In North Carolina

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Aberdeen - old nursing home - it's an abandoned nursing home that is closed off by woods. there are time you go in and a chair will move from a room out into the hall way. As you walk down the hall being quiet, you can hear grunts and moaning of older people. the building beside it burned which was where they kept the healthy patients. Everything burnt except the devil signs. If you were to go into the building that still stands to this day you will see needles with dried up blood in them. there is also a sign posted on the wall in front of the desk that says hair cuts on Tuesday and sometimes it says on wed. People have said that they seen bedroom slippers on one of the beds they ran out and when they went back in they seen blood coming out from under the door. The blood stains still remain. People have tried to go and remodel it but something keeps chasing them off.

Angier - Coats Park - At the park in Coats. There is this trail. If you walk down this trail, there is some kind of being that chases you. And if you camp there, there is a place that if you put something there such as a tent, and try to sleep your tent will be moved out of the way by morning. Its called " The Devils Stomping Grounds"

Arden - Helens Mt - On Helens Mt supposedly there was a fire and this lady was burned and they buried her there and if you go out at night and call Helen 3 times supposedly a fire ball will come flying out and do something to you.

Asheville - The Biltmore Estate - Back in 1914, George W. Vanderbilt died from complications from a surgery he had for appendicitis. His wife was extremely upset. So late at nights, in the Library, she would sit in front of the large marble fireplace, and talk with George. Though he was never really there. Her servants started to think she was losing her mind. To this day late at night you can still hear her voice very softly talking with George. Also, You can feel George's presence in the Billiard Room, and the 2nd floor Oak Sitting room. One of his favorite rooms in the mansion. During rainy late nights, George would sit and read. Workers report feelings of being watched, apparitions, voices, laughing, & screams. A headless orange cat has been seen by numerous visitors roaming the area between the Gardens and the Bass pond. The Pool Room is also a focal point of unexplainable events. The sound of people swimming echoes throughout the entire lower floor in the dead of night. Insane laughter can be heard coming from the drain at the bottom of the pool. It is said to be haunted by a lady in black. Employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor. Its $10 for the small tour and $50 for the full tour of the house. But be sure you stay CLOSE to the guide. Odds are, there will only be 3 or 4 people touring with you.

Asheville - Chicken Alley - The legendary ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith, who lived at this infamous Asheville locale known as "Chicken Alley" over a century ago. For decades, countless sightings of his ghost have been reported. Dr. Smith was killed in a bar-room confrontation in 1902 at the old historic "Broadway's Tavern" The tavern was destroyed by fire the following year. The close vicinity known as Chicken Alley has been victim to his ghost for over one hundred years!

Asheville - Erwin High school - Potter’s Field - In the nineteen-seventies when the new Clyde Erwin High school was built just outside Asheville, the remnants of what was called the Old County Home Graveyard was dug up to make room for the new building. Numerous transients & casualties of sickness who were buried here were moved across the street and planted below unmarked wooden crosses. It's said that the restless spirits of those buried here still haunt the school, and many janitors who have worked the night shift there refuse to recount the things they've experienced while inside. Unmarked graves are said to still lie beneath the potter's field, overlooking the school.

Asheville - The Grove Park Inn - There is a lady dressed in pink that haunts this Inn. You can see her and hear her late at night. Several guests and employees have had several encounters with her. She is known to tickle toes at night while visitors are attempting to sleep. She is said to be the wife of the famous writer Fitzgerald. When you get close to room 545, it seems to get cold. You can usually here doors slamming, laughter, and talking from rooms that are not used.

Asheville - Helens' Bridge - recently torn down and rebuilt - When the Zalandia Castle caught fire; a woman named Helen lost her only child. A daughter. Helen was so crushed by the loss she hung herself from the bridge right down the road from the castle. On Halloween night go to the bridge and try to conjure Helen. If she is successfully called, you car will mess up in some way that you can't get down the mountain.

Asheville - home to Channel 13 WLOS - It is said to be haunted by a servant when the building was home to Dr. Samuel Westray Battle. The ghost's name is Alice and is said to walk around the building and play with the TV equipment. She is said to be also the Pink Lady, because The Battle mansion is next to the Grove Park Inn, and she has been seen walking over to the Inn.

Asheville - Jackson Building - You can see a face in one of the top windows, thought to be the face of a man who committed suicide after loosing everything during the great depression.

Asheville - Old Battery Park Hotel - It's said that in a private apartment building in downtown Asheville which used to be known as the Battery Park Hotel in the early to mid 1900's, apparitions can be seen very early in the morning. Individuals who worked the morning shift in the pantry refused to go in alone because a man who was murdered there was known to reveal himself in spirit form to employees.

Asheville - Reed House - the sounds of pool being played can be heard.

Asheville - Shiloh - Abandoned Forestry Compound - There is a building in the compound which has all the windows boarded up. The downstairs consists of a long dark hallway with doors alternating on either side. In one downstairs bathroom there is a toilet filled with blood. Upstairs there is a room used by a now dead prostitute. This building is nicknamed the "Whorehouse" for that reason. Even when the temperature outside is 70 degrees, it barely reaches 40 degrees inside. Strange noises are heard by people who live in the Shiloh neighborhood, and lights have been seen as well. There are other buildings in the compound, and their doors are open and closed at random. There is a length of rope hanging from the rafters in one building.

Atlantic Beach - Fort Macon - There is said to believe that civil war ghosts haunt the top of the fort and watch for the union soldiers to attack. And there have been accounts on which during World War 2 the main gate was closed on it own while the guards were keeping watch on the place.

Banner Elk - Lees McRae College - Tate Dorm - use to be the sight of the old Tate Hospital. Many of the students say that on the four floor at night while they are in their rooms they can hear balls bouncing. Also the security guards have reported the lights coming back on by themselves after they have been turned off. Students also say that they have come into their rooms to find their clothes thrown everywhere. The ghost is a little girl named Emily who died of an illness while in the hospital.  She also haunts the library on campus.

Beaufort - Hammock House - balls of light and blood stains that can't be washed away are observed here.

Belwood - Kadesh Church - For years people have been hearing organ music coming from inside the church when no one is inside.

Bentonville - Bentonville Battleground - Gunfire and shouting can be heard on the battleground and around the trenches at night, and there are countless stories of the plantation house being haunted by those who died there - including a little girl who died of tuberculosis and is said to still haunt one of the upstairs rooms.

Bessemmer City - Tryon Elementary School - Sights of boys reflection in 4th and 5th Grade bathroom mirror beside one of the girls. Blond hair Blue eyes Red & Blue raggedy shirt and tan capris.

Blowing Rock - The Green Park Inn Hotel - A room on the 3rd floor of the Hotel is reported to be haunted by a woman who died there years ago. She has also been reported seen walking on the 3rd floor. I have walked on the 3rd floor and just get shivers up my back. You can feel something in the air.

Boone - Appalachian State University - East Hall - East Hall is one of the dormitories for the college and is said to be haunted. Student assistants have reported being followed by unknown footsteps when on their rounds after midnight. People have also claimed that the lights will suddenly turn off in halls and you can feel someone brush against you. You can also hear whispering voices in the hallway. The third floor new bathroom is haunted by a male ghost, though it is a girls' bathroom. Also assorted residents have reported seeing a girl dressed in white in their rooms and others have had small items in their rooms rearranged daily.

Boone - Perkinsville Dr. - When turning at the Hardies intersection in Boone near Lowes Foods, Go to the second road on the right, just past the gas station. The road is Perkinsville drive, follow the road to the last house on the left, you have to look hard. The house is hidden by trees and over growth. This house is so haunted, you're guaranteed to experience something every time you go, day or night. Supposedly a man died due to un-natural causes and haunts that house. Mostly footsteps are heard, a strong feeling of non-welcome, and an angry banging on the up stairs floor. - December 2003 Update: Has burnt down

Boone - Tiwanna Fatz Restaurant - Tiwanna Fatz restaurant was active with people for some time before it partially burnt down, there was a little girl who died in the fire. The part of the restaurant was rebuilt. Rumor has it that if you stay in the area that burnt down you will sometimes occasionally hear the little girls' voice.

Brown Mountain (near Grandfather Mountain)- The Brown Mountain lights appear along the ridge of the mountain, moving erratically. They are best seen from a distance; they disappear as you climb the mountain. No one knows what they are, but the sightings have gone on for so long that the Cherokees who inhabited the area have stories about them.

Brown Mountain - Blue Ridge Parkway - At two different places on the blue ridge parkway you can see the brown mountain lights. There are two stories to this one. 1) Its said that there was a war between two different Native American tribes. At night when it was safe the women would go out and look for there husbands with big bright torches but they were killed to so now they keep looking forever. 2) It was winter and a little girl had gone missing her father looked and looked for her she died and he died and to this day he continues the search. Brown mountain has no homes or roads built on it you cant even go on the mountain so that makes it a truly haunted place scientist have tried figure out what’s going on for hundreds of years and many people have seen these lights year after year.

Brunswick - Leland - Mt. Misery Road - Mt. misery Road is right beside the Capefear River and used to lead all the way to Fayetteville. Back in the time when people owned slaves. The slave ships would dock at the river and march the slaves up Mt. Misery 90 miles to Fayetteville, many died of heat exhaustion. It is said now late at night you can hear the sound of chains and moans as the slave marched.

Brunswick County - Brunswick Inn Southport - There a ghost named Tony who was a riverboat musician in life is said to roam the halls of the inn.

Burlington - Williams High School - It is said that a girl was stood up on prom night, and she got to the top of the school and jumped. When you drive down the road between the football field and the back of the school, the top sign at the end of the street bleeds.

Cabarrus County - Mt. Pleasant - Cline School- On Cline School Road very late at night, 3a.m or so, you can see a man walking down the road on your right side, regardless of which way you are going. If you get out he'll dissapear.

Camp Lejuene Marine Base - It is said that if you are driving through the back gate of the marine base at night, you will see a woman in white walking along the road. The guards in the guard shack have heard many strange noises. It is believed that the woman was killed in a car accident.

Camp Lejeune Marine Base - Hp175 - Room 300 - While a Marine was sleeping he was slapped and saw a black figure. It disappeared when the Marine turned on the light. The Marine had a bruise the next morning.

Caroleen - Caroleen Bridge - When you drive by the bridge on rainy nights you can see two elderly sisters trying to walk home. These two sisters where killed in an auto accident when they where nearing the bridge and ran over the side. When you stop to pick them up they will get into your car and disappear once you cross the bridge as if they where never even there.

Caroleen - Caroleen Broad River Bridge - There has been many deaths on this bridge, but a few years ago two elderly ladies who where sisters and lived not even a fourth of the mile from the bridge, accidentally ran off the side of the bridge on the way home. At night on the anniversary of there death you can see them walking towards their home.

Caroleen - Old Caroleen School Gym - This is an old run down gym that was abandoned after the county tore the school down. It is said that late at night if you park your car in front of the gym door which has been torn off you can see the spirit of two young girls that where raped and killed in the 1950's wondering about inside, you must turn off your car lights to see this.

Caswell County - - Prospect Hill - The Devil's Playground - There are creeks that form a triangle. Strange things happen such as hearing voices, sudden weather changes, hearing music, and strange shadows appear in the woods. No one has ever been able to spend the entire night there.

Chapanoke - Hertford - The Five Bridges Ghosts - In the early 1900's a man and his wife were driving on 5 Bridges Road in the suburb of Chapanoke and they got a flat tire. He got out to change it, and when he got back in the car, she was gone. He looked around for her, and saw her hanging in a tree. Someone had hung her and he was never found. If you go out there at night, turn off the lights on your truck/car, you'll hear someone knock for a ride home. Also, it's been reported that you can see her dangling from a tree, and something will sound like footsteps walking across the top of your car.

Chapel Hill - Dromgoole's Castle - There's a legend regarding this strange house not too far from the campus of The University of North Carolina. A man who was in love with a young woman discovered she was in love with a friend of his, so hey had a pistol duel at his house and he was mortally wounded. In his dying moments, he fell on a flat rock that is now stained with his blood to this very day. Student have reported his sad ghost agonizing cries from his fatal wound as well as his girlfriend who died not long after his untimely death.

Charlotte - Founders College - Founders Hall - is haunted by a girl whose corpse was sold to the medical school here.

Charlotte - Latta Plantation - The Latta Family used to live in the Latta Plantation. It's now a historic site, and is haunted by the family. Frequently during tour, strange things happen, like the tourist would hear kids playing in the attic, running around. One time during a tour, the tour guide had introduced the tourist a cane, that was used by one of the members of the family, and all of a sudden it started moving as if a spirit was walking on it, and it then fell on the ground. Occurrences happened when employees are in the house alone, doors would slam shut. Shadows are seen every now and then as well.

Charlotte - Loonis McGlohan Theatre (Spirit Square) - The original building in this location was constructed in the late 1800's, as a church. In 1903 it was rebuilt into the structure, which exists there today. The church was taken over by the city, in the 1940's or early 1950's, and renovated into a theatre. Now, almost 100 years later, you can hear people walking around in the Church/Theatre when the facility is closed. As well, a few of the employees have noted that sometimes when they are working in the sub-basement, they can hear faint singing coming from above them.

Charlotte - McAlpine Creek Park - Trail - Walk this trail at night by yourself......Its right beside Independence road. The trail has an old mill house, it is said that a skeleton was found under the mills house bell. (Bring a flashlight, and something to protect yourself because there IS something in this trail.)

Charlotte - North West Middle School - It is said that the school is haunted by a ghost of a girl named Sadie from the 1950's. They say that she spent a lot of time at the school because her Father was a mean drunk and always beat her. One afternoon, she came home late and her Father came after her and she took off down the street. Since she felt safe at the school, she tried to go there, but while crossing the street in front of the school, she got hit by a car and died. They say since she felt safe at the school, her spirit stayed in the school. You can hear banging on the pipes and desks will rattle and bathroom stall doors will open and close by them selves. If you’re in the auditorium, you can look back to the attic window where the projector is and you can see something moving around up there. If you go by the stairs leading to the attic, you get chills on the back of your neck as if to warn you not to go up there.

Charlotte - Queens College - Albright - There is a ghost of a heartbroken girl whose parents found out about her relationship with another woman who committed suicide in a girl's dorm. Her knocking and door closing and opening has scared several reliable witnesses.

Charlotte - Queens College - Court Yard - well if you go out into the quart yard at certain times in the night you can see the swaying motion of a hung body and you can hear faint screams now and then. Apparitions have been seen of Civil War-era soldiers.

Charlotte - Queens College - Wallace - Residents have also experienced poltergeist-like activity and cold spots in a corner room of Wallace dorm. - December 2006 Update: a former resident reports: a banging noise in the room, like metal being banged together. Also, other students have heard sounds of papers being dropped in the room. If you stand right outside of the room it is very warm.

Chesterfield - Shadowline Park - Shadows of demon dogs walking around the park. Figures around the bathrooms where mysterious murders happened, and an overwhelming sense of dread.

China Grove - South Rowan High School - their have been pictures taken in the auditorium with some kind of white figure or light.

Clyde - Hwy 209 below truckstop - There is said to be a ghost on hwy 209 which runs alongside the pigeon river. They say if you are driving by this certain spot around midnight, you will pass the spot where a woman was struck by a car and killed. if after you pass here, you look in your rearview mirror, you will see her in your backseat or behind your car.

Columbia - - Dolly Field - no one lives up there and if you go up there at night this man name Larry that use to live up there in a old house but died some years back will come after you with his tractor some people have been chase by this man.

Concord - Concord Middle School - The middle school is a new building that has only been around since 2000-2001. The location was moved from an older building built in the early 1920's now used as a center for students who are disruptive or for other reasons cannot participate in a normal classroom environment to another building located on Gold Rush Dr. off of Neisler Rd. Teachers and other staff at the school have reported hearing footsteps in the halls at night when no one else is in the building. There are also reports of the sound of doors slamming shut when there is no possible explanation for this, although no doors have ever been seen shutting on their own. Also reports of strange sounds in auditorium. One faculty member working in the office late one night heard sounds coming from the hallway. She high-tailed it on out of there. No theories about the cause of the occurrences. Interestingly, though, everything started after a Catholic priest was brought in to perform an exorcism in the media center in 2001.

Cullowhee - Western Carolina University - Harrill Residence Hall - 5th Floor - It is said that a girl died of an asthma attack while her boyfriend was sleeping over. She suffocated in her sleep before she could be saved. It is now said that the 5th floor as well as the elevators are haunted by her ghost. The elevators open at the 5th floor, and then go down to the first floor, opening again. The elevators have been known to randomly open with no one in them on all floors. Strange occurrences and the feeling of being watched have been reported on the 5th floor.

Concord - Piney Grove Church - An abandoned church, that was left with everything still there... There is a graveyard in the back, and I have seen things; things walking around in the cemetery, there is also said to be 4 spirits in the church.

Concord - Sally's Bridge - Sally's Bridge is an old bridge off Poplar Tent Road. A young high school girl and her baby were driving here one night in the rain and ran into a creek. Sally could not find her baby, but they both died eventually. If you stop on the bridge, she will do anything she can to get you to help her find her baby. People have reported a frantic looking woman knocking on car doors and trying to open car windows.

Concord - The Old Court House Theater - The Theater used to be in the old courthouse but it was moved to an old church. The ghost there is called the "Deacon" he basically moves things around.

Concord - Winecoff Elementary School - In the old building where the 5th grade hall was is a ghost of a long dead football player. The school was at one time a 1st thru 12th grade school. The 5th grade hall use to be used by the football players many years ago. It's said that after a football game the player came back to this part of the school and had a heart attack and died. He haunted the 5th grade hall behind the gym until the school was torn down to build the new school back in 1995 or so. He doesn't do anything. You see him walking down the hall, then he slides down the wall and disappears.

Conetoe - Railroad Crossing - Reports of a strange light on the tracks, believed to be the spirit of a girl that died there 100 years ago.

Creswell - Somerset Plantation - The Somerset Plantation house and grounds is haunted by the ghost of the lady of the house. She can be heard screaming and crying mourning her son who drowned in an irrigation canal. state park campgrounds in the designated spot closest to the house.

Crowder 92s mountain- Crowder 92s mountain Baptist church - Many people have seen a little girl dressed in a white dress playing in the church yard. When approached she runs in to the woods behind the church, hear crying coming from the woods as if the child is scared or lost.

Cullowhee - Scott Residence Hall - 8th Floor - In the early 1990's a young student hung herself in the East Wing. For many years the floor was shut off due to many occurrences with sightings of the young lady. Bathroom lights will turn on and off as well as doors opening and shutting. Water will run for no reason.

Cullowhee - Western Carolina University - The Moore Building - The Moore Building has many rumors around it regarding the haunting. The actual story is this: A young woman enrolled in the teaching program was murdered in the mid-sixties by a local resident when she refused his romantic advances. The man was caught, however, due to his mental capacity and well-respected family connections, he served only a few years at Broughton Hospital in Morganton. The 3rd floor began experiencing a haunting shortly after the girls' death. It is true that students began refusing to live on the 3rd floor due to the sounds of crying, screaming and pacing. Moore was converted to classrooms in the 1980's, yet strange things continued to happen. The man convicted of the girl's murder died in 1997, and the paranormal activity seems to have stopped, although students on the 3rd floor often report getting "the creeps" or feeling like they are being watched.

Danbury - Davis Chapel Church - It is said that a woman who was stood up at the alter there killed herself in the church and can be seen walking around searching for her lost fiancée and the sounds of her sobbing can be heard all through the night.

Davidson - Southmont - Gravity hill - Stop your car at the bottom of the hill and it is said to be that a woman will push you to the top. legend has it her car rolled over her when it broke down one night. if you put flower on the back you can see her hand prints!

Denton - Jackson Creek Road - There is an old field in the woods along this road. In this field there is a house that has been abandoned for many years. The reason the house was abandoned was because many years ago there was a murder committed in it. A man came home one day and for some reason he had gone crazy. The man shot his wife outside of the house then went upstairs and shot himself. The blood was washed up outside the house and upstairs where the man committed suicide. After the blood was cleaned up it reappeared the next day and to this day it can't be cleaned. The room upstairs in the house where the man committed suicide has been blocked off so that nobody can go in and see the horrible scene. The blood outside is still there and cannot be removed. It is said that the place is haunted to this very day by those troubled souls.

Dillsboro - GSMR Tunnel - When Norfolk-Southern began expansion into the southwest mountains of North Carolina, it was difficult for the company to find men able to do the hard work required. Convicts were brought in to complete work on a tunnel right outside of Dillsboro. To get to the site, the men had to cross a section of the Tuckaseegee River on raft. One day, the raft flipped over in the rain-swollen river and all of the convicts died (except one) because they were chained together. The men were buried on the mountain above the tunnel. Sometimes, especially after a big rain, people report hearing chains rattling and the echoes of men splashing in water yelling for help. **Interesting fact about this tunnel** This is the same tunnel Harrison Ford walks into in the movie 'The Fugitive'.

Dunn - Coats - near coats savage junk yard - Around 12:30pm every night when you drive by you see the ghost of a young children in the junk yard playing. And if you listen closely you can hear them saying "ring around the rosy pocket full of posies ashes ashes we all fall dead." Some believe its the children that died in the fetal car accident that happened back in 1967 haunt it. Some also say that they were from the devastating fire that happened back in 1934. But nobody really knows why they haunt the junkyard.

Dunn - Old Bluff Church - In about the 1820's on a Halloween day this church was having sermon and the preacher flipped out and killed every one in there and now if you go to the church and you read the big stone memorial and walk up to the doors and read the sign and do what it tells you to than you will see a man holding a lantern and he will wave you on.

Durham - Cabe Lands Cemetery - Long abandoned cemetery about 200 yards off of the Cabe Lands Trail by the Eno River. Visitgrs to the site have reported hearing faint yet distinctive voices in the area. One couple reports, "My husband and I have visited the site several times and never heard voices, until our last visit when we both hear a definite voice. This time we went out there just after sunset. We definitely heard a man's voice and all we could make out were the words: noise, of about, miller, flags, and years. It was an amazing experience, but I would never go back there alone or after dark again."

Early's Station - Railroad Tracks - You can stand on the tracks and stare back to the west on the tracks and a bright light will appear and it seems to be coming down the track. You can walk down the tracks and the light will go out and when you turn around it will be behind you. The story is a man was run over on the tracks years ago and his head was severed and he is back with a lantern looking for his head.

Eden - Wentworth - Blue Berry Hill Plantation - At the cemetery at the plantation strange sounds can be heard, and host figures can be seen walking around. most are ghosts of African slaves from around the civil war time. Even the bravest of men wont go around the cemetery at night. The railroad track down the road is also haunted. People who drive across these late at night see strange lights and apparitions. The plantation house is also said to be haunted by a lady in white.

Elizabeth City - Nell Cropsey House Hall Mansion - The Cropsey family moved to N.C. in the 1890's from New York. They made their home on the Pasqutank River. Not long after arriving, their daughter Nell went missing. Last seen talking to a male suitor on the family porch. When she turned up some days later floating in the river dead. It is said that she still can be seen in the house and walking on the riverbank. Her mother has also been seen looking out the window for her Nell, who never made home. You can buy a book about the history of the Nell Cropsey Murders at any large bookstore.

Elon - Elon University - West Dorm - In the fire of 1923, a young student named Mary tried to escape the fire and jump from a third story window. Undoubtedly, she died. Mary now haunts West dorm, with such activities such as the chandelier in the parlor swinging back and forth, and the lights flickering on and off. One night, a boy was sleeping in his girlfriend's dorm and he woke up to find Mary looking at him, and his girlfriend was talking to Mary in her sleep. Mary also plays pranks on the residents, such as pushing them over in the halls or messing with their things, such as their computers.

Ernul - Hill Neck Rd Bridge - there is an old bridge of Hill Neck road in Ernul NC. This bridge is believed to be haunted by the spirits of a Mexican family, who's car ran off the bridge. The whole family died. At night an engine can be heard revving. Also, cries of pain, and for help can be heard.

Fayetteville - Fort Bragg - 3-325 at Bco barracks is haunted, the first floor bathroom, the stalls flush on their own, the last door opens and shuts rapidly!!! also been sightings of black shadows moving all around the bathroom. - May 2008 Update - Has been torn down

Fayetteville - Methodist College - October 2007 Submission removed. False story

Fayetteville - Radisson Prince Charles Hotel - In the early 1900a, a young woman named Charlotte leaped to her death from an eighth floor window on her wedding day when she found her new husband in bed with a bridesmaid in the honeymoon/presidential suite on the seventh floor. A veteran housekeeper knows that she sometimes plays tricks with the locks on the doors to the guestrooms; supposedly she rides the elevator to the eighth floor at midnight but has been felt at other locations in the hotel.

Fayetteville - Railroad tracks - There is this ghost that has been there since 1700's, .its called the Vander Light. Its a ghost that got killed when was on a train and he went out on the train to smoke a cigarette and the train slammed on brakes and he fell off and it cut his head off and ever since that every time you go down to the railroad tracks there is a lantern and its a ghost looking for his head and if you walk up the tracks and try to get close to it will disappear and when you turn around its behind you again.

Fayetteville - Slocomb House - A young woman in black appears on the steps here.

Fayetteville - Subway at the train depot - It's a Subway restaurant attached to a train station. Randomly, day or night, people can see a man in an orange shirt who will vanish into nothing. Sometimes an old time phone will ring four or five times. Whispering and whistling are common to hear while dining in the lobby. Hay St. (the location) used to be heavy with crime, but is now a safe place to visit.

Findlay - Owens Community College Child Care Center - College students and teachers reported seeing a child's face appearing upstairs windows after the center is closed, lights turning on themselves when the teachers lock up the place, cold spots on second floor, door closing by themselves in storage room, child's giggles can be heard, food mysteriously appeared after everyone claimed they never "made it", sometimes it'll disappeared. This place was said to be haunted by 2 young girls who died upstairs due to carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. These activities seems to increase in Spring time, between March-May.

Franklin - Poor Richards Summit Inn - In the mid to late 1800's there was said to have been a lady in her 20's killed in the dining room. If you stand in the dining room late at night you can see her backing towards the dining table and a man in late 1800's clothing will stab her on the table. - March 2008 Update: On 12-28-2006 The Poor Richard’s Summit Inn burnt completely down. The Inn has been known for catching fire at least once a year. The owner & 1 of his dogs died in the fire.

Fremont - It is told, that on dark summer nights, a light will travel, down the railroad tracks, and it appears, to be like a lantern, the story goes that a local man, lost his head, after being in a drunk state, was killed by the train, it is said that, he searches for his lost head. Many locales claim to have see the light, and claims it chases them, it is said that if, the light catches you, you could die!

Garner - Right off Timber Drive - there are the graves of two slaves from the Civil War era. At night when it is storming people have claimed seeing them sitting on their graves with bloody eyes.

Gastonia - Brookside elementary - Strange noises from the woods on the Auten Rd. side have been reported several times as well as sightings of movement from inside the school late at night.

Gastonia - Lincoln Academy - Lincoln Academy used to be a all girls school one night a gang of boys took a girl who went to school there tied her up to a oak tree, then raped and disemboweled her. some say if you go there do not stop on the bridge because your car will turn off and not start. Plus reports of a presence felt late at night and smoke going in a left and right direction instead of a up motion.

Gastonia - Spencer Mountain - Pharr Mansion - There is a mansion located at the end of the road. It was built in the late 1700's. No one has ever lived in the house. This lady that owned Pharr yarns built it for her grandson. He died shortly after she built it. Since he died she said no one could live in it. The town has since tried to make it a haunted house and the proceeds go to the local fire department. Rumor is 2 men and a woman haunt it. People that work upstairs have seen and heard stuff to where they have ran out the house white as a ghost and breathing as though someone was trying to kill them. They have reported seeing a woman upstairs holding a baby's head in one hand and another head in the other. People have been going downstairs and heard someone following them and turned around to see no one. Also reports of pictures in one of the upstairs room just fall off the wall as if someone was knocking them off. - June 2008 Update: it is all boarded up with NO TRESPASSING signs up and the driveway is blocked off. You can see a small parking strip along the main road as you turn "right" off Ranlo-Spencer Rd. Its not even a mansion, its just a two-story house. There is a "bay" window, and a small balcony with a black wrought iron railing. It does look very eerie at night and you will hear sounds outside the place. You will hear wind around the house when there IS NO wind to be detected.

Gold Hill - Gravity Hill - On Richfild rd you can stop and put your car in neutral and it will roll up the hill. They say there was a baby and her mom staled the car. She tried to push it off the road but a truck hit and killed them both. And if you put baby powder on the back of your car you will see hand prints in it

Greensboro - Guilford College - Hobbs House - The Hobbs House is a dorm on the campus of Guilford College, but it used to be a real home. It is said that a long time ago this home belong to the Hobbs and they had a little girl named Mary. Well, one night Mary had a slumber party in the attic (third floor) of her house. After all the girls went to bed some boys decided to play a trick on them. The boys took rocks and wrapped them in paper and then lit them on fire and proceeded to try to throw them into the attic window. The rocks made it into the attic and started a fire. All the girls made it out of the attic in time except for Mary Hobbs. By the time the fire was put out, the third floor of the home was gone and so was Mary. It is said that if you sit in a specific room in the house/dorm you will hear faucets turning on and off and a faint cry from a little girl. You can also hear footsteps going up and down the hallways while she searches for her room.

Greensboro - Richfield Road - It is said that a lady died on this road a long time ago, and if you go down this road, there is a place where you stop your car and put it in neutral. The lady then comes out and pushes your car down the road a little ways, and if you are to put baby powder or flower on the back of your car, "sometimes" you can see her hand prints on the back of the car.

Granville - Goshen - there is an old bridge in Goshen said to be haunted by a young lady who died in a car crash there. It also has an old graveyard by it which once belonged to a church which has been abandoned. If you go there you can see the lady on the bridge and hear her cries. The graveyard gives an unwanted feeling to one whom is there.

Grays Creek - Grays Creek high School - There was a janitor at GCHS (Grays creek high school) that was working on the fans in the gym. He climbed up that ladder and went to fix the fan when all of a sudden the ladder fell out from under him and he fell to the ground and died on the spot. Now he haunts the gym.

Havelock - Cherry Point Naval Hospital - dark figures, and manifestations of actual people. One in particular is an old lady...very creepy voices. strange vibes. a lot of people see things in reflections, like people walking behind them when nobody is there.

Havelock - Halliburton naval hospital - cherry point - On February 1 around 2 am an overnight rn was at the snack/drink machines in the hospital when she saw a person dressed in all black run by the doorway, within seconds she was at the door to see there was no one in the hall, nor had she heard anyone running down the hall she was the only one there. 

Havelock - Halyburton Naval Hospital - Reports of ghosts all over the hospital. Feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Havelock - Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point - It is said the ghost of Kissy Sikes haunts the flight line and the housing looking for her children, she does not like men and the men who yell at kids are in big trouble, there is a story of a young Lcpl on post was found the next morning huddled in a ball in the corner of the guard shack crying she wants her kids, she wants her kids. In the housing you can hear children playing and from personal experience Kissy herself appears in children’s bedrooms after they are put to bed. Toys in the children’s rooms are moved when they aren't even there.

Hickory - Alice M. Raeford Memorial Center - Doorways seem to disappear after you pass through them and you can hear fleeting whispers and see shadows and mists out of the corner of your eye. And reports of being pushed by unseen hands.

Hickory - Crown Cinema VI - The movie theater is now closed, but when working many strange things have happened. Film would be going just find in the projectors and would suddenly be lose inside the machine. Shadows and apparitions have been seen. - June 2008 Update: has been torn down.

Hookerton - Train RailRoad - It is said that if you go to that old train railroad in you will see some woods and if you go in very deep and flick your car lights three times a young man will come out with a lantern and paralyze you. But for this to happen you have to turn of your car and get out. The story is that a man was waiting for his wife and a train came and ran over him.

Huntersville - Mcoy road - a trailer on Mcoy road is said to be haunted by a man who died in the living room floor. Lights flicker on and off, doors open and close, and in the back room of the trailer you can feel a cold presence moving around.

Jackson County - Elementary School - The story is that 15 or 16 little kids got detention and were locked in the boiler room. The boiler exploded and killed the kids. Now if you go late at night then u can hear screams, sometimes you will see little kids, if you take pictures and get them developed you will see orbs and strange smoke that is in the shape of people. But when u look at the spots in person there is nothing, but in the pictures there is freaky stuff. On the walls in the boiler room there are child size handprints burned into the wall. - November 2005 update: no screams where noted. A well-defined shadow of a little kid was seen through one of the glass doors in the school. The investigators watched this figure move from side to side of the door and then it walked toward them through the door and stood still for around 30 seconds, all of the sudden it bent down and got into like a 3 point lineman stance and then jumped toward them, they turned the lights on and there was nothing there. They placed a voice recorder in the boiler room as well and got what sounded to be a heartbeat that kept getting faster and louder and then made one loud beat and stopped. Also there was a loud moaning throughout the whole schoolhouse from the pipes but there is no heat going through the pipes so I have no clue why that would be making noise. An update to make on the school is that it was demolished last year and made into a park for the community.

Jacksonville - Camp Devil Dog - One of the small wooden green hooches is rumored to be haunted. A Marine on fire-watch ran out of the hooch screaming he saw a ghost of a small child leaning over another Marine who as asleep on the floor. The Marine contacted his instructors and refused to go back in there.

Jacksonville - Camp Geiger - Footsteps and screaming in the land navigation woods on the base right outside of Camp Devil Dog. Sometimes, a young girl will come out to the road. If you're female, she will stand there and play with her hair and look at the ground. But many males have said she sees them and screams. She is very beautiful, but has wide bright eyes that seem to see right behind you at all times. Some believe she is the young mistress of a military officer, hanged to death because she fell in love with him and would have told his wife. However, the loop in the noose was too wide for her slender neck and se died days later from either asphyxiation or hunger. Some others say she is a body that was found in the swamp in the back of the woods.

Jacksonville - NC rte. 24 - When driving on a flat surface, it feels as though you are going down a step hill. Also heard a specter motorcycle.

Jacksonville - New Bridge middle school - This school has a basement and it is heard sometimes on stormy days people bagging around in it. Like they're trying to get out of the locked doors. Also upstairs the doors uncannily slam shut by them selves.

Jamestown - U.S. Highway 70 underpass - AKA Lydia's Bridge - Just outside of Greensboro, there has said to have been the ghost of a beautiful young girl who has been appearing near Greensboro since 1923. She stands next to the US Highway 70 Underpass in a white evening gown and waves frantically for someone to stop and pick her up. Those hapless travelers who do are introduced to a young woman who says her name is Lydia and she always ask them to please take her to an address in High Point. She always tells them that she has spent the evening at a dance in Raleigh and is anxious to get home, having run into car trouble on the way. Just as the drivers approach the house, the girl always vanishes from their car, never opening the door and getting out.- March 2004 additional info: There are many versions to the story but the most common one that I have heard is that Lydia was at a dance one night and was trying to get home. A car apparently hit her and now she hitches rides home from the bridge. When the person gets her to her house, she disappears. She never says anything other than her name is Lydia; she needs to get home, and her address. Another story posted on Either way, she died in 1923. The road that linked High Point and Greensboro was a different road than is there now. There are train tracks that are the reason for the bridge. The bridge now is called the graffiti bridge, for obvious reasons. To the left of this bridge, about 40 ft away and hidden in massive amounts of kudzu, is where the original bridge is, and it's Lydia's bridge. There is another bridge about 2 miles away from these that is also believed to be Lydia's bridge. This one is an actual bridge that you drive over and it's over a creek. Some kids have spray painted pentagrams on it which is kind of freaky but at the same time, there is a sort of eerie presence here. One report of a group of friends in the 80’s that would venture there had two girls in this group and every time they would get close to the bridge, the girls would pass out. says that Lydia is merely an urban legend. Which bridge is really her bridge? How did she die? Why was she walking home? Or was she in the car with her date? Where’s a newspaper article or an obituary that can prove to us that this happened? If she died at the bridge close to the graffiti bridge, one wonders who is haunting the one over the creek? Why would kids choose that bridge to paint pentagrams on?
- February 2007 additional info: There is a Guilford County/High Point Death Certificate for: Lydia Jane M. ( name withheld Born 1904 in High Point Died December 31, 1923 from fatal injuries from motoring accident [...]" Yet more evidence to support that Lydia actually existed, and died as reported.

Kannapolis - Maple Street - A man was brutally murdered on the streets and every so often they can still here the screams of the man yelling.

Kings Mountain - Kings Mountain State Park - Numerous reports of "ghostly" men upon horseback riding through the historic battleground section of the park. Personal investigation has found knocking on the doors of the public restroom; two human-shaped apparitions in Camp York portion of the state park.

Kings Mountain - Lincoln Academy - Lincoln Academy was an all black school at the base of Crowder’s Mountain. The school is no longer standing but the story behind the area is a girl driving home to Atlanta was carjacked by two guys and they tired her to a large tree on the grounds of the old school. They savagely tired her to the tree with barbed wire and murdered her. The area has been known to be haunted by the spirit of the teenage girl.

Kings Mountain - Oak Grove - during the time of the revolutionary war a tavern was located at a crossroads' now the intersection of Oak Grove and Stoney Point roads, the legend is that a British soldier carrying stolen plans was in route to warn the British as he stopped at the tavern for a rest he was identified as a Brit and killed by the inn keeper, and on moonlit nights you can see him at the crossroads, he always looks confused, as you try to approach he disappears.

Kinston - Grainger High School - There are numerous ghost of Grainger High. After talking with a few of the old teachers the submitter was able to confirm one and that is the spirit of a young girl who met her untimely death at the school when she fell off a balcony. Teachers reported that when working at the school after all the students have left they would hear foot steps in the hallway and the locker doors closing shut as well as doors. The school is now closed for learning purposes but open for theatrical purposes and the classroom are as been renovated and turned into a rest home.

Kure Beach - Fort Fisher - the last stronghold of the south - is reportedly haunted by both Union and Confederate Soldiers, as well as the ghost of General Whiting. Gen. W.H.C. Whiting, the Confederate officer in charge of the fort. Years ago, a Kure Beach an on-duty police officer was driving toward the fort at night, and noticed a man walking down the side of the road. The office pulled over to give the man a ride, and he climbed in. The officer continued driving until the man motioned that he wanted to be dropped off at a spot near the fort. When the man got out of the car, the police officer was able to see that the man was dressed in a complete Confederate general's uniform. The officer swore he would never go back there at night. The staff and visitors have reported hearing footsteps inside the visitors center when no one else is there, and some people have felt a sensation that someone just walked past. Every night at closing the staff says good night to Gen. Whiting.

Landis - Corriher-Lipe Middle School - Larry the janitor was it the boiler room for the school in the 1940's, when all of a sudden the boiler blows up killing him. Now door slam shut and thing are moved. One teacher was there late at night alone cutting paper in the workroom. When he heard someone in the hall, he looked out and no one was there, again he heard it he checks the whole school and no one was there. When he came back to the workroom all his trash was gone. When teachers would work late, small children could be heard, but not seen and an old man is heard roaming the halls. Teachers were heard teaching. And in a non-personal account (heard from teacher who was there): She was designing the bulletin board when she heard ghostly footsteps in the hall. Her daughter and her were alone in the building. Her daughter chased them and when this teacher looked out in the hall, her girl was walking with her arm in the air as if grasping an adults'. But there was no one. She called her daughter back and the girl explained, she was just walking with the nice old man. Possibly the janitor. One teacher had some students there to help with a project one night. When it was time to leave, he sent the students left and right into the building to make sure no one was still inside. The students met after completing the search and began to leave when they heard running footsteps and voices coming down the stairs. Update: the haunted portion of the school is no longer open to students or teachers.

Landis - Corriher-Lipe Middle School - Ghosts have been reported as being seen and heard in the 600 Building across from the Gym. Doors opening and closing with no one there, a hazy figure of a young girl wandering in the hallways, gusts of heavy, damp-cold air rushing through a section on the second floor, voices of children after hours, and the figure of the custodian killed by a boiler incident has been seen roaming the halls watching over the children.

Laurinburg - Gravity Hill - It was once said that a woman and her kid and dog were killed when their car stalled and an 18-wheeler came by and hit them instantly. And from that day on, if you park at the bottom of the hill and cut your car off, she is known to push you back up the hill out of harms ways.

Laurinburg - The Fox Crossing Road Woods - Just off of this road named Fox Crossing Road lies an old lumber road that winds through the woods. While it is no longer used, it was once used by logging trucks to cut timber down and haul it out. If you walk down this lumber road at nighttime, and look out into the woods, you can sometimes see a couple, dressed in 1920's style clothing. They are dancing, and the moon shines right on them. After about three seconds, they always disappear. The story is that they were a wealthy newly wed couple back in the 1920's, and they planned on building a mansion out in these woods, equipped with a giant ballroom for dancing. But they were both tragically killed just as construction of their mansion started. And now they say their spirits dance together forever, in where their ballroom would have once stood.

Lenoir - Chapel Of Rest - In early 1900's the present preacher had caught his wife cheating on him and he couldn't deal with the grief. So that coming Saturday he decided to commit suicide, by slitting his wrists and hanging himself from the rafters, off the front pew. On Sunday morning, the congregation of the church came in to find their preacher dead. To this day you can go up there and see the blood stain on the floor and the indentions on the rafters along with the scratches on the pews, from the hard soled shoes he was wearing. At night people say you can see him swinging and there is a Bible at the podium that will tell you when, where, and how you will die!

Lenoir - Lenoir Aquatic and Fitness Center - A ghost of a little boy that has been heard in the main hall crying, "Mommy" in the early morning and in the late afternoon. . People have heard weights dropping, people talking, and music playing in the middle of the night .

Lenoir - Mulberry Home Care - After dark a ghost of a little girl comes out and she moves things around and messes with the computers. She'll unlock doors and leave them open. The custodian has taken the light bulb out of the socket several times but somehow the next morning it will be in and on.

Lenoir - South Caldwell High School - has two ghosts. One is from a guy who was building the elevator and he fell. The elevator goes up and down late at night when the accident happened. The elevator opens and closes and goes up and down for or five times at night. Also the theater has a ghost that was a student but she died when she was rehearsing for a play. Now before opening night of any play she causes allot of mischief with the set, lights, and props. She has caused allot of black outs and such right before opening night.

Lillington - Near Alcapulco Lake - If you go down the road that Alcapulco Lake is on go past the lake and you see the stop sign and a road going to the right, take the road to the right then you gonna go down the hill and up a hill the house will be sitting on the right a lady died there and lost her baby you will see her appear as a green glow walking toward the house and sometimes she will come up to the window and you look and see handprints of an adult handprints and baby handprints and scratch marks on the window.

Lincolnton - Lincoln County - Boger City - Strange noises coming from the woods behind an old church.

Linville - Linville Gorge - lights have mysteriously appeared for years... There are two legends associated with these lights, one is they are the spirit of an Indian maiden who is in search of her brave that never returned from battle... the other is it is the spirit of a faithful slave who is in search of his master who was accidentally wounded while hunting.... whatever they are, they appear nightly in the gorge, with no set pattern, they weave in and out of the trees until they reach the edge of the river, then they disappear only to reappear in another spot.

Long Beach - It is said that the gray man walks along Long beach right before a terrible storm is about to come. Those who see him know that they should leave.

Louisburg - Louisburg College - Well here at Louisburg we have many old buildings. The school was founded in 1787 and the Main Building served as a hospital during the Civil War. Students have heard doors slam and no one would be there. There have been sightings of a little boy with no face walking around campus at night, hear voices and sounds and when they looked there was no one there. Not to mention the suicides. A woman hung herself in one of the dorms, and another lady was killed in another building.

Louisburg - Louisburg College - Administrative Building - Back in the 1860's Louisburg College's Main Administrative building was used as a hospital during the Civil War. The Third and Forth floors are now unoccupied due to fire regulations but you can still go up the back steps to the two floors. On the third floor you can hear footsteps & things being dropped.

Louisburg - Louisburg College - Kenan Girls Dormitory - late at night you can hear Mrs. Kennan walking down the halls. The forth floor is shut off and locked in Kennan because of strange happens. It is said there's a green glow all along the forth floor windows visible at night. Some say this is the energy of passed on students. Just remember to never say a bad thing about Mrs. Kennan.

Louisburg - Louisburg College - Merritt Dorm - which is a girls dorm the water facets in the bathrooms will turn on with no one being in the bathroom, computer chairs with wheels have been know to roll across the rooms and slam into the walls. The TV’s and radios have been known to cut on and off with out anyone in the rooms, and the lights will cut off as though they breakers tripped, but when you go to reset the breakers everything has been flipped to off. Cold spots in various rooms. Unidentified foot steps. In the administration building you can see reflections on people in the windows at night. Strange noises and doors have been known to open by themselves.

Lumberton - Meadowbrook Cemetery - Many people claim that they sometimes see Claire Townsend, a young lady who died on her wedding night in the early 1900's, strolling through the cemetery late at night.

Maiden - Old Hwy 321 - Numerous reports of an apparition known as "the gray man". Those who have seen him say he has no face. People that lived in the Brookwood neighborhood years ago say that the man has appeared beside them in mirrors. in the 1970s oe 80s, a man was hit by a tractor trailer truck because he was trying to push someone out of the way of the truck. But the truck driver said there was no one there.

Marion - East McDowell Jr. High School- in the early 1900's a orphange sat on the lot where East McDowell Jr.High sits now it burned to the ground and some of the children who lived at the orphanage died in the fire. At night now you are supposed to be able to hear the children crying in the back parking lot, and the library is haunted by the supervisor of the orphanage who also died in the fire you can see her on the upstairs balcony of the library .- April 2007 Correction: A teacher at East McDowell Junior High school reports: True, there was an orphanage there, named Elhanan. It was an orphanage and Bible training institute. It did indeed burn to the ground in 1928. The problem with your story is that it was closed in 1927. It had been closed and abandoned for a year before it burned. There were no children inside. In fact, there was no one at all. It was just an old abandoned building that burned to the ground.

Marion - Pleasant Gardens Baptist church - A women is supposed to haunt Pleasant Gardens Baptist church. Students who attended Pleasant Gardens Elementary school have reported a women dressed in pink walking down the road with a knife the following day after someone put pink flowers on her grave.

Martin County - Williamston - The Screaming Bridge - This haunting is on your way toward Little Washington you go down some back roads and you will come to a bridge and an area where it is quiet. The legend t is that a woman in a cat costume with red contacts was on her way from a Halloween party to pick up her baby and after she picked up her baby she was on her way home and she was tuning the radio and ran off the bridge into the river. You can hear her screaming for her baby if your lucky. Reports of flashes of light felt a cold presence felt.

Middlesex - Moccasin Creek Bridge on n.c. 231 - a story long told by locals is that on the first Friday of every month at 9:00pm a boy is seen crawling out of the woods apparently trying to get help after his fatal car crash in 1963.

Midland - Potters Field - Legend states that The Knights of The White Chameleons chased a black kid through this field. He had supposedly raped one of the member's daughters. The kid was beaten and buried alive. If you go to Potters Field on the day it happened, which is March 8, you can hear muffled screams coming from the ground.

Monroe - The Blakney House - The old Blakney House is located on Franklin St. Believed to be haunted by William Blakney, a greedy miser who has hidden his fortune somewhere in the house. There is also rumored talk about a girl, perhaps related to Blakney, who watched her parents get run over from the upstairs window. The house was first renovated and remodeled about 15 years ago to house a privately owned "Boswell's Restaurant." Prior to the remodeling, neighborhood kids were told not to go around the house, but that might have been just adults against trespassing. Once the restaurant opened, employees began to report strange things, such as dishes (entire cabinets full) relocated, tables being moved, and other odd anomalies. One account, involved a luncheon on the 2nd floor in one of the reserve rooms. Only two people were at the restaurant (it didn't open until lunch) and they set up elaborate place settings for the luncheon. As they went downstairs to start preparing further, loud crashes and bangs were heard from the upstairs. Using the slave staircase (it's that old), which is the only way to get up to that part of the house when it's locked, they found the entire banquet room had been ransacked. When you try to go upstairs, you get a very unsettling feeling - the feeling of "I don't want to go up there at all." No business, restaurant or otherwise, has been successful at the Blakney house, or at least no business ever stays there for very long. The business located there today makes a point of closing before dark, as they are afraid to be in the building for "when the fun begins."

Mooresville - Brawley middle school - It is said that this school has a history that goes a good ways back. It has relocated from where it was originally established...but mysteries still surround the sightings that many have witnessed there ....But it is said that an employee of the school ,died of a heart attack. The library especially was said to be haunted by a older lady...some nights the lights would come on in the school untimely. Students of the past have said to have seen someone on the second floor hallway..(the school has since been remodeled)

Morganton - Broughton Hospital - At night when the house supervisors make their rounds through the parts of the hospital that no longer house patients each one has reported seeing various ghost. Tunnels and dark corridors have been sealed due to these reports. Often these ghost can be heard screaming in supposedly unoccupied wards. Hear doors slamming on T and U Wards during the night but after checking all patients were sleeping.

Morganton - The Deaf School - Main Building - There is a woman who killed in about 1850-1900. She always walk thought longest hall and stopped and looked at mirror and brushed her long hair if students saw her she will disappear quickly...she wear very white dress and her hair is light red/brown...

Morganton - The Deaf School - Main Building - Clock Tower - A hazy figure in the shape of a girl was seen moving slowly across the doorway.

Morganton - Drexel Heritage PLT 3 and 5 - Night watchmen claim over the years you can see an older man sweeping and cleaning up upstairs in PLT 3 in the hallways.

Morganton - Western Carolina Center - every morning on third shift a meal cart can be heard coming down the hall into Evergreen Cottage and the Medical Care Unit. You can hear the cart getting closer and closer, but it never appears.

Mount Airy - Cross Creek Country Club - A baby had fallen in the pool and was dying, they took it to the utilities building to try and save it, but there was no luck and the baby died. Now they say that if you go up to the Utilities building at night and knock on the window the baby will scream. Some say that it's just the equipment in the building, but many think otherwise the noise sounds just like a baby!

Mount Pleasant - The Bleeding Tombstone - many years ago a little girl was brutally murdered by teeter bridge in mt. pleasant so her family buried her there at the bridge and put up a stone marker when it rains the stone bleeds

Mount Pleasant - Henkelite Cemetery - Cemetery for confederate soldiers. When you go to the cemetery at night, you will hear marching and gunfire. When you get to your car, it will not start.

Mount Pleasant - Teeters Bridge - on Miami Church rd there was a girl walking home late one Sunday night and a guy came out and raped her then threw her body under the bridge and the body was recovered a couple days later but the guy was never caught if u go to this bridge and you get out of your car and you be real quite you’ll either here screams of look in the field opposite the road and you will see a figure running in the field and if u leave skid marks on the bridge the marks will be white instead of black

Murfreesboro - Chowan College - "The Brown Lady" as she is most commonly called haunts the third floor of the Columns Building. Security guards have told stories of hearing footsteps and doors slamming while trying to lock up the building at night. One security guard claim to have chased the ghost to no avail, thinking it to be a prankster student.

Murfreesboro - Chowan College - Belks Hall - In Belks Hall, a female dorm, there are rumors that a little girl fell down the stairs on a tricycle that was killed. Sometimes late at night you would hear a little girl laughing then screaming. Also in one room a female student reported killed herself.  It was reported that several female students who stayed in the room went crazy.  

Murfreesboro - Chowan College - Mixon hall - a student reportedly humg himself from the stairs.  Sometime you may see him walking the second floor hall.  Or even hear voices.

Murfreesboro - Chowan College - Music Hall - there have been reports of a piano playing but no body was here. 

New Bern - Atmore - Oliver House - 1700's home in historic downtown New Bern is said to be inhabited by more than just housekeepers and tourist. A young child and her father died in the attic while being quarantined for small pox. She still can be heard playing with the toys in the attic. They eventually closed off the area from tourist after certain encounters seen by a local tour guide, Lisabeth Ballenger, assigned to the attic area, was said to have been pushed by the ghost's father. He is said to be very protective and it is apparent that he wants no one near the attic. Many others have witnessed the hauntings as well.

Newton - Old St. Pauls Church - In the 1800's an escaped slave was shot on the balcony by his slave master. To this day the blood of the slave is on a pew on the balcony where he was shot. Several people have reported hearing the organ of the church playing late at night.

Oak Ridge - Oak Ridge Military Academy - Apparitions of a solider in a civil war solider's uniform has been reported. The school was opened in 1856. At one time the school had to be closed because many of its boys did go off to war. Many of which did not return.

Oak Ridge - Oak Ridge Military Academy - Whitcker Dorm - The Middle room on the second floor. Severe temprature drops in certain areas. You can see your breath

Ocean Isle Beach - The winds beach resort - In one of the guest cottages one street back from the beach a man named Sam died of a heart attack while on vacation there. Since then employees and guest's alike have noticed strange happenings in the cottage, including cold spots and the shades opening by themselves. Some other reports indicate actual manifestation of Sam. The hotel is reluctant to talk about Sam but the Housekeeping staff will help you out if your nice to them.

Ocracoke Island - Ocracoke Inlet - near the Pamlico Sound. There is one ghost by the name of Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the pirate. The type of activity are usually phantom and ghost light, His demeanor is very violent so proceed with caution when going to the Ocracoke Islands.

Outer Banks - Cape Hatteras Light House - The Ghost of TheodosBurr - Theodoswas lost in a shipwreck off the coast here in 1812. Her ghost is still seen walking the shores late at night near the lighthouse. The beaches are located on the Outer Banks at the Cape Hatteras Light House.

Outer Banks - Sanderling - Late at night (usually around 1 in the morning) you can hear terrified screams coming from the ocean, the screamer always shouts, "Oh god that monster is swimming closer to me" Then you hear one last agonized shout and the sound of someone being pulled underwater. The screamer is supposed to be a man who disappeared and was thought to be killed by a shark.

Pactolus close to Stokes - Pactolus Light - Pactolus Light is the railroad tracks use to run thru. They say that a long time ago that a train crewmember man flew off the train and it cut his head off. Reports of a single light that seems to float on the tracks.

Pasquotank County - near south mills - dismal swamp - you can stop by the side of the road after midnight, thru the winter time an sometimes you will see this dull ball of light going from one side of the road to the next, then going thru trees an back across the road ,the light will look like its about 500ft away an is about middle way the trees there in height, as soon as you think you are getting close enough to tell what it is, it will just vanish

Payne Road - There is local legend about a man who killed his family, it is said that he haunts the area and once you leave he haunts your dreams. Also an early 1930's type car has been seen by a few people but once off of Payne Rd. the car disappears.

Pisgah - Pisgah covered bridge - near Asheboro - Apparitions of what seems to be a woman hanging from the rafters.

Pisgah - Terror Town - Located 1 mile past Zooland Campground on Pisgah Covered Bridge Road outside of Asheboro. (.5 mile past Forest Hills) There is an old farmland there with a number of hauntings have reported over the years. The farm is made up of about 18 acres with several farmhouses scattered throughout. A little girl's voice is heard deep in the forest. A boy who hung himself there haunts the upper farm. An old lady and her husband haunt one of the houses. Her brother died in the woods near the house and can now be heard singing at night while he makes moonshine. A shadow of a black horse is seen running through the woods and then vanishes. There is a company who uses the location now for a haunted attraction called Terror Town so it is very easy to access during hours when they are there working. One of the staff lives at the park so don't try to visit this one without permission. They let us take a tour with no problem and even showed us some cool stuff.

Pittsboro - Devil's Tramping Ground - When you go you have to stay the night! You and your friends each take your own tents. The place is just a big open area where nothing will grow because that’s where the devil walks at night. Well you and your friends sleep in a circle along the outside edges of the area and in the morning when you wake up you and your friends will be separated. Some friends of mine went and when they woke up one of the guys was a mile away!!

Pollocksville - Foscue Plantation - Back in the 1800s slaves used to be chained around the ankles in the attic and it is said that at night you can hear the cries of the slaves. It is also said that every time the stairs are painted the blood from the slaves that has dripped down the stairs seeps through the fresh new paint job.

Raleigh - There is an old baby orphanage that was burned down by the woman that owned the place. They say you can hear the children crying and laughing on the swings that still stand charred and broken, and at the gate stands a man with a hood, something like the gatekeeper.

Raleigh - Old Bridge - At 12:00 midnight, if you cross this bridge in the middle of nowhere, your car cuts off. You can hear children screaming and after it fades, you can drive your car off the bridge. There will be handprints all over the car, also. You can't start your car again until the screams fade.

Raleigh - City Hall - There is to be seen a soldier has been peeking in city hall.

Raliegh - Leith Blvd. & Capitol Blvd - Sounds of doors shutting and often doors will reopen that you have recently shut.

Raleigh - Millbrook High School - Backstage of the auditorium, the stairs leading up to the lighting area are said to be haunted by the ghost of a student who died in a motorcycle crash.

Raleigh - North Carolina State University - Old Field House - This building is the original Field House for the Wolf pack. The University Police Department used to be housed in the building, but recently vacated for a new building. Officers and other workers in the building used to hear and see things. Footsteps are often heard upstairs and shadowy figures have been seen. Unexplained noises have also been heard. One officer saw a shadowy figure walk from one room to another. When she checked the room, she found no one. There was no way for anyone to get in or out of the area without passing her. She also heard a static noise coming from an intercom one night at 4am. No one else was in the building and the intercom system was no longer in use. The building currently houses offices for another one of the University's departments and is locked after 5pm.

Raleigh - North Carolina State University - Spring Hill House - This house was originally privately owned. It was also once part of the Dorothea Dix Hospital complex, but is now owned by NC State University. At night, people inside the empty house have heard a baby crying. The University Police have received activations on the motion detectors inside the house in the pattern of someone walking around the house and out the back door. The original owner is buried in the backyard.

Reidsville - Reidsville Middle School - Band Room - It is said that there have been children going to the band room early in the morning and walking up to the band room doors and the doors were locked. No one was inside the band room. There was music playing and a wooden chair rocking. The wooden chair then moves all the way across the room.  Kids have gone in the instrument room to get their instruments and their cases have been moved to a different cuby and in some cases just totally disappear. There is still question of why this may be.

Reidsville - Rockingham Middle School - Classroom 111 - There was said to be a student overdose during lunch hours. The students died and have haunted the school ever since. It is said if you go into room 111 and turn the lights off you can see the students sitting in the desk right before they died. During lunch hours if you go into that hallways in front of the classroom you can hear them laughing and talking. Then you hear someone scream and then someone shout "I think he’s dead now!" After that you can’t hear anything for a while until you hear three more screams and then silence. Once you hear the silence is once they had died from the overdose.

Robbinsville - Tuskeegee - An apparition of an old woman can be seen at different times of the day, usually during a full moon. Horses can be heard trotting, men fighting& sound of babies crying at several different locations.

Rockingham - US# 1 South Carolina border - If you go there at night a bride will stop you and ask for a ride and she get in and you go down the road and look back and she will be gone.

Roxboro - Clarksville Station - At Clarksville Station there is a Really old Train that transported dead bodies in it in the Civil War Some people say that you can hear cries at night in the train they also say that there is an Engineer in the train who will appear behind you when you are looking in the mirror.

Roxboro - Clarksville Station Restaurant - There are trains on either side of the restaurant that have been converted into dinning rooms. One was used as a morgue train and the other as a hospital train during the Civil War. The train conductor was seen by a young girl one night while eating with her family. Some people have also reported hearing noises from inside the trains after closing.

Rural Hall - There is local legend about a man who killed his family, it is said that he haunts the area and once you leave he haunts your dreams. Also an early 1930's type car has been seen by a few people but once off of Payne Rd. the car disappears.

Rural Hall - Rural Hall Fire and Rescue - The Rural Hall Fire Department was originated back in the late 1930's. Its current location is said to be haunted by one of the original Fire Chiefs. The current building as it stands was an addition remodel of one of the original buildings. But whether it be day or night it is not uncommon for you to hear doors open and close through out the building hear footsteps throughout the building and have even been some that have said they have heard the drink machine dispenses drinks without any one there. Once the FD went to a 24 hours staff it is said that you can hear footsteps in the upstairs sleeping areas while you are trying to sleep.

Rutherfordton - Gilboa Church - Supposedly, a group leaving church had been run down by a train. The tracks run directly in front of the church. At night one can see lights in the graveyard. Also, Daniel Keith, the man whose shadow supposedly remained on the jail-house wall after he was hanged, is buried in an unmarked grave in the church cemetery. It is said that due to the ghastly past of the church, it has never been able to support a steeple, which now stands on posts in front of the church.

Rutherfordton - Old Jail - Long ago, there was a man hung at the old jail. He maintained his innocence and proclaimed that if he was executed, he would come back to haunt the town. After he was hung, his shadow could be seen on the side of the old jail, swinging back and forth. The jail was painted, to try to remove the shadow, but failed to. Ivy was allowed to grow on the side of the old jail, but years later when removed, the shadow was still visible. The old jail was torn down, but the business that were put on that site, failed and the roof of the building that was placed there, always peeled. This story is in the book "North Carolina Ghost Stories"

Rutherfordton - Train Station - Apparently, a in the old days, 2 trains somehow caught the same track and collided head first into one another and killed all the passengers. It is said now that the trains can still be heard late at night and the whistle blows right before the apparent collision takes place. This can be found in some of the Carolina Ghost storybooks.

Sampson County - Jackson Cemetery - If you go to the Jackson plot just off highway 13 in Goodwin there is a coffin in a tree if you try to get it out of the tree it will get dark and if you turn your head and look back the coffin will be gone. Some say that hurricane Fran pulled the coffin others say someone pulled it out.

Sanford - Euphronia Presbyterian Church - Witnesses report feeling a strange presence. Pictures have shown orbs and strange smoky figures behind the pulpit.

Shoals - Shoals Creek - There is said to be a big cat that that roams the creek that will come after you if you get to close to the creek after 9 00 at night. People who have reported it have said that you just see two eyes coming after you.

Siler City - The Devil's Tramping Ground - It is a patch of land in a perfect circle- 40 feet across, the perimeter of which is a path about a foot wide. It's said that the devil himself walks that path every night pacing as he spins his evil deeds, no one has ever been able to spend the night there, and nothing will grow on the path, it is said that anything placed in the circle will disappear by the next morning.

Snow Hill - St. Barnivus - It is said that back in the 1800's a young girl and guy was in love, and the girl died of a disease. Then about 2 years later the young man died of a broken heart. The graves are unmarked. It is said that if you run around the church 10 times you will see the girl on her knees in front of that guy’s grave crying, and the young man standing behind her. If the young man sees you he will chase you and he can run just as fast and just as slow as you. No one has been brave enough to find out.

South Mills - Nosay House - The Nosay House was once a hospital during the Battle Of Shiloh during the Civil War. Slaves were kept under the house. It is said that the house can be painted and blood will seep through the walls.

Sparta - Court House - In the evening and at night voices, laughter, whistling, and footsteps can be heard upstairs in the old jail area.

St. Pauls - Civil War House - people say they have seen lights on in the house and it has been abandoned for more than ten years. Also there have been sightings of a soldier in the attic window. Citizens of St. Pauls claim they sometimes hear gunshots and sounds of horses when near the house.

Stanly County - bleeding tombstone - there is a story that a family was buried there and on the full moon you can stop and see blood coming from the tomb stone.

Statesville - Bostian Bridge - On Aug. 27, 1891 a passenger train going from Salisbury to Asheville derailed and fell down almost 90 feet off of Bostian Bridge. The wreck killed 30 people and injured many more. If you go to the bridge on the anniversary of the wreck at about 3 a.m., you can hear the whole thing, from the crunching metal to the moans of the dying and injured, happen all over again. Sometimes, a conductor holding a gold pocket watch can be seen for only a few moments before vanishing. On the 50th anniversary, a woman reported seeing the scene replayed in front of her in the form of ghostly images.

Statesville - Old Davis Hospital - The old Davis hospital which is empty is haunted by numerous "ghosts". People who are brave enough and sneaky enough to go in will feel the presence of former patients following them through the halls, a baby crying is heard near the pediatrics ward, there is an overbearing feeling of dread through out the entire building, and it remains cold and drafty even during summer months when temperatures reach 100 degrees or more. Davis is private property, so don't venture there without permission.

Stokes - King - Chestnut Grove Middle School - 20 years ago, while working, a janitor had a heart attack and died. Teachers say that when you are there alone you can hear him sweeping the halls and walking.

Swannanoa - Warren Wilson College - Several locations on campus are haunted , Bannerman computer lab, the chapel, the old well on suicide ridge (although the name has nothing to do with an actual death), and one of the teacher houses on the right side of the chapel (you'd know it by the weird tree out front) are all haunted. The basement of Sunderland Dorm was once a slaughterhouse and many students and teachers have reported hearing cattle, smelling blood or meat, or even seeing cattle in the basement. There is also a power vortex on one of the paths that goes past the farm.

Sylva - Dillsboro Road - A shadow looking like a man and the feeling of not being alone and watched, voices and strange screams have been reported. There are also spots along the road that are warm at first then they become ice cold a few steps further. Years ago there was a murder of a woman and her husband. There have also been numerous accidents involving both humans as well as animals on this road. These accidents have been rumored to be caused by the man and woman that were murdered. 

Tarboro - Mayo House - Old man Mayo supposedly killed his family at the house and then hung himself, if you go to the house you will be chased by a ghost dog to the house, the door will open and Mr. Mayo will invite you in, the door will slam shut and then the family will disappear leaving only a noose hanging from the roof.

Thurmond - Gravity Hill - This is located one Hwy 21 North headed towards Sparta. At the base of the Mountain turn left and go up this road. About a 1/2 mile or so turn around. After you have turn around stop the car. Feel free to turn it off if you dare! Your car will start to roll and actually roll up the hill to the stop sign. Sometimes it will go beyond the stop sign but most of the time it will stop on the hill.  Story has it that many years ago a mother was going to town to get some things. She had her three kids with her and the car stalled. She had to get up over the hill to get the car to run (Jump start I suppose) as she had the boys to get out and push it up the hill the oldest slipped and fell. As he did the other two couldn't keep the car going up the hill and the car backed back down and killed the all. Where they died is where the car stops on the hill.

Troutman - Shinville graveyard - there is supposedly a witch buried in this graveyard. there have been numerous sightings of a woman standing among the tombstones and if you stop the car she will look toward you and then vanish.

Union Cross - Union Cross Fire and Rescue Department - This building sets were an old type tavern once stood. Not many people really know what really went on in the basement of the tavern. Few people are still around the might know and when asked the clam up and refuse to talk about it. It is believed the ghost resides above the day room. Go into the attic and you feel a strange presence. For a long time people have hears footsteps and strange unexplained noise. In the middle of the night when returning from calls you may hear strange noises. So strange in fact that it makes grown men grab there stuff and exit the building very quickly and even run at times. One of the noises was from the old truck they had. It was found the one of the bars was loose and when turned would make the noise that was heard. The noise has been heard when it could be confirmed there was no one even near this truck. Some people once brought an Ouija board and tried to communicate with the ghost. So much in fact the administration banned the use of the Ouija board.

Wadesboro - Bethel Bridge - It is an old tale about a carriage that wrecked and went off of the bridge, it is said if you walk over the bridge you'll hear the carriage in the distance.

Warensville - Devil Stairs - On certain nights around 12:00 a young woman can be seen walking up and down the road. She has on a prom dress. The old folks will tell you she'll open the car door and get in, and down the road she'll get back out.

Waynesville - Woolsey Heights - A Man killed his wife in their home and then committed suicide. Neighbors say they see her ghost in the windows and her rocking chair rocking. An actual witness who stayed with a neighbor frequently while in school heard and saw things that she cant even explain even though she does not believe in ghosts.

Wendell - Morpheus Bridge - An old bridge down Morpheus Bridge Road in Wendell. It is said that in the 1940's a man drove off the bridge and him, his wife, and baby daughter were killed. If you park on the bridge at midnight on Halloween and turn off your engine and headlights his wife will appear in front of your car, searching for her child.

Whiteville - Heartbeat Bridge - This Bridge was named Heartbeat Bridge because years ago a murdered woman's heart was thrown into the swamp at the bridge and sounds of a beating heart can be heard there. Loud screeching noise then a pop can be heard too.

Whiteville - Old Tram Road - while traveling this road have seen what appeared to be taillights in the distance. They would disappear and headlight s would show up. The car was translucent and no driver was present. . The ghost car will chase you to the end of the road, where a church stands and the light just disappears.

Wilkesboro - Old Wilkes Jail Museum - The Old Wilkes Jail Museum is seeped with interesting history. Tom Dula (better known as Tom Dooley in the south) was kept here when accused of murdering Laura Foster. The building is located just a few feet from the Robert Cleveland Log Home. The old jail is said to be haunted by many spirits. The sounds of fighting can be heard in the men's quarters, a portrait is said to "wink" at young school age girls, and other odd things are said to happen. Paranormal investigation teams have investigated the jail and have found evidence of hauntings.

Williamston - Screaming Bridge - It was reported that on Halloween night a woman was on her way home from picking up her baby after a Halloween party. She was dressed as a cat and had red contacts in. She was going around the curve right before the bridge and was tuning her radio when her car missed the curve and ran off the side of the bridge clearing through some trees and landing in the water below. The screaming bridge got its name because some people have heard a woman screaming when they were around the bridge. Other people have reported seeing her red, glowing eyes.

Wilmington - The Basket Case - employees of the gift shGp (located in Wilmington's Cotton Exchange) have witnessed the apparitions of a married couple. From time to time, the couple will walk in the store, glaring at all the merchandise, and disappear in front of their very eyes. The building, in which the store is located, used to serve as a local saloon/Inn back around the late 19th Century.

Wilmington - The Bellamy Mansion - the spirits of an unidentified elderly couple have been seen in the second floor windows. Reports of a woman laughing have been heard. Occasionally, there are sightings of smiling children peering from all corners of the house. They are believed to be the ghost of the Bellamy children, who once live in this charming home. 

Wilmington - Old Maco Station - the ghost of a conductor named Joe Baldwin is said to haunt the Old Maco Station after getting run over by a train on the night of 1867. People say very time at night a train pulls in Maco Station you can see a figure of a man with a lantern in his hand swing it to make the train stop.

Wilson - Acid Park - The story behind Acid Park is that a young teenage girl was driving one night while she was tripping on acid and wrecked her car and died. People say that her father dreamed about what he thought she was seeing when she wrecked. After that he put up all these reflectors, which is supposed to what he saw in his dreams. The car is still there on the dirt road. There are single reflectors placed everywhere, which is supposed to be the places the girl was seen after her death.

Wilson - Montrose Hanger Co. - This cluster of buildings were built in the late 1800's. On the second floor at any time of the day you can watch the greyish black figures moving around and following you. You can also hear people talking and working on the third floor. When you go up there to see who it is there is no one around. You can also hear foot steps in other parts of the the building. On the the first floor if you are alone occasionally something will touch you on your shoulder. Also on the first floor the ghost of a man can be seen near the elevators. In the late afternoon you can see black shadows climb the stairs in the office and you will hear footsteps and doors slam open and shut. This is a very creepy place. On the stairs to the third floor something will brush past you. Most sightings occur while you are not alone but in a group situation.

Wingate - Wingate University - Alumni Hall - A girl supposedly hung herself in the basement area next to the laundry room in the 80's.  People have reported doors opening and closing by themselves throughout the whole complex, things being moved, and the room where the girl hung herself is always cold.

Winston - Salem - Brookstown Inn Hotel - In several rooms of the inn, guests over the past 25 years have reported being awakened to a mischievous female voice either repeating their names, or saying "Mercy...Mercy...Mercy..."

Winston - Salem - Forsyth County - In the early 90's a young man commited sucide by jumping off the old Wachovia building in downtown Winston Salem head first and died.. It happen at 12pm durning Lunch hours. Now on the Anniversary of the man's death you can see him jumping off the old building but when he hits the ground there nothing there. A former worker says alot of people reported being pushed or feeling someone touch them while up on the roof top of the old building.

Winston - Salem - Salem College for Women - Clewell Dorm - Clewell Dorm has the ghost of a young girl child that fell down the, now boarded up, elevator shaft. Strong friendship room in Strong dorm has a spirit in it who likes to "uncover" people while they are sleeping.

Winston - Salem - Salem College for Women - Fine Arts Center - There is a phantom of the Fine Arts Center who can be heard walking down the halls late at night and who likes to play the pianos and organs.

Winston - Salem - Salem College for Women - Gramley Dorm - Located right down the street from Gramley Library. In the Gramley dorm, it is said that the floor, which is now the third floor of the building, was once the attic. Long ago, a girl went up to the attic and hung herself. It is said that at night, girls on the second floor can hear the girl's spirit dragging a trunk across the floor to where she is going to hang herself. No one on the third floor can hear it though. Also in this building, people on the second floor have heard marbles dropping on the ceiling and rolling across the floor. Reports of furniture being moved when no one is in the room, random knocking on open doors and the presence of a female ghost also occurred in this building.

Winston - Salem - Salem College for Women - Gramley Library Building - there is said to be strange apparitions and screaming coming from the third floor. Rumor has it that 2 girls back in 1907 died by electrocution. Many claim to hear the cries and see the lights at least once a week.

Winston - Salem - Theatre #2 - A man died in this theatre and things have not been the same since. Employees have reported numerous problems with the projection booth equipment that cannot be explained. The problems get progressively worse the closer it gets to Halloween. People have also claimed to see apparitions and hear strange noises. Some employees have even quit because of the ghost.

Winston-Salem - Salem College - Babcock Dormitory - There is a picture of Mary Reynolds Babcock (daughter of R.J. Reynolds tobacco typhoon)hung in the lobby of the Babcock Dormitory. It is said by many students that Mary's eyes will follow you while your walking by. To avoid negative looks, the students frequently say hi to Mary Babcock's picture, and bye when they exit the building.

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