The Yeti

Or the abominable snowman as it is commonly called has been sighted in the Himalayan mountains for 100's of years. The creature is a tall manlike creature coverd with shaggy hair.   The people of Nepal see the creature regularly.  Accounts say it's height is approx. 6-8 feet, conical scalp, pointed ears, hairless chest area and a human-like face.   The creature is said to have a very bad temperment and will attack anyone who ventures close enough.  The Yeti's descriptions are similar to those of Bigfoot.  Below are some pictures of foot prints and tracks attributed to the Yeti. Judging by the depth of the footprint impressions, the average yeti most way upwards of 800 pounds.  Many Westerners have also observed this creature while on expeditions in the mountains.  The most recent sighting was in 1986 when the creature was observed by the famous climber Reinhold Messner.  In 1992, an expedition discovered the Yeti's footprints in and around their camp when they awoke in the morning.  The areas in this region are not well traversed, so it is believable that an unknown primate lives here and remains yet undiscovered by science. 


The Slick Expedition

In 1957, Tom Slick financed and led an expedition to the mountains of Nepal to search for the Yeti. They wanted to uncover solid proof that there was an unknown primate living there. They hoped the discovery would help science and medicine learn more about illness and disease from a species that reportedly is very similar to man. They found bedding areas that were similar to ones made by the mountain gorilla. They also took many hair and dropping samples that were packed away and forgotten for years. When the items were finally tested, they found parasites from an unknown primate in the dropping samples.......

An April 1998 article on the Yeti

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