Columbus Paranormal Investigations 

Location: Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield, Ohio
Date: Nov 10, 2000
Weather: Cloudy w/heavy overcast, slight drizzle
Equipment used: Cannon EOS Elan IIe 35mm Camera - Sony Palmcorder w/ nightshot viewing -
GE Voice recorder w/ext mic - MAC Infrared thermometer - Dr. Guass EMF meter - DEI (auto) Proximity sensor array - (4)  Bulldog motion detector units.

This investigation was conducted at Ohio State Reformatory. The same prison used for the filming of the movies "Shawshank Redemption" and "Airforce One". The prison has been closed down since 1990. It was actively operated for 104 years and saw more than 217 deaths in its time. This location is a popular hot spot for paranormal investigator all over the midwest!

Our investigation yeilded fantastic paranormal photos and video. During our investigation we heard, saw and even physically felt various presences within the old prison.  A full page report and over 100 investigation photos from this case alone can be found on our site!

 This photo shows the dark and paranormally active West block.

Taken in a westwing shower room. Note the red arrow pointing  to a figure like image along the rear wall of the shower room.   An inmate was hung to death in the shower room, when entering this room, some people note a "choking" sensation as did our CPI team member Susan!

This was taken in an administrative wing office in the front of the prison itself. This was the room used as the wardens office during the filming of "Shawshank Redemption". CPI members J.R., Susan and Shanda are seen talking with OSR director Ron Sterling!

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