In Utah

updated January  2010

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

American fork - American fork canyon - it is to be said that if you do three circles at the top of tibble fork parking lot you will come to the fork when exiting the canyon and a hearse will follow you and chase you with red lights

Bear River City - Cry baby bridge - A lady took her two kids out for a drive, she felt that the devil was possessing her to kill her two kids. She was going over the bridge and drove off of it killing her and her offspring. Witnesses have it that if you sit on the bridge with your windows rolled down and honking your horn three times you can hear the tikes yelling "don't do it mother!" Wanting them to save you.

Beaver Dam - VooDoo Caves - An old underground pipe; with satanic writing that ran water out into the river. A worker was unclogging the pipe after it was all dried up and then the water started to flow again, he got pinned down and drowned. Word is if there is any satanic threats in the cave then the water will start back up again and there is no way out once it starts. Many witnesses

Benjamin - Old Arrowhead Swimming Resort - In the late seventies a six year old boy drown in the pool and some family members of the owner and guests have said that they have seen the shadow of a boy as well as a green mist on the stairs. In one of the up stairs bedrooms, if you are awake around one in the morning you are able to hear several soft voices. In the two downstairs bedrooms there have sightings of an old woman and a very unpleasant presence. Some also tell of a "ghost cat" that wanders around the back of the house near the place that we buried her.

Benjamin - The Pump House - There is an old pump house in Benjamin.  It used to be used to regulate the arrogation flow to the farmers.  It is said that there where two workers, working alone their one night, and one of the men got caught in one of them machines, got pulled in and died, the other man trying to pull him out got his arm caught and died from loss of blood.  Needless to say they don’t use it anymore, and all electricity to the place has been shut off.  But when driving by after dark, most every night, through the cracks in the boarded up windows you can see light shining through, generated from an unknown source.  Upon approaching the house you can hear people talking, and music playing in the background. but no one is inside.  Authorities have been called by numerous residents claming to hear "trespassers" in the old pump house, but upon inspection, they find no one, and no evidence of entry.

Bountiful - Cemetery - Voices heard in the old wood cemetery, strange smells and sounds 1 tombstone was a temple workers for the salt lake temple it is always warm.

Bountiful - the haunted museum - An old building on eaglewood drive once used as a mortuary, a mink farm, and most recently a museum. The museum is abandoned, but still houses many LDS "artifacts" and has been seen with dark, shadowy people on the property with a very eerie presence felt.

Bountiful - Viewmont High School - Ted Bundy abducted one of his victims from this high school. Reports of seeing her and his yellow VW bug still exist to this day.

Box Elder - Brigham City - Box Elder Middle School - In the girls locker room janitors and students have heard girls opening and closing lockers when no one is in there. When you go into the big gym people have seen the girl "Marie" she lives there, and janitors have been known to see and talk to her. Down the hall of the boys locker room you can knock on this one door, and it will knock back to you. The only way you can feel the knocking back is if you believe she (Marie) might be there. She's (Marie) been known to run around the top of the building when girls are in the weight room.

Brigham City - Dove Creek Camp - This abandoned labor camp was once used for Chinese immigrant workers that were used for laying the first transcontinental railroad tracks. It is haunted by the sounds and voices of the Chinese workers who lived and died there, ghostly lights have also been reported.

Brigham City - Idle Isle Cafe and Candy Co. - Voices and strange occurrences from the dining room have been reported after closing time. Objects fall off shelves, chairs are moved or knocked over. Several people have seen what they believe is the ghost of an old Native American man which haunts the Idle Isle and several other businesses on Main Street in Brigham City. One day a worker at the Idle Isle Cafe was cleaning behind the soda fountain. As she stood up, a Native American man was standing at the fountain. He startled the girl since she hadn't heard the front door to the cafe open. He asked for some dinner rolls. She wrote down his order, then looked up to ask if he wanted anything else, but he was gone. She asked everyone in the restaurant if they had seen the man leave or come in, but nobody had. In the basement of the Cafe is the Idle Isle Candy Company. It is here that the candy factory is located. A worker was mixing ingredients one day when she felt a hand push her shoulder, causing her to step back. She turned but saw nobody. There is also a woman who is occasionally seen roaming the factory and Cafe dressed in 1940's style clothing. Her description matches that of the current owner's grandmother, who died in the 1960's.

Brigham - Old Indian schools - windows break out the ghosts or whatever throws things at you if you take a recorder you can hear voices and doors will shut and open there are  bangs all around and there is blood in one of the bathrooms in one of the buildings because there are lots of different buildings and a hospital to some are boarded up buy others wide open.- November 2003 Update: The Indian Schools were originally built to house Indians in Northern Utah as sort of a dormitory/high school type of situation. In fact, up in the Brigham City Valley, there is a "B" on the Mountain for Box Elder and though faded, the "I" is still present as well. the school also served as a Hospital for wounded soldiers during WWII. As a precautionary measure there were many underground tunnels that were built to support the likes of an evacuation. Today many of the buildings have been remade into apartment housing and also are rented out as storage, but some are still closed to the public and are not being used for anything. The tunnels were boarded up at the end of the war. Today the buildings not in use stand deserted and boarded up. Kids from the area go inside sort of like a dare. Upon one of these instances it was discovered that the tunnels that were once boarded up now stand open to those daring enough to go inside. One of the rooms you can get to by use of the tunnels has been used for satanic rituals. Blood hangs on the walls; there is a pot in the corner and an "alter" in the middle of the room. Another room has paintings of demonic clowns with knives and other sharp objects painted on the walls. there have been speakers and lecturers brought in to speak on the subject at the college. One speaker said that Northern Utah was 2nd in the nation among Satan worshiping among teenagers. It is verified by police there is some sort of human activity and they warn not to go up there. April addition - there are an enormous amount of cold spots located in both buildings. one hallwaya rececent explorer walked down was almost completly undamaged with grafeti, but apon their second travel down the same hallway all of the sheetrock on the walls had been ripped off and throne onto the floor, they are positive that it was the same hallway.

Brighton - Silver Fork Lodge and Inn - Employees complain of lights and appliances turning on and off, missing tools, whispers and moans , cold spots, apparitions, and other paranormal activity.

Byron - Rocky Mountain High School - You can hear people in the weight room when investigated, it is always emoty. It is rumored someone hung themselves up there. Typing in the typing room has been heard and in the library there is a feeling of being watched.

Capitol Hill - Behind the Capitol building - June 2008 Removed. Private property. No Tresspassing. Tresspassers will be prosecuted.

Castle Dale - Ghost Road - Driving from a dance lesson and we were turning onto ghost road.  On the side of the road, by the cornfield, was a figure in a yellowish plaid shirt with no head.  We saw this apparition the whole time we were turning the corner, but when we were on a straight road, it disappeared.  The legend surrounding this road is that there was a hanging tree that hung over the road.  Some say that before the tree was cut down you could see figures hanging in the tree.  It is pretty creepy driving at night.

Cedar City - Brickhouse - The Brickhouse is now known as Betty’s Cafe and is located on Main Street in Cedar City. Employees have reported seeing a very active presence within the old home. The ghost has been spotted late at night wearing a plaid shirt.

Cedar City - Abandoned Retirement Center - If you drive by the street at night, you will see an old lady starting out the window at you.  Also there is weird lights on and shapes moving around.  There is one window that can be looked in that one half of the room is lighted red and the other half is lighted green. 

Cedar City - The Depot Junction – Godfather’s Pizza - - a psychic come in and said that a worker who died in the basement (boiler room) was still present down there as well as some others. workers have witnessed countless strange occurrences. These include noises (moaning, screaming, talking, clanking) coming from downstairs, the television has turned on and off by itself, objects have moved around by themselves- pizza bags have flown out of their holders. They have heard a little girl crying in the front one time. Lights also turn off by themselves. We also used to have a piano that would play the same notes over and over by its self. Overall strange feelings fill this place. When the psychic came in to eat, she instantly knew something was strange about it.

Cedar City - Southern Utah University - Auditorium - There are quite a few spirits that haunt the Auditorium Theatre at SUU. In a tunnel that runs under the stage, there have been many sightings and experiences. Also, in the grids above the stage, there are two playful ghosts that lurk.

Cedar City - Southern Utah University - Old Main- Various incidences involving the lights of the building turning themselves on and off, students being trapped in the elevators, elevators moving on their own, and the figure of a woman is often seen wandering around the third floor. Most students and staff refuse to spend time inside this building after dark.

Clarkston - Town Church - In the ward house the chapel is upstairs. It has been reported that after hearing the organ playing, a man ran upstairs to see who it was because he should have been the only one in the building. He could not see a body, but organ was being played right in front of his eyes, keys and floor pedals. Soon the playing stopped and he saw a silhouette of a old woman drifting away from the organ.

Clearfield - Clearfield Job Corps Center - (formerly an old Army Air Corps/Airforce Base)- Has reports of different hauntings all over the campus.

Clearfield - Clearfield Job Corps Center - Dorm L - is also haunted by an old military nurse. Not sure if it's the same one that is in the TB dorm but this one walks down the hall. E dorm (the dorm I am in) is haunted by three spirits. One of them is a little girl, age between 5-6, who stands by the doorway of the entrance to the dorm. Others have experienced this girl walking down the hall bouncing a ball. The other ghost is possibly a former RA (residential adviser). You can see him walking down the hall making sure all the students are in their dorm. The third one is an unknown spirit, possibly an old student who died in that dorm about nine months ago."

Clearfield - Clearfield Job Corps Center - Dorm M - believed to be a spirit that sticks around the fire exit they say he hung himself.

Clearfield - Clearfield Job Corps Center - Movie Theater - The movie theater on campus used to be the old military morgue. Supposedly it is haunted. Many things happen. The projector sometimes won't work.

Clearfield - Clearfield Job Corps Center - The TB dorm - is haunted by an old military nurse.

Clearfield - Holt Elementary School/Stede's Pond - In the late 80's a fifth grade boy died in the late Spring/early Summer after school one day.  He went swimming in nearby Stede's Pond and drowned.  Teachers, students and visitors to the school have spotted the boy wearing a wet white T-shirt and shorts.  It was eventually determined that he was a ghost when his appearance did not change over several years.  He is most frequently seen at the back steps of the school, which always have puddles of water or wet footprints on them.  He often waves before vanishing. Frequently the back door is mysteriously locked or unlocked.  At Stede's pond you may hear crying and calls for help.

Clearfield - (old)north Davis jr. high - a lot of deaths have allegedly happened in the school or are related to the school a story of to boys skipping class and jumping about ten feet in to the basement  when nobody could here them because they were so deep down they starved and died another is a ghost a girl in the gym locker room and bathroom they say when you walk by the locker start opening a bit and when you walk back out they close quietly and they say you can hear her cry in the bathroom or the story of a teacher who killed himself because nobody respected him or and the girl who his spirit supposedly pushed her down the stairs her friend was blamed and sent to prison for her murder janitors reported hearing people running up and down the main stairs and vacuums running on the top floor others are told but only a couple can be backed up north Davis was torn down a few years ago but some say the ghost moved to new north Davis and supposedly photos of them moving in the parking lot (which was built right on the north Davis old spot the school barely moved.

Clearfield - Stede's Pond/Train Tracks - There have been many drowning of children at Stede's Pond over the years. Cries for help can be heard there and occasionally at night a sinister whispering of "come here." Also, whispering can be heard at the train tracks by the pond. People have heard crying along the tracks and have felt trains go by when non e have been there. More people have been run over by trains in this location than any other in Utah.

Dugway - Clinic - Located on U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, a remote Army post west of Salt Lake City in the desert.- It is closed to the public. Trespassers will be prosecuted under federal law. Do not attempt to sneak on or you may find yourself staring at the business end of an M16 rifle.

Dugway - Photo Building at Ditto Area - Building constructed in the early 1960s on or near the site of German P.O.W. barracks of World War II. No indication of German ghosts, as the P.O.W.s were very well treated. However, the Photo Building is haunted. Most activity occurs at night or after hours, when the building is quiet. There is a long history of this building being haunted, going back 30 years or more. The haunting is not harmful, just unsettling. Running feet, indistinct whispering, unintelligible talking at a distance and footsteps are heard. No reports of missing or moving objects. A few instances of very loud crashes, like a wall full of items fell to the floor. Upon investigation, nothing is found. One photographer saw a fleeting figure run out of the old developing room, across the hallway and into a cinder block wall. Figure was tall, black pants, white shirt and dark hair. Matches description of a photographer who died of natural causes at home years ago. Speculation that he's back, because he enjoyed working there so much. All activity occurs in the front half of the building, which is the oldest. An addition was built in the early 1980s, doubling the size of the building. No activity reported in this new addition. The older, front portion of the building is scheduled to be refurbished in the near future. This will mean tearing out some walls, redoing the rooms and a major makeover. How this will affect the current strange activity remains unknown.

Echo - The Kozy Café - Since the Owner of the Cafe (Fat) passed away, waitresses have heard from the bar, someone order a refill on coffee after hours while they are closing. They have also heard the bar stool squeak as it turned and old cowboy boots scuff across the floor to the jukebox, shortly afterward that Johnny Cash song (Fat’s favorite) will start to play and the volume will go up. But there is no body there.

Ephraim - a small house near the elementary school - Witnesses saw a black shadow in the back yard of it and sometimes the door bell doesn't work and other times it does and you can hear strange noises inside of it.

Grafton - Southern Utah - Witnesses report hearing footsteps, pacing on the floor boards, feeling warm breath in their faces and feeling whisks of air as though someone had just passed them. A little info- The town of Grafton was settled by Mormon pioneers whom were raided by Indians and most were killed.

Helper - Spring Canyon - The White Lady - Spring Canyon Above Helper Utah is the site of several Ghost Towns including Latuda and Standardville which were coal mining communities. Many old homesteads built out of rock still stand as well as stores, the old jail and such. One of the homes is where the white lady has been seen. She is dressed all in white and is searching for her child. Her husband was killed in one of the mines and was left alone with no one to help her and her baby. (The miners did not have survivors benefits) Her child died with a sickness soon after her husband was killed and she committed suicide. She frightens many people out for walks, & hunting.

Herriman - Herriman Cemetery - Reports of apparitions.

Highland - Alpine - Alpine Cemetery - EVP’s recorded of a young girl & a dark figure running across the grass in front of the witnesses.

Highland - Chidester reservation - Apparitions of a man working in the fields in the middle of the night.

Highland - Talking Tree Cemetery - There is a rock chair that is located within the highland cemetery somewhere. Takes time to find it at night. You sit in it at night and the souls of the people who are buried there will whisper things. It is said that a breeze will pick up for no reason and people say the trees will start talking to them. it is believed that that spirits are breathing through the tree's to be heard clearer.

Hill AFB - BLDG 1205 - Many employees have reported seeing a figure late at night roaming the halls wearing sandals. When anyone tries to speak to this figure the only thing that is said is "Chonklas"

Honeyville - Crystal Hot Springs - A former worker/student reports to have heard and seen several strange noises and images.  The main building houses three different floors.  The second floor was called the blue room and used for hosting parties.  Several employees have heard doors shut and heard foot steps above on the third floor.  A silhouette walking in front of a computer screen that was always left on has been seen from outside after it was closed up.  There were many other strange stories from other employees as well;  feelings of an evil presence, shadows where there should be none, doors opening and closing and footsteps in upper floors.

Kamus - South Summit Middle School - they call her the pool ghost because she died in the pool and if you are there at night swimming she will pull you under she has already almost killed 2 people she haunts the pool and what is now a basketball court.

Kanab - Best Friends - Its an animal sanctuary, and me and my friends have seen Skin Walkers (Navajo Spirits in dead animal skins) Sightings of people watching you. And the temple. They are all supposedly linked to Charles Manson.

Kaysville - Kays Cross - An old memorial built by a man who's family was murdered.  In the middle of a wooded area, there are reports of people in black cloaks and "dogmen" chasing people away.

Kaysville - mansion - man killed in a giant mansion and now you hear moaning a steps through the halls lights flicker on and off things like that

Kearns - Kearns JR High - In the middle school where many students attuned all there class have spoke of a family at the top of the stairs standing there looking at you and walking away really slow the shadows of what the middle school students speak of is a mother a father 2 girls and one boy. UT

Layton - Bell Printing - Bell Printing purchased this building about 3 years ago. A former employee reports the feelings of being watched, apparitions, strange laughing and employees hair being touched.

Layton - Layton City Park - there have been reports of loud screaming late at night and if you just happen to be in the park late at night people have said sometimes you will hear there screams and then all of the sudden get a wind like someone was just running past you

Layton - Layton Hills Mall - It's rumored that the Layton Hills Mall was built on "ancient Indian burial ground." However, unlikely that may seem, the Mall is haunted. Nearly every employee in all the stores has encountered unexplainable activity. The night security guards and cleaning crew frequently encounter "shadows" and hear strange noises. The potted plants are usually uprooted every day but nothing shows up on the security cameras. A former employee reports the phone would ring off the hook, but the caller id would show that no one called. Mannequins in store windows would move overnight. Other weird stuff happened there as well.

Layton - Hobbs Hollow - In Layton near the highway 89 turn off going to Ogden there is a secluded neighborhood, there is a hidden trail that leads to a very large hollow, on one side is a small forest area and on the other is a fairly big lake. it seems like a great find for a good summer swim, but in the late 70's the undertow from the water began to mysteriously get violent on rare nights, many people went there drunk and went for a swim and swing off the rope swings, unfortunately many people began to disappear. lots of unsolved cases were linked to that lake, if you go there at night you can hear screams and people calling for help, and you can also see weird things in the reflection of the water.

Lehi - Lehi High School - When you are walking around the school at night the teachers say that there are ghosts in the halls running a talking to each other. They get the feeling that things are watching them and breathing on their necks.

Lehi - Lehi Historical Hospital - This hospital is over a hundred years old, the windows are broke and the back stairs have collapsed.  At night there have been reported sights of a nurse that is hung hanging from a steel flag pole.  the story is that she was working late in the ward and a doctor went crazy and hung her out there.

Lehi - Porter's Place - Porter's Place is dedicated to the late Porter Rockwell, who was LDS profet Joseph Smith Jr.'s body guard. The theme of the restaurant is set in the 1800's Old West. Workers there say to have things go missing. (EX: silver wear, food, jackets, books, etc.) One worker says while working in the back walk in a man in dark brown leather boots walked into the room through a solid wood wall. When the worker turned around to see who it was, there was no one. The ghost is said to be an older male and usually out in the back (blue) dining room. There are even pictures of Porter Rockwell's grave stone! Workers don't believe the ghost to be Porter Rockwell, himself.

Lindon - Geniva steel - since the factory has been abandoned several groups of people have had strange experiences in the locker room, hearing footsteps behind you showers turning on and unexplained feelings.

Logan - Cemetery - There is a gravestone of a lady which at night that looks like it is crying and you just get an eerie feeling.

Logan - Grapevine Restaurant - Ex-employees talk about strange goings on while working. Such as dishes flying against the walls and breaking, brooms being moved from one room to another as if being carried by an invisible entity. To put a stop to these things for a while they had to speak sternly such things as "Stop it!" and "Knock it off!"

Logan - Green Canyon - There is a certain area where horses will not go and birds will not chirp. You will not see animals here. Strange things have been reported. When you enter this location you get a feeling of despair, depression and hopelessness. You get a strong feeling of evil, of something evil being done there.

Logan - Nunery, Logan Canyon - there is a pool where a little boy drowned, and the pool is empty now, but there is a cold spot about 2 or 3 feet in diameter, where there is a freezing cold spot. the pool also has a glow at night. There have been many sightings of children that were killed there.

Magna - Cyprus High School - The schools auditorium is haunted. The stage lights go on and off mysteriously and bats fly through the room during assembly's, upon inspection they cannot find the bats or anywhere for them to nest or hide. Also, there is a man dressed in clothes circa the 1930's. The school has burned down once and was rebuilt twice since it was constructed in 1910.

Magna - Webster Elementary - many ghost hunters have been there and seen the ghost on camcorders; they go in classrooms and hear kids laughing, screaming and crying.  This school is abandoned now.- September 2004 update: The school was recently burned down (police suspect vandalism) and was subsequently torn down by demolision crews.

Midvale - Big Cottonwood Canyon - A lot of people have died in the river after the run off, if you go up there in early May and go close to the river screaming can be heard count to 3 and look in all directions and you will see figures watching you through the trees.

Midvale - Union Middle School - there is a big black shadow that haunts the halls and when every one is in class it takes things from teachers (the teachers brush it off as though they misplaced the items)

Minersville Creek - It is said to be haunted by a mysterious lady dressed in black. She was very rich and was crossing the country with some men. The lady had a feeling the men was going to still her money so she hid it somewhere down by the creek. When the lady wouldn't tell the men where she hid the money, they killed her and the money was never found. To this day, people go to the creek in search for the money, but they never find it. People have said to have seen her roaming the creek, keeping people away from her money and scaring people away from the haunted creek. Nobody knows what would happen to them if they found the money, and they hope they never find out.

Mount Timpanogas - Caves - The skyline for Mt. Timpanogas looks like a woman lying on her back. According to local (Native American) legend Timpanogas was a beautiful girl who wished to marry her lover from an enemy tribe. Instead of allowing her to marry the young brave, her father, and the chief killed him. When Timpanogas found out she was so heartbroken she ran to the top of the nearest mountain to jump off and kill herself. Pitying her, the spirits made her fall asleep. She will wake up when her father allows the marriage in the spirit world. The caves are part of a guided tour and many strange phenomenon have been reported there; including the sound of crying, etc.

Mountain Meadows - This is the site of the infamous "Mountain Meadows Massacre" that occurred in 1857. 120 men, women, and children, on their way from Arkansas to California, were murdered at this spot by a band of Mormon Militia. To this day, the reasons behind the slaughter are unknown. Many have reported that when they approach the creek below the monument, they can hear voices of the dead calling out to them.

Neola - Union High School - The school was built on top of an old Indian burial ground. The Auditorium is haunted by a ghost named Edwin who has played mean tricks on people such as hanging costumes in the curtain tracks and turning of the lights on unsuspecting people in the auditorium alone. Also he pushed a coffin off the stage with a person inside it during the production of Dracula.

Nephi - Men's State Correctional Facility - The current men's state correctional facility sits on the site of a former WWII German prison camp. During the war, one of the guards at the camp had two of his brothers killed in combat in France. The day he found out, he went to work, climbed up the guard tower and started shooting before he was eventually shot and killed by another guard. According to inmates and staff at the current facility, strange sounds, and electrical disturbances along with other phenomenon occur frequently.

North Salt Lake - Carpenter Paper Company - Carpenter Paper Company is located on Overland Street, just west of I-15 in North Salt Lake. According both present and past employees at CPC, there is a ghost named George that roams the warehouse. George is a friendly ghost who generally makes no noise, but has reportedly been seen by several employees darting between the aisles of the warehouse floor for the past 30 years or so.

Ogden - 36th Street Cemetery - A glowing blue or green headstone or entity can be seen at night on the eastern edge of the cemetery close to the road. Many laughing and talking ravens are found in the cemetery during the day and if you take pictures there at any time you will have several orbs or shadow people in the photos. Also, there are several headstones that are always warm to touch--so much so that in the winter the snow often melts off these stones but not the surrounding stones

Ogden - Bellshire hospital - it was the old mental hospital and the doctor running it would torture the patients and many ghost hunt's have been there and there a girl coming down the stairs has been seen, there have been screams, and people seen from the windows, as well. It was turned into a October haunted house called "Lazarus maze" in 2006.

Ogden - Highland Middle School - has been said by eighth grade girl students that Highland is haunted. The bathroom on the H-hall when girls go in there the lights flicker on and off, and the sinks turn on. They claim to see a little girl saying Help me in the mirror. They try to run out, but they get locked in for at least five minutes.

Ogden - Highland Middle School - Video Production Room - in the video production room there is a ghost her name is Wilma this one day she stayed after school to make a movie and she died of a panic attack because she locked her self in the room and since then she haunts people and many people say if you lock the door and stay in there by your self you can feel her grabbing at your ankles.

Ogden - Historic Radisson Suite Hotel - There is a ghost named Mrs. Eccles. She stops the elevator on the 5th floor. Most people don't see her. But you feel her as she walks past you and smell her perfume.

Ogden - Ogden City Cemetery - There is a girl name Florence "Flo", in the Ogden City Cemetery, who was sitting on the curb for her ride. When she suddenly got hit by a car, and died, well if you go by her grave stone and blink your lights three or more times then she will appear as a green light but then she will appear to be a young girl and start to float towards your car cause she thinks your her ride. - January 2007 Additional information: Flo’s great niece reports her name was Florence Grange. According to your story she was hit by a car, unfortunately this was not the case. She was 15 years old and choked on a piece of hard candy, ultimately causing her death. She does however; still haunt the cemetery to this day, along with many others.

Ogden - Smiles - Orbs and ghostly shadows appear in this photography studio, If you ask employees they might show you some of the pictures.

Ogden - Thoughts Continuum - People have said that when they go there that they have seen books fly off of the shelves and have felt entities there.

Ogden - Tinsletown Theaters Newgate Mall - Several people have committed suicide that had worked for the previous theater company before Tinseltown bought the location. In the concession area and old theater section, management, employees, and movie goers have seen two black shadows, moving chairs, heard growls and other unexplained activity. Many times the projection room doors lock and the people inside working the projectors can't get out.

Ogden - Union Station - One of Utah's oldest railroad stations at the west end of 25th Street, is the site of continuing unexplained activity and apparitions. The site has been investigated and was featured on national television. The site is now a local museum and if you are lucky... you may be able to speak with the maintenance folks who will share their stories with you!

Ogden - Weber State University - Social Science Building - Second Floor of the English/Social Science Building is where a deranged student was shot by a University police officer. Apparently, the 22 year old male student was angry that his girlfriend dumped him and decided to start shooting at her and her classmates. During class, around 1:30pm, students have reported hearing shots and screams. Other unexplained activities such as a feeling of being watched have occurred as well.

Ogden - Weber State University - Student Senate Room - In 1993 a man pulled a .22 caliber handgun and opened fire. He was subsequently shot by a campus police officer. One witness performing first aid said the gunman bled heavily and when paramedics arrived, stopped breathing. Faint lights have been recorded in the room on a video camera by a local ghost hunting group.

Ogden Canyon - Bridal Veil Falls Road - In the late 30's a woman was driving from Ogden to Huntsville. She was going to be late for her wedding. It was the early morning and still somewhat dark, she was driving too fast and the road was too curvy. At any rate all they found was a bridal veil floating in the water, as she had slid off the road and presumably been killed. If you drive up the canyon to Huntsville in the early morning you might see a hitchhiker dressed in a white dress. Some people who have stopped claim that the woman says she is late for her wedding and upon reaching Huntsville limits vanishes from the car.

Orem - Scera movie theater - In the basement of the Scera family movie theater is a ghost we like to call "Eleanor", as we lack any information about her or her true name.  She walks around in the basement and occasionally up elsewhere, basically all around the older part of the Scera.  Eleanor, a middle-aged woman, usually glows green or blue.  No harm has been done by her.  Many of the employees but few or none of the volunteers have seen her.  She usually appears on Wednesdays.  Some think she once worked there every Wednesday and died before she came to work one day, and, not knowing she's dead, still goes to work every day.

Orem - The Old bomb shelter - People have heard the sounds of a girl crying out for help and the sound of a man's muffled voice. Rumor has it that years after the shelter was abandoned from the war a girl was raped. Inside it is dark and wet and always chilly..

Park City - the Snowed Inn - was built as an upscale replica to the owners distant grandmother. Grandmas spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying there. The rooms are themed around the original home and grandma likes to occupy the bedroom themed after her own. Her mist has been seen ascending and descending through the floors, and she has also shown up in pictures taken by the staff of the Victorian hotel.

Park City - Old Prison - Even though there are dummies inside, people who have put on the old ball and chain around their ankle described having a hard time removing it due to a force in the atmosphere.

Park City - Park City Silver Mines - Mines were created over a hundred years ago. They operated several decades. History of murder and accidents over the course of the mines operation. Apparitions seen and heard in several of the interlinking mines by miners and caretakers. Mines are currently not in operation.

Pleasant Grove - Alhambra Theater (now The Grove Theater) - In 1999 prior to its reopening as a new dinner theater. After rehearsal the submitter double checked that all the doors were locked and that everyone was out of the building. While painting the stage floor about 1 am, they heard strange noises upstairs as though someone was walking around. they also heard doors shut and voices. When they looked towards the front of the theater, they saw movement. they yelled who is there with no response. They went up and checked the lobby where They heard the voices, nobody was there and the doors were still locked. They went upstairs to see if or who was up there and there was nothing. When they went to finish painting they heard and saw the same things. The theater was one of the first buildings built on main street in PG. It has always been a theater of some sorts. Many people who have worked there have witnessed strange things in one form or another.

Pleasant Grove - American Fork - American Fork Canyon - If you talk to anyone in Utah you'll know that AF canyon is very creep at night. It is said that the devil owns those woods. People have seen everything up there, from spirts to people in black cloaks. Come and build a fire and talk about the devil.

Pleasent grove - Kiwannis Park - Years ago at the location of the park there was a battle of confusion between Indians and pioneers. There is a memorial there for all the life's that were lost. Many things happen there. If you go up at night some have said that they see shadow's running around them. A few accounts say that there is a arch way of tree's that are almost like a spiritual pathway people that have walked thru the pathway say that instantly they hear screams and smell horrible horrible smell's.

Pleasant Grove - Pleasant Grove High School - In the theater/auditorium under the stage is a door that is kept locked with six heavy-duty padlocks. Every morning the padlocks would be blown off the door and the door would be wide open. Everyone was given strict instructions to let the janitor know if the locks were removed. Every morning, the janitor was told the locks were gone and he would replace the locks.

Provo - Brigham Young University - Library-Music Section - In the Reading Room of the Music Section of the Library there is always a moaning noise that sometimes sounds like voices. Also, the room is always extremely cold or extremely hot. In another part of the Music Library, the Harp room, a mysterious chair, called the "ghost chair" by some appeared out of nowhere and the librarians can't account for where it came from. There is also a room in the back called the Music Recordings Archives where rows and rows of old records lie practically untouched and students often get scared or spooked in this room.

Provo - Old Mill Apartment Complex - There have been sightings of a previous tenant who mysteriously died at 27 and was discovered in the pool shed. He has a football players' build, and always lurks around the girls' apartments.

Provo - Rock Canyon - The history on this place is that dozens of rock climbers have died right at the mouth of the Canyon, where the huge rocks start, there has also been one or more killings up there and some satanic rituals have been performed up there.  People have heard noises, and have actually seen a 70's/80's dressed man standing on a rock peek, then proceeding to run/glide down the ROCK mountain at a faster then normal pace.  When leaving you can feel a presence trying to follow you.

Ogden - 25th Street - In the late 1800's Ogden was one of the epicenters of the West. It was also the World's murder capital. Most of the business along historic 25th street were brothels. The "stores" were all connected beneath the street with a system of catacombs or tunnels. On the rare occasion that law enforcement attempted to arrest the prostitutes and clients the simply hid in the tunnels or crossed the street to avoid imprisonment. Apparently, several people died in these tunnels and 25th street is haunted to this day.

Riverdale - Cotton Wood - Weber River - Reports of screams and cries of agony of a man, and a cold evil presence near by.

Riverton - old Riverton Elementary - late at night you can hear children’s voices you can hear footsteps behind you. in the boiler room you can hear a little girl crying, because she fell down a shoot.

Roy - Roy High School - The first ghost is of a girl by the name of Mable. No one knows how she died but she stays in the large auditorium around back stage, and the winding stairs. Most of the time, she plays tricks by turning lights off or on, moving props, making props disappear, scarring people, and making her presence known. The second ghost is a lady in a purple hat. She's also on the large auditorium stage a ways away from the wood pile. She tries to get people to follow there but no one will since she gives off an eerie and evil aura. The third ghost is a only a floating head on the left upper balcony but, sometimes it seemed more then a head up there. It sounds as if someone is moving the lights along with cords. The fourth and last ghost roams the entire school but mostly the halls. When the school has hardly anyone in there or someone is walking alone, you can feel as if someone is glaring or around you. He walks right next to you but if he were alive, you would feel his breath on your skin or smell his shampoo. It has been said that he was hit by a train walking to school.

Roy - Roy Junior High School - their is a story of a kid that died there in the shop class in 1980 and they say he died on a table saw and now if you are in the shop class some times you can hear the new table saw (put in the same area as the old one) start by itself and if you are their by your self you can hear it start up and you can hear it get jammed and also hear faint screams for help and in the cafeteria you can hear a newborn baby girl crying she is believed to be there since she fell off the stage and died

Roy - Sand Ridge Junior High - There are nine ghosts and one is a little girl who can be heard talking to people on tape recorders. Then there is a boy from Roy High who walks back and forth from each school. The schools are right next to each other. One of the boys got sucked into a moving train with his bike. A couple of them were in car accidents. Teachers after school can hear children playing in the gym and feel breathing on their necks. Orbs and floating wisps are seen in the auditorium, and cold spots and strange activity happen.

Salina - Scenic Quick Stop - When you first walk into the back room, where you go into the cooler, you feel like something is watching you  right away.  This ghost will throw things, move things, sometimes you catch it at the corner of your eye, and turn and no one will be there. Also reports of hearing voices, knocking things off walls.

Salt Flats - Many people have died in Salt Flats in the 1800's trying to travel either to Oregon or California. Also, police have reported finding many murder victims from Reno and Las Vegas in Nevada and various places in Utah being dumped there. To this day, the Salt Flats often make people uneasy. The intense heat and other factors--possibly hauntings, have caused people to have auditory and visual hallucinations of "dead" people walking around in the Salt Flats.

Salt Lake City - Alta Club - The Alta Club, a private club, once held hotel style rooms on the top floor in which member's could live in. In the early 50's, one member, who had been living there for years, fell asleep on his couch with a burning cigar in his hand. It proceeded to start a fire; evidence of the soot can still be seen today above the outside windows on the top floor, which consumed most of the top floor as well as taking the man's life. Several people have seen a man matching his description, per a previous photo, walking on the top floor. He usually is seen walking down the hall to where his room had been or disappears upon a second look. Also, in the basement, several workers have reported smelling a lilac perfume and some even feel a gentle touch on their shoulder.

Salt Lake City - Area 51 (Dance Club) - In the middle stall of the upstairs women's bathroom a young woman either accidentally or intentionally overdosed on cocaine and died. The door to the stall, although replaced and worked on constantly has problems staying shut. The toilet has been known to flush itself. Crying is heard there and people who have NOT been drinking report feeling nauseous and light-headed when the walk into the bathroom.

Salt Lake City - Armstrong Mansion - Many guests of this bed and breakfast in downtown Salt Lake City have reported odd things happening, such as the light fixtures shaking in the rooms, and seeing images of persons in the mirrors. Some have reported being locked in their rooms.

Salt Lake City - City County Building - Reports of 5 Ghosts in this Building. Two Children, a brother and sister who were killed during the building of the structure. A woman who is believed to be the mother of Children. A Pioneer Judge and an old Mayor of Salt Lake. The Building is 5 floors and the Ghosts haunt all floors.

Salt Lake City - The Deveraux Mansion - There has been sightings of an eight year old little girl who you can see in the upstairs window. People say you can hear her humming, singing, or even talking to herself sometimes. Others say that she can be seen in pictures taken by visitors and they say she looks like pictures on the walls that were taken in the 1850's. They say that when she gets mad she throws things on the ground and she even shuts doors when they are left open. Workers say they feel cold spots sometimes when they walk in certain places.

Salt Lake City - DMA Building - west temple - There is an open well in the basement that still exists today. Samples of the well have been tested and you get the feeling that when you go down there... something just isn't right. Employees will not stay late into the night - and no one will go down there alone. A young girl's voice as well as a feeling of malady has been reported numerous times...

Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City Cemetery - It is a little above on the south side a little above 1150 East and 335 North inside the Salt lake city cemetery. It's this lady Lilly's tombstone that says, "Victim of the beast 666" You get the chills when you read it for yourself.

Salt Lake City - Salt Lake Jet Center - All faucets in bathrooms will turn on automatically when no one is in there, All the toilets in men's bathroom flush at same time. Hallway lights will go out when you walk down them. Noises like people whispering behind you in hangars. Cold spots, weird activity

Salt Lake City - Sandy - Liberty Heights - 4 years ago, this apartment building had a pool where a playground is now built. A little boy went swimming by himself with no supervision. He drowned, and was found a couple hours later. It is said if you go to the playground by yourself you'll feel a cold presence. Swings move by themselves. and if you dig in the woodchips, puddles of water float to the surface.

Salt Lake City - Shilo Inn - There is strange echoing laughter in the indoor pool next to the Lobby. The Pinball machine by the exit to parking on the upper level played by itself on several occasions. The mother and one of the daughters helped throw the other children off the balcony. They then jumped. One child survived. The father, thinking he was Jesus, took his own life(hose in the tailpipe)in one of our canyons around the same time as the children's deaths.

Salt Lake City - The Capital Theater - Reports of malfunctioning equipment & the elevator has been known to open without anyone pushing it, and taking you to a level you did not push.

Salt Lake City - The McCune Mansion - Doors locking that don't have locks on them, cold spots, as the owner drives away he looks into the rear view mirror and sees lights going on and of all through out the unoccupied house. The mansion is haunted by a little blonde girl, about 11 or 12 years old. She has been seen walking in and out of the big mirror on the west wall. She has been seen walking the rooms and been known to rearrange items and indeed lock doors. People that have seen her say that she look like a young girl depicted in a painting hanging the house. Lights come on at all hours of the night and witnesses have seen footprints that begin and end in the middle of the room.

Salt Lake City - Memory Grove - There is story of a lady who was killed the night of her wedding walking across b street and if you go to the spot where she was hit and you park your car and turn off the lights you can see her cross the street in her wedding dress. And voices have been heard on tape recorders of a girl's whisper asking for help.

Salt Lake City - Pioneer Museum - Strange things have been observed in the Pioneer Memorial Museum by the Utah State Capitol surveillance camera.  Authorities reported the specter of what appears to be a woman's face first appeared in the early morning hours of October 10th 2007 in the motion cameras.  The image lingered on the camera for about five minutes but, when officers investigated, they found no sign of life in the museum. Since this time, the face appeared three or four nights of a seven or eight day period.  Camera lens were cleaned and other explanations were speculated, but no conclusion as to the face has been made.

Salt Lake City - The Old Mill - Ghosts of two vagrants and their dog who died in a fire still haunt the building.

Salt Lake City - The Old Utah Theater - In the costume room: shadowy figures. Boy's Bathroom: shadowy figures in mirrar

Salt Lake City - The Rio Grand Train Station - It has been told that you can here a lady in the girls bathroom and the government has been getting phone calls from the elevator in the Rio Grand which is now a restaurant. The lady is called the "blue erra" she got hit by a train when her husband threw her wedding ring out on the tracks. The story is told on the back of the Rio Grand menu.

Salt Lake City - Salt Lake Masonic Temple - Built in 1926-27, it has been haunted for many years. Quite a few years ago, while cleaning out some old storage rooms, an urn was found with the ashes of a Charles Valentine. Some inquiries were made and it was found that Charles was a Mason. No one knows why the ashes were not buried at the time of his death, but they were eventually returned to be buried correctly. Since that time strange things happen in this lovely old building. Doors open when they are closed and locked. Lights turn on when they are off and visa versa. You can hear doors slam when no one else is in the building. These stories have come from many of the caretakers that have worked there. One even reported seeing a young girl floating down a hallway and some little child's footprints in ashtray sand.

Salt Lake City - The West Temple and 2nd South Area - Banks, hotels, and The Capitol Theatre have all witnessed ghosts and have had poltergeist activity. The area has been the location of several murders including the deaths of the Emanuel David Family where a woman threw her children off the 12th floor of an Area Hotel. People have heard the screams of a little girl saying "Mom don't make me do it."

Salt Lake City - Utah State Historical Society - the lady in the purple dress has been seen here with many other ghosts.

Salt Lake City - West High School - the oldest high school in the state. people have seen shadows in the hallways and in the class rooms. catacombs run under the school to the temple and to the fair grounds reports say. a men’s restroom is bricked up so now one can get it to. i know of at least four students that have committed suicide while at west high. the basement has a cold and dark fleeing to it, its like your being watched

Salt Lake City - Westminster College - Hogle Hall - 3rd floor, bathroom sinks go off and on, as do the lights. Also, a student committed suicide by hanging himself on the 3rd floor, reported haunting of that room. 2nd floor little boy behind the water fountain on Thursdays, will laugh and giggle when you walk by. 1st floor, a student died in the showers from a seizure or something. supposedly haunts the bathroom and floor

Salt Lake City - Westminster College - Nunemaker - Used to be a church, many weddings have been held here. Supposedly, a woman walks up and down emigration creek in her wedding dress. Security has seen her more than once.

Salt Lake City - Westminster College - Sugarhouse - The older dorms are supposed to be both haunted.

Salt Lake City - ZCMI Department Store - The store downtown has been known for the cook who worked in the store's exquisite restaurant, who passed away a few years back, is still preparing meals and the sort for groups of women (who have also passed on) in the store's restaurant.

Santaquin - Family Tree Restaurant - Before the building was redone and turned into a restaurant a little boy drown in a canal that ran through the back. People see and hear things on a monthly basis. Whether it be the doorbells sticking straight in the air and ringing or a lady in blue walking into the backrooms. If you are lucky you might even hear or see a pot slam into a wall.

Santaquin - Santaquin Canyon - Strange noises, cold spots, and strange lights are just a few to name seen and heard by many visitors to this location.

Silver Reef - Just outside Leeds-Southern Utah - Old Catholic cemetery...Young girl seen several people following the family after visiting the cemetery late at night, a man heard the voices of several people - mostly children - asking to be taken home.  Several people have had the feeling of being watched, and heard footsteps in the old cemetery at night.

Smithfield - The Main Theater - After hours there is a feeling of an evil presence, particularly strong in the downstairs old boiler room, which employees would refuse to go into alone. One night an employee (myself) was working in the projector booth and heard the door open and slam and glanced under their arm to see and hear some feet running past and into the restroom. Upon looking in the restroom, no one was there. At another time, 2 employees were cleaning the theater and saw several people on the balcony laughing at them. Believing they were customers, they yelled at them to get out, they disappeared.

Spanish Fork - Spanish Fork Cemetery - In the Spanish Fork Cemetery.  There is a headstone stature of a woman; she is crouched down with one arm extended and the other near her face.  She is known as the Weeping Willow or Widow, depending on whom you hear it from.  But if you go there after dark, it is said that the statue will actually cry, tears stream down her face.  There are old water markings still on the statue.  And sometimes you can hear her crying and calling for her baby.

Spanish Fork - Spanish Fork High School - The Spanish Fork High School "Little Theater" is known to be haunted by a custodian that used to work their.  After the school was first built, and the little theater was finished, the custodian was standing on the catwalk above the stage installing the light bulbs for the spot lighting.  When he slipped and fell, since he was alone at the time, he died soon after falling.  It is said that you should never go alone into that theater, only in groups of five or more.  The Drama teachers still practice this.  If you are in their by yourself, it’s said that the curtains will rise or fall by themselves.  The sound effects will start playing.  But more commonly the stage lights will begin to flicker on and off.

Springville - Art City Playhouse (previously the Villa theater) - In the downstairs men's bathroom the toilets sometimes flush by themselves. Also, from the stage you can see a light shining on the wall from the doorway that leads down there but there is no explainable source and it is not visible when actually walking by the doorway.

Springville - Grant School Elementary - The ghost of a former Band teacher that died in a car accident on the way to school one morning, is sometimes heard playing the piano in the cafeteria which also serves as the auditorium.

Springville - Tree on Eldorado Drive - This is a new neighborhood still currently under development. The first house that was built experienced, “constant "noise" in my house, my picture and clock both flew off the wall for no apparent reason, cupboards would open and close, and glasses would move across the countertop by themselves.” Another homeowner can't go down in her basement alone without getting all spooked out, and her dogs won't go near it.  There is a very old tree that was going to be removed, but when it became apparent that it was going to stay most of the phenomena quieted down.

St. George - Hardy House Restaurant - a shadowy ghost has been seen here.

Syracuse - Syracuse Cemetery - It has been known that if you visit the cemetery on December 12, around 1:00 am you can see the ghost of a 13 year old boy that was Murdered.

Taylorsville - Taylorsville High School - In September or Oct. 2001, a senior shot himself at school. Students have reported seeing strange things and feeling cold in certain spots of the school. Is it the ghost of the senior, or some other apparition?

Tooele - Kirk Hotel - things are moved around, doors and cupboards open and close, five cameras were set during a wedding and there was an orb on all of them.

Tooele - Lake point - Witnesses report seeing a lady in a black nightgown crosses the road in front of me heading north toward i-80 from the hotel that is across from McDonalds stop and look straight at me with no apparent expression on her face "I sensed death" she then continued on "i was to spooked by her to say anything to the authorities or even to talk to her" her face was white as a sheet and her arms were folded the whole time.

Tooele - Mercur - Mercur cemetery - Mercur was a mining town in the late 1800's. Most of the town was destroyed by a fire. The cemetery has a definite spiritual presence. We have heard voices, screaming, mining sounds, and foot steps, as if we were being followed.

Tooele - Old Tooele Hospital - This hospital was open in 1953 for the Tooele Army Depot. Later open to the public. It was closed down around 2001. There have been many EVP's recorded, orbs and shadow figures in photos, and curtains opening and closing by themselves along with many other strange things. There are several entities that roam these halls and a little girl has been seen and heard. There have been several ghost hunts at this location where a lot of evidence has been collected. The hospital has been turned into Asylum 49 Haunted Hospital, a haunted attraction for October. They also do public ghost hunts. - Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Utah & Arizona state line - Lake Powell - Lake Powell is an artificially created lake. Prior to it's being damned, it was an ancient riverbed canyon with Prehistoric Native American figures etched into the rocks. It was sacred to many different tribes and reportedly many people had died and been buried there. After the canyon was turned into a lake, many people have drowned or died in mysterious ways while recreating at the lake. It is also said that flute music can be heard playing, along with laughing and crying.

Washatch - Chinese Tunnels - Rumor has it that while the railroads were booming in the late 1800's to early 1900's, many Chinese workers were used to help build tunnels. Well, when they died, the foremen would bury the bodies in the walls. It is always freezing cold inside due to the ice that is always in the middle of the tunnel. The locals say that you can hear crying, the ghost trains and whispers in the middle of the night.

Washington Terrace - The Whole Area - Washington Terrace was originally built in the 1940s a POW camp. It housed Italian prisoners (WWII). Although the Italians were given considerable freedom in Utah during the war, and some even decided to move their families here afterwards many bad emotions, etc., occurred in this area. Some of the original buildings were converted into houses. These houses in the Terrace tend to have odd occurrences, such as unexplained noises and voices and objects moving without apparent cause. - January 2007 Correction: A resident of Washington Terrace reports he and his family have lived there since the end of WWII. There were no POW's there; it was a house area for the workers at the local military base. The buildings here duplexes and in the late 50's where turned into single-family homes. And the other buildings that are still standing are used as city building such as senior citizens and city offices.

West Valley - Glen Weaver Park - There was a man that would take girls in the back of the park near the back of the baseball field and he raped and killed them. A man named Glen weaver was walking there one night and witnessed one of the girls being raped he got killed trying to save her. The park was renamed after him. The other guy was executed later that year. Girls that go into the park often feel uneasy when going toward the back of the park and later feel like someone is protecting them. At least 4 reports have been made about men that have had a history of hurting women have things like being cut and burned for no apparent reason while at the park. And two accounts of men being possessed and acting violent while at the park and not remembering it later after leaving.


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