Rocky  1995-2007
You'll always be my puppy, my best friend and in my heart. Rest in Peace buddy

Rocky's old website

Welcome to Rocky's Home Page

                                Hi, I'm Rocky..........

       I'm a boxer, at least that's what people say, really my daddy was a boxer and my mommy was a bulldog.  I just take after my daddy more.  I enjoyed jumping up on furniture and people, eating, destroying things while my family is away, and sleeping.  I especially like to eat plants, real and artificial.  I love attention and I do a little dance to get it, (really I just shake my ass but you humans call it dancing).  This is a page of stuff about me and some of my favorite places.

 See some pictures of me  

  My adventures as a super hero.........ROCKMAN

      I'll add more as I get the time inbetween walks, naps and feeding my face

 My Favorite WWW sites


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