Mysterious Showers
by Curtis Ellis
You ask how things that don't live in the sky fall from the sky? Well, of course, they can't. But strange and mysterious falls have been happening forever. There have been bizarre accounts of organic as well as inorganic matter falling from the sky such as frogs, fish, snakes, mussels, worms, alligators, blood and flesh, straw, hazelnuts, slime, stones, artifacts, and many other materials to numerous to add. 
Yes, it is true that storms can pick up things and drop them somewhere else, but storms don't work in the eerie way that things have been falling. For example, fish fall by themselves and with no other weeds, mud or pond fauna as should happen when a waterspout dumps on land. Because of this, few dispute the occurrence of strange showers, which are by far the most enigmatic of events that happen in nature.
One of the strangest of all mysterious showers are the falls of flesh and blood. Most people who see showers of blood are mistaken by red dust falling with the rain. But in some cases, according to eyewitness accounts, they claim actual blood and flesh did fall from the sky. These occurrences usually happen in brief time and small areas but are incredible. Some people may not find this mysterious phenomenon as interesting as the enigmas of the loch ness monster or bigfoot just because the thought of something like that happening is just plain alarming and terrifying.
Some researchers and writers have tried to come up with their own answers on how these events occur such as the teleportation of objects from one area to another or evidence of alien life, but no one really has any idea on how these strange showers occur so until further evidence is found will stay one of the earths baffling mysteries. 
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