In Oklahoma

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation - Around 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock at night a car with it's headlights will follow you after turning off of highway 48 to Kalihoma Indian Reservation road. Traveling west on this road heading towards highway 1, if you speed up, it will speed up, if you slow down, it will slow down. As you turn onto highway 1, the car will stop, and then turn back to Kalihoma Indian Reservation.

Ada - Kullihoma - East of Ada, on the Chickasaw Nation land named Kullihoma, one can see bouncing balls of bright lights floating around. These balls of light are actually little people. These little people are helpers, about two or three feet tall and would usually be seen by young Indian children if they were called to help these little fellows. They never die even when the children grow old---they simply seek out another person to train to doctor or just be obnoxious to anyone around!

Alva - Cherokee Strip Museum - It was once a hospital. All of the rooms on the second and third floors have been bricked up, save for the surgery, on the second floor. Several people have seen something in that room from outside the museum at night, and there have been several accounts of people breaking in at night and seeing something.

Ada - Petrified Tree - It is said that many years ago, a group of members of an occult would meet here and sacrifice animals and humans. Late at night, it is still said that you can hear odd sounds, and see abnormal lights and shadowy figures.

Anadarko - Jeremiah's Bridge - Cars break down frequently on this bridge, even school buses, but only at night. People claim to have seen a Native American man jumping off the bridge, or have seen blood dripping on their windshield as they drive over the bridge, or dead animals hanging from trees overhanging the bridge that are not there when they stop to cut them down. A team of investigators began taking pictures over the bridge when suddenly, while they were reloading the film, a flash came out from under the bridge as if something was mimicking their camera flash. It came under both sides and it was gone as soon as it happened. Then they drove forward about 15 feet and got out to see a bright ball of white light floating towards us, almost like a flashlight going on and off zigzagging through the trees. It kept coming closer to them and they took pictures of it. They claim that came out quite nicely. - we are waiting for the investigators to send in the pictures.

Alderson - crybaby bridge- Formerly listed in Checotah - the sight of a single lane ironwork bridge(now replaced by a new modern concrete and steel),many locals have told the story of hearing a baby's cry from beneath the bridge late at night and even some sightings of what appears to be a faintly glowing image of a woman hovering just above the rocky floor of the creek.- March 2004 addition: another story is In the late 40's A back woods man raped his daughter several times and instead of keeping the babies she threw them over the bridge into the North Boggy Creek.Legend Has it that if you go to this bridge and stand at the edge of it you can hear the babies crying.

Anadarko - Riverside Indian School- This is a 121-year-old Native American school; there have been reports from students and staff about hearing and seeing strange things within the school and dorms. reports of an apparition of an Indian boy with bruises on his face.

Ardmore - Lake Murray - A lady walking on the side of the road wearing a yellow dress. After you pass her she disappears.

Ardmore - Mr. Apples cemetery - it is said that if you go to the cemetery and find the headstone marked Mr. Apple and you walk around it 3 times saying Mr. apple are you home that a bright light will start chasing you and your neck will start to hurt for some reason as soon as you get to somewhere safe and you look at your neck that it looks like some one has scratched you so deep that it will leave scares.

Avard - Vina Rae's Grill & Graze - The cafe is inside the old high school gymnasium. Orbs are visible in pictures. Footsteps, voices, knocking on walls are an everyday occurrence. A headless woman appeared on Memorial Day,2002. Thought to be that of young woman murdered and burned about 50yrs.ago. Smell of burning hair on some days and other odors as well. Possible portal located in hall. Being touched is also happening.

Bartlesville - Haunted Hill - When you have your car to where you are about to go up the hill and you turn your car off and, put your car in neutral. It is believed that there where some guys that were hung years ago will push your car up the hill. - Directions to haunted hill : Take Hwy. 11 going north past the airport, follow to highway. 75 north to Bartlesville. Follow that road for like thirty minutes and then you will se a tractor place on your left. Turn left after it. Go straight for like 3 miles or so. You will go over a bridge and then railroad tracks, keep going straight. Then you will come to a "Y" in the road, the "Y"'s street sign will say GAP ROAD just go straight until you come to a curve that curves left. Don't take the curve, turn around and go up a few feet. TURN OFF YOUR CAR, PUT IT IN NEUTRAL, WAIT A FEW SECOND AND YOU WILL FEEL THE GUYS PUSHING YOU UP THE HILL.

Bartlesville - Jessie Creek Cemetery - Outside of Bartlesville, near the infamous "haunted hill" and Circle Mountain there is an old abandon cemetery off County Road 2700. The cemetery sits in an open field/space next to a small, abandon lawn and landscape business. It's hard to spot the cemetery driving past because it sits off into the edge of the woods and is so overgrown that it takes a good eye to see it though the forest. Electrical problems have been reported with digital cameras

Bartlesville - Labady Mansion - a 19th Century Victorian mansion, in the woods, far far outside of town, perched atop of a huge hill over looking the country side for miles. This house was the scene of 4 deaths in the early 20th century. Since then the house has burned 2 times, now only the rock walls and foundation remain to stand watch over the miles of lonely woods. If you make it through the mile of lush vegetation, to the top of the hill, you will generally be treated by your flashlights not working, strange, invisible people shouting your name, odd smells, strange animals running through the dark, only a few meters in front of you. But probably the most scary part of the whole ordeal, is when what's left of the fireplace starts to blaze on it's own as you leave.

Bessie - Bessie Gym - Late at night you can hear footsteps on the stage that sounds like a four-legged animal and you can feel cold spots throughout. If you stay late enough you can see an apparition of a man dressed in a long black trench coat with a large black top hat and long brownish black beard. After investigating the old gym it was found to have been an old morgue back in the day when they had horse drawn carriages, it was a building in which had a basement and large pulling elevator large enough for the horses, later filled in and the gym was built on top of it. A picture of the old morgue proved to me that the apparition was that of the caretaker

Binger - Binger School - In the old part of the school by the gym at night you can hear kids talking and laughing and in the basement you can hear footsteps and talking.

Blackwell - Hollopeter - Rumor goes that an old farmhouse southeast of Blackwell was where the family Hollopeter used to live. There used to be an old iron bridge there with the wooden floor that Mr. Hollopeter's daughter hung herself on. It is said that you can sometimes see the rope from which she hung herself still hanging on the bridge. Apparently, they left the rope hanging there for a long time after the suicide. (the bridge is right next to the farmhouse) It is also said that if you drive be the house at night, and you look up into the top of the barn, you'll see the grandmother sitting in her rocking chair feeding the chickens on the ground. Also, Mr. Hollopeter is said to have appeared on his white horse down in the bottom of the river, which is very shallow, when you honk your horn and flash your lights while sitting on the bridge. This area floods very badly, so the old bridge is no longer there, it was finally washed away about 3 yrs or so ago.

Blanchard - Blanchard Cemetery - You walk in and you come to the second section of the cemetery and there will be three trees int he middle of the second section go to the left side of the section and you are more than likely to see a tall figure of a man with black pants and mostly what you can see is his hands and his pants, there is no logical explanation for this figure no shadows etc. because we checked it out with our vans lights nothing there, the figure also waves. Also there was a light that got bright and then slowly dimmed.

Braggs - Old School House - Later became a childrens Hospital - Go around 12 (time of advanced darkness). You walk through the front door and right away you get a weird feeling throughout your body, you look at the wall in front of you and you see burn marks in the wall that spell out "WERE WATCHING YOU", you walk through the main hall and you can here a noise like a chalkboard being written on, thats about the time our two flashlights went out almost simoltaniosly, as you aproach the main staircase you here two women talking of a sick child, one sounds like a worried mother and the other a nurse, you can also here creaking noises from the stairs. While you walking around the school house/hospital you will here different things and noises. The hospital is mainly haunted by the worried mother and her dieing child.

Broken Arrow - The Devil House - About three miles down a gravel road (about 10 from civilization) there once stood a concrete house supposedly once owned by KKK members which has just recently been torn to the ground. Several reports have been made about bonfires seen one minute and then disappear the next. Freezing cold temps inside the house even in the middle of summer. A sharp turn is located 15 feet from the rubble and at night there is a car that drives insanely fast around this turn and then will disappear into a nearby barbed wire fence out into a cornfield. No tire marks have ever been found.

Broken Arrow - Floral Haven Graveyard - Many old people that are buried here, seem to disappear soon after. when you cant find there grave and you talk to the people at the office they say the person was never in there records.

Broken Arrow - Nazi POW Camp - Just north of the Arkansas River and south of a neighborhood there is an old military installation that has been shut off for years. Supposedly it used to hold Nazi POWs from WWII. If one goes there late at night you get a bad feeling from the place, and sometimes you can hear things from behind the locked gate.

Broken Arrow - North Intermediate High School - The Theatre next to the school is haunted, when you are by yourself walking down the hallway outside the dressing rooms you can hear footsteps following you, when you turn around you can actually hear them run off and disapear! Also backstage their are random spots that are ice cold and 2 feet away it can be very warm.

Broken Bow - Broken Bow Library/Old High School - On numerous occasions while closing the library in the evening several voices have been heard in the southeastern corner of the building. These sounds have been described as teenage or adult voices in heated arguments. Also heard were small children laughing and playing. During the time of hearing the voices there has been a cold chill in the air in that particular area of the building.

Buck Thomas Baseball and Softball Field - reports of strange flashing lights in the woods at night.

Buffalo - Duckwalls - The employees have fondly named the "spirit" Bob. Bob loves leaving all kinds of merchandise on the floor, has a fondness for making noises with a variety of things. Must have liked the other kind of "spirits" as a few of us have gotten whiffs of him when there has been no one around. He keeps things interesting!

Buffalo Valley - Buffalo Valley School - haunted by ghost. lights turn off and on. a girl was killed in front of school repeatedly does this. someone also died in old gym.

Byng - Byng High School - There are two ghosts of Byng Auditorium. 1. A little girl who fell off the back of the 1st module (at Stage left). This ghost has been encountered by many late night drama students during long hours of rehearsal. She has been said the sing "I dropped my dolly in the dirt" but is never actually SEEN. 2. An older drama graduate who went off to become a model in 1973. "Sally," as they call her, was a perfectionist and didn't think she would make it & committed suicide. There has been 2 witnesses of "Sally", but she is always seen backstage and only her profile is seen. Doors have locked, and on one account, a student was actually trapped within the room by this unknown force. Things have been known to move and scratches and whispers have been heard. Many of the Drama students believe that it's "Sally" trying to make herself known once and for all.

Byng - Byng High School Auditorium - There are actually two ghost stories that have made their way into the Byng auditorium. One is of the little girl that fell off the back of one of the modules. The little girl is said to sing, "I dropped my dolly in the dirt" near the back of the auditorium. The other is of Sally Engels who was a senior at Byng. She was a drama queen and when she graduated, she when to be an actress. She committed suicide because she was a perfectionist and could never get her body to look like she wanted it to. Lights have been known to flash, things have been known to drop out of the ceiling, and a certain doll has been known to move throughout the auditorium. Module doors that are locked have been opened and "Sally" has made several appearances.

Byng - Byng High School - There are two ghosts of Byng Auditorium.
1. A little girl who fell off the back of the 1st module (at Stage left). This ghost has been encountered by many late night drama students during long hours of rehearsal. She has been said the sing "I dropped my dolly in the dirt" but is never actually SEEN.
2. An older drama graduate who went off to become a model in 1973. "Sally," as they call her, was a perfectionist and didn't think she would make it & committed suicide. There has been 2 witnesses of "Sally", but she is always seen backstage and only her profile is seen. Doors have locked, and on one account, a student was actually trapped within the room by this unknown force. Things have been known to move and scratches and whispers have been heard. Many of the Drama students believe that it's "Sally" trying to make herself known once and for all.

Calera - Calera High School -It is said that in the mid 1900's that Calera had an underground gym. One night there was a girl there just practicing basketball by herself. Some how it was said that she was shooting around and she slipped and fell, dying instantly. Now if you are there at night you can hear her dribbling the ball and running across the court. Then to be followed by a brief scream. Then silence.

Comanche - Black Panther Bridge - every night if you drive across Black Panther Bridge and look up in the trees along the creek you will see the yellow eyes of a black panther.

Catoosa - Cherokee Elementary - When you go into the Cherokee elementary old gym by the cafeteria theirs a huge bathroom. It is said to be haunted because some girl attempted suicide at a school dance. She hung herself now when your in their alone you can hear lockers slam and the toilets flush and the showers always turn on all the time!!!

Catoosa - Timberidge Cemetery - 6 miles east of Catoosa on highway 412 sets a small community cemetery. the cemetery sets on the edge of an area known to local residents as haunted hallow. It is said in 1989 a young Indian boy was struck by a car while sopped on the road on his bike. he was buried in the cemetery on the first row in the gate. the gate sits at the bottom of the hill and since 1993 drivers have claimed as they came over the hill spotting a young boy kneeling next to a bike. some have swerved to miss him and others distinctly hear the sound of the car striking something but when they inspect the rode no body is found. some claim to even spotted bloody hand prints on the fenders. And Catoosa police department have on file several reports of drivers saying they struck a boy on a bicycle in front of the cemetery gate and even photos of minor damage to the cars but no body has ever been found. also several teenagers trespassing on the wooded lot in front of the cemetery have claimed to have sudden nose bleeds and spot glowing objects above the is rumored that the cemetery gate has been seen by the caretaker to open itself and several have quit....

Catoosa /Tulsa- Redbud Valley - The site seems to have a number of hauntings including a bridge, called "Karla's Bridge" where a schoolgirls body was found in 1976. The sound of a young girl laughing has been reported here. Another odd happening is a visible fire on the crest of the large hill in the center of the valley only to vanish a moment later.

Choctaw - Choctaw Jr high - most people say that if u go there and sit in the courtyard and listen you will hear little girls playing by you

Choctaw - library - Some people say if you go there at night the Books will fly off their shelves at you.

Claremore - Rogers state college - An old Indian man is said to walk the campus at night. A cadet from when it was a military academy who died in a hazing prank supposedly haunts the now TV station. A janitor that worked in the Baird hall at 1 time, heard footsteps coming up the stairwell at night several times when they where alone in the building, and in the radio station building another janitor heard a toilet flush in an empty bathroom.

Claremore - Rogers state college - Radio Station - About 1989, the Station's Program Director passed away of a heart attack early one Saturday morning on the couch in the station lobby.There were two DJ's in the building at the time of his death. Weeks later,staff members who were locking up down by the parking lot reported seeing this deceased Program Director peering at them out of the darkened window of his old office on the second floor. He was only seen a couple of times thereafter. The station was relocated in the mid-nineties to a different building on campus. The old radio station (KNGX) has been torn down. It is possible that they have dorms or classrooms on the site now. KRSC radio 91.3FM now shares a building with the College TV station

Clayton - Light House Church - Reportedly you can hear people talking when there is no one around, cold handprints on the windows, light flickering off and on, and it only happen at night late!!

Clinton - old insane asylum - lights at night, a woman standing in the window, and if you go and turn off your car it takes forever to start again.

Calera - Calera High School - its a legend there up that some girl had died in the gym. But no one seems to know the girls name or anything. The story goes that it was during a game that she hit the wall and died. The basketball goals on each side are hanging off the brick walls of the gym. Many of us hit the walls trying to save the ball or getting pushed but they had big pads up on them at that time. And as the story goes, that is why they put the pads up, because of that girl. As for the school itself, there is the original brick building that was the whole school way back in the early 1900's then they built on to it. Then added the grade school building and the kindergarten. Witnesses have heard footsteps, lockers slamming and voices. In the gym, they have heard a ball dribbling and someone walking around.

Coalgate - The Mines - Coalgate was once a boomtown for foreigners who came to work in the coalmines back at the turn of the century.  When the mines gave way and became strip pits---some of these are so deep they've not been measured.  For this reason, they were easy targets for mobs from the east coast to dispose of "unwanted" or "no longer needed" mobsters.  Remains have been found and traced back to east coast mob activities throughout the years in some of these remote (and deep) strip pits.  Several cars from New York, New Jersey and Illinois along with some remains, unidentified, of course, have been brought up out of the watery graves!

Concho - Indian reservation elementary school - The school burnt down a few years back killing a few children and teachers. Objects have been seen moving by themselves and laughs of children can be heard. "In the gym the coaches office light stays on constantly and you can hear a basketball bouncing in the locked and untouched gym!

Cookson - Cookson Church - Things in trees. Inexplicable car accidents. Levitations. Scratching.

Coweta - Coweta High School - A young girl who went there killed herself in 1999 with a bible in her hand, to get back at her father for making her break up with him. She is said to haunt the halls looking for her boyfriend who died in a car accident shortly there after. Some say you can see him playing basketball in the High School gym.

Coweta - Old Indian Cemetery - Down old highway 51B. There is an old haunted Indian cemetery. there is a woman who appears and screams for her children she watched die from starvation.

Comanche - Tucker Cemetery - Legend has it that old man Tucker went insane one day in the late 1800's, and killed his children, his wife, and his mother and buried them in his cellar underneath his house. He took his awn life a short time later. The property was converted into a cemetery and the foundation, and cellar to the house are still standing. Strange red lights and figures of people are seen wandering late at night. The cellar is full of pentagrams and Satanic chills. Devil worshiping takes place frequently here. - August, 2004 Correction, Formerly posted under Duncan, Tucker Cemetery is Five Miles outside of Comanche Oklahoma, on Tucker Road. Duncan is close,but its closer to Comanche.

Cordell - Black Post Road - 5 miles east of town, there is a large black post standing alone just south of the highway. this post marks the road where several blacks that were in washita county were hung. if you drive south almost 2 miles, there are many large, old oak trees. It is said that many people driving the road at night have seen outlines and silhouettes of the black people who were hung in the trees, and some have even seen small groups of white men on horseback holding lanterns, with the thick ropes they used draped across the saddles of the horses.

Crescent - Indian Springs - Its the burial grounds of indians,houses are now built on it,but at night if you sit outside you can hear indians beating their drums.

Cushing - First Christian Church - There are images of demons on either side of the baptismal pool. A lady has been seen dressed in all white walking the halls. Light turn off and on. The organ has been heard playing when no one was in the room with it, and other strange noises have been heard. The church has been found out to be built on old Indian burial grounds.

Cushing - Norfolk School - The interior of the school burned down years ago, and in the basement two children were trapped. If you go in the basement they are still sometimes heard crying "Help Me!!!"

Cushing - White glow seen hanging on the tree

Cyril - Banchy bride - a woman was brutally killed on her wedding night and her groom was nowhere to be found. Many reports of a lady running up from down under the bridge screaming at the top of her lungs she is referred to as (flower)

Cyril - Butler House - in the late 50s a man named Jim Butler killed his son in the upstairs bathroom with a axe then went out to his shed and killed himself. There have been many orb photos, and sometimes you can hear crying and yelling coming from upstairs.

Cyril - Cyril high school - some reports have been of a young girl roaming the halls late at night, and doors opening and shutting by selves.

Drumright - Drumright High School - Back in the day Drumright High School used to be a bomb shelter. Late at night or during a bad storm when lights go out you can see a ghostly figure of a soldier walking up and down the hallways.  If you stare at the soldier long enough he will turn and look at you and disappear.  There are many places in the school that is now blocked off and the school will not say why. There are still tunnels that are under the school that lead to many other places in town, but they have been closed off. Nobody will explain the mysterious things that happen in the school.

Duncan - Duncan high school - An old man died in the auditorium of the high school. He died from a heart attack. You can hear voices and feel cold breezes and doors shutting by there selves.

Durant - Fort Washita - haunted by many ghosts of Civil War, most famous is a lady named "Aunt Jane", A lady that was killed by decapitation in the Civil War. She wanders the grounds with her head under her arm.

Durant - Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Morrison Building - This building used to have a swimming pool in the basement. A long time ago a little boy drown in it. Janitors reported seeing a boy walking around the basement at night. One night while a janitor was killed there. The police could find no evidence of suicide or murder. The case was never solved.

Durant - Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Shear Hall the dormitory (football dorms) there is a ghost on the 3rd floor. It is completely locked up, so no one is able to get up there unless you have a key. it is said that a young student went crazy and shot several people then turned and shot himself. Today people who live there say that sometimes you can hear things sliding across the floor, people walking, and sometime at night when you drive by, you can see a light on. It has even been said that you can see posters hanging on the walls if you can get the right angle.

Edmond - Central Middle School - There are apparently more than one ghost. There is the lady in old fashioned clothing. She has been seen by several people since remodeling was done on this historical school. There is a ghost that likes to turn on music. A substitute who didn't know the school was haunted had quite a time with that one! Every time she'd leave the room the CD player or radio would come on. And there is also a male ghost. Students have seen the “ghost man,” coming silently down the hall and turn into the boys restroom. Rumor is that several night custodians have transferred or quit rather than work the night shift at this school.

El Reno - Dead Mans Curb - South of Elreno Behind the Old Sewage Plant is a Road that Curbs Dangerously it is Said that in 1987 there was a reported death toll of 9 people and if you go out there and wait for a bit it has been reported that you can hear cars crashing and people Screaming!

El Reno - Route 66 to Weatherford - Sightings of an old humped over man in a brown trench coat wearing Bogie style hat pulled down over his eyes walking on Route 66 between El Reno and Weatherford when it is raining. One person reported he picked the man up and started witnessing to him about religion and the old man tried to jump out of his moving car. Another person reported he thought he hit this man and stopped to see if he was dead and there was nothing there. More info found at

Elk City - Ramada - Room 110 - Reports of an apparition of a man, and poltergeist phenomena.

Enid - Briggs Auditorium - Reports of an apparition of a man seen in the balcony.

Enid - Clay Hall at Phillips University - This haunted dormitory was condemned by state in the early 1980's. Voices have been heard here along with piano playing. Recordings of ghostly women singing have also occurred.

Enid - Earl Butts Dormitory - Dormitory said to be haunted because of being constructed on an Indian burial ground. Reports of students being visited by spirits at night. Spirits disappear and are never seen by same person more than once.

Enid - Longfellow Jr high school - in the night you can hear a person yelling. Sometimes during the day you can hear footsteps and lockers shutting and in the 2nd floor science room you can hear an explosions.

Enid - Imo Cemetery - there is said to be a glowing head stone in the cemetery but when you walk  up  to the head stone it will stop glowing and if you go south of the head stone  there are claw marks on another head stone and if you go to the back of the cemetery there is an old Indian burial ground they say you can hear voices and people touching you.- April 2004 Addition - the Imo story about the grave has been completely investigated and is in fact tower lights across the street from the cemetary that give a reflection off the marker... the burning effect takes place as soon as it gets dark and goes away as soon as it gets light, when you walk up to it - at any point you can clearly see the lights in the background... from the ground point of view. It does infact look like it is on fire, esp from the road at night but is in fact only an illusion.

Fort Gibson - The Historical McBride House- This three story Queen Ann B&B has four residential ghost that haunt the house. They are extremely active, they can be heard talking, they can be seen and they can be felt. Sometimes they will tap guest on the shoulders, stroke the back of their hair, grab their waist, and pull on their clothing. They can be heard going up and down both staircases at all hours, one bedroom door will not stay closed at night, they give parties in one of the rooms downstairs, they take things from guest and owners, they whisper in the ears of the guest when they are in bed, and will also sit on the beds and shake them. One of the ghost is believed to be Dr. McBride , that built the house, then there is a Victorian lady dressed all in white, she also appears at the Old Army Hospital across the street, and two children a boy and girl. House is open for tours.

Fort Gibson - The Old Fort- This fort was established in 1824, in the town of Fort Gibson, also known as the "graveyard of the west". Many soldiers died here and some of them are thought to still haunt various buildings and the grounds. The old Army Hospital is said to have strange occurrences inside, including a lit candle that comes on around 3 a.m. and can be seen moving around in the lower section.

Fort Sill - Geronimo Acres Housing - Images of Indian Children playing on swing set in the backyard. A solider has been seen walking through the house. Voices and combat boots are heard. Lots of physical contact such as: Hair pulling, poking, kicking the end of the bed, touching shoulders, the list goes on.

Fort Supply - Western State/WKCC - Ghosts roam the prison yard, you can hear screams coming from the old commissary building. Not to mention 60 yards west from the prison is western state mental institute. Lights flashing and abnormal sightings. And there is a light that will not shut off even when the wires are cut.

Fort Washita - Near the old stables and the old barracks - When I was in high school I went up to Ft. Washita about twice a year for Civil War Reenacting.. A couple of us guys were sitting out side on the 2nd floor deck looking out toward the old stables. And we saw a green apparition walking across the field going toward the stable. And we also saw apparitions in the old barracks.

Fort Washita - Old Civil War and Indian wars era fort. Footsteps heard on second floor of reconstructed barracks. Gate next to Confederate cemetery violently shakes without cause and when there is no breeze. Confederate commander's body buried somewhere on grounds in an unmarked grave.

Grace Mont - screaming woman woods - screams of a woman can be heard at night. One witness even said she seen the woman walking in the woods at night.

Guthrie - Charter Oaks - The last people to live there was a girl and her mother. Both committed suicide. The house is abandoned and reports of screams, Sightings of ghost and doors closing. Even the Knife that was used for the suicides has been found.

Guthrie - Logan County Jail - The Logan County Sheriff's Office and Jail have been in the same building since 1898. Since then, many inmates have hung themselves, mainly in the kitchen, while others have been inside the jail cells. Even with the lights on (they never go off) you can hear odd noises once everyone falls asleep, and I have seen things appear in the cameras faced into the cells. in the kitchen, several trustees and inmates that took their own lives up until about the 50's. All of the deaths at the jail are on record. Apparitions walking into the kitchen a man hanging from a rope in the kitchen. Things also liked to move by themselves, like the door would slam while while workers where in there in there and lock behind them.

Guthrie - Logan County Memorial Hospital - The abandoned Hospital is haunted. An apparition has been seen in third-floor windows. A general, very strong feeling of fear, doom and terror is present at the hospital, and becomes incredibly strong when photographs are taken.
***Due to the countless break-ins and the vandalism that has occurred, we are no longer disclosing the exact location of the site, Violators will be prosecuted!

Guthrie - Masonic Boys Home - Has been removed. It is now a private residence. NO TRESPASSING

Guthrie - Stone Lion Inn- A little girl named Augusta is said to be around 8 years old. And haunts the 3rd floor of the bed and breakfast. And is known to come down into the guest bedrooms and move things around and touch them on the cheek when they are sleeping. There is also a man that walks the house. It is non smoking and you can keep smelling a pipe being smoked.

Guthrie - Territorial Governor's Mansion - voices and moving objects have been observed here.

Hammon - around town - a few people have came in contact with a person dressed in all black and night. He will try to grab your arm and take you away, when he gets a hold of you, you cannot get lose. Also down town in an old house there has been a sighting of a woman in a window with the lights on doing dishes. but yet there is no electricity.

Hammon - Kiowa Cemetery - People have seen an Indian dressed only in breech cloth sitting on a horse inside the gates. There are odd gravestones throughout the cemetery. In the entire area of Hammon there have been occurrences of ghosts and figures walking around at night and sometimes in the daytime.

Harrah - Harrah bridge - Reported sighting of the Dearlady Running right along side a moving truck. Making a truck shake.

Harrah - Harrah High School - Football field locker room. Harrah football team was practicing and one of the players were walking off the field and got struck by lightning and killed him instantly. Now when you go by you can sometimes hear weights and lockers slamming. You can also hear whispering in the locker room. It is the old locker rooms under the stadium.

Helena - Sturgeon's corner - A man named John Jo Weezer was Hit by a Combine at night to this day you can here Weezer moaning in pain around harvest every year.

Hobart - Short Grass Playhouse/ Fire Dept. - Reports of seeing a man with his face half burned has been seen, and of a painting in the Short Grass playhouse of a girl has been painted over several times and it keeps coming back. There are a lot of other stories about this place.

Hontubby - Crybaby Bridge - South of Heavener - Every night at midnight you can hear a baby fall off the bridge and hit the water. You can hear it cry afterwards.

Idabel - Choctaw Nation Head start - The office is just inside the front door as is the restrooms. One day the cook was trapped in the restroom. People in the office area did not hear her screaming and pounding on the door which was about six feet away. Also if you're alone in the office you can hear noises like a child playing in the classroom area. If you're alone in the classroom you can hear the merry-go-round squeaking as if it were turning.

Idabel - Kulli Tukilo Methodist church - This is a very old church, with a cemetery you have to pass to get to the church bell. In the old days the preacher would ring the "faithful bell" before services, and anyone in earshot that was faithful, would come to service. If you go down to Kulli, mostly at night, and ring the bell; you can hear doors open, people talking and some have heard singing from inside the church. A few people have seen someone coming up from the graveyard headed to church. The faith bell will forever call the faithful, as the stories go.

Idabel - McDonald's - There is a little girl there. Two maintenance workers who never knew each other, and never worked together both said they saw a little girl go into the MEN's restroom .They went to investigate and on both accounts there was no one there. This was at 5 am when the store was not open and just the crew was there. A crew member was mopping lobby when the MEN's bathroom door came open and stayed open, he went to investigate and no one was there. At that same moment all the toilets in the WOMAN's restroom flushed by themselves.2 managers who had been working there 10+ years shared a similar experience on different nights. On both occasions they were counting money when the office got extremely cold then the computer mysteriously came on by itself. One crew person quit because of her experience’s was cleaning the WOMAN's restroom when she heard a little girl laugh and there was no one there.(it was after the store had closed)There has been many occasions of people feeling like they are being touched or they have ice cold sensations while they are there. There have been many instance of the door in the WOMAN's restroom being checked at close and being open or being just shut but when the opening crew came in it was LOCKED. Many people have heard the little girl and some have saw her but no one knows where she came from or what she is doing there.

Indianola School - Ghost in girl's restroom funny thing is it's not a girl it's a dog! One minute you are being attacked by a blurry shape of a dog, the next your alone.

Inola - Public Library - It's a very small library, with rotating librarians (only one per shift, two total). Books will fall to the floor, move themselves out from the shelves a bit, and other strange occurrences (this happens A LOT). It feels as if someone has past you when you're alone.

Jefferson City - Jefferson Park - Old deserted town which was the site of civil war battles and old Indian burial grounds. The most abnormal phenomenon is the old hanging tree where blacks were hung. If you drive to the old hanging tree and flash your high beams at the tree, a fog will roll in and kill your car. After the fog settles, a silhouette of a hung black man will appear.

Joy - Joy School - The wife of a janitor died from injuries sustained by falling down the basement steps. Speculation says that she was pushed, but no one was ever charged for the crime. People have reported getting a strange feeling while in the basement. The school also has several boarded up rooms in the gym and an underground tunnel leading from the actual school building to the gym, full of ancient school equipment, several yards away. Creepy footsteps and strange laughter were often heard there in my school days. Several years ago the place was turned into a pre-school, an extension of the nearby Wynnewood school system.

Kaw City - Kaw City School - Lights flickering, strange voices.

Kelleyville - The real "Cry Baby Bridge" - The original cry baby bridge is in the town of Kellyville. It has spawned many urban legends, (Kiefer, Schulter, Catoosa, and there are 3 more fake ones in Kellyville.)The road has been completely re-routed, and the bridge is no longer standing. The original legend goes like this: Legends states that if you go there you can sometimes hear, or see the woman looking for her baby in the form of a glowing soft blue light.

Kendrick - Kendrick Road - As you drive along this road you may see a white, glowing, floating object following your vehicle.

Keys - Keys Elementary School - Screams, Slamming Doors in bathrooms. Apparitions, foot steps, books turning and getting out of place in the library. Shaking bleachers. Cougar growls(Keys Cougars is our nickname).Screaming from a girl that fell and slipped on the old gym floor. Tugging on shirts and backpacks. Objects move and disappear. PA

Reading - St. Ignatuis - This school just received air conditioning, but the halls do not have it, nor the bathrooms. The boy wasn't the only one killed, a janitor has also died there, and a couple years ago a girl was kicked out for being accused of witchcraft, they say for a scare she came back and planned to draw a dramatic portrait of the devil on the wall, but instead she hung herself in the principles office for revenge. They say you can hear her call out the devils name and you can see 666 every now and then around the school. She's mainly in the bathroom, so if you smell smoke, or rotten smelling things , she was there. Also during dances students claim to have seen her, and felt very cold spots, she has long coal black hair and is somewhat pail, and only talks to devil worshipers - WARNING- AFTER SCHOOL HOURS NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN AND THERE ARE JANITORS THERE ALL NIGHT, THE ONLY NIGHTS YOU ARE ALLOWED IS NIGHTS OF THE DANCE-

Kinta - Governor’s Mansion - The Governor’s Mansion was said to be a School for girls back in the early 1930's to the late 1940's but was later shut down for reasons still unknown. However the house is located right by an old Indian cemetery, which is said to be haunted by the lost souls, in any case the house is guarded by an eight-foot fence wrapped with barbwire. Its said that strange things will happen to anyone who goes to visit the Mansion, things such as flashlights quitting after you enter the gate, softening of the ground, even the playing of an old abandoned piano which will play as soon as you step up onto the porch. Some even say the have spotted an old Indian playing the piano.

Konawa/Pottawattomie - Sacred Heart Mission - There has been rumors of monks and priest that have been dead for years walking about the mission. And there have been sightings of animals making strange noises and appearing and disappearing. Just down the road from Sacred Heart Cemetery.

Konawa/Pottawattomie - Violet Cemetery - Formerly listed as Sacred Heart Cemetery - growling noises - not like a dog - heard. This was near a grave that read "murdered by human wolves" Lights were pointed everywhere nothing was seen. - November 2003 update: the murdered by human wolves grave is not in sacred heart cemetery. its in a little cemetery just off the highway outside of Konawa but before you get to sacred heart. The submitter does not know if you can actually hear dogs growling but its said the girl died after having a botched abortion and that's why the tombstone says murdered by human wolves.

Lawton - an elementary school - in the middle of the day in the girls restroom about 5-7 girls where in there, all of a sudden the lights went out... no one saw onyone turn them off. The switch went from up to down BY ITSELF

Lawton - Fort Sill - Army Base was built on former Native Lands and was the site of massacre in early (?)1800's. Sightings of native American spirits, and unusual noises common place. Also, home to grave of famous chief: Geronimo.

Lawton - Jed Johnson's Lake - People have reported hearing the screams of a female coming from the tower near the lake. The tower is closed now, but some say that while walking up the stairs they could feel someone walking along with them.

Lawton - Parrelle Forest/ Wichita Mountains - This forest was built a long time ago for the dust bowl. The forest is extremely deep and is haunted at night by shadows and taking young teens away at night to get them lost in the forest. Many kids have been lost in the forest and have never been seen again. Shadows walk the forest and supposedly small nematodes (Indian like figures) grab and scratch you to the bone. Once you enter the forest it is extremely cold and quiet, you always will feel someone watching you.

Lawton - Wilson Elementary school - Wilson Elementary school has a ghost that opens doors, turns off radios, and sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, you can see shadows move about.

Lone wolf - SOAARR - SOAARR is an abandoned rehabilitation camp for teens that had alcohol or drug problems. Cold spots felt and something was seen running past a window.

Macomb - Yellow Ranch House - There is a ranch house on Potowattomie Road that is inhabited by several spirits. There have been several occurrences of a baby shrieking, a man walking and sometimes dashing down the hallway, a little boy who appears in the master bathroom, and a young woman with a baby. The man stops about halfway through the hallway and looks into the master bedroom, then continues until he approaches the kitchen and stops and turns around toward the hallway again, where he disappears. The baby shrieks from the living room. The young woman carries her baby and speaks to it. Once, the door to one of the back bedrooms slammed shut and a woman's voice was heard arguing loudly with someone else. The door was then unable to opened for a few minutes.. The young woman will also tell the tenants to go back to bed when she sees them wandering the house at night. The little boy will appear in the master bathroom in front of the door when it is closed and he will stare at the occupier of the bathroom. When addressed, he disappears. Voices can be heard through the night on a regular basis and occasionally the man will dash through the hallway, bumping into things that aren't there.

McAlester - Mary Jane’s 1896 bar & Grille – AKA – 1896 - This place is called "The 1896" by the locals. The building was built in 1896. There is an apartment above the bar and restaurant that has a history of 1 suicide, 1 murder/suicide and 1 death by disease. One or more of the spirits there has a fixation with dimes. You put a dime somewhere and the next day it is on the bar. One threw bottle caps at the bartender one night. One night "the lady" threw pans off the shelves. When we went back there it was a mess. But the odd thing was that there was a brick in the middle of the mess and nobody can figure out how it got in there. The outside patio is made of bricks but there are none inside. There have been two girls that have been locked in the bathroom. (The doors lock from the inside of course.) The doors had to be removed to get one of them out!

Meridian - Tucker Cemetery - An old Cemetery outside of town has been shut down but if you go out there at night it is said that empty graves will have nothing in it but when you walk by it on the way way back it will be covered up. While walking around something will grab your led but nothing is there. It is also said that tombstones will fall over with no wind then will rise back up.

Midwest City - Midwest City High School Performing Arts Center - 5 years ago a janitor hung himself from the balcony, you can see a shadow up in the balcony when nothing is up there, things disappear, their are cold spots, it is a very violent presence.

Midwest city - Rose State College - Student Union - Labor Day 1999, a security guard hanged himself in the aux. services office. at midnight sounds of a rope creaking in the ceiling can be heard. Every Labor Day 12:01 am. The entire event can be heard.

Millerton(West of Idabel) - Wheelock Mission - There are many different stories of the spirits that haunt these grounds. Most involving a man that forced entry into the girls mission and brutally murdered the little girls. Walls and trees bleed, ghosts can be seen hanging from trees or sitting in chairs, underground tunnels that lead somewhere but nowhere, and also the spirits are said to protect the near by graveyard. One incident a couple of young kids intrigued by the place thought it would be a good Halloween gag and got more than they bargained for when they tried to take a vase from a grave their car would not start upon returning the vase their car started with no problem. They will not return to this day.

Moore - Crybaby Bridge (east of Sooner Road) - (one mile south, down 134 past Sooner.)a woman driving with her baby in the child seat, drove off into a ditch and died. The road has since been shutdown and the bridge that used to reach it is now a dilapidated wooden bridge that is impassable by car. Supposedly, that car is still in the ditch and you can see the child seat where the baby died. Some evenings, after you cross the bridge to the old abandoned road, you can hear the baby crying. - January 2005 Update: A Resident near this area reports, both the pond, the road and the bridge are no longer there. The bridge was on Old Bryant, a dirt road that connectioned NE 12th st and NE 4th st. The car that is mentioned on your site was an old VW bug. It did not end up there as a tragic accident, it was put there by a group of kids who stole it off private property, stripped it, then pushed it over the bridge into a creek. Odly enough, there was a small pond nearby that used to feed off the creek,and the pond was locally known as "crybaby lake". The story behind that onis at one time, a couple where in a small boat fishing with their baby whenthe boat capsized. The baby was lost in the weeds and drowned. Supposedly you could go there at night and hear the baby crying. They were torn down due to housing developments about 8 years ago. The creek is still there, it serves as drainage for that part of town.

Moore - Old High School - The old high school is fixed up and serves a different purpose now but when it was old and un useful if you went inside it there was an underground pool and there were lockers down there if you go down and open up all the lockers then leave the room you can hear all the lockers slamming closed. Also there is a belief that a little girl was burned and killed when the building caught on fire and she always carried a little doll with her and if you went up the stairs you will always see the doll in the same spot and if you move the doll and come back it will be in the same place as before. There is also a flight of stairs in the building and if you stand there and watch them you will see a young girl with a white dress floating and black long hair floating in front of you holding her doll. And last there is strange smells in the boys bathroom of the building and there is blood spots on the wall and also blodd looks like it was dripping from the ceiling it looks like a mold spot on the ceiling but red.

Muskogee - Bacone College - Apparitions, unexplained sounds, cold spots, objects moving around by themselves. Bacone is a college founded by the Indians built in 1880. For years people have also told of phantom riders, an Indian war party that rides through the campus. You can hear the horses and the Indians calling out.

Muskogee - Boulevard Ave. - People seen walking the streets on horseback and then disappearing.

Muskogee - East Side Boulevard - Once an old tea room, 219 e. side boulevard is haunted by many ghosts when you put your head under the water when you are taking a bath you an hear music from the early 50's and when you come down the stairs you feel cold air come down your back. and late at night the ghost of a man who died there will sit on the end of your bed and you can see red eyes when all the lights are off in the bathroom and you can see a big black shadow in the ceiling when all the lights are off and only the window light is all you can see the house since then has been blessed and has been auctioned off but when you drive by late at night you can hear two men talking like they are in your car.

Muskogee - Thomas-Foreman Historical Home - Old home built in 1898 Indian Territory. Mrs. Foreman died in the home in 1968 and it was later made into a museum. Her caretaker (Presley) continued his chores at the home until his death in 1989. He would tell stories of how he could look up while doing yard work and see Mrs. Foreman standing in the doorway watching him. House has many cold spots and an overall uneasy feeling. It is located at 1419 W. Okmulgee Ave and has just been re-opened for tours.

Norman - Local legend has it that the city of Norman (Home to the University of Oklahoma) will never be struck by a tornado because it was built on an Indian burial ground. If you remember the big tornado that went through there in May of 1999 not one bit of Norman was touched, while neighboring Moore was hit extremely hard.

Noble - East Walnut Rd - On the full moon at midnight you can see a woman walking up and down the road, she carries a flower in one hand and candle in the other, She is looking for her husband for fled town with another woman. If you try to come near her she fades away...

Oak Grove - Family Land-Church - There is a story that in the late 1800's or early 1900's a man and his wife and daughter where in their car or wagon going north through this land and they decided to camp over on the side of the road and rumor has it the man killed his family buried them somewhere on this land and then took his own life later on. people have seen the man and have heard the others screaming for help. there used to be a house there and the man spirit would take over everything he could and would hurt the family that lived in that house. Another story about this land is a native American woman walking down the side of the road and when you ask her for a ride she talks to you and says she's home and then she walks in the ditch and goes to the house that was torn down a few years back and she disappears in mid air. The church is located about 8 miles north of Sulphur, Oklahoma and its called Salem Church. It’s on the right side of the road by Carisel Farms. Rumors have it that you can pull in there and hear people talking and see them walking around the cemetery.

Ochelata - Gravity/Radar Hill - If you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, some unknown force will push the car up the hill. The hill is on a road called gap road, and the story is that black slaves where hung there years ago and there ghosts push you up the hill b/c they do not want you there.

Oklahoma City - Belle Isle Station - The Belle Isle Station was demolished in 1999 to but in a shopping center there. But strange occurrences have begun there. The machinery has been acting up and moving by themselves, such as a crane, and power failures have happened. Sometimes at night you can see things in the form of a floating mist moving about. One day as I was going to Penn Square Mall, which is next to the shopping center, I felt a rush of cold air go right past me, but it was in the middle of August which would be about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even some of the construction workers complained about come things thinking its kids going there at night.

Oklahoma City - Buy For Less grocery store - The store at 36th and MacArthur is haunted in the bakery. Several years ago a baker was shot and killed there by a jealous boyfriend of a female coworker. The boyfriend mistook the baker for someone else who had been flirting with his girlfriend. At night cold breezes blow through the bakery, moving the swinging doors of the stockroom, though there is no opening or doorway to the outside. Items stored securely on the shelves tumble to the floor. The hair stands up on the back of people's necks as they walk through at night. A stock crew foreman who worked there was a practicing Satanist. Often whenever he was there, a ghost named "Mr. Bojangles" could be seen in the back stockroom. They called him that because he wore top hat, tux, tails, and a cane like a '20s minstrel performer.

Oklahoma City - County Line Barbeque Restaurant - The County Line barbeque restaurant is in a building once occupied by a Prohibition-era dance hall, gambling place and bordello. It was also a popular hangout for outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd who was originally from the Sallisaw area. Various employees have heard strange voices while working late at night, particularly up in the old bordello section, which is now used as attic storage space.

Oklahoma City - Hilton Skirven Hotel - April 2008 Update: Formerly listed as Skirvin Hotel - famous for its supposed entities of a former maid and her illegitimate daughter she killed herself and child by jumping out the window. Female guests have reported being unable to sleep due to the consistent cries of an infant. Many men have seen the apparition of a naked woman while showering. Several men have reported being "propositioned" by a female voice. One man even claimed he was sexually assaulted in the middle of night. - July 2005 update: This place has not been used as a hotel in 20 years, although, it is still standing.

Oklahoma City - Kitchen Lake Bridge - The legend of the bridge past Kitchen Lake is that a very long time ago, a witch lived in a wooden house with a stone chimney right before the intersection of 119 and Air Depot, where Air Depot ends. The house burned down mysteriously and only the fireplace and chimney are left standing. There have been several occurrences of smoke seen coming out of the chimney. If you go about 2 miles down the road, where the road ends at the bridge, there are 10 or 12 separate piles, one of old toys, one of old clothes, one ceiling tiles, one wood, one glass, and several more that you can't see anymore because they have all been burnt to ash. There are things hanging from the trees and animals with heads missing have been seen out there as well. Witnesses report even seeing the different piles smoldering at times. Legend has it the witch died in a fire and her soul still burns anything that is near her property with a vengeance. Even the few scattered houses out there have scorch marks on the roofs. Driving out there, cars tend to not start, headlights often go off, and there is an incredibly eerie feeling surrounding the whole area as if someone is watching you. You can also hear footsteps following directly behind you if you are VERY quiet and when you turn around, there is nothing.

Oklahoma City - former theatre (Name unknown) - Place is said to house several spirits which have been seen by homeless teens who stay there. Now owned by Lryic Theatre

Oklahoma City - Langston's - The Langston's store in the Stockyards used to be a hotel and bar/dance hall, the hotel was upstairs and the bar/dance hall was downstairs. Back in the 1800's a girl named Patty was working in the area that is now the Women's boots and Children's department when her boyfriend shot her and killed her. Her sister Rose found out and hung herself upstairs in one of the hotel rooms, which now has the door to it nailed shut. Now the upstairs- which is now the internet office, alterations office and over stock room for Langston's is haunted by Patty- who is looking for her boyfriend and her sister Rose who is looking for Patty. If you stand at the bottom of the stairs, you get a creepy feeling your stomach and the feeling that you don't want to go upstairs. One of the girls who works there with me said once she went up there to get hangers, and the lights started flashing on and off. When she was walking to the stairs to leave, she heard someone behind her and then someone pushed her and she fell down the stairs and scraped up her back really bad.

Oklahoma City - Moore - Berg Anatomy - this is a classroom that’s filled with spirits of dead cats that the old witch Berg has killed for "the sake of science" many have said this place is the second home of Satan where he likes to kick it with Ms. Berg.....Some say you can still see ms berg today roaming the anatomy room...when you walk into the room you may smell something awful some say its bergs breath. but beware don’t stay too long or she will give you a failing grade for the rest of your life

Oklahoma City - Mount Saint Mary High School - The sprit of a nun has been seen walking around the 4th floor.- January 2007 Correction: There was a rumor that years ago this nun hung herself It is not true. She died of old age.

Oklahoma City - Murah Building - This place was bombed in 1995.Parents of children that are around the age of 3-5, say that when they take their kids take their they get really spooked and start to cry and when they ask what is wrong they say that they see a dead person wondering around the place, but only the gift younger children can see it.

Oklahoma City - Young America Corporation - Two employees committed suicide after being terminated, and it is said that you can feel cold spells of air pass by while walking through the lunch area, and also hearing loud noises, such as gunfire, late in the evening.

Oklahoma City - Zoo - In the behind-the-scenes area of the Aquatics building, a ghost of a woman with long hair has been seen at various times, usually at night, by several different people. No one has any idea of who she is or where she came from, much less why she is there.

Okmulgee - Warehouse Market - Strange events are an everyday occurrence; such as strange noises (such as screaming),merchandise falling of shelves for no apparent reason, and a very eerie feeling at times; almost as if someone is watching you.

Olive - Olive High School - People have heard the sounds of a basketball dribbling in the gym late at night when no one else is in the building.

Owasso - 7th Grade Band Building - Back many years ago a band director was directing and had a heart attack and died. Its said if you go into the building at night you can here the song he was conducting.

Pawhuska - Constantine Theater - cowboys ghosts make the sounds of a bar room fight.

Pawhuska - Bird Creek School - There is a school off in the woods behind lake bluestem it is an old one room school house that was used for Native American children in the early 1900's but the chalk board is still in-tack and it is said that if you enter and write you name on the board and come back at a later time that you name will be scratched off the board.

Pawhuska - Green Eyes - The story behind green eyes is unclear nobody really knows what happened but it is rumored that a man went crazy and drove his car that had his 2 children and his wife over the bridge and they drowned. If you go over green eyes bride at midnight and turn off your lights you will see two green eyes in the floor board of your car and when you turn on your lights to see what it is there is nothing there are also reporting of strange sounds like a flooded car trying to start and children talking and then screaming in fear

Pawhuska - Lookout Mountain - There are little people that live around the mountain and it is said that if you go up there and disturb the grave they chase you.

Pawhuska - Pizza Hut - The Pizza Hut Ghost has haunted the pizza hut in Pawhuska for many years. The rumor is that before it was a restaurant that it was a house back in the 40's and a couple in their mid 20's lived there and then the man go drafted to WWII and he never returned. The house was torn down in the mid 70's after it had been vacant for years after the woman died and made into a place of business at times you can see the lady sitting looking out the window waiting for her husband to return from war there has been times that 40's style swing music has been heard over the jukebox and no disc is playing and she has been seen moving around the building in a night gown and sometimes she will move dishes. - March 2007 Correction: The facts about the Pizza Hut are not accurate. It was the home of a visitor’s mother-in-law. She states the woman and her husband divorced and he moved to California. If it is her ghost, she would be waiting for her sons to come home, not a husband. The house was not vacant for any great length of time; at the most about a year. The visitor states she spent quite a few week ends in the house; was never afraid. One night something patted her and she thought it was her husband, however it was not. She and her husband figured it could have been the ghost of his younger brother who had died in the house. From what she had been told, he was a great kid and worried about the wildness of his older brother. He was only fifteen when cancer ended his life. Her husband's grand mother lived in the house prior to her death and she did like to re-arrange things. However, since this family loved the Lord, our visitor thinks no one at the Pizza Hut has anything to fear.

Pawnee - Pawnee Bill Ranch Mansion - While touring the mansion many people have felt ghosts, some have seen the presence of Pawnee Bill, an image of him is also in an ominous effect on a painting on the second floor. An angry chill is felt in the Southern upper bedroom where the men played poker. May Lillie, Pawnee Bills wife, haunts her favorite chair near the front door, and some have seen their child who died young, playing with toys near the chair.

Pawnee - Pawnee Bill's Ranch - On the night that Pawnee Bill died, his shadow appeared in a painting located in the stairway. If you walk by the water tower, you will feel a cold chill. His son hanged himself there.

Pawnee - Pawnee Tribe Of Oklahoma - There are many buildings here that used to be a old Indian school. There are ghosts that haunt each building. People see ghosts in the windows at night and hear children playing. Children were beat because they spoke their native tongue and were sometimes killed. People believe that these ghosts haunt this place because they are looking for vengeance.

Ponca City - Poncan Theatre - This theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Ponca City. People have reported hearing footsteps when nobody else is present, seeing people who disappear quickly afterwards, and classic ghost stuff like that. In the basement, some people have reported hearing the beating of an Indian drum nearby. Also, there is a stain in the ceiling that closely resembles blood. People have made every effort to remove it: washing it, painting over it, etc. But it always comes back after a few days.

Ponca City - Roosevelt Elementary School - this old school built in the early 30's there have been reports of books falling off shelves and in the basement a couple of kids came out screaming saying they say a shadow run by the window also in the 50's a kid had hung himself on the stage in the auditorium janitors say light switches come on on stage after they turn it off

Poteau - Carl Albert State College - One night in 1974, a girl was raped and murdered in the Baseball Dorms. A girl is still said to roam around this place screaming every Saturday in November. You can still sometimes hear her yell. "No, Don't Stop!"

Prattville (near Sand Springs) - Discoveryland! Theater - The shows at Discoveryland! take place in an outdoor theater and live horses are a part of the show. One evening while driving a one-horse cart up hill after leaving the stage I felt someone shove the carriage from behind. No one was there. Another wrangler reported having felt someone enter the cart she driving in the same place a few weeks earlier.

Pryor - Crybaby Bridge - One day long ago a baby had drowned while parents were picnicking. It is said that if you drive over Crybaby Bridge at night you can hear a baby crying. The bridge is torn down now, but still if you go to the site of crybaby bridge you can still feel something in the air and a faint noise either coming from the woods or below where the bridge once stood.

Pryor - Side Pockets Pool Hall - Pool balls flying off tables, balls and tables found rearranged in the morning, photographic evidence.

Pryor - Thunderbird Youth Academy - many years before it was a military school it was a orphanage the say a tornado hit the orphanage and killed a lot of the children who lived there the stories are that if you are awake at night you can here the talking and laughing of children and there is eye witness proof that a child haunts the attic of what is now the third platoon building

Quawpaw - Spook Light Road - Balls of light dance down the road and sometimes invade people's cars. The Indians also say the area is haunted by a woman killed sometime during the Civil War. This area was visited quite a bit by Quantrill, who was not adverse to murdering Union Sympathizers.

Riply - Ghost Hollow - It is said that along the river there is an old hanging tree that when the moon is full, you can see a body hanging from the tree. - January 2004 correction: The tree was cut down several years ago.

Salina - Old Salina - the Old Salina court house - there is a holding cell still standing as well as the old court house itself with the old whipping tree and a square are of flowers where the hanging tree used to be. Across a creek to your north is an old cemetery. If you take a tape recorder with you, you will get audio of a heart beat in this area as well as the feeling of ghostly presence taking pictures will show ghostly figures on your film even in the day light.

Sand Springs - Highway 97 past the golf course - Sometimes at night but only if it is raining while you are driving down the road you will see a shadow along the side of the road of a guy in a black hoodie and then it will disappear but when you go around the corner by overlook drive you will see him laying on the road.

Sand Springs - Postoak Cemetery - Also known as Sparky's Graveyard - Balls of light move about in the cemetery and in the woods behind. Warm and very cold spots all over. - June 2008 Additional information - The sign at the entrance reads "Postoak Cemetery Est. 1886" and appears to be named after a family buried there.

Schulter - Crybaby Bridge - the legend has it that a woman driving down a rural dirt road early in the am. while intoxicated missed a curve while coming onto a bridge lost control and plummeted into the deep fork river. searchers never found the infant which was in the car also, they found her headless body, as legend goes you can go after dark and stand on the bridge you can hear and sometimes see the woman looking for her baby.

Seminole - Elm Street - You come up a very dark road with trees overcastting the road. On the side there lies a baby carriage. There are three old abandoned houses and people say at night you can see images and blood splattered on the walls!

Seminole - Kowana Cemetery - Flashing lights seen .

Sentinel - 3 Mile Bridge - Late at night you can clearly see lights in the trees along the river. It appears as though there are strands of light bulbs hung in the trees, but when you get to the bridge, they disappear. It is said that devil worshippers performed rituals there, killing cattle, and leaving the badly torn up bodies in fields nearby. It is located 1 mile south and 3 miles west of Sentinel.

Shawnee - Shawnee Twin Lakes - A place that several people call the cross, but there have been a few other bodies found in the same location as well. There is a cross with a rope wrapped around it where it's said that a woman hung herself after her husband found her cheating. The rope is said to be the same one she used to hang herself with. There was also an Indian woman found there a few years back. She was killed at another location and found there later by a woman and her son. There were also two girls found in this location in the same place that had their hair dyed and razorblades in the bags that their bodies were in. They were found approximately. Fifteen feet from the cross. Just take I-40 to McLoud Exit, go south. You’ll come to a four way stop. Go strait and there will be a dirt road that comes to a Y, just keep going straight. It’s highly recommended that you park your vehicle before the curve back. It will be noticeable due to extremely deep ruts. The area is in the trees on the right side of the trail in an empty patch in the middle where there's an old partial cement barrier. That’s where the two girls were found by the cross.

Shawnee - St. Gregory's University - Theater/Museum - A Janitor reports seeing a woman in white and hearing her humming. The woman is believed to be the spirit of a mummy that has been trapped in the museum looking for her body.

Shawnee - Wall's Bargain Center - Merchandise and clothes are found on the floor the next morning after employees have cleaned and closed the store. Strange noises are heard in the back rooms. The double doors in the back are heard flapping when customers leave the store. Some employees say they have seen a man wearing gray walk through the store then disappear. Rumor has it a man who had been shot broke into the building to hide. He had climbed up to the second story and bled to death there. Employees have nicknamed this ghost "Charlie" and are used to the strange and unexplained occurrences.

Skiatook - Witch's grave - This location is an old late 1800's and early 1900's grave yard called Hillside cemetery marked by an historical site marker. It is known that a witch in the early 1900's is buried there. Many disturbing things have happened on and near this location. Talk of demonic possessions and alternately the destruction of lives to those who disturb the witch's grave. The Death of a young teen-age boy in the mid 70's that wrecked his car at a very near by bridge is known to walk the roads around the cemetery. From Skiatook take Hwy 11 north to Hillside Rd. Turn east stay on the road it will be on the east side of the road just past the curves.

Skiatook/Tulsa - highway 75 - These lights always seem to appear. Some times they are there and very bright, and some times they are not there at all.

Spencer - George Wright School - Very creepy old school. Overgrown weeds, vines, and bushes surround the building. Two rooms are very cold and breezy even on nights where it's warm, humid, and not windy. One room, if you spend about 20 minutes in it, you'll hear a man screaming by the door that leads to the gymnasium. Old pair of shoes (60's style?) appear and disappear. Sounds of a motorcycle idling outside of the building but you can only hear it if you're inside. There are no "No Trespassing" signs up, however you might take the hint from the barbed wire fence! Very creepy and uneasy feelings as well as cold shivers up your spine.

Spencer - Oaklawn Memorial Gardens - This Cemetary has many hauntings. Some of the graves date back to the 1800's. Also there is a tall jesus statue that has no fingers on the right hand, and one eye missing. IF you take pictures of the jesus you will get no orbs and than you take another pic you will than get an orb. There are many orbs, and you tend to hear voices around certain graves.

Sperry - the school - around the school and the main street there are always sounds heard of different things and a boy was killed in a near by field people say that u can see him walking around the field.

Stigler - Siloam Springs Cemetery - Noises of Indian war drums, shadows of people and sometimes voices...Family massacre toplace here and reports of satanic rituals.....also sighting of demon cow caught on video.

Stillwater - Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity House - Three fraternity brothers were killed in an accident in 1977 while they were building a theme float for homecoming. The scaffolding fell into a power line and electrocuted them. The house reportedly is haunted by strange sounds, things moving around, lights and sink faucets turning off and on. Apparently the house mother's(who was there preparing for the school year)nephew had a bad encounter there while staying there at night, in which he claimed to see something. - Side note: that numerous students have been killed during homecoming float preparations and rumor is Alpha Gamma Rho had actually stopped making a homecoming float because of how many people had been killed over time. Mainly the deaths occur from scaffolding set too close to the power lines on Washington street.

Stillwater - Stillwater high school - In The Stillwater High School in room 201, late at night you can her strange voices coming from the vent. The teacher doesn’t even hold class in the room anymore. The voices occur at random times, and the faculty has repaired the air conditioner but the voices wont go away.

Stillwater - Sudent Union Hotel and Conference Center - Lights will be turned on and doors locked and unlocked mysteriously throughout the Union, hair standing up, felt cold breezes, at times a glow of light & Shadows can be seen.

Stilwell - Beavergap - There's an old place called beaver gap were there are old Indian spirits that will come out and you can see them at night some people say they see a white horse running around there that no one can catch they say it just disappears when you chase it.

Sulphur - Veteran's Lake - Near Chikasaw National Recreational area there is a small, well kept public lake. Stories vary regarding the origination of the haunting. One story concerns a young mother. She looked away for a moment and her son had gone under.....he never re-surfaced. The mother died in an attempt to rescue him. It is said that on certain nights she can be seen gliding upon the lake's surface. Some even say that she tries to lure unsuspecting lake-goers into the water either in an innocent attempt to help find her son or for other, more malicious purposes, depending on which version of the story you choose to believe. There was also a teenage girl who died in a boating accident on the lake a few years ago....some credit her as the ghost of Veteran's Lake. Whatever one chooses to believe, this is a beautiful, if eerie, location by the light of day.....and the peculiar feeling of unease only increases by night.

Summit - Vann Home - This home we know is haunted it has been under numerous investigations. The land was the beginning of the battle of Honey Springs. Disembodied voices apparitions and objects move. Lets even say it has its own spook light. This homes owners have been attacked several times.

Talihina - Kiamichi Kitchen - Restaurant was once an old home. It is said to be haunted by a ghost referred to by employees as "George". Lights turn on or off by themselves. Radio comes on by itself. Noises heard late at night when no one else is there to make them.

Tahlequah - Camp Egan - Apparition reported wandering the campgrounds around the old dorms and mess hall...he is seen wearing jeans and a red flannel shirt...the clothes he was remembered wearing a majority of the time. He is not violent. But mischievous.

Tahlequah - Cherokee County Courthouse - The county courthouse was previously the city hospital for many years. A former worker of the Sheriff's Department that worked there for 4 years which is in the courthouse on the second floor. In the jail area, there is a large Plexiglas wall that is used for the visitation area. The door that leads between them will make a loud bass noise when it is closed because it flexes this large sheet of Plexiglas. There are also two cameras overlooking this area. While working at night, they and many others have heard this door closing and making the bass noise, but you can plainly see on the cameras that no-one is there, and the door is not moving. Also within the same building, the third floor was where the operating rooms were. The floor used to have the old style ceramic tile that had very large cracks. It has been carpeted for many years as the third floor is now where the district court and district attorney's offices are now. While working in the 911 dispatch center on the second floor, you can sometimes here what sounds like the wheels of a hospital gurney being rolled across ceramic tile, making a "click, click" sound. It will at times sound like it is being pushed slow, and at others like they are sprinting down the hallway. Some of the deputies have checked the floor when they heard this noise. The lights are all off and no one has been found, plus the fact that the only tile on that floor is the newer style vinyl tile that is very smooth. The police department is on the first floor where the emergency room used to be, so they probably have there own stories to tell.

Tahlequah - Cherokee Nation Complex - Late night workers and some day employees have seen a little girl with long black hair wandering the halls of this Native American governmental building.

Tahlequeh - Gift Shop - Seems to have the ghost of an Indian Policeman that watches over the store. A submitter reports While liveing in Arkansas near the state line they would travel to Oklahoma. On day they were in a gift shop and this Indian policeman about 30 years old was there watching two women that were stealing bracelets. As they were leaveing theytold the girl at the counter what the women were doing but the Indian cop was watching them. She said she didn't see any cop. They said they thought he worked there. When they left the boyfriend said that the place had been robbed and the cop had been killed a few years before. He walked right up to He and looked at her and then went to the back of the store thru a door that she thought was a breakroom.

Tahlequah - Indian graveyard - The old Indian cemetery in Tahlequah is a constant source of strange occurrences, sightings of apparitions, and just plain spooky feelings. Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee nation, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and is where the sad trail of tears episode in American history finished up...where a quarter of the displaced Native Americans died on the forced march. In the cemetery you immediately feel you are being observed, weird unfilled graves will appear and be gone, sobbing and strange winds are common, and for some reason a dark man dressed in 1930's clothes will sometimes be times angry and giving chase to visitors at night.

Tahlequah - Northeastern State University - Seminary Hall - Reports of footsteps and seeing something white come up to doorway.

Tecumseh - Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center - staff and residents claim to have seen apparitions appearing as former residents on some of the units, heard footsteps in the gymnasium, and had other eerie feelings or occurrences around the facility.

Tecumseh - Ghost Bridge - Its said to be that a little boy hung himself from the bridge a long time ago, and during the night if you sit on the bridge you can see him and hear him screaming.

Thackerville - Brown Springs - Browns Springs is a very widely known in and around Thackerville for people from Texas dropping off dead body's there in the spring up one of the hills is also an abandoned cemetery that is from the 1800's when you go up there and listen you cant hear anything it is dead silence no birds or insects just silence. It is said that on a tour to the springs a girl was pulled to a grave site by something that wasn’t there. There has also been sightings of trees bleeding and sightings of a little girl standing by the headstone marked "Butch".

Tulsa - Brady Theatre - Supposedly the last place where singer Enrico Caruso performed before he died, and said to be haunted by his ghost and that of a workman who fell off a ladder and died. People have heard noises, footsteps, and found ladders and things displaced while in there.

Tulsa - Camelot Hotel - this is a very old hotel and it is said that Elvis once stayed in it. There are signs all over the place that say no trespassing or do not enter. It is usually at night, witnesses always see lights on and strange things going up to the very top floor and people looking through the windows. - October 2007 Update - This building has been sold and is scheduled to be demolished. -
is now gone and the land supposedly belongs to the Quik Trip franchise of gas stations and convenience stores. It was also being torn down to make way for a widened highway.

Tulsa - Old Central High School - The old high school has been converted into a business (the local utility company). Since the conversion strange things have occurred: lights flickering on and off, files being moved, bathroom faucets being turned on. Late at night some workers have heard footsteps, and have noticed trashcans moved into the hallways, and even elevators going up and down by themselves. Some think it's the spirit of Doris Dixon, a young girl that died in the basement swimming pool back in the 1930s under mysterious circumstances. The building contains stones engraved with each classes graduation dates. Some say, if you look at the stone for the class of 1936, you can see the faint outline of Doris's face.

Tulsa - E. Easton Pl. - At night during the Fall season a little boy is seen running down the street. It happens around the quiet hours of the night from 2am to 4am. It has also been said that you can hear him scream for help while he is running. They say his clothes aren't modern and are from the 40's or less.

Tulsa - Gilcrease Museum - According to many workers, a ghost roams the halls of the Gilcrease museum. Several night security guards have experienced this phenomenon. Alas, the turnover rate for night security is unusually high for such an easy job.

Tulsa - Memorial Cemetery - voices heard.

Tulsa - Mohawk park - Reports of the park being in habited by "little people, they are heard talking and moving around, never seen. Also reported, the Dear Lady, said to be half woman and half dear that stands on it's hind legs and is about 8 feet tall.

Tulsa - Mohawk park golf course - There is an old bathroom facility on the golf course that a light can be seen at night from the women's side of. No power is run to that building. Also, the air coming out of it is always cold, even in midsummer, as if an air conditioner is running in there.

Tulsa - Philbrook Museum - The eyes of some of the statues will follow you, and some of the heads will actually turn. There are strange lights go up and down the halls, late in the evenings.

Tusla - Spotlight Theatre - if you are alone or with one other person on the second floor you can hear footsteps in the costume room. in the basement there are weird scratching marks on the walls and you can hear faint laughter.

Tulsa - Train Tracks - a bunch of kids were playing chicken in front of a train on the tracks and all 4 of them were killed some say if you put your car in PARK then they will push your car off the tracks to safety so no one else will be hurt some say the kids put dirty handprints on your car and hear faint cries in the night

Tulsa - Vacant So. Tulsa office bldg - An office building, now vacant, on Yale Ave. in south Tulsa. A construction worker was supposedly killed during the construction of the building years earlier. A building engineer on the night shift and other "skeleton crew" workers reported hearing footsteps on vacant floors, or seeing a man in construction worker's gear, who never spoke, walking on the top floor and roof. One worker refused to go up on the roof after repeatedly hearing footsteps and finding no one there. At one point the building was supposed to be totally empty and the security guard, while making night rounds in the parking lot, observed someone walking around on the upper floors of the building. The Engineer also observed several strange things, including desk drawers in the cubicle next to his that would be found open again and again after he closed them.

Tulsa - Will Rogers High School - IN the auditorium you can see a man in a white penguin tux walking around on stage and backstage, rumored to be that of an old band director that died of a heart attack on stage in the 50's after conducting the song "come, sweet death". you can look up and see a small person also in white on the grid. Many other sightings and phenomena have been reported by the janitor and a few kids that stayed late for events or detention. Must have visitors pass the enter, simply go to the main office on the first floor and say you want to walk around and view the architecture, it's very nice.. you can also just go during the round up show, ROTC chili supper or silent auction. - March 2008 additional information: The reported ghost in the white tux is suppose to be that of Dr. Carl Barnett, the band director who had the heart attack while conducting Bach's "Come, Sweet Death." His death occurred on April 23, 1974. He was 59 years old, and it was his first and last performance of that musical composition. Here is a link where you can confirm it -

Valley Brook - Town Hall - Heard a clear and distinct scream of a woman.

Vinita - Cry Baby Bridge - there’s many different stories on this, on is that if you go there at the right time you will here a baby crying. another is you will see an Indian woman.

Wagoner - Lee’s True Value Hardware store - A kind elderly ghost named Henry haunts this store. He reportedly owned the store (it was a drug store then), and killed himself there after learning he had a terminal illness. The next owners (my parents) saw his form several times. His shadow would appear over you if you stood in the bathroom with your back towards the door. He wandered the aisles, disappearing when he stepped into the lights. He seemed to enjoy hiding the tools and measuring tapes, and he would constantly tug at the kid’s ponytails Canada

New Brunswick - Campbellton - Highway 11 - There is a nun that is dressed in gray. She is seen standing on the side of the highway. When people pick her up, she asks to be taken to the convent in Campbellton. When they reach the convent, they turn to tell her they have reached the destination she disappears. She is known as the Grey Nun of Campbellton. heard of again! Orbs have been caught on tape and this place as also been on Scariest Places on Earth on Fox Family. Police now drive by the road in which you get there because you can't go in.

Wagoner - Well House - recent death of 52 year old in haunted house. Orbs all throughout house. Chandeliers shaking, doors closings mysteriously. Mirrors all through the house with shadows behind you. And a well where you can see a shadow swinging.

Warner - Bennett Cemetery - This is a cemetery on an old back road called cemetery road by people locally. People driving by at night have seen balls of light that follow cars, and a lady in white who walks along a row of the graves of some children who were burned to death in a house fire.

Waurika - Moneka Antiques and Haunted Tea Room - the sound of footsteps can be heard as well as voices when all is quiet. An old 1930's type writer up stairs has been known to type out messages during closing hours, and the lights have been known to turn on and off, even without electricity being supplied. Beads used to hang in the doorway to separate the kitchen from the dinning room, and the owner told me one evening they separated and swayed back and forth, as though someone had walked through, but at the time, she was alone. The entire second floor is a chilling experience.

Waynoka - Eastman Hotel - This Hotel was bought in 1929 by Ann Eastman. She lived with her Daughter Lavern Eastman. When Ann died the hotel was passed down to Lavern. When she got old a preacher used to beat her. He wouldn't let anyone in to see her or let her out. Also upstairs on the 3 floor last room there was a fire where a Baby died and the guy that let people in there rooms at night died trying to save the baby. Late at night you can hear a baby crying upstairs and a man yelling. Downstairs you can hear keys jingling from the doorman and whistling from Lavern. The owner has been seen in the front lobby walking around and hovering over tables. Curtains that were undone the day before are tied back the next as if someone was looking out them.

Weatherford - Dead Woman's Crossing - At night a woman can be seen walking the creek bed with a lantern in hand. The woman died in the creek bed. Cars also stall out on the bridge.

Weleetka - Weleetka - A long time ago there was a wreck at "cry baby" bridge, a mother and her baby. The mother had retrieved the crying baby, soon after the baby died in the mothers arms. The mother had cried for her baby before she realized she was dead and died herself with her baby. If you were to go to "crybaby" bridge at night and you will hear a baby crying underneath the bridge and you will see the mother at the end of the bridge with her baby lying in her arms rocking back and forth crying.

Westville - trail of tears Indian cemetery - the road to the graveyard is about 2 miles long and the drive is very narrow so you have to move slowly. while you are driving you will feel like your being watched and the hairs on your neck will stand up. when you reach the cemetery you will see a small house/or school building. if you stand on the porch you will here voices coming from inside the building. and there is also a dog that roams around the cemetery at all times of the day but its strange because there is no one around to feed him or take care of him he just wanders around the grave stones but never takes his eyes off of you. this is a private residence but you can go to the cemetery during the day

Wetumka - Mission Bottom - An old mission hospital built on the outskirts of Wetumka is said to be haunted. At midnight a light moves through the top floor. This is strange because the second floor is completely gone.

Woodward - Leos Coffeehouse - This coffee house was originally a doctor's office in the 1930s. People have reported many ghostly occurrences such as footsteps, eerie voices, and knocking on the walls every night past eleven. There are even documented photos of the sprits.

Woodward - the old Woodward Hospital - Apparitions, Sightings, &voices.

Woodward - South East of Woodward on highway270 - Richmond High School - Richmond is an old high school that was said to have burned in the mid 1900s. if you go in the old gym you will hear either a pep ralley or basketball practice. be careful if you go up the stairs the upper floors are rotting but you will see lights looking down at you from holes in the is always freezing even in the middle of summer if you stick around too long balls of light will try to chase you away

Wyandotte - Iris Rd. spook light - If you go out past the hornet spook light and go to Iris rode and Enland rode you will come to a hill, stay on Irish rode facing the hill. The Enland rode will be on your left side. Which there you can stop to the left side of Iris rode and wait. You look up over the hill and you will see a yellow glowing light that will multiply and change colors to red and green. It will also come real close to you and move around. You can chase it but it will never get to close to you. You may drive many miles before it stops moving.

Wyandotte - Hoffman Mansion - Around the 1920's, A man named Hoffman took several boys into his home. Hoffman later went into a rage and killed all of the boys and then took his own life. The boys and Hoffman are buried in a cemetery on the property. Several instances of hearing someone running through the woods, voices, and footsteps in the mansion. The Mansion was condemned and bulldozed late 1998. The cemetery remains as well as some haunting spirits.

Wynnewood - The Eskridge Hotel and Museum - This location was once a booming hotel, but was turned into a museum during the past century. Though several of the exhibits are strange, if not creepy, the location has a reputation all its own. Anyone who possesses the courage to pass through this museum alone will see strange things. Shadows pass where they shouldn't. Manequins that are not animated move. Since the hotel was once highly populated, there is no way to keep track of the murders and other dramatic happenings that occurred here...but it is obvious that something happened. See for yourself.

Yale - Satan's House - It is an old school that burned down along time ago and now its used for Satan worshiping an old man died recently while tilling his field nearby the old school also it is carved in the wall Satan’s house when you enter it. - March 2007 update: for the listing: "Satan's House". It is not an old school, it was a refinery. Satan's House is carved/painted on the wall. The local story is that a 5 year old girl drowned in one of the sludge pits while trying to retrieve her brother's bike that got stuck.


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