In Oregon

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adair Village - Camp Adair POW hospital - Near the village - Now abandoned and dilapidated, the POW hospital buildings of 1940s Camp Adair housed injured/ill German and Italian POWs during the Second World War. A number of POWs perished before the end of hostilities. Phenomena include EVP recordings of squeaking bedsprings (none are housed in the hospital), footsteps, and an intense sense of being menacingly observed by unseen eyes from within the buildings.

Albany - Albany cinemas - In the late 70s a farm house was torn down to make room for more screens. The back two auditoriums are haunted. Incidents have been report such as sightings of a small ghost dog and small lights hovering along the floor.

Albany - Herford Steer Restaurant - The ghost is of the owner who was accidentally killed in his establishment by police. He is known for flipping hats off of employees, turning wall pictures upside down and sideways, turning non-burning table candles upside down, and sending everything on tables to the floor. - June 2008 This restaurant has since been torn down, and as of yet, the site is still just a vacant piece of land.

Ashland - Lithia Park - Story of a ghost of a girl who was raped and murdered there in the late 1800's. As witnesses passed a duck pond, they noticed a glowing blue mist floating directly over the center of the pond. They watched it for about thirty seconds, at which point it flickered and vanished like a flame being blown out.

Astoria - Flavel House - Old Victorian era home now a museum, is said to be haunted by former inhabitants. Things like lights being turned off when left on by caretakers. Phones ringing when not plugged in. Drapes being pulled closed or open by themselves. Basic haunted house stuff.

Astoria - Liberty Theater - Old movie theater said to be haunted by a woman who is mainly seen in the upstairs women's bathroom, wearing Victorian era clothing. Is usually visible when looking at yourself in the mirror. She likes to stand behind you and look into the mirror as well. But when you turn around, she's gone. Reports from former managers of popcorn being made when they open up, and the soda fountain running. The managers were always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Supposedly a man was murdered in the downstairs bathroom, and another was pushed off the balcony as well. The theater was closed in 1998 for renovation. It is now a performing arts theater.

Athena - Old Gem Theater - Second story of theater is now used as a home and the first floor is the abandoned theater. Reports of hearing foot steps in the hallways, doorknobs turning when there is no one on the other side. A whitish figure wonders about the theater seats.

Baker City - Baker Hotel - Reports of parties on the second floor, especially in one room. Ladies of the evening are showing their ghostly appearance coming down the long stairway.

Bend - Congress house - Many people have seen ghosts that inhabit this house that is from the turn of the century. In fact, there have been a few families that have lived there that have either died or something tragic has happened to them due to living in the cursed house.

Bend - O'Kane building - Many people have reported seeing ghostly smoke, weird lights, footsteps, and voices. On the ground floor, in a restaurant, people have reported a ghostly voice (maybe of a long-dead waitress) shouting names and orders. The basement of the building is also haunted by the ghost of an old man.

Bend - Old Mt View Hospital - Is now an apartment building next to Drake Park, a man died of old age in one of the apartments in the basement. People have heard creaks in the floor like he's walking around.

Bend - Old smoke stacks- teens sneak in there at night to see if it is really haunted and it is said that there are ghost walking around and moving things around.

Bend - Pilot Butte Cemetery - Reports of blue orbs.

Beaverton - Shilo Inn - The upstairs sports den and Canyon room are rumored to be haunted. Many employees and guests report here footsteps and a conversation between a man and women but upon further investigation no one is ever there. On occasion things will be moved about on their own, cups, chairs, ect.

Beaverton - Valley Theatre - This old discount theatre has had strange poltergist activity for years. In 1994 during renovation work crews were "persued" by a ominous creature that liked to play evil pranks and stalk the workers. Several workers quit due to the strange happenings around them and refused to come back to the location. And to this day strange occurances still happen to workers and visitors at this old theatre.

Beaverton - Westgate Cinema - A shadowy figure has been reported lurking in the upstairs projector room that was formerly a living quarters. When chased, the shadowy figure vanishes down a hallway that leads to double-doors that never opened. - June 2005 Update – Act III shut it down a couple of years ago, and it sits empty now. They are going to build a new cinema in the newer, "Hipper", part of town. - March 2008 Was torn down over a year ago.

Bend - Yardley estates - In the forest of the Yardley estates their is noises heard in the forests and some times if your playing games in the forest things will growl deeper then even a bear. Also you can hear footsteps coming near and more near you.

Burns - Ye Olde Castle Restaurant - This restaurant was previously a house in the 1800's. Restaurant employee's have seen and talked about the lady in the blue dress for at least 20 years. Any time the Restaurant is painted or repaired she appears. Mostly she is seen out of the corner of you're eye. She stares at you but when you look directly at her she disappears, although you can still feel her presence. She is kind and motherly. It is thought she is either the friend of the owners. This friend died early of cancer and was very close to the owner and taught her to run the restaurant. In the same token it could also be someone who died when it was a house.

Canby - Old pioneer cemetery on Knightsbridge Road - An old man dressed in a black suit with a brown leather hat holding a leather pouch can be seen on some nights just standing in the graveyard. We lived right next door to the graveyard and on more than one occasion observed him standing in the same spot just staring straight ahead. One rainy dark night we watched him as he slowly walked away and down the street, we decided to follow him, got in our car and drove around the corner where he had just went a moment before; he was no where in sight.

Cannon Beach - The Argonutua Beach House - Some people claim that this beach house is haunted by the ghost of Ghengis Hansel, a man who mysteriously disappeared there after the storm in 1952. People who have stayed in the house have felt a foreboding presence, especially around the many secret doors and compartments, all of which are locked tightly shut.

Cannon Beach - On the short approach road from Highway 101 to Cannon Beach - there is a phantom of a mummy known to locals as "Bandage Man." It jumps into the back of vehicles at night. The mummy has even been known to attack at times, leaving bits of his bandages behind. Bandage Man is said to eat dogs and has even murdered several people. Many believe him to be the ghost of a logger cut to pieces in a nearby sawmill. - June 2005 Update – Some believe the haunting is limited to "The short approach". There are stories about possible Bandage Man sightings from Lincoln City all the way to Seaside (about a 90 minute to two hour stretch of road). It has also been said that Bandage Man was once a criminal who was shot multiple times by police. Once he was being transferred from the Hospital to the jail, he escaped, ran into the woods, and hasn't been seen since. This would explain the bandages, as he was still covered in them.

Cave Junction - Oregon Caves National Monument - The Oregon Caves Chateau has a ghost named Elizabeth that roams through the rooms and halls.  The story goes that she hung her self on her wedding night after catching her husband with another woman.  She has been seen roaming the halls at night.

Central Point - Central Point Elementary - Central Point Elementary was rebuilt in 1908 after a fire was the cause of death fro many teachers and students. Stories tell of many different hauntings. A janitor was working the late shift, when he heard what sounded like the laughs of children, but upon turning to investigate, no one was there. He continues walking and hears the laughing again. The janitors employers found his body torched as if it had been set on fire. Another story was also about a janitor, supposedly himself or someone had hung him from the pull rope of the old bell in the tower, Stories of every night at midnight the bell would ring, this was before the timer was installed, when the bell was rang at recess by the sixth graders. Students have heard footsteps behind them while alone in the bathroom.

Clackamas - Harmony House - This restaurant has had many sightings mostly by workers but also some customers. A worker has been trapped in the supply closet and then just let out. Also two workers were closing and talking when they heard an older man clearing his throat and when they approached where the sound was coming from they saw smoke and smelled pipe tobacco. There has been a girl laughing and things moved from one place to another. This restaurant defiantly has personality and had an article written about it in The Oregonian Newspaper.

Corvallis - Cheldelin Middle School - A janitor died from a heart attack in the upstairs gym. When the doors are shut and locked, he can be heard whistling, pushing his broom, the sound of his keys jingling as he walks. The lights mysteriously turn on by themselves.

Corvallis - Crescent Valley High school - The costume room is haunted by a cold, un-welcoming presence. The costumes shift on their own and the ladder creeks as if someone were climbing it. The stage is also haunted. Strange drafts, uneasy feelings of an unknown presence, the curtains shift, and chairs move across the stage as if pushed.

Corvallis - OSU - Sackett Hall - In one of the rooms is the sight of numerous disturbances including fire starting and things be thrown around the room. It is said that a girl was killed in that room. Her name was Brandy and she lived in room 121. She was known to be very loose particularly since it was the 1950's and one night she was killed by accident by a drunken frat boy. She still roams B-long, her physical body having been turned to dust ages ago all that remains is her angry spirit which is seen at times to be a swirling cloud, twisting and turning in constant eternal anguish for a unpunished crime...very few have seen her.

Cottage Grove - Mt. David - Said to be a some kind of "spirit" that will chase you off of the hill at night time. Around the graveyards there are said to be many apperinces of the ghostly kind. Beware of the "thing" that will chase you off the mountain at night time.

Cottage Grove - Rogers paint and body repair - Footsteps going up and down the stairs, feelings of a presents among you, tools being moved around the building, and slamming doors when no wind.

Culver - Old hwy. 97 between Culver and Crooled River Bridge - Many freaky myths in the high desert of ghosts walking the road at night. Cows all the sudden appear in the road with glowing eyes, and the vehicles travel right through them. This stretch of road is very windy and treacherous, There has been many deaths due to car wrecks.

Dayton - Ebenezer chapel - Sightings of spirits in the cemetery and chapel. Very odd things go on there.

Damascus - Old Pioneer Cemetery - The Old Pioneer Cemetary in Damascus, Oregon is crawling with eerie ghost activity. Many strange sounds as well as shadows can be seen and heard whenever visited. Talk to anyone who has ever taken pictures there and they will all say that their film had at least a few extra visitors floating around in it.

Elgin - Elgin High School - Custodians, teachers, and students have all heard the sound of running and basketballs late at night in the gymnasium. One year, to a basketball game, two high school lovers were killed in a car wreck, never making the game. At night in the old school, you can hear the sounds of basketballs and running echo throughout the school.

Elgin - Opera house - haunted by two ghost. In the late eighteen hundreds there was a gun fight over one of the local young woman that lived in town. The two men are seen fighting on the front steps with there big six shooters firing at each other. They are both seen holding there chest and falling to the ground.

Enterprise - old Graingroers - Every night at 12:30 you can hear a man yelling, “I am going to die” and then a and you can see a flash from a flashlight and a cop car drives by.

Eugene - Fox Hallow French Immersion School - February 2007 correction: Formerly listed as Fox Hallow Elementary School - Many people have spotted a ghosts named Opal there. At night you can always hear someone saying "Opla" over and over again. The playground shakes as if someone is playing on it.

Eugene - French Immersion School - Reports of a weird presence, lights turn on and off at random times, a man seen walking through the handicap gym, when no ones there, doors opening, everything always looks abandoned as if nothings been touched for years.

Eugene - Kmart - Janitors working over night tell stories of doors in the stock room opening and closing by themselves. They also reported seeing signs hanging from the ceiling swaying back and forth like they were being tapped in a row. A night stocker witnessed a 10-foot section of talking Elmo’s all begin talking and moving at the same time. They are not sound activated. And there is an ominous presence that can be felt in the closed auto service center.

Eugene - Lane Community College - The elevator in the center building is haunted by a janitor that fell to his death in the sixties. You can hear his yells for help at sunset. He likes to play tricks on the people that use the elevator after sunset by taking people to the creepy basement.

Eugene - Sheldon High school - In the courtyard there have been several sightings of a women dressed in white calling for her daughter "Francis". Often do bushes and trees move when she gets mad that she can't find her.

Eugene - South Eugene High school - A Student was in the high school auditorium. He went up onto the catwalks, fell off and died. His spirit has rarely been seen, but often you will hear the sounds of someone walking when no one is there.

Eugene - Toys R Us - In the back room the upstairs is haunted by something...You are only allowed to go back there in a buddy system because of the strange happenings. Things such as boxes being thrown a you from the second floor...the lights going out in the middle of your shift radio's being turned on and off.

Eugene - University of Oregon - Stafford Hall - Outside of room 101 of the Stafford Hall (resident hall) at the University of Oregon, a young black male has been sighted several times. Most often he was seen looking into the room with a curious look or darting around corners. He has also been seen across the street from the pioneer cemetery (less than a block away from the residence hall) standing on the corner late at night. He has only been seen late at night when the campus is quiet or empty.

Eugene - Woodland Park - A young boy was shot on the playground. And whenever any one goes there after 12:00 they are approached by a ghost child, Who warns people to stay away.

Florence - Heceta Head Lighthouse - Many stories abound around the haunting here, the most widely heard is probably the story of an old woman who haunts the place, the wife of a lighthouse keeper. You can stay here and see for yourself, it's now a bed & breakfast.

Florence - The Lighthouse Keepers residence - haunted by a little old woman named Abby. She can be seen looking out windows and floating above the floor throughout the house. She is believed to be the wife of one of the lighthouse keepers room the early years of the light.

Forest Grove - Forest Grove woods - The woods around Forest Grove are said to be haunted by a burley man who beats anyone who dares to venture deep enough into these dark woods. This dangerous ghost is linked to numerous deaths in the Washington County area surrounding Forest Grove.

Forest Grove - McMinnimises Grand Lodge - said to first be a Masonic lodge and then later a mental institute that was shut down for a doctor mistreating patients, McMinnimises Grand Lodge is still supposedly haunted by "the Lavender Lady" who just walks around at night, and the doctor who plays tricks on people such as moving items. Apparitions are said to be seen mostly at night but in the basement they are common at any time of the day.

Forest Grove - Pacific University - Knight Hall -which used to be the music programs classroom facility is haunted by two spirits. Activity has been observed by hundreds of faculty and students since the 1940s.

Forest Grove - Theater in the Grove - There is three ghosts in this theater. One lives back stage and usually only appears once to check on shows. He lived in a room back stage. He is usually seen and usually minds his own business. If you are in the changing room that is only about two doors away from the room he lived in you can sometimes here him talking. The second ghost is of a little girl. she will run up and down the walkways in the house (were people sit during performances.) the foot steps are very noisy. The third ghost is a angry ghost. There is a large iron door that leads into the light room. That is were the tech crew does all of the light and sound cues. While there the door will open very quickly and slam very hard. She will also swing the spotlights around.

Gales Creek - Agaard Road - Agaard road is on the right side of highway 6 heading to Tillamook from forest grove. between the times of 2 am and 5 am on most mornings a man named Lazlo in flannel fishing wear can be seen where the creek runs under the road. he fishes and smokes his pipe and doesn't harm anyone. just sits there. across the road his wife Helen waits for him with hands on hips and an annoyed expression on her face. during this time smoke is sometimes seen rising from the house in which the couple used to live. lights can also be seen in the windows. the electricity in the hose has been turned off since the late 90's. Also the apparition of a young boy in blue shorts and a striped t-shirt can be spotted on the highway side bank of the creek. he is blue in the face and has water dripping from him (the water never makes spots on the rocks). he has been named Joey. he is usually seen in the late summer in mid- afternoon by the swimming hole. he whimpers and cries for his "mommy and daddy" sometimes Joey is only heard calling for his parents. when someone tries to follow hi he leads you up the side of the bank and disappears before the highway.

Gates - Outpost Village Resort RV & Mobile Home Park - Former landlord shot and killed a man in the Jacuzzi over a betting debt. The Jacuzzi and house were burned down by the local fire department in 1998. People report seeing a ghostly figure wandering around the property. The former property manager (me) had to do a spirit releasement on some of the tenants and friends living in the resort.

Gold Hill - (Near) Oregon Vortex - Several visitors to the vortex have seen John Lister, the Scottish scientist who discovered the area, standing at the top of the sloping floor of the old log cabin. He is usually seen resting against the wall, laughing and plucking his eyebrow. The visitors have asked the guide the identity of the man who somehow got ahead of the tour. One tour guide looked inside and recognized Lister from an old photograph. After the quick look, Lister disappeared. When the other tour guides looked inside the cabin, there was no one there. Anyone leaving the cabin by the back door would have been seen. Also, Native American legend says that horses would not come into the affected area known as the "Forbidden Ground."

Gold Hill - Rock Point Cemetery - Many stories have been told of a strange dark hooded "ghost" that carries a lantern and wonders through this cemetery vanishing into thin air when approached. Many other stories of strange lights, sounds and visions of fire leaping from the crypts. A greenish fog is often seen floating through the area and has said to have broken windows of cars that pass through it. Some have said that the "hauntings" are a result of the Oregon Vortex, which is, located close by.

Gervais - Gervais high school parking lot - once, back in the late 1800's the place where the school used to be was where the native Americans buried their dead. if you go there at night, when the moon is full, there are reports of Indians yelling, and a group of Indians will crowd around you, scratching you. the school is built right on top of the site. another haunting is of the parking lot, at night, a priest was murdered while getting into his car. you can still hear him scream, but only on certain nights.

Helix - Griswold School - Haunted by Dr. Griswold, the founder of the school, and his wife. They can be seen looking in the left window in the gymnasium, although Dr. Griswold has been seen more often.

Hermiston - The Dollar Tree Stare - there a few different ghost the plays with the toys and talk. A worker took her digital camera and took some pictures and they claim it showed faces of like five different ghosts.

Hermiston - Wal-Mart DC - During the construction of the warehouse it was said that illegal immigrants were a means of cheap labor to do clean up at night.  One night there was an accident and when the winds picked up and knocked one of the steel piling down it fell on top of one of the workers.  To avoid the police and being deported, the other workers quickly dug a hole and buried him in the concrete floor.  Late at night walking down the modules freight will fall out at you.  You can stop and look around but nobody will be there.

Idanha - The Rock Piles - This place has been said to be inhabited by loggers and other ancient spirits. Many people have seen a woman hanging, a skinless dog, a headless logger, and even a little girl in white.

Jacksonville - Herman Helms House - 2 crying ghosts dwell here, and old lady and a young girl.

Jacksonville - McCully House - Many guests have reported seeing a women in a white gown wandering the halls late at night.

Jacksonville - Wagon Trail Road - Cupboards opening and slamming shut, Doors open and shut, Animals going insane, Evil presence, Beating on homes on all sides at the same time, Lights in homes, Footsteps on the hill(no one was there), Voices, Something touched a witness’s wife’s side,

Keizer - McNary high school - in the 80's a student died in a crash. he said to now haunt the school auditorium. Students have report to have seen him and he has been seen during a play.

Klamath Falls - The Old Hospital - Rumor is this was the first hospital in Oregon. People could rent rooms in the place before it was turned into a historical landmark.  Apparitions of people where reported, especially by children.

Klamath Falls - Linkville Cemetery - This cemetery is over 150 years old and is said to have a grave that glows a bright green on every full moon. Strange noises and other odd lights have also been reported.

Klamath Falls - Linkville Playhouse - An extremely dedicated and involved actor, simply known by many as "Ralph", died in 1994. His spirit has been spotted on several occasions. A beginning actor was alone one night, and spotted a man sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe. He later told a seasoned actor and friend of his, who brought him to a picture of Ralph, asking him if that was the man he saw. He promptly said yes. Another actor reports during a dress rehearsal where they did absolutely no technical things whatsoever, the cast was on stage when suddenly Greensleeves began to play out of nowhere. They ran up to the soundbooth, which was empty, and tried to turn the CD player off. Before they could, the song changed right before their eyes! Others have witnessed in the costume attic by the light of the "Ghost Light" which is left on every night since the first sighting.

Klamath Falls - Mazama High School Football Field - There is a legend that there is a graveyard under the football field which is why it's so high off the ground. After lost football games you can hear murderous cries from under the bleachers. November Correction/Update: This may be typical urban myth.

Klamath Falls - Old OIT on old fort road - The old college on old fort road is a very strange place. No one knows exactly why it closed. Apparently, there is a group of Satanists who work up there. It is believed that when people do sacrifices or something, bad energy is contained in the area. Anyway, several people have gone up the hill and have told me that there is a spot that has a bunch of rocks placed in a circle in the center is a pile of animal bones, but when the people went back up to find that place again, its always gone, and they will go up several times in search of it. Anyway old OIT had a dorm two school buildings and a gym that had a small swimming pool. There is one wall left, and a small area that has three walls and a cement floor. They are maybe 50 feet apart. Anyway, several people, credible witnesses say that they have seen apparitions, sometimes a fog in those two areas. Also if you go at night, you can hear sounds like people chanting, or footsteps if you sit in car with the lights off right next to those two buildings. Also just up the road from old OIT there is a hill, or at least what appears to be one. It’s a small vortex. One of the urban legends is that an old Indian was hung from a tree on that hill right next to the road. If you park under the tree, he will push you up the hill. But there are so many of those stories in various states that it is doubtful. - April 2007 Update - It's fenced in. There are a series of large poles, possibly 30 feet high, with three giant tires hanging from them. No one knows for sure how they got the tires up there. Contrary to the page's entry, there are two buildings there. One is in okay condition, and there appears to be bloodstains on the side of it. On the other side of the place, there is a building in shambles, and this is what makes the place truly scary. Loud bangs are also reported.

La Grande - Candy Cane Park - A.K.A. Hatchet Park - Reports of the merry-go-round being haunted and cursed by a woman.- December 2003 correction: a woman was killed in the park years ago. She was found in the grass, still alive but someone had tried to chop the top of her head off- with a hatchet. That park doesn’t have a merry-go-round anymore, but it's said that you can see her sitting on one of the benches or swings at it. - February 2004 Update about Merry-go-round. Another submitter reports there used to be a merry-go-round until it was removed a short time ago. The woman did haunt the merry-go-round throwing people off and making it spin out of control. Since the removal of the merry-go-round, the woman is said to haunt the park benches.

La Grande - Hot Lake hotel - It was a resort built in 1907 considered the "mayo clinic of the west" because of the hot springs, it burned down in 1934 all except the brick portion, after that it was used as a hotel and then an insane asylum and finally a nursing home in the 1970's. Reports of a piano playing when there isn't a piano in the building, and clattering footsteps roaming the halls. many people have ventured in to this hotel which was once a hospital many people have said that a gardener once hung himself behind the hotel and say that to this day he haunts the grounds there have been many reports oh chairs falling of the walls and doors opening and closing them when no one is around - December 2003 correction: The piano that is said to be heard is believed to be the original piano that was acquired when the hotel was built. It belonged to General Robert E. Lee's wife, and was said to be haunted and played by itself even before it was given to hot lake. The piano was removed by a former owner who later killed himself, but the music remained. Also, there is a gazebo just outside at the side of one of the lakes, and there have been reports of ghosts walking along the water and voices in the gazebo. Also, many strange happenings year around on the highway that passes hot lake. Many accidents have totaled cars with none hurt, and figures seen in the thick soupy fog that sometimes drapes the highway. The ghosts of the hotel are said to be the souls of many who died as a result of experiments performed when the hotel was an insane asylum.

Lafayette - Lafayette Cemetery - The witches' grave is haunted by the witch that was hung. Before she died she cursed the town and said that the town would burn to the ground 3 times. So far it has burned completely to the ground twice. If you go to her grave at night, usually you can see her standing around, or walking through the cemetery. Many people have reported being chased by the witch, and some still have scars on their backs from being scratched. The marks look like razor blades have been sliced down their backs. This is all true and factual, Just ask anyone that lives or has lived in that town.

Lime - Cement Plant - This is the old plant, numerous unearthly growls have been heard. Apparitions wonder the grounds following people. There is always something changed, things move after you walk by so when you go back it looks different. Hand drawn pictures of depression can be found scattered through out the plant.

Mary Hurst - Christie School Administration Building - Many years ago, when Christie School was an orphanage for girls, several children died of various diseases. Now, the fourth floor where the children lived is said to be haunted by these children. People have claimed to hear children singing and making other noises. There is also a voice of a woman that has been heard. Recently, four people went to the fourth floor at midnight. There was a cold draft and the sounds of children talking.

McMinnville - Community Christian Church - April 2008 - Has been removed. Private Property.

McMinnville - MACK Theater - Cold spots in the women's bathroom by one of the entrance doors to the theater. Feeling of being watched. Feelings there aren't scary just a little uneasy.

Medford - Justice Building - The Justice Building in Medford Oregon, located downtown...every person who has ever worked for any of the janitorial companies to do cleaning in that building has experienced some sort of incident on the 4th floor...the cleanings would take place after 1:00 a.m. and the workers always worked alone and were in the building alone. Lights would get turned off....the worker would hear someone calling his or her name. doors would mysteriously slam shut and chills would run up and down your spine!

Molalla - Dibble Cemetery - Strange howling can be heard coming from no where.

Monmouth - West Oregon University - Todd Hall- For Halloween they gave a haunted tour of it and explained what has occured there. Apparently when the building was first built it was used as an all girls dorm. The headmistress then, was said to be very protective of her girls. She retired after many years of living and working in Todd Hall. They named the hall after her. On the tour, they said that she has been seen and strange things have occurred there. For example, they once caught a bright light on a surveillience camera. There was no one in the building and it was locked up. Sometimes campus security will get calls that a motion detector of system has been set off, but when they go to check the building out no one is there. There have been other strange occurances as well. It is said that other places on campus have been reported as haunted as well, but Todd hall is the most well known.

Mount Angel - Providence Benedictine Nursing Center - Passed residents walking up and down the halls, standing in their old rooms, or sitting on their old bed. There's a story that a nun walks the halls at night, but some have never seen her. Feeling taps on your shoulder and hearing "can you help me?" Only to turn around to find that no one is there.

Mount Hood National Forest - Little Crater Lake - Lots of people camp at Little Crater Lake Campground. Some have reported hearing crying at night and white cat that disappears every time you go close to it. People hiking by the lake have seen 3 teenagers swimming, yet no living people could handle water that cold. They say that there is one girl and two boys that reach there hands out of the water as if asking you to save them.

Myrtle Point - The Hurst Home - mysterious appearances of a ghost named Mikey experienced by many.

Newberg - Newburg Grafic - this small newspaper is housed in a extremely haunted location. Over the years employees have experienced strange time lapses and sightings of many apparitions.

Newport - Yaquina Bay Lighthouse - The lighthouse is haunted by a ghost named Muriel Trevenard. She was visiting the lighthouse with some friends from the valley. They looked around. Then left. Muriel then realized she left her handkerchief in the kitchen. She told her friend Harold she'd be right back and come out through the kitchen. He let her go. Then he heard her scream he ran to the kitchen door, but it was locked. he went to the front of the house and ran to the kitchen. Muriel wasn't anywhere in sight. - March 2005 Update/Correction: When you visit the lighthouse, it is stated that the story of the haunting is a work of fiction. For more information please visit Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon
October 2005 Update: There has been a bit of controversy over this submission Please see for a different view.

North Bend - North Bend High - There used to be an old pool underneath the sophomore hall of North Bend high school. A young man died in the pool of an unexplained drowning. The hall has been rumored to not only have students wandering the halls. It is believed by some to be the home of a long lost soul that died there so many years ago. There have been flashes of light, doors opening and closing, strange gurgling sounds, and even items being tossed across the room. The staff at North Bend don't like to talk much about the rare, yet most strange occurrences. But they have been talked about by the students for many years.

Nyssa - Underpass near the sugar factory - It is a fact that many townsfolk will not admit too. After dark, anytime after dark, when you pass through the underpass, under the rail road tracks, if you don't look directly left or right you can see "feetless" figures lining the walkway on either side of the underpass. Many people refuse to walk through the underpass day or night because they feel weird doing so. It has also been reported that on winter nights an "entity" described as being 7 foot tall with no feet and red eyes knocks on windows to awaken the people asleep inside. Strangely enough some photographs have been captured of the figure and his footsteps left behind in the snow.

Ontario - Malheur Butte - Malheur Butte is a dead volcano overlooking Ontario, Oregon (the extreme edge of eastern Oregon). According to legend, it once was a popular meeting place of witches. The Snake River is also in the vicinity and supposedly draws wicca ceremonies due to the fact that it flows south-to-north. Near the Butte (and in the outlying areas, as well) many people have spotted small, shadow-like creatures after dark. A witness claims she was chased to her car by something she couldn't see very well. Whatever it was made noises and was about the size of a dog. Even though she doesn't spook easily, she was terrified by the incident. A few years prior, another witness claimed to have seen a similar creature at a nearby park one night. Other sightings have occurred. In addition to these alleged 'imps' the entire area surrounding Malheur Butte emanates a creepy vibe that is unmistakable.

Oregon city - McLoughlin house - the McLoughlin house is a historical house turned into a museum it is haunted by Dr. John Mcloughlin and his wife.

Pendleton - Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute (EOCI) - Formerly a State Mental Hospitol - Guards have stated hearing people down below yelling: "help, help, help." - March 2004 Update:Before being converted to a correctional institution, it was a state mental hospital. It was converted possibly sometime early in the 1990's. This might be the root of the "help, help, help" cries.

Pendleton - Pendleton Arts Center - Used to be a Library - Haunted by old Librarian who ate a whole bar of Lye soap in the basement over a love affair. She has been seen often at night in the windows looking out, and when it was a library she used to knock books over with a violent push. The basement is now rarely used and only during the day by employees.

Pendleton - Pendleton Underground - There is an underground area in the downtown red light district where many businesses operated during the early 1900s, which were linked to tunnels that ran under the entire city. Many of the tunnels have been filled in due to safety reasons, but some still remain, and the city does conduct tours of areas in the underground tunnels. In particular, there is one area that the tour ventures into, which is a room that was used as a living quarters for Chinese immigrants. There is said to be a ghost that is often felt and/or seen by visitors in the far left corner of this room.

Pendleton - Old Building in the center of town - It is said that a violent murder in this small town in an old abandoned building. The murderer murdered a young girl from the town, very brutally. The killer chopped off her fingers, then he chopped her up and her body is hidden in the walls and all along the roof. She still haunts the place where she was killed and is mostly on the roof and inside the building waiting for someone to find her and her body.

Pendleton - Pendleton High Auditorium - Ghost of former student resides there. Has been seen in the light loft and in seat J-26. Ryan has also been known to run across the stage. During shows, pieces of scenery ha e moved and maniacal laughing has been heard.

Pendleton - Pioneer Park - It was once a old cemetery until they built the park. A few graves still rest there. When you go you get an eerie feeling that someone is watching you when you do not see anyone. Some cold breezes go through when it is not windy.

Pendleton - Red Lion - In April 2006 one of the workers committed suicide. Ever since then, at least three employees have been having visits from him. People report seeing him walking the halls, or just being a mischief and messing with things, or people feeling like they are being followed. One worker reports they were one of the last people he spoke to and hugged before he passed.. And since then, they think he has been "following" and playing paranks them. The worker and the man very good friends. and The worker that passed was everyone's fix-it guy. The last thing he fixed Was an ice maker. He now like to mess with the ice maker to let the workers no he is around. Others have reported being touched as well.

Portland - Cathedral Park - In the summer of 1949, 15 year-old Thelma Taylor was murdered under the St. Johns Bridge, also known as Cathedral Park.  In the present day, disembodied screams can be heard late at night during the summer, and the police have been dispatched numerous times to the area without finding any evidence of foul play.

Portland - Burger King downtown - Haunted by an unknown entity.

Portland - Buttertoes Restaurant - this ghost, "Lydia", has been seen by numerous people.

Portland - Columbian Cemetery - former Love Cemetery and Columbia Cemetery- this ghost, "Lydia", has been seen by numerous people.

Portland - ComedySportz - ComedySportz is haunted by an unknown female entity. When the building is nearly empty, employees and performers have heard a woman talking or laughing-sometimes quite loudly- in the back room where costumes and equipment is stored. The ladies room toilet has also had problems and flushed endlessly with no explanation. Employees have also seen lights in parts of the building, only to go back to turn them off and discover that no lights were on.

Portland - Fairmount Apartments - Manvelant and benevolent hauntings. This is a building that is located on the corner of NW 26th and Vaughn Street in northwest Portland. This is the last building standing from the centennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1905. It was once a grand hotel and it now an apartment complex. Some of the residents over the years, have reported seeing apparitions late at night, while others have felt somewhat of a threatening presence mostly on the lower floors especially in the halls. Upstairs, the presence is not as threatening.

Portland - Hollywood Theatre - Built in the twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby. Rattling pipes backstage is also a common occurrence.

Portland - Kennelworth park - said to be a young girl was raped and killed there, often walking in the park at night you can hear trying to scream or see her walking around the area.

Portland - KWJJ Radio Station - In 1990, the station was at a building called The Wilcox Mansion. It actually went there on career day back in 1986. It was a beautiful mansion that used to be a living area, but has since been turned into offices. Some of the stories are the grand piano being played when no one but the graveyard DJ is there. Also stories of the massive chandelier swinging for no reason, and this was a massive thing that you usually see in movies. DJ's have been spooked so much in the past, that they had been known to have locked themselves in the DJ booth while working the graveyard shift. KWJJ moved out of the building a few years back.

Portland - KUPL Station - There has been sightings of a man's face in the window. Also CD's that have been set out mysteriously disappear after the DJ turns away.

Portland - LOTUS-nightclub downtown - Reports of something VERY creepy in the basement - has scared employees so badly, they refuse to talk about it. a bartender, alone after closing had finished cleaning the bar-i.e. no glasses were left out, etc. and went downstairs-to the creepy basement?-and heard a CO2 canister activate.  A very distinct sound and not made when not in use-that is to say there is no pressure release on CO2 cylinders.  Upon coming back upstairs the bartender found an upside-down shot glass on the bar.

Portland - Lewis & Clark College - Find your way to the center of the campus, around 1:00am and you will likely feel someone or something there with you. On many occasions you can hear screaming and Yelling as if a mob is chasing someone through the old campus. On rare occasions you will see multiple apparitions come running through the campus center, one being chased by a group of 10-15.

Portland - Marshall High School - a former night janitor said she herd strange sounds and once something said her name.  She always works alone.

Portland - Oaks Park - This amusement park built in 1890 has been plagued with a ghostly apparition of a lone child in 70's style clothing for over 20 years.

Portland - Old OMSI building - This science museum was shut down in the early 90's and moved to a new location, but people visiting the surrounding parks and zoo hear odd noises and see strange lights coming from the abandoned empty building. - July 2005 Update: This building was remodeled and opened as the Portland Children's Museum in 2001. The building used to be rather creepy, most especially in the downstairs areas near the gem room. Those areas are employees-only now.

Portland - Old Town Pizza Company - The place of an old pizza parlor, still in business. It is very eerie and not very welcoming. The lights are dark and the atmosphere is spooky. The basement is said to be haunted by someone. There have been reports of things moving and things being replaced. Many of the workers won't go downstairs because of eerie feeling. Said to be a spirit who lurks around downstairs. - October 20007 Correction: Nina is associated with the Old Town Pizza. There is a brick in the back room with Nina inscribed and there is even a portrait of Nina in that same room. Tourist can actually sit in that back room to enjoy their pizza. The story is actually told on a city of Portland Tour called the Dark Side of Portland Walking Tour.

Portland - Scapponia Park - North of Portland - There is said to be the ghost of a man and his dog. In the late 1800's there was a horse thief who lives in an old cabin in the area of Scapponia Park. One night an angry mob took the man and hung him and shot his dog. It is said that they are buried together under a large oak tree in the camp ground.

Portland - Shanghai Tunnels - The shanghai Tunnels were used for kidnapping able men to work on boats. Now are said to be haunted by the men.- June 2005 Update/Additional Information – This is a rather infamous part of Portland as the name suggests. Men would be shanghaied, beaten up to awaken aboard a ship. Also, women would be kidnapped and sold into the sex business. This form of slavery is something that has been both remembered and forgotten (usually at the same time) by Portland natives alike. It is said that the spirit of "NINA" has been known to haunt the halls of the tunnels. The spirit has been seen as that of a woman in white, which matched the description of a girl named Nina who died in those tunnels. In fact, the apparition has been known to stay pretty close to where her name "NINA" has been carved into the brick in one of the passages there. It is an original carving that was put there back in the day.

Portland - Tryon Creek State Park - When the conditions are right, generally right before a major storm, if you are out along the North Rim Trail you will hear the sound of horses in harness and smell fresh cut timber, even though the last time the area was logged was in the late 1800's. Down by the creek you can hear in the early morning, the sound of men getting ready for a day of work in the woods.

Portland - University of Portland - Franz Hall - A janitor was said to have been cleaning the second floor when all of the mechanical doors (which can only be opened and closed by pushing the master button that is locked in a box in the wall that the janitors have the keys to).

Portland - University of Portland - Theater - there is a ghost of a young girl who haunts the theatre. She is said to be seen in the basement storage, on the stage, and in the draft room late at night while students worked. She often tries to touch students and changes the station or volume on the radio when students are drafting should she dislike a station or like a song. She has often "hung out" with students while they worked late at night. She is dressed in a Victorian 1900's or so dress and hat with lace trim.

Portland - Villa St Rose School for girls - It was said that before Villa St Rose was a school for girls, it was an orphanage run by Catholic nuns.  In the gymnasium you can often hear little kids voices, running of little feet and laughing.  Many students and some of the nuns have reported hearing this.

Portland - White Eagle Tavern - A stairway is haunted in the kitchen area off the office area. The manager has gotten trapped there by various cleaning equipment.

Portland - Willamette - Mansion - This massive mansion directly across the river from Waverly country club is still unfinished.  The foundation is the remains of the city's water pump house.  A number of years after its construction began the owner/builder hung himself in the elevator shaft.  It has remained under slow construction and is haunted by this mans spirit.  Doors locked behind us, brooms fell, lights turned on without us turning them. 

Portland - Willamette River - For the past two years a phantom rowboat has been sighted along this river. It has no one on the boat but when the coastguard goes to retrieve the boat it disappears right in front of there eyes.

Redmond - New Redmond Hotel - people have claimed to here foot steps walk back in forth in the halls. There have been pictures taken and in the pictures there are clearly orbs in the lobby hall. Feelings of a strange presence in the rooms in the middle of the night. Apparitions of a woman have been reported.

Roseburg - Downtown Umpqua Bank on Main Street - You can hear people running up and down the stairs and doors opening and closing. You can hear people talking. Papers get thrown all over the floor. The lights go on after being turned off. Two people were seen running out of the bank chasing after some people walking down the street, even though the doors were shut and locked. A dog can be heard barking inside the bank. In the bathroom of the top floor a woman was seen wearing a 1920's style outfit and she's been seen and heard flushing the toilets. Loud noises can be heard like there's a room full of people talking and then is gets really silent. A man was seen walking inside the bank and then just disappeared. The bottom of the elevator always glows bright red and doesn’t work right. Almost every night after all the lights have been turned off and the doors have been locked a light on the top floor goes on and a man is seen staring out the window.

Salem - 23rd and 24th St off State - shadow/orb that manifests between 23rd and 24th Streets off State that will go between a body piercing shop and Sybillis Omelets.

Salem - Bush House - The Bush House is now a Art gallery has a ghost from the tern of the century, she was a young woman who suffered from schizophrenia, her family kept her in the basement in shame. She died there. She now haunts the house. The owners have residents who live in the upstairs they say the ghost of the young woman will play with the thermostat.

Salem - Capital Building - The capital was burned down twice by fire. One of the elevators shows its history when the carpeted floor mysteriously smolders. The capital has had to be evacuated once because of this unknown fire.

Salem - Croisan Creek Rd - Many years ago, little girl was hit and killed by a speeding care. Speeders going around that corner (near Kubler) report seeing a ball rolling into the road and a little girl chasing after it. It usually occurs on Friday nights. - October 2007 Update:  Drivers that are exceeding the speed limit have seen the boy standing on the side of the road wagging his finger at them, but when they look for the boy in the rearview mirror he is not there.  So slow down on Croisen Creek Rd in South Salem.

Salem - D Street – Cemetery - Strange anomalies have been reported to be captured on film.

Salem - Denny's Restaurant - an evil entity is said to haunt this location.

Salem - Elsinore Theater - They say a boy was murdered in the men’s bathroom and you can still see the blood in mirror. Also the owners daughter fell off the top balcony and haunts the area she fell.

Salem - Fairview Training Center - This place was home to Salem’s Developmentally Disabled. Stories of brutality and murder about from this location. Many have said to see people walking across the lawns at night even though the place has been locked up since 2000. The cemetery there was built over by a building in 1930's and the bodies were not moved when the building was torn down no one could account for the missing 12 or so bodies. Former employees have said that they have seen the walls bleed and chairs move by themselves.

Salem - Footlocker Downtown - The footlocker in Salem center, used to be a parking lot where a little girl was killed, and now employees say that they have heard and seen her ghost back in the shoe room.

Salem - Hayesville Area - Reports of a ghostly semi-truck is said to drive around here and pass you at very high speeds at night then its lights fade right before your eyes! It will also chase away hitchhikers blowing its air horn. A wraith is also seen walking in the filbert trees.

Salem - Lausanne Hall University Dormitory - Maintenance workers report seeing the ghost of a young woman in the attic, which has been out of use for years due to students not wanting to live in it.

Salem - Leslie Middle School - Believed to be haunted by the founder of the school, Mr. Leslie.

Salem - Mission Mill - Once a thriving woolen mill, it is now a museum and home to businesses such as the Salem Art Center. Also on the grounds you can find the original home of Jason Lee, the founder of Salem, and several other historical buildings that were transplanted to the grounds. Employees have had experiences of a young woman running across the bridge (from her spouse; she was rumored to have been murdered on the bridge), meetings with Wayne the groundskeeper (who, after death, is still caring and watching over the grounds), and can sense extreme anger and pain from the turbine room, where a male employee lost his life while maintaining a turbine - while it was still on. Some people can also feel the vibrations of the old machinery running and weaving wool on the top floor of the museum; a room void of machinery and often rented for parties and receptions.

Salem - Home Town Buffet at 636 Lancaster Dr - Doors slamming and running footsteps heard in the women’s restroom. And an apparition of a woman in a pure white 50's style dress with pure white skin and pure white clothes as was her hair.

Salem - Oregon school for the deaf - Boy's dorm - many years ago 3 kids went down to the basement and were mysteriously killed. A black figure has been sighted by many students at a certain time on certain nights. A doll was found that appeared to be possessed. Ghosts have been seen in both the girl's and boy's dorms. - March 2008 Update/Correction: A former student states, there are no reports of anyone murdered. There were No basements existed back then *AND* there were NO dorms back then. They were in SAME building as the school building back then.

Salem - Oregon State Hospital - When walking in the old sections of the tunnels that run under the various buildings, you can sense that you are not alone. On the older section of the building (Administration Building) You at times will catch a site of figures in the windows, This building is also the site of which One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest was filmed. The building is condemned, however still has tormented spirits that occupy its halls and rooms.

Salem - Oregon state Penitentiary - Due to fact this institution is a maximum-security prison which has been standing since the 1800's, there are many stories of hauntings. One is of an deceased inmate in D Block who walks the tiers and landings at night. His footsteps can be heard on the metal stairs and floors as he walks up one side of the stairs and down the other. If you try to catch him, he only speeds up. He has also been seen standing outside of cells causing graveyard officers to rush to the cell, only to find nobody there. The furniture factory and woodshop is also a hangout for the spirit of an inmate who were murdered there. There is an intercom in one of the towers where if you listen closely you can hear the chanting of an inmate who committed suicide. He repeats the same words over and over again in almost a whisper.. the inmate bled to death in his cell.. from that day on the chanting continued through the intercom box which is outside next to the building where it happened.

Salem - Pentacle Theatre - A ghost called "Shelia" roams this theatre. She seems to be benevolent, and there is some disscussion as to wether or not she was one of the founders of the theatre.

Salem - Zena Church - Has been removed. No Trespassing

Sheridan - NE Center St. - There is a house on Center St. haunted by the spirit of an old woman (witch?) She is seen wearing rags. There are strange choking chemical smells. Loud metal banging crashing from the abandoned house next door in the middle night. Whimpering moaning dog sounds from the other abandoned house also next door. TV’s will turn themselves on in the middle of the night full blast. Cupboards will bang in an empty kitchen. Footsteps are heard walking around the house/in the house at night. Strange break ins with no one being seen. The front door will unlock itself at night. Game systems (Nintendo, Playstation) will lose their memory. Shadows running around the house in the day. Yard gates unlock by themselves. Earthquake like rumbling in the day. Banging on the bedroom door at night. Sound of the front door opening/closing with no one around.

Sheridan - Sheridan city park - a male in black cloths running between the trees and sitting on a bench on far side of park

Sherwood - Chapman Road house - This 4 bedroom home built in late 1999 has been the scene of horrifying ghostly manifestations. This home is set next to the family's vineyard. The family has lived on this property for years. Up until 1998 they had lived in a older home on the same site but decided to demolish the old house and build a new one. Before the new home was built there were never any problems.

St. Helens - The High School Auditorium - The high school auditorium is haunted with a women's ghost that died there. People have seen her in the lighting booth and sitting in the chairs.

St. Helens - Kinder Cemetery - an old cemetery located on the north side of highway 30, in the northwestern most corner of the cemetery there is the spirit of an old man name George, when he is angry, you actually can feel the temperature drop dramatically. George has also been known to push and slap when extremely irritated.

St. Helens - The High School auditorium (Olmshied Auditorium) - Reports of a girl died here and it's uncertain but some say that she actually died when the Forest Grove High School burned down. Reports of hearing a piano playing when there isn’t any pianos around, she messes with the lights, she messes with the sound, and one time she pulled out a stage light gel holder and dropped it rightby someone’s head.

St. Johns - Roosevelt high school - The is a 16 year old boy who committed suicide and now is haunting the Roosevelt tower and night.

The Old Clatsop Hospital - It is now a nursing home\assisted living center, but it was a hospital built in the early 1900's. The old elevator is still in use that goes down to the morgue. One night the employees there saw a beautiful blonde woman in an old fashioned nurses uniform with a laundry cart get on the elevator, the two employees ran down the stairs to find out who she was and why she was taking their laundry cart. When they reached the ground floor by the entrance to the old morgue, the elevator came down. They opened the old cage door only to find the laundry cart, but the woman was gone. Others say they have seen her walking in the halls. Nobody really knows who she is, but it is suspected that at one time she was a nurse there. She has been seen by most of the night employees

Tigard - Canterburry Cemetery - Ghostly lights and apparitions have been sighted from the highway below by passing motorists. This historic cemetery in located atop Canterburry hill in this suburban area. The lights are usually small greenish balls that move about in the trees. They don't seem to get close to people; they stay in the distance. Newer homes and apartments have been developing around the cemetery since the 1970's and residents in the area have also heard unearthly howls and screams from here. There is a large malevolent presence that comes and goes from there. And one of the condos built near the cemetery is the sight of ghostly phenomenon linked to the cemetery. - March 2008 Update: This cemetery was cleaned up about six years ago, and actually looks great up there now. It is no longer abandoned, and is very viewable from the street since they took down a lot of trees. The stories from the place areeasily explainable as there are two entrances in the back to two different apartment complexes. People can very easily get in there and turn on flashlights, or flares or such.

Tigard - Fanno Creek Trail - This is on the Tigard side of the trail, just off North Dakota, heading toward Beaverton. An investigator was walking along the trail playing with the his new Digital Voice Recorder and got an EVP right ware the path starts. The EVP clearly states "SHUTUP!!!" which was funny. A week later he was walking along the path, and he got to the same part. He went into his pocket to get his recorder out again and he felt what he described as a fist punching him in the stomach. He doubled over in pain just to get out of there. Whatever is there seems to be very selective; not everybody gets results. EVPs of growls like a trapped animal on that same part of the trail have been recorded at different times.

Tigard - Tigard High School - Deb Fennel Auditorium - Stories of a ghost that inhabited this part of the school. It is said to be that of a former male student that went to the school who died during his senior year and now haunts this Auditorium. There are rumors of hearing things and seeing ghostly images. Most of the hauntings are in the "general mischief" category, such as lights being turned on, papers moved around, etc. When ever something strange would happen, the students blame it on the ghost.

Tigard - Washington Sq. Cinemas - There is a ghost known to whistle, produce light, start movies in the middle of the night, and push his image through the movie screen. The theater has an ominous presence and you can feel your hair rising from your skin.- March 2008 Update: Shut down many years ago. It has sat empty for years now. During the summer, the parking lot is now used for the Tigard Farmers Market.

Troutdale - Edgefield - This complex is now owned by the Mcminamin Brothers and they run this as a vineyard / brewery / restaurant / B&B.  However it's original use was that of a Poor Farm and then later as a nursing home. It is said to have strong activity above the wine cellars (which was once the morgue) and in the cellars themselves. McMinamin's even posts some of the hauntings in their pubs/hotels on their website.

Troutdale - Springfield - A Dark man that stalks the brick buildings on a basic basis. claims to be a man named Paul and states that he died at the hands of a monastery gathering. some believe others don't yet for r 28 year old Ben Yakarii the experience is all but a tall tale. when Ben first stepped foot onto the old grave grounds he felt nothing but coldness. two weeks after his stay with a group of five friends he was awoken by a freezing chill and noted that all windows had been securely shut. two days latter Ben found one if his friends in his room talking in his sleep and asking for lights to be turned off. Ben latter that day said that he saw a dark man or the out line of a dark man standing over him. Ben awoke two days latter in a Portland hospital and was told that his friend John had been found dead hanging from a railing of a flight of stares.

Umatilla - Hermiston – Echo - Wal-Mart and all of Echo - Reports of a ghost being seen and heard in what is now the Garden Center before the remodeling.

Union - Carnegie Library - one of the storage rooms in basement has not been refinished, you can hear strange noises, and the feeling of another presence. Also, upstairs in the main library, there is always an eerie feeling right behind you. the giant portrait staring down at you with conviction at the front desk doesn't help either.

Vale - Skerjanec Ranch - A man is constantly seen sitting on an old stump, walking around. An electric keyboard comes on and off. At night, You can see a green mist from behind the shop. You can hear big thumps in rooms, you'll go in there and nothing will be there.

Veneta - death hill - It is said that the ghosts of some loggers that were killed there are still roaming that place.

Warrenton - Stevens State Park - Battery Russell - The bike path is haunted by a man in his twenties holding a flashlight looking for enemy soldiers. The Battery itself is also haunted, strange sounds can be heard in the deep dark places that go into the hillside. And cold spots are everywhere. The bunkers on the far hill are also haunted. Supposedly by a menacing figure in fatigues holding a large knife. Very creepy place to be even in daylight.

Wilsonville - Damish Hospital - Damish is an old insane asylum that has reports of seeing a man walking around with mo flashlight in the middle of the night. There were also reports of people being raped while staying in the hospital. - March 2008 Update was torn down a little over 3 years ago.

Wolf Creek - Wolf Creek Inn - Owner, workers and guests at this lovely Victorian inn built in the late 1800's have all seen the apparition of a vampire creature with blood dripping from his mouth. And passing motorists on the old country freeways have seen him as well. One such story which made national news was when two hikers in the area witnessed the vampire while hiking around the wolf creek area, then later that night at the hotel they were bitten on the neck by the creature when they were in bed and it left strange unidentifiable bite marks on their neck.

Woodburn - Carl Road - If you drive down Carl Road and drive down until you see an orchard and get out of your car, you can feel a strange presence. If you go into the orchard and walk a little ways you'll hear leaves crunching behind you and when you look behind you, you'll see a white shadowy figure walking from one tree to another and then disappear. If you stay longer you can feel something pressing against you.


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