ESP De-Mystified

By Jennifer Trevathan (

Have you seen those t.v. shows on the Discovery Channel or The Sci-Fi
Channel where they put a person behind a wall and have them look at a
picture, and have another person on the other side of the wall describe the
picture down to the last detail?   Have you always thought ESP was a
special gift bestowed upon a select few?  It’s not.  I’m going to try and
take the mystery out of this ability.  (I’ll even bet you have experienced
it yourself!)

Let’s say, for instance, you are talking to someone, and you’re trying to
describe your home and the words you’re trying to say aren’t coming out.
Instead of “It’s a brown 2-story with a circular driveway and has a
satellite dish on the roof.”  It comes out, “It’s big, brown circle with a
dish”  The person you are talking to says, “Oh, it’s a corner lot with a
circular driveway and big beautiful rose bushes in front.”  How did they
get THAT?!?  Simple, when you were trying to describe your house, you were
thinking about what it looks like.  As if you were LOOKING AT A PICTURE of
your house, but the picture was IN YOUR MIND.  The other person was able to
“see” what you were looking at, you did not try to describe the rose bushes
in front of the house, you were looking at the new satellite dish you just
bought!  But the other person looked at the whole picture, and THEY noticed
the rose bushes!  That is all ESP really is, being able to “see” what
another person is looking at in their mind, like a photograph.

I remember once, someone was trying to tell me how to get to a restaurant.
They told me what freeway exit and the cross streets, then they started to
give me a description of it.  All of a sudden, “BING”, I got a picture in
my mind of what the restaurant looked like!  I had never been to this
restaurant and so I could not have known what it looked like, but when I
got there, it looked exactly like the picture I had in my mind!   That’s
usually how it happens.  Out of nowhere, I’ll just get a picture in my mind
of what someone is trying to communicate.

You can also “pick-up” when someone is in trouble.  This happened to
someone very close to me.  Their husband was out of town on a business
trip.  At 11:00 one night, she suddenly became worried about him.  She felt
like he was hurt and needed help.  She decided to stay up, “knowing”
something was wrong, until she heard from him.  At a little after midnight,
she got a call from the Emergency room in the town where her husband was
doing business.  Turns out he had been mugged at 11:00 that night!

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago.  My parents had flown to
another city for the day.  (My dad is a pilot)  At around 4:00 that
afternoon, I all of a sudden became a little concerned about them.  I sort
of blew it off thinking I was just being stupid.  (I’m absolutely terrified
of small planes!) And I didn’t feel like they were in danger, just that
something was “off”.  Besides, I knew they were due back at around 3:00.
That night, around 8:00, I got a call from my dad.  He told me they made it
home okay and had a nice trip.   I asked him if anything strange happened
with the plane on the way home.  He told that nothing went wrong, but some
Airforce planes were out on maneuvers, so he had to keep changing altitude.
 The airport was also fogged-in for a while and he didn’t want land at
another one and take a cab back to his car.  I asked him what time this
happened.  4:00.

I’m sure you’ve had something like this happen before.  And quite possibly,
like me, you blew off the feeling, or thought it was your own thought or
picture you had in your mind.  So, rule number one, do not invalidate a
feeling or picture or thought you suddenly get out of the blue!!  So how do
you know whether or not the picture IS NOT actually yours?   If you say to
yourself, “where did THAT come from?”  or, “I wonder how I got THAT!?”, or
you suddenly get a picture in your mind of what the other person is talking
about, it was most likely their picture!

If you have any ESP experiences that you’d like to share, please feel free
to e-mail me.  I’d love to hear them!  My e-mail address is;  Be sure and let me know if it’s okay to put
them on this website.

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