the two teens did commit murder elsewhere. They are both incarcerated at Oaks Correctional Facility facing 14 life sentences. Here is a link to the all the events plus photos: WMGHS

Highland - Shoe Tree - Possibly debunked as there is a peacock farm across the road, which would explain the answering screams. - On the side of the road there's a gnarled tree around 70 feet tall. A kid walked by the tree everyday on his way home from school, and a couple bullies would stop him take his shoes and hang them on the tree so he could get them. He was found dead one day behind the tree in a swamp. Now the tree his covered with shoes, and at midnight if you get out of your car and scream, he'll scream back for help. - October 2007 Update - The tree has been cut down.

Holland - Castle Park - According to legend, this castle was built in 1890 by Michael Schwarz in order to properly seclude his family from, "America's uncivilising influences." Despite his attempts to keep his daughters secluded, one of them fell in love with a local Dutch boy, with whom she ran away to elope with. Schwarz interfered with the attempted elopement and locked his daughter away in the castle's tower. Reports claim that on moonlit nights, her ghost can be seen in the tower window looking towards Holland for her lost love.

Holly - Holly hotel - various happenings. ghosts of people, guests, things that go bump in the night.

Holt - Holt High School - During the recent construction of Holt High School a young man was working on the catwalk over the stage in the auditorium.  While he was working he fell over the rail and went head-first into the stage, covering everything within 5 feet with his blood.  It is said that you can feel an eerie presence while in the Auditorium. Other accounts from actors using the stage say they would feel a hand grab their shoulder and turn around only to find out no one is there.

Holt - Holt Jr. High - In the 1900 a little girl who didn't have any friends killed herself by hanging herself in the girls locker room. People say that the little girl walks around the girls locker room looking for a friend to play with.

Holt - Hope Middle School - In the 1980's a girl was killed by a hall gate slammed down for no apparent reason crushing her skull. Reports of a girl screaming and lockers slamming have been heard on March 7th at around 10 o 'clock or sometimes any dark quiet night.

Houghton Lake - Walgreen’s - Formerly The Brass Lantern Restaurant - The Brass Inn is a very expensive restaurant. It has a bar as well, in the smoking section. The bar is haunted. Witness have seen a guy sitting in stool #2 from the left (NOT from the bar tenders point of view). Then he disappears. Sometimes there is a VERY EERIE feeling when you walk over to the bar. - March 2008 Update: Nothing has been reported since it was replaced by Walgreen’s.

Howell - courthouse yard - People have mysteriously been hung on large tree branches, people have seen spirits, and have heard ghostly moans and screams. Sprits were seen in windows and in the court house yard. Females wearing all white and very pale, blonde hair and blue eyes have been seen.

Howell - Hillcrest Sanitarium - Several miles outside of city limits, there is the remnants of what used to be an asylum, and later housed patients with TB. Various sighting, usually of children occur. - February 2004 Update : The actual hospital has been torn down, but tunnels, and various outbuildings are still there. Strange noises are heard and lights are seen sometimes. All the tunnels removed and now they are putting up homes there.

Inkster - Union Chapel Cemetery - Union Chapel is on Michigan Ave. just passed Inkster Rd. It sits up on a hill and is easy to miss if you don't know where it is. There is a grave marker of a little girl aged 9 years old by the name of Mary Jane Walker who died Jan. 6 1866. If you ask her she may allow her picture to be taken. I tried this and got one picture that shows a vortex.

Interlochen - Grunow Theatre (Interlochen Arts Academy) - This small "black box" style theatre was built in the 1920's for the Interlochen Arts Camp and is still used today by theatre majors in the Arts Camp and Academy. It was built in the 1920's with funds donated by the Grunow family, supposedly as a memorial to their young daughter, who drowned in the lake right behind where the theatre stands. Sometimes, usually late at night during rehearsals when there are only a few people are around, strange noises and giggling are heard. Lights become unplugged, things move or disappear. Alice is loved by Interlochen theater students because of her mild mischief.

Ionia - Mill st railroad tracks - It is often said that you can hear screams from a traffic accident that happened and landed in the front yard of a mill St. home.

Ionia - Highland Park Cemetery - Years ago, there was an accident at Oak Hill Cemetery, the other cemetery in Ionia, in which five kids went in at night, though it's not sure what they went in for. One of them had urged the others to leave several times, but they did not listen. By 3 A.M that night, four of them were dead, and the last kid survived in the scatter, but refused to explain what had happened, or how he'd survived, to police or anyone.  On the first Saturday of every month between 2 and 3 A.M, if survived walks to the gate, and waits to safely guide you through. It seems as though he can protect you now in death, though he couldn't protect them in life.

Iron River - Iron Lake - cold spots, hear people talking when there is no one there, glass brake when there is no glass to brake. foot steps up stairs doors open & close lights in the house but there hasn't been power in 15 years

Ironwood Township- Powers Road Overlook - Tomahawk wielding Native American ghost sighted at the Powers Road Overlook off of Lake (Superior) Road in the spring of 1998. A ghost was seen approximately 30 yards North of the overlook. (100 feet or so off of the ground) Other strange haunts also sighted in the area, figures seen, silhouetted against an eerie glow that was said to emanate from behind the trees to the South of the overlook.

Jackson - Michigan Center High School- January 2007 - So far there is no proof that there was a death here - IT is said that a girl was hung in the auditorium of the Michigan center high school some people have said that when the are practicing playing the instruments or singing the lights will go on and off and you will hear strange moans.- WARNING – You MUST sign in to be on premises, if you are caught you could be arrested.

Jackson - Michigan Theater - While the rest of the theater is pleasant enough, the basement is a whole other story. While performing there, members of our group were unwilling to go alone into the basement for some props and folding chairs. If you attempt it alone and are the least bit sensitive you'll find yourself frozen in place on the top step. The sense of evil is overwhelming. When accompanied and with several lights on, you'll get the feeling of being watched from the shadows (of which there are plenty).

Jackson - Renolds road cemetery - Its that a father and daughter that were killed in the crouch road murder reunite here on nov.21 after dark and before light. Small patches of fog have been seen settling over Jacob crouch's grave

Jackson - Vander Cook Lake Castle - A white mist is seen as you approach the castle.

Jackson - YMCA Camp Storer - January 2007: Has been removed.

Kalamazoo - Bronson Hospital - March 2007 correction: Formerly listed under Vicksburg - freezer door slamming in kitchen. feelings of being watched. nurses talk about seeing spectres within their peripheral vision inside empty rooms.

Kalamazoo - Borgess Hospital - people have seen red lights, and ghosts of the old Sisters (nuns) who used to operate the hospital. There have been reports of children staying in the section known as 1 North feeling as if they are being watched. In the room across the hall from the nurse's station a pair of glowing red eyes has been seen. When you look out at the cemetery next door you get a sick feeling in your stomach.

Kalamazoo - Gilmoure now Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house - the house is over a hundred years old and used to be the Gilmoure's mansion back in the 30's,they were a wealthy family in the Kalamazoo area, it is said that the butler fell down the servants stair case all the way to the basement and died there, their is a built in grand father clock on the second floor that always stops on the same time whenever the clock is started, supposedly the same time the butler died, Brothers that live there report the presence of "something" at night, lights have turned them selves on or off and things have been moved with no one being present

Kalamazoo - T. B. Sanitorium - Located on Alamo Hill just off of Douglas Ave. It is said that there was a TB scare there. It is heavily patrolled by police now but when you could get in you could see unfinished card games and tools left on tables and shelves. Screams can be heard from the patients that were being experimented on.

Kalamazoo - The South Riverview/Mt. Olivet area - This Area is bordered by three cemeteries. The Riverside Cemetery, The local Jewish Cemetery, and Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery. Residents of the area have talked about strange occurrences happening in houses in the area, including a young boy that could see ghosts, and in the same house, blood dripping from a kitchen cupboard.

Keego Harbor - Fran Leaf Park - The ghost of Fran Leaf herself will show sometimes. She will sometimes disrupt activities at the park if she is around. Many weird-groaning noises heard in the wind. An evil wizard was said to be burned at the stake their.

Kelloggsville - Kelloggsville High School - A young girl in the 9th grade died in the math classroom, because of a brain tumor back in the 1960's.Her presence can be felt all the time and weird stuff happens randomly in that upstairs room.

Kent County - Cannonsburg Road - Oakwood Cemetary - Oakwood stands on the corner of Cannonsburg and Brewer roads. Just west of Oakwood, until recently, stood the old Brewer family estate. Just west of that is a long lay of Grand River Valley land that once was the lumbertown of Austerlitz. There is much forgotton and paved-over history there. In the 1980's motorists returning home from Grand Rapids at night told of a woman who stood on the corner of Brewer and Cannonsburg roads she wore no coat, though the weather at the times during which she appeared was always disagreable. She was seen in cold rains and wet snows. This rural area just at the edge of town was not completely desolate so there are no stories of motorists stopping to offer the apparition a ride. As the stories go, she never thumbed or indicated in any way that that she was in distress, she just stood there enduring the elements. Could she have been a live person? Doubtfull, Homes were far enough away from Oakwood that there would have been no reason for a young woman to stand out on that corner late at night in nasty weath with no coat.

Kent County - Rockford - Wolverine World Wide-hh puppy shoes) factory F-sole plant/3rd shift-ghost shift - Known only as shadow man, he stands over employees that are trying to ignore him, he will follow some into the bathroom, he even goes into his own stall, he will follow you to break and pull out a chair to rest then when break is over he will push his chair back to the table, he may even shut off the lights for no reason. Perhaps only a disembodied spirit who can't leave until the jobs done! I wrote a short story and interviewed supervisor and others.

Kenton - Kitchie Cemetery - Cemetery with nothing but white crosses. Only one headstone existing in the middle of all the white crosses. Chainsaws often heard along with screaming. Orbs float in front of parked cars of visitors.

Kentwood - Velvet House - A mother and young daughter can be heard talking to each other, and to this day you can see the ghost of a cat hiding in corners, and then quickly dashing off. Curtains move with no windows open. The attic door opens sporadically.

Kewadin - Oasis Red Bull Tavern - The bar was built in 1932 where it is said that a man hung himself in the basement. At night you can hear foot steps, objects moving and sudden feelings of discomfort, such as on a 80 degree night, you get a brief ice cold draft across your neck. lights go on and off as do the t.v.'s but no one has ever been injured to to these events

Kingsford - Pine Mountain Road - Everyone in town knows that this area was hit hard during the depression, and a hobo town was located where K-Mart is now. Well the legend goes that a homeless guy was trying to hitchhike on Pine Mountain Road up to Marquette for work and was hit by a truck. The driver left his body there for someone else to find and by the time someone found him his body was too mutilated and decomposed to identify. Many people report seeing a man after midnight with a long white beard in 20's era clothes trying to flag them down. His eyes are big and white, almost like he's scared. If you happen to see, "The Hitch" as we call it he disappears when you look back where he was standing.

Kingsford - Pine Mountain Road - U.P. Investigators has, after doing several investigations of the area,as well as checking city and county records, determined that this one is a hoax. Also, it should be noted that the area in question is located in Iron Mountain, Mi., which is right next to Kingsford. Another thing one should make note of is that these are two relatively small communities, and it is curious that

Lake Orion - Scripps Road - June 2008 Removed. No trespassing, if you are caught trespassing you will have charges brought against you.

Lambertville - formerly listed in Temperance - Verna Drive - Update: The following reported haunting is a hoax.- The Monroe County Paranormal Society have just investigated this claim and their contacts in the sheriff's department tell them that there has never been such a murder in the entire county, let alone in the quiet of Bedford Township. Also Lambert Estates also has never existed. One also has to wonder how such a horrific tragedy as the game show story never even made it to the local news. - Off Monroe Road in Lambertville, Michigan, there is a subdivision called Lambert Estates. Lambert Estates is mostly made up of a road called Verna Drive. The subdivision was formed in 1957. In the early summer of 1978, Steven Madison, a 33-year-old worker for a glass plant in Toledo, Ohio, walked into a home on Verna Drive and killed an elderly couple with a hammer found in the garage. He then moved into several other houses that night, and killed 7 others. 3 male adults, 1 female adult, 2 male children, and 2 female children. He used a block of firewood to kill a family of 3, a wood saw to kill a young college graduate, and smothered or strangled the other 3. He then went into the woods next to the neighborhood and hung himself from a maple tree. Reports of screams often come from two houses in the neighborhood. In the early July's, residents report a figure of a man walking down the street carrying a piece of firewood wearing a green shirt and jeans that appear to be blood stained. A neighbor once approached the man after seeing him 3 consecutive nights. When the man was asked who he was, he turned and faced the resident with a frightening wide grin and wide eyes. He walked off after not responding and disappeared in the front yard of an residents house. He was also reported seen in the woods, hanging from a tree, when the owner of the woods walked in one evening while walking his dog. He noticed nothing out of the ordinary at first, until when standing under a tree; drops of water fell on him. He looked up and saw him hanging by his neck as if he just died. The water was apparently tears that the man shed. An investigation was conducted to investigate the level of paranormal activity. The investigation was part of a game show where a group of people spent a week in the now abandoned neighborhood, to determine whether it was haunted. By the end of the week, a member of the investigating team disappeared and had not been found until two months later. He was found nearly dead in the glass plant in Toledo wear Steven Madison was employed. To this day the neighborhood remains empty, yet still stands. - June 2008 Update - The first posting for Lambert estates indicates it is abandoned. The update then states that the neighborhood never existed. Actually, not only has it existed, it remains very much occupied to this day. Every house is very well maintained. However, it is not in Temperance, it is in Lambertville, the next town over.

Lapeer - Castaway's restaurant - Supposedly this building which sits alone right off of lake Nepessing used to be a bordello at one point. I've seen a man walking off the dock into the lake, a woman leaning over the platform of the lighthouse, cluttered voices yelling that you leave immediately when walking to the back bathrooms, and an eerie feeling, almost like cold hands wrapping around your neck when near the staircase to the roof. 

Lansing - State Capitol Building - There have been four recorded deaths in the building, including a worker when a boom slipped during construction, an elevator maintenance man who was electrocuted, a roofer during the restoration, and A teenage page in the 1880s when he tried to jump between the rails of the grand staircase floor and plunged two floors to his death. The death of the page happened on the "House" side of the Capitol.

Lincoln Park - Council Point Park - The park is filled with drunk bums and well one day some teenagers saw a bum that was drunk and was walking around saying he was tired. Well then the kids thought it would be funny to see what the bum would do. They kept telling him to do odd things. They told him to stand on the concrete wall that was against the water and walk to the beer well one of the teens bumped him and he fell in drowning. Now if you go at 10:30p.m (the time it happened) you can see the bum walking on the concrete wall.

Lincoln Park - Old Streets - Parts of these old streets has a lot of old (fashion) houses, and old hauntings. The activity has definitely calmed down a lot since the time they were first built. The houses were supposedly built on a old cemetery. Some of the houses would experience really strange things like lights going on and off, the doorbell ringing and no one being there, some people would start off thinking to be home alone, and wind up not. Even through all of this you don't see people moving in and out all of the time.

Livonia - 5 mile and Farmington road - At Farmington Grave yard you can see 3 little girls and there dad walking across the street and back at 12 midnight every night.

Livonia - Almon House - In the early 1970's the man of the house was going to cut the grass and accidentally fell in a hole in the back yard and the mower ran over him mangling his body to an almost unrecognizable state. It is said by people who live here that they can see him walking late at night pushing the mower and also sitting on the porch with a mysterious look on his face while staring at his arm barely attached to his shoulder. It is said that he mutters incoherently while cutting the grass and sometimes when the grass has gotten too long it is short in the morning because he likes it to look nice.

Livonia - Ardmore center - While walking around the outside of the building you can hear music, voices and moaning coming from one of the windows in the front of the building. While inside the building, witnesses heard screams, moaning, and slamming doors, and reports of severe temperature changes.- November Update: Has Been torn down, but there are reports you can still see ghosts.

Livonia - American House - Every night at the evening setting for dinner you can hear the evil shrieks of a deceased supervisor named Bree who went crazy in the back office. Employees claim to have had spontaneous bouts of turrets syndrome while working there.

Livonia - Franklin High School - The halls of the school are haunted by a 16yr old boy who hung himself in the boys bathroom. Reports are that you can hear the sounds of the moaning dieing boy during death.

Livonia - Rotary Park Woods - At night if you walk around the nature trails, you are able to hear weird noises and screams. Sometimes in the distance you can notice little girls dressed in white dresses moving around. It has been said that these little girls were killed in the woods and their spirits roam around showing the directions to get out of the woods if your lost. The best time for seeing the girls or hearing the noises is from Fall to Spring time.

Lowell - Bailey House - Old abandon house on Bailey. Its windows are all boarded up and all the sheds, and pull barns are falling down behind the house. Teenagers go into the house to get a thrill and to just look at all the stuff that was left behind. No one really knows why the owners just up and left. It is said that there's a bell in the kitchen that is hanging from a light, and if you stand in the dark the bell will start ringing even though there is nothing inside to make it ring. You can also hear footsteps upstairs; Howls, and when you are walking away from the house you can hear a little girl laughing. - May 2008 Update: Burned down.

Luce County - Newberry - Angel Lake - At one time there was an old slaughter house down by the lake. It was said to have been a house of "ill repute" before it was a slaughter house. When the ladies of the house would accidentally get pregnant they would either force an abortion or miscarry and toss the unborn fetus into the lake. they say the reason it is called angel lake is because the area around the lake is haunted by the spirits of the dead babies.

Luna Pier - Camp Lady By The Lake - A woman about 20 years ago ran a camp for orphans, and she went for a walk down the beach one day and when she came back the camps were burning and all the kids died, and she committed suicide, When You go there around 1 - 2 am, you can here screams and see the kids playing and you can see the women's ghost on the lake. A strange black apparition seems to follow or chase people.

Macomb Twp - Insane asylum - On 24 mile and Card road there is a insane asylum in the woods that is haunted. It was built in 1929 and closed down in the early 80's. If you are to go there late at night you can hear screams and glass breaking in the rooms next to you if you enter. Also on the second floor there is light on in the window that is always on and you can see a shadow of a person in a straight jacket in the second floor window.- November Update: Has Been torn down

Mackinac Island - Bailey House - Doors open and close, objects have fallen off of counters, sounds of boxes sliding across the attic floor, figure of a woman looking into bedrooms.

Mackinac Island - Bogan Lane - A little girl with long hair haunts this Bed & Breakfast. You can often hear here playing the Piano. Sometimes guests can see her. She says she wants to go home.

Mackinac Island - Bois Balnc Island - near Mackinac, is supposed to be haunted. Two British soldiers were supposed to have gone AWOL and were slaughtered by Indians on the island. They had walked across the ice and lit a fire to warm themselves. The post commander had put a price on their heads and some natives had tracked them down and killed them.

Mackinac Island - Fort Mackinac - has its own ghosts. The children of the post commander are supposed to haunt the officers hill quarters. The hospitals near and in the fort are undoubtedly haunted and are surrounded by an air of sickness to this day. A skeleton was found in the "Black Hole" of the guardhouse and now people get the usual chills along their spines in the reconstructed guardhouse. There is supposedly a phantom piper that walks on the stonework above the North Sally Port. He is only sighted on misty mornings and his music can be heard faintly.

Mackinac Island - Grand Hotel - Uncountable skeletons were also unearthed when the foundation was laid for the Grand Hotel which now is supposed to hold many spine tingling feelings. The little horse coral behind the fort is supposedly right where the first post cemetery was. Not all of the bodies were removed when the US moved the cemetery to its present location.

Mackinac Island - Mackinac Bridge - Its been said to me that only sometimes when people go over the Mackinac Bridge you can here a little baby crying because the parents had gotten into a accident on the bridge and they went over the side of the bridge and they had a little baby in the car with them. - May 2008 Update – There have been 2 accidents that are listed on Wikipedia 1 in 1989 @ 1 in 1997. Neither accident mentioned a baby. 5 Workers dies on the bridge during its construction. < href=" ">

Mackinac Island - Marquette Park - Any area of the island that had enough soil as at one time used as a cemetery. When soldiers built a garden in what is now Marquette park they unearthed over 1000 sets of remains. The entire town is haunted.

Mackinac Island - Mission House - When the Mission House (now state employee housing) was built it was at the heart of a Christian mission to convert Indians who lived on the island. When Indian children who were living there became sick with TB they were locked in the cool damp basement because it was thought that this would help them. It didn't. State employees report the ghosts of children all over the basement and first two floors of the house. The attic is less haunted but people feel presences and alarm clocks get tipped over. The forms of children can be seen walking around often at night inside. Reportedly, none of the presences are not hostile.

Mackinac Island - Mission Point - Supposedly, a high school student named 'Harvey' had just been dumped by his girlfriend. He was so depressed that he jumped off the bluff behind Mission Point. He became a nuisance; People who worked in the carpenter shop would clean up sawdust, and it would be scattered around the place the next morning as if it had never been touched after work. Also, things would be moved to another place, or disappear. Other sightings included soldiers being seen walking around Mission Point's theatre and other places.

Mackinac Island - North side of island- During the war of 1812, it is said that the English slaughtered 75 Indian men on the north side of the island, since that time, people who live on Makinac Island say that they see Indian men running through the woods at night, many tourists have reported several sightings of the ghosts of the slaughtered men.

Mackinac Island - Post Cemetery - where an unknown woman occasionally weeps in the left rear corner near the graves of some children buried there.

Mackinac Island - The Rifle range trail - has the sound of bullets fired over 100 years ago and one specter. The specter once appeared to a state employee who later identified him in an old fort photo.

Mackinac Island - Ruins of Stairway and Cave - On Mackinac Island there is a trail, where below and slightly into the woods are the ruins of an old stone staircase leading up to nothing but two caves. While 2 explorers claim that while they were there they got the chills just standing there, it was an eerie feeling. They took a picture of the staircase and they claim when the picture was developed a human sized black blur was in the center of the picture, atop the ruined staircase. The blur was interesting because of the way it was in relation to the lighting and trees and shadows it was obviously not a film defect, but rather something with "form" that was in the picture itself, but which they did not see while standing there. The shape was "in front" of some objects, but behind things in the foreground, suggesting that it was not a defect but something that was standing in front of and behind stones and trees. The submitter of this site returned this year and the stairs have decomposed quite a bit in the last few years, and have crumbled down the side of the hill somewhat, but is still creepy. There is definitely something creepy about the place, as it is one of the larger caves on the island, but is not mentioned on any trail maps.  - We have not received any photos of the phenomena experienced.

Mackinac Island - St. Cloud Dormitory - A little girl haunts the building, along with possibly an old man who (might have) killed her. SHe taps on pipes, and her presence is especially noted in room 33. People who live there and felt her touch them, and change their alarm clocks. One man had his bed sheets all fly off the bed and land in a pile in the middle of the room.

Mackinac Island - Stone Point Cottage - is supposed to have a ghost. If you have any info please email Haunted Places

Mackinac Island - Straights of Mackinac - The apparition of Lesalles Griffon is supposed to be sighted once in a while gong through the straits of Mackinac

Madison Heights - Lamphere High School - During the early 60's there was a killer loose in Madison Heights. He used to bury his bodies in the landfill which is now a hill used for sledding right next to Lamphere High School. Every once and a while you can hear insane laughter around the school.

Madison Heights - Park - Every single time you go to the park you will see a little girl at the play ground staring at you if you stare at her for 5 seconds she will disappear. If you go and play at the park she will do anything to keep you away because she believes she owns it to her self. When you go on slides she pushes you down and gets you really scared for you to leave. When you are on a swing you feel somebody pushing you really hard she pushes you really hard you fall of and hurt your self. People say she died by a gun shot at the park on the best day of her life.

Manchester - Pink Palace - there is the place in the woods off of a remote road outside of Chelsea. It is called Pink Palace. It is an old Victorian style large pink home with dogs as gates. It is very dilapidated and not very stable yet, still stands. It is rumored that Satanists hold meetings there. It has spray paint on the inside walls in Latin and the bathroom upstairs has a tub that seems to have blood all over it. You get a frigid chill as soon as you enter and some say they her voices. In the back is the supposed slaughterhouse.

Manistee - Ramsdell Theatre - This theatre is thought to be haunted. Actors and custodians have all experienced such phenomenon as doors closing behind them and lighting fixtures falling to the ground near the stage and throughout the rest of the building. In one promotional picture from a few years ago, the distinct image of the founder, T.J. Ramsdell, appears to be floating in the air near the balcony seats.

Manitoulin Island - Formerly listed as Drummond Island - - Drummond Island - Drummond Island is said to be haunted by two ghosts of headless British soldiers. During the War of 1812 there where two British soldiers who went AWOL, and a price was placed on their heads. Two Indians near the fort ran off on snowshoes to pursue the deserters. The deserters had built a fire to warm themselves on Manitoulin Island (in Canada now) and began to doze while sitting by their large blaze. The Indians snuck up behind them and with a few swift chops of their hatchets the soldiers were decapitated. The Indians brought their heads back to the fort and collected their bounty. Now people say sometimes you can see a fire burning on the shore and two headless figures pacing around it. Some people claim to have driven up quite close in their boat and had the whole scene disappear before them.

Maple Grove Cemetery - On cold dark nights you can hear howling and people walking around on the graveyard when the night comes and the watchman is gone.

Marine City - Lighthouse - The Lighthouse right in town, By Anita's You can see a Figure with a very dim lantern walking up around the outer deck, it is said that when the town was called Newport, the caretaker of the lighthouse died while watching for the ships, his wife found him 3 weeks later.

Marine City - Riviera Restaurant - Once in a great while employees of the kitchen claim that machines will turn on when no one is around, such as mixers, dishwasher, etc. The very rare occasions have pretty much stopped but just recently in the summer of 2003 a radio/C.D. player boombox was said to "have a mind of it's own". It started with the volume increasing by it's self over the corse of 5-10 minutes to the point where it was full blast and had to be turned down. But a little while later it would turn it's self up again, blaring loud and causing frusteration among employees. One Sunday morning during a busy breakfast rush, a frusterated employee turned the power button off since it wouldn't stay at a reasonable volume level. Minutes later the radio suddenly turned on loud as can be. The red-faced employee turned it off again, and five minutes later the words "sugar, sugar, oh honey, honey!" came blaring out of the speakers (the radio station was placed at 104.3, oldies station). The employee grabbed the radio, unplugged it and sat it underneath a table. This ended the incents for that day and the night crew workers claimed they had no problems with the radio at all after they plugged it in that same night. All week the radio was fine until Sunday morning came. The breakfast buffet near the dining room was getting busy and kitchen workers became busy as well. The radio started turning it's self up again. The same employee from last Sunday battled it for 2 hours having to turn the volume down every 10-15 minutes. Everyone thought it was broken or something. He eventually turned it off and became very frusterated. And about 20 minutes later, the song "Edge Of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks suddenly blared from the radio. The employee stared at the radio shaking his head as workers yelled for him to turn it down. He gritted his teeth, unplugged it, and wrapped the cord around it. It remained silent and still for an hour until it suddenly "hurled it's self towards him" but missed him by a few inches and hit the floor. The radio was permanently shot and would not work after this incident. Other strange incidents involved objects disappearing (knives, utinsils, etc.) while employees were just using them seconds earlier. After searching the kitchen for them they would be neatly placed where the cooks had originally placed them. Also, the same employee that dealed with the radio incident claimed that vegetables such as squash, potatoes, etc. would be neatly placed on a cutting board but nobody needed them and would have to be put back. This also occured with other items. One time a 5-gallon jug of milk was found sitting on a table in the kitchen. After checking the milk machine it was full with milk. He asked around if anyone got the milk out. Puzzled, the waitresses said no. He placed the milk jug back in the walk in refrigerator. He began chopping up some vegetables when all of the sudden an entire shelf of pizza pans (about 15 inches wide and 30 inches high) fell spreading loud bobbling pizza pans all over the floor. Seconds later 3 metal hotel pans fell off a shelf causing a he racket. The frusterated employee walked out, but returned the next day for work. This was like the grand finale for the poltergeist, if it even was a poltergeist, because nothing has happened since for several months. These events started out of the blue and only lasted two weeks and then abruptly stopped. Even before they occured nothing unusual ever happened there for years.

Marcellus - Anderson Cemetery - Years ago there was a house that sat back in the wood and they had a lot of horses the name of the family we the Morrises. One night a man on a black horse came up to the families home and shot the 2 kids, the mother, the father, and the maid then he rode off and stole one of their horses. They were buried in the Anderson Cemetery to this day the headstone still is there and on the night of the murder the headstone glows.

Marquette - Big Bay Point Lighthouse - There have been two sightings of a man in the residence part of the house..

Marquette - Old City Orphanage - there is an old orphanage on fisher street that is haunted, it is said that children were beaten and killed in this orphanage also a nun once beat a boy so badly that he died and a funeral service was held for him in the basement only for the children and faculty. The nun did not want to be punished for killing the boy so she had him buried in the nearby cemetery, if you go into the basement late at night you can see the boy laying in the coffin and a green light around it.

Marquette - Landmark Inn - A room in the hotel is believed to be haunted by Amelia Earhart.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - John X. Jamrich Building room 102 Control Room - Several people have seen the face of a young woman in the window of the control room, part of a large lecture room used by Northern Michigan University to show films on campus. A "shadowlike" face has been seen in the window of the control room during film showings on several occasions in the past two years. Also, the face has been seen twice by students cleaning up the room after a film event. The room is very small and is used for storage, but has also been a place where nursing students recorded their names on the wall before graduation. The rumor, by students, is that the face belongs to a former nursing student who remains to look after the wall.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - Halverson Hall room 304 - It has been rumored that a ghost has been sited in room 304 of Halverson hall at Northern Michigan University. It was believed that the person hung themselves from their loft.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - Music Building - The ghost reported in the Forest Roberts theater elevator can not be because the theater has no elevator! The music building does, however, and it is where a janitor named Perry had a heart attack in the 60's. The elevator moves up and down on its own at all hours. It has even been recorded at midnight and later when nobody else has been near the building but music students practicing.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - The Forrest Roberts Theatre - is inhabited by an old janitor (believed to be named Perry) who died of a heart attack in the elevator at the adjoining building, Thomas Fine Arts Building. He has been seen by dozens of people in various parts of this theatre.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - Thomas Fine Arts Building - The Forrest Roberts theater and Thomas fine arts building are connected by a service corridor. The elevator moves it's self from floor to floor empty as if being called. It only does this at night. It has also stopped for several seconds while people were using it in the day. It is believed that Perry haunts both buildings, and possibly even the McClintoc building, which is also connected.

Marquette - Old Children's Orphanage - Residents near the building say that children were beaten and killed in the orphanage. One story was that a little girl went outside to play during a winter blizzard and got pneumonia. She later died from that and her body was displayed in the front lobby as an example of what happens when the kids play outside. People have seen figures inside the house and heard mysterious sounds of children from inside. The 6 story orphanage still stands today with half the windows and all the doors boarded up.

Marquette - Shamrock Pub - The Shamrock, on Front Street, is reported haunted. The building was built in the late 1800's, and was originally a furniture store doubling as a funeral home. It was common for furniture makers to build caskets years ago. The building was converted to a bar years later (I think the 1930's). Most of the hauntings are late at night, after the bar has closed.

Marshall - National House (bed and breakfast-now)- There is a lady in red who is seen, just by a glimpse, that walks the halls. It is said that she will not let anyone leave the door open to one of the sleeping rooms. It is felt that this must have been her own room when she was still alive. Some times she is seen standing in one of the windows late at night.

Mason/Dansville - Seven Gables - At the end of seven Galbles rd.(found off Dexter trail+ Meridian) there is a gate that leads to a old home said to have been burned down with the family of 6 hung by the gables of the house. The Killer than killed himself and set fire to the house. A young girl is said to be playing in the trees. It is also said that someone was unexplainably choked by a force unseen. Many have drowned there do to the Hidden lake that is on the way to the ruins of the home

Meadville - Old River Road - Old river road is a dangerous curvy road that is along the banks of the Hommochitto River. The road is a short cut to Franklin County High School, that many students take to go to school. The legend has it that in the 1950's a couple was returning home from a football game on a motorcycle and they did not see a sharp curve in the road and wrecked. Both died and the girl got decapitated. Every night at exactly 12:00 the boyfriend rides downs the road searching for his girlfriends head that he will never find...

Memphis - Memphis Cemetery - If you take M-19 (Van Dyke Rd.) and follow it through Richmond to Memphis, the cemetery is on the right side. It is a small cemetery, but there is a narrow dirt road that runs through. At the very back center of the cemetery there is a huge black marble stone called the "witch's ball". If you get close enough you can see faces and shadows in the stone, just like a crystal ball. Voices have been heard and apparitions have been seen there too.

Metamora - blood road - people say that blood road is haunted.  Supposedly murders and violence happened there a long time ago and if you go down that street at night you will see and hear things that shouldn't be there.

Metamora - White Horse Inn - it is said that many drunken men were killed in a small fire that took place in the front section of the bar, along with one bar maid.  Evidently to this day when guests come and eat or stay at the inn they hear the screams and moans of the men and lady that tried to escape during the fire.

Michigan Center - Michigan Center Jr. High School - When you go in to the auditorium alone the lights will shut off and dark spots will appear and strange sounds will be heard.

Middleville - Shaw Lake Rd. - A young girl about 13 years old is said to be walking along the road and is to be searching for something she has lost. She has been said to died 20 years ago.

midland - Bennegan's parking lot - 5 years ago a married man with 2 children came out of the closet. his wife wanted a divorce because of this, and he was devastated at potentially losing his kids. He was a very religious man, as many midlanders are, and also mentally instable. He thought that the only way that they could be together forever would be if they were all dead, so one night when he was leaving Bennegains with what may have been his last dinner with custody of his children, he stopped the car in the middle of the parking lot and broke down crying. He then locked the doors and shot his two children, then himself. Now at night in the parking lot, you can see a man and a little boy and girl walking out the door then vanish. If you honk your horn 3 times at around 7:15 then close your eyes and open them again, a car will appear facing you head on with a man crying blood in the front seat, then vanish in a big green flash. Many orbs have been spotted too.

Midland - Midland Cinemas - There are reports of toilets flushing, people seen sitting in seats after hours, strange noises, and a man with a beard and overalls has been reported.

Midland - Midland Cemetery - There is a lot of activity at the Midland Cemetery! the constant feeling of being followed, including hearing footsteps; screams coming from the back section, several voices that sounds like a group of friends chit-chatting coming from the south-west (front-right) section; sudden cold-spots galore; bird-like noises at 11-12midnight (when birds just don't sing); balloons floating crazily about when there is no wind at all; One investigator claims to have recorded a very clear evp of two voices calling their name and asking for help; orbs-a-plenty in the military section.

Midland - Wheeler Rd-Meijer Hill - Back in the 1980s a man killed his whole family a son, a daughter, a wife, and a 1 year old infant. He made his 14 year old son starve to death in the basement while he was chained to the wall and floor. He killed his wife by five hits of a hammer to the head. He then wrapped her in a white bed sheet and left her in the attic to rot. He then killed his daughter and 1-year-old infant and shoved them into the 1st floor bathroom walls. People who go there the second or third time end up seeing things like a baby skull in the wall of the bathroom, and chains in the dark end of the basement. Some people who have gone and made it back have had close encounters with accidents on the way home from the house.

Midland - Wheeler Rd near Meyer Hill Haunting - At night while driving East on Wheeler Rd near Meyer Hill, it's been reported that you can see car lights coming toward you, then they will instantly vanish. There are no roads or driveways to turn into on this stretch and no cars were ever found in the ditch after the lights disappeared. This happened three times in one night to a group of 4 people in one car and two in another.

Milan - Asylum on Willis and Platt Roads - This asylum was supposedly shut down because the inmates were killed for no apparent reason. The types of haunting that the teenagers that enter the asylum for thrills are orbs of lights cold spots naked figures running sounds( moaning, inanimate object being dropped on the ground.) Lights flickering on and off fresh fingerprints on the inside of the lock up cell windows and " inmate looking ou7t of the 2nd and 3rd floor windows. - November Update: Has Been torn down

Milan - Milan High School - there is said to be a little boy that roams the halls and a teacher follows him the little boy is said to be a boy named Josh, who died in the library by suffocation no one knows how he got suffocated though

Milan - Milan Oakvill Rd. - Legends have it that on Milan Oakvill Rd. In 1910 a young women about 23 got in a car accident and died when her and her newly wed husband were driving and went off the road and killed her and her husband well legends say it you go out there and shut your car off where they crashed you will hear the screeching of the tires and when you least expect it and driving down the road you can see her walking aside the road in her wedding

Millington - Antique mall - There are also rumors about it being haunted by a little boy.

Millington - Fairway Discount Store - It used to be a butcher shop. When no one else is in the store, employees claim stuff has flown off the shelves and they have had felt someone breathing on the back of they're neck when they're stocking shelves. They have even seen people walking around, and then when they go to see if they need help...they are gone. No one goes in the basement, at least not alone anyway. It has strange "vibes" and its just creepy.

Millington - Millington Hills - In the Millington hills, you leave by running because something is after you. Even during the day, a lot of the hills and lands of Millington hills has bad vibes.

Monroe - Old Paper Mill - This has been removed - NO TRESPASSING – you will get ticketed or arrested by Police.

Montague - Mouth Cemetery - The oldest Cemetery in the area. Orbs and other figures have turned out in pictures.

Mount Clemens - CHE COSA coffee house - on video orb to multiple orbs crossing past in front of the camera.

Mount Clemens - The Crocker House Museum. - There are plenty of spirits in this place. This is to include the old man caretaker to gentleman Jack Jacobie and many more.

Mount Morris - Auto City Junk Yard - During the 1980's and through the 1990's many bodies were dumped in this junk yard. Most of them were do to professional killings. Since this place was once a hot spot to dump bodies it has become very much haunted. There have been reports of screams coming from the junkyard during the night. Also many police reports have been done on the sighting of people standing by the road. When the motorist would stop to help these people they would be gone. One wild report states that the motorist believed he hit a person but no damage was found on the car. This Junk Yard has and is becoming a smoking hot spot for ghosts and Hauntings. The owner of the yard now makes sure the place is always closed before dark and there has been a for sale sign in front of this yard for more than three years going. No one wants to buy the property. - June 2008 Update/Correction: The pervious owner reports there were never any bodies found in the junkyard, but, another previous owner was murdered by his wife's boyfriend. The murder has been featured on court TV. The new owner does claim that there is some paranormal activity in the office where he was murdered at(doors slamming and odd noises). She says she just tells him to take a seat and nothing happens after that. It is private property so there is absolutely NO TRESPASSING. There is a heavy police presence in the area. If you call or visit during business hours she is more than willing to share her stories and she seemed open to have an investigation as long as you clear it with her.

Mount Pleasant - Central Michigan University - Beddow Hall - Reports of hearing footsteps on the floor above you. Only to follow them up to the roof. Also throughout the hall, things have come up missing but shown up in photographs, the elevator has opened and no one has been in it. A figure of a man has been seen by many desk workers on rounds during the night. Figures of a woman and a child have been seen too.

Mount Pleasant - Central Michigan University - Carlin Alumni House - The Alumni house is the former residence of University Presidents. People working in the basement hear heavy footsteps walking up and down the hallways, toilets flush for no reason and there has been unexplained pounding coming from inside the basement walls. Each night employees yell up the stairs to make sure no one is in the building and twice their yell of " Any one up there??" has been answered by the ghost. Once two employees heard a man's deep laugh when closing down the building for the night and another two experienced footsteps running toward them down a stairway. Another night an employee was setting the alarm and he looked down a hallway and saw a giant white streak soar across from one office to the next.

Mount Pleasant - Central Michigan University - Cobb Hall - 4th Floor - Many mysterious occurrences have been witnessed by residents. In the bathroom of room 404, two materials made of glass have fallen for no reason and broke into pieces. Also, the answering machine goes off unexplainably without following a ring and the tv automatically turns on. Also, in room 405, the shower has turned on unexplainably during the middle of the night. People say that things move and fall for no reason

Mount Pleasant - Central Michigan University - Troutman Hall - In 602 Troutman hall, Things would randomly fall in the middle of the night, including glass objects, cereal boxes, bulletin boards off the wall. Reports of the bathroom faucet turned on and then off. No matter how many times the locks where changed the new keys wouldn't work.

Mount Pleasant - Central Michigan University - Warriner Hall - long ago there was a young actress who frequented Warriner Hall (CMU campus). Evidently at some performance or rehearsal...she was downstairs from a friend of hers and decided to call up to this friend using the Dumbwaiter shaft that had been out of commission for some time. As she leaned her head in, the dumbwaiter came crashing down and beheaded her! Since the incident, there have been a few sightings. A mysterious blue lighting accompanies her spirit, and she has never been seen by a crowd...generally she is seen by actors or stage hands working alone. She seems a bit of a prankster, dropping lights, or gels or ladders. December 2003 Addition or update: Some say it was a cleaning lady who died in the dumbwaiter and she was cleaning it out and people see her on the stage singing

Mount Pleasant - Mill Pond - is a park in the north west area of town, which is well-known to be the site of weird occurrences. there have been reports of seeing dark, voiceless apparitions with red, dimly glowing eyes.

Mount Pleasant - Mt. Pleasant Center - This building used to be one of the most used State Mental hospitals for the criminally insane. There they would house people that would range from serial killers to rapists, but no matter the crime they were there for good...And they deserved to be. This place was never fenced in, didn't have electrical locking doors, and even let their patients wander freely on the grounds. Consequently many escaped. Nowadays the place is shut down. Too many people escaped and horrible things happened towards it's end. Such things like an orderly living in the houses provided for them just a few hundred feet away from the hospital was subject to the torture of one of the patients. She was raped and killed. Several of the escaped patients would harm civilians or stalk them....And finally the city of Mt. Pleasant closed down this hell hole. Hardly any information can be found on it now. It's really a very closed and touchy subject...but if you travers on the grounds, you'll find many disturbing things. Blood stains on the floors of the hospital, the yard for the children (eerie in and of itself becaue they housed children next to criminals)and even in broad daylight you can see and FEEL the presence of these spirits. There's a chain on the wall of one of the buildings that's completly sealed off....this is where they would chain like dogs the patients they didn't want wandering off more than the others...The place itself is imposing to visit let alone when the ghosts come out at night. Their moaning and wailing can be heard and their forms can be seen....(There are police that regularly patrol the grounds warding off college kids and protecting the other buildings on the property still running, but the state mental wards are closed)

Muskegon - Amazon Apartments - weird noises and apparitions. Things disappear and reappear. Cold spots and various odors. The elevators have minds of their own and you just feel like you are never alone. Sometimes the feeling of being watched.

Muskegon - Northshore Hospital - The Northshore Hospital was once used for TB patients. Later it was converted and housed the mentally ill. After funding ran out the hospital was closed and abandoned. The eerie dwelling was a huge brick building looming on the outskirts of the quaint town of North Muskegon. Inside you could feel the evil among the dank walls which were covered in graffiti with readings such as "the house of the dead", "I can see you", and many odd pictures of creatures and eyes. The basement of the old dwelling was the most energetic place in the entire hospital. Cold drafts and unexplained noises filled the empty hallways. It was the most terrifying, strange place to experience. - September 2004 update: the hospital has been destroyed. Nothing but a flattened pile of rubble exists and is safely kept behind a high cyclone fence.

Muskegon - Hackley Library - Sightings by several employees over the years of Charles Hackley. Objects moving on their own, and sounds heard.

Muskegon - St. Michaels Catholic Church - Every now and then, my friend will walk past the church in her neighborhood, and hear babies crying. But when she looks back nothing is there! She knew that no one was in the church because it is not open unless there is Saturday night mass or on Sunday. To this day she still does not know where the baby had been.

Muskegon - Wal-Mart- A man hung himself, and another man accidentally drove into the shipping docks during thick fog...thinking the dock lights were traffic signals, they figure. Items fly off of shelves...if they had just fallen, they would have fallen straight down...not here, they flew across the aisles and no one was around, except the 2 associates at one end of the aisle. Balls bounce down aisles, and we hear bells ringing. It's very strange.

Nashville - Putnam District Library - Mr. Putnam had TB so he took himself out in the carriage house and shot himself in the chest and in the head and survived. The next day around 4:00 o'clock he was dead. The next suicide case was a maid of the Putnam's that had an affair with the nephew of the Putnam's but he totally denied doing that with her and later when she found out she was pregnant at 16 she took the nephew's gun and shot herself. When Mrs. Putnam had her only children they were twins but the day after they were born they died. Today they say the Maid, Mrs. Putnam, and Mr. Putnam still live hear and guard the place. They also used to hold funerals here.

Nashville - Old Quaker Cemetery - At night you can see lights up on the hill. Reports of men wandering in the cemetery as well as a manly apparition pointing a gun at people. You get a very sinking feeling as you enter the cemetery and a sick to the stomach feeling.

New Baltimore - Hathaway House - This house use to be an insane asylum. Many people are said to have killed themselves while there. At night you can see such called ghost in the windows. When inside you hear voices. Also if you have lights they may flicker in the presents of a so-called ghost. One girl is said of killing herself in the very top floor(bell tower). - November Update: due to tresspassing and vandals, it is heavily patrolled by police. - October 2005 Update: Due to vandals and dry rot in last weeks paper The Voice the Hathaway house will be torn down. The owner is trying to save the 50,000 bricks that make up the house to build two new houses.

Newberry - Newberry cemetery - there is story about the (purple bubble). It located in the upper part of Mi, Newberry cemetery and it's on the grave of a young girl who died at about 6 yrs and 6 months of age. But when you look at the bubble which holds a picture of the child it is that of an elderly woman and supposedly it has aged through out the years much as the child would have if she had lived.

New Lathrup - Juddville cemetery - You visit it very late at night you will hear screaming back in the woods.... people have seen sighting of a figure with red eyes and swinging arms running after you....if you look in the trees and time is right you will see kkk figures in the trees...strange lights are back in the woods. people have seen car lights following you then all of a sudden disappear

Newaygo High School - There was once a girl who was bit by a poisonous snake when she was in a patch of trees behind the school smoking a cigarette. There she died and some people have seen her leaning against a tree in those same woods.

Niles - Bond Street Mansion - The bond street family cemetery is across the road. A little boy who lived with his parents in the mansion died of fright in the 1800's after his bedside candle was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night. He is buried in a tomb in the cemetery. It is said that his mother had an underground pathway built under the road to her son's tomb and she would visit the tomb every night. They say to this day, you can see the woman's ghost walk across the road and weep at her son's grave and every night a mysterious light will shine in the upstairs bedroom window and then suddenly go out.

Niles - Marris Chapel - Morris Chapel road - Legend has it that a lady named Kathryn was jilted on her wedding day and hung herself in the chapel. At night it's said you can hear her screaming and feel a VERY strong presence. Also reports of seeing a young woman & man hanging in the tree by their necks & whining and moaning.. and lights in the chapel at night.

Niles - North Niles Villa Apartments - If you listen between 2 and 4a.m. you will be able to hear gunshots and screams of a man that was shot while changing a flat tire in the apartments parking lot.

Niles - Silverbrook Cemetery - Legend states that a witch is buried in this cemetery. She is believed to have lived during the late 1800s. Many people have claimed to hear her cries throughout the cemetery at night. Sometimes it echoes through the temple that is located in the middle of the cemetery.

North of Eagle River in the UP - You can see a large light at the end of Robins Road off Highway 45. The light changes colors and moves closer. If you try to move to it will disappear. A blue light has been seen coming up the road, and then when you leave you will see what they call "The Hitchhiker." If you try to pick him up he will disappear. No one has ever seen his face. At the spotting of the light were you park your car people have seen many people walking around. Best known is the Indian princess. People have heard train whistles and deafening screams. The legend has it is there was a conductor who hung himself on the train and the red light you see is the lantern.

North Street - Dorsey House - Restaurant & Bar - The Dorsey House is located near Port Huron. It is haunted by a ghost known only as Ira. It is rumored that Ira may have been killed in a bar fight in the parking area of the original Dorsey House. That building was torn down for the constuction of a new building in the mid 1995. Water faucets turn on an off, toilets flush, doors open and close, light s go on and off. A few people have reported seeing a ghost like image in parts of the building.

Northville - Northville Tunnels - In the old city of Northville in the 40's and 50's, were many insane asylums. They were not even a mile apart and ran through the whole town. They were all linked underneath the ground, for underground passages of very mentally ill patients and there's rumors that that's where many of the out of control patients were punished, not to alarm the others. The tunnels go all through the town, and under buildings, which are now on the place of the asylums. The tunnels are blocked off but the people who are brave enough to go in have experienced screaming, voices, moaning and orbs. Feelings of people behind you, crashes against the walls, and more. The tunnels are miles long and are tight compacted areas. There is a 200 dollar fine for anyone to go there, seeing as the late 80's and 90's brought many Satanists there trying to summon up spirits. - Update: The buildings of the insane asylum have now been torn down and they are building a sub-division on the land. They had tried many times to get a company to come and build there and always something went wrong. They finally got some company to build expensive homes there and now there is a worry for the people who purchase their homes there. It is the whole block on the north-east corner of Sheldon and 5 mile roads.

Northville - Marquois Theater - there was a man who died in the projection booth from a fatal heart-attack. He now haunts the theater and if you look down the vents on stage, you can see a picture of "Oscer."

Northville - Rural Hill Cemetery - Driving down the trails you can see mists and orbs were seen on the pictures that we took. When you pass the veterans memorial, your car begins to die and your radio becomes faint or stops working all together. But the place is patrol by police officers and YOU WILL receive a trespassing ticket if you are there after dusk.

Novi - Frank W. Kerr Company - This warehouse has been haunted by many ghosts. There is a graveyard close by which could be the reason for many of the ghosts inside this company building. People said that the ghosts look like they were from the 1800's because they were wearing really old dresses. Other strange things happen like objects move.

Novi - Shiro's - formerly Home Sweet Home - A couple from the early 1800's is said to haunt their once home. There is a 12-ft oak banister right in the doorway where the man is said to appear. Also strange noises in the bathroom and dining areas. Although it is used as a restaurant, nobody ventures into the attic where lights and other sightings have been witnessed. When standing/parked directly facing the front of the house, in the attic window on the right side of the house witnesses have seen the face of a man. He looked like he was wearing a blue war outfit (with big silver buttons.) He has reddish brown hair and a thin beard. (We took a flashlight with us on the night we saw him.)The building is located at 9-and Novi road, yet it can't seem to stay open for business. - November 2003 Update: The ghost believed to be haunting the place is actually in a painting that was placed over the window to patch a break in the pane. And the picture is believed to be the “ghost” seen.

Novi - Novi High School - Back before the extensions were built to expand the high schools, tunnels and walkways were built under the old school creating a maze of disjointed paths underground. Strange occurrences happen as equipment in these halls frequently malfunction, causing temperature changes throughout the school. The hatches leading to these places vibrate periodically and growling noises as well as anything near the entrances to the tunnels get sucked under when even slightly open.

Nunica - Crockery Cemetery - Hot spot for paranormal activity. Many orbs and aparitions are seen.

Nunica - Nunica Cemetery - The Nunica Cemetery is a small cemetery located east of Spring Lake on M-104, just off of I-96. It is very small, but the big sign on the front, gives it away easily. Many people have reported strange occurances, like dark figures behind tombs, a rope that appears out of nowhere. A spirit entity by the name of "Mr. Bond" has been spotted. He got the name "Mr. Bond" through communication with him. The shed seems to be the most active area, with orbs and mists developed in photos. This is a popular place for people to go to from the nearby cities. But with all the popularity, the activity doesn't seem to cease.

Oakland - Fenton - Fenton Community Center - Several pictures taken at recent wedding. Many orbs appeared, one spirit, and an angel. Have proof of all in black and white photos.

Oakland - Oxford - Dunn's Tomb - Drahner Road - it is said that two teenagers a male and a female died while on a dare staying in the tomb over night they were left by friends driving a black car it is said if a black car stops in front of the tomb they will come to the fence.

Oakland - Pontiac - North Oakland Medical Center - used to be called Pontiac General Hospital - Apparition of an elderly white lady dressed in a patient gown seen on the 7th floor, seen by myself and at least one other employee. Also televisions turning on by themselves, TV. volumes being turned up. Cold spots and breezes, overhead cupboard doors slamming shut in the kitchen while only one person was in the room. Other instances such as being touched, an employee hearing a voice with no one else in the room, and rumors of a sensitive saying there were many spirits all over the building.

Oakland - Wixom - East Buno rd. - This is the place were a killer killed 8 girls and hid them on the site of the dirt road in the woods. *This is were the FBI also were looking for Al Capone* side note. but if you go over the tracks if your coming form the Wixom access side. Then go till you get away from the construction sites when you turn off the car as you look around you get a eerie feeling that someone is outside the car. Through out the woods you can see people running around. When you turn that car back on and look in the rearview mirror and you’ll see someone standing in the back of the car. there also shadows that fly over the car and see things running on the side of the road. 

Oakland county - Royal Oak - Baldwin Theater - Located in downtown Royal Oak just south of 4th street on Lafayette, the Baldwin Theatre was built in 1922 and was originally built as a vaudeville playhouse. Recent reports from members of the community theatre now occupying the theatre have reported many props, sets and paint cans that have been moved into strange formations during the night and many shadows dart around the darkened stage at shows end. Also in the old balcony, which is now a second level theatre, there is a very active spirit which plays pranks on theatre members at night working on lights in the lighting booth and the stage lights high above the main auditorium. A face of a child can also be seen in a picture printed in a souvenir program of the new marquee being put up. One worker reports hearing footsteps on the other side of the curtain and behind the set, checking everywhere and no one was there. October 2007 Additional Information: there is a man that walks around the theater he's the "active spirit" you mentioned he's harmless although he likes playing jokes on people. He usually stays upstairs you can see him sometimes in the old light board room if your on stage and also he likes to watch plays and watch people perform. He's mentioned once in awhile around the theater, and he walked through one woman and then disappeared. Everybody at the theater just calls him the phantom because it seems to fit.

Osceola - Paris - The Green Lantern - There is an unexplainable light that passes down the road that gets closer and closer and then mysteriously disappears. Go down Mesceola Rd, located between Reed City and Paris. Then turn left down the first road. Go down to the end of the road and turn around at the stop sign. Stop on the third hill and turn off the car. Keep very quiet. The light sometimes even passes through the car, then disappears.

Olivet - Olivet College - Small Liberal Arts College and town founded in 1844. Countless accounts of sightings and objects coming out of the wall. One picture shows a face coming out of the wall of local society house. Multiple eyewitnesses accounts of objects moving around in college areas as well as throughout the town.

Olivet - Olivet College - Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music - The college was founded in 1844. In the Conservatory, there have been reports of piano music being played when there is no one in the practice rooms. Folks say that it is Margaret Upton whom the Conservatory is named after. Also there is something in Dole Hall one of the campus dormitories. In the basement when walking away from the laundry room you will feel like something is staring at your back. No reason why this is but there have been different reports of it. Rumor has it that during a period when the cemetery was being moved to make room for the growing college a few bodies weren't found and put into the new cemetery. The old cemetery is where Dole Hall now stands.

Olivet - Olivet College - Shepard's Hall - Phantom music has been noted coming from empty dorms when security was the only one in the dorm (Shepherd's Hall). There are many different pictures and eyewitness accounts as the college and town are over 150 years old.

Omer - Omer Plains - Witnesses report a small yeti type creature. Fowl smell, followed by the feeling of being watched and hearing screams. Also seeing large eyes all around and creatures that stand taller than cars, but only at night.

Ortonville - Hummer Lake Rd - Apparitions seen.

Oscoda - There is said to be a lot of paranormal activity. There are ship wrecks close by, and Indian burial grounds, it's a ghostly experience.

Ossineke - Nickson Hill, Road Mansion - There is a story that this old lady that owned the house goes there at night and talks to herself and she is a creepy women. There is also weird noise and ghost seen in the old place. If you go on Halloween night at 12:00 at night you really start to get really scared and freak out it is better to go at night then day it is not so scary in the day.

Otsego - Ravine Road - April 2008 removed.

Owosso - Baker College - the actually college dates back long before Baker was established. It was originally a small Christian college. The original sections of the dormitories date back to the days before Baker. Many of the rooms have 'cold spots' particularly one on the first floor. There are also stories of a girl who long ago hung herself. Witnesses report of shadows at the edge of their vision and hearing unusual sounds coming from what seemed within the walls.

Owosso - Dedics Bar - Tables and chairs mysteriously move around at night by themselves and bathroom doors open and slam on there own, there is a very cold spot always present in the womans bathroom, weird sounds are always present from the basement after hours.

Owosso - Pink Bridge - a male and a female about 18 years of age back in the 1900 jumped to their deaths, and still haunt the bridge to this day.

Owosso - Roseaver Woods - ghosts walk around in the woods, sometime you can hear people moaning or talking more towards summer and fall. witchcraft rituals and human sacrifices. fog, mist ghosts stand on the hill at the end of Glenwood Ave. and other weird unexpanded creatures and visions. Curwood castle three different spirits dwell in castle, on the ground around castle on the foot bridge.

Oxford - Rob's Place - A bar in which there is an old slave tunnel in the Michigan basement. Glasses fall off shelving, juke box volume goes loud and quiet at random. Bathroom stall doors bang open and shut after hours as barmaids clean up. A ghostly figure of a man with white hair in a northern civil war uniform sometimes appears on steps that go down to the basement by the old slave tunnel. Photos taken here have shown blue colored squiggles as well as orbs.

Paulding - Paulding Light - if you get out of your car and try to walk it, you will be walking down a hill and at the bottom of the hill is a running stream about ankle deep and it hard to cross at night. If you pass the stream and get close to the light it will disapear right before you get to it.

Paulding - Robins Pond Road - Dogmeadow lights - A mysterious light appears in the distance along old railroad tracks and power lines. Also, cold spots have been felt by visitors along the viewing hill. Every clear night on this road all you have to do is look for parked cars. Over the next hill as soon as the sun goes down you will see a red orb hovering in the air. After a few seconds it will turn white and disappear. This has gone on every night for many years. A lot of speculation has gone on but with no definite answers. One story is the light is from the lantern of a railroad switchman who fell asleep on duty and was killed, but there are many more.

Pelkie - The Bungalow - The bungalow is an old house of Thomas ford. There have been sightings of him and children in this house. They are usually seen when there are people present.

Petoskey - Ethnic Creations - There are believed to be 3 ghosts living within the 3 floors of this building. 1 is said to be of a musician who lived in the building but committed suicide in the 1990's, the 2nd ghost stays in the basement and is believed to be of a woman, and the 3rd stays on the second floor by the air conditioner and is said to smell like rotten vegetables.

Petoskey - Perry hotel - haunted by a woman who killed her self in 1902, she is seen in the garden facing the lake.

Petoskey - Us. 31 hwy - Between the hours of ten p.m. and two a.m. You can see a man riding a three-wheel bicycle. He seems to be moving in slow motion, but when you pass him and look into your rear view mirror he is gone.

Pinckney - Cordley Lake - Stories have been told that in the late 20's a mother and father were murdered and had their bodies dropped in Cordley lake. People that live there now say that to this day you still hear the screams of the children as they see their mother and father murdered before them. Sometimes at night you can hear children running up and down the road screaming for someone to help their parents.

Pinckney - woods - at night, every night if you go down the whole trail you will hear hooves and it looks like things are coming closer and closer. it also feels like your not wanted.

Pinerun - Pinerun Cemetery - When driving through the cemetery after dark your car will suddenly stop and not move while in gear. Can't go even if accelerating. Three images have been seen from the road of a woman, man, and child all buried side by side.

Pittsford - cemetery on Burt road - Cold evil presence when visiting graves, the sign out front changes it saying, people there are not at rest.

Plainwell - Hillside cemetery - In 1938, a little boy was crossing the road in front of his home to get the mail for his mom and was killed by an oncoming car his dog was waiting for the little boy on other side of the road. The little boy was killed instantly. Hillside cemetery is where the little boy is buried his tombstone is a dog like the one that waits for him. Every year on the anniversary of the little boys death the tombstone (dog) will stand up and stretch and turn around and go back to original position. ONLY on day of death of little boy. - February 2007 Correction: the date formerly listed in this submission was 1955. The correct date is November 1, 1938.

Plainwell - Michigan Career and Technical Institute - a lot of strange things have happened there. Reports of children playing hide and seek in laundry room down in the canteen room. Dark shadows roaming the area. Footprints appearing and disappearing. Some people have reported hearing noised in their rooms at night when no one else is there. Also noises in the bathrooms, the feeling of being watched, a mysterious force touching you, objects moving on their own, ghostly figures standing over beds, and occasionally voices of people who aren't there.

Plainwell - Sam's Joint Restaurant - various ghostly activities, been known for hearing people talking after hours, and objects moving, hearing foot-steps, and chairs moving. Lots of old portraits hang inside the restaurant. A lot of employee's have heard and experienced paranormal activities.

Plymouth - Bally Total Fitness - At night after closing when you are downstairs you can hear someone working out on the circuit machines up stairs, you can also hear footsteps of someone running the track when no one else is there. When you go to lock the front doors at night suddenly in the free weight room it sounds like some one dropped 400lbs of weights on the ground. Witnesses have experienced hearing the foot steps but many other workers, usually the person closing, have heard the other incidents.

Plymouth - East Middle School - one Saturday one of the janitors died so now at the end of the day when the kids found out during 2:27-2:50 you can hear the doors slam lights go on and off.

Plymouth - Little Caesars - Ann Arbor rd & Sheldon - Late at night when everyone is leaving the store after close, mysterious noises are heard coming from a back closet such as banging on the walls. They go back there and nothing abnormal is found. Legend has it that before the strip mall was built there was a house there and a little boys father trapped him in a small closet and left him there to starve. You can still hear him banging on the wall.

Plymouth - Johnson Controls - This corporate office is haunted by the spirit of women who was brutally murdered by her husband in the purchasing department. Officer Dolinski who is a security officer has spotted her ghost on numerous occasions and is said that people have instantly soiled themselves.

Pontiac - CVC (Clinton Valley Center) - Your description of this asylum is accurate, it was a very creepy place even while it was still in working order as a mental institute, noises, people walking behind you in the hallway when no one was there. However, as you stated, it has been demolished. Of the patients that were within the place upon closure, many were turned free to walk the streets and fill some of Pontiacs shelters. The tunnels where people were really held and tortured a hundred years ago with shock therapy are said to be still in tact but there are now new subdivisions atop of where the institution once was. The feeling of that area is still very eerie.

Pontiac - Clinton Valley Mental Institution. - crashing sounds resounding through the building. Witnesses glimpsed a horrifying image of a shock gurney thrashing up and down. It was as if a suffering patient was invisibly being tortured by the rudimentary treatments of the early 20th century. Update now that the asylum is demolished and nothing is left standing, witnesses still hear moans off in the distance and intense growling from over their heads. Pictures taken are said to have apparitions in them.

Pontiac - Have a Nice Day Café - Previously the Eagle Theatre - feeling someone there, and seeing apparitions.

Pontiac - Loch Invar - People have seen lanterns floating around outside at night. Some have said to have been chased by the ghost.

Port Huron - Holland Ave. - Early one morning when the teachers had just started to arrive they heard a student scream, and ran into the hallway to check, the screaming was gone and a locker 179 swung open. Inside layed half of a girls body, the rest was never recovered, and they never figured out who she was.

Port Huron - McMorran Theater - McMorran Theater is a delightfully haunted old theater located in the heart of Port Huron.  They've had some trouble keeping a night time cleaning crew though.  As they would climb the stairs to the balcony, sometimes eyes would appear and once there appeared a woman. Many other apparitions have been seen in the balcony.  ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers ( was called to investigate.  They captured an EVP of a woman uttering "I don't belong here".  Also, the spiritual orbs could be seen moving through the stairwell, around the corners and through the seats in the balcony.

Port Huron - Subway on Main Street across from McMoran - Subway was called either Bill's Restaurant or Will's Place back in the late 40s. the owner was murdered in the basement. He was a bootlegger. Most likely why he was killed. Around 1987 a former employee worked there while it was called Bradford's. She saw some weird stuff happening. One night she was closing up and heard somebody call her name from the kitchen. She looked up and saw no one. Her friend who was working there heard it to and asked, ”what was that?” they were the only 2 working. The cook had left earlier. The lights flicker for no reason. They had doors separating the kitchen from the dining room. They looked like thcse swinging doors from old western movies. those would swing open all of a sudden.

Portland - Old School Manor - A fourteen year old girl was crushed behind the bleachers of the old high school gym. Her ghost is said to roam the hallways.

Presque Isle - Between Millersburg and Hawks - Haunted store - A family ran the store. It was robbed by two men who ended up killing everybody in the store except for the young boy. He was severely beaten, but lived. The presence of ghosts was so apparent that the mess from the murder was never cleaned up. The store was boarded up and abandoned right after the murder took place.

Presque Isle - Old Presque Isle Light House - The true story involves an elderly couple who were caretakers of the lighthouse, and how the husband tried for years to get the light in the lighthouse working. Before he could get it to work, the husband died leaving his wife a widow. She almost moved out until the light started working. She then knew her husband was still there. And as the story goes, every night about ten o'clock the light works and then slowly dims. The husband finally makes the light work every night.

Redford - Bell and Sons - In the early 1900's there was a cemetery for the civil war soldiers. Bell and Sons in supposedly over that exact site. It is located on Seven mile road and near Inkster road. Many former employees have said they have seen images of people standing in the back of the warehouse, only to find there is no one there. Also strange sounds come from the roof, and eerie feelings are common.

Redford - Redford cemetery - "Garderner's Grave" - located when you walk in and to the left and if you stay there for a period of time you can all of a sudden smell a strong stench like a death smell and moments later it is said that you can see his ghost coming towards you over the hill to your left

Redford - St. Agatha School - soon to be Cardinal Dearden High School - St. Agatha's is haunted by the founding priest, Fr. John T. Reid. He named the parish after his mother. He has been seen in the grade school late in the evening. His voice has been heard in the gym coming loudly out of speakers that have, for a long time, not been working. One time, he said "Get out of here, get out of here now." He usually appears or is heard when there are few people around. People have heard footsteps and keys rattling at dusk. In the corridor, between the high school and the gym, a strange feeling has been experienced by many in which the hair will stand up on your arms and the back of your necks. Walking through the complex, late in the evening, you can sometimes feel like he's watching you and you can occasionally hear him.

Reed City - Pompie's - this is a pizza place. Chairs move away from the tables by themselves. Pinball machines play by themselves and ghostly figures are seen in the alley outside between 9 and 12.

Richland - The Blackhawk- Formerly the Stagecoach Inn - After employees lock up for the night, lights start turning on in the upstairs storage area. Witnessed as they drive away from the Inn.

Richfield township - Dodge Cemetery - Feelings of being followed, cold spots, items moving, anomalies on film.

Riverview - Crownpointe Condos - As you enter, sometimes you can see a girl with long black hair and an old peasant dress. She fades away as you enter. Your hair stands on end when you enter and inside the condos you hear noises, things are lost, and it's always VERY cold.

Riverview - Corner of Sibley and Grange - Apparitions seen.

Roberts Landing - Roberts Landing road - Two adults and 1 child walk the Roberts Landing road at sunset. Said to have been returning home from a party when their home was destroyed by fire. They keep returning in their car, which is also seen.

Rochester - Oakland University - Theta Chi Fraternity House - The house is a old mansion in the historical district of Pontiac. It had a fire that occurred in the attic when the original owners had it(somewhere in the late 1800's early 1900's). Some people died in the fire. The attic was converted into living space for the fraternity. Brothers living in the attic have reported waking up in the middle of the night to see figures standing in there (locked) room, staring with red eyes. The figures would basically just stare with a angered look in there eyes and vanish. Brothers would also hear footsteps around the attic area(hall & stairs)when no one is present. Some have woke up with one of the ghosts face just a foot away from their own face.

Rochester - Denise's Hair Cuts - When you go to the top of the stair case you will hear foot steps coming up the stairs but no one will be there. It also gets very cold at the top of the Stair case. Located on 4th Street in Downtown Rochester.

Rochester Hills - former Hampton Theater - No longer a theater, supposedly a man was killed during the construction of the theater. Employees reported occasional flickering of lights, whispering, drafts, and doors slamming, with some disturbances in the projection equipment in the after-hours.

Rochester Hills - Haunted Tomb - A huge tomb in a grass hill is said to be haunted when returning to your car inhumanly hand prints are shown.

Rochester Hills - Terror of Doom - Creepy noises come during the night.

Rockford - Pegasus Sports - In downtown Rockford, there is an old building that used to be a bridal store. Before that, it was a restaurant. When it was completed, a young girl was murdered in the attic. Now, the attic is host to cold spots, screaming, orbs, and apparitions. - October 2007 Update/Correction: the owner of Pegasus Sports said that the noises and such in the attic were true, but that was in the old Pegasus building a few blocks away. The old building was demolished. He says that their new location is ghost free.

Rockford - Pickerel Lake - if you follow the trail to the back of the lake, There is a young boy who runs down the hill saying "I'm gonna push you in the lake". He then vanishes. Rumors are that a boy drowned here many years ago. He was staying at Camp Rogers (a camp for kids). The hill the boy runs down is just next to Camp Rogers property. The trail is easily visible for 5 or 6 hundred feet. I have no idea if anyone else has ever had this experience.

Rockford - The railroad tracks - There is a stretch of railroad that passes through Rockford. If you're on this railroad at night time, watch out. People have seen strange, shadowy figures and heard laughter, breathing, and other things. The railroad is haunted by the ghosts of two girls who were sitting on it when a tram came by, killing them both. Now they are doomed forever to walk the tracks near the area where they died. Some friends of mine and I were checking it out once and we heard them singing. Other people have said they have actually seen these two girls or heard them talking, or singing. It is said you see them sitting at the exact location they died, and if you get close enough, they will get up and start coming toward you. If you run, they will follow you.

Rockford - The Rockford Dam Overlook - The dam is haunted by the ghost of a boy who drowned there. Witnesses report odd occurrences like losing items after being on the dam overlook, feeling a presence, being pushed, etc. Some even claim to have seen the boy running from the dam into the nearby nature trail.

Rockwood - Old Soap and Toothpaste factory - You get strange feelings of people all around you, like your not wanted. If you go into the chemicals lab everything is left normally, such as documents and such. Plenty of footsteps walking around and slamming of doors. and the occasional laugh that always causes me and my friends to take off.

Romeo - Goodrich grave yard Off of 37 mile and Van Dyke on North Kidder road near the campground - The Goodrich grave yard is well kept up in the front section. If you go to the back you can see just as you start in to the wood line there are many abandon graves. Witnesses have taken pictures and report the pictures show orb's and many other apparitions.

Romulus - Metro commons trailer park - Various deaths for no apparent reasons... sightings of ghost wandering streets past the midnight hour on The street north maple a little Girl walks Around at night searching for revenge on her death....

Romulus - Van Born Warehouse - Off Van Born near Wayne Rd there is a warehouse complex that originally started out as Stinson Aviation. They built planes there in the 1930's. On the floor of the area are the initials of the workers who called themselves the "Left Wing Gang". Ironically, some of the initials are the exact same as those of workers who are there today. Legend has it that a wing fell from one of the planes and killed several workers there. After that, it was expanded and Detroit Diesel occupied it for years, where it is said a man committed suicide there. That part of the complex is now used by Ford Motor Co as a warehouse. At any time during the day and night you can hear voices and sounds as if people are working with tools like they are building something. Many times, they call out to you by your name, leaving workers to answer back to no one! Carts move all by themselves, and several of the workers have had their clothes tugged on and have been tapped on the back, only to find they are alone in the area. You can hear someone enter the toilet stall next to you, only to find no one there. Several times, workers have approached strangers, thinking they were employees, only to see them disappear into the air! Even disbelievers agree that something is going on there. Any one who visits the building will tell you they have never been anywhere like this before!

Romulus - Wellesley Town Houses - Ancient Indian Burial Grounds that have been built over. Many abnormal happenings and visions. People experience lots of weird deaths. Many families who live in these houses claim to have seen the devil himself and many other evil spirits. Including people in mirrors and Indians in the woods.

Roscommon - Pere Cheney Cemetery - Problems w/ cars (ex. electrical systems....not starting) seeing apparitions......many weird things

Roscommon - Doughnut Hole - There is said to be many suicides in the woods behind this bakery. The baker, who works the night shift reports of a small girl standing by the entrance door, or by the bathrooms. Workers have reported seeing a figure as well, they also report of things being moved. The napkin holders have been moved to certain places, and it would appear that the ghostly figure has their own wanting of where things go.

Roseville - Dale Court on the second circle - At night around ten o'clock dark figures are seen running around on the garage of the house. People say that the figure runs straight at you .ONLY the bravest would go there.

Roseville - Beth Mosses Cemetery- Reports of seeing a woman in white walking through the cemetery.

Roseville - Dooley Elementary - It is said that a little girl playing on the slide was accidentally hung when the drawstring on her coat got caught at the top of the slide. Sometimes at night you can see her running up the slide. If you stop and get out she will sometimes appear to you and try to follow you out. - July 2005 Update: this apparition may be caused by a reflection of a light in the distance that reflects off of the slide, to cause the effect.

Roseville - Corner West 11 mile and Belanger - The new secretary of state building was built around 98, but it was built over the oldest cemetery in Michigan. If you go there around midnight and sit in your car with everything off, you can see ghostly figures in the windows and behind the building. If you get out of your car, they will all disappear, but as soon as you get back in, they will reappear and chase you away. - June 2008 Correction: There is no secretary of state at that location. The secretary of state in Roseville was on Gratiot, just before Frazho, and it wasn't an old cemetery

Roseville - Kaiser Elementary - There was a custodian who was killed there and haunts the park at night. Only the bravest dare to go there. One 15 Year old girl went there in June and rumor is she is missing.

Roseville - Wal-Mart - It was said that a young girl was killed in the back of the store. Some nights around midnight it is said that people here a rusty old shopping cart being pushed around and when they look nothing is there.

Saint Clair Shores - St. Margaret's of Scotland - In 1978, a janitor was killed by teenagers outside the doors of the gym.  At night at approx. the same time, the janitor continues his nightly closing duties.  You can hear his ghost walking down the hallway, keys jangling, and his low whistling.

Saginaw - Dice Road Cemetery - A lady in white that was seen by a jogger one night around 7:00P floating through the cemetery.

Saginaw - Dice Road - One Lane Bridge - A warlock who is said to have hung three girls from the bridge after they stepped on his wife's grave, which is in his front yard near the bridge. Late at night at the bridge you can hear male and female voices, the female voices are screams. Visions of objects moving and things such as ropes being tossed over the side rail, which is where the girls were actually hung. A white car is often said to be following people when they are driving down the road. Waves of smoke are also seen while driving away. There is also a graveyard down the street.

Saginaw - JB Meinburg's - JB Meinburg's is an old pub that is said to be haunted by an old bar maid. She occasionally is seen checking on the tables at the back of the bar. She has whispered in people's ears, asking if they needed a drink. She has been seen walking into the back hall. This bar is featured in our local paper just about every Halloween. I have only been to the bar once.

Salem Township - abandoned playground (hose factory) - Footsteps heard in the basement, the old metal stairs rattling as if someone was running down them. It is located of 6 mile road right before Angle Rd its a little dirt road right past the big red youth group barn turn right on the dirt road and got down like 1/4 mile and there will be a abandoned truck blocking the entrance.

Saltillo - lake lee train tracks - Many have witnessed a young lady walking down the tracks in a light colored dress or gown. Local people say the girl was hit by the train back in the 1940s.lots of teens hang at this area late at night, many have heard her screams.

Sandusky - Great Wolf Lodge - At night if your not in the room at 12:00 midnight a person comes over the loud speaker and says LOCKDOWN and the doors lock and the light turn off and the TVs shut off then the elevator comes and monastery figures come out then spikes come out of the wall and the wall and ceiling caves in then its all gone in the morning.

Saugatuck - Felt Mansion - The mansion was built in the 1920's by inventor Dorr Felt for his Wife Agnes. Shortly after the house's construction, Agnes, died of a stroke in her room at the mansion. Dorr Felt re-married but his new wife hated spending time at the house, most likely because Agnes was still there in spirit. The house has been a home for boys, then for nuns, and a state police post. After many, many years, the house is finally getting restored and ghost tours are giving through it to help raise money. Doors have opened and closed in Agnes's room, voices are heard, and activity shows up in pictures like orbs and mists. Many believe that Agnes and Dorr still reside in the house. The ballroom is said to be the most haunted room in the house.

Saugatuck - The Junction Asylum - this is located near the Felt Mansion it is a small building that is a behind the BMX track. It is all broken up and windows are busted due to kids. At night if you were to go and look around the house, curtains in the window move and windows open and close, and strange lights are often visible in them. If you were to go inside and walk around you can hear heavy breathing, loud footsteps, screams, and even able to see silhouettes of figures walking. Sometimes you can feel as though something walked threw you and sometimes you may encounter a sudden pain in the wrists of your hands over all the place has just a creepy feel. - October 2004 update: This building is the last remaining building of Dunes Correctional Facility. Its the old Trustee Bldg. that housed 80 inmates. This place is now being vandalized horribly and the police ARE prosecuting! The Junction itself is a myth. Allegan County Historical Society has stated repeatedly that "The Junction" insane asylum has never existed.
June 2008 update: The last remaining building of the Dunes Correctional Facility has been torn down.

Sault Ste Marie - Corp of Engineers Park - In the Corp of Engineers park in Sault Ste Marie by the Soo Locks, it is said to be haunted by numerous spirits of deceased Irishmen who where worked to death building the original locks, figures are seen at night as well as transparent figures.

Schoolcraft - The Harrison Cemetery - the site in question is the "glowing tombstone" , at a distance you can see one tombstone glow in the dark. The tombstone glows until you get to the edge of the cemetery, then it goes dark. You cant really pinpoint the actual tomb and there's no lights around to illuminate it either. Some say its made out of phosphorous and others say its mercury vapor reflecting off a shiny tombstone. but it doesn't explain why it goes dark when you get within 500 feet. the only close house to it is 1/4 mile away. The cemetery is named after Bazel Harrison, who led 21 of the first settlers of the Prairie Ronde Kalamazoo county. Both him and his wife Martha are buried there.

Sebewaing - Unionville - Sebewaing high school - It was a bad winter day when all the schools called off school excepted Unionville-Sebewaing, when the Dillilla twins got in a headon crash in front of the usa high school( intersection M-25 & wildler R.d). They both die, and at 7:55 A.m. you can hear screams at that intersection.

Shelby Township - Alterra Winwood- retirement home - a former worker that worked there for about 4 months during the afternoon shift in the kitchen would hear voices and also hear pots and pans being moved without anybody in the kitchen. Other people that worked there have also encountered abnormal things such as visions or voices. Some people say that it is some of the elderly who have died in that place.

Sheldrake - The Town of Sheldrake - is about four miles north of Paradise, Michigan. You can't find Sheldrake on any map, because it if a VERY small town. Few people live there, but none of them will talk about the hauntings. People that live there year-round will see more than any tourist. Lights turning on by themselves, window shades opening without anyone around, and an old sea captain who will disappear when boats pass. They had many fires and boat accidents.

Shepherd - BP gas station - Many of the workers in the gas station have said to seen a black shadowed presence in the building. Its said that it will make items jump of counters, and move stuff around in the store. People say they can sometimes see the shadow standing rite behind them.

Shepherd - Shepherd High School - The Many years ago in the late 1960's a janitor was staying after hours to clean up after a banquet. While he was in the cafeteria he was folding up cafeteria tables when it suddenly collapsed crushing his neck. He is said to be seen by school officials and some random kids after school functions and when kids are vandalizing the cafeteria.

Sidnaw - Perch River Bridge - A car with large headlights appears from the top of the hill comes down the hill, slows down (stops) at the bridge, and then continues. Witnses report a car that was an old 1930's or so sedan.  Big, round, big fenders. Huge headlights. There was no place for this car to go, just disappeared. As the story goes, in the 1920's or 30's, a car was going over the bridge during the spring melt when the river was high, and the bridge washed out.  Killed was a man, his wife and a young daughter.  However, it's not the original site of the bridge or the accident.  The original bridge was the accident happened was up the river a few hundred feet.

Sidney - Montcalm community college instruction east - December 2007 This submission has been removed.

Somerset - Sue's Lakeside Lounge - several ghosts, in mirrors, restrooms, kitchen, and beer cooler.  It has been told that one likes to throw things across the room to let you know he is there. There is also a black shadow that can be seen from time to time.  There is also spirits in the parking lot where a couple of young girls were killed by an out of control vehicle. Some times you can hear noises and screams out there. Some times band equipment is readjusted without being touched by anyone.  Some say they can see a man and/or a woman standing in the ladies restroom. When they are present the room temp drops considerably. 

South Rockwood - S. Rockwood cemetery - Story goes. if you go late at night between 11pm and 3am and walk through the right side of the cemetery (the old part) you will be chased by someone who isn’t there. A witness reports that it felt like IT was trying to chase her out of the there and she heard the footsteps behind her fast. Her dog and husband were there and the dog wept and ran away along with her. Orbs, faces that appear in the ground and paranormal activity.

Southgate - Anderson high - A boy is believed to have drowned when the pool was first built. He has been seen there, almost trying to ward anyone off from the same fate. another story is every homecoming a girl in a formal dark blue gown rides on the senior float when the float passes you, you get a immediate chill and feel like your being watched and not wanted there.

Southgate - Anderson High - AuditoriumIn the back of the auditorium there is a room next to the switchboard were they keep some of props. Many years ago a girl fell from the catwalk to her death. the day after final performance the cast signed the wall the next day her name was written in blood red on the ceiling.

Southgate - Anderson high - A boy is believed to have drowned when the pool was first built. He has been seen there, almost trying to ward anyone off from the same fate.

Sparta - Central Elementary - Reports of people talking, music playing, footsteps heard, and cold spots when the building is occupied only by night shift custodians. Witnessing of doors opening on their own after being locked and secured. One custodian has even felt someone or something touch his arm when no one was there. There have been numerous sightings of a short bearded man in the first grade hallway. The building is quite old and has went through numerous phases of remodeling and additions. When it stood as a 2 story High School there reports of a man looking out of a 2nd story window, by the people who lived across the street. This was during a time when custodians did not work at the building at night. The school is thought to be haunted by a young student and a night shift custodian. The student was crushed by a set of lockers that were not attached to the wall, while playing in the school after schools hours, and was killed. This happened in the early 1950's. The night shift custodian died of diabetes at an early age. He was short with dark hair and a beard.

St. Clair - Marine City - Puttygut Bridge - The story is that a man was drinking and drove his truck in to the flooded bridge. They never found his truck. If you go there around 2 or 3 in the mourning and roll down all your windows, shut off your car, and put your keys on top of you car, your suppose to hear a splash and see him walk in front of your car.

St. Clair - Pug Road - It is said that in the fall of the year - near Halloween - that deep in the woods to the east of Pug Road, there will be a faint glow. And if one listens carefully, you can still hear the screams echoing down through the centuries. Before the settlement of Saint Clair County, there had been a French fur trader and his family who'd set up a trading post just off the "big river". He chose this location because of the canoe traffic on the river. They did well in their venture until one falls in the early 1700's. While the trapper trader was up north, Indians attacked the trading post, burning it to the ground, along with the trapper's wife and children. It has to be a quiet night, preferably with moon, and if you watch and listen closely.

Saint Clair Shores - Grosse Pointe Woods Lake Front Park Bath house - located just past the Ford estate on Lakeshore drive and Marter. There have been many unexplainable events which have been witnissed first hand by the park staff in the bath house. On many ocasions the lights have turned themselves on late at nightin the office and locker room areas and and in the ladies locker room showes have turned themselves on and locker doors will open and shut on their own after the building has been locked up. In the electrical room it is said that the lights will turn them selves off on you and you can hear foot steps on the upper level of the room. On one occasion a sterio was heard playing in the office after lock up and when the closing employes went to go turn it off they found that it was not pluged in, nor did it have any batteries in it. Very late at night you can see the soda machine in the lounge area of the bath house through the glass wall facing the fenced in pool area. If you look at it carefully you can actually see it begin to shake. Sometimes you can see a figure in the office area of the bath house even after the doors have been locked. this figure is supposedly that of a construction worker who hung himself from the framing during the construction of the new bath house. : just a side note to thoes who want to take a look, the park is open only to Grosse Pointe woods residents and it closes compleatly at 11 pm.

St. Clair Shores - Joan Street - Greenwood Elementary School - Apparitions are seen down the first hallway by night custodians of children playing; in one of the classrooms down the first hallway a strong negative feeling overwhelms you. Teachers have reported hearing a child whisper their name in their ear when there is no one there.

St. Clair Shores - St. Gertrude Church and Bible Classes Building - St. Gertrude Church was built over a cemetery many years ago. Many in the church's night bible classes in the Bible Classes Building have said that if you go into the bathrooms alone you feel an uneasy and it gets cold. And some have even reported of feeling a presence of another person when no one is there or in the hallways. And many have reported feelings like this in the church's bathroom's also.

St. Clair County - Tibbitts Road Cemetery - Little girl wearing a white dress (old style) seen by people living nearby. Cemetery is really un-kept, and hard to find.

Sterling Heights - Eastpointe Apartments - Showers or water have reportedly turned on all by themselves. Things are moved or pushed around in closets at night. Shadows of men going up the stairs to the second floor apartments are sometimes seen. An allover strange feeling can be felt in the atmosphere at certain times of the day. The apartments, built in the center of Sterling Heights (near 17 mile and Van Dyke), are known to be built on an ancient American Indian burial ground from many centuries ago.

Sterling Heights - Havel Elementary - every time you drive past Havel elementary you can see a little girl in a white dress walking around the soccer field around 12:00 A.M. She is running towards you heading in the street where she got hit in her death place. And sometimes you can see her in the Road waiting to get hit and looking at you. Make sure you don't hit her because she might haunt you down.

Stevensville - Tosi House - About 15 years ago the couple that lived in the Tosi house got into a fight and the husband killed his wife and stuffed her in the chimney. He then moved out. they didn't find her until about 3 months later when they finally figured out where the stench was coming from. There have been reports of people seeing her. - August, 2005 Update: The house was being remodeled and there was a scaffold on the premises at the time that reached to the roof. The couple mentioned did not live in the Tosi house and were not related to Tosi. This couple had met when they were both in a mental institution. Evidently the husband killed his wife and hauled her body up to the roof using the scaffold. He then deposited here body into the chimney. When colder weather came, the furnace was turned on and the house filled with smoke. An inspection of the problem turned up the body in the chimney.

Stronach - Old Stronach Bridge cemetery - In the Mid 1800's a family of four died in a tragic fire. 2 children were killed in the fire. They loved to play in the Little Manistee River nearby. Some nights it is said you can here laughter of children and splashing and see the ripples of something in the water.

Taylor - Methodist Cemetery - Located off of Eureka road there have been images of people dancing at night and you can also hear singing. There is also a young woman wearing a long dress that you can sometimes see in the mall parking lot across the street. She has been seen crossing back and forth.

Taylor - Pardee road. The woods "Farmous Feild". - The woods back behind Birch street. On Pardee. Is known that if you go back there. You will see Blown up cars. There is a mini van. That got blown up. And in the mini van about 4 or 5 years ago. Was a family sleeping. Some one shot the single mom in the back of her neck. But there were still 3 kids in the back of the van still sleeping. The car was on the street Birch. In front of a house. The house is 4 house's down from the baseball diamond. On the left side. So They say if a Mini Van parks there and you stay in it all night a guy will show up in all black with a gun. And disappear. The guy stole the single moms car and then blown it up. With the kids still in the back sleeping. So be careful going back in the Senders and walking in to the darkness of Famous Feild.

Taylor - Taylor - If you go to a place called "the figure 8" on the end of birtch. You will always see ghost. At night around 10 or 11. Go in there a screem "i hurt your car" and u will hear a car start and tire take off. Then u see head lights.

Tecumseh - Lenawee County - Community center trails/ woods - local legend is that a 9 yr old girl was kidnapped and murdered in these woods you can see a light floating on the trails and in the entrance you can see a figure of a little girl in a white nightgown holding a teddy bear.

Thunder Bay Island - Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse - this uninhabited island on Lake Huron is haunted by a lighthouse keeper named Morgan. It is not known how or why his spirit dwells the lighthouse and island, but those who pass by the island claim to see and feel his presence walking the shoreline.

Traverse City - Bower's Harbor Inn - The restaurant on Old Mission Peninsula is a well-known haunt. The house was supposedly left to Genevieve by her late-husband. Meantime, it's said, all of his other assets were inherited by a mistress. Heart-broken and betrayed, Genevieve later died in the house and is said to still walk the stairs, open windows, blow out candles and appear in an antique mirror in the ladies' second-floor restroom.

Traverse City - Central Grade School - Haunted by a little girl and janitor killed in a fire. She drew a simile face on the window that is still seen to this day.

Traverse City - East Mobile Trail - A old woman has been seen walking up and down the road at various hours of the day. She can be heard yelling towards houses and at passing neighbors. It is said she used to have own many homes and is a disgruntled landlord. She is mostly seen sitting near a gazebo in front of her old house.

Traverse City - Golden Rod Road - A young man is seen looking out a window holding a computer. He has been heard many times saying he has plenty of hard drive but not enough ram. For some reason he points to his head and repeats snood over and over. He is believed to have been killed at McDonalds by a crazed driver in the parking lot while attempting to call for help on his cell phone.

Traverse City - Hoosier Valley - People who live down in Hoosier Valley have seen a man walking around at night dragging chains behind him. One time residents of a house down there walked outside and saw him standing behind a pine tree in their front yard. They went inside and the next morning they went out to the tree and the tree had been cut down and there was no sign of the man. It is said that if you go outside at night you can hear him walking around in the woods dragging his chains.

Traverse City - Olde Town Playhouse - The Playhouse was once a church.  There was either and accident or a suicide that today results in the organist/piano player haunting the Playhouse.  He mostly plays tricks as he will turn lights on and off just to get a laugh or two.  Some even say they can hear his music at night.

Traverse City - Sawyer Road - in the evening at dusk you will sometimes see a woman in a white gown and white hanky on her head walking down sawyer rd. carrying a candle and appears to be in a trance.

Traverse City - Traverse City State Hospital - closed down in 1989. - The Traverse City State Hospital is in many ways considered haunted by locals. If you try enter the hospital with religious material such as: Bibles, holy water flasks, or crosses, they are destroyed before entering the building. On the grounds of the hospital, you can see various ghosts. You can also hear the voices and screams bellow from the hallways of the psych wards. Sightings of little baby's and old people walking inside on different floors and ghostly figures that chase the people that dare to even go inside. Sightings of disfigured creatures roam the basements and tunnels. On various occasions you will see lights on in the rooms of the patients, but no electricity is connected to them and the power has been inactive for years. It isn't even unusual to find possessions on the grounds. - A WARNING TO ALL THAT INVESTIGATE THE AREA. TRESSPASSERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS A SECURITY SERVICE THAT WILL ESCORT YOU OFF THE PREMISES IF FOUND.

Traverse City - Traverse City State Hospital - The Chapel - In the chapel, the spirit of a priest that was recorded to have committed Suicide in the chapel. The Chapel is one of the only safe places on the premises, and it is the only place where religious material will not be tampered with. - A WARNING TO ALL THAT INVESTIGATE THE AREA. TRESSPASSERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS A SECURITY SERVICE THAT WILL ESCORT YOU OFF THE PREMISES IF FOUND.

Traverse City - Traverse City State Hospital - The Hippie Tree - A rumor of a gate to hell is open somewhere near the "hippie tree". Strange feeling are felt here. - A WARNING TO ALL THAT INVESTIGATE THE AREA. TRESSPASSERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS A SECURITY SERVICE THAT WILL ESCORT YOU OFF THE PREMISES IF FOUND.

Trenton - The Old Riverside Hospital - A family called the Church family built the old hospital in the 1800s. It was their house until they died and their other family members didn't want anything to do with the house, so Henry Ford bought the old house and turned it into a hospital in 1944. The kids included in the family were two boys and a 9-year-old girl. The 9-year old girl loved horses so they had five horses. So, in that case, there are horse stables in the back. The little girl loved her horse and rode it everyday. Until one day, the little girl fell off the horse and broke her arm. The dad got mad and thought it was the horse's fault that his little girl broke her arm. So while she was at school one day, her dad killed the horse for hurting his little girl. The dad and his friend buried the horse on the side of their house. If you go to the side of the house where the dad and his friend buried the horse, there will be a little hill where the horse is. When the little girl came home and found out what her dad did, everyday from then on, she would come home from school, lock hers in her room, put her rocking chair in front of her window and she would sing to herself. Well, when the family died and Henry Ford bought the house, that was then the hospital, there was an old man that was in the hospital and his hospital room was what used to be the little girl's bedroom. While he was lying there in his bed, he heard singing, then he heard footsteps. When he got out of the hospital, he had someone set up thermal cameras in the room he was in and sure enough, they saw a figure in front of the window. After Henry Ford bought the hospital, six doctors wanted to build a bigger one and that's how the newer Riverside Hospital came about. They ended up closing down the old hospital 5 years ago because they found black mold growing in the building, which can kill you. They closed down the newer hospital one year ago because it was too much to keep up. Also, the Henry Ford company wanted to move everything to Wyandotte so Riverside lost business. There is a stack by the hospital. In a little tunnel thing outside of the new hospital, there is a furnace type thing. That's where they burned the amputated body parts of people. Also in that little tunnel, is the old morgue. THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL SEEN IN THE WINDOW THAT WAS MENTIONED ABOVE. SHE WAS WEARING A WHITE DRESS WITH BROWN CURLY HAIR AND BOWS IN HER HAIR. BLINDS HAVE BEEN SEEN GOING UP AND DOWN. SCREAMS WERE HEARD.-
Warning: Tresspassers will be arrested

Troy - Athens High School - About 10 years ago a student was driving into the parking lot, but did not see that the gates were closed. The student was driving with such force that he drove straight through the gates, taking off the roof of his car and his head. Late at night people claim to see a white Dodge Spirit driving around the parking lot screaming loudly and honking the horn. - October 2005 Correction: While this event did happen, the student was NEARLY decapitated. There was no death & he is alive and well.

Troy - Barn Sledding - There is a guy who owns that sledding hill. Back in the 1980s he was sledding down the hill, fell down and broke his neck. People say that at night after when everyone is gone, the guy comes out and walks up and down the hill to make sure everyone is leaving. It is also heard that he drives a white van.

Troy - Camp Ticonderoga - It is a restaurant. Used to be family home. The woman of the house hung herself. Waitress told us sometimes doors slam shut, lights turn on and off. Nobody will close by themselves. Located on Rochester rd.

Union - Kessington House - The man who used to live here hung his whole family from the willow tree in back. Then he hung himself in the house. If you leave your car outside the house someone or something will do something with it.

Union Lake - Oakland Community College - Highland Lakes Campus was once a hospital. It has been known to be haunted in the tunnel leading from Highland Hall to High Oak Hall. Most people will not even go down in the basement of Highland Hall (where the tunnel is) due to the fact it had served as the morgue. There have been sightings of ghosts believed to have died there. In Highland Hall there have been sightings especially of an elderly man just walking into the offices there. Cold spots and items missing have also been reported. At night screams have been heard along with noises that cannot be explained. - November 2003 update: many other students have experienced strange things there. The middle stairwell of Highland Hall always has an eerie feeling to it, especially on the second floor landing by the window. The feeling of someone walking behind you, and a sense of fear over come you. If you walk up to the fourth floor landing, you will see a medal door, which is locked, the eerie feeling is even stronger there.

Utica - Haunted Slaughter House - An old abandoned slaughter house that has been boarded up and a barbed wire fence has been erected around it. If you get past the fence and though a broken loading door you can see blood stains and bones on floor, also you hear voices and pigs squealing from rooms in the back and eerie noises from the offices up stairs. Watch out for bums, word is they will throw shoes at you. - September 2004 Update -Has been torn down.

Utica - Eppler Junior High - In one of the bathrooms it is rumor that when the school was a high school someone died, and now you will see him in mirrors, or feel his presence in the stalls.

Utica - Sterrit - In the 1980's A girl in a white dress was raped and murdered on Sterrit. It is said every night at 12 she walks down the streets looking in peoples windows for her killer.

Van Buren - Hawks Head cemetery - This is supposedly the burial ground for Al Capone's mistress by the name of Flora. Many people have seen an apparition of a female in a transparent like white dress. Before she is seen you will here chimes coming from the back of the cemetery, she will then appear somewhere the first two driveways. Also If you just drive by the cemetery, there is dim red light that will appear along side of the middle driveway. Commonly known as a ghost-light.

Vanderbilt - Fox Tower Cemetery - A small cemetery with few graves. Upon passing through the gate the air temp feels a lot cooler. At night, you can hear footsteps throughout the cemetery, yet no one is around. A few ghostly sightings have occurred, however only the people who live around the cemetery have seen anything.

Vandercook Lake - McDevitt middle school - eerie noises, power outages, haunted locker rooms. Basement access no longer allowed due to weird stuff.

Vandercook Lake - The Woods behind Vandercook lake elementary school- People and children have said that they have gone back into the woods and that they can here eerie noises around 5:30pm and that they can see a log cabin and that they can here screams that come from the log cabin. Legend has it that a butcher lived back there with his wife and that he cut her head off and then killed himself just after he did his wife.

Vassar - Shell/Subway - Cooler doors opening and closing one after the other, toys and merchandise rolling across the floor when there is no one in the building except for the on duty employee. Wind chimes all start jingling at the same time, as if a fan was just turned on facing them. The oven dials at subway change temperatures for no apparent reason. Screams have been heard. Babies are said to be heard crying in the freezer as well.

Vernon - Corunna area - Geek Rd. - People have reported seeing a bright orange light similar to a fireball at midnight on Halloween. The light seems to come directly at the car but dissipates before contact. This is the stretch of Geek Rd. that runs North off M71

Vienna - Spot Bar - After shutting off lights in the bar for the evening many waitresses have witnessed the sightings of several ghostly figures standing on the landing between the upper and lower levels of the bar. On several occasions in the upper part of the bar the area of the South West corner appears to fill with a smokey atmosphere ... on further examination of this area you will find as you enter this area it is rather chilly and will experience a slight "touching" of someone's hand upon your face.

Walled Lake - Shoe Tree - The shoe tree (previously mentioned in Salem) was on Thirteen Mile Rd. in Novi a quarter mile from Walled Lake, and from the site of the old Walled Lake amusement park. A child killer (the infamous Walled Lake Child Killer) kidnapped the children from the park, and buried their bodies in the nearby field around the tree. He threw their shoes into the tree. When the many dangling shoes were investigated, the bodies were found (but, the killer never was). If you went to the field at night, you could see and hear the clumps of tall grass moving around you, and you could hear the children cry for their mothers! Witnesses report very distinct, audible cries. The cries were not distant but, from just a few feet away. As you walked to where the cries came from, they seemed to move around. Not moving farther away, just around, sometimes back to where you were just standing. Just walking by the field would make your hair stand on end. The land was developed within the past couple of years. A subdivision now stands on this land. But, the field was on the south side of Thirteen Mile Rd., between Meadowbrook Rd., and Decker. The amusement park was later closed down. Not because of the murders but, because it rested on an old Indian burial ground (many in the area). It was where Novi Rd., 13 Mile Rd., and Southlake Dr. all meet, right on the lake.

Waltz - Waltz Inn - It is said that the ghost of a man haunts the restaurant. He moves objects and turns the lights off and on. The owners and employees all admit to seeing the ghost.

Warren - Carter Middle School - after bell rings you see a kid in 60 or 70s clothes walking the hallways but if you get close he disappears.

Warren - Fitzgerald Community Ed Building - This building used to be the site of Family Youth Interventions and before that was a convent. It is said that the nuns haunt the building. Metal fire doors rattle on the second floor, and when you are on the first floor you can hear footsteps above you when no one is upstairs.

Warren - Fitzgerald High School - In the 50's or 60's a student drowned while swimming in the school's pool, now when in the pool alone you feel a scenes that he's around and janitors reported hearing the water splash and people walking on the bleachers, a lot of others student have seen the ghost two and they say its a tall, white male.

Warren - Halmich Park - Located right off 13 Mile Road (Chicago RD) and Ryan Road. Reports of driving at night after having stopped the car after you think you hit something. When you get out of your car to look around. There is nothing in sight. Except by the picnic tables that were located towards the center of the park at that time. Witnesses report there was a large black figure coming at them screaming. There was no way that they hit him he was at least 100 feet away. When they all got back in the car and locked the doors. One of the passengers wanted to start driving away as fast as she could. After about 10 seconds they heard someone on top of her car. Hitting it with their hands. They didn't dare get out of the car to see what it was. Then after 30 seconds the noise stopped. They looked ahead and there was a car. That was not there before this. They could only see their tail lights. Next thing they know the car just disappeared, along with the strange black figure.

Warren - Harding elementary - in the 1960's a janitor was fixing the boys bathroom light and got shocked by faulty wiring he then fell and cracked his head open and died. it is said when your in the bathroom alone you hear screams and the lights flicker.

Warren - Historic District - the old Moore Building - A shadow of a man climbing the stairway to the second story of the building above the ground level shop's. Store keeper's hearing noises and footstep's in the second level and rear of building's first level leading to the basement of the building. Some storekeeper's tell of walking in to cold spots and areas where the hair on your arms and neck stand on edge.

Warren - Miller Park - a girl is seen frequently around the park after you see her for about 10 seconds, she vanishes. It is said that the girl, named Amy, was electrocuted on the slide closest to the hockey rink and died.

Warren - Warren Lincoln High School - Around the 70's or 80's students would go to the planetarium and make out with each other. A student was up there with his girlfriend and fell down the stairs and died. Its been reported that a crashing sound will happen its also reported crying sounds too around night time. The planetarium has been closed for over a decade.

Warren - Warren woods tower - The rock in front of the school is said to have been brought to the school from a graveyard it is said that orbs are flown off of the rock when pictures are taken by it. It is said if you put your ear up to the rock at night you can hear weird noises.

Warren - Weigand Park (Toepher) - In the late 70's a father and his 2 sons where playing baseball on the far left diamond when there mother came up drunk and depressed with the fathers shotgun and killed them all including herself. Witnesses report seeing a blue orb.

Watersmeet - Paulding light - it is told that you will see a light that changes colors from red to white that floats around no one has ever found out what it is and unsolved mysteries has been out there and could not find out what it was i have been out there many of time and seen it. the story is that a older man went to save two kids from a train and pushed then out of the way and got decapitated and now he wonders the woods looking for his head holding his lantern

Wayne - Belleville - Tyler Road Cemetery - Witnesses have reported seeing a young girl standing by the tree w/her head looking towards the ground by a grave stone that said our little Janie on it and disappeared.

Wayne - Clark St. - a tall dark figure of a man walking down the street. (the street is a dead end)The man stops at the end and turns to Look @ whom ever is looking back--and he proceeds to point then turn back and disappear.

Wayne - Glenwood Cemetery - it is believed that a person on a bike rides through there and then disappears.

Wayne - North Wayne Cemetery (Corwin St.) - strange noises, cars disappear on the road. Sometimes there are footsteps in the woods voices and what sounds like chanting. It is located on at Wood Street and Corwin. If you go there you will have very strange feelings. Information on the place is very hard to get. All records in the library seem to be gone.

Wayne - Palace Theatre - The Palace Theatre is an old 1920's era theatre that is undergoing some restoration. Many people have heard voices, footsteps, felt "fingers" run down their arms or neck. There have been a few investigations all of which have offered great pictures of both orbs and ectoplasm as well as many EVP recordings. The board of directors is pretty open to letting groups have investigations so if anyone wants an active night contact the Palace Theatre Company also listed as he Wayne Historic Theatre.

Wayne - The Red Apple Diner and Hotel - in room 17 there is said to be a ghost of a man named Charles "Chick" McGee. McGee was found stabbed to death one night in the late 80's. A waitress the main suspect, but was never found. She was said to have killed him because he left her no tip. McGee is said to "hide" the TV remote, and to move the holy bible from drawer, and to shrink the shampoos.

Wayne - Taylor - Texas Roadhouse - The Texas Roadhouse in Taylor Michigan has been receiving stories from guests and workers that there is a woman in the women's bathroom breast feeding her sick baby with the stall door open. Everyone sees the ghost after they have used the bathroom and did not see anyone. They then leave and never see the lady ar her baby come out or any sign of them. It is said to be the ghost of the lady in white who is sometimes seen a Southland Malls parking lot or across the street in the cemetery at night.

Wayne - Wayne Memorial High School - A Girl was raped and killed in the library; if you sit there you can hear her screaming for help and someone breathing on your neck.

West Bloomfield - Green Lake Country Club - It was last one night. Two of our thirteen year old boys were sent to the clubhouse by one of their mothers to retrieve some beverages left in the kitchen. Sam & Jeremy stepped into the darkened clubhouse. They turned on the lights on the first floor. Both boys were facing the windows. They could see themselves reflected in the windows. But the strange thing was, they also saw a third person standing between them. It looked like a little girl about 9 or 10 years old. She was standing between them and was about a head shorted that either boy. She was wearing white. The boys thought it was Melanie, Jeremy's younger sister. They turned around simultaneously but no one was there. When they looked back at their reflection they only saw themselves. Sam & Jeremy looked at each other and certified that they had indeed both seen a third person, but how could she have disappeared in such a brief moment. Itis a mystery they have never solved. Also, A ghost of a little girl in white has been spotted. every time the clubhouse chairperson goes into the clubhouse to do a little work, EVERY picture on EVERY wall is tilted and various angles. The pictures are helter skelter on the walls with no consistency. This occurrence has been experienced by many members overt the years. It sometimes gets so bad that a picture can be righted, and you can return 5 minutes later and the picture will be hanging at a completely different angle. people heard people run up and down the stairs but no one is there, along with doors opening and closing. the club house has a small bowling alley, and a lady was having a party and set up the night before. she set up the bowling pins all neatly and the bowling balls were all lined up, she locked up and left. and the next morning she went back around 7am and the pins were all over, along with the bowling balls. no broken windows or sign of evidence that someone broke in, she was the only one with the key.

West Bloomfield - Our Lady of Refuge Parish - An old man, believed to be in his 90's appears in the basement boiler room just above the man boiler. He has no body, just a head. If you rattle the keys near the door you stand a good chance of spotting him. Most think that he was once the school's/church's janitor.

West Bloomfield - Warren W. Abbott Middle School - Little girl that appears on stage, several spirits haunting boiler room. Disappearing faces in A,B, and D hallways. Flying papers in janitorial closet. Many odd and obscure noises. Power failures in all main hallways, especially the main lobbies. Many people have died there and their spirits remain. Over 40 ghosts sightings have been reported. Many missing belongings reported.

Westland - Avondale wildwood church - a priest was murdered there in 1960 a ghost is seen wondering the grounds near the woods in back of the church at night time only on full moons

Westland - Corrado Park - At night you can see the ghosts of two boys playing basketball... it is said that approximately 12 years ago the two boys were playing basketball when one of the boys named JEREMY suddenly fell to the ground and had a heart attack. His twin brother GERARD scared of what his parents would do to him took his own life by hanging himself in the hoop... it is said that if you look at the south hoop at night you will hear screams for help and see a dangling boy.

Westland - Eloise Insane Asylum - The ghosts of many of the tormented patients walk the halls of this asylum that was converted into an office building. Voices are heard by the workers and teenagers who go to this location for a thrill. Many picture of paranormal things have been captured at this location. Lights are turned on and off. Growls and moans are heard by the playground built for the use of the office workers' kids. - October 2004 Update: Most of it has been torn down. there is still a building standing that people still go to and also there is a cemetary behind it that is actually more haunted then the actual building itself...with only patients numbers on them. Only a few buildings remain on the property of the old Asylum. The D building now known as the Kay Beard building, also the fire house, the power plant and the bakery are all still there.

Westland - John Glenn HS - In Febuary of 2003, a young man who attended John Glenn High School on Marquette road commited suicide he was a senior, he has been seen roaming the halls of the school during the day, sitting in the audiotorium during the plays, playing with the doors opening and closing them freely and even having converstation with a few students who were close to him. He is usually seen in his tyed dyed shirt and blue jeans. He walks freely around acting as if he is still attending the school, ironicly enough he was also seen by a number of people at Graduation at EMU, not in a graduation cap and gown but in that same tye dyed shirt and those jeans.

Westland - Lutheran High Westland - formerly Nankin Mills Middle School - stories say that three children died in the tunnels beneath the school. every night at 2am the three roam the halls, and when school starts the next day, many things in the offices and classrooms are out of place. stories also say that the forest behind the school is home to the spirits of former students.

Westland - Nankin Mills Tavern - A strange ghost hangs around this place a lot. He bangs things in the kitchen and slams doors in the basement. He is a friendly ghost but likes to make noise. He's believed to be a mill worker from the mill a block away. He was crushed in a freak accident around the turn of the century. In hunting adventures with all the lights off we got a picture of his face in ectoplasm. In another you can see his hand, very clearly.

Westland - Pentecostal temple on Henry Ruff rd - on summer night s in the old part of the building that is burnt down in the old hallway u can see transparent objects at least 50 of them standing there and at the back of the building people claim to see ghost of men and women tie nooses around their necks and jump from the top of the building

Westland - Wayne Road - by the church at night when you go down the road it never ends, you hear whispers, you see orbs, or glowing objects you see someone walk towards you and vanishes, rumor has it back in the days a guy and his horse died and now you can hear the horse trot down the road.

Westland - Westland Mall - Back about 16 yrs ago there was a night worker shot and hung by a rope in the mall. Every night at 11:00 there is a ghost of the man hanging from the roof. There is voices heard and screams.

Westland - Westland Meadows Trailer Park - There is a small hill toward the center of the park, there's a very old cemetery at the top of it, it's wooded and fenced off, but if you enter from the office end, and you're in a high enough vehicle you can just make out the tops of the stones, the dates are said to be from around the 1800's, the Eloise Insane Asylum is adjacent to the park, and the park itself is built on the former grounds (only the main ward of the asylum still stands, which is now an office building for the city), there are also rumors that the park is on an old Indian burial ground (unsubstantiated), there has also been at least 1 suicide in the park (on Walnut), as for the incidents they have been scattered throughout the park, and of a wide variety, some of which are footsteps, opening, and closing doors, electrical devices turning on by them selves, unexplained highly localized power failure, general "prankster like" activities, etc.

White Cloud - Dudgeon Swamp - In the 1920's a family moved to the Newaygo County area buying 1300 acres. It is known that there were murders, incest and madness that happened during that time. There have been reports of sightings, weird noises, voices, eyes in the darkness, nooses hanging from trees and inside one of the old barns, weird happenings with vehicles that go out there and many other occurrences...well known in White Cloud and not many people dare to go out there because of past history.

Willis - The Pickle Barrel restaurant - has a various ghostly activity.

Ypsilanti - just off Denton road - At night you an drive down this road and see weird blue lights flashing all over the whole road. the more noise you make the more lights come out. And if you get out of the car or turn off the engine you can hear metal chains or pipes grinding and also hear groans and growls.

Ypsilanti - Geddes RD. - supposedly if you are driving down the road late at night you may see a woman in a nurses uniform walking along the edge of the road.  But after you get past her she disappears from your rearview mirror.  The story is she was walking to work at the V.A hospital and was murdered by a man that left her for dead on the side of the road.

Ypsilanti - Geddes and LeForge - The site of the Michigan murders. Back in the late 60's early 70's there were several murders that took the lives of several students of Eastern Michigan and the University of Michigan. At this site there was a farmhouse that was the site of one of the murders. The murderer is curently serving time in Marquette Prison and rumored to be up for parol soon. It is said that if you drive down this road your trunk will pop open and you can still see the silo of the farm house which is said to be haunted by the ghost of the girl that was murdered there.

Ypsilanti - Ladies' Library - This historic structure was once the home of the Starkweather family, but was donated to the city by Maryanne Starkweather upon her death, to be used as a library. It was renovated for office space about 15 years ago. Many claim to have seen Maryanne in the upper halls of building, or have hear footsteps above them when working after hours - long after the building was closed up for the day.


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