Our eternal search for answers has given us superstitions 
and wives tales.  One such wives tale concerns a caul which 
is a thin intricate inner fetal membrane that covers the 
head of a newborn at birth.  Many believe that a child born 
with a caul is either cursed or singled out for a special 
life.  Of course, having a special life could be a curse in 
itself!  But why are some babies born with cauls and others 
not?  The thin inner fetal membrane usually separates itself 
during childbirth but in some rare cases the membrane 
remains intact.  There are full and partial cauls.  A full 
caul has the membrane that encases the head from the top to 
just along the chin and jaw line.  A partial caul is from 
the top of the head to the top of the cheek bones and tip of 
the nose.   Because of how the caul covers the face, it is 
as if the child is wearing a very delicate veil. 

The wives tale, created perhaps to calm a hysterical mother, 
tells us that the baby is singled out for a special life, 
will be protected from drowning, and has special divination 
abilities.  Sailors from as far back as Ancient Roman times 
sought to purchase cauls believing that if they wore them in 
an amulet bag around their necks this would be enough to 
protect them from drowning.  It was also felt that the caul 
should be kept with the child to insure his/her life is one 
full of good luck and fortune.  A child would be cursed if 
the caul were mistreated or lost. 

Some believe that "cauled" children have the ability to see 
behind the veil of life and death and that they can 
communicate with the dead and intuitively know things.  With 
these psychic abilities one would hope for a special life. 
However, for some they feel they are cursed.  Their knowing 
something is going to happen, hearing voices, or seeing 
entities is frightening to them and their loved ones.  Pat 
from Bloomington, Indiana was born with a partial caul and 
has fought years to suppress her special abilities.  The 
whispers she hears and what she attributes as coincidental 
déjà vu has driven her to close herself off.  Her mother 
declines to speak about anything supernatural including her 
daughters abilities.  These abilities, she claims are 
doorways for evil to enter and destroy her daughter.   Pat's 
children are aware of their mothers abilities and has stated 
that on numerous occasions they have seen their mother pause 
and look off as if listening to someone, move her head and 
resume her tasks 

This rare oddity is still happening today.  There are 
numerous questions about cauls and what should mothers do 
for their children.  The wives tales are becoming lost with 
time and each generation.  One would have to ask if there is 
any merit to the wives tales?  Or was they wives tale 
created to give a birthing mother peace of mind?  I know how 
it is to go and look at your child and count the toes, 
fingers, ears, and nose.  A physical oddity such as a caul 
would be terrifying to any mother.  Then I have to think 
back to Pat who can find misplaced keys and be at the phone 
before it rings.  Know who is calling before she answers. 
No one else in this family has the ability.