Ghost Hunters at Work
A Look Behind the Scenes

The average person surfs on in to a ghost hunters web site and looks at the pictures, listen to EVP's, etc. and wonders to themselves, what was it like to be there at that location during the ghost hunt?  What else happened during the investigation?  What equipment did they use?  Who are these guys??   What do they do?  You get the idea, We have created this page to showcase ghost hunters across the world and tell you a little bit more about them and their craft.  If you'd like you or your group featured here read the info and the bottom of the page.  Enjoy.

 Featured Ghost Hunters

Attention Ghost Hunters and Investigators:  If you'd like your group feature here please send the following info:
* Your name or name of group
* 1 - 3 photos from the same investigation, I recommend at least one should show you at work using a piece of equipment.
* At least first names of any investigators pictured in photos
* A brief summary of that investigation with info:
-time and date
-equipment used
-info on any evidence collected (i.e. picture, evp, etc.)
-any personal observations or events witnessed during the investigation
-any other info about the location or investigation.

Send it to   and mark the subject "at work submission"

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