On the first of October, 1948, lieutenant George F. Gorman was flying Mustang F51 and was
about to land in Fargo, North Dakota.  His altitude was 1500 meters (about 4900 ft.), and when he looked down, he saw a bright white light about a kilometer (0.62 miles) below him.

The flight control gave him permission to land:
“What are you talking about?”, he said. “You said I’m free to land, but I have a clear view
of the lights of an aircraft doing something at 300 or 350 meters (1066 ft.) above ground,
near the runway! What should I do?”
“What are YOU talking about?”, they replied with surprise. The only plane nearby was Piper
Cub, supposed to land right after Gorman.
Gorman watched the light hovering above the rugby stadium near airport, and noticed that
there is no silhouette of the object: the light was only light. However, he could clearly see
the silhouette of Piper Cub. Then, L.D. Jensen and Manuel Johnson from the control tower
also noticed strange light and told Gorman not to land until they figure out what it is.
Gorman described the light as completely white and of perfectly round shape, but with
blurred edges. When he approached it, the light stopped, and then suddenly flew
to the left. Gorman immediately started to chase it. Every time he approached the light,
it stopped and suddenly flew away at a very high speeds. Gorman always did the same
maneuver as the light did. He chased the light to the altitude of 4000 meters (two and a
half miles). Eventually, Gorman decided to do something. He thought that, as he chased
the LIGHT after all, the light itself could not damage his plane badly. But, before he could
do that, the light suddenly flew up and disappeared.
After studying the way the light maneuvered, Gorman estimated that it’s sure that it was
led by an intelligent controller. Human or non-human, he couldn’t tell. However, he was sure
that laws of physics affect the light too, ‘cause it followed the natural flight curve due to
inertion when it maneuvered.
No one knows what could the light be. If Gorman managed to collide with maneuvering light,
many mysteries would probably be solved by now. But, there is something else that is
weird about his encounter. The crew of Piper Cub confirmed sighting of the light, but they
reported that the light disappeared way before than Gorman; according to them, Gorman
chased nothing. They did see the light at first, however. How could Gorman see the light,
and they not?