In South Carolina

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Abbeville - Abbeville Opera House - The Historical Abbeville Opera House is old enough to have a Negro balcony, which still exists. The balcony is completely cleared, save one chair, which is said to belong to the ghost of the house. Legend has it that one of the black patrons of the house was murdered in that very balcony.

Aiken - Granitville Cemetery - there has been reported sightings of a witch ghost late at night who walks through the cemetery putting flowers on little kids graves. also there has been reports of screams coming from the back of the cemetery where unmarked graves are and if you walk though and step on one the spirit of the person you step on will grab your feet. everything from gunshots to screams and laughter can be heard on cold full moon nights.

Aiken - Holley House - This Inn was built in 1898 and is still open today. The second floor has many unusual happenings. Many unexplained noises and shadows. Housekeepers report hearing "whispers" when the floor is empty. Many times a housekeeper's cart will be at the opposite end of the hall when she returns from cleaning a room. Guests report a lady crying, sometimes screaming on occasion. Toilets flush in unoccupied rooms. Doors open and close. Many times the TV in room 225 is found on even though it has not been unoccupied. The lights in the basement mysteriously are found on.

Anderson - Cobbs Way - A Ghostly Figure with a white masked believed to be a killer that slaughtered in the 1500's.

Anderson - crybaby bridge - Reports of an apparition of a woman wearing a white old timing gown dress.

Anderson - Anderson College - Sullivan Music Center - a ghost of a lovely young girl haunts this building. People say she is there because she is waiting for someone.

Beaufort - The Chapel of Ease - This notorious church is located on St. Helena and now stands deserted. When workers tried to seal up the crypt behind the church, they would find a surprise awaiting them the following morning. The bricks used to seal off the crypt somehow got neatly put in a little pile. All of their work seemed to be in vain for this happened numerous times. Other people have reported strange sensations when walking through the church's graveyard.

Beaufort - Joseph Johnson House - The Castle - Legend states that the explorer Jean Ribaut brought with him a jester, a dwarf named Gauche. He's been sighted walking on the shadowy grounds of the house, and some say they've seen him inside while touring the historic home.  

Beech Island - Redcliffe Plantation - It is believed to have a lot going on here.  This all falls back on the Hammonds family.  Mr. James Hammond was a senator back in the 1800's.  If you go to Redcliffe plantation, you will notice all trees are planted in a triangular pattern.  Also, in front of the Hammond mansion, you will see a field with only three trees standing.  It is believed if anyone goes near them, something weird will happen.  Also, there are stories of James Hammond haunting certain people& a shadowy figure that stares and sometimes touches people.

Blacksburg - Blacksburg Middle School Gym - In 1980 a girl basketball player for the school hung her self after a game they had won. Some of the teachers and students have witnessed her ghost staying late at school. Also during football season the lights in the gym have been seen going on in off after games.

Blacksburg - Cherokee Falls Bridge - Booger Jim lives under the bridge. He died on the bridge in 1979 when he was hung over the side of the bridge with jumper cables by his crazy wife Becca at around 9:00 P.M. If you call his name 3 times, he will answer, but you can't make it out because his throat was crushed from the hanging! Some people have even reported seeing him with a large burn on his throat from the cables.

Blacksburg - Rock House Rd. - There is an old tale of the history of Rock House Rd. The road runs alongside the King's Mountain Battle Ground. Rock House Rd. got its name from a rock house that was constructed in the early 1800's.  This house is still standing and can be viewed only one day a year.  The legend is, is there was a family that lived in the house.  A happy family but they had a mentally impaired daughter.  She was to stay in the house cellar because she was an embarrassment.  Her father made her stay in the cellar all day but at night he would give her a candle and let her venture outside.  One night the daughter decided to go out further than usual.  Her candle however blew out.  The girl was lost.  She tried to find her way in the darkness but she was unsuccessful.  She later died.  It is said that anyone who lives on Rock House Rd.  Can light a candle and hold it to the window and the girls face will appear.

Blacksburg - White Wolf Hollow - White Wolf Hollow is a popular hangout for local teenagers and coonhunters.  There are reports of seeing floating lights that look like flashlight.  Also people have talked about seeing a huge cat-like critter that has eyes that shine red instead of the normal flourescent green shine.  A lot of the coonhunters have repeatedly ran over "white monkeys" that cross the road in front of their trucks.  When they go back to look for them, there is nothing there.  White Wolf Hollow is next to Kings Mtn State and National Parks.  There are graveyards all in the woods around the parks.

Blacksburg - White Wolf Road - Near Kings Mt. St. Park - "White Wolf Hollow"- Two things have happened there. The first is a Klan killing of a black man and his white wife. People have seen the girl in her white dress there. The second is the mysteriaus torching of a man's truck back in the 60's. The man was shot execution stile near the truck. The truck's headlights have been seen as it has driven the road.

Blenheim - Binghams light - It is said back in the early 1800's a man's two children became missing in a snow storm. The man went in search of his children and never returned and neither did his children. It is said if you drive into the woods by a dirt road you will see his lantern glowing in the distance. It is also said if you scream to the light that you have his children the light will turn red. There are no reports of anyone getting close to the light but if you wait long enough maybe the light will come to you.- December Update: Bingham's lights appear close to the old cemetery, which is actually split into two sections, one on each of two hilltops. If you drive down the road between the graveyards towards the woods you will see the lights. It works best if you get out and walk in that direction. - February 2007 Update: Reported that the place is now gated off, presumably due to people shooting at light.

Brattonsville - Battlefield - If you walk through it you can feel people and hear them. Reports of hearing metal banging, and seeing a light in the blacksmith shop. Nobody lives around there, and it is DEFINATLEY haunted.

Brattonsville - Slave cemetery - It is on Burkins road. It is basically woods, and every hole you step in is a slave. If you go through the woods for a while, you will come up to a tombstone about 3 feet tall. You can barely read it, but it is the tombstone of Watt,he was likely an important slave. Behind it is a rock lying on the ground, and underneath it is his wife. Next to it if you shine the light, you can see the sunken in ground where a slave is lying, and you can also see where the wife is laying. Its incredibly scary. You get a really weird feeling if you stand on in a grave in the pitch black.Make sure you bring flash lights. - March 2004 Update/ additional info:Watt was the slave that ran from Brattonsville to retrieve Col. Bratton and inform him that a group of British loyalists were headed toward Brattonsville. Col. Bratton returned and defeated Capt. Huck's men, hence the Battle of Huck's Defeat.

Camden - Agnes of Glascow b. 1760 d. 1780 - American Folk Figure. According to tradition, she followed her lover in the British Army during the Revolutionary War. She searched through the wilderness to Camden, South Carolina, but died before finding him. She was then buried here under cover of darkness by King Haigler and his men. (King Haigler was an American Catawba Indian who befriended Europeans in South Carolina). According to local legend her ghost can be seen as she continues to walk to streets and roads in and near Camden, South Carolina, still looking for her lover.

Catfish - Riverbend road - N.C. HWY 16.- There is an old Indian burial ground If you go down the road about 3 miles and turn off in the field you will find an old dirt road with a chain blocking the drive. People say they see lights down there and that weird things happen to their vehicles when the lights come near.

Cayce - Airport High School - the 300 corridors is haunted by the school's first principal.

Cayce - Busbee Middle School - It is said the stairs by E-pod are haunted by a little girl who fell down the stairs and broke her neck. It is said she fell because there was no light and it was to dark. It is also said that the lights would come on every now and then and people think its her tried to get down the stairs safe.

Cayce - Riverside Estates - In the early 19th century, the land currently occupied by the Riverside Estates Apartment Complex was a plantation adjacent to the Congaree River. Documentation states that the plantation owner would discard unwanted slave babies into the outhouses and as a result, they would die from in suffocation in human excrement. Today, many of the residents claim to hear babies crying in their toilets. Some claim to see faces in their toilet water and others even claim that these phenomena have caused their toilets to clog periodically.

Charleston - The Battery Carriage Inn -The Gentleman ghost that haunts this Inn has been described as a handsome, but wispy apparition. He is said to demonstrate a fondness for women by lying down in bed next to female guests. When the women scream, he politely gets up and exits through the wall.

Charleston - Boone hall plantation - Reports of an apparition of a man that seems to be trying to remove a bullet from someone.

Charleston - Charleston Naval Base - the ghost of a slave girl is spotted in a clump of trees here.

Charleston - The Dockstreet Theatre - best known as the most haunted place in Charleston. It is haunted by two ghosts the nameless ghost was supposed to have been a prostitute. The other ghost (That has a name) is supposed to be the father of John Wilkes Booth, the man that shot Pres. Lincoln

Charleston - Harley Shop - Meeting Street -It is said to be haunted by two ghost. One good and one evil. Things are often moved and a strong sweet smell is smelled sometimes in certain places by certain people.

Charleston - Poogans Porch Restaurant - Guests of the hotel across the street at the hotel have called the police numerous times claiming to see an old woman in the 2nd floor window at night when the place is closed waving at them. Restaurant staff is familiar with her too. There is another ghost that haunts this restaurant, one that is much friendlier than the other ghost, Zoe. There is a little West Highland White Terrier, named Poogin, who haunts the front of the porch. People will feel something brush up against their leg, or hear little footsteps. He has been seen a couple of times, and causes no trouble or harm.

Charleston - Old Exchange Building - The Old Exchange contains much history. It's basement is said to have held some of the world's greatest criminals such as Black Beard.  In the basement, people have experienced chains swinging and orbs. Upstairs, doors have closed by themselves and there are a few cold spots. Many people have experienced such activity.

Charleston - South Windermere Cinemas - reports of hearing people walking and talking only to find no one there, after cleaning the theater and putting up all the seats, upon returning to find all the seats down or every other row down or sometimes every other seat down, sometimes pictures can be taken of what seems to be ghostly apparitions.

Charleston - St. Philips Graveyard - The ghost of Sue Howard who's baby died still haunts the place, and is said to frequently attack women who are pregnant or have had miscarriages. There is also proof of her existence by a photograph taken by a photographer in the 80's doing a piece on Charleston's graveyards.

Charleston - The Rutledge Victorian Guesthouse - A young girl died in a fire many years ago and they rebuilt the house in the 80's. The girl is known to turn lights on and off and people have seen her eyes peering in from a window above the stairs. They say you can occasionally smell smoke from the girl carrying the scent through the house.

Charleston - White point gardens (The Battery) - Spirits of the pirates that were hung there have been seen walking the park in search of there executioners.

Charleston - Yeoman's Hall -Mary Hyrne haunts this building where she once lived.

Chester - The Chester Little Theater -Many strange and unusual things have taken place there including unexplained noises and apparitions.

Chesterfield - Pageland - Capt. John Blakeney Cemetery - It's said that at night you can see the ghost of the Blakeney family, this family is from the Civil War era.

Clinton - Lydia Mill - There is a ghost of a headless woman that haunts Lydia Mill and the area surrounding it. She has been seen roaming around the railroad tracks behind the mill, and sometimes in the mill itself.

Clinton - Ratliff House - Back in 1992 a house was built on 10 acres of land that had never been touched, it used to be an old soldiers graveyard. When your in the house you can hear footsteps, doors shutting, voices, and what sounds to be an old man screaming in pain.

Columbia - The Congaree River Bridge - Haunted by a young girl who hitchhikes and asks her benefactor who picks her up to take her to her home and disappears in the car on the way there.

Columbia - Fort Jackson - Artillery range - a female soldier with a hole in her helmet has been seen at the range. Apparently she killed herself in one of the Latrines.

Columbia - Fort Jackson -The B Company 369th AG Barracks - You can late at night see a black shadowy mist of a man (mostly on the 2nd floor) walking to each room like he was checking on his soldiers then go in the bathroom and close the door.  Eerie feeling in the day room with the big screen TV.  Feel like you are being watched n the room.

Columbia - Longstreet Theatre - The haunting of Longstreet Theatre relates directly to it's history of being used as a military hospital during the Civil War. It has long been rumored the morgue was housed in the basement of this building in a room that now serves as the "Green Room" for the theatre. The "Green Room" actually is three barrel-vaulted alcoves made out of brick. Many stories have circulated among the student population of sightings and strange noises, especially late at night. So convinced are some theatre students, that many refuse to be in the building after dark alone and institute a "buddy system." One student relates a story about being in the theatre late at night for a dress rehearsal and going down to the basement to buy a soda from the vending machine located directly opposite the "Green Room." As the student stood facing the machine, a sudden wave of fear overcame her and she looked over her shoulder towards the Green Room. As she did so, the temperature dropped suddenly and she felt a wall cold air hit her even though there are no windows and the entrance doors to the basement remained closed. The student left in a hurry and later described the feeling as being watched by a negative energy.

Columbia - Old Bluff Road - A number of phantoms/Ghost. A carriage that races a car, A bridge where your car will stall out, and many more.

Columbia - Olympia Road - the abandoned mill - near the fairgrounds - Several years ago when children were forced to work, there was a mill that a deranged man owned. Many children died of exhaustion, and the owner put their bodies in the furnace. It is a high spiritual place, and there have been many odd happenings here, including the furnace mysteriously turning on and the sound of children crying. There is a story on this website in the hauntings section. - April 2008 Correction: Whoever submitted that to you merely used the plot from the movie "The Haunting". It has since been turned into Apratments.

Columbia - University of South Carolina - In the catacombs, there is supposed to be a 'Third Eye Man', a ghost with what looks like a third eye in the middle of his forehead. The sightings started in the eighties.- December Update: A visitor read the description of the Third Eye Man, the stories actually go back much farther than the '80's, the earliest story they have found is from about 1946. In the archives they found an article written by a student about being accosted in the catacombs by a man who was taller than natural and appeared to be disfigured. Students used to hang out in the catacombs, but they were sealed after several sightings and a student was actually injured.

Conway - Lucas Bay - Reports of a light that begins to come towards witnesses, Car motors cut off, & even hear the distinct sound of a baby crying. - January 2006 Update: About 10 years ago SCDOT did some major work in the Lucas Bay area. As a result, the light hasn't been seen in about 10 years or so.

Cottageville - Cottageville cemetery - if you drive around the cemetery three times go in the middle and flash your lights three times then get out it is known that the people of the cemetery come out and you can here them walking around and even breaking tombstones and throwing things.

Cowpens - Fire Department - The Cowpens Fire Department was being built in late 1989 and early 1990. A Lieutenant for the department whose actual name was Robert Lee would come by the new fire house everyday and take pictures of the progress of the new station. In March of 1990 Lee suffered a fatal heart attack while battling a structure fire. It has been said that Lee has been seen and heard throughout the new station. Many members have experienced this and can testify to the same. Many members believe Lee is there to watch over his fellow firefighters. Due to the name of this individual being the same as the famous Civil War General, the actual death and membership can be confirmed at the Cowpens Fire Department Website on the Memorial Page at -

Cross Hill - Bethabara Church Cemetery - A soldier that served in the Civil War is buried here, it is said that his cross glows about 3 times a year. And the color changes 4 times or so before returning to the normal rust color.

Daufuskie Island - The Beatty House - a ghost of a elderly man haunts this house.

Darlington County - Montross - this is a very old cemetery not used anymore. According to legend, the cemetery was moved from the original location. Hauntings include feelings of dread or nausea. A large stone at the front of the cemetery shows the names and date of death of the people buried there. Beware of sunken graves. It also seems about ten to fifteen degrees cooler at the entrance than normal. Go with a fairly large group, because it is very easy to get lost. Take hwy 34 out of Darlington towards Dillon, go thro Mechanicsville and pass old Georgetown road. Start down the hill and watch for a dirt road on the right. It is not marked. Make sure you have a driver with good judgment because of the severe drop on the left side on the road up. You can make it in just about any car. Apparitions have been known to show up on camera. <

Dillon - Community of Bingham in Dillon County - a guy was walking the tracks (near Reedy Creek Springs)he was walking with a lantern at night and he saw a train coming and saw a broken track and tried to fix it and was ran over and behead and instantly killed and at night near where the old tracks used to be when you call out Bill Bingham come out you well see a light swinging back and forth like a lantern it changes different colors and it is said he is looking for his head and sometimes the light will get so close that you can see a black outline of a man behind it and its is known to chase you sometimes

Dacusville - Hester Store - An African American was hung in the back of the old store in an oak and it is said you can still see him hanging at night. Also, in the top window, you can see an old lady rocking in her chair.

Easley - downtown railroad tracks - Easley was originally built for railroads and in the early days, many trains crashed there. If you go to the tracks at night, you can hear a train whistle when there is no train coming.

Edisto Island - Parker's Ferry Road - Edisto Island Hwy 1 There is a straight road called Parker's Ferry Road that has a church at the end. If you pull up into the church's driveway, turn your headlights out, honk 3 times, then pull back out into the road facing the way you came. A circle of lights will come at you. Supposedly, it has something to do with a battle fought near there. - March 2004 additional info: On Edisto Island there is a church w/ a ghost in its graveyard. A little girl got really sick and fell into a coma. She was pronounced dead and buried in a family mausoleum. Later when another family member died, they opened the tomb to find the little girl's skeleton at the door and her coffin open. Since then her ghost has not allowed the door to close on the mausoleum. Various ways of closing have been tried, none work. The last effort was to chain the door closed with huge chains and a huge lock. To this day the door lays on the ground off its hinges.

Effingham - Dewey Carter Elementary School - Sometimes, when you are staying late in the afternoon, you can hear people in the ceiling, and at midnight, you can see fire on the playground.

Effingham - Tans Bay Church - There have been reports of lights being seen floating in the church.  Also you can hear a baby cry sometimes.  The story is that this church use to be a school many years ago.  There was a baby who was crying and when the lady went to get the baby, he or she fell on their head and died instantly. 

Florence - Mechanicsville - Montrose graveyard - The old Montrose church mysteriously burned down during the 1800's and was then rebuilt and renamed Mount Hope Church. That burned down or was moved a lot later (no evidence of the church stands now). The graveyard was in such disrepair that they put a collective marker outside of it. Then, during the 50's or 60's there was supposedly a huge black man that took children up there to murder them. Witnesses report hearing them screaming and crying and see a huge black shape, a pair of red eyes, & a little boy wearing a gray "ante-bellum" outfit standing behind one of the only tombstones left there (Joseph is the name on the stone). The area has become a place for people to trash and vandalize, and a place for late night drinking. Very sad really.

Frogmore - Land's End - An eerie light floats over the deserted stretch of road called Land's End.  Some claim it is the ghost of a murdered Confederate soldier, searching for his head.  Others claim it's the ghost of a slave, sold away from his family, who's come back to hunt for them. 

Fort Mill - Fort Mill High School  - There is a grave yard under the school and it was told that at 12:00 at night on Friday the 13th the ghost come out and take all the stuff out of the lockers and spread it all over the school. Some times during the school day of Friday the 13th the lights will flicker on and off. People say that is the warning of the ghost.

Gaffney - Blast Battle Ground - During Clear nights, at about midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. When you look outside, you here it, but you can't see it. Go Back in and wait a few minutes, then go out. You will see people fighting and drawing swords, shooting with cannons and guns. If you talk, move sudden, or run, there will be creatures running after you, they look human, but they have bloody teeth, cuts on their throat, crawl fast, and say in lowly, old voice, "I lost, But I'll Get You For It!!" Many people have reported this sighting and some have been severely injured. They act as if they are protecting something, or someone, form you. The people are unknown, but.....the war is somehow, familiar. The place is located down the road beside Crestveiw Church, on hwy11, and take a right, there will be graveyard, that is where they are. Be warned, Never stop your car or walk by there at night, There might be severe consequences.

Gaffney - Blast Cemetery - During clear nights, about at midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. You can't see it but you can hear it, look back out in a few minutes and there will be people fighting and screaming. If you talk, jump, or run there will be people with red eyes, bloody teeth, and voice that says, "you are a killer, you must die." There have been many sightings of this encounter, many have been severely injured, some, however have disappeared. Do not stop near this place, there will be severe consequences!

Gaffney - Chain Gang Road - When you go down on the Old Chain Road you can here voices of girls moaning and screaming. These girls were the victims of the Gaffney Strangler.

Gaffney - Cherokee Falls - Down in Cherokee Falls near Blacksburg there is a thing no one knows what he is but everyone who has seen him calls him "Booger Jim". he will haunt you if you go down in Cherokee Falls on the side of the road. He is half man and Half cow.

Gaffney - Draytonville - every once in awhile people see this white dog on Carson Drive, but that doesn’t seem to scary until it stands on two legs and comes at you.  This thing whatever it is was first spotted 6 years ago and is still seen to this day by residents of Carson Dr.

Gaffney - Leroy's Bridge - In the 60's a serial killer named Leroy Martin murdered several women in Gaffney, SC. Dubbed "The Gaffney Strangler", Leroy dumped the bodies of his victims in various locations around the county. One of these sites is a bridge just off HWY 329 in Gaffney, the place where the first body was found in a shallow creek under the bridge. It is said that if you walk across the bridge at night you can hear the sounds of a girl moaning in pain and begging for help.

Gaffney - T-Bridge - it is said that if you run across the t-bridge with out stoping a car will come behind you with no one in it. it is also been said that if you stand there for 10 minutes you will see an old lady carrying a basket, and that if you walk up to her as you getting there she will disapear

Garner - Dunhaven House - It is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man. Things that happen are banging sounds and sometimes the occasional whisper in your ear along with the feeling of breath on the right side of our face.

Georgetown - Belin Methodist Church - from the porch you can see ghost ships that sunk years ago.

Georgetown - Litchfield Plantation - the ghost of the former owner (he is also a doctor) is said to haunt his home.

Georgetown - "The Midget Man" - Haunted Experiences Noted: Hearing of "Midget Man" weeping, hearing mistress gasp for breath, heavy air, temperature fluctuation, rising hair on body, feeling of lost hope, scary feelings, itchy scalp. In the late 1820's a diseased midget was outcast for his disability. On his journey from the port city of Georgetown, he was to meet the love of his short life outside of the historic city. When he arrived for his rendezvous he witnessed his mistress hanging in a tree. She was being punished for having performed supposed witchlike experiments in an effort to heighten her lovers stature. It is said that the "Midget Man" found his lover struggling for her last breaths, but was unable to reach her to help her escape death's grip. After this experience, "Midget Man" lost his sanity and prowled the field until the day of his own death. Pass Georgetown going down HWY 51 turn left on a dark road called Amos. Follow the road. On the left somewhere go into the spooky field. You will see a big scary tree with bark on it. The decaying bark symbolizes his stresses decaying skin, which rotted there over time. Watch for the stumps on the ground that are said to have sprouted from "Midget Man's" tears. You know it is the right tree because there is a patch of dark grass in the woods behind it. Walk around the tree three times and reach up to rescue the lady, a vague image of "Midget Man" can be seen yonder dancing and cheering due to the release of his lovers soul.

Georgetown - Prince Frederick's Church/Graveyard - Formerly listed in Murrells Inlet – Old Gunn Church/Graveyard - An old church built as a parish in the 1700's. Now burned down but front of church still remains. Old graveyard has confederate soldiers graves. Believed to be haunted by a priest that fell off the roof. The Old Gunn church (accurate name is Prince Frederick's Church) ruins are not in Murrells Inlet, SC but is located on highway SC22-4 off US 701 about 16 miles north of Georgetown, SC. The book "Ghosts of Georgetown" gives a good accounting of the events of this church and its history but there are variations of the story. One version: During the building of the church Mr. Gunn (who was either an architect or Overseer of the slaves) was in the bell tower. It is believed he was an Overseer because when he fell he was not dead and the slaves refused to approach or help him. They feared him so much for his evil ways they ran away and left him to die alone, cursing them. The church was finally finished but had a tragic history and was finally abandoned. They say he haunts the area. Witnesses report the air is very heavy and thick though the ruins are in the open with pine trees around the area. They have fenced it off now so it is difficult to get inside and what remains of the church is dangerous to be around. Make sure you are not trespassing when you visit.

Gray Court - The Tunnel - an old lady lived at the end of the road from the tunnel, and had neighbors above the tunnel, there was a young boy there at the neighbors, he went to borrow eggs one day and thought that the old lady had a lot of money, he was just going to knock her out and take her money, instead when he hit her he killed her. Now on rainy days as you pass through the tunnel you can see the old lady and hear her cries of pain. It has also been said that if you stop in the tunnel and cut off your car it will not start again. And the old lady will get in the car with you.

Greenville - Children's Graveyard - A graveyard behind Hickory Point gas station near Furman U., mainly for children. Tombstones range from the late 1700's to late 1800's. Lights, laughter, running sounds. - May 2008 Additional Info - If you drive just past it there is a short unmarked road. The trail leading into the graveyard is at the end of this road to the right. A visitor did not observed any "No Trespassing" signs, however there is some sort of police station not a hundred yards down the road. This location is haunted, but there are dangerous things in there that are not paranormal. There have been bobcats seen out there, so a fare warning to anyone that goes, be alert.

Greenville - Embassy Suites - Lights turn on and off at random. Doors fly open. During construction (Which was halted for almost 2 years when investors pulled, after staying on the grounds and then leaving abruptly.) many reports were sent in to Greenville police department that someone was staying in the rooms because the lights were on in the building. No electricity was on in the building at the time. PD responding to repeated calls secured the area- and still received complaints. The Golf course has three places that will NOT grow grass. Wailing noise has been heard on the course, followed by foliage disturbances.

Greenville - Old Tuberculosis Hospital - Update: also known as Devil's Castle - Has since burned down - Reports of footsteps that break into a run, then screams, on the first floor. On the third floor feelings of being pushed accompanied by loud clattering in the hall and items moving, and apparitions. Singing has been heard- Formerly listed as Taylors - TB Asylum then a work release prison, & Travelers Rest - TB hospital/Insane Asylum.

Greenville - Route 107 - this is a ghost of a young man named Larry Stevens (commonly known as The Hitchhiker) who's plane crashed on Route 107 during the 1950's. People have seen a man on dark and rainy nights walking along Route 107 and disappearing.

Greenville - Tanglewood Middle School - In the 1950s, after the schools construction, a girl was killed in the Girls Locker Room. From legends told you can see a dark shadow slamming the girls locker room door, many people have saw this acclaimed shower. In the boys Locker Room the showers will go off and on by themselves, and accasionally a locker door will slam. Also, the lights will go off automatically. The sixth grade hall, on rainy days you will see wet footprints made by no one when your alone. Also, there is rumor to be a lower sixth grade hall in which a mad man entered and killed nearly every student, the blood on the walls is said to seep through the fresh paint. The lower sixth grade hall was said to be buried after the incedent, and tops of door frames have been found.

Greenwood - Brewer Middle School - Supposedly a cheerleader was killed under the gym stage after a game by a football player. She now haunts down there near the furnace.

Greenwood - Rock Church Graveyard - in the graveyard at rock church many strange happenings have occurred.  The graveyard is very old, some headstones are just rocks. The grass doesn't grow around some headstones at all. At night sometimes singing can be heard. White mists have been seen circling around the church on clear sunny days with no fog or dark clouds in the sky. A white figure of a man has been seen in the in the house beside the church in the master bedroom.  In the basement doors rarely stay locked and blue spots have filled the room,and quickly disappeared only to reappear, follow up the stairs and disappear in the kitchen leaving a very harsh musty smell.

Hartsville - Coker College - Memorial Hall - Coker College has a ghost that roams the halls of one of the dorms. It is said that the spirit is of a girl who hanged herself in an elevator shaft. College students have heard strange and disturbing noises during the night. Alarm clocks will come on in the middle of the night, and radios will cut off without anyone touching them. The elevator Shaft has since been made into a stairwell.

Hartsville - Old Man Joe's - It is known that Joe was ridding down the dirt road and was trying to light his pipe but dropped his lighter. He leaned over to pick it up and ran off the road. He then crashed into the creek and the impact killed him. When you visit him you roll the windows up, lock the doors, and put the keys on the hood. (everyone has to get out the car) strike your lighter 3 times saying "Old Man Joe I got a light for your pipe!" (you repeat the saying 3 times) After the 3rd time you will hear him running through the water toward you.

Hartsville - Lincoln Village - It has said to be a cemetery under some apartments. Late at night whenever you come home by yourself you can hear strange sounds of babies crying and people begging for help. It is said to be a very spooky place. - December 2006 Update: There is an old graveyard next to the apartment complex. If you go to the northwest corner of the complex there is a wooded area. The overgrown graves are in the woods about thirty feet back. The graves are sunken and ground is soft. Some of the graves have holes of an unknown depth around them. The apartment complex itself is abandoned and in great disrepair. Be cautious, the neighborhood is one of the rougher ones. The city police frequent the complex and may consider any vehicle parked in the complex to be suspicious. As police are typically inquisitive, you may get a police escort to the graveyard if ask the right cop at the right time. to find the complex go from 5th street in Hartsville onto Washington street. Just after you pass the RR tracks turn right onto 8th street. The complex looms on the right about one-tenth of a mile down.

Hartsville - Mexican slaughter house - Old white torn down house, no electricity. Drive out there late at night and you'll see a light on and you can hear people talking. Then you can hear screams and people running out of the house.

Hartsville - Prospect Church - There is an old church located on Prospect Road. The name of the Church is Prospect Church. They say that on certain full moon nights, you can park your vehicle at the very last park on the right side of the church and you can see a man moving the curtains as if in a struggle from the last window on the second story.

Hilda - Main Street - There have been times that a train has been heard late nights and early in the morning.The horn of the train is very clear and you can hear the engine running along with the sound of the train going down the tracks.The railroad was pulled up several years ago.

Hilton Head Island - Baynard Plantation - William Baynard's funeral procession can be seen passing by the ruins of the home and his tomb.

Hilton Head Island - The Old Lighthouse - The ghost of a young girl named Caroline (commonly known as The Blue Lady) haunts this lighthouse where she died during the hurricane of 1898. The Blue Lady is most reported during the hurricane seasons. People say they 've gone or rode by the Old Lighthouse and would hear a women sobbing.

Honey Hill - The Fort - This is an old Civil War fort that is said to be haunted by soldiers from that era. Legend states that on certain nights you can hear the battle between Confederate and Union soldiers. The hauntings include the firing of cannons, guns going off, and men screaming as they fight.

Iva - Iva cemetery - if you pass the cemetery on foot at sun down and look behind you. you can see an old man and then you look back and he is gone.

Kershaw county - Mt. Pisgah Baptist church - Feelings of not being alone, sounds of being followed, footsteps on the 2nd floor, children laughing and playing, someone standing in the balcony have all been reported.

Kiawah - Kiawah Island - A 19th century plantation existed on this island and during a stay in 2002 in one of the homes on the island, one witness got the distinct impression that the spirit of a small boy,(who might have died while wandering away into the interior of the island looking for his cat) was seen (along with the ghost of a cat) running though the house and through walls. Some further research might be warranted to determine if any deaths are associated with the plantation on this island.

Lamar - Lamar High School - The gym at Lamar High School is haunted by a female basketball player who was killed in a terrible car accident. She died on the night of the final basketball game. After the girl's death, her jersey and locker were never used again. Legend states that on the anniversary of her death you can see the girl's spirit playing basketball in the gym.

Lamar - School Church - This is an old school that was also used as a Church. Many years ago, it is believed that the teacher and several children were infected with a deadly virus. The place is said to be haunted by the children and teacher that died in the building while under quarantine.

Lancaster - Farm - Mattresses moving, orbs & ecto type mist in pictures and home movies. One woman was attacked by unseen hands as it tried to choke her leaving marks on her neck.

Lancaster - Taxahaw - Forty Acre Rock - The legend is told you can start walking in the cave at dusk, it looks like its only fifteen or twenty feet deep but you can walk in about ten or twelve feet and see red eyes but no one has  never been deeper than that, but it is told that you can walk about 2 miles before getting to the end, and it will come out at big creek (Lynches River).

Lancaster County - Hwy521 - Devil's Stomping Ground - This area is kind of similar to a crop circle, as it is a circular area in a field in which there is no life, no plants grow in this circle and not so much as an ant or earthworm can be found within. The story is that it served as an execution site for the Waxaw and Catawba Indians. Evil Spirits were said to have frequented the site to collect the condemned souls of the executed. The consistent feature of this site is an overwhelming feeling of dread, despair and nausea to anyone who stands in the circle and takes a minute to clear their mind.

Lauens - Ghost Creek Rd - Legend has it that a couple was engaged many years ago.  On the night of their wedding, the young man died in a car crash on this bridge.  If you turn your car off and walk around clockwise it will not start.  There will be a white apparition in the trees.  The local newspaper has done many stories on this.

Leesville - Hangmans Tree - Tree that was used to hang slaves. They say that if you drive around the tree three times with no headlights on and then cut your lights on then you can see the ghost of a young man hanging from the tree

Lexington - Lexington high school - September 2005 update: The Director of School/Community Relations in Lexington County School District 1 reports there has never been a death at this school. - there was a girl in the Lexington’s high school gym locker room who had been chocked to death in the showers and when you go by yourself you van hear the gym lockers bang and the shower doors clanging.

Lockhart - Lockhart Water Tower - This is the legendary story of the lady in white who jumped off the tower in the early 1900's.  It has been said and seen that a woman wearing a white dress with a rose in her mouth stands and guards the water tower.  She has been known to come out only at 12:00 midnight to show off her lovely white dress and to dance around the tower.

Lockhart - Sleepy Hollow Rd. - It has been known that, ever night around midnight, a civil war soldier, with his arm cut off, stands on the side of the road, crying out for help.

Long Creek - Grape Vine - when ya go there and are alone you build a fire and after a couple of hours you will feel like you are being watched and then you will see things out the corner of your eye a white glow. When you pack up and leave as soon as you get out of there and come to the first stop sign you will go across and see a Methodist church you stop put it in reverse and look in the grave yard and then put it into drive and you will see something glowing and look at you as you pass. after that you will see visions of many people dieing and getting killed. Young girls, boys, old men, old ladies, all and see where they are killed and you will get names how they was killed.. go on 1/20 and be there between 10 and 3 build a fire camp and the start to leave. you also will act different not like yourself...MAYBE like the ones who was killed.

Lowndesville - Ridge Church - Ridge Church is an old, abandoned church that was used by Satanists for a short time after it closed.  All together, it has four graveyards and a mass gravesite, most likely containing the remains of the many victims of a fire that happened in Lowndesville years ago.  People have reported seeing orbs floating over graves in broad daylight and at night, hearing sermons going on inside the church itself, hearing footsteps inside the church coming from above their heads as though someone is walking around in the bell tower, and even seeing dark figures inside the church moving around.  Many people refuse to enter the church due to a negative feeling they get upon stepping up the stairs and opening the door, as though something is "wrong" with the building.  The inside of the church itself tends to feel freezing cold even during the summer time.

Lyman - Lyman Lake - They say back in the old days around Lyman lake that there was a party there and a girl got raped and killed down there. If you go out there around like 12:00 at night you can hear a girl screaming and sometimes (very rare though) you can see a faint glowing light over in the trees.

Manning - Manning Cemetery - Dead Mans Curve - On the side of the road in dead mans curve you can see an old ghost like figure sitting in a rocking chair on certain nights, when the moon is right. It is believed by many that the mans son was ran over and killed in the curve, so he sat there waiting on the driver of the car who killed his son until he died, but his spirit lives on and still waits on the driver.

Mauldin - NHC - NHC is a care facility for the elderly. So apparently many of elderly folks have passed away at this facility. One night while workers were on night shift one of the staff saw a ghostly white woman that had just passed away the night before walking down the hall in a white gown. She kept quiet thinking the nurses would think differently of her until the nurse went in her old room to give her roommate her meds and went to throw the cups in the trash and the trash can moved half way across the room. Then she went back to the nurse's desk in half a breath and saw her coming down the hall. The nurse then decided to ask the aide if she saw that and the aide decided to tell her what happened 10min. before that. They insisted on warning the morning staff when they arrived.

McCormick - Badwell Cemetery - This is a cemetery that is very old (several hundred years) it is the place of burial for French Heugonaut settlers. Old stone blocks surround the cemetery, and the gate was iron with the grim reaper on the front. There have been numerous sightings of a troll walking the perimeter. The gate is no longer on the entrance, due to theft. There have been many strange occurrences at the site by young and old alike.

McCormick - The Old Mill - It is said that if you walk past the mill at night and look in the windows you will see faces of people that have died in the mill and fell like your being followed.

Moncks Corner - Strawberry Chapel - It is said to be haunted by a young girl who was chained to a tombstone there by her father. - May 2008 Update: The police regularly patrol this area and you will be arrested for trespassing if you are caught inside of the churchyard, especially at night.

Mount Pleasant - Easter Sunday Church - The story goes like this: Back during the Civil War the locals would attend Church every Sunday of course. This Church was a place that was going to be targeted for "destruction". With people attending inside the Yankees had surrounded the Church and open fired, murdering all who were inside. Years and decades later some of the locals would try and paint or wallpaper over the said blood stains and within a day the paint or wallpaper would have the blood stains seep back out.

Murrells Inlet - Hermitage - Alice’s grave - the hermitage is not an inn.  it is Alice’s house.  When Alice was young, she was engaged to a guy but her brother didn’t approve.  When she got sick, he threw her ring into the marsh.  Then she died.  If you go to her grave, which is just a flat stone, flush with the ground, with just her name "Alice" on it, walk around (possibly 8 times, your ring will feel a pull on it. 

Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach - There believed to be a haunting of a boy who drown in the ocean on Myrtle Beach.  People could not here his screams because of the tide that day.  Most people say you can see him swimming standing in the water with a blank stare, and others say if you are very quiet you can her his scream at the tide.  

Myrtle Beach - North Myrtle Beach - Ocean Pier One - Strange electrical problems, doors locking from the inside, items disappearing and appearing in spots that had just be straightened up or cleaned.

Newberry - Newberry College - Keller Hall - The bell tower of this old and no longer used building is said to be haunted by a young woman who, during the Civil War, committed suicide by jumping out of the bell tower when she got the news of her boyfriend's death in battle. There have been reports over the years of screams being heard in the area and also of actual sightings of the woman herself up in the bell tower, watching from above.

Newberry - Newberry College - Kinard Hall - A ghost is said to haunt the 2nd floor of Newberry's Kinard Hall dormitory.  Residents have reported water faucets turning on by themselves, cabinets and drawers that suddenly apen by themselves, as well as windows in some room which will open by themselves.

Newberry - Old Buncombe Rd. - This road contains an old church graveyard where it is said the Ghost Hound of Goshen is supposed to be. A couple went to the graveyard and on the right side the wind was not blowing, then you walk past a big old oak tree in the center of the graveyard, the wind nearly knocked the wife down. According to legend the dog belonged to a drifter that was wrongly accused of murder and hanged. They were not able to locate his grave, probably they did not bury him in the confines of the cemetery. The ghost dog doesn't appear to everybody, they have been out there all times of the day and even around midnight and have seen nothing.

Newberry - Old Buncombe Rd. – Cry Baby Bridge - there is an old steel bridge no longer in use that is called Cry Baby Bridge where it is said a young woman jumped from the bridge to her death with her baby. Legend has it that you can hear the sound of a crying baby and see his mother on the old bridge looking down into the dark water searching for her child. Now a modern bridge crosses the river and when you stop on the bridge there is no sound of running water. This whole area is in a small community called Crowville. Once you cross over into Crowville you get the feeling like you aren’t supposed to be there.

Newberry - Flag Lake /Molly’s Rock - It's out in the middle of nowhere. Its not really a lake, but one was supposed to be there. The construction workers must have been scared off because of these strange things. On the hill there is a cemetery where something is defiantly wrong. There is a long row of gravestones that all say the people committed suicide. (Twenty years ago) witnesses report they were out there with their girlfriends. They were in an older truck that didn't have any problems. They said that the area around got as bright as the light of day and they suddenly had the feeling that something didn't want them there. The driver wound the starter almost completely off that truck trying to get out of there and after the light went away the truck started right up. - March 2008 Update: This could be a place called Molly's Rock, which is a part of the Sumter National Forest. The cemetery is in a posted area and can not be trespassed on. There is also rumor of a vanishing house.

Newberry - West End Cemetery - The Bride Of West End - on certain nights you can see the dreary form of a lady in a wedding dress sitting in the trees, standing by her grave, or roaming the fields next to the cemetery. She is said to be waiting on her star-crossed lover to come and pick her up to go to their wedding.

Ninety Six - Star Fort National Park - Near back of park by the Fort you can hear something follow you in the woods. Some say it's the ghost of a Cherokee Indians who used to trade there. Some say its a Revolutionary soldier who fought and died there. Others say its the slaves who were forced to dig the Fort by the British.

Parris island - Marine Corps Recruit Depot - Old Barracks (Rifle Range) - There have been many murders and suicides by recruits on the rifle range. This area is also swampland and there was a partial platoon that got stranded and drowned in the quicksand on the banks of the swampland after they were forced marched into it by a Drill Instructor. I believe this accounts for the constant manifestations in the old barracks (Recruit Living quarters) there have been several Ghost sightings, moaning sounds, and bathroom stall doors flying open or slamming close and faucets that turn on and toilets that flush by themselves. This is something that is common knowledge to most Parris Island Marines but is not widely known to the public.

Pawley's Island - The gray man who comes to warn residents of an impending disaster such as a hurricane. If you see him, your residence will be spared!

Pawley's Island - All Saints Episcopal Church - Alice of the Hermitage is said to have been seen haunting her gravesite. It is about 10 miles south of her home, just off Hwy 17.

Pawley's Island - Pelican Inn - An old woman used to live here and take care of the Inn...she had two Boston terrier dogs that used to play in the surf. One day there was a little kid who swam out to far and one of the dog went out to get him...brought him back in and saved the boys life. The dog got sick and soon passed away. The other dog was heartbroken that he had lost his playmate. The dog soon died and now the two dogs can be heard or sometimes seen when the sun goes down on the beach.

Pawley's Island - Murrell - All Saint's Episcopal Cemetery - Alice of the Hermitage is buried here.  A flat gravestone with just the name ALICE is located beneath a huge oak.  Legend has it if you walk around her grave 13 times backwards and call her name twice she will come out over the old brick wall at the back of the cemetery. She is looking for her engagement ring that was lost in a creek. It is said women can feel her tugging on their wedding rings when they visit her grave.  She can also be caught on film.  Also you can smell strong, sweet flowers in the cemetery, when there are no flower shrubs only green bushes.  The cemetery is located off of 501, take a right at Martin Luther king Rd. the right at the stop sign.  You will come to a four way stop, take a right and the cemetery is on the left.

Pawley's Island - on the beach - it's said that a long time ago, a little boy was searching for crabs to feed his family. he went out into the shallows. when he stuck his hand in one of the holes, it got stuck. as the tide rose, the boy drowned. to this day, one can hear the bot begging for help.

Plantersville - Plantersville church - it is said that when this place was being built a man fell off and cursed while he was falling and on a rainy and foggy night if you are walking by or your car quits you can someone falling and cursing

Pickens - Pickens City Museum - In the old Police hall (currently the museum) in the living quarters the first sheriffs family lived there. The mother died of typhoid or some disease acquired from the family well. The mother of the family supposedly haunts the semi-circular tower that is on the right side of the building-you can see her in the second story window usually after 11 and most often during a full moon.

Pickens - Pickens County Museum - It was once a jail in the early 1800s. Many people died there and they say you can see some ghostly figures and hear some moaning during the night.

Poinsett Bridge - Old Hwy 25 North - Northern Greenville County near the state line. Old rock bridge that used to be the only roadway between Greenville and Asheville. The bridge is closed to auto traffic but is road side and accessible by fogt. Rumor has it that a slave was once hung under the bridge and his ghost still haunts it. Several of the locals say that they have been unable to start their cars when they got ready to leave. Several locals also report that they hear a loud scream when the light gets to them.

Powdersville - Three Bridges Road - Eloise was a slave during the civil war; Powdersville is noted for being the are where confederate soldiers kept the gunpowder. Union soldiers killed Eloise’s master as they traveled through Powdersville on their way to battle; distraught by his death she stayed with her master where the union soldiers killed her. Several witnesses have seen the apparition of Eloise along three bridges road along with the eerie sounds of her screams.

Rock Hill - Winthrop University - Built over one hundred years ago, by Ben Tillman, namesake of the campus' main building. In the initial phases of construction on the campus, he suffered a riding accident and consequently lost the use of one side of his torso. Embittered by the accident, he grew ever more cruel, whipping and sometimes bludgeoning the prisoners and slaves who worked to construct the college. Acquiring the nickname "Pitchfork Ben," he died an angry old man, and is still said to haunt the upper two floors of Tillman Hall. Since closed by the University, and deemed unacceptable for class or administrative use, on the right day, you may see a shadowy figure glaring at you from the front portico.

Sacramento - Sand Cove Park - Ghost lights appear from time to time. A woman's voice saying "Te papa" near the Sacramento River. Sight was probably an Indian Burial Ground or Mine Shafts.

Sheldon - Old Sheldon Church - There was a woman seen dressed in a simple brown dress dated in the Pilgrim era. She stands near a grave of an infant who died. A feeling of sorrow over comes some people.

Silverstreet - Gravity HIll - Back in December, 1946 a school bus was hit by a Southern train killing 12 children and the driver, Richard Sanders. According to newspaper accounts the accident was horrible and even described in some detail about finding a child's body on the cow catcher of the train. Although I have never heard of anyone experiencing anything in this location, I stopped on the tracks and literally had my truck pushed across the tracks. The road that crosses the track goes uphill. I have also taken photos of the area and in the woods surrounding the track you can make out what appears to be children.

Smoaks - Train Tussle - Reports of seeing & Hearing a spectral train.

Society Hill - Colonel Kolbs Tomb - Legend states that if you go out to Colonel Kolbs tomb at night, you will hear someone walking through the woods after a while. You may even see the ghost of man standing near you! Colonel Kolb and his family were burned alive at this site during the Revolutionary War.

Spartanburg - Broome high school - Many teachers at Broome high school have told the story of a construction worker that helped build the school and had to bring his daughter to work with him one day. They were on the newly finished roof and the girl wasn't paying any attention as to where she was going and walk off thee roof and was killed. If you are up at the school at night really late you can hear the cries of a girl screaming for her father. Many teachers have experienced this. No students, yet.

Spartanberg - Clifton – The Old Mill House - Rumor is the owner of the plantation killed his family, then himself. Footsteps have been heard, as well as doors being thrown open.

Spartanburg - Converse College - Hazel B. Abbott theatre - resides the ghost of Miss Hazel.  She is not too friendly.  You definitely feel a cold presence, and if you sit in her seat, you will be haunted for a while. People have heard strange noises in the prop room, etc.

Spartanburg - Converse College - Pell Hall - There are several occurrences on campus.  There was one student who lived in Pell Hall in the early 1900's.  She was going to sneak out of a window to meet her fiancée and go elope.  He swore that if she jumped, he would catch her.  He didn't catch her and now you can see a woman in a white dress running down the hallway to meet her lover. Also, there was a girl in the 1950's named Betty Payne.  She hanged herself off the door in her room.  The door has been repainted and replaced numerous times and no matter what, you can still see the outline of the rope, noose, and the outline of her body.  She is a fairly hostile ghost.  She has locked people in her room before.

Spartanburg - Converse College - Williams dorm - there is a ghost in the laundry room of a little boy who used to live here when converse was a boarding school campus.  He is very friendly.

Spartanburg - Converse College - Wilson Hall - there is a stairway to the bell tower.  Legend has it that two men were arguing up there and one was pushed off.  This is a ANGRY ghost.  The door to the bell tower is locked.  The ghost is said to have red eyes.  I personally have not seen it, but one of my classmates did.

Spartanburg - Evans Building - The Evans Building was originally a black high school, and later was turned into an office building. There is still a basketball court there, where from the upper balcony you can hear the squeaks of tennis shoes and the sound of dribbling late at night. Footsteps have also been heard in the hallways.

Spartanburg - Foster's Tavern - Sounds of horse hooves on the roof, voices and footsteps on the stairs have been heard.

Spartanburg - Hell's Gates - Hells Gate is an older cemetery located in the heart of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Strange things like having a cell phone give a busy signal, when it was later confirmed that the line that was called was NOT busy. As well, we have seen many odd and unexplained lights within the woods of the graveyard. Trying to take pictures and the flash wouldn't work. Apparitions of children and a whitish mist.

Spartanburg - South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind - Haunted by the ghost of Martha Walker. Walker was the tough, stoic woman who took over running the school for a few years during the Civil War. Her ghost is said to still roam the halls of the school's historic main building checking rooms to make sure the students are o.k. Students, Faculty, Alumni and even the schools current female President all say they have experienced Martha's presence.

Spartanburg - the Tanning Yards - Reports that a mischievous ghost is supposed to be out there. 

Spartanburg - Spartanburg Methodist College - Willard Dormitory - Supposedly a student jumped out a window in Willard Dormitory and died on. Many people say that they see him walking the halls very late at night and he has also been seen standing at the window he jumped out of.

Spartanburg - TB Hospital - Recently Torn Down - Originally a sanitarium for people stricken with the disease. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people died within its walls. Strange occurrences have been reported.

St. Matthews - Old Calhoun County Health Dept. - It is said that a lady dressed in red haunts the health dept. Also you can hear water running, voices, and other noises when no one else is in the building.

Summerville - Parks Cemetery - Near the back of the cemetery in an almost unmarked grave we heard crying, like a child. Followed it to a grave almost unmarked only the name Jessie Blue Hyatt is there and the year 2002. Witnesses visiting took a flower and the crying stopped. Another witness visited and heard again the crying she gave a windmillish sort of angel, and the crying stopped. Everytime someone has gone they too has heard the crying ... and found the same unmarked grave ... it has been reported that there has been a smell of smoke. And hard to breath. All that visit return and are drawn to place things so that the child is not forgotten.

Summerville - Summerville light - The Story goes that a woman had a husband that was a conductor for a railroad company in Summerville...and he worked nights. At midnight every night, people could always see her there, waiting by the tracks with his lunch and a lantern...waiting for him to stop to eat. One night, he never showed. She was told that the train had derailed or crashed, and he was beheaded and, of course, killed. Although they buried his remains, she would never accept the fact that he was gone, and so, she went to the tracks at midnight with her lantern and walked up and down, waiting for him. People of course began to think she was crazy, but she continued this nightly ritual until her own death. Mysteriously, the light never stopped coming. This is what my mother told me happens at her visit to THE SUMMERVILLE LIGHT: When you go to the tracks, just before midnight, you can hear all the sounds that are usually heard at night, crickets chirping, frogs croaking...the breeze blowing.... but for some odd reason, and this has been the case for every person who has seen THE midnight, the sounds suddenly just cease. As if a presence has quieted them momentarily. Then you can see it, usually its far off, a light and nothing else...coming your way. If you stick around, THE LIGHT will chase you. Scared visitors tried to jump in their car and leave and the light came upon them swiftly, and they heard a BUMP on their car, as they sped away. When at a safe distance from the sighting, they got out and looked, and there was a dent on the car, where the lantern hit it. Others have had their car stalled and even a report of having a strange burn mark on their hood. - May 2008 Update: The Summerville end of this road is completely blocked off by dirt mounds and is impassable. Also the police keep a good eye on that area and will show up and detain you. Recently a group was detained had their car searched, and were told to leave because "its a dangerous area".

Sumter - Church of the Holy Cross- Dalzell, North 261 - Church Cemetery is haunted by a Confederate Soldier that apparently had an untimely death. Eyewitnesses see him strolling through the cemetery, and disappearing before they can approach him. There has also been a woman sitting in a low-lying tree, with her legs crossed. This is a genuinely haunted cemetery.

Sumter - Dalzell - Stamey Livestock Road - Booth's hanging - In the early eighties five Air Force airmen drove down a dirt road after drinking too much and ran into Booth's Pond. Two of them drowned that night. Several weeks later the other three still distraught about what had happened committed suicide in a blue barn/garage at the beginning of the dirt road. Late at night you can see three figures coming down the road and walk into the barn, but never come out.

Sumter - Martinville Church Road - A few miles down this road there is the old Martinville Church. The history behind this church is not really known, but something definitely is unusual about the site. It is a very old unused church and there is a cemetery behind the church with a large iron gate. At the cemetery entrance witnesses heard singing and saw faint lights on in the church. It was very cold all of a sudden(on a July evening) and the air was very heavy. They ran and got back into the car and as soon as they pulled away from the church the lights in the church suddenly went off.

sumter - Salem Black River church - the church and graveyard is said to be haunted by a priest from the early 1900s. his family died from a plague and he was the only member alive. he cursed god and started satanic seances and satanic mischief. there's a old shack behind the church that used to be his. late at night you sometimes can see a light on in there but there is no glass in the windows and you can also see a figure. the graveyard is right next to the church. there is two grave yards there. the front one is just normal people but the back is the priests graveyard. it is haunted by all the priests of the church. it is located right off of highway 378.

Sumter - Thomas Drive Vacant Lot - Eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen 5 or 6 rag-tag black men doing various activities - from hoeing a long gone garden to silently joining in on New Year's Eve festivities. Dogs incessantly whining and barking at what appears to be an empty lot.

Taylors - Devenger Road - It is said that on Halloween night a woman stopped on the bridge to get her kids something out of the trunk. A truck came and didn't stop in time and knocked the car off the bridge and killed the woman and her kids. If you go to the bridge and put your front two tires in the hump, something will push you out of it and up the hill. You will roll back about a foot and stop on the hill. People say it is the woman trying to push you to safety.

Tigerville - New Salem Baptist Church Graveyard - General sense of foreboding there. Lights seen moving about in the graveyard, voices from the field of tall grass next to it. Temperature drops near the graveyard. Unusual sounds in the nearby woods (could be deer) as well as frantic animal activity. A puff of smoke from a pipe did not dissipate, but moved a few feet, stopped, and took on a humanoid shape before blowing away. One person felt something brush her leg, but they couldn't find what could have done that.

Timmonsville - Sansbury graveyard - very creepy!! feelings of despair and fear are common. Not much to see, but very weird noises and a baby crying. Best times are late into the night and only go with two or three people.

Union - Cry Baby Bridge - There is more to the weird occurrences at this site. If you put your car in neutral on the bridge, it will roll up the hill. No one knows why, but it really does happen.

Union - John D Long Lake - this is the location where Susan Smith rolled her car in the lake with her children strapped in. after the car was recovered with the children's bodies, people went down to look & a memorial was erected. A family had gone to the lake to look their suv was parked on the boat ramp in park when it rolled into the lake drowning them. Some say that smith's children are still there looking for someone to play with. The sounds of laughing and orbs have been reported at the monument. The lake has since been closed. - May 2008 Update: no longer closed.

Union - Rcse Hill Plantation - Cry Baby Bridge - Right before you get to Rose Hill Plantation, there is an old bridge with rusted steel frames at the top. Legend has it that, if you park on the bridge and cut off your car, than you can hear a baby crying and then see the mother looking for it. One day in the 1950's, a woman threw her baby off the bridge in spite of her husband. Now, you can see her looking for the baby at midnight.

Ware Shoals - Ware Shoals High School - It is said that the ghost of the first superintendent roams through the gym and the balcony in the auditorium. Also if you drive around the front of the school, the light will suddenly glow.

Ware Shoals - Ware Shoals High School - Locker Room - In the girls locker room showers have been believes to be haunted because some girls have gone down there and the showers have cut on and off completely by themselves. Lockers have slammed and the showerheads move without anyone moving them. Another thing is that there are a lot of bangs on the ceiling. While the girls where changing one day they heard walking noises when everyone was being completely still.

Wateree River Swamp Bridge - US 378 between Sumter and Columbia - Where US 76 crosses the Wateree River between Sumter and Richland counties, South Carolina, the westbound bridge has been haunted by a phantom hitchhiker, a young woman who is trying to get to Columbia to see her ill mother. She appears solid and holds a brief conversation before she disappears when the Good Samaritan who picks her up drives over the bridge. She has been reportedly seen since the 1930's when the bridge was new.

West Columbia - Airport High School - The ghost of Aiport's first principal, George I. Pair, haunts the school late at night. Airport was built in 1958 and Pair died in 1962. It is said that he roams the 300 and 500 halls to protect the students and teachers and to look over his work. Though carpeted many years ago, Pair can be heard walking the halls as if the tiles were still there. Lockers banging, the opening of locked doors, and the phones being knocked off the hook are usually the signs of Pair's ghost. Many sightings of his ghost still appear to many students who stay for late night activities. His actions were caught on tape in 1994 by adventurous students and teachers late at night.

West Columbia - Old State Road - A railroad crossing where a school bus was hit by a train in the 70's.  If you put your car in neutral on the tracks, it is rumored that it will be "pushed" across the tracks by the spirits of the dead children. Reports of visitors puting baby powder on their bumper and seeing hand prints after their episode.

Westminster - Lonely bridge - Many reports of a lady diving onto cars as they cross and then disappearing before the car can stop. Many say that the woman is screaming for them to help her find her child. Others say it is the ghost of a woman that drowned in the creek below while swimming. The bridge is beside an old saw mill, maybe thats where she died. But it is a fact that a woman did drown in the water in the late 50's.

Westminster - Toccoa Presbyterian Church - This church is unlocked at all times. If you try to take something out of it, it will become too heavy for you to carry. If you light a lighter in the church, it will fall apart.

Winnsboro - Courthouse - Back in the 1800's, there was a woman by the name of Mary Ingelman.  The townspeople believed she was a witch. She was the first woman in the State of South Carolina tried by a court and sentenced to death for witchcraft.  They tried to hang her in the magnolia tree beside the courthouse.  A man from the town felt sorry for her, and cut her loose before she died.  She lived and was the townspeople attempted to kill her several more times, but was never successful.  She lived a hard life, and when she died she came back to haunt the area of the courthouse.  She can be seen on the steps of the courthouse late at night and the areas surrounding the courthouse, near the magnolia tree.

Woodruff - Seven Devils Bridge - This is a haunted bridge which many account, cannot be crossed on the stroke of midnight. Those who have tried to do so have broken down, screaming and crying uncontrollably. The bridge is near the price house and it is passable only by foot.


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