Back in the late 70's I took the same route home I had done for many years.  I had been visisting my grandparents in Gallatin Tennessee.  I was travling on old highway 41 which runs from Springfield Tenn. to Gurthrie Kentucky.  It goes through Adams Tennessee which is well know for the Bell Witch.  At this point in my life the rumors of the witch weren't as well pronounces as it is today. It was dark by the time I got to Adams so there weren't any folks out and about so when I saw a little girl standing along side the road I was shocked, after passing her I recalled to my self that she was pale and all dressed in green.  I could even remember the type shoes she was wearing high tops with buttons down the side.  For many years my grandfather was in the shoe repair business and he had some like it in his store window for shoe.  Her dress was ruffled with lace and she wore a bonnet that was also green.  The girl was pale in the face and she did not smile she just stood there.  I got an errie feeling about her.  Later in years my sister and I were reading The Bellwitch of Adams a childrens book we had gotten at the library.  As she started to read the part where the witch was swing with Betsy Bell she read what the witch was wearing and she discribed the girl I had seen on the side of the road that night. As of this day I will not go through Adams at night in fear of seeing the girl again.

Crab House


Bob Chin's Crab House in Wheeling, IL is suppose to be haunted. During prohibition, before it was a resturant, Al Capone and other mobsters use to hang out upstairs in the different rooms they have. Well one of the waitresses or women that was with the group of mobsters in the front room got shot. She made them mad or something or other and they shot her. According to a family friend who is the niece of Bob Chin and worked there; when waitresses and bartenders now leave when the place closes at wround 12-1 in the morning, you can see her sitting in the window watching everyone. Also if you go up in that room, you can see her blood all over the wall. Bob Chin had people paint over it, take down the old wallpaper..everything, but the blood keeps coming through. When the resturant was first opened, you could hear footsteps from above, people making noise and it sounded like someone was throwing a hissy fit when the painting in the room started anc such like that. Bob Chin had a psychic come into the room...the psychic was told that she would leave the restuarant alone if they left her room the way it was and wouldn't set foot in there again. No one has since in honor of her. They don't bother her and she does the same. No one is allowed to do any type of research or hunt or EVP session due to the agreement that Bob Chin made. He plans on honoring this until he passes the resturant to his kin or whoever he passes it to and is making sure that they do the same. Like I said..this is from a close family friend who has expierenced this first accurate the story behind it is, I have no clue.

Bremerton, WA experience.


Greetings! My name is Eric and I am a property manager in Bremerton, WA. I reside in the townhouses that have previously been under management of my family for the last 25 years or so.
 A year or so ago, my friend and I started to notice a lot of creaking in the house, which is pretty normal in any building, but after a while there seemed to be patterns and some odd occurences that happened along with them. At first, it was kind of a joke and we gave the ghost a name, Robert, suggesting that it may have been a spirit of former roomates lover who passed away. (who I caught him talking to on occassion). I kept looking in the house to see if there was something of Roberts in the house. To this day, there are a few items that I know my roomate left here that may have been Roberts.
I have always studied the paranormal, since i was a kid I wanted to be a parapsychologist. As I grew older, I became very skeptical, but longed for that kind of realm to exsist. I still do believe it exsists and am trying to understand it, to this day.
After a while, Robert, became less and less of a joke. He seemed to be highly active when anyone in addition to my female friend and I being there. Her fiance, at the time, would come by and hear the footsteps moving across the floor and to the top of the stairs. It sounded like someone hurrying sometimes, and at others a slower pace. In fact one time, I was walking my friend to the door after some creaks, and the creaking continued closer to the top of the stairs, down them, and we both felt something by the door. It was hard to explain, but she ran out and said that I could deal with the ghost.
A few months had gone by and the creaking was a constant: loud when I had company over (especially males), seemed more intense the few times when my friends would argue. A few of them even claimed to have some pressure on them, like a fingertip. They were quiet when it happened and when it was over the looked over to me as if I would have some explanation. A few times whispering was heard in a friends ear and once we both heard a young child talking outside but there was no one up or out there at the time.
My female friend worked with a former tenant and figured that we all knew each other. She said she is there all the time at my place. He said that was his favorite place to live.....and then paused, asking my friend if we had ever expirienced any paranormal activity here!!!! He claimed that a small black child would come into his room at night and poke him until he would wake up. Alllegedly while this was happening, a seperate force was pressing on his bedroom door. Funny enough, a few months later, and I dont know how else to explain it, but when I was clearing out my guest room I could smell a very distinct smell: (dont know how else to say it, but it smelled like a poor black family's house....sweet, yet foul). It was the strangest thing and the minute I smelled it, I knew what it was.....or what I thought it was...the young black boy.
Well most of the activity seemed to be in my bedroom. I remember that night i was moving all of that stuff around there was a chair next to my bed and for some reason (and I dont act on these urges often) I swore there was someone sitting in that chair. So sure, that I had to move the chair away from my bed because I felt like someone was sitting there staring at me.
So, for the most part there were only personal experience on my part and about three other friends. The part that convinced me was the reactions of two individuals to my house. First, my friends dog hangs out in my house all the time. I invited him upstairs for the first time. He poked his head in the bathroom, the guest room, and walked around and then I let him into my room. He took one step in and turned, running downstairs to his master. The second, my friends 2 yr old son always wants to "see the man" at my house. I entertained the idea and showed him the upstairs. Again, looked in the bathroom and said he wasnt there. Looked into my guest room and he said he wasnt there. Finally, he went into my room and asked where he was. Then he started looking around my room as if he was sure he was SOMEWHERE in there. Finally I went to my closet and slid it open. He looked up and paused, and then he tripped overhimself trying to get out of the way as if someone was running out of the closet. I asked him about the man and he said " hes black and white and black and red". When he was leaving with his mother, apparantly he was waving to my upstairs window, saying BYE to the man. Still to this day, he asks about the man and tries to look for him, still describing him as black white, black and red.
Im not sure if it's even real, but there are some consistencies that lead me to believe that it is entirely possible for this place to be haunted. And above all, maybe its the whole friend's friend lived 5 units down. My neighbor says it sounds like people are walking upstairs and tenants are making some noise complaints that arent making much sense. I understand floorboards get creaky and kids have imaginations, but just when I think its in my head, i find the candy i have thrown down arranged by color in a circle on my coffee table, or i am missing something and days later, I find it next to something like my lamp, that I use could I have not seen it when I am looking so hard and it ends up next to a switch i use 3 or 4 times a day????
On a side note, I am at a great location.....Holland Rd is right down the way as well as the Bremerton Community theater, both claiming to be haunted.
I have a video also that I have taken of a possible ghost, but I am kind of keeping that to myself right now, while I analyze it some more. I have shown some friends and family and it knocks their socks off!!!

Greenlady Grave Yard


Now with that said I have a story to go along with my info. Back when I was a teenager a bunch of us would get together and have parties on the road next to the cemetery. We never went inside the cemetery showing some respect to those who were there.
One summer night there were about six of us still hanging out waiting for our fire to go out, it was some where between one and two in the morninig. The fire was still burning good but you could not feel the heat from it and it felt like it started to get colder. Everything around us seemed to get real quite and the hair on the back of my neck stood up giving me a chill. A couple of my friends thought they saw something in the cemetery but weren't sure. We put the fire out and left, that was the only night that I ever felt like something was there.
As far as the other two sights you have listed, I went to school at Hindsdale and and Suckerbrook Dam was another one of our hang outs and I have never seen or heard anything at either location.
Thank you for having an interesting web sight, I enjoyed visiting it and will be back again.

I have Several Ghost Stories

This is the first ghost experience Ive had.
I was about 5-6 yo at that time and i was at my grandmother's house. Her house is over 100 yo.
I was watching my older cousin "playing" a broken down piano when my brother called me in to listen to a song on his Lion King cd.
Well, after listening to the song I was running back to the piano down the hall.
Halfway down the long hall is an old cabinet and I saw a transparent figure appear peeking from behind it.
I stopped stunned and stared for a while at the figure. I could tell that is was a bald male. It looked like It had Chemotherapy- sickly looking, very  depressed in a way.
I blinked and It was gone. It is amazing that I can remember it well way back then because I could hardly remember what happened last month. Ive had  many other  encounters  but after  praying to  God to take away the ability last year, I haven't really had many since last year.

Something Strange


 A few years back my family and I lived in a very old house in a really old town. This was Jackson Michigan where everything there is very old.We searched and searched and found a house that we all liked it was big and off my room there was a loft type thing i guess you would call it and down stairs separating the kitchen from the living room there were french style doors. the wierd thing was the number of the house was 612 Oak street. You put two and two together 6&6 equal 12....Well we all started getting comfortable in our new place and then things started to happen. For instance at night time my mom would come in my room and ask, hey are you alright i said yeah why? She swore up and down that i would be screaming for her. It wasnt long after this that i started hearing loud footsteps coming up the stairs creeking. I kind of had the attitude that i didnt really care unless it tried to hurt any of us so i just ignored it from time to time, but i dont think it liked that much i think it wanted to be noticed. We started leaving durring the hot summer days and making sure everything was locked and turned off. We would arrive back at home in the late afternoon.We noticed from outside the lights being on inside the home and thought that maybe someone had broken in. My dad decided to go in first and realized the tv was on the lights were on the sterio was playing pretty loud and we couldnt figure out why nothing was stolen or tampered with other than they were just on..After this would happen so often we started expecting it really. None of us were really afraid we figured there is more reason to be afraid of living people rather than a spirit. A couple weeks later we were all sitting down in the kitchen eating dinner when this horrible bang, crash, boom came from down our basement steps and we were thinking that boy that really sounded like someone just busted our basement window out. My dad says, stay back to my mom and I grab the phone and get ready to call 911 if anything happens so we did so. My dad comes up and says well thats strange there is no basement window and all that is down there is a lot of cardboard boxes, nothing that could have made the noise. Again we really had no where else to go so we stayed. The noises kept happening along with other strange instances, but to this day I have to wonder why this spirit still remains there and who when and why it may have wanted to stay.



Hi I work in Woolworth , back in February I walked into my aisle in the stockroom and saw a glowing ball bouncing up and down from the far end up to me and back.
The following week I saw the same thing 3 times in the next aisle to me, again "bouncing" up and down the aisle, nobody believed me, I was so scared and couldn't even face going to the stockroom on my own, I even considered leaving!
My next move was to take a friend who worked with me and is a nonbeliever to the stockroom and take photo's of each aisle with the lights on then off, the photo you see is of my aisle in the dark, at the time of taking the photo I did not see it, however it was there when I viewed it on my digital camera, people still think it's just a trick of the light, however I know different.
I still work there and am very nervous when going up alone, but I do it.
It's not the first time I've "seen" things I saw a woman in a previous place of work and she looked solid and smiled at me before vanishing.

Beaumont TX


Hi , I do need to tell ya I have enjoyed the many experiance ppl have wrote about on here. Just thought I would send ya all another one of mine! Back in 1980 my mother (Chris ) had been dating a trucker(Tom),I was so excited that I was going to get to ride in an 18 wheeler! He decided that he would let my mom and I ride with him to Beaumont ,Tx . When we got down there,we stayed with some friends of his while he went to drop off his load. He told us he would be back in 3 days. The first night was uneventful, then the second night came and his friends all went out ,Mom and I and one other girl stayed at the house. We were watching tv when I heard what seem to be a heartbeat (thump thump thump thump!) I kept listening when I turned around mom and this other girl just had a look of being scared on their faces . I didn't say anything. just covered up my head and went to sleep! The third night came and again the friends went out but this time just Mom and I stayed at the house .we was sitting there talking when we heard this heartbeat sound again then we looked at the kitchen where the sound was heard, which ya could see from the livingroom, The front of the stove lit up with this face that looked like it was on fire and we heard someone say 'GET OUT!' it didn't take us long .We got the Hell out of there . mom called her boyfriend from a lil store down the road, he told us to stay there till he got there he was about an hour away ! well when we got in the truck , her b/f took us back to that house the next morning to talk to his friends, and the friends started to tell us the story of the old house, it appears back in the late 1800s a couple was killed in that house and that they was burried in the basement .they said the last owners had found this out when the basement floor had started to crack and they had to replace it.They found the bones when they tore up the basement floor! I don't know how true that story was but , I know what happened them 2 nights to my mom and I was very real .... thank you for listening to this long story. and sorry it was so long!

Having Experiences All my Life


I have been a fan of for a long time but I have never written you about any of my experiences. First off I must tell you that I have been having "experiences" pretty much all my life.
Ever since I was little I could sense things that others could not sense.
There is one story that I have been wanting to share with you that made a huge impact on me.
So here is goes.....
I was about 22 years old going to college for music education.
Being a voice major I was involved in one of the top competing Barbershop Quartets at my school.
So needless to say we had to practice a lot and travel a lot to compete.
We were rehearsing one night at the bass's house.
His father had passed away about a year prior do to a horrible battle with cancer which took a big toll on Ken. Since his fathers death , every time I was in that house I got that "sense"....that feeling that something was happening in that house.
Any way the five of us Ken, Tony, T.J., myself and our professor David  were  rehearsing in the finished basement. We were facing the stairs that led up to the first floor.
David(our professor) was facing us with his back towards the door way that led upstairs conducting us through the rehearsal. I was standing next to T.J. who was next to Tony and Ken was on the end.
To the right of the stairs there is an office that Ken and his brother used a lot.
While we were singing I started to get a chill and was scratching my neck.
I glanced behind David and thought I saw something but it did not register at first.
Then I froze.
I couldn't breath and it felt like time had stopped.
There sitting on the stairs with his arms resting on his legs was Ken's father.
He was a translucent blue color mixed with white patches and it stirred like the ocean does on a calm day.
Then in an instant he morphed and blew into the room next to the stairs.
This all happened with in about a minute tops maybe less.
At that moment I turned to my left as pale as the snow to see T.J. staring at the exact same spot.
He then muttered shaking "Did you see that!?"
I started to cough and couldn't catch my breath!
I looked at T.J. and he says "I just saw something on the stairs!"
Holy crap cakes it was real! He saw what I saw an described it in perfect detail!
David decided we were crazy and packed up to go home.
Ken started asking what we saw.
I just wanted to get out of there ASAP.
So we are walking to the car and Ken is insistent on coming out with the rest of us to get a drink.
What do you do in this situation?
"Hey man I just saw your dead father on the steps at your house do you want a beer?"
So we get in the car and I am still freaking out a bit.
Ken asks:"What's your problem dude? Why are you acting so weird?"
So I just swallowed the lump in my throat and I tell him what I saw.
He quickly told me to shut up very angrily. I fired back immediately....
"I would NEVER ever make up something like that Ken....why would I do that to you?"
Ken was silent for a second with his head down then he looked at us and dropped the bomb.
He went on to tell us that the house has been haunted for years. He regularly talks to his father and sees him in the house all the time.His father told him he was there protecting the family from the other angry spirits.
Then Ken goes on to talk about how he hears voices in his bathroom and gets very negative angry feelings around the house. Screams and moaning can be heard while he showers as well has was appears to be writing in the steam on the shower door sometimes.
Umm yeah that freaked me out even more!
Well needless to say I NEVER  stepped foot in that house again.
We rehearsed at T.J.'s house from then on.
After college I lost contact with Ken but I started to be more aware of things because of that night.
Hope you enjoyed the story....I got goose bumps sharing it again :)
Thanks for your awesome website and for having a place where we as believers can share our experiences!

I Feel Like Dying

      We were at my grandmother's house and it was me my cousin crystal and my uncle p.c.(jose).p.c. likes a song called i feel like dying by Lil Wayne. They say that if you go to youtube they have it on there were you could here it backwards. Well on his ipod it was playing backwards all by itself he wasn't touching anything he was showing it to us all freaked out and then once it said i feel it shut off but still playing the song so he was really scared so were we. We told him to go wash off his face i went with him because i was scared. But get this i was with him and them he looked in the mirror and his reflection was laughing at him and i saw it myself he was freaked out so was i he ran outside and he was real scared then he started seeing things he says he saw a man on top of the house and then that he saw a gold light. Til this day he never wants to listen to that song again. Also when i said that when it said i feel it sounded real ugl so i never want to listen to that song ever again. That night all i kept saying is god bless you over and over again.

New Story of a Ghost


Just found your really nice web site.  I am/was a  member of the NJ Ghost Hunters Society and see you want true stories so I'll tell you of the first ghost I ever saw.  I just moved to the foot hill of the Adirondacks I'm 48 now but was when I was a child and living in NJ.  I was about 4 or 5 at the time I remember because I wasn't in school yet but my older sister was.  I was watching TV while my mother was up stairs when I saw something move in the dining room.  I thought I might be my sister.  I got up walked to the dining room door and saw a woman all in black Victorian clothing. I was less then eight feet away from her.  She walked through the dining room table and into the wall next to the china cabinet.  I can still see this as if it was happening right now before my eyes.  I ran to tell my mother who was also a believer of ghost.  We looked around, the side door was locked so no one got into our house.  And we even felt the wall where I saw the ghost go through.  I have had many sightings of ghost over the years.

Santee, Ca

I'm not sure if the house is still there, but I was about 10 when this happened. My brother and I shared a room, he slept on the top bunk. It was about 2:30 am and I heard him laughing , the he starting screaming. I looked towards the bedroom door and there was the dark figure of a man. We started screaming and our dad came running into the bedroomMy brother said at first the man was ticking him, then the man tried to grab him. My brother was about 4 at the time. My parents used to use the Oujia board alot. My parents grabbed the board and asked who was in our room. The board spelled out that he was our grandfather and he was just playing with Donny, he didn't mean to  scare us.  My friend Cindy saw him watching us pick blackberries in our backyard and said he chased her like they were playing a game. She didn't know he was a ghost. I was never comfortable with him around because I thought if he was on the board, he wasn't in heaven, and that wasn't a good thing.

Westchester, IL


I have a few stories about the house where I used to live in Westchester IL. I cannot give you the address because of privacy issues but please put a warning about snooping people being arrested. Here are my stories:
There have been claims of spirit sightings. For example, my father woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the end of his bed. He saw a little boy and an old man sitting there. When my mother looked, she saw nothing. On the stairs leading up to my parent's room, (which had the attic included up about 4 stairs) my father saw a transparent woman. In the middle of the night, my door would open and close with no
windows open or anything. In 1st grade, a long time ago, when we were about to move, we had everything out of boxes, ready to be packed. I heard something downstairs, once again, in the middle of the night. I heard the front door open so I went out to the hallway. A black shape moved across the downstairs and into the kitchen. I heard the back door close and ran back to my room. There have been no reported deaths or anything, so the reasons to the paranormal events are unknown currently.

The District Lounge in Old Town Orange


i was at the district lounge in old town orange and i was standing talking to a couple of my friends who were sitting at a table. i was in mid sentence when i felt a hard tug on my keys. i keep my keys on one of those clips that rock climbers use on my belt loop. i stopped to look around to see if it was a friend who was walking by that grabbed them but other than my two friends sitting at the table there was no one close enough to grab my keys. my friends asked me what i was doing cause i stopped mid sentence and started looking around and i said i felt someone grab my keys and they said no one walked by. the district lounge is a really old building and has been many businesses through the years before it became the bar it is today. i decided to ask the bartender if stuff happens there a lot and she told me about this one time she was working and the only customers there happened to be in the booth my friends were sitting in and she saw this bright flash as if someone had taken a picture. she asked the customers if they had and they said no. also after the bartender finished telling me this story, the owner of the bar who was sitting there while we were telling these stories, told us that there has been times when he was in the back when it was closed and he could hear voices. he has the monitor for the cameras right in front of him and he says he can see that no one is in the building but he can hear voices.

AST house Moravian College


    I lived in the Alpha Sigma Tau house at Moravian College and have had an experience with the ghost, Alicia.  This occured in October, 2007.  It was my friends 21st birthday, and she had some friends up from home to visit her.  They were all going out late that night to celebrate.  I was not 21 at the time, so was therefore not able to participate in the festivities.  Because my roommate was sleeping out, I told my friend that I would keep my door unlocked if any of her friends wanted to sleep in my roommates bed.  Now, the only way you can lock the bedroom doors in the house is from inside the room because they still use deadbolt locks.  there is no way that you can lock it from the outside because the keys do not work.  At 1 a.m I woke up randomly to find that my door was deadbolted locked.  I thought that was weird, but didnt think to much of it.  So, I got up and unlocked my door, and then went back to sleep.  The next morning, I woke  up at about 8:30 am to find that my door was deadbolted locked.  This was weird considering I was the only one in my room, and distinctly remember unlocking it before.  I told my friend whose birthday it was about this, and she said it was weird considering she heard a female voice speaking when she was trying to fall asleep.  she stayed up and watched her friends, thinking it was them speaking, but it wasnt.  this occured shortly after 2:30 a.m.   The only conclusion that we can come up to due to these events is that it was Alicia.  throughout the year, weird things would occur, such as hearing footsteps in the attic, and the attic light randomly turning on, but there was no way to turn it off.  Once, we ran up in the attic to try to turn it off, but, although we flipped every switch available, it would not turn off.  it wasnt until we were all back downstairs that the night turned off. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my haunting experience!

Black Dog Story


I have been an avid reader of the shadowlands since 2002 and i am madly in love with the site! i sent you a story which you added back in 2005, and i have something i would like to add to the black dog section, or wherever you deem appropriate.
The story is as follows:
Back during WWII my grandfather and siblings were rudely awoken by their mother (my great grammie) screaming in Italian and making a lot of noise in their kitchen. What they could make out her saying was things like "Get out of here! Shoo!" My grandfather and siblings ran over to the kitchen and asked frantically what the problem was. She answered back "there's a big black dog that got in the house! get him out of here!" and she was using a broom to sweep him out from under their stove (which was one on legs, so there was space underneath it.) When they got the light on, they had to tell her there was nothing there, and there was no way a large black dog could have run by all of them to exit the house, as it was a small house with about 10 occupants at the time. Also, it was the middle of the night so there were no doors open. Right when she realized that there was no "real" black dog, she started wailing in italian about the bad omen it was to bring. A few days later they received a telegram that my Great Uncle Frank, her son, was killed in the war.
Strange, huh?

Colbert County/Shady Grove Church

My grandmother told stories of ghosts in the woods that once surrounded this small church on River Road.  She said that when she was young (in the early 1920's) there was a huge old tree on the church property that was used for hangings. The woods that were around the church were said to be filled with strange crying and very odd apparitions.  Since these were the days of mule and wagon travel for many, mules and horses would become spooked entering the hollow next to the church. My great aunt claimed to have been attacked by a two-headed dog apparition as they left church one evening,causing their horses to bolt. My mother has told of when she was a child (1940's) the family was in their wagon and entered the wooded hollow to go to church and a woman in white came to the road from the woods and tried to get into the wagon with them. Their mules bolted and by the time my grandpaw had settled them down, the ghost was gone, but their was an awful wailing coming from behind in the hollow. My grandmother said it was the ghost of a woman who was hanged on the tree.

Dachau Concentration Camp


Dachau was a Nazi German concentration camp, and the first one opened in Germany, located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the medieval town of Dachau, about 16 km (10 miles) northwest of Munich in the state of Bavaria which is located in southern Germany.
I visited this concentration camp in 1960, long before the the display, which was reworked in 2003, and now takes the visitor through the path of new arrivals to the camp.. Then, the camp was more in it original state and captured the horror that transpired inside.
As the tour was being conducted, I could feel cold hands being placed on my shoulder and the hair on my head, played with. 
While visiting the shower and barracks, visitors would often see dark shadow moving about in the corners and the passing fragrances of dirty smelly sweat, no doubt those of former prisoners.
As soon as you walk through the gate you will be overwhelm with a feeling of fright, despair, fear, and misery.
Well worth investigating......

Hearing a Spirit


I've never actually seen a ghost, but I have heard one. It was about five years ago when we first moved into our new house in Old Fort,NC. I was 15 years old at this time. My parents were gone to the grocery store, and had been gone for around 20-30 minutes. My little step brother and I were sitting in my room playing Monopoly. All of a sudden I heard my mother's voice scream from the other side of the house: " Spencer! Come here!" I sat there a minute and my brother looked up at me and said: " Your moms calling you". I looked at him and said: " Yea I know". I got up and went walking through the house only to remember no one else was there other than my step brother and I. Feeling kind of awkward at the situation I went back to my room continue the game of Monopoly. Later on that night my older brother came home from work, and I tolled him about. He said he wasn't shore what to make of it. Around 2:30am. that night we both went into the kitchen for a snack. Do you know that feeling you get when someone is watching you? Well that's the feeling that me and my brother both got when we entered the kitchen. Looking over into the living room we could since there was something there. But we couldn't' see anything! Just awkward! An hour later in my room I got that same feeling of someone or something watching me. I got up and grabbed my Bible lying on my dresser looking for a since of security. The only thing I could think to do was to try and talk to whatever; if anything was there, to it. I said: " I feel your presence here." Nothing happened. " Please leave; I do not wish for you to be here!" After I said this the feeling went away as quickly as it had come. And to this day I have yet had anything "unnatural so to speak"; like this happen.

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