"False Positive" Ghost Photos
These photos are examples of naturally occurring events, processing errors or anomalous results that are often mistaken for positive ghost photos.   These photos are called false positives by investigators.  There are some similarities in these photos with positive spirit photos but with time, experience and a careful eye you can learn to tell them apart.  I tried to pick a few good examples of some of the most commonly made misidentified anomalies.  If you have any examples of false positive photos and you'd like to submit them, you can send them to us here - Dave Juliano

These two photos are examples of what swarms of bugs look like at a distance.  These photos were taken intentionally by Tome Wilson of South Jersey Ghost Research to show the difference between spirit orbs and bugs.  The film used was Kodak Gold 35mm 800 speed.

The anomaly is what a flying bug looks like up close.   Flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects all look very similar to this anomaly and it is often mistaken for a positive anomaly.   This photo was taken with a Sony Mavica digital camera by Barbara Uhl of South Jersey Ghost Research.

This photo shows laser and lights refraction through water mist.  This can occur in any types of moisture in the air (i.e. high humidity, fog, light rain). The film used was Kodak Gold 600 speed 35mm - by Tome Wilson of South Jersey Ghost Research

This is photo has two problems, one is the obvious flash reflecting back in the mirror.   The other problem is even though this picture has a very faint orb in the hallway, it cannot be used as evidence because the lens flare from the flash has made it worthless as evidence.   The photo was taken with a Olympus 490 Zoom digital camera by South Jersey Ghost Research.

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