This gallery includes photos taken by investigators ones sent in by visitors.  We don't claim that they are all 100% real, but we do have photographers and paranormal researchers look at them to see if there is a natural explanation and unlike other pages, we do not use ones that are questionable.  Most researchers follow procedures that eliminate accidental photos of natural events.  We do not take photos in any type of precipitation, no smoking allowed on site, even exhaling in cold weather is watched to be sure that at the time the picture is snapped, there is no interference.   We do question visitor submitted photos concerning the weather conditions, type of camera, etc. so we can weed out photos that are false positives.   Keep in mind that a  full bodied apparition photo is the rare type, primarily you get an orb or a ectoplasm mist or fog image instead.  This field of research is still growing and we are all still learning but We are convinced that these are images that are supernatural in nature.

If you'd like to contribute pictures, you can send them to us via email.   Send pictures here.

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The images on this page were obtained from the photographers who took them.  A few are from publicly available sources unless otherwise noted, and to the best of our knowledge, the images are in the public domain. If you own the copyright on any image on this page, and you would like us to remove it, please identify yourself and the image, and we will. If you own the copyright and you are willing to give us permission to use the image, we would like to know that also.

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