In Virginia

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Abingdon - Martha Washington Inn - The ghost of a young woman haunts the inn believed looking for her lover. Sightings are so common/reliable that they at one time charged extra for her "favorite" room. The workers are very helpful and acknowledged the sightings. no matter how many times they put down new carpet, blood stains reappear from old soldiers who were wounded during the war.

Alta Vista - Alta Vista middle school - a ghost name "George'' haunts the classrooms. doors open by there selves and closed. wind blinds go up with no one doing it.

Alexandria - Brown House - Revolutionary War soldiers have been seen here.

Alexandria - Gadsby's Tavern - Known to be haunted by a young women in period clothing.

Alexandria - Hospital woods - Alexandria INOVA hospital is built on the site of the Vauxcleus mansion, an ante-bellum plantation mansion.  During the Civil War a Confederate soldier was seen and shot dead by a Union picket while sneaking up the ravine to visit a girl friend in the Vauxcleus mansion.  Since, it is said you can see his ghost moving through the woods on moonlit nights.

Alexandria - Ramsey House - The first house in the city (King and N. Fairfax) has had people see figures in period costume in the basement.

Alexandria - Woodlawn Plantation - On Woodlawn Plantation, which was once land of Mount Vernon (George Washington's personal home. When his step-daughter Nellie got married he gave her some land that is on a hill that was on his land. He was able to stand in part of him house and use a telescope to see her house so that he could keep an eye on her). The students of Woodlawn Elementary took a field trip to Woodlawn Plantation. Some reported the feeling of pushing from behind or that they where going to fall down the stairs.

Amelia - Amelia Wildlife Reserve - There is a "charred lady" apparently seen in Amelia Wildlife Reserve, as well as other apparitions. There have been at least two murders/bodies found in there. In the early 90s, the middle aged female victim of a brutal joy-ride rape-murder was found dumped near the entrance of the reserve (note: the case was hushed by local officials, inexplicably, couldn’t find out even the victims name...the case has never been solved). 4 years ago, another female corpse was found near the lake/dam area, within a small cove, also a nighttime lovers lane - party spot for teen urchins. The dam nearby is the same one where a woman has been seen (dragging a body) in the past.

Amelia - Haw Branch Plantation - There is a picture of a young lady that is said to blush at times when you look at her, also the smell of oranges sometimes in the parlor. Frequently you can hear people talking and laughing in the parlor, and it stops when you enter the room. Footsteps on the stairway are heard. There is also a screaming woman outside on a certain nights.

Amherst - Winton Country Club - People have reported seeing things, hearing strange noises. And a few people have reported coming down the steps and seeing a woman's reflection in the window.

Annandale - Annandale High School – Boy’s Restroom - Believed to be haunted by a student that committed Suicide. Reports of seeing the dead boy in a mirror in the bathroom.

Annandale - Round Tree Park - Known to many residents in Annandale and Arlington. Many sightings of a lady holding her baby who torments many people who happen to wonder in the park at night. It is said that when the fog rises then that is when she is most seen.

Arlington - Wakefield High School - theatre- Haunting in this location will occur if you sit in the balcony seats alone.  If no one else is in the theatre, you may hear the sound of someone playing the piano, even if the piano is in sight and no one can be seen near it.  You may also see twin spotlights shining on the stage.  If you continue to watch them, they will swing out and begin to scan the theatre, pointing in directions that wouldn't be possible from the lighting booth, and, eventually, resting on your location in the balcony. There have also been reports of the figure of a young man walking back and forth along the catwalk over the stage.  If you go up to the catwalk, you will find no one there.  It is rumored that a member of the theatre crew died during a performance by falling from the catwalk sometime during the early sixties.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - Mary Branch girl's dormitory has had doors opening and closing by themselves, items disappearing/reappearing, etc. Washington-Franklin Hall has at least two ghosts that have appeared to teachers on several occasions.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - SAE Fraternity House - Strange noises are also present, noises other than those normally found in a frat house. Some of the soldiers are only visible from the midsection up, presumably walking on the old house floor.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - Wash Frank Hall -two ghosts were seen by a student in Wash Frank Hall. Wash Frank Hall had recently been renovated and was kept locked after classes. The history department was housed in that building. A guy named Buzzy found the door unlocked, went in and played the piano (he has just lost a football player friend that evening who died in the library). He looked up sensing a presence in the room and there was a man dressed in turn of the century clothes sitting across the room. The man gestured for him to continue playing but Buzzy got freaked out and ran out of the place.

Barhamsville - Makemie Woods - This place is haunted by the ghost of a Civil War nurse who can be heard playing the piano at night. She has also been spotted walking the fields at night, still looking for wounded soldiers to help.

Bassett - Junkyard - At night when you are riding down the road you can see headlights flashing on and off in the field. If you go out there at night you hear doors shut all by themselves and you hear radios playing. At the very bottom of the field you can hear motors from the cars like they are being drove around. They say this happens from the ghost that were killed in car wrecks and come back to haunt the junkyard.

Bedford - Avenel House - Reports of seeing “The White Lady walking around the property, sometimes accompanied with a gentleman (also in white). An apparition of a black man has been reported to be looking out an upstairs window.

Bethel Manor - Langley Air force Base - Bethel Reservoir - What is now covered by Bethel reservoir was once a Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefield with many casualties buried there. Supposedly before the Revolutionary War it was sacred ground to the PaMounkie Indians. Several drownings have occurred there over the years, along with some alleged kidnappings and rapes. One of the more famous drownings happened the summer of '88. The aptly named Dewy Banks fell out of a canoe and drown. No one actually witnessed the event but his body was found several weeks later. Strange occurrences have been reported there for years including hearing your voice called; strange fogs, ball lightening, etc.

Blacksburg - A women walks through the walls of the tunnel and then vanishes during the day.

Blacksburg - Holiday Inn - The hotel sits on land that used to be a plantation known as "Jacob's Lantern".  There is a nightclub called "Attitudes" in the hotel, and the manager has told me of being asked by the front desk to turn the music down, even though there was no music playing.  He also told me of hearing laughter & voices in the club after hours, only to discover no one there.

Blacksburg - Lyric Theater - The Lyric has been around for more than 75 years, and is one of the few theaters left with an upper balcony. Yjere have been numerous accounts from workers there of hearing things, and feeling someone brush behind them.  It is believed that a worker died in the theater years ago.

Boissevain - Boissevain road - Reports of hearing footsteps following along side in the fields.

Bowling Green - Civil war soldiers can be heard calling out commands and then firing, also confederate soldiers have been seen walking through the graveyard behind the church. The church has also been said to be haunted.

Bowling Green - Old Mansion Inn - the ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes haunts his home.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater College Campus - Is a very beautiful campus, but it has many secrets. Founded in 1880, it is built on Native American hunting grounds. is said to be haunted by the ghost of it's namesake, Mr. Cole. His ghost has been sighted many times by members of the drama club, musicians, and audience members. Usually seated on the balcony, the ghost appears when he is particularly pleased with a performance. Once, at the end of a play, the lights overhead began to flicker rapidly, and a cold spot was felt near a particular seat on the balcony. Once again, Mr. Cole was pleased.

Bristol - Virginia Intermont College - Every time the room has been remodeled, it has suffered an electrical fire and a ghostly presences felt

Buena Vista - Midtown Cafe - Cold spots, the sound of children crying, and shadow people have all been reported.

Buena Vista - Southern Virginia College - This college is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy who died here. He is said to haunt the fourth floor, which is one of the women’s dormitories. The ghost can sometimes be heard riding his bicycle up and down the hallway. There has also been an unusual death every year since the college was built. - October 2007 Update: The little boy that haunts the fourth floor also carries a red balloon as he's riding his tricycle, His Mother haunts the 3rd floor searching for him. She's in the 3rd floor bathroom a lot crying out for him.

Buena Vista - Southern Virginia College - The Tower Room - it has a closet door in the room that when you open it it's like another room! It's a huge closet. Strange noises have been heard from this locked room.

Bullrun Manasses - Cobblestone Bridge - Civil War soldiers have been seen crossing the bridge at night.

Chantilly - Walney Road - It is said that many years ago before the windy road was paved a man was killed while hitchhiking. On Wednesday or Thursday nights at 11:30 if you drive down Walney and you see a hitchhiker, it is recommended that you stop. He appears up to three times to give you the chance to pick him up. If you still don't pick him up by the third time, a car will come out of nowhere and kill you.

Charlottesville - Castle Hill Manor - Castle Hill Manor was built before the Revolutionary War in 1765, by a Dr. Thomas Walker. Many guests who have stayed at the manor have been aroused and really frightened in the middle of the night by uncanny noises or footsteps. Some guests over the years have seen a female and described her as a young pretty woman who is sometimes playful and whose main goal is to disturb the people that she doesn't like sleeping in her room. However other guests who she does like have slept in peace in her room. In the early 1800's a prince and princes lived in the house and had many festive parties. Guest are also woken by sounds of chairs moving across the floor, glasses clinking, and footsteps walking swiftly across the floor. Possibly the ghosts are reliving the parties they had hundreds of years ago.

Charlottesville - Monticello - home Thomas Jefferson - Monticello employees have often heard him whistling on the grounds, as he was know to do during his living days. Apparitions of a 10 year old boy wearing a uniform and a tri-cornered hat peering out a 2nd floor window. During the house tour the tour guide said that no one was allowed upstairs because of the fire codes. They knew nothing of the boy.

Charlottesville - Tandem Friends School - The "Old Building" of the school was supposed to be a civil war hospital. It is located about 2 miles from Monticello. There have been numerous reports of a confederate soldier that walks in the upstairs hall.

Chester - Parker's Battery - Civil war bunkers are still occupied by spirits, some of which seem to be very sad and confused.

Chilhowie - Aspenvale Cemetery - Aspenvale Cemetery is a Civil War Cemetery There are reports of strange feelings of "company" present, anomalies, and orbs present in photographs.

Chilhowie - CHS Hauntings - This school is buried on an Indian burial ground from Many years ago!!! There are Indians that appear and walk the halls mostly late at night! There is one that likes to appear in the gym very often!

Clinchco - Low Gap (Baby's Grave) - Located in a hollow in rural southwest Virginia. Locals claim that when the lone grave is visited at night, you can hear the faint sound of a baby's cry.

Christiansburg - Christiansburg Middle School - Reports of lights coming on at night and go off before the light switch is touched, witnesses see shadows of 3 women, and in the cellar baby’s cries are heard.

Clifford Winton Country Club - This is a haunting concerning the periodic return of Sarah Henry (Patrick Henrys Mother) to Winton, the home they once lived in. Sarah Henry died on Christmas Day 1784. Her footsteps & the swish of her petticoat heard, & her presence felt.

Clifton - Bunnyman bridge - a man who escaped from a mental institution hid in a tunnel under a bridge where he hung people. It is called Bunnyman because when searchers looked for the man they found the carcass of rabbits. His ghost still haunts the bridge and sightings of people seen hanging from the bridge are common.

Covington - Panther Rock - Back in the 1960's there was a woman riding along on her horse. A slick black panther came out of the woods with the taste for blood. The panther startled the horse. The horse throw the woman off and she hit her head on a jaggit rock and was sreaming for help. If you go up there at night when it is raining and get out of your car. You can hear the woman screaming for help and the panthers bone chilling cries. The rain on the rock will turn red from where the panther slatured her and all goes quiet.

Crockett - Crockett Post office - There was a woman checking her mail late one night, and was killed by a murder on the loose. She is said to be standing at the mail box at which she had owned with her back toward the entrance and when she turns around you can see the knife marks where the guy slit her throat. And on the anniversary of that night it is said that when you go near the building you can hear the woman calling for help and screaming.

Cumberland - Small Abandoned Graveyard - There are four or five graves that are abandoned in the woods. It is said that slaves were buried here in the 1800's. It is also said that they cross the street at night looking for a way to the north.

Danville - The Danville Museum - Danville Museum, aka. The Sutherlin Mansion. This was the last capitol of the confederacy. Jefferson Davis spent hours staring out the window of the parlor, after he heard the news of the surrender of the confederacy. To this day, you can take tours through the mansion, but the real tour is at night. You can hear foot steps, hear a young girl moan, see a young woman in mirrors, and smell cigar smoke.

Danville - Lanier House - Owned by the first mayor of Danville who then sold it to the seventh mayor. It is the oldest building in Danville. At one point, during or close to the Civil War it served as a children’s clinic. Footsteps can be heard as well as voices. Several people have actually seen apparitions. It now serves as a Law Office and is at 770 Main Street.

Danville - Oak Hill cemetery - A report of a headless man walking around the cemetery at night. He might me looking for his head

Dumfries - Weems/Bots Museum - Books have been heard thrown across the room with no one in the room. Lights have gone off/on many times with no one controlling. A ghost haunts it, and almost everyone working there has had some type of interaction with it.

Eastern Henrico - Pocahontas Parkway Rt. 895 - Pocahontas Parkway was built where Indians once lived, hunted, and fished. Now there is a huge road there instead and they aren’t happy. Nightly you can hear them, drumming, chanting, whooping, and talking in foreign tongue. And occasionally you can see them.

Emory - Emory & Henry College - Music Hall was at one time a debate/courtroom building. It is said that a heated discussion became too much for one of the men, therefore he left the room to get some air. As he was leaning on the windowsill, his opponent pushed him out. The man caught the hanging lamp outside, but fell to his death from a third story window. To this day, that hanging lamp will constantly swing even when the weather is not windy. Also, some nights, mysterious walking and piano playing can be heard when no one is at the piano. The third floor of "MaWa" Hall is also haunted! It is said that a young woman who lived there was stood up for the fall formal dance. She hanged herself from the middle shower stall in the community bathroom. Sometimes that showerhead will squirt water out of control from the hardware connected to the wall. And also the sound of high heels has been heard going up and down the hall late in the evening hours.

Fairfax - George Mason University - Gazebo - A small gazebo bordering the campus lake is said to be frequented by the spirit of a young man. He apparently drowned in the lake one evening. His body was found sitting in the gazebo by two females the next morning. Since that time, the man’s figure has been seen standing at the edge of the lake, or sitting in the gazebo. He has been known to beckon young women to come sit with him, and quickly disappearing when accommodated.

Falls Church - Haycock Elementary - Reported to be haunted by an ex-Vice Principal. The following year, on the same day of her firing, strange events occurred. People were shoved against walls; papers were thrown around, doors slamming, desks being toppled over, but all when no one else was around. That week, the head custodian reported that he saw a strange figures beckoning him to come closer, after school hours, when everyone had left.

Falls Church - Longfellow Middle School - Back in the 1960's, the principal of Longfellow suffered a massive heart attack and died in his office at the school. After hours, custodians and other faculty report seeing him walk around the halls, apparently looking for troublemakers - as he would do normally as principal. They also have reported doors shutting, lights turning off, voices, and other noises, all of which have no explanations. This school, reportedly, is one of the most haunted in all of northern Virginia. In 1995, a teacher even reported hearing a moaning and screaming down the hallways, with no one else around.

Farmville - Longwood College - Curry Hall - A three-year-old boy rode his bicycle into the elevator shaft and died, falling to his death. It is reported that if one rides the elevator to the tenth floor and then to the basement, the boy's ghost will be seen when the doors open.

Fishersville - Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center - Reports of dorm rooms opening by themselves as one was entering, feelings of being watched, radios changed stations, footsteps, and feeling a presence.

Fort Belvior - Abandoned Sewage Plant - Went there a few times as a kid...abandoned in a hurry, books, TV, cloths etc were left in the watchman's house. Underground Tunnels. A lot of dead animals and skeletons around it and inside of it. Located in Jadwin Village, down the road that says do not enter, if you go along the sides you can get under the fence in a few areas...the MPs sometimes go down there if someone calls them....Strange feeling when you look at the tunnel...or get close to it.

Fort Myer - Old Post Chapel - This is a military chapel used for funeral services since the 1930's at Arlington National Cemetery.  Soldiers have reported hearing voices, footsteps and also previously locked doors opening and closing by themselves.  Also there have been reports of soldiers finding all the cabinets and drawers in certain rooms being found open to perfect ninety-degree angels, when it was impossible for anyone to have been in those rooms.  Finally, there have been sightings of a figure sitting in the bridal room, previously used as a mourning room for grieving families. 

Fort Monroe - The Chamberlain - George Washington has been seen here, among others. It is said that the top floor of the hotel is haunted by several apparitions and was closed for this reason.- February 2005 Update: Has been sold and is reopening as a veterans hospital.

Fort Story - Coast Artillery Rd. - On the coldest, wettest nights There has been at least two sightings by soldiers who regularly patrol the base of a mysterious ghostly being who allegedly disappears into the wetlands of this area. It has been said that this may be the ghost of a soldier who was stationed here who committed suicide by hanging himself about 5 years ago.

Fredericksburg - Aquia Church - the ghost of a woman killed there has been seen in the belfry.

Fredericksburg - Chatham Manor - The apparition of a white lady walks a path on these grounds that has become known as Ghost Walk. Chatham was built in 1771 by William Fitzhugh. He named it after a close friend, William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. Another English friend of Fitzhugh brought his daughter to live at Chatham in an effort to break up her romance with a commoner. But the man followed her to America, and the two planned to elope from Chatham Manor. He gave her a rope ladder and waited in a small boat in a nearby river. Unfortunately, none other than George Washington, another close friend of Fitzhugh, was staying there at the same time. He learned of their plans from a maid and had his men arrest the suitor. The girl returned to England with her father and later married. But she vowed to return to Chatham Manor to look for her lover. Her ghost was first sighted there on the day she died, June 21, 1790, and returns every seven years on the anniversary of her death to wander along the path to the river, looking for her lost love.

Fredericksburg - Fall Hill Plantation - Reports of electrical problems, cabinets opening and closing, ghostly figures circling one’s bed, cold spots, strange odors, and disembodied voices.

Fredericksburg - There is a ghost of a small black child, perhaps three or four years old. He sleeps curled in the fetal position about two feet off of the ground in one of the Civil War battlefields.

Front Royal - Frederick Avenue - There have been many sightings of a child walking in the graveyard behind Frederick Avenue. Also, some of the people in these houses on the avenue have sighted ghosts within their own premises such as children crying out to them.

George Washington National Forest - Braley's Pond area - go to the picnic area. from time to time a spirit hovers over the small run that flows next to the campsites. also if you hike around the pond and stay on the rugged trail that leads up the mountain, about a half mile or so up the trail i heard the sound of a horse walking and neighing also children's voices were heard.

Gloucester - Rosewell Plantation - The Page Family Mansion built in the early 1600's. Several generations lived in the mansion before it burned down. Several walls are still standing from the 4-story building. The graveyard for the family is off to the side of the house, as part of the extensive grounds. Many occurrences have been reported; the drop in air temperature by a good 15 degrees or more, apparitions, strange noises, the sound of slaves coming from the fields, reportedly a young woman walks down the front steps every night.

Grahm's Forge - Major Grahm's Mansion - Owned by a slave owner, he tortured and killed many of his slaves. He burned down a slave house with over 100 men, women, and children inside. Coming close to the house, you get the sensation of pain and anger. Lights turn on and off, even though there are no electrical cables. Curtains move. You can here someone going up and down the stairs. Bloody handprints sometimes stain the basement, which is where cages are and where slaves were kept and tortured. There is a guillotine there also. If you stay too long, you will start to here voices, screaming, babies crying, and lots of yelling. Be careful. Many who enter this house say they always bring out something with them. If you drive by the place late at night, there are lights on, and there is no electricity to the house, and a figure that walks by the attic window, and the gates are rusted shut, and there are no cars. There is one specific light that shines at you, then the light turns into two lights, then three, then one again, and then all of a sudden the lights go out, and then back on again. - September Correction: formerly listed as being in Foster Falls. There is electricity run to the house. There are "No Trespassing" signs on every other tree. - November 2005 Correction: Graham was a slaveholder, but he never tortured or murdered over 100 slaves. That would have indeed brought the authorities, even in the South. 100 slaves would represent a vast fortune. A local slave owner named McGavock never mentioned the stories formerly submitted in his extensive diaries and they were close neighbors and friends. The house is indeed supposed to be haunted.
June 2008 Update: A research team from Virginia Tech recently did an investigation on the mansion and picked up several EVPs, among other sounds and images. There are No Trespassing signs all over the grounds and a section of the 3rd floor has collapsed in on itself, making the 3rd floor a very dangerous place as it is already a very small floor. J.C Weaver of Max Meadows recently bought the property and is now attempting to hold a nationally recognized bluegrass music festival. Check it out at

Grundy - Vansant Elementary School - Along the old hall ways, lights flicker without electricity, foot steps are heard by people living around it, and a friendly ghost walks the girls bathroom at night.

Hampton - Blackbeard Point - Blackbeard Point was named after the famous pirate Blackbeard. His head was cut off and stuck on a pole to warn off other pirates. It is said to this day that the decapitated pirate searches for his head in the Chesapeake Bay. People have seen him many times and say you would be stupid to go looking for this hideous pirate.

Hampton - Chamberland Hotel - This hotel is on Fort Monroe. Apparently, when the original hotel burnt down, a young teenage girl went with it by accident. She was looking for her father (who evacuated already). Employees on the seventh floor on where she died claim that they can still hear her banging on the walls, or catch her looking out the window.

Hampton - Fort Monroe - Reports of apparitions of young soldiers walking the top of the fort and around the many rusting offices. Witnesses have felt a cold breeze on a warm sunny day around the turrets and heard voices just out of understanding around these areas.

Hampton - South Hampton - A woman walking in the hallway and then goes away. Lights come on by themselves.

Hampton - Virginia beach - Dam Neck Naval Base - December of 1999, on the Dam Neck Naval Base in the "finger barracks" off of the galley. On the bottom floor of the women’s wing in the open bay showers at around 5 am. There was a sighting of a transparent naked slender woman with dark black straight hair who appeared to have come from a wall and exited through the hallway door. She walked right past the shower stall where an unsuspecting sailor was showering to go on leave.

Harrisonburg - Deer Run - Building A - They have even been herd walking up the steps late at night yelling there death chant.

Harrisonburg - Kiester School - behind the school is a wooded area that is haunted by at least two ghosts the spirits seem to be evil if you go into the woods you get the sensation that you are being watched and at times being followed there is a nature trail built in to the woods and there are two parts where there the trail was being made but never finished. There is a rumor that in the 1960's a man went into the woods (before the nature trail was erected) and was never seen again and no body was ever found!

Harrisonburg - Port Republic Road - Just off Port Republic Road sets General Turner Ashby's grave across the road from Deer Run Apartments, a misty foggy after 12am has been reported.

Haymarket - Haymarket (Beverly) Mill - It is said that a farmer believed his daughter was responsible for giving her mother spoiled meat that killed her so he hung his daughter from a meat hook on the fourth floor of their mill. Her image on the meat hook has been seen frequently. The mill was more recently burnt down and I haven't heard what happens since that.

Haymarket - Logmill - A lil. White church off Logmill road has said to be haunted. There have been white *blobs* floating are there at night.

Haywood - Angus Mountain - It is said that late at night you can see shadows carrying lamps walking through the woods. It is believed that it is the spirits of Indians from years gone by.

Henry County - Martinsville - Leatherwood - On a particular rd, Barrow's mill rd, in Henry co. there was a house called the "pink house".  This house was a rental property some time or another where many families grew up and moved on.  The house however has been demolished and there was an incident of a child being hit and run in a blind curve at this site.  the child appears in the middle of the curve with no warning and has been seen by numerous people

Hiawassee - Blue Ridge Scout Reservation - Old Civil War Generals, and soldiers have been seen and heard on the southern side of the reservation. Also the sprits and voices of George Washington and his men have been seen walking through one camp, where in the 1700's a old railroad route used to be.

Hiawassee - Pulaski County Virginia - Old Paint Factory - One night a hunter was walking through the woods with his dogs near the factory. Suddenly a man appeared in front of him. He knew if he let the dogs go they would tear the man to pieces but they were hurting his hand so he had to let them go. He caught up with the dogs after they ran off to find them sniffing the ground as if no one was there. He told a relative of the incident and described the man. He was wearing an old paint factory uniform. There are many apparitions in the hills of Hiwassee.

Honaker - Big A Mountain - A helicopter crash left large chunks of metal from the aircraft and bones in the trees on big a mountain. Local people from the area were first on the scene and one man found a dying victim moaning but he was too late to save the person's life. He returned to the spot years later and said he could still hear the person moaning and felt a cold chill and the smell of death still fills the air around the area where the helicopter crashed

Honaker - Hoanker High School - Old principal walking down the stairs gym basement. People have smelt smoke, and report seeing him.

Honaker - Honaker Hollow - 1.Woman with washboard and tub. The closer you get the more she fades away until she's gone.
2.When a certain old house is stayed in, you can hear something land on the roof or somewhere close-by and without opening doors or windows comes into the house. There can actually be communication with whatever it is.
3.Also hear tales of when my great uncle rode out of the hollow on a horse he felt someone get on behind him and when he tried to feel behind him there was nothing there.

Hopewell - Appomatix Manor - This old house on the river front in Hopewell is known to have been a hold out for Confederate and sometimes Union soldiers during the Civil War, especially the assault on Petersburg nearby. One legend surrounding the house is where a nurse hid a Union soldier in the wall of the basement when the Confederates came to inspect the house. When they found Union paraphernalia in the storage room they arrested the woman and took her away. The Union soldier ,unable to help himself escape, died and today can be heard scratching at the walls for someone to be let out. This is a story told by the caretakers of the house. In 1953, when they were rebuilding the basement of the house they found a body of a Union solder behind the walls.

Horsepen - Old Pocahontas Fuel Building - This building is built almost directly over an old mine. The mine below was the site of one of the largest water inundations(they broke through a rock wall into an underground river) killing many by drowning. Their voices call for help at night and sometimes during the day if someone is alone.

Independence - Lover’s Leap - It is said that anyone who passes over this bridge will see the ghost figure of a young girl crying, saying "I love you" or a strapping young man jumping off the bridge. The story goes that the two were romantically involved and their families were at odds. The two would rather die than be kept apart so they jumped off the bridge holding hands and whispering, "I love you".

Ivanhoe - Wilkins Mansion Area - The Mansion itself burnt down 30 some years ago, but it is said that if your in the area at night you will hear the sounds of slaves chained  together, walking down the road. Not only that, but you will hear the slaves singing songs of their era. A group of friends went to explore this place in 1970,and heard these noises quite clearly. Be wary though if you choose to explore this place, as it is very wooded and the road to the place is very rough.

Jamestown - Amblers' Colonial Mansion - a very angry ghost named Lydia Ambler haunts her former home.

King George County - Lambs Creek Church - off of U.S. route 3 on Lambs creek church road (R.R. 4) there is Lamb's Creek church where two civil war soldiers can be seen resting on a rainy night. This usually happens on rainy nights. Also the church's windows glow from the inside around the 27th of October. There is also a ghost of a young girl who died of pneumonia, a strange blue light and an apparition of the girl running and playing.

Lancaster - Lancaster Tavern - It was established in the 1700's, not sure exactly when, it says on the sign hanging above the door, but there is a very friendly ghost there who every morning makes breakfast. Very early in the morning you can smell bacon cooking when no-one is awake or in the kitchen.

Leesburg - Balls Bluff Battlefield - Around the time of the battle at night, soldiers have been seen still trying to climb the bluffs and get across the Potomac river.

Leesburg - Graydon Manor - There is a mental hospital called Graydon Manor. Back in the early 1900's a young woman was sent there for various reasons by her parents. She was forced to leave her lover. She would escape occasionally and meet up with her boyfriend at this gazebo out in the woods. Soon it became too much, she escaped on night in her prettiest dress, met up with her boyfriend and the two of them hung themselves in the gazebo. The girl is said to haunt the woods, the dirt road, and the gazebo occasionally. The gazebo can still be seen off an old dirt road, although it recently got hit from a falling tree.

Lexington - Poor House Road Tunnel - The tunnel was part of an old railroad system that ran from Lexington to Staunton in the early 1900s. Inside the tunnel at night, voices of children are heard whispering "Come on, come on." Misty dark fog gathers around you when standing in the middle of the tunnel.

Lexington - Virginia Military Institute - A painting over the alter has been said to bleed, noises in VMI's catacombs, old cellars under barracks, and sounds of cannon fire near the Jackson Memorial Hall.

Louisa - Owens Creek Rd. Mineral - Historical Red House - The "Mistress of Red House" is said to roams the grounds of this revolutionary war house. A woman in a tan dress, She sometimes stands peering out the windows or up near the driveway entrance. Usually appearing early in the dark morning around 4 am. The house still standing which was redone in the 19th century. It is a small house will a large yard and a forgotten unkept graveyard is nearby.

Lynchburg - Randolph - Macon Woman's College- A girl was murdered on campus 25 years ago and it is said that some nights you can hear her running and screaming. Also, is said that the Smith Banquet Hall is haunted by the headless ghost of a Washington and Lee U. student who was on his way here for a dance and got decapitated in a wreck.

Lynchburg - William Bass Elementary School - voices and doors opening and closing a some of the events here.

Manassas - Manassas Battlefield - Unfinished Railroad - During the Civil war, Robert E. Lee ordered the construction of a railroad that he could use to more efficiently transport supplies to Bull Run for his army. The workers were massacred and the railroad was never finished. Strange noises including banshee yells and voices have been heard in the woods bordering the paths. There are two intersecting trails through the woods; take the one to the far right.

Manassas - Old Town Inn - There is a ghost named miss Lucy who hunts rooms 51 to 54 . She sometime holds people in the air and is seen in the city tavern.

Manassas - Signal Hill - Signal Hill Hospital - Once used as a hospital for Confederate wounded during the Civil War, this building has been the site of many strange occurrences; large floating balls of light in the second building of the house, doors slamming shut, and a feeling of presence in the basement. The Signal Hill hospital is located opposite the fork in Signal Hill Rd.

Marion - Octagonal House - Abijah Thomas built the Octagon house in 1850. Thomas built the house with 8 sides to protect it from wind damage. He kept slaves to help him work the fields. It is said that in an upstairs room you can still see fresh blood dripping and seeping down one of the walls. You can also hear many strange noises through out the entire premises.

Mathews - Old House Woods - These stories have been passed down for a good 200 years. These instances have been recognized as the most bizarre psychic phenomena ever recorded. Anywhere from swash buckling pirates burring stolen gold; A ghost ship hovering over the woods; British soldiers hiding colonial treasure during the revolutionary war; A full Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air; Skeletons in knight’s armor wielding threatening swords; Mysterious groups of shovelers digging furiously late at night; to ghost horses and cows appearing and disappearing before your eyes. All of these and more have been seen at different times of the year. There has also been a rumor going around of a witch that lets off a green light flying through the trees. - February 2004 addition: 4 Eye-witnesses have vowed never to return to this area of land. The woods got their name from an old house that was in the center of them. The story behind the house is unknow at this time. The house caught on fire and then put its self out. Then a few years later it caught fire again and burned to the foundation. There is one spirit that comes up out of the water and walks along the beach towards the road. At first glance it is a rather grey glowing figure dressed in worn pirate style clothing if you are able to catch the face it is that of a skeleton. The Spanish Galleon that comes in from the water hovering over the beach and then above the woods. If you are on the beach and face the woods you can see the grove in the tree line as to where the ship docks. You can watch the ship hover there above the trees and watch as figures of men get off the ship. The whole wooded area lights up and you can hear digging and clanking of shovels.. There are 2 black headless dogs that will come out of the woods and chase you. As well as jump onto your vehicle or in the bed of your truck. The green light is truly astonishing. It is more like a ball of light. That is so intense it lights up everything it flashes 3 times for brief periods of time. but doesn't distort your night vision when it passes.. Usually when you see that light it is time to go. You have worn out your welcome on the beach. If you remain things will start to attack your vehicle. There are also accounts of people vanishing in those woods. They say that if you get too close to the treasure you never return. Various people over the years have gone in searching and never made it back.

Matoaca - Matoaca High School - At the old high school it is known to be haunted in the theater. Lights move and cut off, doors shake and you hear many noises. There is also a cold chill when you call upon the ghosts. Also, banging noises on the door.

Mechanicsville - Cold Harbor - Battlefield Park - In the front, battles are still going on. You can usually see or hear them around 1am every night. Also, a path runs thru the park for visitors and if you're lucky you can photo a ghost. Many of these pictures have been published in the Richmond Times Dispatch and Mechanicsville Local.

Mechanicsville - Cold Harbor - Cemetery - The cemetery beside the park is also haunted by a little girl. Legend is she fell out of the window of the keeper's house and you can either see her in the window or waking around the cemetery. That whole area is haunted.

Mechanicsville - Cold Harbor - Garthright House - The across from the cemetery is extremely haunted. You can here people walking, talking and feel breath on your neck.

Middlesex - Hartfield - This house has been here since the 1600's and its a three story there are carvings on the outside of the house of people how live in the house in the 1600's and 1700's there is a legend there was a solider hanged and shot on the stair way they buried him out in the field now people who visit there see the ghost.

Middlesex - Stormont Road - My Lady Bridge - Many years ago in stormy night unknown lady who Going Home in stormy night Riding with the horse buggy . suddenly the Bridge was flooding all of a lot water when the lady was coming by the bridge she was fell off the bridge then she drown . The morning the lady body is found at the Bridge at night time when you coming the bridge you can heard the sound of the spirit of lady banging under the Bridge.

Middletown - Belle Grove Plantation - A women dressed in an all black dress with a vial over her head is known for standing in the window of the highest room. It is said that she's either the plantation owners wife or mistress. Many people have seen her standing there during the day yet nobody is in the room when they go look. She is always wearing the same clothing. This plantation is located next to Cedar Creek Battle Field. Many houses in this area are haunted.

Middletown - Wayside Inn - Wayside is the oldest still running in America. There is one specific room that is supposedly haunted and that is room 14. Many guests comment on strange occurrences in that room. There have been other sightings throughout the inn as well.

Middletown -The Wayside Theatre - The ghost of a former caretaker, who died in a fire, is said to roam this theatre. Paranormal activity seems to take place on the back porch costume storage, the basement, and the theatre balcony. On the balcony itself, seat CC1 is often found lowered after being raised the previous evening.

Mount Vernon - Woodlawn Plantation - A strong sweet odor when you walk near the English boxwoods. It is believed to be Nelly Custis, George Washington's granddaughter taking a walk. She seems to be a very welcoming spirit.

New Market - Some people have seen Civil War soldiers on the battlefield near here. Some say their are nights in the month of May that the cannons can still be heard in the far distance, and many people have seen the charge of the cadets replayed in front of them.

Newbern - Wilderness Road Museum - In Newbern a section of Dublin Va. in - . There is a Wilderness Road Museum and just the wilderness road area, have often been said to be Haunted. Lots of the original buildings are still there. But the main Places that you see the ghost of this little town are in the museum. There is a lady who has been seen in the top widows of the building looking out and gazing. No one is sure to who she is but she has been seen wondering around the grounds also. It s said that in the middle of the night, the lights will flip on and then off with no one in the place. It’s a rich little area around here. Deep in the history of the wars and everything else that has happened around here. 

Norfolk - City Jail - Many people have reported seeing a man walk the halls on various floors of this jail. The sightings are usually seen by the night shift, and are attributed to the natural death of a previous inmate.

Norfolk - Gresham Dorms - About 2 years ago a couple was murdered in the parking lot between Gresham Main and East. The killer(s) were never found and the couple's souls were never put to rest. It is said the woman can be fould walking around bleeding from gun shots, trying to find help for her dead husband. This usually happens towards the end of the month, and many nights in November, the month they were killed.

Norfolk - USS Caron - In the forward 5" Gun Mount, below the decks, a large man in a khaki uniform is seen by sailors out of the corner of their eye or, in some instances, plain as day. The story goes that he was a Gunner's Mate Chief and he went up in the mount to perform maintenance one day without utilizing a safety mechanism and was crushed to death inside the mount when the loader activated. Now he is seen mainly at night inside the mount near the control panels by sailors passing their duty days inside the mount.- February 2005 Update: It has been decommissioned and sunk.

Norfolk - USS Cole - In the Engineering space where the ship was hit if you are working alone your tools will be moved on you and you can feel a presence of someone watching you. In the Hall of Heroes by the mess decks you can hear your name being called by an unseen woman. The ghosts just want to let people know that they are watching us

Norfolk - USS George Washington - As strange as it sounds for a U.S. Navy ship to be haunted with a little girl, that appears to be what is happening. One of the few things on the GW. Multiple people have said that they have seen her in the lower levels of the Engineering spaces. One saw her in a pink and white dress. Another saw her in a blue dress and when he tried to get closer she was gone. Another sailor said that he had seen a guard dog on one of his tours, but the dog disappeared as soon as he got closer to it. There have been reports of strange noises, like the sound of someone jingling their keys as they walk down the stairs but there is no one on the stairs. One time a man walked halfway down the stairs but never made it to the bottom. Two gentlemen standing near watched him start his journey before he disappeared. Another group of men have seen a man walking through equipment before going out of sight. Once they investigated they found no one in the space. Other strange things happen as well, shoulder tapping, strange sounds, shadows, tools moving in the middle of the night. And most of all, the overwhelming sensation of being watched from every nook and cranny of the space.

Norfolk - Weslyn - A girl haunts the women’s residency. She sits in a chair at night and follows anyone who comes in late or who gets up and walks to the bathroom where she supposedly had died. She is a mean ghost and has frightened many women at this college with her wicked stare as she follows them.

Norton - Ramsey Cemetery - In the cemetery late at night, like midnight or later, no matter what the temperature, it gets cold as soon as you walk through the gates. And you hear noises in the bushes around you and the leaves are moving and there is no wind. It sounds like people are talking and whispering to one another, but you really can't understand what they are saying. Every once in a while, you see a shadowy figure ahead of you, and if you get closer it disappears. The whole time you are walking you can hear footsteps behind you. Some times you hear a train approaching, and you would probably say "well that's normal since it is right by an active rail road track", well let me tell you this: my mom is a conductor on the trains that go through there and she says they rarely ever go through there at that hour. Plus you can stand and listen to that sound for almost 10 to 15 minutes and the train never comes. Around dawn every thing seems to go back to being normal, no noises, no footsteps from unseen followers, nothing.

Occoquan - The Loft Gallery - In the early morning hours in October 2006 one of the artist witnessed a mist with a glow float thru the gallery.  Many of the artists have heard doors closing, footsteps and floors creaking as though someone was in the gallery.  During the 1990's one of the paintings came flying off the wall while one of the artists told young visitors stories of a man from centuries ago.  The young visitors ran screaming from the gallery leaving the artist to clean up the mess made by the spirit.

Orange - Wilderness Battlefield - People have reported seeing a woman calling out for her lost husband "Jacob" at the battlefield site, soldiers charging and laying in the remaining trenches, and people driving on the road beside the battlefield have reported seeing flashes of light described as "the flash from a gun or cannon barrel" appearing just above the battlefield grounds.

Orange - Willow Grove Inn - Strange noises in vacant rooms. Footsteps have been heard on many occasions that belong to an unknown and invisible being. On occasion two confederate soldiers have been seen sitting under the big tree out front talking.

Orange - Zachary Taylor House - Strange noises coming from upstairs while no one is up there. Music has been heard in the "main room". Described as violins. On a few occasions witness have described a man and a woman descending the staircase.

Pearisburg - Pearis Cemetery - Apparitions in the dark near the center of the cemetery, Strange sounds like someone having a conversation, feeling of being followed.

Petersburg - Battery 9 station - It is said that late at night you can hear loud voices and sounds of cannons going off. That is also a ghostly figure that rides a black horse and can be seen on top of the hill just behind the station.

Petersburg - Old Central State Mental Hospital - If you walk in there you get a feeling that someone’s there. You can some times hear noises and maybe see something. The hospital has been closed down for a number of years and there’s no telling how many people have died in there. But some Spirits still remain there.

the plains - Grey Horse Inn - Replay of a confederate soldier being killed.

Poquoson - Old town Poquoson (Messick) - A woman by the name of Dolly "Mammy" Messick once went out right before a winter storm to bring in the cows (with no help from her 3 children) and drown in a sink hole, and was said to have haunted her two daughters until their deaths.

Poquoson - Poquoson Ave - The Road to the right near 'church street' is haunted. This is located near the old morgue, ghost have been seen walking up and down the road, lost and confused. A woman in a nightgown will talk to you, she will ask to use the phone so she can call her husband, as your walking up to your house, she vanishes. I've had it happen, it was more then just 'unnerving' to say the least.

Portsmouth - Craney Island Fuel Depot - Reports of a Civil War soldier, the sound of a horse.

Portsmouth - Olde Towne - Most of Olde Towne is haunted. There are lots of stories and a book on the subject. Each Halloween, there is a guaranteed, sold-out Ghost Walk where they tell you all of the stories and show you the houses. One of the more famous stories/hauntings is of The Lady in White of Court Street. Story goes, a young woman's husband either drowned at sea, ran off, got killed or something tragic...became so depressed herself, that to this day on nights of the full moon, she can be seen running down the street to the water and jumping in. Yes, drowning was her ultimate demise...but for those who've seen her, the experience is so real, big, grown men have been known to jump in the water to save the drowning woman...only to find there's nothing there once they're in the water.

Portsmouth - the old naval hospital - Bldg 1 - built in 1827. Some people who have worked in the old x-ray film archive describe especially at night sounds of a baby crying usually between the walls of the now fathers waiting room and the x-ray developer room. The building is now closed awaiting renovation to change it back to its former 827 design.

Powhatan - Powhatan Correctional Center - Where the Chapel is located in the prison today, at one time was the inmates infirmary. There are windows surrounding 3 sides of the room, which are visible from the security towers outside. Many times officers have reported seeing a prisoner standing at the windows looking out. When investigated by inside officers, the area is found to be empty and secured, no way for anyone to get in or out! This occurs several times a year at all hours of the day and night. One evening an officer from a tower reported someone at the window. Again no one was found, yet the officer reported she could still see the inmate at the window. The inside officers searched the area with no inmate found. The Captain went to the tower to see what the officer insisted she was seeing. When he looked to the window she pointed to, he too could see the man.

Richmond - Church Hill Tunnel - In 1925 The church Hill Train tunnel was being reopened after being closed do to deaths in 1877. They needed more traffic area for trains the C&O train #231 and several cars was near the entrance of the tunnel when it collapsed killing everyone they tried to dig them out but only reached the conductor dead at the switch. Most nights around the first part of October and some other nights you can hear the train real faintly trying to get out the tunnel. Witnesses report seeing a man trying to get in the tunnel to reach his train to save the trapped workers and you can still hear them screaming.

Richmond - Governors Mansion - a friendly ghost of a young women haunts the Governors Mansion to this day.

Richmond - Henrico County - Shirlydale Ave.(apartments) - At the end of Shirlydale Ave after the cul-de-sac there was a house about 50 yards up that was used as a civil war hospital it was tore down in the 80'S the house was gray 2 story with a basement and to the left was a barn with a drop door into a lower level that opened to the back. There is also an old square shaped pond or was a man made one; over to the right several graves was found by the apartments when they cleared the property. It was rumored that the spiteful union solders removed the tombstones and killed the patients in the hospital as they rested and the confederate soldiers still scream and moan. You can also see soldiers walking up through the woods where the house was to get help and sometimes you can here them talking in the woods and a harmonica playing in the distance but don’t be alarmed when you see a campfire in the background.

Richmond - Hollywood Cemetery - Besides the fact that the cemetery is very old with many local "celebrities" (mostly governors, senators, and a president or two) there is one tomb, Poole's, that is known as the Vampire Tomb. Supposedly the man enclosed in the building was a vampire and has been known to stalk visitors, and even attack a few, in the cemetery late at night.

Richmond - Old Railway - There is a light seen down the tracks that never seems to get any closer it seems to be the lantern the man carried. There is also sightings of fireballs and orbs.

Richmond - Pocohantas Parkway - The new road was constructed over an old Indian Grave.  Spirits come out around midnight near the tollbooth.  There have been several reports of the spirits to the police.  Toll booth workers say they hear strange noises at night.

Richmond - Tuckahoe Plantation - This was the childhood home of Thomas Jefferson. An Unhappy bride is said to walk the grounds sobbing. It seems she was forced to marry against her will, and died of a broken heart.

Richmond - Varina Road in Varina - Battlefield Cemetery - There is a cemetery on the right that has a very strange ghost lurking around the graves. He watches over the cemetery and rumor is, there was a water fountain in the yard and if you drink from it he will make noises and sometimes throw things at you. He is believed to be a confederate solder.

Richmond - Virginia Aviation Museum - The museum is located on a Civil War battlefield; also the museum contains old planes and artifacts from pilots beginning in WWII. There have been other occurrences there such as footsteps to a particular plane, and a very old stopwatch starting up and ticking.

Roanoke - Patrick Henry Hotel - There are many ghosts here. There are 3 men in the ballroom who stand and watch. An elderly woman died here in one of the room and you can still feel her presence. There is also a man sitting at one of the tables on the second floor, kicking the tablecloth with his foot and smoking a pipe

Rockbridge - Natural Bridge Old Hotel  - the original owner of the old hotel in natural bridge supposedly went crazy and killed his wife and kids in the hotel and some people have claimed to have seen them wandering the grounds at night. But no one ever speaks of it because it will make tourism fall.

Rustburg - Ivanhoe - The ghost in lavender, her remains lie in an ivy covered grave in the old burying ground, is thought to be the wife of the original owner. There is a story of a peddler murdered in one of the upper rooms in the long ago. Guests occupying the room heard alarming noises, had bedclothes removed in the night, or found them on the floor when going to bed. Two young men saw a pillow fly across the room. In this same room, there is a bloodstain on the floor. Attempts to remove the stain were unavailing. Soon after re-staining the floor, the spot would reappear. Some nights, near the house, you can hear the sound of heavy strokes of an axe chopping a tree and the labored breathing of the chopper.

Rye Cove - Nashville Music Institute - building is located on McMillian St off of Church St in Nashville, TN. This building is supposedly the 2nd oldest in Nashville and operated as a prison ran by Sam Houston years ago. In the early 2000's it operated as Nashville Music Institute where many musicians had ghostly experiences.

Rye Cove - The Moore Cemetery - located next to the Rye Cove High School in Rye Cove, the Rye Cove Elementary School located up the road where a tornado destroyed the school and killed many students the old Carter home place (200+ year old white house with red roof down the road from the High School) are all sites of ghostly hauntings.)

Smithfield - Smithfield Station - Employees of the restaurant say that there is a ghost of a man who sits at the bar sometimes late at night when the restaurant is closed. He is believed to have drowned in the river behind the restaurant after leaving the bar one night. He just sits there drinking and staring off into space, if approached, he will disappear. 

Springfield - Bablat Afif - In the 1880s a Palestinian immigrated to the US and was brutally tortured and then murdered in some woods which are now known as Lake Accotink Park. It is said that on some nights he is heard moaning, "Arrrrrghh". On rare occasions he is also have said to appear in the form of have human half beast with an eye patch.

Stafford - Silverthorn Creek - Many Believe a curse haunts this creek for its furious common winds. Holds an urban legend of a man who haunts the creek with his slaves often heard singing from local children- many fear. Local Carlstrom/Mackey children have heard often curse stories and many don’t believe in it.

Stafford - Witches Pond - A trail off Telegraph Road will lead to a place called Witches Pond. There is a sacrifice table there that was used in the 1700's. There have been numerous sightings of a mysterious woman on the lake near the table. The sacrifice table has letters written on it in Latin. - April 2008 Update: This is Private property. you will get arrested if you are caught on this land.

Stanardsville - Bed and Breakfast - It is said that there is a bloodstain in the foyer from a confederate soldier who killed himself after learning of his wife being unfaithful with a Yankee soldier during the battle of Stanardsville. Even though it has been scrubbed away at night each morning it returns. It is also said that he still wanders the halls with a pistol looking for the Yankee soldier.

Staunton - Dejarnette Center - Opened in 1825 and was named Western Lunatic Asylum. Dr. Joseph Dejarnette took over in 1905 and believed in eugenics. Many of the patients at the Asylum were unhappy and tortured. The asylum was closed down in 1996 but many things still go on at Western state. The grounds are off limit but people who sneak in claim to hear footsteps, moans, whispers, screams, and doors opening and closing.

Stewartsville - Jeters chapel - sightings of a man in a white robe hovering over the middle of the cemetery.

Stratford - Stratford Hall - This is the place where Robert E Lee grew up and lived with his family. If you go in his wife's old room and see the bed made and then walk out for five minutes the bed will have a place where someone sat down. The places are different each time but it is said to be his wife's ghost sitting on her bed to think. Sometimes you can see a woman in a black dress come down the stairs. If you go into the sitting room you can see a picture of the same woman.

Surry - Bacons Castle - A mysterious fireball appears from a nearby cemetery and circles the castle then enters through one of the chimneys and disappears in the basement kitchen

Sweet Briar - Sweet Biar College - Meta Glass Dormitory - The founder's young daughter who died a sudden and sickly death at the age of 16 makes her presence known throughout the attic of this dormitory. It has also been said that her mother can often be seen in the quad near their old plantation house...

Swords Creek - Dye Family Cemetery - there has been a number of sightings as orbs floating trough the cemetery. - WARNING: this may be a privately owned cemetery. You enter at your own risk, police may be called, or you could be shot. Make sure you get permission.

Swords Creek - Long Branch - You can see Green eyes starring in your window, see people with bloody faces, hear cabinate doors slam in various homes. At the end of one of the roads there is a rock quary and you can see men, men with bloody faces and things in their heads. You see and hear cats all the time. There are reports of evil spirits around. Some even say you can feel them.

Swords Creek - Railroad Tracks - Reports of an apparition of a young girl with a bonnet on a little bit of hair came down in her face. She had black circles under her eyes and she was really pale.

USS Siapan - USS Siapans V-decks - Witnesses report being watched and felt very uncomfortable and scared. Flashes of light and shadows as well.

Virginia Beach - Cavalier Hotel - A ritzy hotel built in 1927 Many famous people stayed there. (Al Capone, Woodrow Wilson...etc.) Adolph Coors owner of Coors brewery jumped to his death from his hotel window in the 1929. The hotels previous owner shot himself inside the hotel. An old black gentleman in an old hotel uniform is said stand watch at the top of the sixth floor stairwell warning people of ghosts reportedly saying "you don't want to go up there, There's ghosts up there". There is also a cat, which roams the halls promoting calls to the front desk from angry guests.

Virginia Beach - Chesapeake - Elbow Road - Elbow Road is known to be haunted by a Mrs. Woble. She once lived on this road and the story goes she was murdered and her body was never recovered. To this day, people have seen strange occurrences at night, including lights turning on and off in an imaginary house, believed to be Mrs. Woble's. there is a certain curve on elbow road that if you go there around midnight and sit on the hood of your car, and if your very quiet you can start to see small, childlike footprints start to walk toward your car. it is supposedly the ghost of a little girl who drowned in the lake one day when her and her father were fishing.

Virginia Beach - Chick's Beach Vol. Fire Squad - The ghost of an ex-fireman has been spotted within the station. In some situations sirens are turned on by themselves, doors are slammed on vehicles, and fire alarms are raised for no reason.

Virginia Beach - The Princess Anne Country Club - (An Exclusive Private Golf and Tennis Club)Several spirits are known to roam the 100 year old Clubhouse. There have been reports of an evil man in a cape that sends guests and employees running with fear as well as a bride that disappears who is seen in the bar area. A former employee reports hearing old time type music coming from one of the hotel rooms (exclusively used by members and their guests) and the sound of the dining rooms being set for dinner. When the place was closed for maintenance. There are also rumors that a secret underground bunker is there similar to the one at The Greenbrier Hotel.

West Point - Railroad tracks - Legend has it that a conductor was walking down the tracks holding a lantern when a train passed by. A chain was hanging off of the train and t decapitated the man. Supposedly you can see the lantern swinging back and forth going up and down the tracks searching for his head. Also, if you look up in the trees, you can see a white light hiding in the trees. I've seen a black figure on the side of the tracks that comes toward the car from the left and it will cross the tracks and you can see it go toward to the other end of town. Sometimes the thing will follow you to Churchville road and ten turn around. There has also been a sighting of the old day train cars that took 2 people to move. The cars that look like they have a seesaw, which moves the train car.

West Point/King William - Cohoke Railroad - Near the small crossroads town of Cohoke in King William, a ghost train appears to visitors more times than it doesn't. Looking down the tracks towards the west, a light will come like a train, but with no noise. It will get closer and closer and then just disappear. Also occasionally this light will be preceded by the apparition of a confederate soldier holding a lantern.

Williamsburg - Carter's Grove Plantation - Ghosts of 17th century colonists killed in an Indian massacre roam the grounds. Fresh flowers wilt overnight in the 'refusal room', Pirates seen playing cards in the mansion at night.

Williamsburg - Colonial Grounds - While visiting Williamsburg i heard a story of a ghost of a slave named Jim. He was a slave to the Governor and he went to his shack one day and his family had disappeared. He is said to roam the halls of nearby hotels and knock on doors searching for his lost family.

Williamsburg - Governors Mansion - The maze behind the building is said to be haunted by soldiers from the civil war and revolutionary war. The wall in front of the mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of a criminally insane escapee of Eastern State Mental Institution, who in the 1920s slit a woman's throat.

Williamsburg - Governor’s Palace Green - A young women haunts the Governor’s Palace and another house near the palace. She is the ghost of a girl named Elizabeth that was attending one of the governor’s balls. It is said that during the night Elizabeth became very upset and ran away from the ball. On her way back to the house that Elizabeth was staying at, she lost one of her shoes on the Governor’s Palace's Green. When she finally got home legend has it that she threw herself off the top step. But the truth is that Elizabeth died away from Williamsburg giving birth. Even so, Elizabeth still haunts the Governor’s Palace Green. Some people still see her. Others hear the sound of someone running who is missing a shoe. - March 2008 Additional information: This is actually believed to be the ghost of Lady Anne Skipwith, a guest at the George Wythe house (also haunted).

Williamsburg - Ironbound Road – Rec Center - the blinds go up and down in the second floors nurses office, a ghost is seen to play baseball late at night and a shadowy figure has been seen walking around the woods late at night

Williamsburg - Kings Arms Tavern - A woman named Irma haunts this place. She lived in the 1700s. People don't yet know how she died. Some people believe she died because of a candle. Others think she died because of another thing. Irma isn't seen very often, but she is heard speaking to staff and people have felt her presence. Irma blows out candles and helps the staff. She is not a poltergeist. She is very friendly.

Williamsburg - Magazine building - A soldier seems to still walk up the stairs to put his guns away.

Williamsburg - Matthew Whaley Elementary School (301 Scotland Street) - Haunted by the ghosts of two young African American boys killed in the 1960's by an unknown anti-desegregation assailant.- March 2008 Additional information: Believed to actually be haunted by Matthew Whaley, the son of Headmistress Mary Page Whaley. He died at the age of 9, but before dying had frequently played with a young black slave boy. The haunting of the school is that of Matthew Whaley. He and the little slave boy can also be seen playing together in front of the Governor's Palace in Market Square, where the school used to be.

Williamsburg - Peyton Randolph House - Many ghost sightings over 20 stories associated with this old mansion.

Williamsburg - The Mill - Williamsburg's first serial killer stashed his young victim's bodies here, and it is said to be haunted by them.

Williamsburg - William and Mary - Quarterly House/Brafferton Building - Haunted by Indians kept in the house. You can hear beating of drums, crying, screaming, footsteps and you can see a boy run across the soccer field late at night.March 2008 Additional information: Haunted by Indians kept in the house. You can hear beating of drums, crying, screaming, footsteps and you can see a boy run across the soccer field late at night. *This actually is the Brafferton Building, a building used to house Indians after the massacre of the colonists in the 1700's. The 10 year old Indian boys were taken from their families, and forced to become like all the other colonists. When the Indians started to run away, they were locked in at night. One boy lowered a rope from his window, leaving the school every night to run across the greens like he had as a child. He was found dead of unknown causes under his window.

Williamsburg - William and Mary - Tucker Hall - In 1980, a girl committed suicide in this academic building, and her ghost is rumored to appear throughout the semesters.

Williamsburg - The Williamsburg Theatre - the ghost of a Union soldier in blue haunts this theatre. During the Civil War, the theatre belonged to the Wade family, a friendly and well-known family who open their home to poverty-stricken families in search of a home. One day a severely-wounded Confederate soldier was taken into the home in the attempt to heal him from his wounds and save his life. Unfgrtunately, the soldier later died. The next day, Union soldier entered the Wade home in search of Confederates taken refuge in Williamsburg. When the Confederate soldier was revealed to the soldiers, it turned the Confederate soldier was brother to one of the Union soldiers who had entered the Wade Home. Grief-stricken, the Union soldier sobbed uncontrollably. The soldier later died on the battle fields in Richmond. His ghost is said to be wandering the halls of the theatre, desperately searching for his fallen brother in order to make amends with him. 

Williamsburg - The Presidents House / Wren Building - Haunted by a French Soldier of the revolutionary war-he died in this building when it was a makeshift hospital for the wounded. Also, it was haunted by some unknown force, and one of the inhabitants discovered the body of a 13 year old girl buried in the walls.March 2008 Additional information: Haunted by a French Soldier of the revolutionary war-he died in this building when it was a makeshift hospital for the wounded. Also, it was haunted by some unknown force, and one of the inhabitants discovered the body of a 13 year old girl buried in the walls. *This is actually the President's House (where William and Mary current president's live during their term). We do not know the gender of the person entombed in the wall as only bone fragments were found and no testing was completed. Also, on a third floor window, scratched into the glass are the words, O Fatal Day, but no explanation as to why they are there or where they came from.

Winchester - Abram's Delight - Several ghosts of the Hollingsworth family (the family that built & owned the house for several generations) haunt the home and grounds. Mary Hollingsworth is the most frequent visitor.

Winchester - Cork Street Tavern - The tavern has a ghost that likes to trip its guests that walk through the door.

Winchester - Fort Colier Battle Field - The cries and ghostly figures of those wounded haunt the battle fields once every year. When ghostly figures appear each year is unknown--it is always different!

Winchester - Orchardcrest Apartments - Late at night, or early morning hours, odd things will occur, such as lights flickering on and off, TV's coming on and off, doors slamming when everyone is asleep. Rumor has it that around 100 years ago, there was a cemetery and that when they built the apartments, they dug up most of the bodies, but some were forgotten.

Wise - J.J. Kelly High School - This submission has been proved false - Many years ago, a student at J J Kelly High hung himself in the auditorium. Before doing so, he road the elevator up to the 2nd floor, walked down the long hallway, got a drink of water from the water fountain then hung himself on stage. Nobody knows why. To this day, the elevator opens and closes uncontrollably. The water fountain sprays water without anyone touching it.. And the auditorium, there's always wind that comes through there and sounds from the back. - February 2007 Correction: the elevator was not put in until 1995.

Wise - University of Virginia - Bowers-Sturgill - A young girl that committed suicide in what is currently Bowers-Sturgill Hall is said to be seen hanging from the pipes from which she hung herself.

Wise - Wise County Orphange - This place has experieced many strange sightings threw the years. Many People have said they can see a strange figure standing in a window lookin over the field. It has also been said that children that have been terribly murdered can be heard laughing and bouncing balls. Many peolpe have been heard screaming from the house with sheer terror.

Woodbridge - Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre - The ghost or ghosts who haunt the Lazy Susan have been known to rearrange the chairs & place settings in the dining room.  Several people have reported seeing unexplained lights moving around backstage, and many people have reported feeling a "presence" when alone in the theatre.

Woodbridge - Old haunted orphan houses - Many years ago off of Route 1 in Woodbridge, Virginia were several houses that belonged to old families who would adopt orphans as a way of life. The problem is that big corporal companies came in to build over the houses and so the families were evicted. Years later when the land had begin to furnish again, contractors decided to build over the houses since the plan to construct when they had been torn down had been shunned. When construction began several appearances had been sighted of children running around and giggling in the woods. Machinery started to malfunction and people started to disappear in the woods when bodies of the children had been found in unmarked stone graves around the houses. The area of land is located across from the junkyard that sits across the street from the original orphan house all the way to the forest miles behind and next to Potomac library. The only people who were able to survive in the area and camp there were homeless people. It is said that the orphans take pity on their misfortune and spare them the life they had previously lead. That goes to show even the dead show sympathy.

Woodbridge - Skini Fatz Bar/Restaurant - Skini Fatz theme has been changed a lot over the years. They have witnessed lights turning on after they've closed for the night. An older man in what is used as the waitress dressing area.  also there have been reports from various people stating they've seen a young man in the parking lot. This gentleman was hit by a car about 10-15 years ago. Overall the place is eclectic both in looks and in other fashions. It's an overall neat place to go and check out one night. The manager there is a really nice guy. And the best part of all is you can look around pretty much the entire place.

Woodlawn Plantation - There are several ghosts that haunt Woodlawn Plantation, which used to be the home of George Washington's daughter. The gift shop has a well in the floor that is kept closed. Apparently it is a doorway for ghosts.

Yorktown - Camp Peary - A man killed his wife, and later hung himself. The lights turn on when no one is around, also doors unlock mysteriously.

Yorktown - Crawford Road - A woman hung herself from an overpass on her wedding day. Her spirit has been seen her spirit, hanging in her wedding dress. Also, African Americans were hung down the road. A lot of spirits dwell on this road. - February 2005 Correction - Formerly listed under - Poquoson - Crawford Rd - There have been other stories about the part of the road where the Tour Road crosses over Crawford Rd. There is a story that on some nights that you can see a black lady in a white dress walk up on the bridge onto the ledge, then she falls off and then she stops in mid air and swings like she was hung. There have also been stories of your car cutting out and not starting. If you drove down it at night you could see someone hanging from the bridge where someone was hung years ago and that cars have shut off underneath the bridge. - December 2006 additional information: Before you come to crybaby bridge that runs about halfway down from the roads entrance on either side of the vast woods lies a fenced off road that actually heads back into a clearing if you're daring enough to cross the threshold. If you enter the clearing, you will find a solitary building that is long since abandoned with no doors. If you watch, there are red eyes that may appear in one of the open doorways (most likely the very last door all the way to the right) 'watching' you as you move around. Should you get close they may end up vanishing before you can locate them. Going into the building itself, however, yields the very eerie feeling of more than one 'being' watching your every move. It has been seen on film of shadow people walking around along the walls without actually anything being in front of the light source (always in the shape of a tall male creeping along). There have also been reports of people feeling like they have had their feet stepped on, voices whispering, and even hands lain upon the middle of their backs. This experience is random, but best done on a clear, moonless night. But you never know what you might find if you actually go to the radio station once the sun is down.

Yorktown - Yorktown Battlefields - Plenty of Civil War Era ghosts wandering around. And legend is if you sit on a hill on the battle fields at midnight and stare at the moon for a few seconds, then look at the battle fields the soldiers are still there fighting.


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